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Daylong conference at UCLA to explore how capitalism is ‘persisting racial inequality’

A workshop taking place today at UCLA will explore topics such as “Diasporas of Racial Capitalism,” imperialism and “settler-colonialism” as part of a nationwide initiative focused on exploring how capitalism contributes to “persisting racial inequality,” according to organizers.

The daylong “Race and Capitalism: Global Territories, Transnational Histories” event at UCLA will include more than two dozen scholars participating in a handful of presentations and discussions focused on exploring race and capitalism.

The conference is hosted by UCLA’s Institute on Inequality and Democracy, which has urged resistance against President Donald Trump and is led by a professor who has proposed “divesting from whiteness.”

The workshop is also part of a recently launched “Race and Capitalism” project headed up by a pair of professors from the University of Chicago and University of Washington.

The Race and Capitalism initiative seeks to “study the intersection of race and capitalism within the U.S. and to start a national debate on the topic,” according to its website. The project’s mission statement claims scholars have largely ignored the relationship between the two topics.

“The near silence around this intersection in academic discourse is especially troubling considering the #BlackLivesMatter protests that have rocked the nation throughout the last three years and heightened the need to expose the economic as well as the political and legal foundations of persisting racial inequality,” the project’s website states.

The workshop at UCLA will include introductory speeches from Michael Dawson, co-director of the Race and Capitalism initiative, and UCLA professor Peter James Hudson as well as presentations titled “Diasporas of Racial Capitalism,” “The Land Question,” “Imperialism and Its Limits,” and “Race, Capitalism, and Settler-Colonialism.”

Professor Ananya Roy, the conference’s host and director of UCLA’s Institute on Inequality and Democracy, did not respond to The College Fix’s request for comment regarding the daylong workshop, nor did the event’s four “anchor” speakers.

One of the featured speakers includes Johns Hopkins University history professor Nathan Connally, a co-creator of the “Trump Syllabus 2.0,” a reading list that contributed Trump’s “rise as a product of the American lineage of racism, sexism, nativism, and imperialism.”

UCLA’s Institute on Inequality and Democracy has focused its effort this year on opposing Trump and his administration. Earlier this year, it organized a day of resistance leading up to Trump’s inauguration, and Roy has written the institute has become “concerned with the role of the university on the front-lines of resistance against Trumpism.”

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  • Ralph Kern

    The house I lived in until the age of 7, didn’t have indoor plumbing. You could grab the front porch post and shake the whole damn house. My dad always said , “If poverty can’t get you up off your ass, nothing can”.
    He was a Msgt. in the Army Air Corps. I think he made $35 a month. He got out , worked every day at whatever he could and ended up at Pratt and Whitney. I got a degree in electronics after military, and i doubt any of that was “white privelege”. Never got to write “white guy ” at the top of the page and walk out.
    I’m retired at 70+ (4th time finally took). I worked for me most of the time. Now I make furniture.(ex wife says I just make sawdust ), but I am busy every day …and happy.
    If you can’t make it in this country … you aren’t trying,… or you’re making bad decisions. Find people who are like you. Meet together weekly and bounce ideas off each other.
    You. Will . Be. Amazed. What . Happens.

    • david smith

      I always have said that people should be given a choice: work or starve. Given that choice, it would be incredible to watch all those that “couldn’t work” suddenly find the ability to do so.

    • Dr. Donny

      I spent 8 years living in a 10’x50′ trailer with a dad on disability. I drove my car tires until they actually went flat and then went to the junkyard to get used tires. Commuted to UCLA and paid 25 cents a day to park. Graduated with honors in EE, got my MS and PhD thanks to Hughes Aircraft fellowships. Worked hard my whole career and was well rewarded as a high achiever. I find it offensive to have the liberal elite made up of those who took soft majors in humanities and liberal arts telling me how I only have my success due to privilege. My only privilege was living at a time when hard work counted and was expected.

  • david smith

    First you’d have to have Capitalism, which we don’t. We have crony capitalism and that is a threat to everyone. For a blueprint on how to engage in crony capitalism, see the presidency of Barack Obama. He engaged in it in everything from helping his donors/bundlers in private industry with massive loan guarantees and tax dollar infusions, to rewarding his voters with a massive Medicaid expansion, to helping his SOS sell Uranium to Russia for over 100 million in bribes, to helping Michelle Obama’s Princeton classmate at CGI Federal build the $678 million Obamacare enrollment website at Healthcare.gov that didn’t work, to having the EPA and JUSTICE sue people and give the money to his environmental friends and social justice friends.
    I have to laugh at how the left Idolizes him after he robbed us blind and doubled our debt. Now he’s making speeches blaming Trump for America’s racial divisions which he threw gasoline on. I don’t even really blame him, he’s a Marxist pig being a Marxist pig. It just disgusts me how stupid, selfish and apathetic the average American is. All our wreckage is being left for future generations to clean up and easily 75% of Americans could care less.

  • gmartinz

    UCLA was playing Oregon at the Rose Bowl this afternoon. I wonder how many students decided to spend the day inside a college building, listening to crap this dry.

  • T100C1970

    It is certainly true that capitalism favors the intelligent over over the the less intelligent. It REALLY favors the motivated over the unmotivated … kind of like the NBA favors the tall, strong, and fast over the short, slow and weak.

  • jj

    I’m sure the participants aren’t troubled by the wealthy benefactors and alumni who donate millions to the university whose donations were made possible by the same capitalist economic system they are protesting.