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White students undergo weekly ‘deconstructing whiteness’ program at Northwestern University

White college students are undergoing a weekly “deconstructing whiteness” program at Northwestern University.

The “6-part workshop series for undergraduate students who self-identify as white” launched in January and runs through March, according to the university’s website. Students enrolled chose to do so – it is voluntary.

A spokesman for the prestigious private university located outside Chicago declined to give The College Fix details on the program, such as how many students enrolled and how it’s been received so far.

DeconstructingWhiteness“It’s part of Northwestern’s Social Justice Education effort to create learning opportunities for our students,” Bob Rowley, a spokesman for the campus, told The College Fix in an email, providing a link to the social justice webpage and adding: “Beyond that, we don’t have anything more for you on it.”

According to a report in the campus newspaper, the workshops focus on “terminology used in conversations of race, the history and meaning of whiteness, white guilt and the difference between intellectualizing and feeling racism.”

“There’s a lot of space on this campus for conversations to happen around issues of privilege and specifically around issues of white privilege,” Michele Enos, assistant director of the university’s Social Justice Education office, told The Daily Northwestern.

A poster advertising the workshop series (shown above) posed rhetorical questions such as: “What is my role in doing anti-racist work?” or “why do I have to feel guilty about being white?” and “how can I talk about race as a white person?”

The Daily Caller reports the events are hosted in collaboration with the university’s Women’s Center.

“Students applying for the program are required to commit to attend all six sessions, seemingly preventing students from abandoning the program if they don’t like it or feel uncomfortable,” the Caller reports.

The program is a part of Northwestern’s “Social Justice Education” office, which “creates co-curricular educational opportunities in partnership with our student community that foster self-exploration, facilitate conversations across difference and support actions that create social change on campus,” according to its website.

Similar programming like the “Deconstruction Whiteness” workshop includes “student activism workshops” that end “racist cis-patriarchy” or programs that “navigate” real life diversity issues.

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  • Phil Stacy

    Say you don’t identify as white and skip it.

  • Any One

    It’s okay to be white!

    • David Spillman

      Nobody said it wasn’t. What’s your problem?

      • Zja Zja

        ‘deconstructing whiteness’ Doesn’t sound constructive. Miss something Mr. Spillman?

        • David Spillman

          I hope this last post was intended to be a joke. You might as well say about a calculus class, “Why should students learn about ‘anti-derivatives?’ Doesn’t that just mean that the teacher is against the study of derivatives?”

  • Padre3210

    And they, and their white parents PAY for this! LOL!

  • MarkH_TX

    I will be the first jpb interviewer to ask whether students actually wasted their time to attend this bull-excrement workshop! And, you won’t get the job!

  • Chris V

    To all white folks

    Tell those racists to go F*** themselves 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

    If your so stupid and ignorant to judge a man by his skin color, then you will end up in a ghetto or a trailer park and live a miserable life.

    This is America

    Whites founded it, whites and blacks died for it
    Whites, blacks, asians, latinos, indians and other races share it !!!

    Tell them that to go eat 💩💩💩💩💩 🖕🖕🖕

  • Chris V

    What a racist, stupid, fucking college !

    That’s my opinion !!!

    • David Spillman

      Opinions are like butts. Everybody’s got one.

  • Bartthedog

    Social justice….more lefty horse crap spewed out the mouths of lefty professors. Why are you paying for this stuff?

  • suerobb

    Rather take underwater basket weaving, but really would not waste my time on either. I am white and guilt free.

  • khonji

    To all sincere virtue signallers of part/whole European ancestry, esp you ‘sensitive’ cis-males:

    Attendance might show good, make you feel good, and even make you feel liked and approved of in the short term. But know that your DNA will never be forgiven by The Bigot posing as victim. A single act of public submission, no matter how pathetic, will never suffice. You must be broken, permanently reduced to zero in sight, sound, and thought, a walking apology for Being.

    Or, you can resist.

  • Joe Joe

    It’s voluntary for now. And, in fact, I’ll bet non-attendance will be held against the student at some later date.

  • David Spillman

    Why is this controversial. Colleges offer all kinds of courses. Nobody has to take this one.

    • Barrysullivan1

      My wife and I are both Northwestern graduates and this type of idiocy is why we stopped giving years ago.

  • David Spillman

    You people really have serious problems. Nobody is interfering with your lives. What are you so pissed about?

  • servo75

    I’ll make you a deal: I’ll attend your workshops as long as you use my preferred pronoun “His Most Royal and Serene Highness.”

  • Zja Zja

    ‘deconstructing whiteness’ The story of Humpty Dumpty is old, i won’t give away the ending.

  • Zja Zja

    If we graduate, can we sit on the board at BLM?

  • 1richardbagg1

    at these meetings is there gay themed masturbation involved?

  • Phil Bridges

    Two bits, four bits, six bits a dollar! All for a “deconstructing left-wing stupidity” course, stand up and holler!

  • Dixie

    You can thank the Frankfurt School for this