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Augustana U. instructor: Whites ‘slaughtered, maimed’ way to power, little has changed today

If there is one thing that’s fairly constant in the academy, it’s you can count on sociology and/or “studies” professors to push it to the limit with the academic nuttery.

At South Dakota’s small, private Augustana University, instructor Susan Claussen Bunger believes that the United States’ (and the world’s) social and economic maladies are centered around white people’s “grip on privilege.”

A teacher of Contemporary Sociology and Native American Studies whose academic interests include social stratification, power in society, and cultural diversity, Bunger writes in the Argus Leader that the white race essentially was a bunch of pack rats who took from others, and then used the gains to establish a global racial hegemony:

White people gained power through conquest and force, and through the ability to roam the world and take advantage of that power.

Historically, cultures such as Mesopotamia and Egypt first established civilization as a fundamental foundation, while the white race remained a barbaric lot.

Taking the best those civilizations had to offer and twisting it to their own advantage, the white race eventually managed to control the seaways and thus the economy of the day. They slaughtered, maimed, divided and conquered their way throughout the world; and via a fabricated, vindictive catalog (concocted by the Northern European Teutonic people) rated the global races, crowning themselves the apex of racial standards.

“Little has changed” today, contends Bunger, as white privilege is the country’s “institutionalized dominant ideology”:

White people reserved most of their trained assault upon those “not like them.” […] White privilege — an unearned power, license and position in life conferred upon people simply because they are white — is entrenched in society, and every day it is allowed to continue it legitimizes inequality and hate. …

When white people hold the power to sanction or not sanction national protests, thus denying powerless groups the right to express their world as it exists, they are invoking white privilege. When white people direct important national conversations, and are able to decide what the meaning of patriotism is, they are invoking white privilege. White privilege allows the voices of hate and ignorance to diminish others.

In our unequal system of reign and law, white people get final say regarding major issues, including who is helped in natural disasters; who has the right to vote; who has the right to protest; who has access to clean water; who gets quality health care; who is imprisoned; and who is protected from unjust laws.

Like other academic progressives, Bunger speaks of “open and honest” conversations about race, but given her own words she wants nothing of the sort; after all, she states outright that if Caucasians “cannot grasp” her racial historical narrative, then they’re an example of white privilege.

Or, to put it another way: Be like Bunger, else you’re “continuing to stroke” the “fragile ego” of (white) privilege … “spineless” and “waffling” between “pacifying the white race” and saying “what needs to be said.”

Read the full op-ed.

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  • Ken Lange

    “White people reserved most of their trained assault upon those “not like them.” Have you ever heard of WWI, and WWII, mostly “white guys” killing “white guys”. Your idea of a good show, no doubt, but try reading a history book.

    • Carrie Kube

      She should also look up a thing called the Bataan Death March to see that whites aren’t the only ones that can do such things.

      • zipity

        Yeah, because rape, war, slavery, and conquest never existed in North America until white people arrived here.

        That is probably THE stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. “Native” Americans were enthusiastic participants in ALL of the above.

  • TxMedRgr

    Agreed, it is always a sociology and/or “studies” professor. What might those facility meetings be like?

  • david smith

    “Whites ‘slaughtered, maimed’ way to power, little has changed today”

    Let me provide historically accurate perspective:
    “Blacks slaughtered, maimed’ way to power across the entire African continent, little has changed today. Slavery, which has existed there for over 3000 years, still does today.”

    This is especially rich: “Historically, cultures such as Mesopotamia and Egypt first established civilization as a fundamental foundation, while the white race remained a barbaric lot.”

    Both countries engaged in massive war and slavery.

    What an asshat.

    • MarkM

      Historically, all of the kings, emperors and empires in history have slaughtered and maimed their way to power at some point, no matter what the skin color of the leadership. Show me pretty much any empire or notable “civilization” in history and I can probably show you the folks they were oppressing and/or the folks they were enslaving. Sometimes that slavery took the form of serfdom, but until a time in the relatively recent past, all cultures which could be characterized as a “civilization” had it in one form or another.

      • david smith

        My point

    • Chris Prestridge

      And Mugabe won his way with fair elections.

      • david smith

        I presume you are joking since he said:

        “The only white man you can trust is a dead white man.”
        “Our party must continue to strike fear in the heart of the white man, our real enemy!”

        • Chris Prestridge

          My fault, I accidently channeled my libtard neighbor there for a second, I must go shower now.

  • Dogbert1

    Cultural studies professor privilege.

  • Nathan

    Bunger is typical of an ethnomasochistic white guilt peddler: She’s white, female, over 40, unattractive, spews hate at her own kind and her own civilization while fetishizing other cultures(typically African or Native American) and then retires to a mostly white suburban community where she lives with her cats.

  • chris_zzz

    The idiot professor teaches in the “Contemporary Sociology and Native American Studies” dept. “Studies” programs are filled with ideologues with progressive/Marist agendas. These social justice warriors are not academics or scholars… or usually even very intelligent compared to real professors. All “studies” departments should be eliminated, the professors fired, and tuitions lowered with the savings.

    • Chris Prestridge

      Thats some serious white priviledge for a white woman to teach Native American studies. She should be ashamed and give everything she has to the nearest Native American.

  • Carrie Kube

    This genius does know about ancient Rome and Greece and their wonderful contributions, right? Not to mention all races have had their history of slaughter and conquest: Genghis Khan laid waste to civilizations that weren’t of his race, Shaka Zulu was a cruel and ruthless man (as well as a brilliant military tactician), the Arabs’ constant attacks and enslavement of the Europeans helped start the Crusades, the Aztecs would raid other settlements for sacrifices or when it suited them, there were Native American/First Nation tribes that had no problem killing each other and taking their land and let’s not forget Japan’s cruelty towards China during WW2.

  • Paul Russell

    Dear Ms. Susan Claussen Bunger, please accept my heartfelt and sincere apologies for being better than you. I really mean it, it’s not fair to you I admit, but that’s life — winners and losers. Sorry you’re a loser.

  • Miles Archer

    A deeply silly woman. I’m embarrassed for her.

  • Darwin Steckelberg

    Sounds like the self-hating white professor needs to step down in favor of a “less-privileged” applicant to take her place. God knows any replacement couldn’t be less qualified, so it’s win-win all the way around!

  • J K Brown

    In our unequal system of reign and law, white people get final say regarding major issues, including who is helped in natural disasters; who has the right to vote; who has the right to protest; who has access to clean water; who gets quality health care; who is imprisoned; and who is protected from unjust laws.

    This is not true for most of the population of the Earth, in places such as China, India, Japan, most of Africa, etc. In these areas that hold most of the people of the world, those the “final say” are Asian, African, Polynesian, etc.

    Now, “white people” are not without some historical influence. “Help” in natural disasters comes overwhelmingly from the finances and production of “white people”. The ideas of a right to vote, democracy, the right to assemble, the right to free speech, all come from political and natural right ideas of “white people,” and even if tried in earlier non-white cultures, didn’t stick or spread to other cultures as they did after developed by “white people.” Sanitation, water treatment and purification, closed piping, mechanical pumps, etc. were mostly developed in cultures controlled by “white people” although by people of racial and ethnic diversity. Similarly, the quality we now expect in health care arose from efforts of “white people”. The idea of equality before the law and the rule of law now considered to be a right were developed not just by “white people,” but by “Northern European Teutonic people”. Perhaps she would have preferred the class, race, social status based legal system of the Colonial Spanish to have prevailed in Hispanic cultures?

  • Chris Prestridge

    Good, otherwise we would all be running around the jungle or dessert trying to chase down our lunch.

  • John1838

    Certainly hope that her students at Augustana University get more depth of academic research and reasoning than the instructor presents in this op/ed. She offers little more than proof-less assertions and apparent self-loathing. As to her argument that “If you cannot grasp this, nor recognize this, and if an open and honest discussion regarding race in America seems to threaten you to your very core, you are probably advantaged by white privilege,” I grasp what she’s saying all too well and discard it as tripe. If the good instructor wants to have “an open and honest discussion regarding race in America,” let’s have it. But this piece was neither open nor honest.

  • Fred

    Just one name screws that line of thought up. Shaka Zulu. That bastard killed thousands of black africans.

  • rwg1949yt .

    custer died too soon.

  • Chi Huavara

    These institutions need to be shut down entirely.

    #AbolishPublicEducation #SeparationOfEducationAndState

  • dzhugashvili

    What Bunger is obviously missing is some really good orgasms courtesy of some unshaven, unreconstructed, white male. Of course, given her looks and personality, a goodly amount of alcohol will be involved as well.