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Ohio State student government adds meeting break to accommodate Islamic prayers

Ohio State University’s student government has added an inclusivity measure of a five-minute break during its weekly general assembly meetings.

The break, installed after a student requested it, is meant to allow student government representatives time for prayers, as practicing Muslims pray five times throughout the day.

Students who are not Muslim can use the break in other ways, such as stretching or going to the bathroom.

The five-minute break has been on the assembly’s agenda throughout the fall semester. Sometimes it is taken, other times not. In recent meetings, the break has not been taken.

Tony Buss, a member of the student government’s diversity and inclusivity committee, told The College Fix that “a senator had requested the break specifically for prayer. Since that was the purpose of the request, it was honored as such in name. Senators may use this time however they please, whether it be for prayer, a bathroom break, or otherwise.”

Buss told The Lantern that their group has “diversified,” which is what prompted the body to add the break for prayer.

Ohio State’s student government 2016-17 demographic report states that approximately 6 percent of senators affiliate with the Muslim faith.

Amraha Nadeem, who is a Muslim, told The Lantern that her prayer time “changes every day, but the meetings sometimes interfere.”

“I think it is important to proactively add it to the agenda because that way everyone knows to expect it. We don’t have to motion to go into a five-minute recess; it’s already there,” she said.

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  • St. Hahn

    She can pray before or after meetings just like any normal person.

  • Jimmy__Russell

    Alinsky’s Rule 4 needs to apply, hold them to the same standard that we know they can’t.
    If Leftists are using government money to give hypocritical preferential treatment to Muslims, sue them back to the Stone Age.

  • cc2221

    Liberals continue to bend our beliefs to fit those from other countries. Go home if you don’t like the rules here.

  • Dr. Donny

    Anyone who has spent much time in a Muslim country knows that when one hears the call to prayer, only a handful of believers go to the mosque to pray. Everyone else essentially ignores it. Go to the Dubai Mall where they broadcast the call over the PA system – absolutely nothing changes. Having someone claim they want to pray during the meeting is nothing but a power play using the ignorance of fellow students to achieve it.