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‘Man Up,’ ‘Don’t Be A Pussy’ Labeled Offensive Language at Duke University

A new word-discouragement campaign at Duke University has labeled phrases such as “Man Up,” “That’s So Gay,” and “Don’t Be a Pussy” offensive language that “delegitimizes” homosexuality and oppresses and insults people.

But as the campaign has gained national popularity, its detractors have bristled at the effort, calling it a politically correct war on words that will stifle free speech and suggesting its true aim is to redefine terms to control public opinion and – ultimately – public policy.

In fact, the “You Don’t Say” campaign creators have admitted as much.

“Language is a reflection of how we think about others and view the world,” Jay Sullivan, a student leader of the campaign, tells Duke Today. “My goal is to…. help facilitate discussion about how language affects many social issues, from race to gender and sexuality.”

The campaign consists of a series of black-and-white memes with students posing behind large pledges to avoid so-called offensive language.

“I don’t say ‘No Homo’ because it delegitimizes love and sexual identities,” says one.YouDontSayInside

“I don’t say ‘Man Up’ because the strongest people I know have cried in front of me, regardless of their age, gender or sex,” says another.

“I don’t say ‘Tranny’ because it’s insulting to transgender and genderqueer communities,” adds a third meme.

Other banned words include “bitch,” because it “insists feminism is inherently negative,” “‘fag,’ because it only serves to hurt and oppress homosexual men,” and “pussy,” as it “implies that having a certain feature is indicative of being a coward.”

The recently launched campaign has spread far and wide on social media and gained national attention in a variety of news reports. The effort is similar to the recent “Ban Bossy” campaign, and akin to other university student efforts that have banned the term “illegal immigrant” on campuses.

The campaign is a collaborative effort between a newly formed group at Duke University called Think Before You Talk and Blue Devils United, a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer student advocacy group.

The campaign has gained plenty of supporters, as well as detractors, whose reactions range from sarcastic to disgusted.

“I can’t say anything about an individual person, because it might be construed as offensive to a larger group… even if I had no intention of offending a larger group,” asks one Facebook post.

Others balk at the idea of being told how to choose their daily language.

“As a thinking individual, I don’t and didn’t need some children from Duke University admonishing me for ‘thinking any gender is inferior,’” says another. “Do you see what they did there? ‘Any gender.’ Not ‘either gender.’ It’s all about redefining terms, redefining life.”

Some commenters on Facebook hardly took the campaign seriously at all: “There is nothing wrong with being a HOMO. We’re all homos… homosapiens.”

In an interview with The College Fix, Dr. Mark Hendrickson, economics professor at Grove City College, expressed concern for the direction and potential implications of the campaign, such as the idea of a possible enforcement mechanism.

He also questioned the discouragement of statements such as “man up.”

“I’m a little concerned about censoring a phrase like ‘man up’… a world without manliness, like a world without femininity… would be a pretty dismal place,” Hendrickson said.

Hendrickson acknowledged the need for consideration of others when choosing one’s language, but he observed that proponents of the campaign appear to have a narrow agenda.

He noted, especially with the impending graduation season, that similar tolerance is often not afforded to conservative campus speakers.

“With anybody advocating the banning of a certain word or phrase… would they be willing to publicly say, ‘I promise in return to never hinder a speech by a political figure with whose political philosophy I disagree?” Hendrickson said.

College Fix contributor Claire E. Healey is a student at Grove City College.

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  • ImpStout

    But they do encourage disparaging Tea Party members (teabaggers)…:)

    • Tanker74

      Actual tea baggers are behind this policy at Duke.

      • GT Buzz

        Wrong. I’m a TP and I think this is stupid, blame game lib, quit it

        • DF

          Think before you write.

          • eyesareopen

            You could copy and paste your reply on every story.

          • GT Buzz

            I did, maybe you should try it lib

          • tb != tp

            GT Buzz I think you missed the point. A “Tea bagger” is a reference to a person that performs a specific homosexual act … not related to a tea partier.

            The Libs get a pass for using that term though.

          • GT Buzz

            Your right, my bad, good one

          • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

            I prefer ‘EBTBagger’ when describing certain parasites.

          • jaydeebee

            I like that one.

          • Maria Sanchez

            Remember when your mom or grandma told you “sticks and stones can break your bones but words can never hurt you”? She was telling you to man up and grow a thick skin because you’d need it out here in the real world. Duke and those behind this are admitting that gay people are too weak to be able to handle the world- that gay people must be handled with kid gloves lest their sensitive ears hear this word or that and their pathetically weak sel-images crumble as a result. These people will never survive the real world unless and until they man up and learn that words can only harm you if you allow them to.

          • Come On Now

            They will never survive the real world because they can’t reproduce. Thank god.

          • SmartDoctor

            Like Anderson Cooper, I presume?

        • mredward

          I believe Tanker was referring to “real” teabaggers.

        • David R

          Would it help if he put it in caps? ACTUAL “tea-baggers” are behind this policy …

          NOT members of the TEA Party movement, but those creature from the LGBT community that perform this (sexual) act. When “Progressives” use that slur to describe TEA Party members/sympathizers, they are projecting.

      • felicityva


      • Brad Michael Tankersley


      • dude911

        liberals run duke
        Since when did they let anything tea party go unchallenged, not ridiculed and accept it?

    • SmartDoctor

      Well, everyone has to have SOMEBODY to hate! Liberals included

    • David R

      I’m curious – is the 1st Amendment to your constitution not enforced at Duke University? Did I miss it being repealed (as was the 18th Amendment), or has the State of North Carolina seceded a second time, and the US Constitution is no longer in force there?

      It’s difficult to follow everything going on these days, it seems the US is in a state of Anarchy! 🙁

  • Wardak08

    The fags at Duke (the admin folks) are such pu$$ies & are in dire need of having their butts kicked.

    • chris1776

      Or, to say it another way, the pussy admins at Duke need to man up, stop being fags, and they need to stop being bitches to a bossy pressure group and state that words don’t hurt people regardless of the “micro aggression” PC BS that is being peddled. 😉

      • indyogb

        I see we’re of like mind on this “issue”. These fairies need to stop working on this bullsh!t and get back in their tent line for basketball tickets. 😀

        • DaBoiIsAPussy

          Clipper tickets for all especially that homoDirtbag loser jayZ

      • Jason

        Obviously you’re banned and banished from Duke

        • chris1776

          I’ll take that as a compliment and wear it as a badge of honor. lol.

      • Geo1metric

        Are there no real men left at Dike….I mean Duke?

    • Guest

      you know your point what be 100% stronger if you didn’t play into Duke’s hands with that comment you just made.

      • Wardak08

        your comment will be given the consideration they merit… thank you.

        • vperl

          Yep, the Guest coward, seemed bossy to me, and a tad bitchy and then unable to man up, grow a pair and worry about actual problems, not petty made up complaints

          • Tom Servo

            I just thought that his comment was gay. He sounded like a real pussy.

      • yinzer

        Lighten up francis.

        • tracerwayne

          “Any of you…homos…touch me or my stuff, and I’ll kill ya”.

          • Joe

            “This is my boomstick!… It retails for around $109.95 at S-Mart, and was produced in Grand Rapids, Michigan.”

    • Mumbly Peg

      Simple: Put Duke Grads on your do not hire list. I dare one to come to me waving that toilet paper they call a degree. I don’t need the hassles, I need strong, moral individuals…not ones who darken my doorway with an ambulance chaser every time someone says pussy out loud

      • jtoddtorg

        God that was delicious to read.

    • RLABruce

      Don’t bother kicking their butts; they’d probably enjoy it. Just ignore them. Don’t send your kids to Duke, don’t hire anyone from Duke, make Duke and all the other schools like them irrelevant and bankrupt.

      • c_reasoner

        Duke U is cornering the market on the New Totalitarians. They only want total control of what you think and speak.

        Beta males all, they can only win when they define the rules of the game. But we all contribute to the rules of the game!

        If they really wanted to win in the reality of our culture, not their fluffy nanny-nest in liberal academia, then they need to man up and grow a pair, and stop identifying with the tiny sliver of a minority (less than 4%) queers and bitches trying to boss everyone around.

        Instead, they should celebrate those who do real work, who build things and save lives, and promote the true diversity of Achievers.*

        Stand strong folks. They only win if you fail to mock them!

        *NOTE: In society, the dark side makes the Light side that much more valuable.

        • campus queertards-homofascists

          Beta males?? Gamma or delta at best. Pseudo-males.

    • ahmosis

      The admin fags need to man up!

      • kevin9557

        Bunch of candy-a$$, Nancys…

      • codirt

        The homo-fascist are the new oppressors.

    • SmartDoctor

      RE “Butts”. Does this blog recognize the British term “arses” as censorable? Gives a multicultural, albeit a racist white/Caucasian tone to your otherwise properly offensive usage.

      • Femghazi

        Anything that offends the PC crowd is A ok in my book! My life is fulled with many micro aggressions towards these pansies.

    • nn55nn

      Our sons that graduate from Duke will either come back as a:
      gay, or
      wussie-fied man.

      Unable to speak up and will sit in the corner in any important meeting, wondering if he should have changed his name to Chelsea.

    • nn55nn

      Women that graduate from Duke will either come back as a:
      or a masculine woman.

      Completely dominating any and all men in the meeting room,
      wondering if she should have been a middle school teacher and have flings with 14 yr old boys that will never be men.

      • Jean Poole

        ‘or a masculine woman.’

        With a mustache and comfortable shoes.

        • nn55nn

          more men become trans than women I believe;
          Women from Duke wont have a mustache, they will wear pant suits.

      • Brian McClellan

        or a single mom that must be supported by society for 30 years

      • DaBoiIsAPussy

        StrapOnDukeBitches will only dominate bush. men rule the boardrooms of corporate America.

      • Geo1metric

        “…all men in the meeting room,”

        In which case, there would have been NO men in the meeting room.

    • Brian McClellan

      Dont say butt…because you offend the people at Duke who are the “butt” of every joke here in the comments

      • DaBoiIsAPussy

        Duke grads say butt is a pleasure source and sexually gratifying

    • Whimsicalrogue

      This is not being run by the admin. It is an independent campaign that does not have the power, or seek the power, to enforce compliance. It is just saying “please do not use these words.” That is all.

      • Wardak08

        good to know

      • Joe

        No, that’s not all. Leftists always seek to minimize the damage to society that they end up inflicting, saying that they “merely want… a b and c…” but the devil is in the details.

        If you give a Progressive / Liberal / Communist faculty the idea of banning words or concepts, they will wholeheartedly join in and terrorize Normal / Christian students, threatening them with sanctions up to and including expulsion.

        Best to nip this little bit of tyranny in the bud.

    • Hal Briggs

      well said.

  • chris1776

    Language totalitarians are as bad as any other totalitarians. They want to control people to increase their own power.

    • 02144pomroy

      Just further proof of why this country is so F’d up. They’ve all lost their minds.

      • BenjaminGhazi

        You can’t say F’d Up! anymore, because it would offend all the AH’s at Duke.

        • listen

          Gay means happy, not disgusting homosexual behaviour.
          This Orwellian campaign should have begun when the word Gay was first hijacked by govt think tanks pushing the homosexual agenda.
          The homosexual agenda has also made dirty the rainbow. Instead of thinking about the rainbow as Gods promise, now it means anal sex and fecal matter.
          This nonstop discussion of homosexual behaviour on every TV channel, news story, and talk show is actually sexual abuse upon the large majority of men who are not involved in having sex with another mans anus.
          A sex talk show host in San Francisco from their dept of health said it best, a vagina has 23 layers of skin and was designed for having sex, but an anus has only one layer of skin and can rip like wet tissue paper introducing inner and outer microbes into the one playing the part of the female.

          • Homer

            True, we don’t want to hear about it, they need to keep it to themselves. Its too disgusting as is.

          • CaptainCommonsense

            “but an anus has only one layer of skin”….

            AH HA!!!!!

            I knew it! Obama is an anus.

          • Northwest_Raised

            The Kenyan-English Dictionary describes “obama” as ten pounds of sh1t in a five-pound bag.

          • MotherfuckerJones

            Wow you’re so funny. The last time I heard that joke I fell off my dinosaur.

          • blazeaglory


          • Jer

            That made me laugh more than it should have

          • campus queertards-homofascists

            Thin-skinned mulatto-marxist.

          • FredAGunt


          • GayHomoPussyBitch

            What the fuck does the president have to do with any of this? You should change your name to captain irrelevant

          • doctorivy

            When Magic Johnson, who was having sex with 300-500 “people” a year, got HIV, much to the consternation of his pregnant wife, then-president Bush called him a “hero.”
            Fast forward to now president Obama calling an NBA player to congratulate him on being a homosexual. Read The Goals of Communism. It’s all by design.

          • Joe

            Weren’t both attendees of the very exclusive, all-male BOHEMIAN GROVE retreat?

          • Eat One

            All by design…you nailed it.

          • Alex

            That’s pretty cool that he would take the time out of his schedule to show his support for someone who’s doing something so brave! I don’t remember the president at the time giving Jackie Robinson a call when he started playing for the Dodgers

          • bloodaxe

            Good grief. That is so gross.

          • awfulorv

            Think of the act as “Enlightening”.

          • Rightwing

            any man with a reasonable mind wouldn’t be happy sleeping with another man…

          • LezzyLez

            I relate to that, I find men disgusting

          • Right

            But that didn’t stop Hawaii’s public school system from telling students that the anus is “genitals”.

          • tom1987

            Congrats on your insanely obvious lack of education. Enjoy the trailer I’m sure you live in.

          • Joe

            …says the lisping Ballchinian.

            Man up!

          • tom1987

            I’m not gay. I suspect you are though ( read up on cognitive dissonance why don’t you). Seriously though, people like you are vermin.

          • Joe

            Well, according to this Gaydar, you come across as a big, pink and brown blip.

            And the Gaydar is never wrong.


            Sucks to be you.

          • tom1987

            Only people that are gay have Gaydar. So….
            Man… you are like, the king of ignorance.

          • Joe

            LOL! LOL! LOL!

            So, some freakshow minces in Denny’s wearing Daisey Dukes and lisps his order, you are telling the Readership that none of us could tell something was amiss with that overweight, hairy-a$$ed guy?

            That’s a proposition too ridiculous to entertain.

            Anyhow, your typewritten expression comes across kinda like our example Swish.

            i.e. the Gaydar is lit up and pointing at you.

          • Foolish Pride

            You do realize that that’s not a true stereotype? The University of Georgia study that people often cite to come to that conclusion is a supremely flawed study.

          • Foolish Pride

            Now now, as someone with a friend who’s a Ballchinian that stereotype makes no sense. It takes balls to have balls on your chin.

          • Joe

            Now you’re just being gross. It’s no *man* that does that.

          • sjsp

            “You gotta have balls to take balls”? I like it.

          • Eat One

            Man the fuck up, boy. You will learn in time that the real world is mean and nasty, better to get thick skin now.

          • sjsp

            …ideally around the anus, if “Listen” is to be believed.

          • waybackrie3

            keep faaaggot hipsters in check: MANHOOD101. C O M

          • sjsp

            This is literally the first time I’ve ever seen that URL upvoted.

          • Varia Vespasa

            Your rainbow is safe- its “Santorum” that means anal sex and fecal matter, not “rainbow”… 😛

            And for the Dukesters- Pussy is not shorthand for vagina, its short for pusillanimous (Showing ignoble cowardice, or contemptible timidity). Sheesh.

            Man up refers to character (strength, courage and righteousness, basically)- it has nothing to do with crying, or sex or sexuality.

            It would be nice to think people in university would know more, really. 🙁

          • Joe

            That’s pretty F’ed up… insulting a man who does NOT engage in your deviant behavior with the real byprodouct of what it is that YOU DO engage in.

            What kind of a self-hating psycho-pathology is it that you freaks suffer from when you insult others by calling them one of your own, or accusing them of doing what you do?

          • sjsp

            You seem heavily concerned with anuses; you’re aware that:

            1) About half of all sexually active male same-sex couples don’t have anal sex?
            2) Plenty of heterosexual couples (no actual stats here, sorry) *do* have anal sex?

            I’m concerned that you’ve drawn an equivalence between a sexual act and an entire sexuality.

          • Joe

            Nice try at equivalency, but the truth is completely different.

            First off, homosexuals make up perhaps 2 percent of the population and yet account for about 66 PERCENT of all new HIV infections, 75 PERCENT of all new Syphilis infections, and about 80 PERCENT of all new male HIV infections, translating into HIV infection rates 44 TIMES, and AIDS infection rates 50 TIMES that of Normals.

            Whatever homosexuals are doing, they are doing it very, very differently.

            Normals and Deviants are NOT the same.

          • sjsp

            None of what you posted contradicts my point.

          • Joe

            Really now?

            You were trying to make the point that both Normals and Deviants engage in butsechs, with the underlying assumption that there is no difference between the two.

            The facts proved that completely unfounded, since the stats reveal that whatever the homosexuals do when they use the Stink, they are doing it VERY differently and as a result are contracting diseases at rates on orders of magnitude over Normals.

            These diseases are closely associated with homosexuals and unprotected butsechs.

            When you are 2 percent of the population (or even 3 percent) and yet you are responsible for 75 percent of all new Syphilis infections and about 80 percent of all new HIV infections in males…

            You are doing it wrong.

          • tom1987

            kill yourself.

          • Joe

            You show me how, by example. I might consider it.

            More likely, I’ll just laugh at your Freak a$$.

          • LezzyLez

            Hey Joe, were you born in like the 1800? I’m so glad people with your belief system are dying off!

          • Joe

            Actually homosexuals and even Les-be-frens, suffer from a curtailed lifespan. For male hoe moes, by about 20 years.

            For the carpet munchers, it’s from just generally being nasty (in the form of BV, obesity, drug and alcohol abuse and other high-risk behaviors).

            So, as one generation shuffles off this mortal coil, you Freaks will have preceded us by a good decade or so. BTW – Deviants cannot procreate.

          • Varia Vespasa

            Feel free to share your sources. A photocopy of your ass and a pair of tongs does not count, regardless of how true it would be.

          • Joe

            Glad you asked Freakshow.

            1) Centers for Disease Control

            2) AVERT ORG

            3) Web MD

            4) The Body

            5) Lancet

            6) PinkNews

            … articles from all the above, and others, can be found at:

            GAYTERRIBLETRUTH Word Press com

            Go there.


            Be enlightened.

          • danallison

            Well, isn’t that just so special!

          • Bill

            Seriously. Does there exist anything under the son weaker or more effeminate than a heterosexual male with a butt-hurt ego?

            You delicate, delicate little hot-house flower, you.

          • skwills

            The word Gay was not hijacked by Government Think Tanks. it became slang for Homosexual baed on genral popular use. Not all wordplay is intended by Govenrment.

          • Jon

            You seem so preoccupied with this stuff, you know what that means

          • SuperGayyyyy

            Lol, the homosexual agenda? I’m so glad the type of people who think like you are slowly dying off 🙂

          • David Harris

            ^^Your problem is you, not the gays. Man up, Fag.

        • But Obama was quick to have the words “teaba**ing” and “f*sting” introduced into this country’s national lexicon… Why? Because he’s trying to “legitimize” homosexuality and his moral compass points to Hell.

          Remember that Obama’s spiritual mentor for 20+ years was Down Low Club’s Jeremiah Wright. And Obama’s golfing “buddy” is an original Punahou School chum/choom gang-banger once busted for soliciting a male prostitute.

          Then there was the militant homofascist activist Obama tapped as his “Safe Schools” Czar. Despite public outrage, Obama was able to keep Kevin Jennings on the job and in the administration’s closet working for two+ years.

          Then there is the architect of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse cover-up, former Penn State president Graham Spanier. What happened after he was forced to step down? The Obama administration hired him! Washington Post’s Emily Heil wrote about it in the article, ‘Graham Spanier’s gig as a federal worker is a mystery’.

          All in all when put together a disgusting body of evidence that shows Obama was ahead of the curve in trying to “legitimize” homosexuality.

          • doctorivy

            His moral compass points to Moscow.

          • umhyuh

            fisting is not a bad word that requires an asterix. neither is intercourse, nipple, or masturbation. what are you, a prude?

          • UK1981

            This is true but you never know what the censors are going to key on so if you want your comment published you have to as8ume they will kick on something inane.

          • I erred on the side of caution. I have an open mind regarding the use of words. I recognize that where they burn books, they eventually burn people, but I digress. I just think it’s safe to say many Americans who weren’t familiar with that word until Obama picked Jennings as “Safe Schools” Czar.

            As far as what the word means, i.e., the act of putting one’s balled up hand into another person’s body cavity for sexual pleasure, that sounds gross, but to each his or her cup of tea.

            PS- You wouldn’t happen to work for the TSA?

          • Joe

            Do you realize what those books were?

            Many high-ranking members of the NSDAP party had been patients at clinics which had been treating them for the mental disease of homosexuality. The SA, or Brownshirts, were dispatched to seize and burn those incriminating records, as the rest of Germany was not so open-minded about males playing bury the banana in anothers’ hindquarters.

            Check out THE PINKSWASTIKA, 4th edition, free online at w w w defendthefamily com

          • Joe

            Kids should be allowed to be kids and never taught that filth.

            And yet, Kevin Jennings, Obama’s filth Czar has been pushing to do just that, and worse, nationwide.

          • tom1987

            Kill yourself. Nobody cares what you think about anything.

          • Orville_J_Clutchpopper

            Hey, p*ss ant. What’re you doin’ here, anyway?

          • YuraDumbass

            Please don’t ever reproduce

        • Melvin P. Arbuckle

          Duke is overrun by pu55ies who won’t man up.

        • waybackrie3
      • HarryObrian

        Lost their minds?? maybe… Lost their knowledge of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights… absolutely… but in their defense, that is the mindset of their political beliefs of communism that we have allowed them to foster.
        The best thing anyone can do is teach their children about the evils of communism and how to identify them.

        • Hence, the opposite is true: “The WORST thing anyone can do is teach their children about the GOODNESS of communism,” which Frank Marshall Davis, the hard-core Communist who was Obama’s mentor (and more), did!

        • Varia Vespasa

          The idea of communism isnt evil, per se. Its just not practical, and like anything else that people dont understand is not practical, attempting to implement it anyway is what leads to evils.

          • Joe

            Oh? The violent overthrow of the Bourgeoisie? Seizing of all means of production?

            Violence, mass theft and class warfare and murder are in communisms DNA.

            You are a complete and utter fool, or you are a liar, thinking everyone else is a complete and utter fool.

            MILLIONS of innocent people have been slaughtered under the red banner.

            Check out the website DEMOCIDE: DEATH BY GOVERNMENT.

          • Varia Vespasa

            Actually I think you’re not too good at reading- The stuff you describe clearly falls under the “attempting to implement it anyway is what leads to evils” part of my post. Its half of one sentence for christs sake, and you STILL couldnt grok it. Pull your head out of your ass- the view is better.

            Violent overthrow is bad? You dont say, you genius you! But violent overthrow is neither unique to communism nor a prerequisite for communism. In theory its perfectly possible to have a communist society without violently overthrowing anything. It hasnt been done yet as far as I know, in part because enough people can see the flaws in large-scale communism to know its not practical and thus wont go along with it voluntarily (nor should they.), but it IS theoretically possible.

            And other government forms have indulged in violent overthrows too, its not a uniquely communist thing- Kings have, as the eastern american natives, various central and south american tribes/nations, and any number of Indian satrapies and Maharaja’s can attest. Democracies have too, as I’m sure the Shah of Iran, the western american native tribes, Hawaii and Mexico can attest, and thats just the US. Thats several million killed under the ol’ stars and stripes. Not as bad as russia or china of course, but proof enough that bad behaviour is not the exclusive preserve of any particular government model. (The Bureau of Indian Affairs apologised for their part in the ethnic cleansing of the western tribes on sept 8, 2000, for whatever thats worth to the dead.)

            Again, for the hard of thinking- I’m saying that communism is fine in theory, but is fatally flawed in practice because it requires people to behave in ways that people just dont. So either people not behaving as communism requires in order for it to work will destroy it, or the supression required to try to make them behave as communism requires will destroy it or destroy all the gains a working communist society might enjoy and far more besides, making it a losing proposition. In practice communism only works on a small scale where everyone is on the same page, mentally and spiritually, and those examples are limited to a few hundred people each. Mostly communism does not and cannot work. Its just a warm fuzzy intellectual daydream, and then you wake up and get on with something practical.

          • Joe

            That’s lot of typing to say nothing at all.

          • Varia Vespasa

            Boring troll is boring.

      • concerndcitizen

        Marxists start with control of language to steer the debate. That’s how murder became known as a “choice”.

        • Geo1metric

          Those who control the language, control the discussion. Those who control the discussion, control the debate.

          • Joe

            I thought it was:

            “Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

        • doctorivy

          I think you’re referring to reproductive health.

          • OpieJuanCannoli

            Great point…the euphemisms they come up with astound me. Crushing a baby’s skull with a pair of forceps would seem to be the exact opposite of “health;” after all, the mother got pregnant because her “reproductive health” was good, right?

          • JK

            Liberals always have to obscure reality. Heck, even murder obscures “grabbing a fleeing fetus and …”

      • Klingon00

        What’s amazing is that institutions of higher learning are restricting free speech. It’s no longer about the free exchange of ideas, but indoctrination.

        • jay kay

          what institution restricted free speech? a student group has a campaign asking people to change their language.

      • Rightwing

        if they had a mind to begin with

    • Gothamite

      The preachers of tolerance are the least tolerance. Duke should man up and stand up for the US Bill of Rights instead of being a pussy and catering to the whims of Party totalitarianism.

      • hamous

        Totalitolerance. This will go about as far as Beyonce’s “Ban Bossy” campaign.

        • Femaelstrom

          Ban Bossy is actually Sheryl Sandberg’s campaign. Beyonce is one of many spokespersons.

          • Melvin P. Arbuckle

            Bossing around someone’s vocabulary is bossy.

        • BigDaddy

          Funny how Beyonce wants to ban Bossy, yet… She has nothing to say regarding her husband’s (and her’s) use of bitch, Ho, n1ggah, white devil, etc. Such lovely people, honest and ethical people.

          • Jer

            To add to that, his reference to Anna Mae was pretty bad too

          • amy

            What’s funny is jayz and Beyonce think they’re in with the elite, lmao, they don’t like blacks honey! You’re being used to push their agenda on the blacks and youths of America but when shit hits the fan and you’ve done their dirty work, all your rich possessions will be confiscated and you’ll be sitting in a nice little FEMA camp like everybody else. Eat that cake! I can’t stand them… just as dumb as 90% of sleeping Americans.

        • Jamaica61

          But Duke is being Bossy….wtf?

      • Mr. Twitch

        Your sentence.is dysfunctional…
        Try this instead…The preachers of tolerance are the least tolerant. Duke should man up
        and and stop being such a pussy about freedom of speech. Homos should keep their sex lives to themselves instead and stop being total bitches about it. This whole article is so gay! Stand up for the US Bill of Rights instead of being a pussy and
        catering to the whims of Party totalitarianism.

        There, now stop mincing words. Have a nice day…

        • Gothamite

          I like my version better.

      • no thanks

        Pointing out problems is not the same as intolerance.

        • coltov mocktail

          pointing out problems would be providing definitions for the phrases rather than attempting to prohibit them out of existence (intolerance)

    • ItWasAboutTime

      University employees/student body needs to GROW UP!

      • DevinDenver

        I believe the phrase GROW A PAIR is appropriate here.

        • ItWasAboutTime


        • Bob L.

          I liked it better when these queers and lezzies went into the closet to play with each other. Please don’t use the word GAY to identify these folks, it upsets us happy and carefree people.
          Bob L.

    • RufusChoate

      They are the same people. There is no distinction. They claim diversity and tolerance with the intolerance of a single minded fanatic who believes only in their “truth”.

      • Michael Barrett

        They are so Bossy.

        • OpieJuanCannoli

          we used to call them ornery heifers…that would really get the skirts worked up!

        • Joe

          Lucy Van Pelt, at 8 years old, was ‘crabby.’

          Unfortunately, we’ve had generations of feminazi-indoctrinated, unmarriable females.

    • Jeffeduc.

      Ever notice how extreme liberalism crosses into neo fascism? It happens everywhere when secular humanists get power to make the rules. They are tolerant until they need to tolerate.

      • OSR1


      • campus queertards-homofascists

        HOMOFASCISM is the worst variety.

    • Enzyte Bob

      Oh, I see the Duke “tolerance police” is at it again. What happened? Run out of lacrosse players to railroad?

      • Geo1metric

        Duke used to be a pretty good university; now I cannot stand their support of TOTALITARIANISM!!!

    • Vichara

      “From his Central European vantage point, Aurel Kolnai became an expert in the various forms of modern totalitarianism. In his Austrian observation post, he made thorough study of Nazi ideology. He did not restrict the threat of totalitarian aberration merely to the Fascists, Nazis, and Communists, however.

      “The great Tyranny of the future shall spring from the soil of American mass egalitarianism,” he wrote in 1949.”

      Full article:


    • ricky

      Yes. They are very Orwellian.

    • bcmugger

      Duke has went in the toilet quite a few years ago, just ask the fake rape guys.

  • rudebutcool

    baby baby wash your head in gravy!!! can I still say that? I use it all the time..please don’t tell me I can’t say that…

    • algonquinmatt

      that gravy doesn’t have any meat juices in it, does it?

  • Tanker74

    I think the loudest, angriest supporters of this language fascism are really closeted heterosexuals.

    • LordPeckerwoodFour

      that’s funny..

    • Joe Rogowski

      Another in a long line of gay rationalizations. They ache for validation to their mistaken conclusions.

  • jtoddtorg

    My Monday morning WTF article of the day. Hey, Duke: MAN THE F*** UP, Pu**ies.

    • steve

      Oh Now you have hurt my feelings and won’t be able to work the rest of the day

  • Me

    Man up has NEVER meant a person is gay; it means stop being
    afraid. However, Duke University must think ALL gay people are afraid. Duke
    University has a problem with “feeling” inferior.

    • dbt3481

      Man up means be a man. Do the right thing. Face the music. It has nothing to do with fear, it has to do with integrity.

      • eyesareopen

        Right. But then the democrats would lose voters.

        • SmartDoctor

          Not when 30 million Latin America-Americans vote later this year, they don’t.

      • SmartDoctor

        What kind of music? Racist, classical White-European, or did you have something else more socially appealing in mind?

        • dbt3481

          Define socially appealing? I have one rule in life that is never broken. I never, ever, follow the crowd.

    • CG59

      Came from the expression ‘Cowboy Up’, which means get up after you’ve been thrown from that bronch!

    • Michael Sullivan

      Sounds more like Duke has a problem with someone having an identity. We’re all expected to live a boring, undefined existance, by being, raceless, genderless beings.

    • RLABruce

      Yes. And until the Pink Mafia got a hold of the word, “gay” meant carefree. And “marriage” used to mean the union of a man and woman.

      • Maria Sanchez

        I thought it was the lavender mafia.

    • Joe Rogowski

      This is what happens when you let the liberal arts folk dictate the schools agenda.

    • John D

      Because they are inferior.

    • SmartDoctor

      Liberals have no choice but to stereotype groups/mob/masses. And they actually feel good about themselves for doing so. Hence the universal fear that all gay men live in fear, or that all black students are inherently inferior and will permanently require affirmative action in the school systems. It’s sad, but I see no other possible explanation. As a conservative, I still believe in the individual. He may be dumb, he may be smart, he may be a saint, or a Trayvon. But he is himself, to be judged by me on his own merits, or lack thereof.

  • Sol Deus Libre

    So… gay and stupid aren’t interchangeable, but gay and homosexual is perfectly OK. Newspeak, you’ve arrived.

    • Lasher500


  • Well Done

    Ironically, this campaign itself is totally freakin’ gay.

  • Paul Gandy

    But what about wuss, sissy, pansy, wimp or even weakling?

  • Duke E.

    Thus Duke camping is so gay. What a bunch of pussies. It’s time for them to man up and quit being such homos.

    • Duke E.

      Campaign not camping. Auto correct is so gay.

      • TioDon

        best reply here (and there are lots of good ones)

      • OpieJuanCannoli

        I don’t know…campy (in the effeminate culture sense) would be applicable here, and it would be absolutely correct to use the term as a verb as you did above. Carry on!

    • Joe

      Sorry, I can only give you one up-arrow.

    • common sense

      either word works….

    • Jesse Scott

      Winner of the day!!

  • algonquinmatt

    what did Churchill say? if you aren’t a liberal at 20, you have no heart. if you are still a liberal at 40, you have no brain.

    we have to remember that most of this ridiculous p.c. stuff comes from youngsters who have not been exposed to the realities of the world yet.

    • Filium Dei vitam

      That was said by Churchill to excuse his own fence jumping. It has no relevance to modern politics, the lines of political though blurred and not translating perfectly across a century.

      There is no excuse at ANY adult age to be a knucklehead statist thought slave, nor to sell your neighbor’s rights and properties to government, nor to support tyranny and intellectual deficiency.

      • algonquinmatt

        “..It has no relevance to modern politics”

        i disagree. well, maybe not to ‘modern politics’ but to people in general, my experience is that many people grow up and become more conservative as they see how the world really operates. A little less idealistic and a little more realistic.

        • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

          You beat me to it and are much more polite than I was going to be. Churchill irrelevant?

          • Maria Sanchez

            Why not? They’ve already taught our kids that the founding fathers are irrelevant. Indeed, not just irrelevant, but actually evil. We’re rapidly becoming a nation of pathetic weaklings devastated by a single word. No wonder neither Putin, nor anyone else, either respects or fears this once great nation. Putin could invade us with loudspeakers on trucks yelling “you’re all gay” and the heads of a significant number of our heads would explode like Martians at a Slim Whitman tribute concert.

          • Come On Now

            “Martians at a Slim Whitman tribute concert”?!?!? I think I’m in love.

          • steve

            History shall be kind to be, for I intend to write it – W Churchill
            “Some men change their parties because of principles, others change their principles for the sake of their parties” – Churchill
            “Solvency is valueless without security and security is impossible to achieve without solvency” – Churchill
            “Mr Chamberlain, you were given the choice between war and dishonor, you have chosen dishonor and you shall have war” – Churchill
            My favorite is
            Lady Astor: “Winston if you were my husband I would flavor your tea with poison”
            Churchill: “Madam, if I were your husband I would drink it”

        • nunyabiz

          I grew up idealistic and remain so. I believe unwaveringly in individual freedom. As long as I don’t inhibit someone else’s individual freedoms, I should be able to enjoy mine. Speech does not inhibit anyones freedoms.

      • steve

        “Some men change their parties because of principles, others change their principles for the sake of their parties” – Churchill

  • dbt3481

    No wonder boys are not becoming men now days. They are told everything about being a man is wrong.

    Colleges are a joke just like ever other liberal institution.

    • jtoddtorg

      Amen, brother (no homo)!

      (Whoops – a religious and a paternal word in the same sentence. I submit myself for “correction” by my pu$$y Duke overlords.)

    • SmartDoctor

      College is a joke on the PARENTS, and only if they allow the kids to make their education a travesty. I’ve got 2 boys who went to a local State school, majored in Architecture and Electrical Engineering, both graduated on time, on scholarship, no drugs, minimal beer, complaining that they never got to go to parties. They took their share of Liberal Arts, which I insisted on to round out a great education. And guess what? Both are employed within an Obama-economy, in their fields of interest, making decent money. And only one is still living at home, because we don’t want him drowning in his wife’s student debt (she’s a cardio nurse.) When the debt becomes manageble, he can move out with our blessings. It can be done, but it helps to be a red neck, racist Southerner who values a proper education, to do so. (Or possibly a Texan…)

      • jaydeebee

        In other words–It helps to have common sense.

      • Texas Engineer

        I hear ‘ya man. Too bad the parents of the Duke students can’t see that also and withdraw their students ASAP. I thought I would never see the day when a college would attempt to control speech. whatever happened to the college students of old, you know, the 60’s hippies storming the admin buildings chanting ho, ho, Ho Chi Minh or the old battle cry, hell no we won’t go! Those students are now running the show and have turned into a bunch of pussified wimps. Complete bunch of losers, typical big campus liberal with the attitude – free speech for me but not for thee!!

    • Jesse Fortner

      Using language that others consider offensive is an important component of “being a man?”

      • Foolish Pride

        Absolutely. A man has to have a backbone. Every day someone decides another word is offensive and shouldn’t be said. Should a man lay down and accept that?

        • Jesse Fortner

          Neither a man nor a woman should lay down and accept control.

          But if a behavior is rude, hurtful, or destructive, then there’s no virtue in continuing that behavior. You might not agree that certain phrases are offensive, but refusing to consider the consequences of your words is hardy a desirable trait.

        • kruddler

          Whatever happened to ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me’?

      • sez-who

        It’s important to be able to distinguish between courteous, gentlemanly speech and offensive speech. Sometimes, the offensive is necessary – for instance, when one is dealing with low-life, scum-sucking, petty tyrants puffed up with their own self-righteousness. You know what I mean – pussies like the academia nuts at Duke.

      • Eat One

        The real world is tough, mean, and nasty. Quit being such a little bitch.

        • Jesse Fortner

          Are your response to that is to make it tougher, meaner, and nastier?

          Gentleness and kindness are still fruits of the Spirit.

          • Eat One

            I said the WORLD is mean and nasty. You just need to have thick skin, or you will get railroaded.

          • Jesse Fortner

            I agree.
            Fun fact: you can believe it’s better to be careful with your words AND be thick-skinned at the same time. Crazy, huh?
            My point is that the people here seem to think that “being a man” obligates them to completely disregard other people’s feelings at all time. That’s not being a man, that’s being an asshole.

          • Eat One

            True, but these kids come off as neither strong nor silent. Whereas many of the people on this thread took it to one extreme, the idiots at Duke took it to the opposite extreme. Fun fact. Moderation used to exist.

          • Eat One

            …as did tolerance, the ultimate double-standard it seems.

          • Jesse Fortner

            And that’s where our viewpoints converge.

  • Edward Boothe

    If they are going to ban the first amendment, they might as well ban the whole Constitution, and write the Obongo Communist Manafesto to replace it, and codify their racism.

    • Tailfeather

      Coming to a college or university near you: mandatory gayness.

      • Edward Boothe

        When that College comes near me, I will be moving to Costa Rica for the remainder of my days.

  • Stopthenonsense

    howa bout fuc kyou duke

  • TxSon

    Whatever you say … comrade.

  • jmg09

    This just verifies what I’ve said for years. Duke sucks.

  • Mary12153

    Don’t be so Bossy!

  • Obama_Dogeater

    The new Speech Police is alive and well.

    • LordPeckerwoodFour

      back-up for the thought police..

      • Obama_Dogeater

        They both wear their brown shirts for Obozo.

  • alberto gonzalez

    The language mafia clearly have an agenda to shift public opinion toward a single direction. Just as they are succeeding at redefining marriage, they want to eliminate all references to gender. They will soon tell us that the words man and woman are sexist and insensitive. Go ahead and be “insensitive” and call me a heterosexual man – do I really care what you MIGHT think that means or what you think it MIGHT mean to me?? Grow a pair……..oh wait, I think I just used inappropriate language. LOL

    • Joe Rogowski

      Get ye to a 1st amendment zone!

  • oldcrankyyankee

    girly man didn’t make the list?
    Maybe i’m just getting old.

    • LordPeckerwoodFour

      …or butch

      • oldcrankyyankee

        old is the more likely(and obvious,when i look in the mirror)answer.

  • Jim

    1st Amendment. ’nuff said.

  • Huskystar

    And the sheep keep bleating..

  • Seerightthere!

    This foolish place of “learning” needs to man up, stop being a bunch of pussified fags and start teaching reality.

  • No Mo

    I have made a promise to myself to now use those phrases everyday. I will also give my children a quarter every time they use one of those phrases. And once they reach college.age i will make sure Duke is not on their list of schools. They will only apply to schools that provide them with freedom and not rules that are so gay.

  • walter sizemore

    This is what people want, banning words/phrases because they MIGHT be offensive?? This may sound “offensive” to you God believers and you libitards but the people that crave this banning need to be put down, worse than a stray animal.

  • SalmonDaze

    Hey Duke,

    Why don’t you Man up, quit being so gay, and stop acting like pussies?

  • jtoddtorg

    Where in our Constitution does it say a person has the right to live unoffended?

    • algonquinmatt

      everybody has an equal right. to be offended.

      that’s the new meme. we govern and educate to the exception.

    • Floyd_Lloyd

      It must be in the Commerce Clause. Every horrible policy that the left imposes upon These United States is blamed on the Commerce Clause.

      • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

        And rightly so.

      • Justice Roberts

        It’s a tax.

    • palvadore

      We have a Constitution?

      • Floyd_Lloyd

        Yes. Dear Leader has it laid out as a door mat so his Marxist cronies can wipe their feet on it when they come to take him out to play yet another round of golf.

        Golf, it’s the modern version of fiddling whilst Rome burns.

      • Maria Sanchez

        Yes but we’re all too gay to demand that our leaders obey it.

      • SmartDoctor

        We do, but what difference does it make now?

    • SmartDoctor

      “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” (Yes, I know, I’m being sarcastic, demonstrating what a poorly educated liberal would quote as being “part” of the US Constitution.)

  • Dumb Bitch

    We don’t say: “Duke is a school I want to attend”.

  • Mumbly Peg

    Well, I can tell you this much; If this is how they are teaching kids at Duke, I’ll never hire anyone who graduates from the place

  • walter sizemore

    If this sentiment is prevalent on most major universities, I will cease rooting for them, just like I ceased rooting for Duke when I read this ridiculous article.

  • Jim in Saigon

    And this is what evolved from the so-called Berkely “Free Speech” movement!

  • DingleBarry

    I don’t see the phrase “We don’t say redneck or Teabagger” on the list.


  • HR

    Remind me never to hire anyone from Duke.

  • Chris Kelly

    I’m afraid the kids going there are going to get their feelings hurt when then they move into the real world….sad

    • Me

      No sh*t.

  • BusProf

    Controlling speech is an act of tyranny.

    • Joe

      “I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of

      — Thomas Jefferson

  • Switzerland

    Can they say “redneck” and “hillbilly”? I bet that’s ok.

    • Gator

      Me personally, I don’t find those terms offensive because I am a redneck hillbilly. Maybe they should all quit being offended by being called what they are … weak bitches!

      • Switzerland

        I know. Just trying to illustrate a double standard.

  • Samantha Marie

    I bet “cracker” is ok.

  • CG59

    The faggot that controls the language controls the culture, homo!
    Girl up ya’ll!

  • nyboy

    As has been said in the past, “A rose by any other name is still a rose.”. Slang terms have changed for the same issue all the time. Trace the history of words used to describe a person with disabilities or developmental issues. Often what is used today as an accepted description becomes a pejorative as time passes. I prefer to live by the old “Sticks and stones…” ditty and not be too sensitive or PC.

  • Terry

    Duke should butt out. Society has the right to use the language it wants to. It is time for these politically correct rats to mind their own damn business.

  • Me

    O.K. so I’ve just gone through and up voted everyone; sorry if I missed someone. I don’t use most of those phrases; but I CAN. No one is going to tell me what I can and cannot say. Feel free to call me names; it’s free speech.

  • James Bizzo

    That’s gay

  • felicityva

    This story is so gay.

  • Don B Reedekulous

    I am ashamed of the people who are in control of this country or at least those who are try to exert control.

  • Me

    “Nuke the Baby Whales for Jesus.”

  • davesju93

    Man up, Duke.

  • Turkmenbashi

    I’m a straight up, unapologetic left-winger. I don’t use most of those phrases myself, and most of them are admittedly stupid or obnoxious. However, I am 100% opposed to any unversity policy–or policy ANYWHERE–that seeks to legislate language/specific phrases or expressions. Don’t be an asshole? That I can support. We have rules that protect people from asshole-dom. But forbidding X,Y, and Z terms? Never.

    • Me

      We have choices regarding what we take in and process between our ears. If I take away your right to tell me to “F” off, I risk having something taken away by the same evil controlling government, all in the name of tyranny.

    • funkybro

      Odd that you could have that much common sense and still be a left winger.

  • kilroy5440

    Interesting that the left, who believes that a woman has a right to terminate the life of the baby she’s carrying, believes that same woman shouldn’t say “man up”. It’s such a twisted ideology, governed not by logic, but by sheer emotion. More and more we’re seeing this push from the left to control the language. It all started with the nonsensical idea of hate crimes and hate speech. In due time, if the progressives are allowed to plod on with this movement, and since there seems to be no pushback in the political realm from the party supposedly representing conservative values, there will be legislation outlawing certain types of speech. Specific words will be banned but the legislation will be so broad, that just about anything one might say could be construed as illegal. Universities used to be the bastion of free debate where controversial issues and speech were encouraged. Now they’re run by fascists who believe they are the arbiters of fairness and goodness and leftists who aren’t interested in debate (the issues are settled, like climate change). Some of these young fascists will end up in the halls of state and federal congresses and they’ll bring their fascist ideas with them with the mission to codify them into laws. Imagine spending all that money to send your kid to Duke only to have him/her return as a radical leftist who bridles at the utterance of words common to their native vernacular. God help us and I mean that.

  • hoistthatrag

    Just one more reason to hate Duke…..the home of nancy boys.

  • jake

    To the little ‘Pussys’ at Duke. I’ll use whatever words I choose to use where ever and when ever I choose to use them. Just try to stop me.. You little ‘wimps’ will not take away our American freedom of speech.

  • griefman

    “Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical
    minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds
    forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the
    clean end.”

  • Don B Reedekulous

    Apparently Duke has something against people of color too. That’s a pretty white crowd in that poster. I guess diversity is not one of they’re strong suits. Do “D-word” at Duke.

  • aircraftmech

    Hey Duke, why don’t you man up and stop being a pussy and stop shoving politically correct BS down the peoples throats? Pansies!!!

  • ICTDigger

    Those rules are so gay, people need to man up and quit being such pussies about simple words.

  • Robert Chapman

    Gee, for the amount of tuition at Duke, I would hope the administrators would concentrate more on giving their students value for money instead of worrying about what they are saying. Don’t these knotheads understand anything? Who really gives a darn as to what students say. Enough silliness already!

    • Me

      Orgies, drugs and alcohol are probably not off the table.

  • JTDeth

    George Orwell described this tactic of trying to constrain thought by constraining language quite clearly in “1984”. So ironic that institutions of learning should be in the forefront of Orwellian actions.

  • Todd

    What a bunch of pussies.

  • Freddy Merks

    Who ever came up with this is a bitch and needs to man up because this totalitarianism bullshit is so fu$%ing gay only a pussy would come up with it and express some authority over what is right or wrong to say. Not to mention unconstitutional.

  • CaptDMO

    “Duke University” says…..
    Hey, can some bright Duke student do some research, and cross check the list of actual names, of actual folks involved with this new thought police action, and the list of folks on the petition to expel/ prosecute athletes falsely accused, with subsequent “artfully” produced false evidence, of “rape culture”/microaggression crime?

  • artvet2

    University my arse.

  • frigu

    Is “Bl0w Me” “Eat Me Out” “You’re An A$$ Hole” “I Have A Hard-on For You” and “I’m Going To Bang The Sh !t Out Of You” still ok for this colleges kids to say?

    • griefman

      Only if it is stated in Ebonics.

  • griefman

    This is from the same university that brought you the Crystal Gail Mangum false rape accusation and the entire faculty condemning the lacrosse team before they even went to trial.

  • VABrit

    Tyranny – Pt. 1
    “White privilege”
    Climate “deniers”
    War on Women
    “Racist” reublicans
    Speech Police
    Thought Police ….. and on and on and on …..
    All dreamed up by the academic filth on the left, most of whom were indoctrinated at our marxist schools, colleges and universities. We are now living in a post-constitutional era where, although polling shows America is still a “center-right” society, the government, aided by academia and the fawning slavish press, have pushed this once-great country to a point where we are now supposed to conform to examples such as the famed “pajama boy”. The “pussification” (there! I said it!) of America is something we all should be very aware and afraid of. If I had a child at this “Duke Indoctrination Center” I would be pulling him/her out of it immediately.

  • funkybro

    These pro-homo bitches are so freaking gay. They really need to man up and quit acting like a bunch of mental tranny pussies.

  • Jonathan

    What a bunch of FAGS!

  • Lane Cobble

    Why are gays language-sensitive pussies?

  • Michael Sullivan

    Every word that is used to describe you eventually becomes offensive if you are insecure in your own person. Remember when mentally retarded was an acceptible term to describe someone? Then it was mentally disabled or mentally challenged? Again, no longer acceptible. I’m sorry, but mental disabilities are what they are. Theres no way to sugar coat it. Man up and embrace who you are.

  • phil

    Thought control! coming to a brain near YOU!

  • eagle33

    Does Duke issue each new Freshman a politically correct dictionary? Is the punishment for using other words spelled out?

  • JTDeth

    Duke in the left living out the vision of the Party in Orwell’s “1984”

    Orwell explains that the Party could not protect its iron power without degrading its people with constant propaganda. Yet knowledge of this brutal deception, even within the Inner Party itself, could lead to the implosion of the State. Although Nineteen Eighty-Four is most famous for the Party’s pervasive surveillance of everyday life, this control means that the population of Oceania – all of it and including the ruling elite – could be controlled and manipulated merely through the alteration of everyday thought and language.Newspeak is the method for controlling thought through language; doublethink is the method of directly controlling thought.

    Duke and the leftists are deeply implicated in this criminal activity of creating a politically correct Newspeak.

  • Thatso Ghey

    I like the way Duke found what appear to be 3 butt pirates and 2 carpet munchers to pose in the campaign poster.

  • UnderGodNotGovt


    • Floyd_Lloyd

      Sorry. No. That’s also banned. Both the word and the concept it implies.

  • Bill

    Country lost with universities wasting their time with this adolescent crap

  • JTDeth

    Perhaps the best retribution against these fascists attempting to impose an Orwellian Newspeak on us is the fact that they are paying a fortune to go to a university to then cripple their own ability to think by constraining their language to preclude being able to think objectively on any topic touched by political correctness. Fools.

  • taconite

    First newspeak. Then thought crimes. 1984 was supposed to be a cautionary tale not a blueprint.

    • JTDeth

      Ultimately the left is no different now that it was in Stalin’s Russia or in the era that prompted Orwell to write 1984. They are all about control and have a complete willingness to cripple their own ability to think as part of crippling everyones ability to think by mis-shaping language to preclude full objective consideration of reality.

  • Liedetectors

    Oh,man up,This is so gay!What a bunch of pussies-and fags

  • anon

    America is being turned into the Land of Faggots and pussies thanks to Liberal Faggots and their Gay as Hell Ideology.

  • ConcernedCitizen192

    Language totalitarians want to think that everything is sexism, racism, or some other -ism that they just make up. Bitches are mean and annoying; that’s why they’re bitches. Pussies are cowards; that’s why they’re pussies. And men should man up because “we don’t believe any gender is inferior.” Duke college administrators should stop being pussy bitches and man up.

  • Templar8

    Authoritarians always strive to control the messaging and to implement their form of indoctrination. It is clear as to what this is: Control the message through language. Ban words, ban ideas. Institutions such as Duke are just continuing the indoctrination of the K-12 schools. They are relentless in their efforts. I don’t believe they can be stopped. It just might be too late.

  • Tang

    After reading this article all I can say is “That’s so GAY!”

  • RLABruce

    You have the freedom to be offended in the US. For instance, I have to hear about schools, the bastions of intellectual freedom and diversity of ideas, that are preventing the Constitutionally guaranteed exercise of free speech; that offends ME! If students’ parents will pull the money from these fascist indoctrination centers, this problem will be solved. The bloom is off the collegiate rose anyway; they no longer prepare students to have careers, but just to be politically correct.

  • Lane Cobble

    Don’t send your son to college. He can learn everything he needs to know, as well as much more accurate versions of history, from the internet and resources available there and at nearby libraries, etc. If he needs an advanced degree or wishes to specialize in some area of knowledge, great, but he’s already ahead of his peers by having actually learned something.

    Do no send your daughter to college. 95% of the become whores or get raped or become cell phone whores who lack basic skills in face-to-face, human communication and bonding. They learn so little as to be laughable, only come out feeling more pressure to “have it all” (a disastrous and unrealistic life-plan), more delusional about how much ‘time’ they have to start that family and find the “one”, and end up less emotionally and intellectually stable. And if you think “that would never be my daughter”… ha. HA. HA.

    And you pay your hard earned money for the “college experience”. The “college experience” has been ruining young peoples’ lives since the 60s. See: Baby Boomers. Holy crap that generation got screwed up big time. They’re the ones at the helm of this nation now, God save us.

  • Bandit Keena

    Remember bitchez – someone’s get paid mucho dinero to come up with these great ideas at Duke and they will be everywhere else soon enough

  • RDF90210

    Oh for Christ’s sake Duke, quit being a bunch of pussies, man up and quit being so gay about it. You fucking Nazi’s. Don’t tell me what I can and can’t say. Go fuck yourselves.

    • Brad Michael Tankersley


  • demsaredelusional

    Dear Duke administrators here’s one: “Grow a set”.

  • Lane Cobble

    Gays are gay.

  • Yonderthehill

    Throw these anti-free speech fascists out of the country! And throw out Duke University as well.

  • 24601

    Rejoice! Your language has been purified by the templars of political correctness! You should be thankful!

  • SGinNC

    I am sick of word Nazi’s who are always trying to control what others are allowed to say. It’s called Freedom, look it up.

  • Minnalousha

    This is the undisguised totalitarianism of the Left

  • Twoiron

    “1984” has arrived 30 years late at Duke University. By virtue of this campaign, Duke has proclaimed itself to no longer be a “university,” i.e., “the whole.”

    Duke’s Ministry of Truth, forgetting the trumped up 2006 Duke lacrosse team rape scandal, has declared war on thoughtcrimes in Durham.

    For its full-blown assault on the First Amendment, Duke should be renamed The Duke Gulag. It should also be denied federal funding for its crimes against the US Constitution.


      Wait a minute, now, with the “progressives” in charge in DC the money will come pouring in, this is a wet dream for them.

      • Twoiron

        Sadly, under the auspices of the Obama Regime, I fear you are right. Hopefully the doofus won’t ever bother to come back from China.

        • billyrumble

          He is right. Universities like Duke do things like this for the federal money. If we don’t get federal influence out of our schools and universities, we will continue to lose this country.

  • Michael Coralluzzo

    1st amendment zones will have to be put up at Duke.

  • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

    Language has been warped for years by do-gooders. Consider the retarded, there are at least a dozen euphemisms.

    For Illegal Aliens consider ‘undocumented’ or ‘wetback.’ That’s pretty wide spectrum.

    • GhostOfJefferson

      They aren’t do-gooders. We need to disabuse ourselves of that lie once and for all. They are evil. No matter their stated goals, they are evil.

  • GhostOfJefferson

    This is what happens when you emasculate culture and make everything feminine. There is nothing so totalitarian as the female psyche unleashed.

  • Ron Burgandy

    “Man up” is offensive? Wow. Just wow.

    • Gator

      We can also no longer use the term “no sh*t” because it offends those among us who are constipated!

    • billyrumble

      Universities in America are 65% female and entirely anti-male.


    A major university trying to engage in thought control by eliminating dialogue, Now if that isn’t Orwellian I don’t know what is. Will they be placing monitors in all the dorm rooms to make sure people do not utter these words in their sleep?

    • billyrumble

      Their roommates will snitch on them.

      • DWEBSTER

        All students are required to have their rooms monitored by video to make sure they are not tempted to stray into impure thoughts or words. This announcement was issued by the Interior Ministry, formerly known as the DNC

  • vperl

    Man up, it’s so gay to be so thin skinned and bitchy. Free speech is FREE SPEECH .

    • Retired_Marine

      Don’t beat around the bush, tell those pussies what you really think

      • Twoiron

        LOL. Don’t beat around the “bus” throw Obama under it, for heaven’s sake.

  • Tomtom28

    Parents—this is how your tuition dollar is wasted.

    • Twoiron

      The cost to Duke parents for this full-blown assault on the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution?

      $50K per year. Talk about throwing your money away…


    Does anybody have any doubt that the “Progressive” control freaks are behind this campaign?

    • Twoiron

      Some low-information voter moron down-thread has proclaimed this policy is a Tea Party action. He gets drubbed pretty badly with replies and down arrows..

      • billyrumble

        With all of our local education and colleges, people still don’t know what the Tea Party stands for. That means educators have used their power over the children of America to engineer an information blackout.

  • tonkinyachtsman

    Too many people are starting to describe obama with these words, that’s what this is about.

    • Twoiron


      Sadly, you are probably right. Even Moochelle is also being labeled a tranny these days. And then there’s that lying Clinton woman…

  • billyrumble

    These indoctrination policies come from the Obama federal government. The Department of Education, Health and Human Services, The Department of Justice, and all of those other federal organizations are using their power to take over local and state governments and institutions. The Federal government uses their power to support and indoctrinate students of all ages to help in their federal takeover.

  • bobadukey

    fargin nazi’s

  • burt

    Homo say what?

  • Lane Cobble

    Fagdom needs to be put back into the closet. We tried “tolerance”. They do not want tolerance. Evil never wants mere tolerance. It wants control, power, domination, and worship. Homosexuals, who self-identify with their sin and perversion, will never relent and merely be thankful they live in a civilization where, relative to others around the world, can live at peace. No, they do not merely want tolerance, they want acceptance, they want celebration, they want adoration, they want power and domination, they want special status. They cannot control these desires because they cannot even control their fleshy desires and even revel in the perversions they engage in.

    The Great Gay Experiment has been tried in the West. It failed. They overplayed their hand. As was predicted by many, many men and women decades ago who knew better. They predicted this.

    And homosexuals and their hetero supporter are so unbelievably full of pride and delusional self-righteousness that they do not care if they destroy all our rights, if the lay waste to our nation and all its principles in the process of unapologetically establishing their own vision of utopia, their own dictatorial reign of Gay. Cloaked in “liberation” of course.

    It’s over, go back into the closet. We tried, you overplayed your hand. Your true nature is our for all to see. The pendulum is swinging back already, and it will swing back harder than these people expect.

    • Joe


    • James Madison

      Spot on post. When the left says the Constitution is a ‘fluid’ document, I say another civil war is not long off.

  • boBNunny

    How about “grow up and get a set”? How does that work!?

    • Big Rob

      Offensive to eunuchs. Banned. Can’t offend anyone.

  • Big Rob

    Duke University is becoming quite the side show with ultra PC language and the Feminist Porn Star. How will football coaches be able to communicate with their players without using the word pussy?

  • palvadore

    attention please, attention please…this is to clarify that you CAN use all those words IF you speak them in Spanish or RAP. Thank you… please continue whipping your white man. Squelch breaking

    • Don B Reedekulous

      I would LOL if what you say wasn’t true.

  • Jickeldoo

    That’s gay.

  • Clouds Below Sea Level

    From the “land of the free”.

    America is dead and what took its place isn’t pretty.
    How about this phrase? “GO PHUQUE YOURSELVES.”

    Works for me.

  • ou812


  • richard_head

    That is racist.


    How long will it be before they declare that it is offensive to say “Get To work” or “get a job ” ?

  • indyogb

    We have an interesting society – there are people in our midst who are homeless (many by choice, admittedly), hungry, beaten, etc. Yet, some students campaign to stop certain, mostly harmless, phrases from being used. A kook of a sports team owner makes a racist comment and it is the top news story for two straight days. Words, people. When someone says something stupid, i like to remember George Carlin – “Think of the average person… then realize that half of everyone is stupider than that.”

  • Uli Kunkel

    MinTruth, baby!

  • randykelly

    the Duke students need to man up and put those little bitches in their place. Don’t be a bunch of pussies. This whole thing sounds so gay.

  • Polarbear

    Future micro-agressions will be women wearing dresses, men with biceps larger than 5 inches, the term “African American” , sushi , and the phrase “have a nice day”

    We await new directions from ministry of truth members Rachel Maddow , Jesse Jackson , and suey park

  • richard_head

    Getting all bossy on us.

  • Jickeldoo

    Oh, can’t sat that – I mean that’s retarted.

  • JJTX

    This nonsense is why colleges and universities get ridiculed in social circles across the USA on a regular basis.

    These idiots actually believe the rhetoric of the democrat party. If they actually wanted to make a difference they would remove ” Ban ” from their terminology, as this has zero effect on society. Nothing is ever ‘ banned’ . The tactic of the left is to stop deb ate and ‘deem it passed’ or ‘ settled law ‘

    Biggest mistake ever is to try to tell AMERICANS they can’t do something.

    The WORD POLICE of colleges and universities can GO – TO- HELL !

  • MidAmerica2

    Progressives are afraid of words. Words can accurately describe them.

  • richard_head

    “Man Up,” “That’s So Gay,” and “Don’t Be a Pussy” offensive language.
    Just pissed because that is how the history department was describing the president.

  • ounceoflogic

    Do these liberal institutions realize what they are doing to our constitution and to our country? Is the gay agenda really worth sacrificing freedom of speech?

    • TantohadGPS

      They will realize it only when they are on the trucks going to the re-education camps.

  • TantohadGPS

    What a bunch of liberal p$ssy beeyotches. Duke makes me puke!

  • Joe

    So, how will we describe the REAL Duke rape case that the media ignored?

    Gay Duke University Official Arrested
    ” it seems that Duke University is embroiled in another rape case, but this time it’s not the students that are in the spotlight.

    Frank McCorkle Lombard, the associate director of Duke’s Center for Health Policy was arrested Wednesday, June 24 after an Internet sting found Lombard offering up his adopted 5-year-old son for sex.

    Lombard said in an online chat that he had sexually molested the boy.The court papers say he also invited an undercover detective to North Carolina to have sex with the young boy and even suggested which hotel he should use.

    The Plot Thickens

    As it turns out Lombard is gay living with his homosexual partner. The state crippled by PC tunnel vision permitted them to adopt 2 children.”

    Didn’t hear about it? It went against the Gay agenda and was hushed up.

  • Big Rob

    Faggot pussies Trannies at Duke, they can’t man up. Its so gay.

    No Homo….

  • Dirk Digler

    Jesus Christ. These pussies are so gay…

  • lordhelmet

    This is what happens when pussies and homos run the asylum.

    • TantohadGPS

      You’ve got such a BIG helmet!


    Isn’t it interesting that the 60s/70s generation, that was all about free speech and freedom of expression and doing your own thing, has now grabbed the reins of power at these universities and certain sectors of the government and are leading the charge on thought control and the elimination of dialogue, all borne of their intolerance of anyone that does not think the way they do?

  • TantohadGPS

    What about “put on your big girl panties”?

    • Me

      Don’t touch that expression; that’s a good one.

    • Twoiron

      Don’t tell Hillary that. She wears XXL girl panties.

      • getthelibsout

        BULLSHEET…she’s boxers, all the way!

  • getthelibsout

    if charlie brown were alive, he’d say, “GOOD GRIEF”!

  • Don B Reedekulous

    Does this mean I’ll have to stop yelling “Coach K is a PUSSY!” whenever Duke comes to town?

    • dagwud

      Coach K is actually a nice guy and a good coach. He invests a lot of time and effort in his players. I think that’s uncalled for.

      Certain Duke players, however…..

      (Note the avatar. Time will stop before I root for Duke.)

      • Don B Reedekulous

        I think you’re taking this a bit too seriously.

        • dagwud

          When it comes to rooting against Duke, you can never take that too seriously.

          Why, I remember, way back in 1992, when Grant Hill threw that inbounds pass….

          This is “the Internet.” There’s very little here that I actually take seriously.

  • David Gibson

    what a bunch of twits. when used in the context “don’t be a pussy” – the word is a kitty cat – a meek and scared little thing – has nothing to do with gender. just because it became slang for something else doesnt change that.

  • dagwud

    It’s a shame that colleges feel* that they have to have “campaigns” to “teach” children what their parents didn’t. I don’t use “homo,” “pu$$y” or “b!tch,” because my parents taught me that it was impolite, and that I wasn’t to treat other people disrespectfully.

    Of course, they also taught me to say “ma’am” and “sir,” which shows just how out-of-touch they were. Too bad our kids are getting the same lessons at home. Of course, they’ve got two parents at home who are both teaching the same thing.

    I don’t use “man up” because it makes no sense. And I had to stop using “gay” as an adjective because I don’t know what it means anymore.

    • getthelibsout

      bet your a$$ is in therapy, somewhere

      • dagwud

        I’ll take that bet. How much do you want to wager?
        I’ve got some car repairs I’ve been postponing, and would gladly take your losses to cover the costs.

  • Bill

    Lets see if they would ban God Da**** I bet not idiots

  • del2124

    I don’t think the words are “banned.” They’re discouraged, because people don’t like them anymore. People can still say those words if they wish; the campaign is designed to make them socially unacceptable. Social pressure is entirely appropriate. That isn’t a restriction of “free speech;” it’s just words becoming unfashionable.

    • getthelibsout

      man up, pu$$y!

    • We don’t say “free speech” because…

      • del2124

        Because freedom of speech isn’t under attack here. This is about people finding the terms offensive. But we’re free to use offensive speech as we’d like. I can say “nigg-r” and “kik-” if I want, the government’s not going to stop me, I’d just have a hard time getting anyone to publish it.

        • Thanks for explaining something that required no explanation. I’m sure we all realize that you (and Duke University) are attempting to restrict freedom of speech by means short of legal action, like allowing someone to publish but then burning his books.

    • Joe

      You’re so Gay.

    • James Madison

      Unfashionable is subjective. You might say a word is ‘unfashionable’, but I may disagree. So because you’re a left wing/progressive/liberal/socialist your opinion trumps mine? What is appropriate is the 1st Amendment.

      • del2124

        Certainly not. What “trumps” is how many people go along with it. That’s what “fashionable” means, the popularity of the term.

    • mredward

      How very liberal of you. To quote the Bee Gees, “It’s only words”. Today they are discouraged, tommorrow?

      • del2124

        Tomorrow we probably stop using them. Like the way we don’t say Asians are “Oriental” anyone.

  • 1984 – Orwell predicted our future.

    “Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thought-crime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it. Every concept that can ever be needed will be expressed by exactly one word, with its meaning rigidly defined and all its subsidiary meanings rubbed out and forgotten. . . . “

  • ata777

    tuition at a top college runs anywhere from 40-60K per year. what a colossal waste of money. these children–and they are children–are nothing more than pinhead totalitarians

  • Joe Engineer

    Next they will try to ban “free speech” or “free country”
    Hell – Toyota say “tranny” in a commercial for their trucks. Do we need to ban that. Some may find that offensive. actually I find all Toyota and Honda commercials offensive. Proof that they have to dumb things down for the “dweebs” that buy that generic garbage, but I digress.
    Love how our neo-fascist Universities live in a bubble. Hope these Hipster Doofus’ (Professor’s) are around the comfort the graduating classes when they try to get jobs in the real world. Wait – they more than likely will not get jobs, so they will be our next wave of food stamp and Obama Care recipients.
    Maybe rope sucker or carpet muncher should have been on their billboards.

  • Twoiron

    Suggested name change: Duke U now called U Puke.

  • CorrectionPlease

    Why not?
    Have the faculty Nazis not already banned . . .
    Lacrosse . . . Chrystal . . . Nifong . . . open-minded?

  • Don B Reedekulous

    What about “you suck”? I guess that’s probably a pickup line at Duke.

    • Me

      I think that’s part of a private society on campus.

      • Don B Reedekulous

        Faculty and Administration?

        • Me

          I’m still laughing….

  • mredward

    Can we call these children “candy asses”?

  • Nick L. Gale

    I think the 1st Amendment trumps a school policy.

    • James Madison

      Exactly…. which is why the article never mentions consequences for uttering these phrases. You start kicking students out of Duke and the lawsuits will start flooding in. Like typical progressives, they never seem to look down the road and what trouble they could get themselves in.

  • tweed54

    They forgot to ban mangina.

  • getthelibsout

    is “grow a pair” on the list?

    • Don B Reedekulous

      LOL perfect!

  • Stan_DC

    Freedom of speech ends when it offends the white liberal.

  • Twoiron

    This is certainly a queer thing for Duke U to do.

  • kauboy

    The feminization of America, coming to a campus near you.

  • Me

    Words are only offensive if you believe them to be true, then it’s a moot point because you are aware and live it. Why should I be responsible for acknowledging that which you are aware of?

    However, if you did not feel that way about yourself and have something offensive said about you, there is a choice and it’s yours. Drum roll please:

    Either you decide that you do not value the opinion of the person delivering the message and go on feeling NO impact, OR give your power and happiness to the person speaking those words, take it in, and call racism, sexism, blah, blah, blah… extract your pound of flesh and continue to live in a world where you have no control
    of thought process. Welcome to the Nanny State where you have consciously made
    a decision to NOT BE HAPPY unless the government tells you so.

  • Walter Bellhaven

    I guess the curriculum at Duke isn’t as tough as I had imagined … since students have the time to police other’s words.

  • G S

    Well, let’s see how can I put it…Duke needs to man up, they are acting pretty gay!

  • Don B Reedekulous

    Take one for the team?

  • tweed54

    Duke is controlled by Muslim money nowadays.

  • Chester Molster

    The only people that could possibly be influenced by a gay campaign like this were not capable of thinking for themselves in the first place.

    Doubleplus ungood.

  • Freedom Fighter

    Okay, The phrases in this story are words, words used in “SPEECH”. Under the United States Constitution, under the First Amendment or “FREEDOM” of “SPEECH” we can say things that are “OFFNSIVE”.
    Sorry, but people that get offended need to get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gaelic Grandeur

    Unisex restrooms at Duke?

  • Bernard McKenna

    My daughter told another girl who bullied her to, “Jesus up.”

  • Twoiron

    Let’s not forget our brown brothers and sisters. “No cajones! No, no podemos!” should also be banned.

    • williampenn

      “White boy” and “cracker” are still fine.

  • williampenn

    Every day, we check with the Word Police to see what words they’ll allow us to use. Right after we check with Queen Lobsterlunch to see what foods our kids can still eat.

  • Boooo

    It is refered to in America as FREE SPEACH, BITCH!

  • Don B Reedekulous

    Is “Tight End” a position on the football team or is it sexual harassment to use that term at Duke?

  • Joe

    I guess they just completely bypassed the question of:

    “Who the he!! are you to tell me what and what not to say?”…. pu$$y

  • Daffy Duck

    I am so angry that I am swinging my pocket book in rage!

  • Frank Bernard

    Let’s ban “Gay Pride” as being offensive to normal people.

    • Me

      I don’t know about that; it’s always fun to be shocked when the nuddies run down the street, especially when they’re 70 and 80 years old. What a party!


    Those who wish to control your words are really trying to control your mind

  • bluesdoc70

    LOL..Seriously?…get a life.


    Attention, Attention!!!
    All college students throughout the land, all students are now required to have their rooms monitored by video to make sure they are not tempted to stray into impure thoughts or words.Anyone caught mumbling any banned words or phrases in their sleep will be subjected to remedial gagging. This announcement was issued by the Interior Ministry, formerly known as the DNC, and now staffed with shock troops trained by ACORN.

  • Pro Farmer

    If I went to Duke, I’d tell them….. That’s so gay. Man up, Don’t be a pussy, bitch!

  • ckirmser

    Amazing how these organizations so embrace Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot and the like as they piss on the Constitution.

  • htomc42

    Between this and the “gang of 88” professors who condemned the lacrosse team without a trial during the rape allegations a few years ago (and never apologized…), this “university” is proving itself to be a cesspool of totalitarianism. Who would ever send their child to be educated in such a place?




    These students should stop being pussies, man up, and tell those b*itches to go eat a d*ck (no homo)

  • Doc Narson

    It’s so disheartening that this sort of non-thinking crap has become legitimate. People take this seriously instead of laughing the organizers of this BS out of town, as they would have just a few years ago. But we no longer live in a sane world. What a bunch of pussies.

    • billyrumble

      The federal government is in control of this. They have so much money and power over universities that social input like laughing or talking cannot compete with their influence.

      • Don B Reedekulous

        That right thar is the problem!

  • spinolio

    Will they also eliminate the derogatory “tea bagger” phrase? Maybe NeoCon?

    • taconite

      You are asking for a leftist to be fair? One of many words that they have corrupted beyond all comprehension?

  • Morons

    Duke offends me

  • dave

    Question for Jay Sullivan, student leader behind this nonsense: Is the word castrati ok, or would you be personally offended? 🙂

  • Mary Lou Curtin

    What happened to free speech



    • Me

      It’s not missing on this blog; I haven’t laughed so much for a long, long time. We used to have comedians that were funny too. I grew up in an ethnic neighborhood and the jokes were funny. I miss comedy.

  • doug1961

    One thing can be said about the new generation of pussified queers…

  • JohnK144

    OK. Time to throw it back at the PC crowd.

    “Stop pushing YOUR morality on us.”

    • Joe

      … immorality…

      • Don B Reedekulous

        Good edit!


    “Education is the state controlled manufacture of echoes”

    Edmund Burke

    ‘If you want to get laid, go to college. If you want an education, go to the library”

    Frank Zappa

  • dcizscumm

    but allow homoz to indoctrinate kids into transgender identity in grade 2 eff u lib scummbagzz

  • DeathTOU863

    Say whatever you want… ‘Merica!!

  • Bl4ckConserv

    Man this is some bull ish! Man up Duke!

  • mackadoo

    I believe the Duke University administration and faculty established themselves as politically correct, gullible automatons during the la crosse player incident. It would appear they are doubling down on their march to irrelevance.

  • Dewreck

    C UN nts

  • John D

    I used to live in Raleigh. Duke had a reputation as a liberal university then and apparently it’s gotten worse.

  • whooosh

    Enforcement is going to be impossible. What can you do to someone, who uses these terms? Ban them from the school? Maybe. Get in their face and lecture them? Not, if you don’t want a series of visits with your favorite dentist.
    Just another liberal wet dream, which will wilt and die, after the first court case blows up in the face of these liberals.

  • Maria Sanchez

    This whole idea is so gay that it had to be the brainchild of a bunch of pussies.

  • Seashell

    What about the phrase, “I am a porn star between classes”.

    • Younis Mourabi

      Then I’d suggest NOT banking @ Chase.

  • Cora Stone

    You don’t change thinking by banning free speech. Its srange to watch liberals who say they stand for diversity, push for a totalitarian government. I guess they don’t stand for diversity of thought, idea and speech.

  • dandeman

    Life imitating movies – See Demolition Man – with the morality police, pacifist leaders, regulated desires and no understanding of how to deal with real life situations.

    Noah Webster spent a lifetime preparing words for the English language and now the same institutions who were designed to train and build character on the English language are more involved in petty morality and civil authoritarian projects. What a pitty for our next generation of political correct societies.

  • G S

    Next thing you will see is them taking the urinals out of the man’s restrooms so they have to seat down to piss…America is being railroaded into faggotdom by a bunch sissies!

  • oracle2world

    This is what students at Duke, who pay a small fortune to attend, spend their time on?

  • Stick

    Duke is so Gay. Do any real men go there nowadays?

  • Younis Mourabi

    No wonder Americans keep buying guns and ammo. It is the only protection of Constitutional rights they can afford.

  • Pat Clarke

    Why not just publish a list of words and phrases that you ARE allowed to speak? That way, all the whining weenies can walk around with a pocket dictionary of Permitted Phrases.

    Hey boys and girls and (other) I am going to use whatever words and phrases I want; If you don’t like it, too damn bad. There’s not right to go through life unoffended.

    And if words offend you, go live in mommy’s basement.

  • Younis Mourabi

    Don’t worry, they will designate a ‘free speech zone’.

  • MakeSense

    I don’t usually use fag as I prefer either pillow biter or rump ranger. Lesbos can be dikes or carpet shampooers. B!tches can also be wenches and if particularly egregious, the C word. Also prefer pavement ape verses black thug as it has more cachet. Trannies make me want to blow chunks so don’t know what to say for these disgusting human permeations. As for illegal immigrants, the legal term is illegal alien for these wet-backs or migrating insects.

  • Glock

    Buncha queers!

  • hellohi

    man up pussy Duke bitch because that’s so gay!

  • Robert

    Thin-skinned b!tches, pusssies, should man-up…pathetic.

  • Stick

    So what does the Duke Lacrosse team think of this? Duke has deconstructed itself into a bad joke.

  • SniperFire

    Got neo-Stalinism?

  • Kylee


  • woodyl1011fl

    Duke is only being true to it’s character it is a Marxist socialist, anti-Christian, Anti-Israel, religious indoctrination institution of Humanist Darwinism “higher learning” which is of course totalitarian thinking masquerading as enlightenment by modern secularist atheistic philosophy. By the way it is a private institution so it can be as Fourth Reich totalitarian in thinking and action as it desires. All of American academia is controlled by this worldview.

    • Younis Mourabi

      Humanist Darwinism, does that explain the weekly Thunderdome-esque bodycounts in places like Chi-Congo? I bet there were week-ends in the Roman Collosseum when fewer were murdered.

      • woodyl1011fl

        Your probably on to something there. The Romans spread their circus amusements out. Do you suppose that as decandent. depraved and wicked as Roman society and culture were, that they burned babies for heat like America now does? Wonder when the book burning will begin because some books are not politically correct “Third Reich” our military has already burned Bibles. Ninety years ago the educational elites in Germany paved the way for the rise of one of the most evil governments ever to arise in the modern era and didn’t even know it. The other was Lenin/Stalins USSR. Is our nation beyond repair with a Demoncrat party it’s allies in academia and its leader determined to destroy a once free nation. Rome destroyed itself are we?

  • ……


  • Clouds Below Sea Level

    So proud to live in the land of the free where speech is constitutionally protected and where banning personal expression doesn’t exist….
    Oh, wait. What country are we in?

    • kirb

      It’s a private institution.

      • Clouds Below Sea Level

        In the United States of America?

        Or is that nation extinct?

        • kirb

          It’s a private institution.

          • Clouds Below Sea Level

            You said that already.
            It doesn’t change the fact that in the United States we have constitutionally protected free speech which would make Duke an anti-American institution.

          • kirb

            So if I’m working for Coke, but on the weekends I stand on a street corner and profess, loudly, just how bad Coke is and how good Pepsi is… Coke would have to keep me?

          • Clouds Below Sea Level

            Coke doesn’t have to keep you anytime.

            Unless you have a guaranteed contractual employment term.

          • kirb

            So they CAN fire me for my speech?

          • Clouds Below Sea Level

            They can fire you for no reason at all.

            “Go home, we don’t have work for you.”

          • kirb

            In every state?

          • Clouds Below Sea Level

            I’ve only employed in right to work states so I don’t know how the collectivists work.

            But where my branches are, yes.

      • jnsesq

        And as such is intended to be a forum for the exchange of ideas and speech, unpleasant or not.

        • kirb

          I agree with you there, and I think it’s truly a dumb move.

          But, still, they are private, so they can be dumb.

          • Clouds Below Sea Level

            I don’t care what it is, I have a constitutional right to express myself they way I so choose.

          • kirb

            There are limits.

          • Clouds Below Sea Level

            And the limit isn’t about calling someone a h0m0 or not.

          • kirb

            In your opinion.

          • Clouds Below Sea Level

            In real life.

          • kirb

            Not true, or we wouldn’t even be discussing it.

          • jnsesq

            And I agree with you. Funny though… I’ll bet if this call were going the other way where you HAD to say “ni99er,” for example, the Feds would find some “connection” to place Duke under its jurisdiction.

            Then again, Eric Himmler has already declared he’s a believer in selective enforcement so it’s not like the XIVth Amendment applies to liberals and other Marxists.

  • Fred C. Bonzor

    ok, time for the overly sensitive, gender confused and homosexual population to get back in the closet where they belong; we are all tired of the in-your-face “do this, don’t say that, we’re upset” crap!

  • mredward

    And we wonder why the left can identify with “pajama boy”, and wish to be looked on as “children” until they are damn near 30 years old.My Gawd I hope the French don’t declare war on us. They could roll over us like the Germans rolled over half of Europe.

  • 02144pomroy

    Duke is totally being gay.

  • Anonamous Guy

    I’m offended by Puke University trampling on MY Constitutional rights. They shouldn’t be so gay, Man up Puke U. Don’t be gay trying to block free speech. Hope I didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings….if so too bad.

    • 02144pomroy

      Can’t believe these kids actually agreeing to this nonsense. I never thought that I would miss the 60’s and its protests.

  • lukuj

    Doesn’t it just make you want to use the phrases more often just to show them free speech is still alive- for the moment anyway?

  • Tom

    These campaign leaders are such fags. They need to man up and quit being homos. I should be allowed to say what I want and I, frankly, don’t give a shit how it makes these bitches feel. Quit being pussies and focus of something that matters, like how our government is taxing us to death whilst driving out country into the ground.

  • Clouds Below Sea Level

    So where are the proud defenders of this movement?

  • Man up

    This isn’t a joke anymore, just because it seems commonplace. People better get their heads out of their butts and recognize how serious the absurdity of PC nation has become.

    • billyrumble

      This is the tip of the iceberg. It’s the voice of the takeover. The federal government indoctrinates our students to be pro-government lackeys. But that doesn’t work fast enough. It might give us time to figure out what’s going on and put a stop to it. So they augment their indoctrination by importing pro-government illegal invaders who they then give citizenship to.

      • billyrumble

        Is it OK to say “illegal invaders” because that’s what they really are.

        • Clouds Below Sea Level

          Foreign national infiltrators.

      • Man up

        We all see it, too. Most are afraid to stand up against it for fear of being labeled racist. It’s nonsense perpetuated by the minorities who leach from race trading whites. Decent Americans of all races should be embarrassed, when this bullshit is brought to the world stage.

  • jnsesq

    I wonder if “honky” made the list…

  • Jean Valjean

    I thought gays liked the word “gay.” In that case, “you’re so gay” should be a compliment to them, no? Should we now go back to “homosexual,” as in “you’re so homo”?

  • FedUp

    Hay Duke, man u and
    don’t be a pussy. Typical limp dik libs.

  • NosVerbo,Filius

    Jesus Fuckin’ Christ!

  • Jeff Hanson

    What about “Don’t be a D!#k”?

    This PSA is sexist.

    • NosVerbo,Filius

      or stop acting like a little girl?

      i’m movin’ to Kathmandu.

  • NavyVietVetJD

    Sorry. Duke wussies are not above the Constitution and Fee Speech.

  • Johnny Houston

    You will never get America to stop saying those words. They’re so funny.

  • YouWontLikeIt

    LMAO … college … you are better off with an online degree and working at the same time if you don’t like being treated like a serf … plus you will already be working and way ahead of an indoctrinated snot graduating from some overpriced college somewhere …

  • jjmoose

    “Man Up,” “That’s So Gay,” and “Don’t Be a Pussy” and dont forget Dukje is just a bunch of pussies liberals and takers..and dick-heads and NEVER forget to “Man Up,” “That’s So Gay,” and “Don’t Be a Pussy”and dont forget fags, and homo, and tinkerbell and that old fave of mine “you asshole!!!

  • steve90806

    “Don’t be a pussy” is wrong but nothing is said about the phrase “Don’t be a dick.”

    • Joe

      Check out the dicks, pu$$ies and a$$ho!es speech in TEAM AMERICA.

    • ElvisMoab

      Actually it is along with several others. This article failed to mention it along with the rest.

  • daverg

    Totally gay, welcome to lib tard black-queee nation. Ty bath house barry saotao , may we have another? Neo fascists in control, thought police, n a z I germany propaganda, in USA? Who would have thought? Our constitution, our free speech, trampled again and and agsin. I say enuf!

  • steve

    What fag thought this up, its soo gay.

  • Ron

    I thought Duke University was an institution of higher learning. Obviously they have morphed into a Politically Correct Clone for the Obama Regime. If Queers and the others like them don’t like it let they go to some other school. Maybe the rich left wing should finance construction of a new university where only Queers can go. Can you imagine the Greek Parties on that campus?

  • Montgomery Draxel

    Who needs satire when the PC left continues to parody itself.

  • jimmydicks

    this is so fucking gay !

  • ElvisMoab

    Most of the males that use the phrases “Man up” and “Don’t be a pussy” are boys and not at all men.

    • Clouds Below Sea Level

      More manly than a pussy that needs to man up.

    • Hedley Lamar

      It’s called “guy talk”. It’s the way guys talk to each other when there’s no women around.

      • Clouds Below Sea Level

        Headly Lamar. That’s funny.

  • NosVerbo,Filius

    remember when gay meant happy?

    now it means happy-assed.

  • Jorge

    Facist, nothing but fascist.

  • disqus_Ao3LmdU11e

    What about get some balls you fag..

  • Ponyexpress

    Pretty soon a college degree will be meaningless, or worse.
    Who wants to hire a pussy?

    • demsaredelusional

      The Duke lacrosse team did a few years ago.

  • Ron Styrker

    Don’t know how much it costs to matriculate at Duke, but it seems there are less expensive choices for a better education rather than indoctrination.

  • NosVerbo,Filius

    i’m not part of your happy-assed collective.

  • sabrefox

    The phrase should be “that’s so homosexual”, not gay!

  • LWC

    No less than, ‘duh.’

  • Puxcow

    I wish I lived near Duke. I would go to the administrators and shout these phrases at them. What would they do? Call the police? That could be a lucrative lawsuit!

  • budzy1911

    I am guessing the book – 1984 and Newspeak are not on the curriculum at Duke.

    Sad to say what was once a good university has become the Berkley of the East. Fire everyone and start over. But then again the state legislature that controls the budget won’t man-up and do the right thing because they are…well… you get the gist of the comments.

  • FreedomFirst

    This pu**y is SO GAY! This BIT*H needs to MAN UP…what a HOMO!

  • Jean Valjean

    They already eliminated the use of the word “terrorist” to describe Muslim terrorists who slaughter innocent people by the dozens, hundreds and thousands. We’re only allowed to use that word now in reference to anyone who disagrees verbally or ideologically with democrats.

  • NosVerbo,Filius

    what a bunch of cunts.

    • Hedley Lamar

      This is OK. It’s not on the list.

  • JayJay

    SHUT UP! Duke University doesn’t educate . . . they dictate.

  • Eric Meckes

    Just plain nutty. KOOKS

  • poohbearpatriot


    • kirb


  • tom

    So “Grow a Pair” looks ok

    • You’re kidding, right?

      Only for a little while longer. I’m sure that expression is headed for the “You Don’t Say” list. Man, this type of speech suppression is exactly “Why Orwell Matters.”

  • Puxcow

    Anyone who lives near Duke should band together and start saying these phrases repeatedly as an act of civil disobedience.

  • PenelopeAnne

    Jesus, pretty soon they’ll ban free speech altogether. Wait a minute, isn’t that what they just did?

  • Ben Ghazi

    We don’t deserve the first First Amendment when we let shite like this go unchallenged.

  • Hedley Lamar

    Just think, universities used to proclaim that they were the bastions of intellectual freedom.

  • Joe

    I am encouraged by these posts. Seems America has reached a tipping point. They’ve had enough of the Gaystapo.. Chick-Fil-A, Duck Dynasty… now this.

    Enough is enough.

  • kirb

    Why can’t I type whatever I want on Disqus?!?

    What about Free Speech?!?

  • Willh33


  • Cola_GCock

    I find bad grammar offensive and feel it should be banned!

  • slafrent .

    Maybe Duke will hire Mike Nifong to prosecute language offenders.

  • “Duke” is a male name. Duke is sexist.

  • usafmsgt

    Interesting that the ‘memes’ shown have no black individuals in them. How about a black student saying “I don’t say [email protected]@3r”.

  • jimmydicks

    this is so so so gay and faggy !!!

  • Gator

    Don’t say “Duke College Administrator”. It’s so Sharpton!

  • legaliis

    I mean really it’s just so gay of Duke not to man up to the reality of life. It’s so like they’re being a pussy is trying to make students say what they want them to say. Balderdash! and to think, this from a school where they’re latest claim to fame is a bogus rape scandal with one of they’re school teams. Me this they have more pressing problems then p.c. language.

  • BobSmith223

    Pretty funny that one of the most expensive universities, and one of the hardest to get into, shows itself to have no common sense!


    Duke is now a Wussiversity

  • stalkedinamerica

    I got a good one. Do NOT tell anyone to grow some balls. Instead, tell them to grow a pussy, pussies can take a real pounding!! 🙂

  • kirb

    Disqus is limiting my free speech!!!

  • dupkaman

    More censorship from the university that gave us the conviction of the lacrosse team without a trial.

  • Chucky77

    How about “grow a pair”? Is it ok to say “grow a pair”.
    Like, “Obama needs to grow a pair.” It just seems so right.

  • Clouds Below Sea Level

    They way this is going, Mel Brooks will never be able to work again.

    • checkssc

      Me not know. Mongo just pawn in game of life.

  • Nick

    Universities are the breeding ground (literall) for the political correctness that is ruining this country. These are the same bedwetters who’ve grown up in the era of participation trophies just for showing up. They will have such a wake-up call once they’re done spending their parents money and have to get a job and face the real world. It’s no wonder so many of them are on anti-depressants & other drugs.

    Here’s a hint, words CAN NOT HURT YOU UNLESS YOU CHOOSE TO LET THEM!!!!! “Man-up” means exactly that!

    Please for the love of God change the voting age to 26 years old!!!!!

    • Merde_de_Tete

      Well said!

  • checkssc

    Hopefully some Duke Pu**y law student will sue them for his first amendment rights.


    This university needs to Cowboy Up and not be such puzzies, this whole story is gay.

  • Mr Sinatra

    fuck them! I hate the PC language police!

  • jekyllisle

    Notice that all the people portrayed in the campaign are white?

    Apparently only white people can be offensive


    I would use these words 1000 times a day in front of them. Kick me out and see what happens next

  • JohannesPerlmuther

    How ridiculous. This is so-called political correctness run amok. This idiocy begins and ends with Liberals and Left-wing Democrats.

  • Big Whiskey

    Like Beijing and Tehran, the “University” campus of the fascist-left is exceedingly
    fond of “speech codes,” what with being historically illiterate and
    unfamiliar with American principals and core values. Fortunately, the
    information revolution has made the modern American “university” an
    outdated relic, evermore inconsequential ~ and risible.


    Is saying “He looks really sexy in Daisy Dukes!” at Duke U sexist, derogatory, and offensive? ^_~

  • Clouds Below Sea Level

    Let me guess, duke is populated by a bunch of homo, ballless pussies and bitches…

    • jnsesq

      Oh, you mean liberals?

      • Clouds Below Sea Level

        Yes, those kind…

  • Chris86

    Doesn’t Rue Paul like it when people say his show (Drag Race) is “so gay” ???

    • kirb

      You know his show.


  • Cobraboy

    Chopper John has the answer:

  • schlaumeier56

    ‘Word-discouragement campaign’…..

    Translation: ‘We the thought-policing administration of Duke University, being the superior, enlightened beings that we are and because we have a moral duty to impose our philosophical worldview and thoroughly partisan assumptions upon lesser souls who’ve come to this school ostensibly to acquire learning and broaden their minds, do hereby designate our arrogant propagandizing in these beneficent terms, and with the fullest possible self-justification (and congratulation) we shall not hesitate to hector, blandish, shame, and inflict the politically-correctchurch-lady treatment on anyone who presumes to question or resist our authority in these matters.’

    Yep, that’s how we facilitate higher learning in America!

  • ratedrnightwing

    We have always been at war with Eurasia.

  • Joe

    Pro-Deviant viewpoint discrimination.

    A revenge of the Nerds on steroids.

  • Trialdog

    Dumbasses. “Don’t be a pussy” is not a gender based phrase. The word “pussy” is shortened from “pusillanimous” and converted to slang.
    And yes, I used the word “dumbasses” because I wanted to insult them, delegitimize their ignorance, and humiliate them. They should ban the word “dumbasses.”
    I think Duke should ban everything it doesn’t understand.

    • sleepingtolive

      Your assumption is that is how people use it today. Most people using it today have no idea the origin and are using the phrase to mean “don’t be a girl”. So yes it is being used currently as a gender based phrase.

  • Hearin in da Boro of NYC

    Is it safe to say John Wayne AKA: Duke being heavily associated with killing American Indians and presenting a side of American characters that are so negative, should Duke University change thier name to distance themselves from all of the un-PC associations John Wayne bestows upon them? Only in America…

    • Walter Lawrence

      Even worse, Duke is named after a man who made his fortune selling tobacco products.

  • Brad Michael Tankersley


    • Joe

      Love the Huskies.

      Hate the CAPS LOCK.

      Sometimes less is more. CAPS, online, is considered shouting.

  • YuriTahrded

    Most Universities have become nothing more than PC indoctrination camps and to add insult to injury, the students are piling on record debt to be brainwashed with this junk.

    • Cobraboy

      Don’t think for a nanosecond that student debt is not part of The Plan.

      Young kids in deep debt are much more compliant mushrooms and willing to vote for a politician who promises some “relief”…even if that same politician is a totalitarian…

    • melvin splash

      lmao…love yer name

  • Reardon Steele

    University campuses pride themselves as bastions of free expression but they are sick with thought police squashing all sorts of diversity of opinion. Shining a light on this fascism is the best disinfectant.

  • Garromond

    Any college student that buys into ” language conformity ” should be offered a degree in Prostrate Appropriateness.

  • Jeffrey Gee

    More communists posing as sensitive liberals. They can all go to hell!

    • kirb

      That’s mean.

    • BarackMugabe

      More communists posing as sensitive liberals.

      Is there a difference between the two?

      • Jeffrey Gee

        I am not sure, could probably throw some RINOs in there too and still not tell the difference. We need a purge of many criminals passed off as representatives.

  • Consultofactus

    It is up to us to make sure that any a$$hole who objects to certain words they find offensive hear nothing but those words for the rest of their sorry-a$$ lives – lest we let this once great nation of ours fall further towards being nagged to death by jack-offs and douche nozzles!

    • sleepingtolive

      No, but it is up to us to not use words that demean people. Why do you advocate using words that are demeaning?

      • BarackMugabe

        Do you understand the difference between people treating other people with respect and authoritarianism?

        Do you further understand that leftists are not about “respect” — but about being authoritarian and forcing their own views on others?

  • laughterjones

    Why are there only white people on this facebook page? Are they racist or something?

    • Jazzman47

      Hey it’s Duke University, an elite, private and expensive university catering to northern and southern elite offspring. What do you expect. Are there students of color at the school, yes. But they are in the very low minority as a percent of total population. The south loves Duke for its basketball team. That’s about it.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Apparently it’s OK for black students to hurl “Cracka!” and “Ni**ah!” at fellow white and black scholars, respectively.

  • Bill Cassidy

    Is this the same Duke that encouraged prancing professors to smear, trash and destroy the reputation of some Duke athletes who were charged and then acquitted of raping some minority exotic dancer at a frat party? It cost Duke millions in legal settlements. Being PC is a disease at Duke.

  • Elitist Marxist liberals LOVE to change the meaning of words!

  • Davole

    The expression “Man up” is soooo derogatory – it should be replaced with “Wimp down!”

  • melvin splash

    cant wait for someone to jump all over me for saying any of these. they’ll wish they walked away instead.

    • sleepingtolive

      Watch out we got a [email protected] over here.

      • melvin splash

        yeah, theres a few of us left.

        • sleepingtolive

          Trust me, there are countless keyboard warriors out there.

  • schlaumeier56

    ‘Word-discouragement campaign’…..

    Translation: ‘We the thought-policing administration of Duke University, being the superior, enlightened beings that we are and because we have a moral duty to impose our philosophical worldview and thoroughly partisan assumptions upon lesser souls who’ve come to this school ostensibly to acquire learning and broaden their minds, do hereby designate our arrogant propagandizing in these beneficent terms, and with the fullest possible self-justification (and congratulation) we shall not hesitate to hector, blandish, shame, and inflict the politically-correct church-lady treatment on anyone who presumes to question or resist our authority in these matters.’

    Yep, that’s how we facilitate higher learning in America!

  • Duke LaCroix

    The U.S. is gone. It’s morally, socially, financially, and pragmatically bankrupt.

    200 plus years ain’t bad, though. It was a good run while it lasted.

    • sleepingtolive

      Yes it’s morally wrong to be nice to each other and not use words that are derogatory.

      • John Watt

        You can’t force people to be nice to each other. Banning certain words will not make anyone be nicer to anyone else. Mean people will find some other way to offend.

      • BarackMugabe

        ^Useful idiot

      • To ban words that you disapprove of or oppress the speech of others to whom you disagree is the worst kind of fascism.

        • sleepingtolive

          I didn’t see any banning. From what I read it is just a campaign to try to get people to not use words that are derogatory. And the reaction from the comments seem to suggest people advocating for being demeaning. I don’t use those phrases because I try to be nice to people. Why you would want to use words that are demeaning is beyond me.

          • The campaign should be about how to use counter speech toward speech you disagree with, not how to stifle speech you find offensive. Grow a pair.

      • Panicazi

        No, it’s morally wrong to find new ways to lie to each other about nature and reality.

      • Duke LaCroix

        No. It’s morally wrong to force people to be nice to each other and not use words that are derogatory.

        It was a good run while it lasted.

        • sleepingtolive

          Why is it morally wrong to force people to be nice and not use derogatory words? I mean God did command us to do so. Is God morally wrong?

          • Duke LaCroix

            God doesn’t force us to do anything.

            It’s our choice.

            Just like it should be at Duke.

          • sleepingtolive

            Yes but there will be consequences for disobeying God and especially for advocating disobeying Him. So since you think that such things are immoral, you must think God is immoral. But go ahead and keep trying to get people to disobey His commands, I’m sure He won’t mind.

          • Duke LaCroix

            He certainly isn’t happy with you forcing your will on others.

            I just got off the phone with him and he said he’s going to have a word with you.

            therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for
            at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself,
            because you who pass judgment do the same things.

          • sleepingtolive

            I am not passing judgment of you, that’s His job. And I am not forcing my will on you, just telling you His will as He outlined in His word. He commanded us to be nice to one another, you advocate the use of unkind words. This goes against His commands.

            If you believe in Him you should be advocating the same as this campaign as it is Biblically commanded that you do what the campaign is advocating.

  • John Watt

    Soon they’ll have to ban the name of their own university. Duke is derogatory as in: “I gotta go take a Duke”

  • John the Radical

    We were once a strong nation of independent thinkers and thick skinned individuals, now we must be sure to offend no one, meanwhile those same “no one’s” may offend any of the folks they find to be…offensive? Politically correctivism has swung too far in a foolish direction; bring back common sense, please.

    • ElvisMoab

      What also has changed is that back then you could take immediate action, like a punch in the nose, and fix the offensive speech or behavior. Now days people are too dumb to understand what the First Amendment and Free Speech actually means. They tend to think that it means they have free license to say anything, anywhere, anytime without consequence. The First Amendment only guarantees political speech meaning that the government can’t arrest you for your political views.

      • Walter Lawrence

        And if someone hits you, put a round between their eyeballs.

        • Panicazi

          Why spend .35 cents to $1 on something that you should be able to solve with a knuckle sandwich?

        • ElvisMoab

          So you do see that it all comes down to mutual respect. Most people would watch their mouth if they knew some sort of physical retribution was possible versus their belief that they can say anything at all without repercussion.

  • melvin splash

    I hereby ban liberals from banning me from anything. that’ll fix em’.

  • jenkem5

    I say whatever I want, whenever I want and good luck to you if you attempt to limit my speech, it will end badly for you I can guarantee you.

  • SmartDoctor

    Might I suggest some politcally correct replacements, like I did minor in English you know what I mean? 1. Woperson up. (Personally, I do have issues with this one because of the pegorative inclusion of the final syllable “son”, implying masculinity upon the female. So the jury is out until further notice) 2. Don’t be a cuunt (used to be a legitimate, 4 letter Anglo-saxon noun, derived from the Latin “cunni”. 3. Butch. 4. Homo-nomo. 5. That’s so deviant. I am curious as to how long it will take before the noun “negro(o)” comes back into political favor, and I can drop the additional (o) to the word.

  • Davole

    The expression “That’s so gay” is soooo derogatory – it should be replaced with “That’s so queer!”

  • disqus_Fct5923LDM

    I can’t wait to call the University President and call him a pathetic, spineless phag.

  • Cordstreet

    Is “don’t get your panties in a wad” ok? Probably not.

    • Panicazi

      Can’t say “wad”.

  • Larry Smith

    Man up you homo pussies bitches

  • Joe

    I won’t tolerate their intolerance of my intolerance.

  • BarackMugabe

    That totalitarian gene runs very deep in the left’s rotting, mutated, defective DNA.

  • Jim4632

    What a bunch of pussies!

  • Polarbear

    I also don’t like “tight end “(homophobic ) , “power forward” (misogynist) , and “point guard” ( militaristic) ….so please shut down the duke sport teams

  • Steve Cee

    Liberalism is a chronic disease that spreads in academia and infects and destroys a sane society.

  • KB Ramsey

    Oh, gee, so Duke University is so perfectly tranquil and efficiently operating that their biggest problem is 18-22 year olds that say awkward or tasteless phrases—wow—and how much are you parents paying to send your kids to this “Orwellian Dump” ??

  • Paul

    Goebbels would be laughing and applauding….

    • Panicazi

      And Walter Lipmann, his mentor.

      • Paul

        It’s safe to say that that the fascists, past and present, are and would be delighted with Duke University…

  • Good_Lt

    1. More speech police!
    2. More thought police!
    3. Violators of speech codes shall be punished for their transgressions!
    4. Only approved speech is acceptable and protected!
    5. Only things I agree with are allowed!
    6. If somebody else likes something that I don’t, the thing they like should be banned!
    7. Expand the size, scope, power, influence and
    8. ???
    9. Utopia!

  • Grey


  • malcom

    will any derogatory terms that are directed at Whites, Christians, Conservatives and Republicans be banned as well? doubtful

  • potvin

    Homosexuality “delegitimizes” itself. F–k the thought and word police.

  • Ted Arbuckle

    Gotta’ lock-in-step comrades!!

  • Femghazi

    What a bunch of p&ssies! Man up you homo B!tches! Such a sad and pathetic sight.

  • syzito

    How come all the pictures in their advertisements have the “men” looking like sissy-assed girly-men? A pack of wimpy cry babies.

  • Chucky77

    Is it ok to say “queer”? That’s what we called to “gays” in earlier times. “Queers” just seems so right. There’s nothing gay about being a “gay”; it’s a miserable way to live.

  • Ah, yes, the left sure likes to stomp on the first amendment when they can. The antidote to speech we don’t like is counter-speech, not the oppression of other’s to speak their minds.

  • Bjarki

    I hope they include “breeder” in there.

  • Walter Lawrence

    So….carry a concealed gun….if any scum try to diminish your 1st amendment rights, exercise your 2nd amendment rights on their skulls. End of oppression.

  • markww


  • ZombieReady

    Coming soon. All young republicans must register with the authorities.

  • Preston Smith

    Okay, so I’ll just say sissy from now on..

  • Joe

    “The sting in any rebuke is the truth.”
    — Benjamin Franklin

    Obviously, what the Hoe Moes are afraid of is THE TRUTH.

  • Doug Burkizer

    We have an “area” for the 1st amendment to be practiced and it is outside of the Universities. Please keep academia’s halls of Marxist thought pure. Thank you. http://youtu.be/Z84FjmoOqKU

    • kirb

      Uh… um… is this country rap?

      1773+3? LOL!

  • crajsc

    Can they say holy roller or breeder?

  • First Last

    I don’t usually use those expressions on a day to day basis. Now for some reason, I want to.

  • Cody Silver

    US is turning into a bunch of pansies!!!

    • sleepingtolive

      Yes, being nice to each other makes us pansies.

  • Come On Now

    Every one of these sayings was well established and in common use way before gay marriage became ‘acceptable’. So, do we go back and eliminate sayings and jokes that are deeply entrenched in our language, or do we respect people’s free speech and eliminate gay marriage being acceptable?

    • sleepingtolive

      You have free speech, they are just asking you not to use words that are demeaning. Why would you want to use words that demean people?

      • John Watt

        I am offended by your use of the word “demeaning”.

      • Joe

        It’s simply being accurate.

        Hoe Moes are afraid of the truth and will try to criminalize dissent.

        We won’t let them.

        • sleepingtolive

          So you advocate being demeaning. Does it make you feel like a real “man” to demean others? Why not try being nice and spreading happiness. You should try it, you might actually start feeling good enough about yourself that you don’t have to hurt others to feel good about yourself.

          • Joe

            I advocate Free Speech, the Constitution and the Truth.

            For homosexual activists, all three are their enemies.

          • sleepingtolive

            Actually all three of those are the friend of homosexuals. It is what they use to combat oppression from bigots such as your self.

            You are still advocating the demeaning of others for no reason other than your right to be hurtful. Why do you want to be hurtful to others.

          • Joe

            You lie.

            Free speech? Like Dr. Laura? Anita Bryant? Carrie Prejean? Chiick Fil A? Duck Dynasty? Firefox? Speech codes? And this “don’t say…” campaign. The Gaystapo is all AGAINST Free Speech.

            Constitution? The Constitution was drafted and ratified in conjunction of many anti-Sodomy codes in nearly every state. In Colonial America, homosexuality was a hanging offense. The Constitution did nothing to change that. When the Civil War Amendments were ratified, anti-Gay penalties remained on the books, and stayed there until the Controversial 2003 LAWRENCE decision, which was largely based on Kinsey’s lies. There is NOTHING in the Constitution which protects deviant and deadly behavior.

            Truth? Homosexuals have made their successes based on lies, such as Kinseys’ 1 in 10 is Gay lie, and, all are equally at risk for AIDS lie, and homosexuals no more likely to molest than heteros lie.

            And you are lying now.

          • sleepingtolive

            Care to tell me where those people served time, how long there sentence was, and what charges they were imprisoned for?

            The constitution was also drafted when oppressive laws existed for blacks and women. I don’t see your points.

            The constitution does protect gays. Perhaps you don’t understand how it works. The first amendmemt and the tenth amendment protect gays. The constitution makes laws inwhich the state doesn’t have legal justification for unconstitutional. This is why judges are overturning anti-gay laws. Gays don’t have to have justification for being gay. The state has to have justification for treating gays differently or punishing them.. There aren’t any though so the state is failing at every turn.

          • Joe

            No they’re not.

            Homosexuals are always trying to get someone fired for something they said, getting ministers arrested, physically attacking them, and in the case of Floyd Lee Corkins, trying to commit a mass public shooting. The Leftist media hushes up this unhinged foaming homosexual rage at dissent, or even quoting the Bible. Homosexuals HATE Free Speech.

            Constitution? In Colonial America, homosexual acts were punishable by hanging. The Constitution did Nothing to change that. During the next round of amendments after the Civil War, strong anti-deviant laws remained on the books and the Amendments didn’t change them either. No, the Constitution is not hoe moe-friendly.

            Truth? From being closeted to Kinsey’s lies (one in ten gay), All are Equally at Risk of AIDS (lie — hoe moes have 50 TIMES the AIDS infection rate of Normals), hoe moes aren’t any more likely to molest (huge lie, this tiny 2 percent commits at least ONE THIRD of all kiddie rape), the entire Matthew Sheppard lie, ad nauseum.

            Homosexuals lie, lie, lie in order to make political gains. If the truth were known, hoe moes would still be in insane asylums.

          • sleepingtolive

            Heterosexuals lie all the time too. They lie in order to oppress homosexuals. Nobody says either side is devoid of bad people. And heterosexuals try to get homosexuals fired just for being gay.

            AI have addressed the constitution. Seems you need to study it more because it does protect gays.

      • laxmom1

        And who decides what’s demeaning or offensive? Geez, scary crap…oh wait is that offensive? To some it may be.

      • Come On Now

        I don’t want to, or actually use words that I feel will demean another person. I’m sorry, but by my own criteria, “Man Up” will not be leaving my vocabulary any time soon.

        • sleepingtolive

          So you are going to continue to use words that are demeaning. Gotcha.

    • Joe

      I heard “I WANT MY MTV” the other day.

      Guess which verse was stuffed down the Memory Hole?

  • John

    This goes nowhere with the student body. They swear and cuss like sailors already, and making it a “crime” just makes them want to do it more. The fraternities still haze and make pledges dress up like girls. They see how ridiculous this PC scheme is.

  • Jed Thompson

    Good luck with that, bitches.

  • BarackMugabe

    I assume blacks calling each other “nigga” is still perfectly acceptable, right?

    • Tim

      I assume so as well. Because to deny them that would be “oppressive” and “racist” because it is part of their “culture.”

  • Joe

    Bring back the Dice man

  • Turtleherder52

    Guess freedom of speech is down the toilet. Can only say what’s considered “unoffensive” by the powers to be. Unbelievable but totally predictable the way things have been going.

    • sleepingtolive

      Why do you advocate using demeaning words?

      • laxmom1

        It’s called free speech. Do you really want someone telling you what you can or cannot say????

  • nick


  • goodone2

    I noticed that [email protected]@er, or F()ck was not on the list…..Why? Because both those words are used in virtually every sentence spoken by a college student.

    • Jim Rall

      You forgot to list “Hater”, “Racist”, “Like”, and a host of others. They get special points from the DNC for using these words on a daily basis. They get prizes after so many points…. if they can get themselves videoed and on the news then they can be entered into the grand prize game… a new car and a job with a liberal company.

  • Michael McGough

    Time for all of of us to turn in our man cards???? No I will not!

  • Pearl

    ‘pajamaboy up’

    • Daisytoo


      • Pearl

        GLAAD UP!

        • Daisytoo

          Sashay Up!

          • Pearl

            Butch Up!

  • Daisytoo

    “Man up” is offensive? How?!!!

    • sleepingtolive

      Because it assumes certain qualities are “manly” and if you aren’t exhibiting those qualities you aren’t being a man. It puts people in a box based on their gender.

      • John Watt

        Certain qualities are exclusive to male humans.

      • Daisytoo

        Certain qualities Are manly (no need for quotation marks) and their value is in not only the fact that they are masculine qualities, but that they are adult masculine qualities. As for the rest of your feminist clap trap – keep it.

        • sleepingtolive

          No, there are no qualities only exhibited by males or females. There is no such thing as masculine or feminine traits, as either gender can naturally exhibit any quality. Unless you care to list the qualities only seen in males, you’ve most likely fallen prey to the false dichotomy fallacy.

          • Daisytoo

            You’ve fallen prey to the false dick fallacy.

          • sleepingtolive

            So you can’t even come up with one quality that is exclusively possessed by either of the genders? Guess I am right, which is evident by your ad hominem attacks. It is the last bastion of those who have no rebuttal.

    • Pearl

      it reeks of testosterone

    • UtIdArWa

      To their thinking males are oppressors, so therefore anything hinting at maleness must be oppressive.

      • Daisytoo

        I agree w/you. That, and they hate men/masculinity.

  • Jean Poole

    How about banning MENstruate?


    Dukes new school mascot, ball gagged Lady Liberty

  • sleepingtolive

    And lo Jesus said go forth and be as demeaning as possible.

  • Tim

    You know what is truly offensive? THOUGHT AND WORD POLICE!

    I may not agree with certain words or phrases people say, but I believe everyone should be free to speak as they choose.

    I know, as a Christian, that if this trend continues, speech that includes “Jesus,” “The Holy Spirit,” “Christianity,” etc., will also soon be banned as “offensive” to others.

  • Daisytoo

    I demand that gay people stop referring to me as straight – by which they mean ‘boring’.

    • Joe

      I demand they refer to me as “Normal.”

      Moreover, I demand they refer to themselves as “Deviant.”

      • Daisytoo

        That works for me.

    • Pearl


    • Tim

      Or “vanilla.”

  • Forearmed

    Yep, you people at Duke are idiots. Those very phrases are meant to be offensive, and are insults for the most part. This is psychological manipulation at the Socialist best.
    Do you morons actually believe that by banning insults, people will stop thinking them. I would have expected more from a University, but this just proves that what used to be a place to gain a well rounded education, are now turning into control and socialist propaganda schools where they turn out nice little cogs to fit into the machinery, instead of thinking individuals.

    Another thing you morons forgot, was; “YOU CANNOT LEGISLATE MORALITY” !!!

    DUH !!!

    • Tim

      (Quote) Another thing you morons forgot, was; “YOU CANNOT LEGISLATE MORALITY” !!!(End Quote)

      We legislate morality all the time. If we didn’t, things like rape, pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, etc., would be permissible.

  • JohnnyTremain

    Wonder if any of the “Proles” at Duke ever bothered to read 1984, it’s obvious the “leaders” did…..

    “It’s a beautiful thing, the destruction of words.”

    George Orwell,


  • fbo1948

    this ban is, ” so gay”, homo, bit*h, don’t be a Pus*y”….”man up”

  • Pearl

    from now on Duke shall be referred to as Daisy

    • Daisytoo

      Nooooooo .. 🙂

  • Shagnasty1

    I think several of these terms are what a twerp would say however “Man Up!” and “Don’t Be A Pussy!” have true meaning. Bottom line is Duke, like many other colleges is violating the 1st Amendment rights of students by banning these terms. Duke, MAN UP! and quit being offended pussys.

  • Jim Rall

    Apparently this liberal re-education camp(us) never heard of the 1st Amendment. You know what “Duke”… when I PAY YOU to attend your university then I’ll say whatever the F—k I want to… and you’ll like it, or I’ll take my money elsewhere… get it.

  • Hill411

    WOW!!!This is great. I can’t wait until the ‘feminine hygiene products’ are removed from ads on TV, radio, magazines and the internet. Also all the beauty ads. I am not one of the beautiful people and am sooooo offended. Get rid of those expensive car ads, they remind me how poor I am and that makes me lose self respect. Oh yeah! The real estate ads have to go!!! I just cry myself to sleep every night because I can’t afford the houses that are shown. Also dump all the ads for California. It has too many beaches and movie stars. California also has too many libs; this makes libs in other states feel inadequate. I also think skin color and language should be banned because both demonstrate that people are different; can’t have difference just not politically correct. Pick something….anything…there is someone or a group somewhere who will find something/anything offensive. To these individuals: Eat snit and drop in your tracks (have to be verbally sensitive).

  • tired170

    I don’t say Duke University because the very idea of thought / language police nauseates me. However, I can say “Screw you Duke” and if you find that to be offensive, so be it. I’ll just file it under “Who Gives a Rat’s Ass”

  • Davole

    Are the linguistically challenged so-called students at Duke prepared to “duke it out” with anyone who won’t fall in line with their attempt to mandate Dukesqueak?

  • jamesben

    “Delegitimizes homosexuality?” No homosexuality “delegitimizes” itself. It’s unnatural – it’s doesn’t need help to be illegitimate.

    Parents – STOP supporting these Leftist/homosexual indoctrination mills – send them to State U. – save some money and by a summer home on the beach.
    let them get their indoctrination for 1/3 the price at U.N.C.

    • kirb

      Does “unnatural” mean it’s not found in nature?

      • Daisytoo

        Animals can perform homosexual acts because they’re animals. jamesben would be more correct to say that when humans behave in a homosexually perverse manner, they’re bestial.

        • kirb

          Do animals perform heterosexual acts because they’re trying to be human?

          • John Watt

            More likely just trying to perpetuate their species.

          • kirb

            So if they’re not trying to perpetuate the species, that’s wrong?

          • John Watt

            If the animals are not trying to perpetuate their species they must be trying to be human.

          • Daisytoo


      • Freedom?

        Pedophilia and necrophilia is found in nature.

        The emperor penguin for example. So….Do you endorse those “natural” acts?

        I know I sure don’t.

        • kirb

          Computers aren’t “natural.”

          Baseball isn’t “natural.”

          • Freedom?

            What’s your point?

            Homosexuality is not a computer or baseball.

          • kirb

            Homosexuality is natural. It is found in nature.

            About the same percentage of animals are gay as what is generally found in human societies.

            The main argument against it? You cannot produce offspring.


          • John Watt

            Can you provide a source for this claim?

          • Sterny

            I call BS. Cites please.

          • jamesben

            What universe are you from? “Gaytopia?”

      • jamesben

        Well, you and “Bruce” can “couple,” but no “little kirb jr.” can result – so I think “nature” has already ruled in “my favor” concerning this particular “law of nature,” don’t you think?

        Ya, it has.

        • kirb

          Are you unaware of a thing called science?

          2 mean can now have a child. So can 2 women. Recent scientific reports have shown that sperm can be made from stem cells, negating the need for a male.


          • John Watt

            Synthetic sperm as it were…. goes good with synthetic gin.

          • jamesben

            Dude – Leftist – manbait – NO amount of science can produce a new life from two of the male species, OR two of the female species – takes one of each.

            No “male-male” procreation – hasn’t happened. Period.

            So ya, SCIENCE.

          • kirb

            You’re right.

            It hasn’t happened yet, so it never will.

            Science is bogus!

          • jamesben

            Dude, homo – wishing for “Gay Utopia” where gayness perpetuates itself ISN’T REALITY – no matter how much you say “science.”

            Science doesn’t support your gay fantasy.

          • Freedom?

            Science has proven it is no match for GOD.

            For good reason.

  • Wi Tu Lo

    Is duke the same college that recently banned “you guys” as being potentially offensive to women?

    This shizzz is out of control.

    I’m ready to move out of this cesspool.

  • Leopardeyes

    This is so FUBAR, it’s probably double-plus good for the momes of the university.

  • Jason Budd

    I say “Don’t be a Duke” to someone whenever they are being PC dbags.

  • Jeff Murphy

    That’s so gay

  • Guest

    Same college that ruined the lives of several male lacrosse players because of a lie.

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    The pussyfication of America continues……..

  • UtIdArWa

    Once again they wave the political correctness magic wand. Let’s get everybody to agree with our philosophy by making it a law/rule/policy.

  • Adam Henry

    The people attempting to “re-educate” normal folks are proof that live births do result from anal sex…

    • Jim Rall

      That’s a good one.

  • Jason

    How about it liberals…tired of government censorship yet?

  • flagser

    E**** we will not be A**** to C**** at all B**** none of our W**** will be A****. Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack.

  • Walter Sobchek

    Duke is pushing totalitarian language restrictions
    Northwestern is putting forth a weak effort to defeat players from becoming employees and unionizing the athletic world.
    harvard, brown and columbia churn our socialists by the truckload.

    this is not your father’s democrat party….this has lurched left. way left.

  • docdave88

    JUST when I think I couldn’t see anything stupider come from the halls of academic administrations there comes this.

    Where IS that special Stupid School they send college administrators too? God it must be hilarious to watch them.

    Can you imagine seeing, say, a team of six PhDs trying to solve the mystery of escaping a well lighted room with an open door clearly marked with a big sign saying EXIT?

    Or attempting to get 2+2 to equal 4 with consistency when forced to wear mittens?

    Or my personal favorite, trying to pour pi$$ out of a boot when the instructions are clearly written on the heel?

    I understand that there has to be some native stupidity, some special Stupid Talent. But to achieve stupidity of such Olympian proportions there just HAS to be a special Stupid School somewhere.

  • Walter Sobchek

    ah, free speech….and “liberal” arts.


  • ocean

    The Democrat Party and rich liberal elites are using
    homosexuals as pawns to destroy and outlaw Christianity.
    Liberals want a country without a Moral Compass.
    Homosexual marriage is a Marxist and Pagan abomination.
    Welcome to Totalitarianism.

    • Freedom?

      Well no kidding.

      I was on Conservative byte last night, and people were arguing FOR torture.

      How’s that for morality? YIKES!

  • Freedom?

    Homosexuality should be de-legitimized.

    • Jason

      Some years ago, my wife, Ruth, was reading the draft of a book I was
      writing. When she finished a section describing the terrible downward
      spiral of our nation’s moral standards and the idolatry of worshiping
      false gods such as technology and sex, she startled me by exclaiming,
      “If God doesn’t punish America, He’ll have to apologize to Sodom and
      Gomorrah.” –Billy Graham

  • Walter Sobchek

    Dont Hire Duke Grads.

  • DubDub

    For a university whose mascot is a blue devil (might be offensive to at least 3 major religions), I find this to be ironic.

  • Michael Lang

    Duke should be renamed Fascism U.

  • Dan Jackson

    Isn’t the middle guy in the photo Sheldon from Big Bang Theory? What a pack of emasculated she-men. Pussies.

  • ocean

    Homosexuality and Beastality is perverted sex.
    Homosexuality and Beastality are Life Styles of
    deviant sexual behavior that are a menace to society.
    Democrats want to brainwash and force the public
    into thinking these Life Styles are normal.
    The sexual perversion of these Life Styles will
    never be normal.

    • Jason

      They are doing more than brainwashing… it is now established into LAW via the Federal and State Courts. Be prepared to go to jail if you do not conform.

  • Theodore B Nolan

    Rid the US of liberalism. Libs are the enemy of Americans.

  • fantum

    Why “gay?” If homosexuals are so damn proud, why not just call themselves “homosexual?”

  • richard bergman

    The Americans will do exactly as they are told!

  • LawReader

    Most amusing! So, have they banned ‘candy-arse’ yet? Or just adopted it as the school motto?

    Here ya’ go, academic idiots – your own personal link to George Orwell’s 1984. Probably a higher number than your *collected* IQ’s…


  • Testicules

    The homos should man up and stop trying to be so bossy. Trying to force your political views on others is so gay…

  • Walter Sobchek

    Totalitarianism is the new liberalism.

  • craig

    Word discouragement campaigns offend me, can we please ban them?

  • Theodore B Nolan

    Why are some supposed males called silent farters?

  • bevus

    You can guess it would be duke! after the lacrosse incident, they have no cred anymore. it is such a feminatzi u.

  • Tim

    For the Leftists in America, it’s all about “Free Speech” as long as it’s THEIR SPEECH. If you dare say anything else, then they want to ban it.

    Have these Leftists ever supposed that the words themselves aren’t negative, but the vocal tone and intended venom in the voice of the person using the word?

    Go ahead. Ban “homo”. These people will find another word to use. Then what are you going to do? Ban the next word? These Leftists are out of control and I say those students should be defiant. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t say in private conversations. Public conversation, like in classrooms, is different, but in private, people have the right to say whatever they want.

  • troy

    Duke university is So Gay for doing this. They need to stop being such pussies and man-up against the fascist homo lobby.

  • Testicules

    Can we still use Orwell’s term for it; “newspeak”?

    • beanbag

      Grow a pair. Man up! Decide for yourself.

  • beanbag

    At every turn, some libtard phaggot is trying to tell me what to say, think, etc.

    To these walking bags of effluent I say: phuck you. If you have a problem with freedom of speech – MOVE! Leave the country (and take your fragile sensibilities with you).

  • artista

    The US Constitution is the law of the land, even at Duke. If that is offensive to those who spend their time mincing, bending their wrists, and blowing each other, maybe a trip to Cuba is in order.

  • Jason Budd

    Wow, “White Lacrosse Players Raped Me” isn’t on the list.

  • Walter Sobchek

    Brown will not be outdone. expect more whacky policy from the IVYs…

  • Kurt Smith

    So, if I gotta go, can I still say I’m going to the john?

  • Martin Roules

    Anyone remember “Demolition Man” where a computer monitored your every spoken word and fined you for cursing? This is another step toward such thought fascism. Only on an American university could such nonsense flourish. I considered attending Duke for grad school … glad I didn’t.

  • NYcommonsense

    OMG that’s so gay, these students need to man up and tell those bitches that they can say whatever they want and this is the United States of America not some homo French school. Don’t be pussies Duke!!!

  • Eagle_Eyed

    No homo, but this is really pussy and gay. Man up.

  • Jason Budd

    Why does the Facebook page equate “gay” with “stupid”? If that’s the first thing Duke thinks of when they hear the word “gay,” then they are the homophobes, not the speaker.

  • Just sayin

    I dub thee unforgiven

  • Walter Sobchek

    “Blew Devils”

  • ghebert

    I don’t think it’s the words and language that need to go so much as the shaming and other malicious intentions.

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    That’s the most white people I’ve seen in an ad in years. I didn’t think white people did anything without their best friends, the endearing mulatto couple.

    • Icarus


    • beanbag

      You’re thinking of black people. Those are the people who don’t show their jutting jaws unless they are in a pack – like baboons.

  • Theodore B Nolan

    Why shouldn’t the Duke campus be bulldozed flat?

    • laxmom1

      No reason I can think of.


    How come they don’t have a picture of a black guy or girl with the words “cracker” or “Nigga” below the photo?

  • Right1111

    I am offended by folks trying to take my First Amendment rights from me. I am sick of word banning. Let’s ban banning.

  • jaydeebee

    How about you just worry about teaching the students and let the language situation outside of the classroom take care of itself. I can’t believe you’re telling grown a$$ adults what they can and can’t say to each other.

    • Walter Sobchek

      you dont understand totalitarians….

      this IS what they intend to “teach”

      • jaydeebee

        You’re right. And there are always lemmings standing around ready to suck it all up. I’m sorry–is “suck” a banned word?

  • jrboss93

    How about “wuss” is that still ok? I just can’t keep up with all the political correctness nazis. Personally I just choose to NOT be offended by every word that every person says … it simplifies my life greatly.

    I do find it interesting that “man up” is on the “we don’t say” list … it implies that men are strong and confident … what is wrong with that?

    it seems there are many at Duke who need to man up and move on, and quit worrying about semantics. … in words of VERY wise person … “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”.

  • fmj3

    Duke is so gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Theodore B Nolan

    Why shouldn’t Duke administrators be rounded up, stuffed into cattle cars, and then shipped to San Francisco?

    • Jason

      They’re bringing SF to the rest of us.

  • jrboss93

    How about “man card” … does anyone at Duke still have theirs?

  • potusWORTHLESS

    I guess homos find these terms offensive!
    But they like NOT manning up!
    They despise pu$$Y!
    And you would think they would like the term, that is so gay!
    It is time to man up, quit being a pussy, cause that is soooo gay!

  • Walter Sobchek

    it appears they banned bicycle seats already.

  • Tim

    I assume “cracker,” “honky,” and “redneck” are still permissible.

    • beanbag

      Rook out!!! It’s Godzirra! Don’t mind me…I’m just ‘popping off’ like a redneck honky. Yee-hawww!!!

      • Tim


  • barthomew

    A University of Chicago study stated that the word “homophobia” should not be used because it goes against good science; it said that one might think that homosexual actions are wrong not because of some alleged bias, but because of the speaker’s moral and/or religious convictions. Others have noted that the term is used to try to ban people from being eligible to have an opinion on the subject. The Duke campaign ignores this science on the subject of a word the campaigners happen to like.

    Anna Deveare Smith likewise said on PBS Newshour that the term “racist” should not be used, because it is too simplistic and is used too readily to rule a person out of the dialogue. The campaign is not taking into account this point and so does not include that word in its list of banned terms.

    • kingdad

      Heterophobia is much more common these days than any homophobia.
      I guess that’s because there are evil straight folks hiding in Gay Closets and under their beds that sneek out at night and try to make them straight. Rubbing Hetero germs on them, making them drink straight water, and eat real food other than each other.

      • pax2u

        I appreciate your posts at Wing Nut regarding the canonization of Saint John Paul II, and Saint John XXIII, you asked for examples of a Holy Person of God that was a Protestant, I see that TNCOJC offered Billy Graham, too bad that the rabid anti Catholics will attack him for not condemning other Christians, and working with previous Popes to bring people to Jesus Christ

        Bless you for your strength and patience

        • kingdad

          YW 😉

  • Accipiter

    Yeah! Destroy that freedom of speech!
    Might as well ban speaking all together.

  • Icarus

    Speech police HAVE NO PLACE IN AMERICA!!! People need to” people up” and just deal. With free speech at least you get an idea of where people stand. Ask Donald Sterling, who is a democrat.

  • Roger Dahlquist

    The univeristy needs to man up cause its so gay and should stop being a pussy

  • kingdad

    Strange but I don’t recall Duke Univ making any public statements decrying the criminal conduct of their Employee(s), two gay men, who adopted a black infant male, abused him and rented him out for Pornos. These are the same admins complaining now and doing their best to restrict students first amendment rights.
    Duke Univ. Home of the Elitists Academic Hypocrites! dookie on Duke!


      Yeah, ole Frank Lombard got a pass

      • kingdad

        btw nice name!

  • HansonBro

    Anyone behind this totalitarian speech control is a pussy.

  • laxmom1

    I’d like to see them try to enforce that “word” ban…good luck with that Duke.


    Inside every liberal is a totalitarian screaming to get out!

  • Morninglord2

    Love, love, love that everyone in the ad is white. Because, for instance, you know, whites use the word “bitch” soooo much more than blacks when referring to women.

  • David Puddy

    This really is so gay.

  • Walter Sobchek

    what if a basketball player’s last name is “Gay”

    is he the only guy without his name on the jersey?

    • jaydeebee

      They adopted the word “gay” to refer to their lifestyle. They have “Gay Pride” parades, but if you call them “gay”, you’re insulting them. HUH?

  • Cedarstrip

    Does any of this apply to the “music” they listen to?

    • Walter Sobchek


  • JR Wirth

    You can’t say the word “job” because many of the students won’t have good “jobs” when they graduate. Especially in majors that offer classes in this stuff.

    • jaydeebee

      You can only use the word “job” if you use the word “blow” in front of it.

  • Jason Budd

    I also find it interesting that no black students are pictured, and nothing about the N word. Yes, I’m suggesting that Duke is racist.

    • kirb


      • Jason Budd



    I find the ad the be very offensive and racist. It only features white students and obviously implies that they are the only ones that harbor prejudice

  • John.NoseTip

    I wonder if authoritarian has been deemed offensive? It is hard to wrap my mind around the amount of arrogance it takes for someone to think they should control what others say. Oops arrogance might offend someone with an exaggerated since of their importance.

  • Stacey-Tony Ascaso

    Stalin would be very happy with the dolts at Duke!

  • Roger Alan Kobus

    Meh, when the young idealists actually enter the real world outside the Duke Campus their self-important idealism will fall by the wayside in the face of REAL problems…

  • Dr Smith

    Duke. Pussies.

  • Walter Sobchek

    i think we answered the question: “are you a man or a mouse?”

  • OldChiken George

    It’s the Leftist-Liberal Koran. Disagree and they issue their fatwa: cut your throat with media and ‘outrage’ and hatred….Our leftist-liberals have much in common with radical islam….the religions are just as extreme: leftist-liberalism and islam. Zero tolerance for disagreement.

  • Pearl

    what about the word ‘lacrosse’

  • Preezy_of_the_United_Steezy

    Puke University makes me sick with their effort to control people’s opinions and beliefs. Gay people are perverts, end of story. How can you deligitimize something that’s illegitimate?

  • ApeMan

    How about, F-you and I SAY what I want?

    • Pearl

      whateva i do what i want.

  • Freedom?

    This is why our human rights, especially those enumerated in the Bill of Rights, given to us by GOD should be respected.

    Just because you own a business doesn’t mean you own the people that walk in or pay for your services.

  • fantum

    They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator… Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error… They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy… they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them. (Romans 1:25-32)

    America… Described 2000 years ago…

    • Pearl

      sounds like a party!

  • Walter Sobchek

    can a gay person say “gay” in the same way blacks can say the N word?

  • DaBoiIsAPussy

    Whats the problemo we have a homoPussyNigger in the white house who doesn’t have the nuts to man up vs. Putin.

  • Guardian67

    The Gay Mafia is alive and well in North Carolina. The Hell with such insulting ideas as free speech.

  • Preezy_of_the_United_Steezy

    How do you get four gays to sit on a barstool? Turn it upside down.

  • Walter Sobchek

    this article saved me one application fee for my kid.

  • Ron Mexico

    The wussification of America.

  • Dick

    How about go fuck yourself DUKE! Is that on the list?

  • Icarus

    DID I MENTION THAT: Donald Sterling, former Governor George Wallace and Presdent Woodrow Wilson are/were democrats? I just wanted to make sure.

    • publius327

      Well, don’t forget Robert Byrd.

  • zingwing

    Someone please explain to me how the liberal mind of openness and acceptance can somehow justify trying to ban words, are they planning a book burning also?
    Welcome to our hopey changey brave new world order.

  • A-Train

    what about ‘don’t be a crybaby’?


      Listen, pal, that kind of talk is way out of line, everybody knows that dead babies don’t cry.

  • Derin Coates

    This campaign is so gay. The little bitches that came up with this faggy drivel need to man up and stop being such pussies.

  • apb

    Duke…Duke…Duke…weren’t these the worthless f*cks that destroyed their lacrosse team with baseless accusations by the pussies known as the ‘group of 88?’ What a bunch of totalitarian f*cks. As for Jay Sullivan, being a facilitator of this ass-hattery will only qualify him for positions in HR, or paper-hat food service.

  • jaydeebee

    How about “Grow a pair”?

  • KikiEm

    Unbelievable. The censorship of words. The Universities of ‘higher learning’ are always finding ways to corrupt the 1st Amendment. They forgot to include “put your bigboy pants on.”

  • corinthian leather

    What a bunch of unmanly , gay pussies.

  • LudicrousSextus

    In other news, Duke announced a new Doctorate program in Whining. It will be taught by Crystal Magnum from her jail cell.

  • Phil Kammer

    Man Up? Wow – Duke Harvard Princton are all no longer worth going to – the pride of the education is fast deminishing

  • Shut down the school,and give the administration an escort to the nearest border and kick them out of our country,and all the ignorant ones who hate freedom of speech,and what it really means.Just my opinion.

  • publius327

    Did they ban “Tea-tard?” I’m thinking probably not.

    • Walter Sobchek

      silly rabbit.

      dont you know? “Some are more equal than others”

      • publius327

        Did they ban “Silly Rabbit?”

    • corinthian leather

      or “Teabagger”

      • BarackMugabe

        Depends on the target, of course. As always.

  • Jay Bee

    I’m so old, I remember when you went to college for an education. And that took most of your time. Now it seems studying and opening ones’ mind is way down the list of goals. I suppose college’s are just grooming a generation to be immune to thought control and to accept group think as the norm.

    • txborntxbred

      I’m old enough to remember when the libs were trying to tell us we needed freedom of speech!!!

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    Newspeak is the fictional language in the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, written by George Orwell. It is a controlled language created by the totalitarian state as a tool to limit freedom of thought, and concepts that pose a threat to the regime such as freedom, self-expression, individuality, peace, etc. Any form of thought alternative to the party’s construct is classified as “thoughtcrime.”


      Attention, Attention!!!
      All college students throughout the land, all students are now required to have their rooms monitored by video to make sure they are not tempted to stray into impure thoughts or words.Anyone caught mumbling any banned words or phrases in their sleep will be subjected to remedial gagging.

      This announcement was issued by the Interior Ministry, formerly known as the DNC, and now staffed with shock troops trained by ACORN.

    • Mr. Peabody

      “Freedom Zones”………….
      The very term is both instructional and disturbing.

  • Son of Uncle Sam

    So I guess they don’t teach the Constitution or the bill of rights anymore??


    Are the words “fetus” and “baby” allowed on campus, or are they too disgusting?

    • jaydeebee

      You can only use the term “baby” if the organism is a) wanted or b) already born. If the organism is still in the womb, you must use the term “fetus” or “blob of cells”. That way, there’s no guilt should one decide to terminate.

  • Dr. Sardonicus

    ‘Puke U.’ is a totally *h o m o* institution of HIGH learning…and BIG advocates of free speech, obviously. Politically correct lingo is so *p u s s y*. They should probably *man up* and *grow a pair*…but I think I’m expecting too much of *b I t c h e s*.

    I think I just got banned for life from *DU(h)*…thankfully. ha

  • gimmemymoney

    Please give me a list of words & phrases that I CAN say… It is so had trying to remember what I CAN’T say…. I want to be controlled & do only good things… so please forward me that list before I say something that might offend someone…

  • mnjack30

    If you call butt humping, urine drinking, oral copulation and other forms of sexual relief normal or legitimate—YOU are a f—–g pervert. You are using offensive language. You belong in the same category as child molesters

  • Mr. Peabody

    Those that would still your tongue.
    Would still your heart, if they had their way……..

  • jeburke

    These people will not rest until they have managed to suppress every public manifestation of manliness — a quality they will sorely miss if successful. Gender equality does not and should not mean gender sameness. Odd that the people most obsessed with gender don’t get this.

  • Jeff

    Man up, b*tches, and stop being a bunch of p*ssies. Calling people h*m* is so g*y.

    • Mr. Peabody

      You win 1000 internets!

  • Walter Sobchek

    remember the famous 1984 Apple Ad?

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    In a related story the word Duke has been banned in my household (except when referring to John Wayne who would have thought these people should Man Up and stop being Pu$$ies).

  • Fred P!

    Gender neutrality. I just don’t get it. I have a penis. You have a vagina. We’re different. And, hey… That’s OK!

    • dbt3481

      In fact, quite desirable in my opinion….

      • jaydeebee

        Watch it. You’re starting to sound like that Duke Dynasty dude. Please don’t tell us you prefer that situation. As we all know, it’s hateful to say you just don’t understand why a guy would do another guy.

        • dbt3481

          I merely stated that women are beautiful and as a MAN I like attractive intelligent women.

          • jaydeebee

            I wasn’t saying that you said anything offensive. I was just pointing out that there are idiots who’d label it hate speech.

          • dbt3481

            Well, being labeled hateful by a liberal, to me, is a badge of honor.


      You see, that is the problem, they don’t want you to have a penis anymore. And while they are removing that they will also be removing those troubling portions of your brain that allow for independent thoughts.Please report directly to the Ministry Of Corrections for your Enlightenment Procedure.You have priority status


    Can the students at Duke say the word “money” or is that strictly reserved to members of the Administration?

  • Greg Barton

    Can’t win an argument on merit so this is what thug libs do.

    The left has NO MORAL AUTHORITY to demand anything!

  • Duh Pigs

    ” F u ck off you angry transgendered f a g o t ” is not going over well ?

    Bernie Madoff should really get RSPECT

  • Walter Sobchek

    funny thing is 90% of their students voted FOR politicians who favor this nonsense.

    youth really is wasted on the young.

  • ocean

    Control speech you can control thoughts.
    The old KGB used this technique to brainwash.

  • Zexufang

    As to –
    “‘Man Up,’ ‘Don’t Be A Pussy’ Labeled Offensive Language at Duke University”
    First Political Correctness (PC) now Language Correctness (LC).
    Via liberal totalitarianism – this is (just or jest?) another milestone in the march of progress to the American Dream.
    And imagine your future, then, over time ALL Americans will – no must – be all correct all the time in all circumstances: at home, work and play. Beauty and harmony and community become ONE ~ a true Age of Aquarius.
    Just image that… and then be aghast as to how controlling and frightful that picture will be.

    • sleepingtolive

      I know, what a horrible dystopian world where people are respectful of others. What a horrible way to live.

  • Condensate

    We’ll take your money just shut up and do as we say.

  • Right-wing Realist

    A good way to see future trends in society is to look at universities…

    And it looks like we are going to become a nation of [email protected]

    • Mr. Peabody

      Did you see the movie “Hunger Games”?
      It’s a look into the future!
      And, the future is “Gay”……………………………….

  • fedup

    well guess what…im gonna say whatever the hell i want…!..simply because well..not all..but most gays and lesbians ive ever even heard speak…ever..just like everyone else..talk more crap and are so hateful towards anyone who doesnt give them the attention they seek or agree with them…i dont care what you are..everyone gets picked on for something..you were never slaves.. stop comparing yourselves to slaves….you hide behind others while spouting of the worst things you can to anyone…..and you will fight till someone fights back..then when they do its …wow….a major incident hate crime that you started…yea that makes for pussies no matter what you are….its past time to stfu……..peace to anyone who can do that gay, straight or white ,black,fat ,skinny, poor,demo or repub…mexican..who cares…we all get messed with…its isnt only about you….

  • John Watt

    Joke’s on you Duke. New words will be created to mean the same thing as these “banned” words.

    • sleepingtolive

      Yes because there will always be people like you who believe it is their God given right to be demeaning to others. It must me you feel really good to hurt others. Bet it makes you feel real “manly”.

      • John Watt

        Said the Demeaning person while demeaning others, claiming the person they are demeaning is demeaning. Nice way to be a “good” example.

  • jaydeebee

    First we had gun free zones. Then we had religion free zones. Now we have free speech free zones. Which one of the Bill of Rights will be sacrificed at the altar of liberal policies next?

    • What_IQ

      and Liberal Free Zones a.k.a. = Marxist, Communist & Low I.Q. idiots..


      Yeah, your’e right, why bother taking it out piece by piece. Just ask BO to issue an Executive Order banning the Constitution and be done with it. Congress will surely not object.

      • jaydeebee

        He can do it–with his magic telephone and pen.

  • What_IQ

    Hey Duke University – Man up & stop being a liberal PU$$Y, your Marxist PC ideology is “SO GAY”… “Beeyotch!

    How you like me Meow?

  • John Watt

    This article is so yag! The author needs to pu nam!

  • Iron Fisted Ruler of CANDYLAND

    Why are people so sensitive?

    • What_IQ

      Candy A$$es?

  • jabusse

    Seems that the university has confused words with thought. Where there is a will there is a way and the condemnation of gay activism will continue. Maybe they can say something like Hey don’t be Red White and Blue meaning “Man up you pussist faggot” (bet this word Fa**0t) gets flagged as offensive by the computer). This is just pointy headed affirmative action promotions at work. It is a shame that people far more educated for their intelligence gravitate to the leadership and ruling bodies of condo associations and university boards and in the current case the executive office of the President of the USA, a Red White and Blue place…or is that France? We all need to “:man up’ and oust these nimrods.

  • crackerman

    No wonder so many kids grow up to be queer now….

  • KikiEm

    In my bartender days, college instructors would come in for lunch (and their lunch martini) Their language always “caught me off guard.” One phrase I recall is when they were describing one of their colleague’s wives as “a corn-fed midwestern porker.” Their off-color language is no different than the rest of us riff-raff.

  • haroldcrews

    It is no less wrong to be overly sensitive as it is to be insensitive. After these words and phrases are banned which ones are next? People who are looking for reasons to be offended will find reasons to be offended. This is particularly the case when those in power are sympathetic to them and they are empowered by being offended.

  • Iron Fisted Ruler of CANDYLAND

    Gentler, Kinder America…..

  • Mr_Paine

    I find the university offensive. Mebbe those that want to restrict people’s 1st Amendment rights (among others) ought not to be receiving public financing of any kind.

    Let’s see if we hear any denunciation of the left’s horrific words against conservatives and Christians. The denomization of the right sounds to me a lot like how Goebells demonized the Jews. And we know how that worked out.

  • cleo48

    Orwell was completely on the mark. Attempts at thought control have been oozing out of the pores of academia like rancid sweat for years. It’s getting worse.

  • albaby2

    To think, some people are spending their hard earned money to send those kids to Duke..

  • Iron Fisted Ruler of CANDYLAND

    It’s Bush’s fault

  • Iron Fisted Ruler of CANDYLAND

    Ban Universities!!

  • jkinn

    Just another reason for me to no longer provide any type of alumni gift to Duke! What an incredibly juvenile approach to a non-issue and what an unbelievably ignorant solution for a university that holds itself up as being better than its counterparts because its superior approach to critical thinking, diversity of thought, etc. Yeah, right!

  • Evan T Spurrell

    No HOMO YOU PUSSY ASS BITCHES MAN UP THATS SO GAY!!! There is nothing worse than public institutions trying to dictate discource, identity and thought to the public, I THINK IM GOING TO DO EXACTLY THE OPPoSITE OF WHAT IS SUGGESTED, GET STUFFED!!!

  • Iron Fisted Ruler of CANDYLAND

    Ban all words!!!

  • Charles Vairin

    guess white males are unacceptable at Duke, Looks like the fagots and feminist have taken over–boo.

  • Victor

    This cracks me up. Let’s not discourage this language because it is crude, but because it might offend a certain politically correct group. People of this age have been talking this way for as long as I can remember, but somehow most of us managed to push it aside and get on with life. I wonder how concerned they are for language used on campus to criticize capitalism, American history, Christianity or Conservatism? Might be an interesting little research project

  • ManUP!!!

    This campaign it totally gay. What a bunch of pussies. The ones I feel bad for or the little fag bitch-boys that agreed to pose for those homo posters. Better man up before you wake up one day without testacles.

  • Guest

    I think it is offensive when a totalitarian regime such as this University thinks it is their right to tell me how I should use my free speech. There are times I want to sound like an a$$ and in fact, find it necessary. It’s called a hyperbole

  • Mr. Peabody

    Those that can “do” ……”Do”.
    Those that can’t “Do” ………teach.
    Those that can’t teach………………go on to become “Administrators”.
    And, that explains why we have “zero tolerance policies .”
    When they have a “zero tolerance policy”…………….
    The situation requires “zero ” judgement……..or ……..thought……

  • dave72

    “Duke” is an offensive gender/royalty/superiority word that should be immediately banned on campus.

    • Quid Pro Quo

      Ooooo. I like that one. Hope you don’t mind if I copy and paste it into a new post. 🙂

  • Preezy_of_the_United_Steezy

    What did the gay and say to the other gay and sitting at the bar? can I push your stool in for you?

  • Walter Sobchek

    dont hire duke grads….they’ll pull this @#$% once they get inside your company.

  • Harry McMerkin

    This article is so ghey! The Pussies that wrote it should be bitch slapped.

  • albaby2

    Wonder which words the leaders of the drive find the most offensive . Hummmm that’s going to be a tough one.

  • Jeff Smith

    …because we ALL know that Insults never happen in the “Real World”… It’s great that we can get a head start preparing students for life to come… we wouldn’t want them to be privy to such language that may cause stigmas.

  • Greg Barton

    Why does not Duke change its name to Gay University and be done with it?
    ANSWER: 90% would leave.

  • OSR1

    Can you ban, “eat shit libtards”.

    • FunkensteinsRevenge

      ah,a freak!

    • Quid Pro Quo

      I think that one is ok. So… Eat shit Duke libtards.

  • Dan Pianetto

    What I am reading here is that telling a straight man to :Man up” is bad NOT because the straight man may have his feelings hurt, bit that a gay man, who may or may not even be around is being disparaged?

  • wvcitizen

    Bet if you said “man up” in Spanish it would be ok. Soon they will ban single words. Up seems to be used in man up, screwed up, F up, up yours and other sayings. Next move will be to ban the word “up”.

  • OSR1

    Liberals are your new age brown shirt fascists.

    • Citizen C

      And we’ve just about reached the point where they are prepared to admit openly that their ideology is all about forcing you to behave the way they have decided you will behave. The subterfuge is coming to a close.

  • Jeffreyamo

    I wonder why they left off the phrase “old white men” from that list?

  • RecoveringLiberal

    I attended Iowa State just as this pettiness was beginning to gain control on campus in the late 1970s. I graduated with honors, never went back.

  • fullofme

    Yup. Dems are always the repressors. Buncha homos.

  • Sammie Jo

    I love the phrase, “word discouragement” lol
    This is so beyond ridiculous, that, I can’t even form the words to discuss it.

  • Ken

    So calling men or women who choose to dress in the traditional roles of the opposite sex “trannys” would be offensive towards the “genderqueer” communities? Thank God we have the Duke boys and gals here to provide us with the proper terminology so as to avoid offense!

  • Quid Pro Quo

    If a moooooslime or an illegal alien invader who snuck into the school said any of these things. no doubt it would be perfectly fine.
    Hey Duke, have you finished apologizing to the lacrosse players yet? As far as I’m concerned, you can never apologize enough to them. Man up you gay pussies and apologize again.

  • MattR0cka

    University’s should be encouraging a robust, uncensored, conversation.

  • mark10000

    I don’t normally use those phrases, but I’m not too young to start. It is amazing how people feel some part of society needs protection from being insulted, but doesn’t think this infringes on free speech. I think free speech includes the right to offended by someone else’s comments.

  • White Cracker – not on list

    Come-on Duke. Man, that’s so gay allowing the liberal society to push you around. Man-up, don’t be a pussy and just fight back.

  • James V.

    Hahahahhaha, the feminization and indoctrination from the mentally diaseased left, continues. Time to boycott Duke, since they are boycotting the first amendment.

    I predict, nothing short of Civil War will stop this Totalitarian b*ll-shit from continuing.

  • Jesse Scott

    Man up and don’t read the rag if you don’t like what is in it. PC speech is so ridiculous.

    • FunkensteinsRevenge

      sit down son, we dont like traitors around here

      • 10Megatons

        We don’t like jiggaboos either, so you need to go.

  • FunkensteinsRevenge

    Now the right wingers are trying to censor words

  • Jim Beaux


  • Citizen C

    So what phrase should we now use when we need to remind men of their 30,000 year old “gender role” of going into harm’s way, standing tall, taking risks, and all that?
    Because I don’t think we’re completely through with needing men to occasionally scale Mount Suribachi under direct fire or help themselves to the Titanic’s cigars and brandy while the women and children get on the life boats.

    • Greg Tracy

      We’re going to come up with another term that will piss liberal jerks off. Because communication will continue, even though they want to remove words in our language.

  • Julie S.

    Does anyone think this kind of thing contributes to the increased violence in our schools?

  • Greg Tracy

    Remove one word, or set of words, and others will take their place. Communication is going to happen because people need to define things in their lives. Some have good connotations and some don’t. But this whole idea that you’re going to completely ban entire sets of words because you don’t like them is ludicrous. You’re offended? Tough. That’s probably why someone is using it in the first place. They want to offend you because they don’t like something about you or disagree with you. Grow up. It’s going to happen.

  • Lorenzo A Vina

    But homophobe, misogynist, xenophobe, racist, bigot, tea bagger, right winger and gun nut are perfectly acceptable. Obama said so.

  • Tommy Tunez

    This is what happens when you put liberals in charge of the education system.
    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • FunkensteinsRevenge


  • The Duke

    This is so gay, Duke ought man up or change the school name to We a bunch of Pussies.

  • MattR0cka

    I didn’t see an ad for the N-bomb. Is that ok now? I mean besides it’s use in hip hop music, which according to these idiots is just fine.

  • codirt

    Fag, retard, homo, rug muncher, etc etc…Oh no he hurt me with his words…. Are people really this sensitive? Grow up and grow a pair.

  • Iron Fisted Ruler of CANDYLAND

    Why can’t we all…. just get along….?

  • Biggie Winner

    guess they will need to ban rap at basketball practice since it uses more profane and abusive language than noted in this stupid campaign. let the group who came up with this stupid campaign over to Cameron and tell those guys they can’t listen to rap anymore.

    oh wait, can I say stupid or will i insult those whose thought this up…call the language police at duke

  • tramky

    This is not a good day for university students in America. They are revealed today as world-class idiots, and an embarrassment to their schools and to their parents.

    From the racist idiocy at Minnesota to these arrogant twits at Duke, these situations DO accomplish one thing–they will provide some names of college students that I don’ need to be concerned about when hiring employees for my business; they’ve excluded themselves from consideration. Let ’em eat cake.

  • A55t0m0uth

    The best thing about the 1st amendment is that you’re offended.

    • FunkensteinsRevenge

      How do you make these fake accounts?

      • montee

        stick your finger up your asss, close your eyes, and type with both pinky fingers.

      • 10Megatons

        Mornin’ porch monkey….

  • tryingnottooffend

    Two questions: 1) Can you still say “cowboy up,” or is that out too? 2) Can you say “that is so gay” if you are looking at homosexual pornography?

  • Quid Pro Quo

    “Duke” is an offensive gender/royalty/superiority word that should be immediately banned on campus.
    The school should immediately change its name to “Duchess” in order to reflect the fact that The United States is even worse than mooooooooooooooooslime countries when it comes to oppression of women.

  • montee

    “Duke U”
    Now THAT is gay!

  • ocean

    Go to hell Duke.

    Man Up
    That’s So Gay
    Don’t Be a Pussy
    No Homo

  • Coyote

    What a bunch of thin-skinned, invertebrate, dizzy-eyed harpies! There I said it.

  • Greg Tracy

    If a conservative doesn’t like the connotations of a word, he doesn’t use it. if a liberal doesn’t like the connotations of a word, he wants it removed from the language.

  • Testicules

    What about “angry white man”,
    Any one of dozens of insults aimed at Christians,
    Seems to me the left wing has the market cornered on hate and insults…

    • Greg Tracy

      Those don’t count. Only offense taken when aimed at their pet political groups.

  • Diogenes13

    sticks and stones … liberal pabulum being taught by children to children … and
    then they get elected to sterilize the country’s thinking… liberals are
    the enemy of free thinking, free choice, self determination and individual
    personal responsibility. And … Look at the spelling …LibEralS .. can’t
    spell liberals without LIES! Man Up you leftist pussys!

  • 10Megatons

    If I lived anywhere near Duke, I would print out thousands of flyers with these terms on there and post them/distribute them all over campus just to pi$$ off the libs. Who cares if a bunch of phags and feminazis are offended? I find them and their ‘lifestyle’ offensive, so maybe we should ban them.

    • DWEWTK

      You are correct. The power of the new thought police can only continue as long as no one is willing to confront them.

  • msmnewssucks

    I just said all those phrases this weekend— NOW WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT !!!!!!!


    Newspeak has been the only acceptable language in the “Academy” for years

  • escapedin62

    Dooooook is as gay as a picnic basket.

  • txborntxbred

    Words come full circle, I guess, because ‘queer’ is now OK!

  • lonewolf1211

    Ugh. Duke university needs to man up and stop being so gay. What a bunch of pu$$ies.

  • IAMSOsaying

    I understand some people with the disability of not being able to speak or hear are offended because they are being excluded by the poor choice of words “THEY” can not say.

  • FLYnW

    Lets see, this is the same radical university that ousted Chick-fil-A from their campus not to long ago. Duke, educating the next generation of FACISTS today.

  • MillHouse

    Is it true each dorm room at Duke has a glory hole?

    • Quid Pro Quo


  • Quid Pro Quo

    “Duke” is an offensive gender/royalty/superiority word that should be immediately banned on campus.
    The school should immediately change its name to “Duchess” in order to reflect the fact that The United States is even worse than mooooooooooooooooooooooslime countries when it comes to oppression of women.

  • EdCrunk

    This is pretty dang gay

    • Verbotene Gedanken

      Liberace Gay…

      • lonewolf1211

        Uber gay

  • olddog

    At Duke ..Speaking English is forbidden. Now have a “Hoax and Chains” day..peasants.

  • Bradley

    They must have forgotten to mention that Duke is now banning all rap music on campus and that no rap “artists” will be invited to perform on campus, right?

  • Quid Pro Quo

    The Duke team name is “Blue Devils”. I’m very offended at a term describing the type of sex that someone had with some demons.

  • 10Megatons

    Maybe they should change their mascot to the Raging Queens.

  • John Watt

    Gay: having or showing a merry, lively mood: gay spirits; gay music. Synonyms: cheerful, gleeful, happy, glad, cheery, lighthearted, joyous, joyful, jovial; sunny, lively, vivacious, sparkling; chipper, playful, jaunty, sprightly, blithe. Bright or showy: gay colors; gay ornaments. Synonyms: colorful, brilliant, vivid, intense, lustrous; glittering, theatrical, flamboyant.

    In other words – banning the word gay, is ANTI-gay.

    • 7RS

      I agree. Duke certainly has made a queer decision.

  • NightOwl65

    If this ridiculousness is the best the students at our “higher learning” establishments can come up then God help us. It sounds like the only thing these misguided individuals are “learning” from their liberal professors are indoctrination methods, political correctness, and intolerance for any differing beliefs or opinions.

    This is exactly why I see contemporary “college degrees” as nothing more than simple pieces paper which have no use what-so-ever unless you’re sitting in a restroom stall.

  • Robert Scott

    “Banning” speech? Seriously?

  • Quid Pro Quo

    Duke is a FAG college.

  • kmrod

    they’re free to have their campaign.

    everyone is free to ignore it.

  • Steve Gibson

    The people at Duke should man up and quit being pussies. It’s so gay to be part of the thoght police patrol. I’s a bitch when people try to be word police.

  • Minerva

    People need to refuse to attend universities who stifle free speech in any way. Free speech isn’t always nice or appropriate, but it is our right.

  • Crocodile9

    I now consider the word “Duke” to be offensive. Let’s change it to “Duchess”.

  • Mahakala

    More proof liberalism is a mental disorder. Look out people, the word police are coming knocking.

  • Enzyte Bob

    I see the Duke “tolerance police” is at it again. What happened? Run out of lacrosse players to railroad?

  • BatBoy

    I can see “dont be a P” as offensive but shame on the university~ a beacon of free speech, banning free speech!~ Pull those kids outta there Parents.

  • Brad

    How gay… Also, “Don’t be a pu$$y” isn’t about a female body part. It’s “Don’t be a scaredy cat”, “Don’t be a pussycat.”, “Don’t be a pu$$y.” It just got changed and shortened over the decades.

    • BatBoy

      women will still “throw the eyes at ya” when you say it, they do.
      Its best not to argue with them either! LOL!

  • ScottGlasel

    That’s the gayest thing that I ever heard! Man up and get over it.

  • Lance Harris

    I’m offended by the campaign. I believe in being civil to anyone whose values or lifestyle does not mirror my own but if I have an issue with an individual and lash out, its not a blanket statement to be applied to any person affiliated with them. If you are that hurt by hearing words spoken in ignorance or intollerance, don’t hang around and keep listening. Seems all the offended people go to great lengths to make sure they are there to hear it.

  • Quid Pro Quo

    NEWS FLASH: Duke University has announced that it is banning straight white males from attending classes or showing up on its campus. Straight white males everywhere are celebrating.

  • 7RS

    Very gay rule.

  • Andrew

    Didn’t George Orwell write about this a few decades back?

  • Thomas

    Puke University is such a pussy institution.

  • 10Megatons


  • randy kowalski

    ..the tyranny of political correctness–you had better think the proper thoughts…But no problem that an 19 year old porn star from duke is so proud of herself…insanity…

    • Quid Pro Quo

      I’m reporting you. Referring to her as a porn star was not nice. She’s a sex worker.

  • Anthony Artesto

    This is so disturbing. A clear cut attack against masculinity. What is wrong with the leaders in this America? After seeing governments grow to powerful restricting freedoms of the people, our fore-fathers wrote the constitution under God but, the leaders of America have been successful in pushing God aside and amending the constitution. We need Jesus Christ and prayer to oust these pathetic leaders and reclaim The Great America.

  • billybobz

    Duke is so gay!

  • Statacome

    Duke. Duke. Ha

  • jackboot

    Fluoride has done it’s job. Like Slick Willy said. “Our children are ready.”

  • billybobz

    What about calling a faq a faq? Is that OK?

  • hurling

    What a bunch of wimps

  • Biggus Dickus

    Is the term “Homo Erectus” allowed?

  • djs1138

    Uh oh… no more music in the dorms…

  • rkball

    The time to have gotten on top of misuse of the word gay was when it first began to mean something other than happy.

    • Quid Pro Quo

      I so agree. The perverts have misappropriated a perfectly good word which used to mean nothing more than “happy”, just the way that they’ve misappropriated the word “marriage”.

      • billybobz

        homoNazis are like cockroaches, not in what the eat or pack off but in what the fall in and f*** up.

  • jim

    This just a gimps of whats coming..Mandatory RFI… Better say something now..loud and clear..why wait till they tell you to form a line for your collar of obedience ? i guess they just havent pushed hard enough…

  • like I CM


  • Mark Thompkins

    Just the beginning. Barry gets elected, the masses do nothing to stop him, and his liberal agenda, Conservatives fail to stand up to FREE SPEECH, and for The US Constitution, and whammy, we have speech police.

    Liberals only believe in the 1st amendment, if they can add, As long as I agree with you.

  • rick kutach

    A college degree now is a certificate certifying this individual has been indoctrinated fully in political correctness and ideals the liberal world. Foul and degrading language can only be used on conservative people and religious people.

    • CAV

      sad but true

  • Kerry Mahoney

    Can we say “Gay up”?

    What about, “Don’t be such a heterosexual”?

  • Doopa

    You are entitled to your opinion as long as it agrees with mine.

  • David

    –Welcome to D University. (Duke is a MAN, baby. And Duchess is racist to the Dutch.)
    –It’s one small step for a person…
    one giant leap for personkind. (Revisionist version of Neil Armstrong’s words.)

    –“All appendages, person your battlestations.” (Revisionist naval command.)
    –“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all person are created equal (but some persons are more equal than others)”
    –Personnfred Personn (Renamed band).
    –persongo (fruit formerly known as mango).
    –feme (replaces female, which suggests requires male)
    –Wom, pl. Wym (replaces woman, women… and Capitalize it to compensate for years of subjugation!)
    –lade, pl. lades (replaces lady, which is diminutive.)
    –sse (replaces she, which suggests requires he)
    Feel free to add to the D University List!

  • William

    That is really gay. Duke should must man up.

  • billybobz

    Nothing hates like homoNazis.

  • dcizscumm

    lets just hand out tampons to men and get it done..

  • TheForgottenKochBrother

    This article is so gay!

  • joesolis

    1st Amendment:
    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”
    Is it just me or aren’t colleges supposed to teach this?

  • BatBoy

    Im offended that so many people are offended these days, that’s offensive!

  • johnhay

    What happened to “stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”? People are giving WAY too much power to other people to hurt them with words. I’d like to go back to the days that we were more tolerant, and if someone really insulted you, you could have it out without lawyers getting involved. These anti-First Amendment speech codes only serve to divide people, and push them into their own groups, ’cause you’re terrified to talk to anyone you might unwittingly offend.

  • JohnFLob

    Do you have a self identity or did you go to Duke?

  • Jo Carol

    oh good grief, maybe they should man up and stop being bitches. Maybe if certain groups would stop hijacking words they wouldn’t be so offended all the time. Gay used to mean happy, queer was strange, they didn’t mean homosexuals.

  • Sam Snoff

    Get a life – gays is fagots and niggers is niggers and that’s the way it will always be

  • Doopa

    If they are so hell-bent on legitimizing homosexuality, they should change their name to Dyke University.

  • Kerry Mahoney

    Can we say, “Girl up”?

  • Steve H

    What a queer thing to do.

  • Quid Pro Quo

    Welcome to the Kenyan’s Amerika.

  • Anthony Artesto

    I think Mike Savage was first to say,”Liberalism is a mental disorder” This is just more proof he is right. We have become a nation under leaders whom are mentally sick!

  • CAV

    Cowboy the f up Duke

  • jaz

    Ironically, every morning I go and “take a Duke”.

  • Ben Dover

    I think this is gay and your university’s leaders are pussies for signing on. I think they should man up to these homo’s and let them know that we aren’t their bitch. While my language may be colorful I mean no disrespect to fags, queers, drag queens, transgenders, homos, lesbians, or butt pirates. You are all equally gross but we are a free country so please go about your business (in private please). Thank you.

  • Kerry Mahoney

    There is a reason men are men and women are women, wait, now I’m confused.

  • BarackMugabe

    There goes the jackbooted, Orwellian intolerant left again, imposing their perverse views on others in the name of “tolerance.”

  • Kerry Mahoney

    How about cracker? can we say that?

    Or “Whitey”?

  • Leester

    George Orwell wrote about how by controlling language you can control thought. Some things never change…

  • padugan

    this whole campaign is run by a bunch of pu$$ies that need to man up and stop being bitches. It is quite gay that they get offended to the point of needing ban the expressions.

    So I’ll give the little girls a lesson on how the world really works.

    If someone uses this language in front of you, tell them about it, right there, on the spot, to their face. No need for a whole campaign or public banning. Mean what you say, say what you mean, and by god back it up with your tiny fists if you have too. But this passive aggressive ninny BS has got to stop. Life isn’t fair, no one ever said it was. This idea of equality has got to stop, we are not all equal and that is a very good thing.

  • Uncompahgre


  • Kerry Mahoney

    Next they are going to ban “Douche bag”.

  • Crocodile9

    The elitist fembrains won’t be happy until Duke is renamed Duchess University.

  • Datrutff

    Duke has always had a problem manning up. They are just a bunch of pussies.

  • Kerry Mahoney

    Can you say “Dukies” example: “I just took a big Dukie and had to flush 3 times”?

  • Greg Cochran

    From the looks of the poster it is discriminatory, not a black, hispanic, or asian.

  • Archer

    The leftist thought police, alive and active at colleges…

  • Jeff Smith

    Wait… I think “Duke” is a bit masculine and degrading to women… Let’s change the name to “Delilah University”…

  • MikkiDean

    OK with me – IF they ban all negative speech against Republicans as well.

  • F Duke

    F* Duke! They will lose money and can be known as the College for Sodomites!

  • tommybman

    I won’t hold my breath waiting for them to put out a poster to not use the words, “God d^(% it,” or “Jesus F-%^&$*% Christ,” because it might offend those who are Christians.

    • Kerry Mahoney

      Spot on.

    • OpieJuanCannoli

      Funny how libtard tolerance works, ain’t it?

  • F Duke

    So these wackos can use the First Amendment to push their sicko thoughts and behaviors but WE (the normal ones) can’t use the first Amendment to voice against it! You can’t have it both ways. Either there is Freedom of Speech, or there is not!

    • Wulf

      Man up, F Duke! ; )

  • OpieJuanCannoli

    All of this thought police crap is…well…gay.

  • tgcrawford

    The PC left and their “Gay” agenda will result in more online University degrees. Don’t give money to dufus schools.

  • FreemanLongBeach

    Oh where, oh where has the first amendment right gone, the gay communists have took it from me….

    • ElvisMoab

      Do you realize that homosexuality is (China and Cuba) or was (USSR) illegal in communist nations?

      • ElvisMoab

        And other great places like Iran.

  • Kerry Mahoney

    Mommy, Larry called me a big pussy……..well son, that’s because you are.

  • Founders_1791

    The 1st Amendment of the Constitution means you have to accept insults whether you like it or not because it is protected free speech.

    Most ‘normal’ Americans have suffered teasing at school at some time or another in their childhood and our parents would comfort us with this old nursery rhyme:

    Sticks and stones will break my bones
    But words will never harm me.

    It originated from the African Methodist Episcopal Church who published it in 1862 to prevent victims of verbal taunting from resorting to violence. It is grounded in Common Law which holds no level of name-calling is grounds for violence.

    Yet today we do see physical retaliation with attacks on your businesses and personal life if you reject homosexuality or utter an unsavory word towards a thin skinned minority group of one ilk or another.

    This is not the American way ……political correctness must stop!

    • ElvisMoab

      You do not have to accept insults. If you choose to say stupid things you are on your own. I strongly dislike “Politically Correct Speech” but the First Amendment only guarantees political speech meaning that the government can’t arrest you for your political views.

      • Founders_1791

        Wrong! ….Duke receives “public money” and that changes the tune!

        • ElvisMoab

          Wrong again; Duke doesn’t make laws. Accepting Federal money makes them beholden to Federal Laws.

  • JohnFLob

    Instead of 1984 and Newspeak it is 2014 and Dukenospeak.

  • Ed Forbes

    Guess they don’t understand free speech!

    • DisgustedwithElitism

      …or academic freedom.

    • ElvisMoab

      Based on your comment you don’t seem to understand the meaning of the First Amendment.

  • Biggus Dickus

    What a bunch of Butt Nuggets…

    • strait talker

      And “numb nuts.”

  • Geo1metric

    Amendment one to the US constitution: “Congress shall make no law… . Given that Duke accepts federal funding for numerous reasons, they should be subject to the restrictions in the first amendment.

    Aren’t we all getting pretty tired of the whining “offended class”? There is no right to NOT BE OFFENDED. Grow up!

  • DisgustedwithElitism

    Politically correct speech control is an overt effort to control thoughts.

  • JoeFred

    Don’t say coon. Say racoon.

    • strait talker

      And, don’t say Jew fish, (formally official name) now say Goliath Grouper.

  • Kerry Mahoney

    I knew Duke was gay ever since they jump up and down at their basketball games.

  • Wulf

    I feel sorry for parents with college age children. How could anyone want their kids to attend college these days?

    • DisgustedwithElitism

      …and pay the $60k/year it costs to go to Duke as an undergraduate!

      • Wulf

        Yep. I went to a 35k per year school in the 1990’s – at the time it was one of the more expensive schools in the country. Gotta pay those tenured professors though

      • localnet

        Waste of money.

  • BarackMugabe

    Leftists = book burners.

  • Dcgorillafighter

    I’m gay and will continue to say “man up and don’t be such a pussy” to the pussified gays I live amongst especially Duke graduates.

  • free speech bitches

    Duke is a gay bitch school full of pussies that are so gay? Is that OK?

    • Kerry Mahoney

      No you got to work Homo in there somewhere.

  • localnet

    I think we need to ban Duke university. The first step will be to close its doors and refund some money.

  • Oscar Banduzzy

    Duke, America’s great Pansie university. really this is what you’re worrying about? What a pathetic situation. They’d better outlaw Woman Up. And what about Stand up! you know because some folks can’t even stand.

  • Lorenzo A Vina

    Man up? Oh, that’s so Dodge City.

  • Douche University

    Oh, and by the way. Michelle Obama is phantasmagorically ugly. She has a face that could stop a clock. Also, a face that could stop a cock. I feel better now. Can I say that?

    • Cathy

      Yes, you can say that. And you made ME feel better too when you said it.

    • Wulf

      No. saying “you feel better now” is insensitive to those who don’t feel better

  • JDStill

    Duke, that’s so gay! Don’t be Pussies! Man up!

  • I swear this is so gay

  • The real question for college students should be “is a frogs arse water tight”.

  • DisgustedwithElitism

    If I needed a reason to root against Dook…

  • bikeromany

    Shouldn’t they also outlaw “Get in touch with your feminine side” since it implicitly denigrates the male side? Or stop people from saying that “If women ruled the world, there’d be no war?” Where do you stop? Just outlaw the things you disagree with? I noticed that they don’t find the term “breeders”, which gays use as derogatory, particularly offensive.

    Incidentally, being gay isn’t “getting in touch with your feminine side.” That idea should be offensive to women, who are nothing like gays.

  • CaptainCommonsense

    And the Progressive Prawns continue their campaign of thought and mind control, while the young idiots just stand there, and let it be poured into their brains.

    High time that the progressive PUSSIES like “Jay Sullivan” are taken out to a field and put down.


    • ElvisMoab


      • jaz

        rock lobsters, if you will.

    • strait talker

      No, F Duke, F “pussy.”

  • Word Nazi’s

    I guess controlling ones words is the next big thing. PCU had the future world on campus correct.

  • campus queertards-homofascists

    How about banning the incorrect usage of the word “gay” when what you really mean is “homosexual” or “queer”? I’d get on board with that campaign.

    • ElvisMoab

      Yabba dabba doo!

    • Chucky77

      “Queer” describes it perfectly. “Homo” doesn’t quite do it.

  • strait talker

    These words and phrases actually express and convey ideas and meanings much more effectively than perhaps lengthy sentences do. Most people are intelligent enough to know when it is inappropriate to use them.
    We don’t need the “word police” to tell us what to say.
    So, why don’t the “word police” “man up” and stop acting like “pussies.” “That’s so gay.”

  • It’s obvious that University personnel have not allowed their balls to descend. These rules are very effeminate and lame. What a bunch of carpet munchers.

  • quailblaster

    A free society does not ban words.
    Homosexuality is illegitimate. Anyone who supports and defends such a dangerous sexual behavior (according to the CDC) borders more on hatred than love.

  • sam386

    I’ll put up a new derogatory phrase for nomination….

    That is so Duke.

    • strait talker

      “Come on man,” don’t blame a GREAT UNIVERSITY for the transgressions of a few liberal idiots!

      • quailblaster

        A great University that hired and allowed these freaks to take control. Yes, I blame Duke University.

      • Chucky77

        Sorry, but liberals run Duke, Univ. of N.C., and other major universities in North Carolina now. Immigrants from the northeast have turned N.C. into a liberal cesspool, just like California.

  • Josey_Montana

    Piss off.

    Can I still say that?

  • azbugman

    and Blue Devils United, a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer student advocacy group.
    What if the queers disagreed with the gay/lesbian argument would they make a splinter group? I guess they didn’t teach the concept of redundancy at Duke. That makes sense these jack-holes don’t even know what the words phobia and bias mean. Anyways LGBTQ, the Q reminds me of the 5 principles of dodge ball….DODGE, DIP, DUCK, DIVE, AND…DODGE. Well at least these university kids are taking a break from their adult cinema course and their lab on Beyoncé.

  • OdinsAcolyte

    One cannot ban culture, thoughts or speech.

  • Sad for Duke and US

    I am ashamed of being an American. I don’t want these other countries thinking we’re a bunch of gay pussies that need to man up saying, “No Homo,” like we’re bitches.

  • TheGodfather

    Banning words??? That’s so gay.


    This nation is becoming a very sick society

    And the Universities and the media are destroying it

    And since there are no leaders left that have any balls this BS will accelerate

  • Mongo

    OK: Suck it, cisgendered female canine.
    Fixed it!

  • NYC Parent

    My pre-teen kid could kick the ass of every “male” in this photo array.
    Good God what is happening to us.

    • kirb

      I bet your kid would sit on them… because he’s fat from watching too much TV with dear old daddy.

      • chazzzz-ma-tazzz

        take the d*ck out of your mouth and take your mom’s panties off.. you’ll fell better about yourself.

        • kirb

          Oh no! I p!ssed some numbnuts off! BOOOO HOOOO!!!

      • Kerry Mahoney

        Ha ha ha ha ha ha Yu so funnie long time.

  • Disqus

    That’s so Dem

  • DANEgerus

    Orwell would be so proud… has anyone asked the Duke Lacrosse team to comment on ‘White Privilege?’

  • Robert Mark

    Thought police.

  • Kerry Mahoney

    The campaign is a collaborative effort between a newly formed group at
    Duke University called Think Before You Talk and Blue Devils United, a
    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer student advocacy group.

    This group is soooooo Gay.

  • Mel Content

    I wonder if the academic types at Duke are as offended by things such as false accusations of rape, and smearing an entire group of people based on such false accusations…

  • campus queertards-homofascists

    Duke University is now officially GAY. Only a real PUSSY would go there. Time to MAN UP and pick a different college, dudes. LOFL

  • johnnystorm

    And in another policy change, they have just announced that all students and faculty will have their names removed and will be replaced with “pansy-assed idiots.” This will be to make everyone anonymous and boring.

  • salinca

    LOL! Good luck with your perpetually hurt and offended female/gay campaign.

  • FreedomFighter

    Bitch, Man up, Don’t be a Pussy, This article is so gay..No homo.

  • jeffrey wood

    Saying something’s so gay doesn’t have anything to do with homosexuals. It just means something’s retarded. You’d think intelligent college students would know this already. This campaign is gay as hell.

  • billy131274

    whinging queers

  • campus queertards-homofascists

    The worst totalitarians are the homofascists. Ernst Rohm knew this well and recruited them to his SA Brownshirt shock troops. History repeats…..

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    Is it OK to say that this idea is DoublePlusUngood?

  • Newfiedog

    After the Duke lacrosse fiasco, don’t know why anyone would be surprised by these folks. For a supposedly top-tier university, they sure can bring the stupid.

  • einundselbe

    Lenin and Trotsky would approve. Stalin would laugh.

  • Kerry Mahoney

    Hillary is such a pantsuit.

  • JR48

    I don’t use any of that language and try to treat others kindly, but freedom of speech means one is free to speak. There is no freedom from being offended.

    • Kerry Mahoney


      • chazzzz-ma-tazzz

        are you offended?

  • doctorivy

    Can I say education has been completely co-opted by Commies?

  • Michael Palmisano

    Guess that little thing called the First Amendment is dead in the USA…I was always taught freedom of speech truly kicks in when you disagree with what someone is saying but apparently the 21st centuries version of book burning is to just ban certain phrases…pathetic…

    • Kerry Mahoney

      That’s why it is followed by the second Amendment.

  • ges

    Man up is a phrase for men, not other sexes.My sons teacher told him the word queer is offensive and this college student (gay most likely) uses the word genderqueer? Never heard that word before. Don’t be a pussy phrase is not going away soon.Good luck on banning the word bitch. You people need to get a life and worry about yourselves. I will use whatever phrase I like thank you.

    • bloodaxe

      You need to be sent to a re-education camp. The Russians had some very nice ones in Siberia. Many millions of people were sent there.
      They’re still there, too. Well, their bones are.

      • ges

        You need to kiss my behind, dipwad.

  • ricky

    Cowboy up, Dukies!

  • Richard Helm

    My daddy called the educated fools. I think he was being way too generous.

  • Northwest_Raised

    Let the PC cult have their own language. That way, as soon as they open their holes, we know to avoid them.

  • Kerry Mahoney

    I heard “Chicago” is banned.

  • bloodaxe

    This is just a partial list of what’s banned. More to come. Soon we’ll have your vocabulary down to a few simple words & phrases. You may complement them with hand gestures (approved ones only, of course) and facial expressions. You may grunt, too.

  • Pearl

    If I can hurt you with a word then I have power over you

  • GimmeMyFreeStoff

    Go piss off.

  • Dual Bag

    This is like so unfair……..

  • ernest

    Rather 1984 Newspeak, isn’t it? Well, I suppose Duke is full of pussys now. Pathetic.

  • campus queertards-homofascists

    “We don’t say”

    Yes, mommy, whatever you want.

    [email protected]


  • Northwest_Raised

    Look at the cultists in the “you don’t say” poster. None of them would last a week if the power went out. Products of a lazy culture. Thankfully, very few of their ilk in my neck of the woods.

  • soccerchick

    This goes too far. I am a minority that has been subjected to less than kind language since I was a child. But instead of caving, it gave me a better understanding of how bullies use their “power” try to hurt me. I think this solution is coming at the problem completely backwards. Instead of forbidding bullies to be bullies (which we know won’t work) empower those that feel helpless or beaten down with personal tools to use in these situations.
    When my child started getting bullied for his name and for his ancestry in kindergarten, we talked to him about what motivates bullies and broke down the words that were being used to hurt him (none are on any banned list by the way). We talked with him about different ways to deal with these situations to take the power away from the bully and not become a bully himself. In the end, he chose to use humor to deflect the verbal blows. He practiced with his Dad and came up with some zingers! that week, he defended himself from bullies on the playground with words, and when he got the entire playground to laugh at the bully that one time, the bully never bothered him again.
    Don’t make people into victims. Bullies will always exist but we are disarming our children on how to deal with them. We want everyone to play fair but the world is not fair and the sooner our children learn to face all kinds of bullies, (verbal, physical, emotional) the less they will have to fear when they are facing bullies as adults.

    • Kerry Mahoney

      I blame you for naming him.

      • Kerry Mahoney

        Kids used to call me “Dummy” because my last name was Mahoney, The name of the dummy on TV, anyway I would beat the Sh!t out of them and that would take care of it.

    • OpieJuanCannoli

      Wow. You are actually raising your child to handle problems head-on himself. If you aren’t careful, you are going to have a productive, realistic, level-headed kid on your hands. Good on you!

  • Pat Riot

    Duke needs to man up…this campaign is so gay.

  • Exposrip

    Path North America on. /nods head disapprovingly.

  • Chatchki

    Oh come on, they need to grow a pair.

  • Curmudgeon10

    Even if successful, new words will replace the “banned” words.

    • Guest

      Most likely you are right. Education and understanding are the true paths to tolerance. This will probably create a new trend of more provocative language.

  • moe_curly

    but you can say ‘anal sex’ – go figure – So What’s New Pussy Cat?

  • campus queertards-homofascists

    Homofascism strikes again!

    Somebody pick up all those pink boas, please.




  • 1NonPermissive

    Come on, man up, don’t be a pussy, that’s so gay.

  • lulzer

    Stupid article, about stupid people, is stupid. No homo.

  • Fredsky

    It is not “Think Before You Talk”, but “Groupthink Before You Talk”.

  • umhyuh

    That’s so g y. Sounds like Duke university needs to stop being a bossy p ssy, man up, grow a pair, stop being a little b tch, and let people call eachother a f ag. They are insults, and that is the point. That is just how I feel, no homo.

  • Rick

    What a bunch of cry babies.

  • shooter 1

    Wow the best one is “That’s so [email protected] – Becasue the words [email protected] and stup!d are not interchangeable” ….
    Yes they are!!!

    • Pearl

      that’s so ‘Duke’

      • Rightwing

        three interchangeable words, that mean the exact same thing!

        • Pearl

          if I lived there I would start making t-shirts that said that immediately…let Duke ban the word ‘Duke’ … don’t be such a Duke lol!

  • campus queertards-homofascists

    Those homotards at Duke sure are being bossy.


  • quailblaster

    Homosexual demand tolerance, yet are the most intolerant of all. Now, they are becoming extremely dangerous to a free society.

  • wldtrv

    Well, next we should start to burn books. And how about all that Art that is offensive to me! Nobody seemed to care about that. Where does it stop?

    • quailblaster

      It stops when you are completely enslaved or dead.

      • Rightwing

        hate to say it, but quail’s right. unless…

  • Coffee Advisor

    Is it just me or do those kids look retarded?

    • ElvisMoab

      Just you.

      • Rightwing

        coffee is right, they do look libtarded

  • campus queertards-homofascists

    Way to go Duke!
    You have now reached the level of Galactic Gayness.

    • Rightwing

      there gayness is universal, at least in the libtard universe

      • campus queertards-homofascists


  • Diocletian

    Those who start by banning words end with burning people.

  • wagner

    This article is gay. The author is a b*tch and I’d like to f*ck him up, unless he mans up. No homo.

  • Tony Freeman

    Man up, you bunch of gay pussies!

  • nospam

    That’s so gay. I hope the students man up and take a stand against censorship..now I know that Duke is a private university and censorship rules don’t really apply, but can you imagine the outrage against “censorship” we would have if they banned the phrase “white privilege” or “teabagger” as racist or inflammatory?

    Students at this school really need to grow a pair and stop being such pussies.

    • guest

      apparently, “free and unhindered exchange of ideas” colleges tout only applies to ideas that support Socialist thought.

  • socilasatelite

    The US is a bunch of gay pussies…wow read the whole story it just gets worse

  • Won B Igprick

    They’ve ruined the rainbow too.

  • These fags are such pussies; they really need to man up.

  • Steve Smith

    The language Nazis are at it again. No freedom of speech at Duke.

  • Jim Cody


  • campus queertards-homofascists

    Well, when you’ve got a stuttering neo-Leninist gaygolfmonkey as president, what do you expect from the ignorant children at Duke?

  • Rightwing

    Grow a dick you gay fags, or a vagina, whatever your preverted minds prefer

  • Coffee Advisor

    Those guys look like Obama’s “Pajamaboy”.

    • Daisytoo

      Yes, effete castrati.

  • MichMike

    Please reference ANY of the totalitarian regimes of the past for intimidating free speech. This is what universities, specifically this one, want? So should people avoid these words but kills jews?

  • James Crowley

    Universities have become cesspools of absurdity

  • brooksmd

    How long before the State Department bans travel to Great Britian because of their use of the word fag when referring to cigarettes?

  • skhpcola

    I suspect that these students are majors in some worthless areas of study. If they have time and energy for nonsense such as this, they aren’t pursuing productive degrees. They are special snowflakes to their mommies, but they are useless to civilization. Leftists are filth.

  • Paladin

    The wussification continues… what you get when academicians control…

    • OpieJuanCannoli

      …academicians with tenure who no longer have to prove their worth to society…

  • noseitall

    Time to start burning books.

  • Patriot

    What a bunch of Pussy’s.. Someone should tell those Bitches to “Man Up” and not “Be so gay”. Frigging Homo’s…

  • Ravi

    Obama’s moral compass is to take us to WWIII and hell. Conservative talking heads claim that he is incompetent. They very wrong. he is the pied piper of the universities and main stream media. He is evil and accomplishing his mission of moral destruction of our society, long-term economic stagnation and the destruction and death of the United States via calamitous war with the muslims and joined forces of China and Russian.

  • Jock Doubleday

    Did you know that many gay people have delegitimizing names for straight people? If you didn’t know that, you’d probably be surprised to learn what the specific language is that has been created for this purpose. How do I know that gay people have delegitimizing names for straight people? Because my homosexual friends in L.A., San Francisco and New York use these delegitimizing terms openly. Is it a problem that both gays and straights use terms that attempt to delegitimize each other? It is for control-obsessed persons (who have often graduated into government or academic administrative positions, since such institutions attract control-obsessive persons), persons who believe that the First Amendment was created with a shrug instead of by the blood of men who died for the idea that freedom of speech is sacred. Where does the attempt to ban certain kinds of speech lead? Just look into history.

    • Jock Doubleday

      “Breeder,” a term used by some gay people to talk about straight people, is clearly meant to be an insult. And so what? Will Duke University attempt to ban this particular insult or only those insults aimed at minorities? Will a selective ban on insults be implementable? Wouldn’t such a ban immediately be transgressed, perhaps with additional vigor? . . . How about this: Instead of trying to ban speech, bring people together for an insult-fest at the end of which the winners are those who hug most enthusiastically their insulters and the losers are those who do not allow themselves to be hugged by those whom they have insulted. Words are powerful, but those who do not make the effort to transcend words are doomed always to be their victims.

      • ElvisMoab

        Breeder is a term for self-affirming insecure people who use their children as trophies. Has nothing to do with heterosexuality but rather bad parents.

        • ElvisMoab

          Also see crotchfruit.

  • campus queertards-homofascists

    Do I get a participation trophy just for being gay at Duke?

    • takspyr

      Get a fake Nobel Prize, frame it and hang above your toilet. When you’re about done pizzing and you get the sh, sh, shivers, look at your name on the fake Prize. That is what it is like to be a Liberal and feel like a Liberal each and every day.

  • rkball

    I think being a pussy is derived from the word pussilanimous. At any rate, it means being a wimp. Just like being a tiger means being strong. Nothing to do with females. Nada. This guy is giving it a degrading meaning that it doesn’t have, and then saying “don’t say it”. So, who’s the degenerate?

  • frank marshall

    That’s so Barry . . .

    • OpieJuanCannoli

      And you, sir, win the internets for the day. Algore will stop by with your prize pack later.

      • frank marshall

        Thank you, Master Opie. May the FARCE be with you.

  • Maddock631

    Being a satanist, I demand that the university change the name of the sports teams.
    Using devils in this way is offensive,

    Of course the duke politically correct pussies is still open as a name

  • Jasamine Molly

    Why do most attempts to suppress freedom start in the Universities? It always amazed me in the 60’s that all of the non-conformists looked the same.

  • Sam

    People telling other people what to do should be ignored.

  • campus queertards-homofascists

    I can’t wait for the queertards from MediaGayMatters and GLAAD to get here and start trolling. That’s when the real party starts!


    • OpieJuanCannoli

      those student loans are going to start coming due soon…you can bet that Cass Sunstein will have a new bumper crop of drones lining up for some good work-from-home social action…

  • Angel Hair

    Duke joins the list of Marxist liberal fascist universities (Harvard, Vanderbilt, Wellesley, Brandeis, Penn State, et. al) to avoid sending your children to.

  • bonesrd

    I cannot believe I am stating this….but Sharia has it right on this one!

  • Nfld

    This campaign is so gay.
    Must have been thought up by a PC group consisting of a pussy, a homo and a bitch.
    Time to man up and grow a pair instead of playing the victim.
    Sticks and stones…….

  • takspyr

    The Liberals can’t deal with free speech because they’re all f a g g o t s.

  • Jason_Kahl

    Banning words in a place of learning? Its the indoctrination that is prevalent in higher education. Others will decide what is and is not, YOU are NOT CAPABLE! of Making decisions. If your not in agreement with us, your ignorant and wrong. You do not deserve to be employed or be allowed to live in peace. You WIIL BE HUNTED. Ask the CEO of Modzila

  • Agricolas

    Duke homos need to stop bitching about free speech on campus. Pussies like that need to man up because what they are doing against student freedom is so gay.

  • Jamaica61

    Is Crystal Gail Mangum still a bitch?

  • campus queertards-homofascists

    The university as a “marketplace of ideas” has become a Stalinist re-education camp. Have fun, komrades.

  • BigDaddy

    I guess “Stop being a d1ck” is ok?

    • Pearl

      stop being a duke…don’t be such a duke…that’s so duke

  • Don Lovell

    Duke is FUBAR

  • derpatron5000

    Unemployed conservatives are upset that you can’t say offensive things to people without consequences. News at 11.

    • OpieJuanCannoli

      Interesting. So, all of the theophobes out there who say offensive things about Christianity are wrong as well? I must have missed the campaigns to end the hate speech on “fairy tale” Christianity…

      • derpatron5000

        Christ didn’t complain on the cross. Maybe you should check the victim mentality and follow his example.

        • OpieJuanCannoli

          So, are you saying that the people in this campaign need to check their victim mentality as well? It’s all about equality, right? Or, do you think that there should only be equality for some? Amazing.

          • derpatron5000

            What people? Equality? What are you talking about? Try to focus on the argument here, not the one happening in your mind.

          • OpieJuanCannoli

            Um hm…good try pretending that the hypocrisy does not exist. On the other hand, maybe you are that brainwashed…

          • derpatron5000

            I completely understand where you are coming from. But don’t worry, many people with mental disabilities are able to live productive lives. I mean, not you… but other people.

          • OpieJuanCannoli

            Ha ha…yep, you’ve got me! Your prognosis (and the inability to logically engage the discussion) gives me hope!

    • Guest

      I own the company. Now get back to work.

    • Spare Us Your Pseudo Wisodom

      While the never-employed derpatron500 is offensive just by existing…

      • derpatron5000


  • Jim Wolfson

    That dump must be run by Pajama Boy fȧgs.

  • Agent P

    It’s called: Bolshevism. And these language police are the new (Neo) Bolsheviks. Old news…

  • Gagers55

    What about free speech? What about the F word? What about the words, “ugly”, “fat”, “gross” or how about “cracker”, better ban that. iI can think of a hundred words words and phrases to ban that might be offensive to someone or anyone. Is this just a target for certain people? How about censoring blacks from calling each other the N word. How about banning rap music. See how ridiculous this is? This is beyond ridiculous. Insanity rules…You think you can really ban language? Good grief. Higher education is more like lower education…

  • Name

    And you have to be ‘smart’ to get into this re-education camp. What is truly scary is that it appears that the University has permitted these facists the right to use school property – they are painting this propaganda on a ‘bridge’ on campus. I wonder how long my protest about murdering babies propaganda, painted on a that same bridge would not be desecrated (assuming they even permitted such debate)?

  • NM156

    Drop dead. I say what I want. See you in court.

  • BlownfuelCoupe

    Gay Up.

  • Kevmo

    I’m wondering when calling somebody a pùssy is somehow supposed to be worse than calling them a dïck? If you’re calling somebody by a specific genitalia, it’s not a compliment, so that one’s just stupid.

    Saying “no homo” has nothing to do with actual gay people. It’s a self-deprecating joke about the phrasing of a given conversation.

    “Man up” doesn’t have any bearing on whether you cry or have emotions, and it’s remarkably ignorant to think it has anything to do with that. “Man up” simply means “behaving like a grown man instead of a little boy.”

    Bïtch refers to complaining, people who complain, or who are otherwise unpleasant to be around.

    It’s like a group of ESL students learned a few idiomatic phrases and completely misinterpreted their meanings. The only one of the above “offensive” phrases that actually makes sense as an “offensive” phrase is interchanging stupid and gay.

    • ElvisMoab

      Dick is also on list. This article is lacking many details.

  • campus queertards-homofascists

    Does this mean you can now get that advanced pillow-biting degree at Duke?

  • billybobz

    Duke is so gay!

  • Mikey

    Pussification of America continues! Why would you even go to college nowadays? To learn how to think inside the box. And try not to hurt anybody’s feelings while doing so. Haaaa good grief. Everyone is a victim. The rest of the world is going to push our shi in lol. Because we are forgetting what it means to man up!

  • billybobz

    Nothing hates like filthy, disgusting homoNazis.

  • BlownfuelCoupe

    If you think the Gay Community is the shinning light that will save humanity,
    you are going to be greatly disappointed.

    • Me

      Perhaps they won’t, but the WILL do a FABULOUS job decorating humanity!

  • Ralph Wiggum

    What a bunch of [email protected]gs.

    • takspyr

      Who wear red pajamas and black rimmed glasses, sip coffee and live in their mama’s basement.

  • James Fabins

    What Duke University should do is get a lot of new students that have actually ” Grown a Pair”. If you are so weak that a combination of letters gets you all a twitter then everything will bother you because you let it bother you.

  • Arnold Ripkin

    First these universities banned guest speakers who didn’t tow the socialist line. Now they are denying free speech to the students and faculty. What’s next?

  • JK

    Time for Duke to stop being pusillanimous!

  • BlownfuelCoupe

    These people want to play with words?
    Try this one: Gay used to mean Jovial, now it just means Very Sad.

  • Stebo

    LMAO benjamin ghazi. Seriously, the vast majority of us hetero males are sick to death of having to hear the gays trumpeting their stupid agendas 24/7 through the supremely biased turd thicket that we refer to as the media. You ARE NOT A PROTECTED CLASS, nor should you be until the gay missing link of “I was born gay” is scientific fact. If that is proven at some point, then I recant/retract this entire post.

    In the meantime, take this gay marriage BS and put it where you all know you have plenty of extra room. Does this make me a homophobe? Good. And no, I am not a religious conservative republican and my views are not shaped by political or religious affiliations. As for this ultra BS from Duke, this is protected free speech. You will suffer mighty backlash as you should.

  • john belleville

    WTF is wrong with these people???

  • Dawn

    Sounds gay.

    • Rudy

      Really gay.

      • Nifty

        Uber- tranny fag gay.

  • campus queertards-homofascists

    Lenin is smiling from Hell’s 7th Circle.

  • Nifty

    That’s so GAY. They should MAN UP and NOT BE PUSSIES. NO HOMO, BITCH. Must be created by a BOSSY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT TRANNY.

  • Rudy

    A generation of pussies.

  • Jamaica61

    Crystal Gail Mangum? Are allowed to say “Durham Dirt Bag”?

  • Right

    The guy in the middle doesn’t say “bitch” because he’s afraid of getting his skinny little ass kicked.

    • Jamaica61

      Agreed! But that’s the cool, hip look these days…

      • takspyr

        Right. Red pajamas with black rimmed glasses, sipping on coffee contemplating his navel full of fuzz.

        That’s the ObamaCare fashion look.

        • Right

          Arms are actually skinnier than the woman standing next to him…

          • takspyr

            That’s how the hairy feminazis like their men.

          • Right

            Exactly — he doesn’t say “bitch” because he doesn’t like it when his girlfriend says it to him.

  • BlownfuelCoupe

    I was never homophobic, that is until I attended a Gay Rights Parade, now I give them all the credit.

  • strait talker

    What First Amendment?

  • takspyr

    These are your future leaders. Your future Obamas, Moochels and Eric Holders.

  • Melvin P. Arbuckle

    If Real Americans who work for a living do not try to censor pedophiles who use pseudo-words “teabaggers” and “christofascists” for the purpose of insulting their betters, they why are those pedophiles so hot over controlling the speech of their betters? Shouldn’t they all be down at the park outside of the local elementary school or trading pictures over proxy servers?

  • Right

    The girl doesn’t say “Don’t be a pussy” because it makes her boyfriend cry.

  • Tom

    We need to man up and tell these elitists to shut the hell up.

  • RAPE


  • Oink Trotters

    LGBTQs should be oppressed.

  • Melvin P. Arbuckle

    If your boyfriend is “hurt” by being called a pussy or being told to “man up” then you don’t have a boyfriend… you have a girlfriend.

  • You don’t say? WTF, I’ll tell you pussies who’s not pussies, the Chinese and if you keep acting like a bunch of HOMO’s and don’t Man Up, in 25 years the Chinese are going to own all you little Gay ass Bitches.

    • takspyr

      That’s right! And we make you wear a rice bowl on your head!

  • oborune

    I think this is good. its about time people understand why we should refrain from calling people “bitches” and saying “dont be a pussy”. good job Duke.

    • Jose Whales

      that’s so gay… to have to believe we have to understand it

      • oborune


        • Jose Whales

          the term “Good Job” should be banned … it offends 90% of dumbocraps… who have never held a job

          • oborune

            pffffffffffft. this issue is about changing terms people uses. its a kickstarter for social evolution not trying to take peoples freedom of speech away. You are still welcome to talk like an idiot. But people with standard may look at you funny.

          • Not Sure

            No, this is about trying to force (legislate) people to like and accept people they don’t like and things that they disagree with. Part of being american has always been the right to hate and disagree with anyone you want. And if this continues for another 20 years you can bet your arse that it will undermine our freedom of speech.
            Can anyone over the age of 40 not see that we live in a much less free society than we did 40 years ago? Extrapolate that out a few decades and it isn’t hard to see where we’re headed.

          • oborune

            pfft. this is a private school and if they want to “legislate” people from talking like assholes then that’s what they will do. once you are off of school grounds you can go back to talking like an idiot. this is not a attack on freedom of speech, more like a suggestion on how to not sound like an asshole. you are going to school so maybe you should be open to learning about language and how it affects people around you

          • Not Sure

            I don’t care how it affects people around me. If you insult me it does not matter because in order to be offended I need to respect you first. And I don’t respect you (because I don’t know you).
            And yes, this is a private school grooming the future leaders who will eventually try to legislate our behavior.
            Be well John Spartan.

          • ElvisMoab

            Wow. I was raised to respect all people. That is until they do something to lose my respect for them. No respect for strangers eh? No wonder you have no civility.

          • oborune

            lol. “Respect my ignorance but i don’t have to respect your ideals b/c I don’t know you”

            I think I would be ok with them grooming the leaders of tomorrow if that means they don’t talk like a bunch of back water idiots. the world judges you based on all sorts of thing and i know you may not care but others do. so have fun talking like an idiot, ill be over here judging you for your lack of self control and tact.

            – Happy Canadian.

          • ElvisMoab

            Well put!

          • JoJoJams

            You might want to read “1984”……

          • oborune

            oh go put on a tin foil hat.

    • TokenOfficeGoth

      Apparently the WORST kind of injustice some people have to put up with is to be asked to refrain from bullying and harassing others–woe is them! Poor, downtrodden straight white men! My heart freaking bleeds for them.

      Talk about having zero perspective.

      • Jose Whales

        yes… let’s ban everything that offends someone… yeah, that works

        • TokenOfficeGoth

          Private schools can ban WHATEVER THEY WANT. Free speech laws don’t apply.

          • JoJoJams

            And as for private companies?? (yeah, like Chik Filet…)

          • ElvisMoab

            Free Speech only applies to the relationship between government and citizen.

      • JoJoJams

        Well, whether you’re “offended” or not, you’re still a young blithering idiot. (my apologies to idiots everywhere – I know you’re not all blithering!)

        • TokenOfficeGoth

          Why assume I’m young? I could be an old “blithering idiot.” Honestly, don’t care what you think. I don’t need a poster campaign to teach me to treat other people with respect, NOR do I equate a poster campaign to encourage respect “oppression.” Like I said, your priorities are out of whack.

          • JoJoJams

            Lmao. Because only the young can talk as foolishly as you! 🙂 “If you aren’t “progressive” at 20, you haven’t got a heart – if you aren’t “conservative” at 40, you haven’t got a brain.”

            Yes, someone is trying to instill a stifling of speech, but somehow those opposed to this “1984” and re-writing definitions of words, have their “priorities out of whack”.
            How about people just man up and quit being such babies? Didn’t your momma ever tell you “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me”. It’s not the people speaking whatever words with the problems. It’s the pussies. bitches and metro-boys that can’t take any kind of criticism or words without getting their widdle panties in a bunch.
            Respect is earned. Act like a momma’s boy and you’ll be called a momma’s boy. I give a general respect to all human beings – whether that is raised or lowered is dependent on their own actions, which speak a lot louder than words.

          • TokenOfficeGoth

            “Someone is trying to instill a stifling of speech“ says the guy arguing that the status quo is fine as is and that a poster campaign at a university is tyrannical. You’re cognitive dissonance is astounding. If you take issue with the speech codes at Duke, don’t go to Duke. Simple as that.

      • Right

        Talk about having zero perspective.

        …said by someone who just got done decrying bullying and harrassing — and then immediately proceeded to insult “straight white men”. You can’t make this stuff up! Ah, liberals…

    • Right

      I think this is good. its about time people understand why we should refrain from calling people “bitches” and saying “dont be a pussy”. good job Duke.

      That’s so gay…

      • oborune

        good job on this comment, thank you for taking time time to respond.

        • Right

          I always think I hit the ball out the park with a zinger like that, but then my wife says, “Yeah, it was kind of funny…”

          Here’s the point — how about we say “Don’t insult people because the person you’re insulting will be insulted,” rather than asking them to choose more politically correct insults, so as not to accidentally insult another group of people (who are most likely not going to hear the insult in the first place).

  • speakez6

    Should change the school name from Duke…to Dyke.

  • Abortion is Killing

    I will always live in a world of 5 genders. Man, woman, Girl, boy, and baby.

  • Jose Whales

    they need to ban “Get a Job” it offends all dumbocraps

    • takspyr

      …and move out of your mama’s house. Buy your own crappy insurance.

      • Jose Whales

        … and “welfare”

        • JoJoJams

          Actually, there are those that ARE trying to change the name “welfare”…..

  • Jose Whales

    they need to ban “igonrance is bliss” it offends all college profs and the college administrators

  • Pete Sikes

    So much for Free Speech, huh?

    • ElvisMoab

      So much for people like yourself understanding what the First Amendment and Free Speech actually means.

      • Pete Sikes

        I know that denying the use of words for certain people, while allowing other people to use those same words, is NOT Free Speech.

      • Pete Sikes

        I means I can say tons of words you find offensive or politically incorrect, as long as I don’t directly threaten you. That is why it exists, to ensure political speech is not interfered with.

        • ElvisMoab

          Getting warmer… Yes political speech is protected. That’s all. Nothing in this story is about restraining political speech. And the First Amendment won’t protect you if you threaten (verbally or otherwise) someone regardless if they are an elected official or private citizen.

  • Not Sure

    We’ve taken care of everything
    The words you read, the songs you sing
    The pictures that give pleasure to your eyes
    It’s one for all and all for one
    We work together, common sons
    Never need to wonder how or why

    • Right

      Hold the red star proudly high in hand!

      • JoJoJams

        We are the priest of the temple of Syrinx ~
        All the gifts of life are held within our walls

        RUSH RULES~!~! That album (2112) is what got me jamming and writing. Great concept album!

        And yes….the shoe is fitting this article and foolishness of these CHILDREN at the university quite well….

        • Right

          Saw them in concert 2 years ago with my son. Third row center — best concert I’ve ever been to!

          This song, as political commentary, is sadly ironic — the band members are liberals and this song was clearly intended to portray a dystopian future in which right-wing anti-music clerics enforced rigid behavioral conformity. However, it is liberals who really turned out to be the “it doesn’t fit the plan” thought police.

  • dnarex

    Might as well ban swearing while they’re at it. It would be just as effective.

  • publius327

    The sooner people accept that “avoiding offense” policies are selective and not universally applied, the sooner we can mature as a culture.

    • Jose Whales

      “avoiding offense” would hurt the head duke football coach’s feelings… it should be banned

      • publius327


  • Right

    What’s unintentionally comical about this, is they apparently have no objection to you insulting another person — they just want to make sure that you insult that person in a politically-correct way, lest you accidentally insult someone else. Kind of like that old line, “Don’t call him a horse’s ass — that’s an insult to horse’s asses!”

  • tjhawk

    “Blue Devils United, a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer student advocacy group”
    I’m a bit behind on what everyone is calling each other these days, so maybe someone can help me.
    What is the definition of “queer?”

    • JoJoJams

      The 1) spot in the dictionary is: strange or odd from a conventional viewpoint; unusually different;

      And that they are. So, they are trying to redefine words (so typical of regressive “progressives”) in order to legitimize what they do, so that they can feel “good” about themselves.

      • tjhawk

        Thanks for the response. When I was young queer = gay.
        So now queer means “everyone else we haven’t found a category for yet.”

  • Kyle McRitchie

    what a bunch of fags

  • DoILookLikeAPeoplePerson

    …meanwhile, Leftist Hollywood movie makers will continue utilizing these words and phrases ad nauseum…

  • gekkobear

    I recall one year when I was in college we were given a full page list of things “not to say” just to be implemented for Senior weekend when the prospective new students would be visiting.

    About 40 of us, bored that weekend, sat on the curb outside the dorm and chanted the list for a couple hours. Quite a few very offensive phrases/comments in that list too.

    They quit giving us speech codes after that; the one year they had issues were the ones they created; apparently they learned more from that than we did.

  • Pro_usa1776

    What a bunch of Pu$$ies. 😎

  • Questionlol

    I laughed at “genderqueer” being preferred over Tranny.

  • Whimsicalrogue

    This article refers to “banned words” and uncritically quotes a professor (in an unrelated field) mentioning “censoring.”

    Nowhere does this article actually say that these words are being censored or that students who use them will face negative consequences.

    In fact, it says “word-discouragement” right at the top, suggesting that compliance is voluntary. Why speak of “banned words” later on, then?

    This is another example of moral panic by the media over perceived political correctness in post-secondary education. Attempting to shift the conversation is not censorship.

  • Joe

    Think of it in terms of National Destiny. Future generations will never forgive this generation if real men and women let the country be dragged down by sniveling in-betweens.

    And they would be right.

  • Ken Lane

    Being ridiculous with another remark because it somehow indicates a gender bias is just another sign of being a mindless twit.

    How about, “Grow the hell up and develop a brain!”

    Is that offensive? Lord, I hope so!

  • dbt3481

    “but he observed that proponents of the campaign appear to have a narrow agenda.”

    Yes, think as I think or be eliminated. You know, the tolerant left…

  • I’m more offended by “banned” than I am by any of these phrases. The little stalins of whackademia at Duke have already shown that they are capable and willing to try to ruin innocent people’s lives for the sake of their flamin’ proggy “consciences”. They have no right to presume to instruct other people in any kind of sensitivity.

  • Nathan Doyle

    Calling someone a pussy has nothing to do with gender, pussy is short for pusillanimous, meaning lacking courage or conviction

    • Joe

      Ya think?

      When we used it (a LOT), we meant pussy. You know, the hairy, fishy variety.

  • MarvLS1

    “Liberal In Name Only” speech police are at it again. And they have the nerve to call conservatives fascists! Ha!

    The best part is all these leftists who have been pushing the militant pro-“gay” agenda for decades couldn’t stop the young people they tried to brainwash from understanding the basic fact that “gay” is a negative thing.

  • The Horse

    Man up. This is really gay. No homo, but don’t be a pussy, bitch.

  • dude911

    the most offensive part of it is that they think they have the power to ban free speech

  • Outacontrol

    Nothing wrong with Man Up. Also, academic administration attracts idiots like no other career.

    • ratamacue76

      “Also, academic administration attracts idiots like no other career.” … except for maybe politics.

  • Dinah

    These pussies need to man up and quit being gay about this!

    “They train young men to drop fire on people. But their commanders won’t
    allow them to write ‘fuck’ on their airplanes because it is obscene.” Marlon Brando as Col. Kurtz in Apocalypse Now


      “now, what’s more obscene than dropping fire on people?”

  • john12340

    As long as we get to keep “retarded”. You can have everything else.

  • Anon12343211

    The more you censor, the more we will resist you.

  • p

    this campaign is so gay.

  • Orville_J_Clutchpopper

    Ya know….. It just doesn’t get any more stupid than this……

  • Arthur

    Perhaps one is right to get annoyed when some says “don’t use that word!” But if you’re annoyed by this campaign, you ought to ask yourself why. Are you upset by someone making the case that language has power and that calling someone the word fag, for example, can be hurtful? I, for one, have no interest in banning anyone’s use of phrases like ‘man up’ or ‘stop being a pussy,’ but banning the words is not what’s on the table here. It’s a campaign to change attitudes. That’s not banning. That’s not a step in the direction of banning language, and it’s not an affront to the First Amendment.

    You can be mad that a group of Duke students wants to change the way people talk, but for goodness’ sake, this about getting people to think twice before calling a guy a fag if you don’t think he’s acting manly enough, or calling a lady a bitch if she speaks her mind. People still have all the right to use that kind of language, but if you want to, for example, tell a person to ‘man up,’ you should be aware of the effects of your words. You are by definition trying to change someone’s actions and attitudes to align with your own. And I’m sorry, but phrases like ‘man up’ are not about encouraging masculine behavior. As a dude who goes to college with a lot of other dudes, I know how the phrase is used and what it means. It’s meant to shame a person into behaviors that often involve binge drinking, pranking, or illegality – or as Hendrickson seems to think of it, masculinity.

    • Not Sure

      Now you’re talking about peer pressure. That will never go away. They will just replace “man up” with something else.
      You chicken McFly? Nobody calls me chicken.

    • Joe

      Don’t be so gay.

    • Just remember one thing, what you enforce on others comes back to bite you in the butt in the end.

    • Joe

      You know, in a just and ordered society, shaming has a positive utility.

      You look at REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE and an undisciplined trouble maker is called a punk and thereby encouraged to clean up his act.

      A promiscuous girl, who might otherwise catch and spread STDs, have an illegitimate child (who end up in crime and costing taxpayers), is shamed into trying at least to settle on one man.

      One who is fat, to trim down and become healthier.

      But who REALLY needs to be shamed are those who engage in deviant acts, for which there are no redeeming public qualities. It degrades morals, impacts children, is a massive financial drain on society and spreads deadly, contagious and incurable diseases.

      As such, words and actions condemning deviant and negative behavior serves a vital, correcting purpose in society.

      Corrective words should be ENCOURAGED, not banned.

  • Jesse Pennabaker

    ACTUALLY, “pussy” has nothing to do with gender. You’d think a school as highly regarded as Duke would know this.
    “Pussy” doesn’t mean “vagina” when you say “don’t be a pussy”; It is short for “pusillanimous” – showing a lack of courage or determination.

  • mikelorrey

    I find “Duke” to be a sexist referent to a patriarchal title of male-dominant feudal aristocracy and should be abolished.

  • Scott Wilson

    What kind of pussy came up with this crap?

  • Scott Wilson

    This article is so gay I could only read about a third of it before I had to stop.

  • guest_92

    This is a voluntary campaign encouraging people to use different words. No one is talking about banning the words themselves. What’s the problem? Stop calling people trying to persuade and make social change “totalitarians”. If you have an alternative reason why “That’s gay” or whatever is a positive thing, make your own meme and try to convince people otherwise. The right to free speech does not mean you are shielded from other people saying that /what/ you say has problems.

    • Nano

      The goal of social change is policy change i.e. legislative change. These people want it to be illegal to say anything that disturbs their world. And then when that is accomplished, it will be very damaging to free speech

  • safsdfas

    It’s funny, my immediate thought it ‘this is the gayest thing I’ve ever seen’

  • pathetic

    Note that none of these images read, “I don’t say [XXXX] because the government would throw me in prison, take away my rights, and/or persecute me for it.” Asking someone to make the DECISION not to use language that they KNOW is hurtful and offensive–especially when there are plenty of ways to say the same thing without purposely offending people–is not even close to “censorship”. Unless someone can make a counter-argument that recognizes the distinction between actual censorship and somebody requesting that you choose not to perform harmful speech actions, all of your “wahhh waahhhh but my free speech!” arguments are invalid.

  • M. Randolph Kruger

    Did someone suddenly suspend the Constitution?. You can SAY anything in accordance with the law eg. no running into the theater and saying fire.

    Duke University-Kiss my entire, white, AS$. I will call you a Bitc_h, a Hom_o, a PUS$Y, and G_AY if I want. Even if you arent. This is more damned politically correct and total bullsh_it.

    We dun beat them bassurds in 1778. Kiss my butt ! Supreme Court here I come.

  • cfc912

    Man up and stop being such faggots, you fucking cunts!

  • off_leash

    Perhaps homosexuals should consider giving back the word “gay” that they co-opted.

    • Joe

      And the rainbow they’ve per- verted.

  • Doug

    What a bunch of pussies

  • Darth Chocolate

    I guess the phrase “Go F*** Yourself” is still permitted?

  • dennis1960

    This is so gay.

  • JungleCogs

    The death of free speech.

    • Joe

      Not yet.

      Not by a long shot.


    Homosexuals are so mentally / emotionally unstable that they cannot handle anything but 100% support / validation for their fecal fetish without being driven (by their own admission) to depression, addiction and suicide, so all this “hate speech” and “word policing” is actually a matter of survival for homosexuals.

  • BillyBEAT

    I’ll say whatever the hell I feel like saying.

  • lecram

    Freedom of speech does not mean you have the right not to be offended. It means you can say as you wish, no matter how ugly it may be. If free speech were to cause actual physical harm (yelling ‘fire’ in a theatre as an example) or a proven lie that caused harm to another, then that person would become liable either criminally or civilly. I’m assuming the PHD’s at these universities have never studied a document called the Constitution. Maybe that should be a requirement before given authority to instruct others.

  • Gryff

    Thought control is good for Amerika.

  • sukietawdry

    “My goal is to…. help facilitate discussion about how language affects many social issues, from race to gender and sexuality.”

    No, your goal is to police speech.

  • Mad_Gorilla

    What a load of crap! This just illustrates how PC this country has gotten. There are only two genders: male and female. At most, those with a preference for the same sex are a very small, but extraordinarily vocal, segment of the population. Everybody should have the same basic rights, but all this kowtowing to that segment is not only ridiculous, its dangerous.

  • Mark Wandrey

    When you let someone else decide what you can’t say, before long they’ll be deciding what you must say.

    Fuck you, Duke.

  • oborune

    Take a look at all the comments on this. Most of them are angry and hate filled. maybe this poster was a good idea, maybe its got people talking. the sad point is that we could have a discussion about language but too many ignorant people are just mashing there hate into the keyboard. gg merica gg

    • Joe

      First off, it’s “their” not “there” in that context.

      Second, it’s not hate, as much as it is disgust (at what homosexuals DO), coupled with anger at the audacity of a deviant and heavily-diseased subset of society arrogantly presuming to tell us what we can and cannot say.

      We’ve pretty much had it with the Gaystapo’s tactics of personal destruction (such as how the sweet and beautiful Carrie Prejean was taken out by the angry and lisping Perez Hilton).

      Essentially, the Normals are rapidly approaching that tipping point that says: ‘enough is enough!’ if not there already.

    • Atilla Thehun

      Nobody’s mashing hate – at least as I read it. Intelligent, fair-minded people realize that individuals – all individuals have the right to independent opinion about anything. Now how they act is a different story. Duke is trying to suppress/repress/oppress expression of opinion. There’s a recognized term for that: boneheaded.

      • oborune

        All duke is doing is saying. “Please dont use these words”. But so many of you are freaking out and getting all 1984 crazy. Lol conservative are so funny.

    • Chuck Pelto

      TO: All
      RE: oborune

      Another PC apologist.

      ’nuff said.

  • ratamacue76

    This is dumb. We have the right to free speech, not the right to never be offended. Political correctness is a corrosive societal disease.

  • Nixon

    These people need to learn something my mother taught me in grade school. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

  • jennaz

    You know what’s gay?

    This policy. Totally freakin’ gay.

    • Chuck Pelto

      Gay is a one-word oxymoron.

      And this policy at Duke is just proof to the reality of that.

  • Davole

    Those mentally challenged so-called students probably brag to everyone that they have been admitted to Dupe University!

  • To all university professors and grads-changing language will not solve the problems of our society. You want to end racism and stop discrimination? Find a logical solution and stop telling people to not stand up for themselves and say what is on their minds. By being “politically correct,” you still encourage racism and discrimination with sugar coated language. This paranoia started in Russia before they turned communist. Have you forgotten that bad lesson? Remember what you enforce on the masses comes to bite you in butt in the end when you are faced with jail time for speaking your mind in a society that no longer tolerates free speech!

  • Alexander Hugo

    Why are such hateful and vulgar comments even allowed here? where are the moderators?

    • Joe

      Where? I don’t see any. I see a bunch of fed up Americans.

      Not too many vulgar Deviant comments though.

      Guess that’s because they’re pu$$ies.

  • Law Student

    Next thing you know, hiring strippers will be criticized too

  • Jim Alderson

    We are in the process of becoming a dictatorial society which could eventually turn on the left as they have been turning on the traditionalists. We must remain a society free to express itself even if it offends some of us.

  • Dana

    Lets see when they ban their right to live. That is the end of it.

    The I.Q. nowadays is so low that people are asking for dictatorship, just because the controlled media tell that is cool and tolerant.

    Hitler, Stalin, all dictators, it was sooo easy, look at this morons! You just need to say that it is “tolerant” “human” “no racist” and done!

    They will defend the genocide of anyone who dont say the “correct word” and they will sleep well thinking they are good people!!!

    Just wait until this happens with them… it is just a matter of time.

    • Chuck Pelto

      Ever read Kornbluth’s The Marching Morons?

      Written in the 1950s, this science fiction classic predicted this.

  • Rmic

    Man, that is so gay ! Nothing like as herd of Bossy P. C. tyrants trying to force their immoral, degenerate warped, disgusting and destructive world view on the rest of us. Hopefully the rest of the county will Man Up !

  • TruthAreLies

    Duke is being Bossy.

  • bflat879

    The university system of the United States is becoming nothing more than a progressive propaganda mill. The more words you can’t say, the more restricted your speech becomes. Should there be words you can’t say? No, none, including some really bad ones. However, if you offend someone and they take offense, don’t be surprised at the result.

    You can’t teach people to be responsible for their speech, but they will get the point, after a while, of what is approved of by people. These same people who don’t want us to be able to say “man up” also want us to be forced to listen to the “f” word in half the movies we view. Be careful whose speech you restrict, those things have a habit of coming out wrong.

    • Chuck Pelto

      RE: The Key Indicator Was….

      ….when they started establishing Free Speech Zones.

      And it all started with the 100′ restriction on protesting at abortion mills on public streets.

      [Camels….Noses….and Tents…..]

      P.S. And it’s not going to stop until all of US stop it.

      Our safety, our liberty, depends upon preserving the Constitution of the United States as our fathers made it inviolate. The people of the United States are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution. — Abraham Lincoln

      • Joe

        Ya’ know what? Students ought to snap back, making their own T-shirtsthat have a map of the USA, emblazoned with the words FREE SPEECH ZONE.

  • Chuck Pelto

    Nuspeak, anyone?

  • jr565

    The people appearing in this poster are a bunch of hom*s who need to man up and stop acting like a bunch of p*ssies.

    • Alexander Hugo

      how is censoring 1 letter make a difference

  • PapayaSF

    I’m a straight white male. What words do I get to tell people to not use?

    • tjhawk

      None. Now just sit there quietly and think about all of the people you have oppressed you sexist racist.

      • PapayaSF

        Stop othering me!!1!

  • chalons

    Totalitarian dweeb thought police pansies run amok. Pathetic.

    College is supposed to prepare people for the world, not shelter fragile hypersensitive egos from it.

  • Jesse Fortner

    The article keeps referring to the words as “banned,” but it doesn’t indicate what punishment there is for using it.

    Guys, a voluntary campaign isn’t totalitarian.

  • kywildchild

    I just got to know…Is “Grow a pair !” gender neutral enough for those who are overly sensitive, sexually deviant, tolerant until they feel like they’re offended, then become intolerant, full of hate, spewing venomous slurs at those who disagree with us crowd?

    • Joe

      Dunno about that, unless it’s addressed to someone like Anne Heche, suggesting she become built more like Kate Upton (oh.. hells yes).

  • Joe

    This has to be a sign of the impending apocalypse. ..

  • Foolish Pride

    Lacrosse players falsely accused of rape and character assassinated, Miriam Weeks, and now this? Duke stinks of something.

  • Davzo

    “Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.”