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How The Left Fights Dirty On Campus: Mob Rule

video that went viral this week shows a group of students at Portland State University who stormed a scholarly panel talk and continuously chanted “we will not be silenced in the face of your violence” among other profanity-laced insults until the event was shut down.

The video may offer a shocking display of campus mob rule to those who are not accustomed to what’s going on at colleges these days, but as someone who has personally been on the receiving end of such vitriolic attacks, I can tell you it’s far more normal than you might think.

Many have heard of the feminist studies professor at UC Santa Barbara who stormed off with a teenage prolifer’s sign, then engaged in an altercation with her when she went to retrieve her property, a scuffle that has left the educator facing criminal battery charges.

The professor, Mireille Miller-Young has since pleaded not guilty. She’s got a lot of nerve.

One part of the story that is not as widely known is what happened prior to the professor’s theft and assault. I can tell you about it. I was there.

I was among 13 pro-life students who exercised our right to free speech on that sunny afternoon in March. I was actually the first one to speak with Professor Young.

When the incident began I was using the sign in the “free-speech zone” to start conversations with people passing by. I began a calm, rational conversation with Professor Young, asking her what her thoughts were on our position and our sign.

She immediately raised her voice and spoke condescendingly, accusing me of using “fear tactics” to coerce women.

“I have a PhD, three degrees more than you do!” she yelled, smiling. At one point, she threw the pamphlet I had handed her at me.

“Do you even go here?” she asked me. “There’s no way you have the right to be here.”

I told Miller-Young that she could ask the administration whether we had the right to promote our cause on campus. She refused, saying she knew we had no right to remain.

After about 10 minutes of Miller-Young talking over me and yelling obscenities, a group of about 15 students gathered around us and watched the spectacle, as the professor continued her rant.

Before Miller-Young had begun, some of the students had been having reasonable discussions with us, but now they joined the professor and, following her example, mocked us and our work.

Professor Young started waving her arms, and walked back and forth between us and the students, insisting to them that we were liars.

Each time I tried to speak to Miller-Young, she would interrupt to yell at me. I also talked to at least three of the students who had gathered around. Because the situation was already hostile, however, and they threw insults me.

Then the professor turned to the students and said, “What are we going to do about this? Should we tear down their sign?” She started a chant with most of the students: “Tear down the sign!” Three or four from my group approached individual people in an attempt to prevent the mob that was forming.

When Professor Young saw this, she shouted: “No! They’re just trying to separate us. We have to stick together!”

She muscled herself between at least two of us who had started one-on-one conversations and tried to start the chant again, but this time it didn’t take hold.

At this point Professor Young walked toward me, and I backed up, thinking she might hit someone. Instead, she yanked the sign from my friend, and asked two students to join her.

When she turned back and saw our other sign, Professor Young called out: “Oh look! They have another one!” One of the students tagging along with her said, “You’d better guard your other sign, ‘cause we’ll take that too.”

Miller-Young also addressed people eating lunch in the plaza: “We are taking their sign because they have no right to be here. We’re taking care of this.” Turning to us she shouted, “I may be a thief, but you’re a terrorist.”

Two of my peers followed her into the building, and I remained outside, shaken and upset.

Professor Young could have calmly discussed the issue or even ignored us, but she chose to be personally insulting and both verbally and physically abusive with a peaceful group of younger women.

The confrontation at UCSB that day, as well as the one that recently took place at Portland State, has brought under the public gaze the disturbing and dangerous situation that every believer in freedom of speech now faces on campuses.

Mairead McArdle is a student at St. Thomas Aquinas College.

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    God bless you for your courageous work!

  • ronfurg

    What can one say but Ab******* Cd****** Ef****** Gh******!

  • jumper297

    This is the norm on universities anymore… and it’s so concerted I’m sure it’s no accident. Not that I believe that the professors are part of some vast conspiracy, but rather these ignorant, hateful, willfully stupid instructors are selected because they are a known quantity. Tenure then makes it impossible to fire them. I was asked to leave a class at Clemson because a communications professor decided to get up and lecture us about the evils of Republicans and then, inexplicably, threw in the Kosovo situation from the 90’s. As a veteran I had a little first hand knowledge of what happened there. I also wasn’t some moon-eyed 18 year old with no worldly experience, so when I suggested that her synopsis of the crisis may have been flawed she went absolutely ballistic. I’ve never seen a temper tantrum like this from an adult. When I tried to restate my case she went full headcase, stormed out, and called campus police saying that I was being “threatening.” Despite a few in the class sticking up for me, out I went.

    Unfortunately, this generation completely lacks the distrust of authority that marked the youth of the past. They’re spoon fed this nonsensical radicalism and ask for seconds. They then become just like the professors; no critical thinking skills and an inability to react rationally when their misguided belief is challenged.

    • kaymad

      What is ironic is they are the authority now, but don’t see themselves in that way. Who was it in the Obama administration that said early on that she was ‘speaking truth to power’, I was thinking you ARE the power you idiot.

      • NewClassTraitor

        They used to be about “fighting the man” — so they could set THEMSELVES up as “the man”

  • Richard

    That debate was far smarter, cerebral, and intellectual than anything any white people can put together. White people you are the past. Kill yourself. The world is sick of you.

    • frank

      that’s right my friend, da niggas is intellectual, can follow a point and don’t need to cheat to win.

    • That debate was far smarter, cerebral, and intellectual than anything any white people can put together.

      Of course, Richard must be using the non-heteronormative/non-patriarchal/abundant melanin meanings of the terms “smarter,” “cerebral” and “intellectual.”

    • SamHamilton

      What are you talking about? This article was about abortion protestors.

    • Brad Bettin

      Well, that was stupid ….

    • kaymad


    • Shootist

      . . the mean IQ of Sub-Saharan Africans is 67, Europeans, 100, and Jews, 115. Four of every thousand Europeans have IQs in excess of 140, along with 23 European Jews in every thousand. These are huge differences and have equally huge implications.

      This is the news that should be reported. But people are frightened of the facts and their implications.

      • Realistick

        I’m one of the four. But, what does that have to do with hijacking the debate? Honestly, I thought this debate, when I saw video of it, must be a joke, or some odd debate format that I’m unfamiliar with. It appears this was a legitimate debate competition, which just means that this is no longer a measure of debate success, rather it’s just like the rest of society in that it wants to reward spectacle over substance. The sad part is, the ladies who won seem especially thoughtful and erudite when interviewed post “victory”. Did they need to resort to such antics to win? When did following rules become a straight white thing? That mindset is going to drag those very folks down.

    • Dr Why

      Say what?

    • Behind_You1

      I think we got a Media Matters troll here.

    • Roger V. Tranfaglia

      Thank you!…..Now go make us a sandwich……….

  • physicsnut

    check this out and see where it gets support:
    See page 238 of “Coloring the News. How Crusading for Diversity Has Corrupted American Journalism” by William McGowan.

    Arthur Sulzberger Jr … said
    “If white men were not complaining, it would be an indication we weren’t succeeding and making the inroads that we are.”

  • brianreilly


  • PinkleyTaurus

    The opposite of diversity is university.

  • Power corrupts, and the power to shame, silence and exclude non-proggs from one’s own academic anthill corrupts as much as any other power does.

  • Linds

    Why is it that every time I see a thoughtful, intelligent article that I want to share with friends, somebody has to show up and crap all over the comment section with bizarre racist rhetoric. Either somebody pays these people to troll conservative and libertarian articles with this garbage, or somebody needs to keep their crazy Uncle Earl off the interwebs. This is why we can’t have anything nice on our side of the aisle, guys.

    • DD

      Liberal hoaxers, we used to call it fraud but hey. The same leftist types who showed up waving racist signs in front of the liberal MSM at tea party rallies before being asked to leave are doing their best to smear conservative articles.

  • Dr Why

    Oh, those zany Negroes !!

  • Mark Power

    Progressives are pure evil. But a civil war is coming where we will rid ourselves of these vermin. Voter registration addresses are public information.

  • ellens

    In the future, film it.

  • sixerfixer1976

    Not only is it the norm on universities, it has been so since the Sixties. It is the Left’s God-given right to protest, intimidate and assault — if they think that they can get away with it — any and all who disagree with them. Good Heavens, have you any idea the caterwauling that would take place if the Right tried the same tactics? You couldn’t say spit before you would be permanently castigated as a fascist, not to mention permanently expelled or fired regardless of your tenure.

    The Left has never had any problem with enforcing a double standard and the Right has let them get away with it all these years. Take note of the idiot professor’s tactics — it’s right out of Abbie Hoffman’s playbook. Of course it’s shameful and hypocritical but it’s also the norm; what are you going to do about it?

    • VelikaBuna

      When you characterize this issue in political terms I disagree with you. The problem is much more complex than left/right. Both are intolerant in their own ways. I think you are missing the point here.

      • richard40

        But on colleges today, this sort of intolerance and speech suppression comes almost completely from the left.

  • LeLeMans

    The solution is to start expelling students and firing professors. And defund any school that refuses to do so.

    • Sage Basil

      that’s right, the solution to purging is more purging.

  • Spottswood

    Paintball guns at 3 paces, Bear-grade pepperspray and the entire Wak Fu dojo on retainer in case the Lef t ards get really stupid.

    Zipcuffs to pile them neatly outside the conference hall, while you continue with your presentation uninterrupted.

    If they continue to yowl, their own underwear and socks makes great gags (because we know what a high premium those “98 Percenters” place on personal hygiene).

    Make them feel pain whenever they act out of line.

    Post the video of their humiliation on YOU TUBE, be sure to pose with them as you would having bagged a 12-point buck.

    Very Pavlovian and the kinda communication they understand.

  • Sage Basil

    now faces? Has faced for 40 years. The commies took over 40 years ago, and like they like to say, power concedes nothing without a fight.