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White male professors under fire, cited as obstacle to diversity and inclusion

Faculty and staff survey: ‘VCU needs to hire more faculty that aren’t white males’

White professors — especially “senior white males” — are under fire at Virginia Commonwealth University as an impediment to diversity and inclusion.

An extensive campus climate survey of faculty and staff at the large, Richmond-based public institution has found that the majority of employees are upset that not enough white male professors attend campus diversity trainings, not enough professors infuse social justice into their curricula, and not enough professors of color, especially female ones, teach at the school.

Complaints culled from the survey include:

“Need to imbed social justice across academic departments.”
“Conversations about social justice are occurring, but they are just not happening in the classroom”
“There are not many minority women faculty”
“Some faculty and staff participate in the diversity and inclusion events; senior white males are not attending”
“In order to increase and improve perspectives, VCU needs to hire more faculty that aren’t white males.”

Last month, campus leaders at Virginia Commonwealth University held a forum to unveil the results of the faculty campus climate survey, which generally found most professors at the school — which teaches some 31,000 students annually — perceive the university to be dedicated to social justice initiatives, but that dedication needs to play out more inside the classroom, and needs to be reflected better by hiring more faculty of color.

The information collected, along with feedback from several prior forums, has been used by VCU’s Council for Inclusive Excellence and Equity to develop a five-year diversity action plan that will pervade nearly every aspect of school policy.

In response to the survey, campus leaders say they must “align, improve and visibly demonstrate actions for diversity and inclusion,” “push continuously towards demographic equity in all programs and services” and “integrate social justice and experiential learning into curriculum or coursework.”

As for the complaint that “senior white males are not attending” diversity trainings, this may refer to at least one of the school’s workshops such as “Building Inclusive Communities” which teaches scholars how to identify and discuss “historically marginalized and privileged group dynamics” and assess “personal experiences of privilege, inequity and oppression.”

The survey did not cite examples on why “senior white males” might want to skip such trainings. According to the draft of the new diversity action plan, however, the committee plans to design more cultural competency training which will be made available to all faculty, staff and students.

Overall most full and part-time faculty grieved that efforts to inject social justice directly into the university curriculum were “lagging” and demanded that such themes be “imbedded across all academic departments.”

Scholars further complained that there is not enough diversity among their colleagues, commenting that “in order to increase and improve perspectives, VCU needs to hire more faculty that aren’t white males.”

Some 2,674 faculty and staff responded to the 10-minute online poll. Of those surveyed, 60 percent reported being female and at least 26 percent reported not being white (10 percent declined to state).

Additional diversity recommendations include more grants for diversity and inclusion research and awards, and recognition for professors who do research in these areas, according to the draft of the proposed diversity action plan. This research would then be disseminated to faculty at professional development workshops each semester to encourage direct implementation into classroom discussions.

The results of the campus climate survey have culminated in school’s 36-page draft of their diversity action plan which would take them through the year 2022.

In an email to The College Fix, university spokesperson Michael Porter explained that the current draft has not yet been approved, but the goal is aiming for “a system of metrics which could consider issues such as student enrollment and graduation rates, demographic profile of our faculty members, policy reviews and updates and curriculum reviews.”

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  • Linda Lee

    Liberal professors are largely responsible for the monsters they created. Instead of going to college to learn these kids are just there to grow a little fiefdom where they can be the Massa and flog all the whites and anyone else they hate. The college experiences has been completely ruined. We’re at the point now where all college should be on line; that way all these morons can stay in their basements and wallow in their safe spaces.

    • Marcello1099

      There are only several colleges left I would want my grandchildren to attend: Hillsdale College, Christendom College, St Thomas Aquinas College, Ave Maria University, Franciscan University of Steubenville, and Liberty University. The rest are all sh!t.

  • JRB_Texas

    Will be fun to track this one. Sounds like the prof is a loon and a Muslim activist and evangelist, using her class as her pulpit. She’s being unmasked, as is the college that gives her the platform.

  • Azsteve53

    So many college academics are Christian haters and in fact encourage these types of senseless teachings, BS and violence against Christians. All in the name of the open ended term of diversity, and the hatred of the white male European Christian

  • CCW

    Excellent! Comforting to know there are still people on the planet who I recognize as being as sane or more sane than me.

  • john cummins

    I see this crap on my campus daily. Most of the posters are put up by the “wellness” department or LGBTQIA+++++++++++. Many of the posters are indecipherable as to what they are saying, being rather cryptic. Most/all of the posters remind one of the mindless sloganeering of 1984, possibly worse. Truly the inmates are running the asylum.

  • Bruce Robinson

    Typical Muslim indoctrination tactics as used in the Middle East. Paint the Jewish, Christians and who ever else calls out their lies as the haters to deflect everyone from scrutinising what they are doing. False flags, as the Democrats, LGBT have learned to use to redirect your attention from the truth.

  • Snitch_in_Time

    The professor appears to be a terrorist apologist, liar and a fraud, likely a practitioner of al-Taqiyya and Kitman.

  • wes hull

    So the white guy points out that the call to behead homosexuals under Sharia is advocated in a class and he is the hater? Liberalism is a mental disorder. Kudos to this young man.

  • SandMan00

    Leftists know all they have to do to shut down and punish dissent from their indoctrination efforts is to claim they “feel unsafe.” They are magic words that carry the talismanic power to strip dissenters of their constitutional liberties in little more time than it takes to utter them.

  • nfinityman

    This is the traditional Muslim approach to denigrating Christians. They deny the fundamental precepts associated with Christianity. Were some Professor to come forward and state that Mohammad was a pedophile, slave owning, murdering, rapist and that Allah is actually Satan…

    Well, you would certainly hear about that I’m sure.

  • ForlornHope

    Sounds like they simply took the professor’s word that she was threatened and harassed, not even asking for any elaboration on what happened. It also appears that students must adhere to her religious beliefs or receive a failing grade.

  • Keeblertex

    Well there’s no Facebook account for her now.

  • David Jakab

    I love it! Islamic texts are comprehensive on Muhammads life and deads and he was, by any modern civilizated standard an actual real life desert gangster. Ref youtube: Islam 201 or youtube David Wood.

    • Ragoftag

      Real life desert gangster? Dave, in their holiest texts, he is revealed as a liar, murderer, brigand, thief, child molester, rapist/murderer, violator of ancient ‘grieving widow’ proscriptions, common thief, drunk(no meetings back then) and far worse. Even the worst MS-13 thug loves his mother (OK, I hop he does). Even by the standards of any civilization ever known, he was evil incarnate.

      • David Jakab

        Evil incarnate. Well, ummm, ahhh, as a bit of a Christian I just can’t officially go there. I think technically you are correct. But I was raised Roman Catholic (gave it up as a bad habit (pun). Muhammad did not think he was doing anything wrong. Sin requires intent.

        Muhammad, Hitler, Genghis Khan? They are all worthy of our sorrow. I do not even pretend how they might be judged in whatever afterlife might be available to them. They are simply a larger version of the tragedy of life. And even though I am not much of a Christian, I certainly am comfortable with the noble “forgive them, for they know not what they do”.

        • Ragoftag

          Getting ‘theological for a few: Yes, Sin to some degree requires awareness that what you do is not in God’s plan, but you’l find a great deal of pro forma ‘dis-approval of Callousness in both Testaments. When referred to as ‘hardening of the heart’, Yul Brynner did the scene best!

  • Jay Cunnington

    Sounds to me like someone has a persecution complex. The professor. “He looked at me!”
    Him: “I was miles away and can prove it.”

  • Marcello1099

    The insane irony in all of this is that Islam is an ultra-right wing fascistic, reactionary movement—the Muslim Brotherhood of which was bankrolled by the Nazi party in the 1920’s and 30’s!—yet the lunatic left today champions these right-wing psychos. Why? Because anyone who’s anti-American is preachy keen in their book. The first people to have their heads lopped off if these satanic maniacs gain control would be these a$$hole campus leftists.

  • Marcello1099

    Kent State = dog sh!t university.

  • Snufy

    As it was in the days of Noah, it shall be in the end time.
    Jesus Christ will reject those who reject Him before The Father. Hell is full of believers.

  • tpt

    Don’t need the Bible to prove Christ’s crucifixion. Independent account from Roman historian Tacitus.

  • Ivette

    Hopefully this is the start of The USA waking up and standing for what’s fair. The professor should be investigated and probably is.