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Michigan Student Radicals: Affirmative Action Ruling Shows Nation Still Racist

ANN ARBOR – In the wake of a Supreme Court decision this week that effectively bans affirmative action in Michigan, a small but vocal group of student radicals converged in the center of the University of Michigan campus on Thursday to protest, saying the ruling is akin to former Jim Crow racial segregation laws and the high court’s infamous separate but equal ruling.

“This decision is the Plessy vs. Ferguson of our lifetime, a decision that says ‘a white majority state has the right to vote on the political and educational future and rights of minority communities,’” the student protestors’ spokesman, Jose Alvarenga, declared to the crowd during the demonstration.

“And those decisions that cemented the Jim Crow in the Old South were not ended by legal means,” he continued, adding they “were ended by a civil rights movement, and today we see this as building a new civil rights movement in our lifetime to defeat the new Jim Crow and these legal policies that discriminate against minority communities.”

At the rally, the students demanded free tuition and race-based enrollment quotas to be installed at the University of Michigan, ground zero for the ongoing battle between affirmative action proponents and foes.protestUM2

The 30 or so protestors – all members of three extremist campus student groups whose official spokesman, Alvarenga, is a student in the country illegally – chanted phrases such as “double minority enrollment now, open it up or we’ll shut it down” and “they say ‘Jim Crow’ we say ‘hell no’” during the two-hour rally.

The members of the Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration & Immigrant Rights, and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary also alleged University of Michigan’s admissions administrators are racist.

“With this campaign, we want to expose the racism in the admissions policies and present a real clear picture of who the actual people who are applying are, and to make it clear that the students are qualified, in fact, and should have the right to come to university as well,” said Alvarenga in an interview with The College Fix.

“If you’re not getting financial aid…that’s the same as getting a rejection letter from the University of Michigan, and so we are also fighting for an increase in financial aid for students to come,” Alvarenga said.

He also said the Supreme Court is racist.

“I think with this decision by the Supreme Court…it’s clear that, that um, like the re-segregation of higher education…is not just, um, like at the university, but also it is like, on the legal level, both at the state level and also at the national level that are discriminating against minority communities,” Alvarenga said in an interview with The College Fix.

“Not just the university,” he added. “We have seen just this past year the Supreme Court make, um, very conservative, um, very racist decisions, like one after another, um that are like, you know, direct attacks on the political and equality of minority communities in this country.”

Thursday’s rally was preceeded by another, similar one on April 16, held by By Any Means Necessary – this time to demand the admittance of high school seniors Brooke Kimbrough and Daisha Martin following both students’ rejection.

Kimbrough, an African American senior at University Prep in Detroit, had an ACT score of 23 and a GPA of 3.6, according to FOX 2 News. At Michigan, about 76 percent of students have a GPA of 3.75 or higher, while the mid-range ACT scores for accepted students are between 28 and 32.

But Alvarenga called Michigan’s admissions policies racist, inferring Kimbrough’s rejection was because she was black, not because she was unqualified.

“Some of the students who are here are students who are appealing their rejection letters…the university keeps saying that, ‘there’s not enough qualified students’ or that they’re letting students in but they don’t want to come here,” he said.

On Tuesday, the Detroit News reported that a BAMN attorney called for the university to drop ACT and SAT scores in admissions considerations, deeming them discriminatory.

And in response to Thursday’s protest, a campus official answered some of their questions after the group descended on an administration building. The official agreed to arrange a public meeting to listen to the groups’ concerns, according to the Michigan Daily campus newspaper.

However other students seemed less impressed by the display. There were only about a dozen or so onlookers.

At one point a black student walked by and asked what was going on. He was told it was a rally for affirmative action.

He responded he’s already at the University of Michigan, “so I don’t care what happens with this.”

College Fix contributor Derek Draplin is a student at the University of Michigan.

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  • physicsnut

    maybe at some point they will wonder why the economy is in a mess
    and instead of reading Salon blabber they might learn something important:

    Lawmakers ought to read this editorial
    and consider the Cloward-Piven strategy behind it.
    Clinton and his leftoid pals created the mess intentionally.


  • michigan

    is it appropriate to say the speaker was here illegally? or even accurate?

    • Mike

      If he’s an illegal immigrant and he’s making demands to reap the benefits of our country’s public goods, then yes, it’s appropriate to say the speaker is in the country illegally

    • Jose Canusee

      Yes. In fact he should be jailed while waiting to be deported.

  • physicsnut

    leftoid idiots blabber on about Piketty because they think they can
    do the one-upmanship thing.
    They won’t have to actually read it, just mentioning it will supposedly intimidate people – just like walking around with Karl Marx’s Capital

  • zbacku

    They want to drop test scores? So, any stupid idiot can get into college? Remind me never to go to a Doctor that went to Michigan.

  • MikkiDean

    Maybe they have too much free time. Save Detroit and ship the illegals back to their native countries. Besides -We need more dumb citizens in college to make the professors look smarter.

  • billybobz

    send that filthy parasites/criminal/illegal alien back to whatever sewer it crawled out of.

    These pathetic idiots aren’t capable of competing so they want to dumb America down so that they don’t appear to be as low intelligence as they actually are.

  • billybobz

    don’t these idiots ever get tired of begging?

    • Bob Wynne

      They do not beg. They demand.

  • NM156

    So they support racial preferences, but just not for whites. They must support Aparteid too. If mass immigration to the US isn’t stopped very soon, Jose will make sure admissions at elite universities will be like that of your local junior college. If whites become the minority in absolute terms, Jose et al. will still require affirmative action criteria in college admissions. However, employers hiring the graduates with still-imposed affirmative action guidelines will just make up jobs for them or just let them float along in the workplace to the detriment of the company and the non-minority workforce. Bright future we have just before us.

    • Alex

      That’s already happening. Affirmative Action is legal in Hawaii where whites are only 25% of the population.

      • NM156

        Ug. Thanks for the example.

  • Pro_usa1776

    Sounds to me like the “Migra” need to be down in Ann Arbor enforcing some immigration laws!

  • BillyBEAT

    Affirmative action is racism against whites

  • Zack Y.

    So the leader, Alvarenga, is in the country illegally. Why don’t we deport his a** and let him get his education with his countrymen in Mexico (or South America depending on actual nationality)? He can’t complain of racism down there since he’ll be part of that evil ‘majority’, and Michigan’s taxpayers won’t waste scarce tax monies on educating another self-important racist.

    Because, that’s what these people are: racists. People who demand special treatment based on their skin color alone and threaten violence or civil disorder if they don’t get it. Even more galling, they made a known criminal trespasser in this country their spokesman and demand PUBLIC FUNDING & legal support for their racist policies. They’re not opposing Jim Crow- they ARE Jim Crow.

  • Isaac Clark

    I don’t know how many we have to see this non-sense before we start calling out the postmodern jargon such as social constructionism that gets imbedded in the heads of these “activists” and causes them to see the world in a way that is “constructed” by their college professors.

  • hyphenatedamerican

    This is the movement that gave us Obama.

  • Alex

    Not giving non-whites more rights than whites is not racism as these protesters seem to think, it is in fact racism to give people preferential treatment based on the color of their skin.

    I know some people will complain and say that the non-whites don’t have as much power or are a smaller portion of the population and that somehow that makes it okay to blatantly discriminate against white people and call it something other than racism, but let’s be realistic. Racism is racism it doesn’t matter which group is being discriminated against. Also, this argument does not take into consideration what happens when the people in power and the majority of the population actually are non-white. I live in Hawaii where white people only make up 25% of the population. Most of the people that I have seen or heard of that are in positions of power are either Asian or Pacific Islander, which makes sense given the population demographics. I recently applied for a job and saw a statement from the employer saying that they were “an affirmative action and equal opportunity employer.” Well, those two are actually polar opposites, especially here in Hawaii where white people are the minority. Equating affirmative action with equality is like equating the Nazis with human rights. They are simply not the same thing and probably never will be. How is it anything other than racism for people to be chosen based on the color of their skin, regardless of which group holds positions of power? If there were a law giving preference to white students there would be a huge uproar about how racist it was, and they would be absolutely right. Giving preference to some other group is exactly the same thing and should be treated and referred to as such.

    • stickerbrick

      “how is it anything other than racism for people to be chosen based on the the color of their skin..?” wow you cut right to the heart of the matter I cant believe the implementation of affirmative action ever went through with this obvious truth staring us in the face. (end sarcasm) OK, it’s not that complicated…I can’t believe I have to actually explain to you the fact that affirmative action was to make up for systemic racism which was ALREADY, albeit unofficially, choosing people based on the color of their skin (hint: white).

      • Defender of Reality

        Yes, I understand the pretext that affirmative action was created to try to fix earlier problems, but since when do two wrongs make a right? Creating racism against one group simply because a different group had racism directed at it in the past is still wrong and is just as bad. In What’s particularly sad is that the people doing it have actually convinced themselves that by being racist they are combating racism. That’s like saying that hitler was a civil rights leader because his policies helped the Germans.

        In any case, the Civil Rights era was 50 YEARS ago. The overwhelming majority of the people benefiting from affirmative action today did not exist when Jim Crow laws were in place. Would it be fair if 50 years from now people looked at how well non-whites have it thanks to affirmative action and reversed it back to how it was in the early 20th century to make up for what was done to whites for the past century? I would say that doing so would be just as reprehensible as what is being done now, and yet that is in essence what is used to justify affirmative action, that just because someone ancestors supposedly had a difficult time and someone else’s ancestors supposedly had a good time, we should reverse it now regardless of whether or not that was even true.

        • stickerbrick

          Wow a Hitler reference. Your points are overly simplistic and display an unwillingness to deeply reflect on how the current situation still relates to the past. Giving preference to under-represented races is not racism. Do some more reading into what people define racism as these days, and I’m talking more than just the dictionary.

          • John D

            I’m not interested in what lefty loons like you call racism. Frankly, you are a fool and your opinion is worthless.

          • stickerbrick

            Nice points. Very well-constructed argument. Thank you for your input, it is highly valued since it obviously comes from extensive learning and deep reflection.

  • Joseph Muldoon

    ““This decision is the Plessy vs. Ferguson of our lifetime”


  • Joseph Muldoon

    “Alvarenga, is a student in the country illegally – chanted phrases such as “double minority enrollment now, open it up or we’ll shut it down”

    Deport this scumbag and his whole family now.

    • John D

      Or give him a major beat down. Then deport him.

  • stickerbrick

    If you don’t believe that the current imbalance of whites vs. poc in higher education is because of inherent societal inequalities that need to be fixed, then the only logical conclusion is that you actually believe that minorities are just inherently less qualified for higher education. And that, without a doubt, makes you a racist.

    • John D

      You are a fool. When you support admitting unqualified students and deny access to the ones that are qualified because of race, the YOU are the racist.
      Same for hiring.

      • stickerbrick

        Um, I’m pretty sure that if you are unwilling to examine the reasons for the inequity in minorities meeting these standards, and blindly support said standards which obviously favor the dominant race (which happens to be yours), that makes YOU the racist, buddy. Thanks for playing, though.

        • Joseph Muldoon

          It’s a curious ‘racism’ that bypasses Asians (who outperform whites with respect to these standards) and targets only blacks and Hispanics.

          A more reasonable solution would be to identify objective colorblind criteria that would perhaps adjust the weight of scores based on things like school quality. This would disproportionately benefit “poc” so long as they were disproportionately disadvantaged by such factors without leaving out similarly disadvantaged whites or resulting in absurdities such as giving a racial preference in admissions to affluent whites who just happen to be of Spanish rather than say, German or Irish descent.

          There are ways to address alleged inequalities without just giving points to people based on their race or ethnicity. Any such programs should be accompanied by active efforts to address the relevant inequalities as well (e.g. school quality) as is reasonably achievable.

          • stickerbrick

            It’s a not-so-curious racism which expects all non-whites to be affected by racism the same way.

          • Joseph Muldoon

            A very convenient if utterly unconvincing response. The fact is, the claim that minorities can’t meet these standards is due to white racism is clearly falsified by the fact that Asians not only meet these standards but outperform whites. Obviously you are the one unwilling to examine the reason for the failure for some minorities to meet these standards. The notion that it’s ‘racism!’ is an article of faith that you are unwilling to subject to critical scrutiny. Any evidence to the contrary is dismissed (and we could add Jews, Arabs and Cubans to the list of ‘minorities’ whom this ‘racism’ which foils ‘minorities’ ability to meet the aforementioned standards seems to magically bypass).

          • stickerbrick

            You’re STILL on the “if racism exists it affects all non-whites the same” track.

          • Joseph Muldoon

            I was never on that track. You’re the one who keeps suggesting all “people of color” are equally “oppressed”. I have consistently maintained that some of these arguments for Affirmative Action and the effects of past discrimination would be more persuasive if they were limited to blacks since they really don’t make sense as applied to Hispanics and especially not to Asians. And you have denied this in other threads, most aggressively with respect to Asians. Now you are trying to “flip the script” as it were.


    Affirmative Actions IS racist! It says, ‘we believe you are so inferior that we must lower the standards for you because we do not believe you are good enough to compete on the same level’. Yes, that is the basis of AA. The AA babies are lazy ‘you owe me’ mentality, and FWIW any justice who whines about a six figure salary being paltry deserves to have the salary lowered to the minim wage! All newly hired should begin at the minimum wage regardless of the job! AA is ‘keep them on the plantation’ mentality. It is the plantation mentality that says, ‘I’ll take care of you’, you need not do anything but be lazy and slothful, oh, but by all means, procreate like rabbits, it makes me more important to have more infidels to be superior to! All the ‘great society’ programs are enslavement programs and stay on the plantation and if you dare think of escaping, you’ll be brought down. Many so-called professors are mere slave masters, and if you don’t do as they say (agree) then you will pay! Affirmative actions as an equalizer is poisoned thinking and it will sink you. Only anti-Americans support such deception and devastation. CommieCore is of the same poison. Just because they wear a black robe does not mean they are more intelligent, capable nor anything else., in fact, history proves just the opposite. A judiciary that is not independent is a putrid political cabal. When your past sins are used to black-mail you into deciding a particular way on the court then you are a rotten seed and need to step down, but only if you have integrity and intellectual honesty. But since the judiciary is but another political cesspool, judges are not deserving of anything more than any other politician. What a sorry state our nation has sunk to, but that what happens when half of the legislature, all of the execuative and 2/3rds of the judiciary are hatefilled destructive Communist! Whatever lingo they use does not change the fact. AA is a putrid political ideology and all who agree with it are in contempt of the very document that guarantees you the right to disagree. And those contemptible of the document they took an oath to uphold are nothing if not traitors. Liars all. Remember, respect must be earned and those overpaid politicians (all of them are — excess money on the side) legislate for the lobbyist (only those with money can get their law written—which favors more money to them from lesser incomed people) — the blacked robed politicians are of a unique putrid variety, for they were once the only protection the people had against the egregious opressors but today, that is just history as the black robed politicians are one stinking cesspool who have outlived their usefulness. I gag at them all! What despicable excuses for human beings they are ..definitely of a commonCore-rotten at the center. All that this administration touches, mentions and says is rot! A cancer does nothing but spread death. Mark my words. You will see! Best to rid the nation of the cancer by deep surgery than allow it to grow deeper. The universities, courts, legislators, executive are rot – smelly and decadent!

  • John D

    I am sick of these universities reverse racism. Boycott them all.

  • pat roberts

    This leftist display of stupidity is repugnant. I have a simple solution for minorities: get better grades. Act more White. If you do better in school, your admission rates will go up.

  • Jonathan Miller

    College belongs to A) The brightest students, no matter their race or sex…
    B) The students who can afford to pay for it themselves, with passable grades and determination. And, NOT. C) Whiny-essed minorities that want to be admitted with someone providing the opportunities, the money, and the excuses…

    • Joseph Muldoon

      Pay for it themselves? Lol. If you can afford to pay your own way through college (i.e. not mommy and daddy or a loan) you probably don’t need to go to college. If college admission was limited to those students who could afford to pay for it out of their own pocket there be very few college students. That would effectively be affirmative action for the wealthy. I’m opposed to racial preferences in admissions but what you’re suggesting is just as ridiculous.