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Aggressive Reed College student sit-in shuts down school’s finance office

Activists also create ‘Whitey Tasks’ list

Reed College has placed no-contact orders against a group of student protesters after they allegedly harassed a staff member during an occupation of the university treasurer’s office and blocked the office’s employees from doing their jobs.

The aggressive sit-in has resulted in the finance office being closed for three days and prompted officials to quickly relocate sensitive financial documents so they could not be absconded with.

The demonstration, led by members of a student protest group known as “Reedies Against Racism,” began Oct. 26 and stems from the group’s demand that the university divest from Wells Fargo because of what protesters allege are the banking company’s ties to private prisons, mass incarceration and the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline.

Students have occupied the university’s administrative building, Eliot Hall, for about 10 days now. As of Wednesday, a campus spokesman told The College Fix that student protesters were still occupying the hallways of Eliot Hall, the president’s office and the treasurer’s office.

The protests are the latest demonstration by “Reedies Against Racism,” a group that has been active on campus for a little over a year and whose members interrupted the lecture of a humanities class earlier this semester to protest a mandatory Western Civilization course it described as “really harmful.”

On Oct. 14, the group posted a link on Facebook to “a master list of tasks that don’t require completion by a [Person of Color] or [Reedies Against Racism] member.” The list, a screenshot of which was posted on Twitter, includes so-called “Whitey Tasks” such as printing labels and designing poster templates for the group.

Regarding the group’s latest protest, Reed College President John Kroger said in an email sent to the university community on Oct. 27 that a group of student protesters entered the treasurer’s office on Oct. 26 and “verbally harassed a staff member” during their demonstration.

The agitators declined to leave the building, according to Kroger, occupying it that night and forcing the office to be closed the next day.

“We condemn this behavior. This conduct violates the principles of respectful dialogue upon which this community is based. Dissent is encouraged at Reed, but harassment is not,” Kroger said in his email, referring to the university’s dissent policy.

In a Facebook post, Reedies Against Racism denied it harrassed any staff members and said its demonstration was “a peaceful sit-in.” Members of the group did not respond to requests for comment from The College Fix.

Student protesters have been occupying Reed College’s administrative building, Eliot Hall, for about 10 days demanding the university cut ties with Wells Fargo. The Oregonian reports the protests have included a “rotating group of around 40 or 50 students.”

“It’s our job to disrupt oppressive systems,” student protester Tiffany Chang told The Oregonian.

A source who visited Eliot Hall on Tuesday told The College Fix “the scene is truly shocking, there are a number of tents, food everywhere, and several fire code violations.”

In a statement made on Tuesday, Kroger addressed the recent demonstrations.

“I have no objection to the current, peaceful sit-in outside my office. The meeting area outside my office is a place of symbolic power, and thus a reasonable place to express one’s political views,” he said.

However, Kroger said demonstrations in the treasurer’s office “prevented finance staff members from working since Thursday evening” and that protesters refused to leave the space.

He further announced that no-contact orders had been levied against student protesters, temporarily banning them from freely entering campus offices.

“To ensure that this no-contact order is effective, the students will be required to
clear the hallways around the Treasurer’s Office and bathroom so staff can access their offices and facilities without risk of additional adverse contact,” Kroger explained.

Campus spokesman Kevin Myers said no-contact orders were placed against a couple dozen students total. Myers told The Fix the college encourages dissent but “there are parameters” regarding its policy.

Reedies Against Racism responded to the no-contact order by saying Reed College “would rather leverage police intervention and disrupt the ability for students to walk freely through Eliot Hall then admit that Wells Fargo is an unethical bank.”

Kroger said in his statement the protesters’ demand regarding Wells Fargo had been referred to the college’s board of trustees for review and “the protesting students have been invited to participate in that process.”

Earlier this semester, members of Reedies Against Racism interrupted the first lecture of “Humanities 110 – Introduction to Humanities: Greece and the Ancient Mediterranean” saying that “forcing students to take a mandatory Western Civilization course is really harmful.”

In a list of demands, Reedies Against Racism said the Western Civilization course needed to be “reformed to represent the voices of people of color.”

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IMAGE: Reed College/Leah Nash

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  • Maximus300

    How about suspending and/or expelling the offending perpetrators. You might get control of your institution back if you care to.

    • carrabelle

      A whiff of grape shot will certainly clear the mind.

  • Killer Marmot

    Gutless administrators.

    Tell the students that they are interfering with the normal functioning of the university, and that if they don’t vacate the offices within an hour they will be forcibly removed and then expelled.

    Then do it.

    It’s not difficult. These students have the right to protest, not the right to bring the college to its knees.

    • llewellynh

      Parents also have the right not to contribute to that school’s tuition. Why support this sort of nonsense?

    • Maineiac

      That or just have them arrested.

      • Unmutual One

        Or all of the above.

    • CherCee

      If they only had a spine…

    • richard40

      Defintely, although I would make that 1 semester suspension for the first offense, 2 for the 2nd, then expel for the 3rd. The first time should be a learning experience on consequences, the 2nd that the consequences will get worse if the lawlessness continues, then on the 3rd try it is obvious they cant learn, and should be expelled. Also arrest them for illegal trespass, and let them spend a week in jail (since they are suspected anyway, they wont miss any classes), then a month for the 2nd offense.

      • Killer Marmot

        Almost any punishment would be effective if it were actually implemented.

        • richard40

          I agree, at that level, certainty of punishment is far more important than the actual punishment amount.

  • Cade Smith

    Western Civilization, is our civilization it is the most advanced civilization historically. It just happens that most poeple in western civilization are white, that is not racist, we celebrate people of colors who make significant contributions to western civilization, not just white people.

    • nhr215

      “The most advanced civilization historically” Defined as?

      You could make a very easy case that Western Civilization is the most atrocious, genocidal, destructive and murderous civilization in the history of the planet. It all depends on what you mean by “civilized” and “advanced”. Is slavery civilized? What about imperialism? Genocide? Conquering and mass murder of peaceful free and independent peoples all over the world?

      Is Naziism advanced, because they operated under the *exact* same principles that the West at large has operated under in its cut-throat take over of planet earth (i.e. our race/culture is superior, and it is our god-given right to dominate all inferior peoples on the planet, etc.).

      How about the wholesale destruction of the ecology and natural habitat of planet earth. That’s pretty much based on Western Civilization. Is that “advanced”?

      You see its really a matter of how you define what “advanced” means. If you are speaking purely of technical advancement, I would certainly agree. I just think that technical advancement doesn’t mean a whole lot when your culture and systems are based on merciless and inhuman domination and exploitation. Most animals treat their fellow species members with more respect.

      • Ronald West

        You offer more words than wisdom or knowledge. That is apparent and people discount you as a noisy nuisance. You are lost in the weeds of your need to seem… but you are not.

      • SDN

        “You could make a very easy case that Western Civilization is the most atrocious, genocidal, destructive and murderous civilization in the history of the planet. It all depends on what you mean by “civilized” and “advanced”. Is slavery civilized? What about imperialism? Genocide? Conquering and mass murder of peaceful free and independent peoples all over the world?”

        Since ONLY Western Civilization has ever gotten rid of slavery, you’re just a liar up front.

        The only places on the planet where slavery and genocide still exist is where barbarians and Islamists have been allowed to continue operations. And they want to thank you for your support.

        • nhr215

          Wow you are dumb. Read the UN conventions, because every Nation-State on earth has banned slavery. Nice try. That is not some invention of the west.

          • SDN

            You’re a liar, and you know it.


            “Dr. Charles Jacobs notes how enslavement of blacks in Muslim countries continues unaddressed even as Israel Apartheid Week is fully condoned by anti-Israel campus dwellers:
            Meanwhile, however, in Sudan and Mauritania, racist Arab societies enslave blacks. Today. Most of the slaves are African Muslims. Yet there is no Arab Apartheid Week on American campuses. Why not?

            One might think American student activists would be upset about Mauritania, the West African country with the largest population of black slaves in the world – estimates range from 100,000 to more than a half-million. In Mauritania, slaves are used for labor, sex and breeding. The wholly owned property of their masters, they are passed down through generations, given as wedding gifts or exchanged for camels, trucks, guns or money.”

          • xenonman

            It may have been “banned” on paper, but that fact proves NOTHING!

          • nhr215

            And you could say the same thing about the US, since in practice there is human trafficking and slavery all over this country.

      • TexCassidy

        You’re welcome to leave this mortal coil that so distresses you.

        Or, at minimum, since you are a true believer in anti-westernism, get the hell out and pollute the rest of the world with your toxic personhood.

        • nhr215

          I am actually not welcome, I was born into this civilization. It is my heritage. And it does not “distress me” whatsoever. I am simply speaking of the history that some people would prefer to ignore and forget.

          I have lived abroad, and traveled to about 50 nations, so I actually have something to compare the US to. I’m not anti-western. But I am also not pro-western.

          I believe only a child, a naive baby would think that their sh*t doesn’t stink. Western Civilization has created some of the great advancements, institutions and developments, on earth AND it has also been the cause of some of the greatest sufferings and some of the most horrific developments in human history on the grandest scales.

          It is BOTH/AND, not EITHER/OR. Only simpletons and fools live by such absolutists belief systems.

      • Del_Varner

        “… is the most atrocious, genocidal, destructive and murderous civilization in the history of the planet” This describes Marxism to a T. Perhaps we should be like the cannabalistic Aztecs instead.

      • steves_59

        You live in a society that is freer, more prosperous, more egalitarian, and safer than any society heretofore known on this planet.
        Yet your screed screams that we’re “the most atrocious, genocidal, destructive and murderous civilization in the history of the planet.”
        You need some real perspective. Go visit Raqqa, Mogadishu, or Bamako.
        Or, alternatively, go visit San Francisco.
        Either way, you are due for some much-needed perspective.

        • nhr215

          My friend, we are not taking about the state of the average American citizen in the United States of America on Nov 3, 2017. The topic was the “advanced” nature of Western Civilization, specifically the claim that it is “the most advanced civilization.”

          You just attempted to switch the dialogue. Sorry that’s not going to work.

          You want some real perspective? Try being an indigenous person in Mexico, the Caribbean, Peru, Utah or anywhere else in the Americas between the years 1500-1800. Your experience would be forced conversion to a strange religion, slavery, massacre.

          How about being a tribesman anywhere in Asia or Africa? How about just being a human being not born with white skin at any time between the 1500s and 1900s? Chances are you would have either been enslaves, killed, oppressed or forced to give-up your language, your culture or your religion at gun-point from our “civilized advanced” nation.

          The lovely conditions that the US creates of “freedom, prosperity, egalitarian, etc.” is BUILT UPON hundreds of years of slavery (in the US) and genocide of natives people, economic domination around the world, and military intervention EVERYWHERE. Read your history. Do you know how many countries the US has invaded in its brief history? We’re talking over 50! We invade a nation on average every 3 years. That is how our “prosperity and freedom” is marinated. Does that sound civilized and advanced to you?

          PS – Along with reading your history, lookup your statistics. We are not the safest country on earth at ALL. We are home to 10 of the most dangerous, violent cities on the planet with the highest homicides rates.

          Sounds like someone else here needs to stop drinking the Kool Aid and open their eyes. Try viewing the world from someone else’s perspective. I’m sure a German citizen in the 1940s would be the same thing as you “we are the freest, richest, and most powerful state!!”…yes, at the expense of conquest and genocide, sure.

          • steves_59

            Good Lord.
            I think YOU’RE the one who has been drinking the Kool-aid.
            I’m gonna suggest, as other commenters have, that you relocate yourself to one of these other societies that you so apparently admire.

  • N=1

    ‘“It’s our job to disrupt oppressive systems,” student protester Tiffany Chang told The Oregonian.’

    One goes to college to learn, not to teach. Her job is to acquire an education and, while doing so, to grow up, or at least to mature a little.

    College administrators who cater to this childishness are a major part of the problem. Children will be children – but it is the responsibility of adults who care for them to discipline them in ways that permit them to grow and prosper. The failure to set limits and enforce rules has led to the current farce called American higher education. It is encouraging that this college is refusing to tolerate foolishness.

    • xenonman

      About the only “education” that one will acquire at Reed is in how to conduct group sex while on ecstasy.

  • Libblaster

    Judging by the Facebook manifesto in the article Reedies Against Racism are s bunch of racists just as Antifa are a bunch of Fascists.

  • Steve Alvarado

    My son is a senior in high school this year and weekly he receives a mailer and an email from this college encouraging him to apply. Nope.

    • xenonman

      Very wise decision!

  • CurmudgeonNYC

    What loser idiot kids. Oh and “Whitey List”? How about a “Black-ey List”? Sound racist and retarded? Yup. So is the opposite.

  • M. Murphy

    Have these people arrested!

  • Max Villar


    • xenonman

      Because their families will lose their five-figure investment in their childrens’ educations!

      • CherCee

        So? The brats deserve expulsion if they disrupt the college.

        • xenonman

          Of course, but the college doesn’t want to jeopardize any future endowments!

          • CherCee

            That’s true.

  • nhr215

    Suspension and, if necessary, expulsion of these disruptive students would be the best gift that Reed good give to them. It would teach them experientially that just because they have conviction in their righteousness doe not mean that the rules do not apply to them. It also would give them a taste of what to expect in the real world once they graduate. Coddling them is not doing them any favors much less their peers who have to endure their racist harassment.

  • TexCassidy

    So these racists endorse racism. They deserve more racism. They have earned it.

  • buddygonzo

    I blame the students for attending such a racist school in the first place

  • Bird_Dog

    The Reed administrators have allowed this bullying to happen for far too long. RAR may have some legitimate grievances, but they’re crossing the line between protest to intimidation.

  • N=1

    ‘Now each man judges well the things he knows, and of these he is a good judge. And so the man who has been educated in a subject is a good judge of that subject, and the man who has received an all-round education is a good judge in general. Hence a young man is not a proper hearer of lectures on political science; for he is inexperienced in the actions that occur in life, but its discussions start from these and are about these; and, further, since he tends to follow his passions, his study will be vain and unprofitable, because the end aimed at is not knowledge but action. And it makes no difference whether he is young in years or youthful in character; the defect does not depend on time, but on his living, and pursuing each successive object, as passion directs. For to such persons, as to the incontinent, knowledge brings no profit; but to those who desire and act in accordance with a rational principle White about such matters will be of great benefit.’ Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics, Book I. http://classics.mit.edu/Aristotle/nicomachaen.1.i.html

    But what did he know? White guy, straight, said that slavery was the natural and best condition of some people. Typical DWEM.

  • Captain_Cracka


  • Vic Abacaxi

    “One of the most ugly aspects of life in Communist China during the Mao Zedong era was the Party’s demand that people inform on each other routinely and denounce each other during political campaigns. This practice had a profoundly destructive effect on human relationships. Husbands and wives became guarded with each other, and parents were alienated from their children. The practice inhibited all forms of human contact, so that people no longer wanted to have friends. It also encouraged secretiveness and hypocrisy. To pr otect himself, a man had to keep his thoughts to himself. When he was compelled to speak, often lying was the only way to protect himself and his family.”
    ― Nien Cheng, Life and Death in Shanghai

    Pictured below: Young Red Guards.

    • xenonman

      Even Hitler found it necessary to discourage Germans from turning each other in, because the practice had become so pervasive!

  • xenonman

    This is also the school that tolerates group sex cum ecstasy in its dorms.

  • Man with Axe

    These college administrators are worse than their godawful students. They deserve to have their offices occupied and to receive the opprobrium of every competent adult in the land.