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Notre Dame Denies Official Recognition to Pro-Traditional Marriage Student Group

A relatively new student group at the University of Notre Dame formed to defend traditional marriage has been denied official recognition as a campus club at the Catholic institution.

The decision to reject Students for Child-Oriented Policy was made first by the Club Coordination Council, a branch of Notre Dame’s student government, then ratified recently by Margaret Hnatusko, director of the student activities office.

“In evaluating a proposal, approval is based is on several things,” Hnatusko explained in her April 30 denial letter. “We consider the general purpose of a club, uniqueness to campus, proposed activities, a clear constitution, a strong understanding of budget planning, projected membership, opportunity for membership among other things.”

“The … mission of your club closely mirrored that of other undergraduate-student clubs on campus which served the intended interests of this club,” she continued. “As such, the Club Coordination Council felt there was not a need for another similar type club. … I regret to inform you that Students for Child-Oriented Policy will not be recognized by the Student Activities Office as a university student club.”

But the decision comes after Students for Child-Oriented Policy has been embroiled in an ongoing battle at Notre Dame over the university’s apparent apathy over the battle to support traditional marriage, as well as the Catholic college’s recent and strong support for the homosexual community.

During the 2013-14 school year at Notre Dame, a gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning student group called PrismND was established, hosting events on “National Coming Out Day” that encouraged students to “come out.”

The university also established a pastoral plan “for the support and holistic development of GLBTQ and heterosexual students.” A video the university put out last month touts its homosexual athletes.

Students for Child-Oriented Policy had emerged during the start of the spring semester to stand against the university’s trend toward accepting and embracing homosexuality and gay marriage.

In March, the fledgling group launched a petition that called on administrators to “make a clear stand in support of the true definition of marriage and to take serious and sustained action to improve the public understanding of this natural institution.”

The effort met with backlash from some Notre Dame students, who launched a counter-petition.

This counter-petition not only opposed official recognition of SCOP, but also asked university officials to renounce it “unless (its members) reformulate club policy, in which childhood outcomes should not be included as a defense against marriage.”

As for the recent decision to reject Students for Child-Oriented Policy as an official campus group, university officials downplayed the issue.

Notre Dame spokesman Dennis Brown told the National Catholic Register, which first reported the news, that the club’s denial is “not unusual.”

“Over the past five years, 31 percent of club applications at the University of Notre Dame have been denied, most of those for the same reason — that they duplicated another club’s purpose, explained Brown. SCOP was one of six proposed clubs whose applications were denied this spring.”

Students for Child-Oriented Policy plan to appeal the decision, according to a comment on the group’s Facebook page.

“For now, we have been denied recognition from SAO based on a recommendation from the Club Coordination Council,” stated Timothy Bradley. “There is an appeal process and we are exploring some other avenues to reverse the decision.”

College Fix contributor Dominic Lynch is a student at Loyola University Chicago.

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  • libertees

    Yea, who needs the hassle of living your values.

  • Tim Nolan

    And if you were Catholic, this was “the” school to go to.

    • Zach Peterson

      Now it’s open enrollment to sodomites only.

      • Guest

        cino – catholic in name only. lump in georgetown, marquette. jesuits coming out of the bath houses will hate reading this.

      • Tim Nolan

        Catholic Schools are not very Catholic. I graduated from Marquette. Nothing terribly Catholic about it. The priests and sisters were radical leftists (and this was back in the mid-90s). I don’t think much has changed. I would never send a son or daughter there, ever. I can send them to state school and they hear the same left wing dribble. The difference being, the left wingers at the Catholic school are actually more radical and aggressive. Why is that I wonder?

        • Tim Nolan

          and private school costs more. pay premium to hob nob with a holes

  • bubbler_boy

    This is a violation of free speech and religious discrimination…if I was a lawyer, I would be up there now slapping them around the court room. If you will not allow one political group, you cannot allow another…so by nature of gay rights groups being on campus, this group should be allowed too. No matter what your opinion is. My personal opinion is call the marriage by another name and give them the same rights…theology is clear on the gay issue but that is theology and not law.

  • Majolica

    And where’s the bishop in all this? You know, he has the power to forbid them to use the word “Catholic” in their description of themselves.

    Here in central Massachusetts, Bishop McManus firmly drew the line a few years ago. He told one of the schools in Worcester – I think it was Holy Cross – that if they had Planned Parenthood on their campus to participate in an event, it would lose its authorization to describe itself as “Catholic.”

    The college thumbed its nose at the bishop, had Planned Parenthood come in exactly as planned, and then our noble bishop – caved. No designation of “Catholic” was withdrawn. That’s the kind of brave episcopal oversight that’s being exerted nowadays.

  • potusWORTHLESS

    I am Catholic…phuck liberal notre dame!
    Tired of so called Catholic schools giving in to the PC police?

  • Wulf

    All natural birth will be outlawed by the year 2050. Only test-tube babies and same-sex marriage will be allowed. Of course Skynet computers will probably wipe out most of mankind in 2100, so maybe it doesn’t matter.

  • JimBobJones1

    State by state this country is going to HELL. When the traitor politicians hand this country, the once greatest country in the world, over to the vermin illegal aliens and their fat retarded anchor babies the USA is finished. Just like God gave up Rome when it was taken over by perverts and “immigrants”. You fools allowed this to happen by apathy and giving your votes away for free sxxxht rather than working for what you have with integrity and morality. You with your bong hits, video games, porn and Obama Bucks free money have let this once great country to to szzt. May you all suffer the consequences and burn in HELL.

  • leroy

    LKLW…’only a fool, encumbered by hubris….believes only his beliefs must rein’.

    • jumpstart

      your going to force him to use his dictionary, if he has one.

      • LKLW

        Jumpstart: another simpleton who doesn’t know the difference between ‘rein’ and ‘reign’.

    • LKLW

      No, unlike you cretins, I’m neither inbred nor home schooled. Now, are you sure you mean “rein” and not “reign”? Jumpstart is probably running for his dictionary.

  • Da Kong

    A university should not allow a student group whose raison d’etre is hatred. Would people feel comfortable with a student group that wears white hoods and advocates uppity minorities getting what they deserve? Would they feel comfortable with a Nazi-themed group that advocates the university dorms and classrooms be segregated along racial lines, and that Hillel house be booted off campus? Perhaps a group that issues everybody a little red book and holds events where they pillory class traitors and demand professors undertake self-criticisms while they burn religious icons and cultural treasures. If those latter examples are unacceptable, so should a group be whose purpose is to deny equal rights to any class of fellow citizens.

    • john_koenig

      Yet they allow anti-Semitic groups all the time. These Jew-hating scum hide behind empty tripe such as “anti-Zionist” and “pro-Palestinian” slogans.

      • Da Kong

        Zionism is the doctrine of resettling the Holy Land with Jews at the expense of every other group. It is the Israeli equivalent of Manifest Destiny. Opposing it is equivalent to opposing Apartheid under the White minority government in South Africa. It is possible to oppose the policy and to support the right of current occupants (Palestinians) to live in peace on land that is theirs, without hating Jews, just as it was and is possible for Black South Africans to oppose Apartheid without hating Whites. There are of course people who call themselves anti-Zionist and pro-Palestinian who hate Jews reflexively, just as there are people who call themselves pro-Israel who hate Muslims and Palestinians (the two are not synonymous) reflexively or people who call themselves Republicans who hate minorities reflexively.

        • john_koenig

          I rest my case.

  • United F A G G O T S Forever

    I pledge allegiance to the United Homosexuals of America and to the their republic for which they bend over, one nation under Satan, with liberty and justice for only us.

  • physicsnut

    Deuteronomy 28
    “The alien who is among you shall rise above you higher and higher, but you will go down lower and lower. He shall lend to you, but you will not lend to him; he shall be the head, and you will be the tail.”

  • Nfld

    Notre Dame is heading to he11 in a handbasket. No big surprise there. The Catholic church is losing it’s power over the traditional adherents and now kowtows to perverse special interest groups.

    America is becoming the new Sodom & Gomorrah.

  • TheTruthIsNotPC

    But they did offer recognition to the “Sodomy Is Natural” group…

  • Your Anger is a Gift

    I fired 4 people who worked for me that are gay, I am tired of this crap. I have just enough people who work for people to skirt by the law.

  • Reader11722

    End of free speech, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.

    They violate the 1st Amendment by caging protesters and banning books like “America Deceived II”.

    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by allowing TSA to grope you.

    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars.

    Impeach Obama.

    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely banned:

    amazon com/America-Deceived-II-Possession-interrogation/dp/1450257437

  • anarchyst

    Where are the alumni??
    Stop contributing to the University and they will get the message.

    • john_koenig

      The last 25 graduating classes think just like them, for the most part.

  • Mike from Burnsville

    Isn’t Notre Dame supposed to be a Catholic School? Where is the local bishop when a stance in support of traditional marriage is called for? Why would a Catholic college celebrate the homosexual sin of its athletes? Everyone sins in one way or another but SUPPORTING the sin as official Catholic School policy is a sin in itself. Come on Bishop where are you?

  • Tom_EE

    How the blazes can a Cathoilic institution support homosexuality much less gay “marriage”????

  • Bobby C

    A University is a place of learning and free speech so long as everybody’s liberty lines up with the agenda of secular progressives.
    If not, hit the bricks!

  • Lorenzo A Vina

    Well well, its appears that blacks are the most racist, gays are the most “phobic”, liberals are the most intolerant, socialists are the least generous and universities are the most closed-minded. “Critical thinking” has become “hypocritical thinking”.

  • silkworm19

    Back when slavery was legal in this country, I would think that abolitionist groups opposing slavery were allowed to be formed on college campuses.

  • yewzernayme

    It is past time for the Catholic church to have its tax-exempt status revoked. If the Pope wants to support income redistribution, illegal immigration, etc., let’s start with the Vatican’s bank account and freedom flights to Italy.

    • boyfromthedwarf

      He’s actually right there with you on that. However he’s in the minority…

  • James V.

    Why the INTOLERANCE, Notre Dame? We accept your war. Another school off the list.

    • Roger.J

      Their war ?
      Please explain.

  • Hedley Lamar

    So… Notre Dame isn’t actually Catholic any more? I’m not sure many people knew this.

  • Matt Piney

    Jesus would be among the sinners, loving and forgiving them, not holed up on a message board casting stones in all directions while ignoring the log in his own eye.

    • Kurt Smith

      But he’d also be advocating against heterophobic behavior.

      • Roger.J

        Define Heterophobic ?

      • Matt Piney

        He would be advocating against people who bear false witness.

  • Kurt Smith

    heterophobes are so narrow-minded and intolerant

    • Roger.J

      The road to Truth is narrow.
      Should Evil and Deception be tolerated ?

  • Original Prankster

    Complain to your Bishop and withhold tithes until this is corrected

  • Sojourner Truth

    Universities in the U.S. have declared themselves embassies of a foreign nation. They no longer are held accountable to the United States Constitution, which guarantees free speech, freedom of religion, and equal protection under the law. Freedom of religion has been replaced with the more important concept of freedom of lust and perversion, no matter who is harmed or offended by it. University’s have thereby become pagan institutions that support the sacrifice of children through abortion, and the worship of sex, making of university women a new form of temple prostitute.

  • 7loubro_4

    How about making the club’s name more unique by just calling it SAGMAOUT=Students Against Gay Marriage and Outers?

  • Jeremy Meister

    A Catholic university is opposed to traditional marriage? LOL!

    Right to assemble peaceably? Not in Obamaland.

    Now go pay your taxes – your government is broke. 🙂

  • Name

    I searched their web site and found no such organization that mirrored the proposed club that was turned down. However, there are a few groups that sound like ‘bible study’ or “Catholic Dogma Discussion Groups’ but no specific group seems to exist to support specifically, traditional marriage. http://sao.nd.edu/groups/categories.html

    Since traditional marriage is a subset of Catholic teaching and there are groups that support this, I don’t find any malice in the University turning down the group.

  • fairtv

    So sad. Notre Dame used to be a real university, not a propaganda machine. If Catholics give up on marriage, this country is doomed.

  • KurtLA

    You can’t legally be married without the government giving you a marriage license. You don’t need the church to be married at all Marriage is not owned or instituted by religious institutions. The church ceremonies are just shows and not legally binding. Judges can legally marry people. Internet ordained civilians can marry people. No need to mention god or Jesus to be legally married. Now do you get it?


    THIS IS THE same Notre Dame that had obama speak in front of the student body a few years ago. the topic was tolerance for others beliefs..basically , if people want to murder babies, it should be tolerated…
    the Catholic left is disgusting to say the least. this university, practices the catholic faith and values, when it is convenient for their agenda. IE social justice and amnesty for illegals.
    this same university assists groups along the southern border with so called “safe houses, for illegals , once the cross the border ILLEGALLY….

  • BruddahNui

    Rediculous reasoning by Hnatusko. Just more censorship on
    campus by the freedom hating left. If you don’t agree with us
    you must be denied a voice. Unamerican totalitarian progressive

  • LKLW

    I wonder what the pedophile priests think.

    • truthm0ng3r

      Maybe the same as the pedophile public school teachers

      • LKLW

        But if there are pedophile public school teachers, at least, they’re not thumping their bibles as they thump their children. Big difference.

    • rhzszm

      They must think like liberals do: two wrongs make a right.

  • Chetty1

    Of course! You can’t have free speech on a campus unless it’s politically correct or has some sort of perversion attached…

  • stoli5

    So what was the other club already existing with a “similar mission” to the proposed Students for Child-Oriented Policy club? I am guessing there isn’t one, and the university’s claim was made to squelch the issue, in the typical “progressive” Lib-fascist manner.

  • Perso Nasplit

    They were denied to create a second club? If there was a petition for a second club like the prism one, and it was approved, theyd have a case. But otherwise, join that one or prove it is different.

  • Gabriel

    Well the gay agenda is working well at a CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY….unbelievable…
    Parents, and students you better wake up…

  • Bill in NJ

    “The … mission of your club closely mirrored that of other undergraduate-student clubs on campus which served the intended interests of this club,”…quips the swashbuckling (or swishbuckling?) Notre Dame spokes person Hnatusko. Hmm…I wonder why she didn’t specify which already existing club’s mission overlaps this one? As a minimum, Notre Dame has to announce to the world that it no longer is a “Catholic Institution”. At the same time it will have to change its name. I never thought I would see this from a Midwest catholic university. Donations really need to dry up until the board of directors straighten out and understand what it means to run a Christian University in this day and age.

  • North Star

    The only media-accepted way to voice sexual love of women is to be lesbian!

  • scot

    It is time for traditional Catholics to leave the Church and reestablish the Church on classic Christian bases, or else simply acquiesce to the fact that the Roman Catholic Church from the Pope down to the local Bishops is nothing more than a crass political operation that exists solely to finance the lavish lifestyle and “retirement” of the clergy. Whatever the Church needs to do to fill the coffers, it will do; obviously, as has the Democrat party, the Church leadership made the financial decision to solicit homosexual money, as well as illegal alien donations. Thus the support for those lobbies. As a Protestant Christian, while I respect many aspects of Catholic history and some of the theology, I and my congregation welcome Catholics who renounce the corrupt Church hierarchy and wish to embrace Christianity unencumbered by its decadent political and financial regime.

    • truthm0ng3r

      Catholics are a great asset to the cause for decent civilization. Are they perfect? No. Sure we disagree on things. But we have bigger fish to fry right now.

      • jimstone

        homosexual and decent don’t really go together.

      • scot

        It is time for Catholics to learn that it is OK to criticize the decadent Church hierarchy. That is hard to do because that hierarchy has for two millennia taught “obedience” to the Pope/Bishops/Priest as being equivalent to obedience to God. Nothing could be further from the truth. If indeed Catholics seek to be “an asset…for decent civilization” then you must affirmatively reject that decadence either through active protest, or voting with your feet. Otherwise, you remain part of the problem.

  • Don’t even bother with a fool

    (a) lives in his mother’s basement
    (b) gets paid by the government
    (c) is a liberal establishment troll
    (d) all of the above

    If you answered (d) then you read enough comments by now to know that all three are correct as he’s been here most of the day starting early after this story was added to Drudge’s list. You should not instigate his further nonsense, however. It no doubt supports his MO and will only add to his sick reasons for getting out of bed to continue his charade. At least give him time to put on his pajamas, brush his teeth, and clean up his parent’s basement first! It will also give you time to realize that arguing with a troll is a complete waste of your resources.

  • CRO

    The growing hostility for Christians is becoming rampant. The media ignores crucifixions of Christians, beheading, stoning, rape, kidnapping of Christians in other countries and the media ignores it. At the same time here in north America and Europe they push the gay agenda to slow kill populations. And christianity is about love. The truth is, gay propaganda is genocide of Christianity and Christians by a tyrants called NWO, Bilderberg, the unelected UN, the IMF and all their tentacles.

  • Dogchat58

    Homosexual behavior is deviant and immoral chosen behavior that is wrong.

  • philster7656

    It could’ve been worse. Notre Dame hasn’t made homosexual behavior compulsory. Yet.

  • Itchy Cucumber

    Homosexuals suck balls

    • Dr Mari Brenner

      And too many other things. No wonder they have higher rates of early death.

  • freedom

    Men putting their weiners in each others’ dirty butts….that is what gay is for men. It is not talking with a lisp or being eccentric and effeminate, those are just common traits that we see on tv and movies. The reality of being gay is quite literally covered in poop and blood from sodomy. Period. … to me that is gross.

    • rhzszm

      Are you saying talking with a lisp, being eccentric and effeminate isn’t unattractive enough?

      • freedom

        clearly not to most since tv and movies are filled with it.

    • Put it on!

      BINGO!!! Truth needs no introduction nor facade. It is what it is, and they are quite literally s h i t & blood.

  • ordinary american

    Why would anyone question the fact that the Catholic Left is pro gay? One day someone will unfrock these hypocritical bastards and show everyone what they really believe in…..and, it ain’t the Trinity.

    • Dr Mari Brenner

      This is Pope Francis’ fault. He could order the closing of Notre Dame TODAY, but he won’t because he’s pathetic. Roman Catholic Church: Rest in peace.

  • So Cal Guest

    Oh the diversity of college on display… Unless you have an opposing view of course. These frauds right out in the open.

  • rhzszm

    I love teh queers, but Sodomy has no place in civil society.

    Good to know Notre Dame is a politically correct den of tolerance for Sodomite Values.

  • mallen717

    The fascism inherent in the Left is unstoppable on college campuses.

  • Dr Mari Brenner

    A CATHOLIC university? What a joke!!! Any Christian, Catholic or otherwise, who attends or sends their kids to Notre Dame is crazy. They will likely lose their faith. This is why most Catholic colleges are frauds. They claim to be Catholic, but they are not. Send your kids to secular colleges with strong and orthodox Newman Centers.

  • Ultracon

    Where is the bishop? Where is the Cardinal? It’s only discrimination if republicans do it……………don’cha know?

  • MGoldstein

    Please do not hate. Homosexuality is a disorder as is necrophilia and beastiality. They need sympathy and pity not hatred.

  • Reno Jack

    wouldn’t this proposed new club alienate the Catholic priests?

  • CCBanks

    The FAKE HELLBOUND SO CALLED CHRISTIANS, embrace that for which GOD destroyed SODOM. You can’t make this shyt up.

  • Lloyd Hargett

    The leftist education community is completely tolerant of all viewpoints and lifestyles that they agree with. Others, not so much.

  • doszap

    IF this institution has a GAY & LESBO group, and allows it, then they MUST by Federal Law do the same for Anti Gay Group.
    IF they accept ONE dollar of Federal funds, their going to court,ASAP.
    Same for Public Schools.

    • blainehwl

      You didn’t read the article, did you?

  • Barak Obowelmovement

    Men slurping thier own feces from other men’s semen and blood speckled peenuses is normal, believing in God should be a crime

  • Barak Obowelmovement

    America needs to stop calling homosexuals “gay”.
    There is nothing happy about people with mental disorders. These people are
    angry and hateful at everyone, They blame others for their sickness.

    Call them what they are

    1) KOCHSukkers

    2) Anus Lickers

    3) Rectum Wreckers

    4) Pole Smokers

    5) KWEERS

    6) Phaggits

    7) Sex Deviants

    8) Butt Munchers

    9) TeaBaggers

    10) Jizzum Lickers

    11) Feces Feasters

    12) ObowelMovements

    13) Terd Burglars

    14) Sh1T Lickers

    15) Boan Snugglers

    16) Boan Smugglers

    17) Salad Tossers

    18) Feces Fondlers


  • Rex

    DEMOCRAT MATH Explained

    Reggie Love + The ObowelMovement = ?????

    =========> + (__O__) = Sasha and Malia Farrakhan!

  • Rex

    Do anal flukes really taste like chicken?????

    Did you know that the average male homosexual over age 30 has gotten e. coli

    poisoning at least three times from ingesting feces?

    Why on earth would anyone in their right mind dine on the lower end of another
    human being’s anal digestive tract?

    That is considered normal, to 99% of Democrats…….YUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!

    • RightStuff

      For the Democrats, the more perversion there is, the better! It’s an IQ thing, for sure.

  • Rex

    Is sucking your own feces laden semen from another man’s anus through a
    straw really a healthy lifestyle choice?

    And phaggits sit around wondering why they have AIDS…….and saying they
    shouldn’t have to pay more for healthcare due to the filthy, disgusting,
    deviant lifestyle choices they made….

    Why won’t Democrats discuss the homosexual behaviors they claim are normal????

    Eating your own fudge from another man’s PEENUS, hardly
    qualifies as a “family” activity, unless you are a filthy, vile,
    disgusting sex deviant Democrat pervert……

    How many of you democrat women here lick your own sh!t from your husband’s peenus after he dirt
    holes you?

    Let’s have a show of hands, “ladies”……

  • Rex

    Is inserting your arm up to the elbow up another
    man’s anal orifice considered a healthy lifestyle choice?

    Democrats say it is, and want to teach your Kindergarten children of the Joys
    of Fisting……..


    CBS “News” won’t report the truth, but I will!

    Why are you democrats not willing to talk about
    what filthy homosexual sex deviants actually do?

  • wvernon1981

    Can this student group demonstrate that they have been treated differently than other student groups that had been denied in the past?

  • InterestedObserver12

    Same-sex couples should have the same civil rights as heterosexual couples. That is a different matter than that a same-sex union is not a “marriage.” Marriage is the central rite of heterosexual culture, and for the state to redefine marriage so that there is no longer a word for the joining of the male and female constitutes cultural appropriation on a scale not seen since the Europeans invaded the western hemisphere. Those who argue otherwise misunderstand the origin of marriage. It evolved as a means by which heterosexual men could identify their progeny. The notion that marriage is an expression of romantic love is of such recent origin it has yet to be embraced by a large percentage of the world’s cultures.

  • RecoveringLiberal

    A distinctly anti-Catholic policy. Expect bad to be called good and good to be called bad.

  • tdrag

    Why, oh why, do people keep sending their kids and their hard earned money to these Liberal Gulags? Who is stupid here, the university or the parents that send their kids there to be indoctrinated by these perverts?

  • ironcimmerian

    Makes no difference whether they’re officially recognized or not! the fact is there a group and they exist and everybody knows about, it mission accomplished! 🙂

  • RightStuff

    Notre Dame??? Really? Perhaps the University should list all the organizations they DO approve of? I’ll be there are some weird ones.

  • francis

    Are christians and constitutions loving people fed up yet? Its time to rise up!!

  • Dunnyveg

    This is yet more proof that the Catholic Church has become just another arm of the Deformed Church of Political Correctness. We Americans are failing not only ourselves and our people when we fail to stand up to the freaks and deviants, but out children and grandchildren as well. It is high time we Americans learned how to riot.

    • desertsweetpea

      Those “freaks” and “deviants” are someone’s children and grandchildren, sisters and brothers. I hope you do not claim to be a Christian when you describe the gay community in such a hateful way.

      • Dunnyveg

        Adolf Hitler was somebody’s “child and grandchild” as well. Is it okay to be “hateful” towards him? How about Bull Connor, comrade?

        The ONLY hate here is that of the left. It is past sad that you liberals can’t see it; it is pathetic.

        Take Christianity out of the closet, and shove liberalism into it!

  • quailblaster

    Fecal sex behavior wins the day.

  • gary0033

    Intolerance on display. The gay agenda is not about love, sex or marriage. At it’s root, it’s about the denial of a transcendent moral lawgiver – God. That is the battle and that explains the marginalization, hostility and even outright hate against one group: Christians. Notre Dame has been lost.

  • mr.Truth

    Catholics are officially “non-Christians” for the most part. Their new pope is a humanist in hiding ..as well. About 1/2 of the Catholics and probably 2/3 of their Priesthood don’t believe about 1/2 of what is Catholicism anyway.

  • darthgidget

    tolerance (as defined by the New Liberal Dictionary): Accepting the ideas and beliefs of others as long as they do not conflict with your liberal ideology

  • dixiesuzan

    So what ever happened to academic freedom?

    • Dunnyveg

      Suzan, good to see you again from Texas. To answer your question, academic freedom died back during the Summer of Love, and the takeover of Frankfurt School ideas.

      • dixiesuzan

        Dunnyveg – Thank ya’ll for your reply.
        Tain’t the “Liberal Onslaught.” Tis the Uber Liberalis Onslaught, and we is just the untermenschen. The Sodomite Supremicists is on the march. Their hob-nailed boots echo in the halls of the Universities of lower learnin.

  • 1Emmit

    Traditional catholics at South Bend U. had better get the pope on the phone and FAST ’cause his pro marriage message ain’t gettin’ out to his troops in the field! Or maybe it did and there in lies the problem for South Bend U. catholics.

  • SweetAzSummer

    This is not UCLA, but Notre-Dame, a CATHOLIC school, right?!?

    • Dunnyveg

      If it were up to me, they would begin every class with a prayer even at UCLA. The question is what the liberals would like to do to me for daring to be different?

      • SweetAzSummer

        We are all the same (“in God’s image”) and different. Gays have a difference and they are to be respected. Gay marriage is a different issue altogether because of the definition and the impact thereof on society.

        It is a very important philosophical topic which could be discussed and at least should be discussed. I don’t see why a “Defense of Marriage” group cannot be organized at ND. Quite the contrary.

        In Europe, Gender theory is not taught to the children and this from grammar school. Christians and Muslims are up in arm, but to no avail. They are called “extremists” and “far right” by the masonic left (in France both the president and the prime minister are Freemasons and they are as absolutist and fascistic as you can fear they would be).

  • ken

    Loyola is not discriminating against straight or Christian people; there are clubs that emphasize family already. This group has code name for “anti-homosexual.” Or anti-GAY. Sorry, your daze of bullying are coming to an end.

  • karpov

    Ever since ND invited the Abortion Commander-in-Chief to speak on campus, the university has lost all credibility as a Catholic institution.

  • ivanillich

    We get it: If there is for example a jewish group on campus there should be also one with people with opposing views explaining how jews deserve the holocaust for killing Jesus.
    Poor bigots! They are being denied their freedom of expression. Maybe they should all transfer to “Liberty” U, you know the one that discourages interracial dating.

  • Jack Semen

    I think it’s simply dreadful how shamefully beautiful homosexuals are treated.

  • xsnake

    The nation’s population has always been against same sex unions……but the comrads bypass the voters…..as the did with abortion laws.

  • David Johnson

    I would guess most of the people who teach and/or attend Notre Dame must be homosexual.

  • Johannes Perlmuther

    This all began back in January 2009 with Barack Obama’s first act of pandering to his homosexual activist supporters, followed br his evolution on homosexual “marriage” and all the other odious decisions. A complete an utter disgrace from the worst president in American history. Shameless and alien.

  • Steven

    Notre Dame is a Roman Catholic university not a Christian university.

    • Callahan

      NO — it claims to be Roman Catholic but it clearly is a secular radical left wing university patronizing it’s powerful alumni base by pretending to still be catholic so they can get the money from all of those homophobic ,neanderthal ,misogynistic, white men .

  • Teleprompter InChief

    Why not “V”for vasillating?

  • The university sounds pretty intolerant… anyone want to bet the university would support a bestiality student group (they already have liberal arts classes for it) or NAMBLA even … anything but (insert definition of normal here).

  • Gwombo

    GOOD! Bigots have no place in any school of higher learning.
    They should be expelled, as well. Good riddance, haters and homophobes!

    • Federal League

      It’s amusing watching the Kwans celebrate their little victories when in reality liberalism is being defeated and rejected all across the globe.

      The ability to enforce the queer agenda dies with the petrodollar, and good riddance to both.

  • pfwag

    The RCC went off the rails many years ago. This is an example.

  • Hawkdriver1961

    As it was in the days of Noah….

  • cabinboy422

    Notre Dame surrendered its integrity a long time ago. Sadly this is not surprising.

  • MekongDelta69

    In a very perverted and perverse way, I’m glad this (and tens of thousands of things like this) have kept happening since ca. 1965. The more race-baiting, gay Mafia, feminazis, muslim loving, illegal alien glorification, and a hundred other leftist causes keep getting shoved in our faces, the more people will wake the hell up and realize what has been happening to this once great country for 50 years.

    The left is relentless. Don’t ever forget that.

    According to our Dictator and his regime, there are two groups in this formerly great country:
    1.) Straight, white conservative male (and non-feminazi female) American legal citizens/vets.
    2.) Everybody who’s NOT in Group #1.

    If you are in Group #1, you are demonized for simply breathing and existing.

    If you are in Group #2, you are lionized for simply breathing and existing.

  • So once more, it is OK to shaft others with a different point of view and a higher sense of morality!

  • Orwell’s corpse

    “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

    Universities are the new Animal Farms.

  • Porfivor Nixon

    They did the right thing in rejecting the club. That’s all that matters. They are claiming that same-sex marriage supporters are wrong when in fact, they are the ones who are evil.

  • stainless

    Nobody has more rights than anyone else. Unless you go to college? Anybody see anything wrong with that?

  • Elaine Farrell

    Alinsky declares the family unit must be destroyed, so individuals have only the gov’t to look to for establishing goals, morals & ethics. What better way to decimate the family unit than to make homosexuality the preferred lifestyle amongst “the cool” ones.