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University hires Black Lives Matter activist banned from campus building for threatening dean

Do it again and ‘you may be subject to arrest’

Caleb Stephens wears many hats in Lawrence, Kansas.

He’s a licensed social worker. He’s an activist with the local Black Lives Matter chapter. He was banned from the School of Social Welfare building at the University of Kansas.

And his latest hat: University of Kansas employee.

The Lawrence Journal-World reports that the public university hired Stephens “as a graduate teaching assistant in the department of theater, where he is also a doctoral student.”

Stephens made himself persona non grata in Twente Hall two years ago when he cornered the social work dean in his office “unannounced and without an appointment” and ordered him to send a message that Stephens would dictate, according to a December 2015 letter to Stephens from the Office of the Provost:

You then began shouting at the Dean, from the doorway, and your voice could be heard up and down the halls. Your shouting — captured on video that I reviewed — disrupted classrooms, and caused instructors and other students to fear for their personal safety. …

Please note that if you engage in a similar disruptive and threatening conduct in other University buildings, you may be subject to arrest for disorderly conduct, and this ban may be expanded to include the entire campus.

The Journal-World describes Stephens’ interaction with the dean as a “profanity-laced tirade.” A university spokesman confirmed he’s banned from the hall until 2019 but wouldn’t say if the 2015 incident was considered in Stephens’ hiring.

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Caleb Stephens: Black Lives Matter Activist from Savannah Rodgers on Vimeo.

The newspaper said it got word of Stephens’ hiring from a tipster who also contacted the chancellor’s office:

The anonymous sender was concerned about Stephens’ language on Facebook, in which he wrote — seemingly in response to an issue of racial injustice — that “yt (white) people are such pieces of (expletive),” with “no accountability and responsibility.”

Stephens explained his interaction with Dean Paul Smokowski, who has since left KU, to the University Daily Kansan last year.

It happened in the context of Smokowski’s discussions with the black student activist group Rock Chalk Invisible Hawk. Stephens was apparently with the student activists when they crashed the dean’s office to demand he “write an email showing solidarity” with the group and encouraging students to attend their protest.

The 100 supposedly invisible hawks then occupied the chancellor’s office to complain about the “small responses” by the administration to perceived racial grievances on campus.

Stephens admitted he used the word “fuck” throughout his tirade against Smokowski because the dean “didn’t fucking care about” people of color and was ignoring the requirements of his Behavioral Science Regulatory Board licensure.

But the activist said he did not “threaten him in any way” and remained “at least three to four feet away from him” in the office.

Rock Chalk Invisible Hawk activists later criticized the university for not being more concerned when pro-Donald Trump chalkings appeared on campus during the Republican presidential primaries.

Read the article.

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IMAGE: Savannah Rodgers/Vimeo

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  • TxMedRgr

    The state let him keep his Social Worker license after threatening violence? Who do you have to kill in Kansas to lose your license?

    • Hughlon Thornbury

      “Who do you have to kill in Kansas to lose your license?”

      Anyone who isn’t guilty of whiteness.

  • Dani TX

    He must have taken advice from Charles H.F. Davis, an assistant professor, this technique has obviously worked for him.

  • Char Sal

    These turds will reap what they sow.

  • Gringao

    Well, now that KU has capitulated, I’m sure things will quiet down.

    • antsey

      Sending your offspring to this university could have very negative results. In short, avoid at all costs.

  • TheWanderingJewels

    So much for KU


    This Caleb Stephens looks remarkably like a more muscled version of ex-U.of Missouri “let’s get some muscle” `professor’ Melisa Click! Must be all that Kansas grain-fed beef!!

    • Jim Sweet

      Click seemed on the verge of “transitioning”. Who knows…..?

  • Brian Niles

    How do you get a job in a school where you are banned from entering entire buildings because of your threatening behavior? Apparently this institution of higher learning is pretty stupid.

    • Jacobite2

      Not stupid, just insanely anti-white, anti-Christian, and anti-Western Civilization. Any parents considering allowing a white kid to apply to KU ought to be charged with child abuse.

  • leishman_md

    I’m ashamed of my alma mater, KU, and stopped giving them money years ago.

    They had an A.A. chancellor, Bernadette Gray-Little, from 2009 to 2017, who led a $1.6 billion fund raising campaign for capital improvements and, I’m told, was a decent chancellor. The current provost, who’s in charge of the internal, day-to-day functions of the university, is Neeli Bendapudi, a woman from India.

    The campus has gotten very international, particularly with grad students from Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, and Korea. Maybe this BLM clown figures there aren’t enough A.A.’s there–folks who’d struggle to compete academically outside the “theater” department against some very talented “brown” people.

    No surprise that he’s been hired by the “drama” department.

    • Click

      “…Neeli Bendapudi, a woman from India.” The gap between the cultures of India and the US can be absolutely huge. For that reason I would consider very carefully before placing someone in an institutional personnel or policy position who had not resided in the US for at ten years. My comment is based on personal experience.

  • SolonGone

    Their professor of electronic discovery is a pussy hat wearing member of #resist who was fired from two KC law firms for banging her clients and co-workers. Both firms paid her to go away and never reported it to the MO or KS Bar Associations. Lawyers always protect their own. She even lead the coverup for a Federal judge in KS sexually harassing his staff because she didn’t want a sex scandal for a Clinton appointed judge. KU is a leftist cesspit worse than Mizzou.

  • glissmeister

    Racialists practicing Racialism see Racism everywhere.

  • Side note: David Guth, the J-school profession who tweeted that anti-NRA tweet where he wished children dead, is still on faculty.

  • Potomac cynic

    “A university spokesman … wouldn’t say if the 2015 incident was considered in Stephens’ hiring.”

    Of course it was considered… violent protests, profanity-laced tirades, and support of BLM is a resume enhancer in academia.

  • Barbara razza

    Another low life hired because why??? I wouldn’t let him near my kid for teaching or anything else


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  • champ

    Rock Chalk Invisible Hawk activists later criticized the university for not being more concerned when pro-Donald Trump chalkings appeared on campus during the Republican presidential primaries.

    So threatening and cursing out a professor is OK, but God forbid that someone chalk a slogan in favor of Trump…OK, I get it…

  • William Post

    Why in gods name would they even consider hiring that asshole?