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University event highlights 14 ways ‘whiteness’ oppresses society

SAN MARCOS, Calif. — A “Whiteness Forum” at Cal State San Marcos on Tuesday prominently displayed 14 poster boards detailing different ways in which students say whiteness in America oppresses people of color and society.

For 15 years and “going strong,” this annual forum has taken place as a part of Professor Dreama Moon’s “Communication of Whiteness” course, the scholar said as she kicked off the two-hour event inside a large multipurpose room.

A banner hung at the front of the room indicated the “Whiteness Forum” is about “reflecting on white privilege and racism.”

As part of the class, the students teamed up to create 14 different poster boards that aimed to illustrate different ways whiteness is allegedly oppressive.

Among the topics students broached: mental health services favor whites, media coverage is biased against people of color, Hollywood stereotyping, racism in the military, and real estate practices that favor whites, according to their projects.

The forum kicked off at noon with two spoken poems performed by students in the class who took the opportunity to express frustration with whiteness.

One of the performers, a female African American student, called Africa “the greatest country in the world, where we all once originated.” Her poem went on: “On a daily basis I am seen as a threat, but you get a pass because you’re white.”

“I am an African American and by my people and country I stand,” she continued. “I identify not with the equality of America, but with the ‘We The People.’”

Another student’s poem offered similar sentiments: “Whiteness thrives on the hate of everyone. Realize we are all pawns in this chess game. Every day is a day to challenge whiteness.”

As the young women spoke their poems with passion, Professor Moon, who is white, stood nearby and watched with a smile. After the performances, Moon encouraged the crowd to interact with her students and learn about “white supremacy.”

One poster board was labeled “#MentalHealthTooWhite.” Its student creators argued that mental health concerns of white individuals are portrayed as alarming and complex, while people of color are shown as simply being crazy.

Another poster board labeled “Whiteness in the Entertainment Industry” depicted different films and television shows in which white actors had been cast in roles that some believe should have been portrayed by people of color. The students also accused Hollywood of stereotyping, citing as an example Sophia Vergara’s “hypersexualized” character on “Modern Family.”

At the “Writing It White” display, student creators accused the media of racial bias.

“Since newsrooms are largely white, ethnocentrism and unconscious stereotyping by whites produce positive images of Caucasians and negative images of people of color,” the display stated. The display also argued that headlines tend to go easier on white criminals.

“No Human Left Behind” was another poster board on display focused on the military.

“In our discussion of whiteness, we argue that practices of power in both the past and present have continuously reinforced white supremacy in the United States military through the use of policies, attitudes and unequal opportunities given to minorities,” the display stated.

“Students learn best when they actually do something as opposed to just hear something,” Moon told The Fix in an interview at last year’s event.

As the event took place, both a plain clothes and uniformed police officer remained nearby. Among the guests were members of the College Republicans, including Erin Clements, who donned her “Make America Great Again” hat.

Although it earned her a few stares, she said she had not received any backlash otherwise. She said she went to the event to understand what it was about and found it interesting but troubling.

“The event is racist in itself,” she said in an interview with The College Fix, pointing out that if the forum was dedicated to any other race in the same way it was dedicated to whiteness there would have been a huge outrage.

The titles of the 14 booths were: “Anti-Racist Discourse in Mental Health,” “Whiteness in the Entertainment Industry,” “Writing It White,” “Asian Does Not Start With A+,” “Colorism,” “Confederate Monuments,” “It’s Not Us, It’s Them,” “White Supremacy in Government Representatives,” “Redlining,” “The Spin,” “Got Privilege,” “No Human Left Behind,” “Puerto Rico & Whiteness,” and “Build Bridges Not Walls.”

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Haley Toy is a sophomore at Palomar College, working toward a bachelor's degree in English. She feels very blessed by the opportunity to write for The College Fix and hopes to pursue a career in journalism.

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    my white privlege is working myazz off, paying high taxes and being a responsible citizen in order to pay for filthy scmbbgzz of unknown origin to breed and get everything free…so kiss my whitefcn azz, I love being white from a great heritage of the classics!

    • Skeptic Republican

      I have lots of pride in my country and race, but I do not think I’m superior over other races. I am white.

      • Fidelis ad urnam

        I don’t consider myself a ‘white supremacist’- but can you deny that whites have created far more advanced civilizations and accomplished far more than any other people? Certainly one can not deny that. It’s not opinions. It is simply fact. And it isn’t racist to acknowledge it. Just reality.

        • diggferkel

          I think the oppressive leftist thought police are the real threat to everyone. These Sociopaths need to be stopped and removed from all institutions.

        • George6112

          Thank the Roman Empire for bringing western european white man out of the trees. Africans didn’t have the benefit of being conquered by an advanced civilization until much more recently and is still fighting to remain in the trees like Europeans did for some 500 years after Roman conquest.

          • Kill_n_Grill

            Ummm… the Romans were Europeans.

          • Voice_of_Reason

            and still are. mostly. except for the “migrants” – you know, the ones committing all of the street crimes.

          • The Greeks beat Rome to Western Civilization.

            And, Greeks are Europeans.

          • William Hofmeister

            Greeks never got beyond city state level. Rome built the empire and conquered the greeks, and everybody else. For awhile anyway.

          • How far they got doesn’t alter that they are one of the founding pillars of Western Civilization.

            And, Alexander pretty much conquered the known world at the time. He may have been Macedonian, but that is like making a distinction that Washington was a Virginian.

          • Europa

            Not east of Pakistan.

          • At the time, there was no Pakistan. However, that aside, I did specify “known” world. A reasonable man should be able to surmise that I did not mean to imply the modern day “known” world.

          • Europa

            Rome did not conquer everyone else and the Macedonian Greek Alexander came to the Indus river and the Punjab the rest of Asia did not know of him or his adventures.

          • anony

            Study the Sumerian civilization; it preceded the Greeks.

          • George6112

            You agree with my argument then. Thanks. Of course the Romans built on the shoulders of Macedonians, Greeks, Jews, Assyrians, etc.

            The Romans were the ones that took it to most of Europe and made European civilization superior to that of Africa. If Egypt or Cathage had defeated Rome things might have been different BUT only if they had gone on to defeat the disease and tribalism of sub-Saharan Africa. As it was it took Europeans and Arabs. We all know the difference in Africans under Arab rule vs European. Of course there were some bad Europeans the way there were bad African tribal chiefs.

          • I was not agreeing or disagreeing, merely pushing the time window back a bit more.

          • MafiaGovernment

            The Roman empire was officially, historically, ‘conquered’ when Constantinople fell in 1453. I hardly think Europeans were still ‘fighting to remain in the trees’ in 1953. Or in 1453 for that matter.

          • George6112

            The Byzantium Empire was the end of a 1000 year Christian theocracy and the golden age. Europe was beginning the dark ages after the Romans had fallen in 476 ad. Rome had been in decline for year and there were as many “Romes” as there had been Caesars. The Bishop of Rome would even appoint an emporer of the “Holy” Roman Empire which he did in 800ad with Charlemagne. You know the Roman empire I was talking about.

          • Ted

            If you write your autobiography, may I suggest you title it: Running With Ignorance?

          • George6112

            We’re all ignorant of many things. I assume I upset you about your genealogy. Interesting book that explains more to help you with your problem with ignorance is Dr. Thomas Sowell’s, “Black Rednecks and White Liberals.” Good luck, Ted.

          • Voice_of_Reason

            Romans were (and still are) white Europeans.

            And the Northern parts of Europe prior to conquest by the Romans were more advanced (2,000 years ago) than sub-Saharan Africa was until European colonization of Africa (300 years ago).

          • Europa

            Whites in America who are proud of Rome and Greece barely know about them and do not practice the high philosophy of the Greeks and instead go for the gang mentality of intolerance.

          • George6112

            You’re confusing “gang mentality” with America’s motto – “E Pluribus Unum” We were many but now only one. Diversity is the antithesis of unity and oneness and we are not proud of it. In Houston we claim to be diverse but we’re not. We help each other during hurricanes and other emergencies. We practice E Pluribus Unum.
            Of course we’re proud of our race. I’m a very proud white man. Do I think the Lord makes mistakes when he creates us? Nope

          • George6112

            We practice the gang mentality of intolerance aka democracy. We’ve been doing it for about 100 years now as before that time our founding fathers considered it one of the worsts forms of government ever. As Ben Franklin is said to have said, “Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner.” As a pastor of mine once said, “democracy is the tyranny of the 51%.” We can be a gang mentality or an individual mentality that has such a strong argument that it attracts a number of people that now you could call it a “gang, coterie, syndicate, company, team, posse, etc.” You choose the word “gang” and that by itself is interesting that of all the words you could have used “gang” was the word you did use. At the very least you could have used the word “gaggle.” I’m just going to assume you’re just a bit on the racist side and hate is your modus operendi as you seem to know so much about intolerance. As an American we prefer E Pluribus Unum.

          • Proud Conservative

            But our country is not a “Democracy.” It is a Constitutional Republic. They are very different things.

          • Robert Ahr

            As others have pointed out there were the Greeks. Also the Iberian Tribes and the Gaul, Celtic tribes had their civilization from the British Isles all the way to the Russian Steppe and even into Anatolia. The reasons Rome beat all of them had nothing to do with Empire, most areas were conquered before they became an Empire during the Republic era, ancient Roman text even state that the Gaul’s metalworking skills were orders of magnitude beyond Rome. The Celts were being pressed from all sides as the temp warmed the Germanic tribes grew and added a northern pressure, one that took several hundred years to build but would ultimately swamp Rome as well. Many of those areas in Europe that you state were civilized had already been visited by both Greeks and the Carthaginians. Just because Rome, in her greatness, overshadowed those that came before her due to both the scale of her achievements and passage of time don’t dismiss them as hiding in the trees.

          • George6112

            Read Julius Caesar’s “Gallic Wars” It’s about the betterment of western Europe through Roman conquest and infrastructure improvements. Gaius J. was the General Marshall of Europe 2000 years before Gen. Marshall was born. As was a habit with the Romans they left behind troops in towns the defeated who married and had Roman children all along the way.

        • boca_grande

          That is only partially true, at this time it is true but their have been other society that were advanced beyond the the white ones at other times. Chinese for example was before and may be in the future. Also Early Egyptian was before Roman societies.

          • Wyatt Mann

            China, true. East Asians have high IQs.

            Egypt may be located in the continent of Africa, but the Ancient Egyptians were not racially Black. They were probably Semitic/Middle Eastern.

          • boca_grande

            My point was that China and Egypt rose to a high culture and a sophisticated society without regard to the reference of “white”. If we equate whites as Caucasian then we have to also include Indians, Arabs, and Persians etc.

          • Europa

            Most of India are Caucasians but we are not White.

          • Wyatt Mann

            It’s not some “Magic” that makes Whites (and Asians) able to create great civilizations. It’s just a large fraction of their population having high IQ. Asians if anything have higher IQs than Whites.

            We shouldn’t equate “White” and “Caucasian” for the very reason you mentioned. (More complicated with Persians=Iranians as some still have some DNA from the ancient Aryan people, from which Iran takes its name). True, Caucasians, Indians, etc. are closer to Whites than, say, Blacks are, and in the case of Brahmin Indians, some have high average IQs, but you should think of race as ever-widening, concentric circles of extended families writ large.

          • boca_grande

            Modern Europeans and North Americans families were mostly Christian and had a strong emphasis on education. Other areas not so much more on agrarian wealth and also specialization of tasks in western cultures was allowed by afferent agriculture. Specialization of tasks allowed everything such as manufacturing, air travel, etc. Lack of it meant lower level economies etc. I am white and don’t think I am smarter then any other race. But it is perspective and social organization that puts us apart. Others in our culture have difficulty developing that perspective. Aiming for something to do. Do for economy and society it is just ingrained.

          • Wyatt Mann

            Boca, it’s a non-sequitur to compare a single individual to a whole race. Best to compare IQs between races, or between individuals (apples to apples and oranges to oranges).

            Look up stats for average IQs of Whites, East Asians, Blacks, etc. I’d list them here but you’ll believe your own research better

          • Rational_Db8

            Some Ancient Egyptians were unquestionably black. Others were as you note, more Middle Eastern. There was a lot of “melting pot” in Ancient Egypt.

          • Europa

            I agree. Culturally Egypt is not part of Africa.

          • Robert Ahr

            Depends which Egypt you are talking about. For quiet a while there were both upper and lower Egypt. Upper Egypt were at times ruled and always had at least some black “subjects”. The Nubians were directly below upper Egypt and during the 800s, I believe even controlled upper Egypt for a time. But using the modern construct of race for three thousand year old peoples is unsound. Peoples change, move and mix, sometimes drastically and very quickly.

          • Europa

            Do not forget Hindu/Buddhist India that changed China.

        • NormanRockwellAmerican

          Too bad, but modern liberalism and reality do not intersect.

        • It cycles. There are periods of history where the same statement could be applied to China, for example and that the West simply copied and improved on it. Sort of like the Asian advances have done with American accomplishments in recent decades.

          Going back to ancient history, at the time of Rome – which I’ve seen mentioned here – Meso-America was far more advanced in math and astronomical science.

          Something to keep in mind is that “White” has become a label for Western culture generally, and American culture, specifically. In that context, I certainly agree with you in that there is nothing racist or shameful in celebrating the accomplishments and positive contributions of those cultures.

          What these “anti-white” fools tend to ignore is that “White” in the caucasian context also included most Middle-Easterners. Also many of North Africa were/are “white” – and not from European migration. Same for many from Mexico, though in that case a lot of it was from Europe. My grandfather looked like a Spanish noble rather than an Aztec Indian.

          But those labels make it easier for socialists to define the groups needed for their misguided ideology.

          • Herb

            She should have just said black culture lags behind every other race, having achieved nothing of note execpt for under the tutelage of white people

          • Rational_Db8

            Had she said that, she’d be just as dead wrong as you are. Perhaps you like being ignorant of history and making false statements tho.

          • anony

            Many, many Whites were captured and taken into slavery by North Africans (Arabs) for centuries.

          • Rational_Db8

            Very true.

        • worsethandeplorable

          and see how great africa as a continent has done with all its raw materials, its still 90 % 3rd world, i guess whitey has done that too… want an example, Zimbabwe and Mugabe, country in ruins hes milked dry and now leaves so rich he cant spend it all

          • Rational_Db8

            Actually in large part it IS correct to say that “whitey” has “done that” to Africa. It’s pretty hard to overcome the setbacks of being invaded, conquered, and ruled in just a few decades.

          • worsethandeplorable

            good luck with that, blaming whitey for everything. and its been more than a few decades.
            sorry i mentioned it

          • Rational_Db8

            I’m not even remotely “blaming whitey for everything.” We are responsible for what we’re responsible for, nothing more, nothing less. The “Great Society” and other leftist welfare state policies were put in place primarily by whites – and it’s utterly torn poor families, especially black families, apart. It’s certainly not reasonable to blame blacks for implementing policies they had little or no say in passing into law.

            And when it comes to various African nations getting independence from their colonial status, for many/most of them it HASN’T been more than a few decades. Most only gained their independence in the 60’sw and 70’s – and some even later than that.

          • worsethandeplorable

            hard to overcome selling your own people into slavery for starters to whitey and then the ‘leaders’ keep all the wealth while THEY suppress their own people.
            quit with the race card, its really ignorant

          • Rational_Db8

            Where’d I play the race card? Facts are facts, whether you like ’em or not. In the USA the current dismal inner city problem is primarily thanks to Democrat/liberal/progressive/socialist polices set in play with the Great Society.

          • worsethandeplorable

            amen to that.

          • Deplorable Vulgarian Guppy2

            Actually, European colonization of Africa, as well as other places, had its benefits too.
            It brought in education, medicine, utilities, roads, cities, better farming techniques, industry and to a point got rid of class and caste systems.
            100years of European rule didn’t “setback” Africa, it advanced it only to be lost when they left.
            Take Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) for example. They were the breadbasket of Africa under Colonial ‘rule’ when the English left they didn’t take everything, white farmers still lived there and continued to work, until they were run off and killed. Their land taken over. Now they can’t feed themselves.
            All things being equal Africa, being the “birthplace of the human race”, should have been way more advanced than it was when Europeans (northern Europeans) showed up.

          • Rational_Db8

            Most of the benefits brought in weren’t for the natives, who were subjugated and treated as second class (exactly how does get somehow eliminate class and caste systems??), conscripted for world wars, etc. Plus there obviously wasn’t much in the way of “utilities, roads,…” etc. brought in, obviously – or there’d be a lot more of those things there right now than there is.

            Yes, there’ve been some major setbacks since they gained independence. Exactly how do you expect subjugated peoples to maintain levels of output when they first gain their freedom – especially when the majority of their nation’s wealth and production had been taken from them by their colonial occupiers, and they had no experience in self governance after being ruled for a century or more?

            “All things being equal Africa, being the “birthplace of the human race”,
            should have been way more advanced than it was when Europeans (northern
            Europeans) showed up.”

            All things AREN’T “equal” obviously – they had vastly more problems with endemic diseases to deal with than northern Europeans did, and the best way to avoid those was to remain in small tribal groups away from main waterways and other large groups of people. There were a number of different issues like that which made development of technology occur at far different rates in various parts of the world.

          • Deplorable Vulgarian Guppy2

            “…exactly how does get somehow eliminate class and caste systems??” that statement was more about the colonization of India, which the British (ironically) put a huge dent in.
            There are quite a few roads, highway systems, etc… in Africa. Before the car everyone got a round basically the same.
            All groups have been occupied by another people throughout history and subjugated, enslaved and so on.
            True, they may have not had many who could lead but that’s is what the UN is for and they really screwed that up.
            There were amazing cities and technologies in Africa well before NEuropeans showed up.
            “All things being equal…” is a consideration of time, effort and experience.
            Disease, blight, famine everyone experienced them. Yet some people learned from them, lived in cities and advanced technologically. Some stayed isolated and didn’t.
            To the point:
            Africa is not in the state it’s in because of colonization it’s in this state because of murderous leftist kleptocrates there since. Killing their own.

        • Skeptic Republican

          No doubt, but the social norm nowadays doesn’t appreciate any accomplishments.

        • JTTRI

          Dat bee racists and we alls now dat a Syrian Refugee invented the Space Shuttle and the Microwave.

        • Rational_Db8

          That’s true in the last few hundred years, but not throughout history. And I think it’s fair to say that a very solid argument can be made that modern developments have more to do with geography, endemic disease rates, and issues of that nature than race. Read Jarod Diamon’s Guns, Germs, and Steel – he makes some excellent points in this regard.

        • Europa

          Depends on your concept of “advanced civilizations”. Asia gave the world all the major faiths out of which so much of Europe’s cultures are formed
          You may also want to factor in the relative decline of the west. It did not take too long for the rise and fall of the West. Other regions have risen and fallen too but not so quickly
          Today the weakness of Western societies is seen in the cultural collapse

          • Fidelis ad urnam

            Well, I guess I would consider an advanced civilization one that say, put a man on the moon/has found cures for deadly diseases/continues to progress technologically. I agree that the West today is weak. But it is not organic. It is by design by those who desire our collapse.

      • Azrial Nimrod

        What do you mean you don’t think you are superior? Have you looked at the numbers?

        • Bob Tom

          Being superior and thinking you are superior are 2 different things.

          • Azrial Nimrod

            Ok. Let’s pick categories to start. Crime? Average IQ? Contributions to science? Architecture? Where should we begin?

          • Innocent Bystander

            How about the wheel?

          • Rational_Db8

            When it comes to crime an average IQ, the Asians win. What’s more, the whole issue of IQ and race is questionable – standardized IQ testing appears to measure literacy levels rather than any innate genetic differences. See below for a good starter on that issue. Contributions to architecture – that all depends on what historical time period you’re referring to.

            The Flynn Effect and IQ Disparities Among Races, Ethnicities, and Nations: Are There Common Links? Connecting the Flynn Effect to racial, ethnic, and national disparities in IQ

          • rejecttyranny

            Can one identify as being superior???

      • oldfatguy

        Apparently, the only educated people that believe we’re hate-filled, racist, privileged white supremacists are gay, white college professors who are paid 6 figure salaries to tell impressionable minority kids the “truth” about whites…

        • xFREETOCHOOSEx

          And believe they can say what they want and not fear being fired because of tenure. But if someone equally voices their differing opinion, they instill vitriol, insults and call for censorship.

          • ChezC3

            professors, lecturers, adjuncts, my god, especially the adjuncts…are the most whiny, self centered, sniveling creatures on the planet. They are weak. As a result they shame the strong instead of working to become the strong. Slave morality at its worst

          • Rob

            Dear Non-White People:

            Let me give you a little secret about the white race. We’re kind, hard-working, accepting, and generous to a point. What’s that point? More importantly, what happens when that point is reached? Great question. Look at Europe. It’s the same repeated story in history over and over again. Right now, Europe has rejected God and is trying to turn Western Europe into a secular, multicultural utopia. Mass Muslim immigration is rapidly changing the continent. The subsequent crime and rape wave has ensued. Recent polling shows that Europeans now feel like foreigners in their own continent and are SEETHING MAD about it, though their laws do not allow them to speak out that way we Americans can. Once white people feel defeated or backed into a corner, they snap! Snap? Read history to see what happens… soon a “special” leader will come on the scene promising to eradicate the Muslims. Biblical prophecy affirms this coming individual. What will happen in America? Nothing as extreme as Europe because we are about to massively cut legal immigration, deport our 20 million illegal aliens, cut welfare, and ignore the endless whining and ungrateful bit*hing coming from certain vocal minorities, who are 13% of the population and cause 80% of the violent crime. Be warned.

          • oofduh

            Please try not to make it about God. It just an absence of plain ol’ common sense.

          • ExposeThem511

            It is about Yahweh and always has been. You’re too stupid to live.

          • anony

            It was not part of their blood,

            It came to them very late,

            With long arrears to make good,

            When the Saxon began to hate.

            They were not easily moved,

            They were icy — willing to wait

            Till every count should be proved,

            Ere the Saxon began to hate.

            Their voices were even and low.

            Their eyes were level and straight.

            There was neither sign nor show

            When the Saxon began to hate.

            It was not preached to the crowd.

            It was not taught by the state.

            No man spoke it aloud

            When the Saxon began to hate.

            It was not suddently bred.

            It will not swiftly abate.

            Through the chilled years ahead,

            When Time shall count from the date

            That the Saxon began to hate. Rudyard Kipling.

            “This destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken, and its mantle of

            strength descends upon those in its service.” – Francis Parker Yockey,


          • American Tax Payer

            I posted that too! Great Minds Think Alike..

          • gotham1883

            Well said by Mr. Kipling. We are getting closer and closer.

          • Bringingitreal

            Break it down in jive or the intended audience won’t have a clue as to what Kipling was saying

          • harriet

            and don’t forget the ho’s twerking

          • Chester White

            The rubber will hit the road when our debt eventually causes a currency crisis and a loaf of bread costs $20. Wouldn’t want to be in a big city then.

          • Tull Cicero

            Right. And the ferals who come for my sh*t are going to find out what happens when their desire for my money exceeds their fear of the firepower I might have waiting for them.

          • Ruth Gauthier

            when it hits the fan you money will be worthless, better to invest in blankest, toilet paper, soap, and cigarettes, booze etc

          • Sniffachoo

            Better to die on your front steps, after taking a bunch of them with you, than to let them take you away to be tried in a San Francisco courthouse, where the self-loathing, wealthy, white lawyers love to hang their brothers.

          • Helen

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          • ernldo

            Ditto that!

          • Mike0oSS

            Has happened before….post WW1 Germany infact

          • redpilldebtslave

            Why is it the whites that are evil? Hmmmm? Is it because we invented the
            modern world? Whats with this chip on everybody’s shoulders? Whites
            are a minority globally, the leftist wannabe communists had better quit
            poking this race stuff. Things that happened centuries ago are not my
            fault. If you aren’t smart enough to find your own answers and can’t
            tell that you are being lied to daily then I have less than zero respect
            for you. If you geniuses keep selling yourselves out and backing us
            into a corner, you’re going to see some white supremacy. Just make the
            fight worth it pansies. Lets see what real victims you are instead of
            pretending. I’m licking my chops for WORL, if not, oh well. Enjoy your
            hybridization into collective nothingness you weakling hive minds.

          • gotham1883

            I keep stocking up ammo for that time. Everyone knows it is going to happen.

          • HappyJack1

            Won’t do you a bit of good.

          • MacGyvergirl

            oh yes it will…against invaders…but not the military, their weapons are above and beyond. the people waited too long.

          • Publicus

            Well, a rock can gain you a rifle, a rifle a grenade launcher, etc. And the military is well outnumbered. And about half the military takes their oath seriously and won’t attack civilians or obey other illegal orders.

          • Joey Smith

            Currently. Recent presidents have taken a lot of action to turn the military into something other than well-disciplined protectors of the Constitution.

          • Publicus

            The expected scenario I to use out of region national guard units locally under the guise of quelling an insurrection to avoid the whole fighting your neighbors thing. So Kansas guard units to California, California units to Florida, etc.

            It still won’t work. The majority who sign up will disobey unconstitutional (that is blatantly unconstitutional) orders. Many I know would desert first bringing what they could with them. Add that to the over 300 million firearms in private hands, including some fairly high powered NFA weapons.

          • Joey Smith

            Currently most of our volunteers will disobey blatantly unconstitutional orders.
            I’m worried about tomorrow. First they will institute a draft, dumb them down, then slowly turn the institution into something it is not intended to be such as a social experiment. Then there will be favoritism and non-merit based appointments. Morale will decline, pay will decrease, the distinction of the service will become lower. In short, the military would become corruptible.
            I’m not talking about today. Not at all. May it never end.

          • Dogbert1


          • libertyanyday

            this white vet knows who the enemy is. Its time for white men to reassert their position of authority. The minions have been allowed to act like petulant children long enuf. White men need to stop this, no one else will.

          • Publicus

            Study genetics a bit and I t’s not so black and white an issue. This article is pretty simplistic but you’ll get an idea.
            There is no black or white, just varying shades based on many many genetic factors. Humans had the population bottleneck about 70 thousand years ago, and we all developed after that as we spread across the world.

            So when people say white men, they just have different versions of the same genes. Just different combinations switch on or off. And the ones related to skin color typically don’t have commonality with others that control other traits.

            One human race.

          • Right-Wing Revolution

            Keep saying that when you’re surrounded by 4 Negroes wanting to rape you and your White wife. Good luck.

          • Publicus

            I assume you never drive anywhere, or walk down stairs. Both have a higher chance of killing you than the scenario you propose. If you let fear rule your thoughts, particularly highly unlikely fear, you become the prey. I have friends who are Black. The only time I think about their skin color is when in discussions with someone who thinks it matters.

            Evil no no racial boundary.

          • MacGyvergirl

            grenade launcher? i was think laser weapons, robots, microwave weapons, weather weapons, drones…they won’t need soldiers…and the ones they have they can brainwash.

          • Publicus

            la riots, the Korean community asked for police help, none available. They formed an impromptu militia, had legal long guns on their business roofs. The Korean businesses were practically untouched.

          • BDnSC

            You won;t be around to find out

          • Sniffachoo

            Yeah, forget the big screen TV’s and the Nike sneakers, the people of color will be breaking the windows of bakeries and delicatesens, trying to get free bread, sliced cold cuts and 40’s

          • ernldo

            Yup, and those poor non whites better stay there, it won’t be safe then in MY ‘hood…..

          • david smith

            So right and I’m sure that like me you’ve been trying to spread the message that America is already bankrupt and when the welfare checks stop flowing, the blood will begin to flow. I’m sure no one listens to you either. Massive case of “I told you so” that won’t make us feel any better.
            I keep trying to instruct people that life is math. Almost EVERYTHING in life has mathematics applied to it. We are 120 to 200 trillion in debt if you include unfunded liabilities (promises) like Social Security and Medicaid. These obligations cannot, mathematically speaking, be met. The ONLY way out is to cut ALL SOCIAL WELFARE PROGRAMS, even those you specifically paid into like medicaid. Everything: food aid, rent aid, SSN and federal employee pensions, medical aid, ALL OF IT!
            Then maybe we could pay the ACTUAL debt of 21,000,000,000 back. I’m sorry, I meant maybe future generations can pay back the 21 trillion that we will immorally leave them.

          • Hey Y’all !

            You mean the same nice white people that invented the word Nigger? Broke up 1.7 million families only to enslave them to work your race? Who today have inequities in sentencing that are so dramatic, that someone charged for the exact same crime as a white person, can expect to receive approximately double the sentence. You mean the same white people that no matter how well you are In life and you education level, they still do not consider you as an equal? You mean those nice white people?

          • Allie in Ga

            You mean the word that most of you use? That word? And your post just drips with projection. You have NO idea how other people view you or anyone else, pal.

          • libertyanyday

            wanna bet?

          • IllKeepMine

            Ah group politics again. You think that ALL whites hate ALL blacks. You couldn’t be farther from the truth. Do we pre-judge everyone we come into contact with? You betcha, individually by their character and actions, not by some group assignment. But, you go ahead and assign me to whatever group you wish and label it however you want. I have a saying. “You never know when you will meet your next best friend.” When you label someone based on group politics, you are losing out on a lot of friendship.

          • Richard Piotrowski

            Your handlers have misinformed you.

          • Skeptic Republican

            Easy solution, don’t commit crimes… not hard.

          • Lunatic Fringe

            Not committing crimes is not that easy for the party of the Bell Curve.

          • Richard Ganster

            I am white, but my skin color does not define me. My actions and character do. I do not define you or anyone else by skin color, but by actions and character. It is unfortunate that you obviously define me and other white folk by our skin color, yet expect us not to do the same.

          • ExposeThem511

            Redemption is about race. The others get the lake of fire. Soon.

          • MacGyvergirl


          • RGlenCheek

            The government defines you as white and penalizes you in the legal system for that.

            Didnt you get the memo?

          • Right-Wing Revolution

            Color-blindness is what got us into this problem. Now they’re attacking Whites. Enough!

          • steve phillips

            can you say ” President Obama ” ….Blacks can do anything if they have been president of the UNITED STATES .

          • Lunatic Fringe

            Especially get free s**t.

          • Hal Walter

            And AMERICA is still the ONLY country outside africa to elect a black as president. But we is all racists…….suuuuuuure we are.

          • Sniffachoo

            But, amazingly…Obama had zero slave blood. His daddy was a Communist professor from Kenya, and his mother was a wild white woman. So, that means he’s a socialist who can’t keep a beat.

          • Hal Walter

            That is why, try as hard as he did, he could not connect with American blacks. He lacked the history, the struggle, the self awareness of being an African American. The only thing he had in common with the average American black was his skin color and even that was half white. He had so many privileges most american blacks could only dream of. But-he is the ONLY african EVER elected to high office outside Africa. Think on that while calling America racist.

          • rdlynn

            One and done.

          • libertyanyday

            stoopid beyond belief who in their right mind votes skin color……….the black jesus was the biggest mistake since WW and FDR………..now he is just another unemployed negro………….right back where he started.

          • EDS

            you don’t like Woodrow Wilson thither? I”M NOT ALONE!!!!!

          • rdlynn

            There were lot’s of Black slave catchers in Kenya and all of East Africa.

          • BraveNewWhirled

            What you are talking about is a subset of white people and a very small percentage. People who are/were evil and opportunistic. They exist even today, mostly in various levels of government office, subjugating various people groups for their own advancement.

          • Rational_Db8

            Don’t be such an ignorant idiot. When the n-word was first used, it wasn’t a pejorative – to borrow from wiki (but it’s easily verified elsewhere):The word originated as a neutral term referring to people with black skin,[1] as a variation of the Spanish and Portuguese noun negro, a descendant of the Latin adjective niger (meaning the color “black”)

            What’s more, it wasn’t whites that “broke up 1.7 million families only to enslave them to work your race” – the vast majority of those captured and enslaved were done so by other blacks in Africa, and then transported primarily by Arab slave traders.

            What’s more, slavery has existed as long as mankind has, and EVERY race has been enslaved at various times throughout history.

            “inequities in sentencing that are so dramatic, that someone charged for the exact same crime as a white person, can expect to receive
            approximately double the sentence”

            What utter hogwash. That claim has been debunked countless times. When you ACTUALLY examine the cases, you find the differences are in the number of previous convictions, or in how the crime was actually committed (e.g., with a gun, or if someone got inured during the commission of the crime) and so on. When you factor in such issues, the “disparity” disappears.

            “You mean the same white people that no matter how well you are In life
            and you education level, they still do not consider you as an equal?”

            Gee, funny thing, but it’s WHITES who fought for, gave their lives for, and gained freedom for slaves in America. It’s WHITES who passed the various civil rights acts. And gee, look at who even BLACKS think are the most racist these days:

            Ironically, apparently even blacks think that more blacks are racis† than whites, even though the majority of blacks are Democrats:

            More Americans View Blacks As Racis† Than Whites, Hispanics

            “Among black Americans, 31% think most blacks are racis† , while 24% consider most whites racis† and 15% view most Hispanics that way.

            Among white adults, 10% think most white Americans are racis† ; 38% believe most blacks are racis† , and 17% say most Hispanics are racis† . …”

          • Skeptic Republican

            Very logical response. I will use many points of your arguments to my liberal friend.

          • ExposeThem511

            It was Latin.

          • libertyanyday

            be a man, NEGRO is the word

          • Rational_Db8

            Negro was just one word in the evolution. When the n-word became viewed as being vile and derogatory (quite rightly in most cases), those who didn’t want to be offensive but still be able to refer to black people called them negro. That wasn’t at all a derogatory term for a very long time. Then that fell out of favor, and it was “people of color” which also fell out of favor, and it became “black” which fell out of favor and the “correct” term became “African-American” – which I hate, because the vast majority aren’t from Africa, they were born here, AND they’re AMERICANS just like me and every other citizen – not hyphenated Americans – at least to me. Now “people of color” is back a little and “acceptable,” particularly when used to refer to all minorities. “Black” seems to be ok too.

            Regardless, I’m sure all of this will continue shifting over time. It’s how these things go. Same thing happened with several other groups of people too. Heck if I remember the correct chronological order, but words that have been used have similarly shifted as one becomes generally viewed as derogatory to something that’s supposedly not for: morons, imbeciles, idiots, retarded, mentally challenged, developmentally disabled, etc.

            I would just about bet you could survey an elementary school playground to see what words are being used as taunts and insults even though right now they’re considered to be non-offensive in the adult world, and those’ll be the next words to become unacceptable and be replace by some other descriptive word as our usage of the language keeps evolving.

          • Dogbert1

            People of Color came after Black is beautiful. I think.

          • ServosT

            And yet you’re still here. How many blacks move back to Africa?

          • ExposeThem511

            That’s not far enough. Back to the dog star is about right.

          • Sniffachoo

            Now that boat is the emptiest boat in the ocean!

          • Sniffachoo

            Remember how many luminaries were going to leave America if Donald Trump got elected?

          • Joseph Adams

            Is this the same word blacks call each other?And are you aware that blacks sold blacks into slavery and muslim pirates brought them here to be sold? And look up a man named Johnson,he is referred to as the Father of American slavery,oh by the way HE WAS BLACK….

          • Jim Southerland

            This very day, arabs in libya are selling black slaves.

          • Sniffachoo

            The liberal progressive politicians who preach about black oppression are wearing the Italian suits, driving the Mercedes Benz’ and making sure that by giving out entitlement money they can insure that most blacks will be sentenced to live on the American government entitlement plantation forever. So, be smart, get up, straighten out, get educated, get a job and join the majority of Americans (black Americans too) in the middle class. From there you can go anywhere! This is America!

          • Chris .

            Ya the same ones who sent million to fight to gree your ancestors MORON,,,and who sold those slaves to the slave traders? You are a racist, and ignorant as Hell.

          • grkorbel

            Re: Hey, Y’all: Your ignorance with world history, particularly the history of slavery is hardly unique.

            Slavery was practiced throughout Africa centuries before Europeans began trading in indigenously enslaved humans in 1442. (I’m presuming you know this means that Europeans bought slaves that were already made slaves by blacks

            Ibn Battuta, an Arab trader who visited the Mali a century before whites century, observed that indigenous tribes fought with each other to acquire slaves for themselves.

            These included “Chattell slaves”–slaves who served at the whims of the owner to dowith whatever he pleased. Such slaves were in the same class as animals. They were stock.

            Then there was, among African tribes, “Pawnship” where the enslaved could be used to pay off a debt. This form of slavery was practiced among the Akan people, the Ewe People, the Ga people, the Yoruba people, the Edos. Igbos, Liaw, and Fon tribes

            Google images off any of these indigenous Africans and you white find many whites among them–and this was a practice almost 500 years ago, BEFORE the first slaves were bought to Jamestown in 1619.

            Now, when the Atlantic slave trade began, where did Europeans find slaves. You ignorantly accuse whites of breaking up 1.7 million familes. The inhuman animals who facilitated and benefited from the enslaving their own–often children sold by their parents–were political or commercial elites” members of the ruling apparatus of African states or members of large trading families or institutions. African sellers captured slaves and brought them to markets on the coast.

            I could go on and on gutting your hateful, ignorant assertions but one example suffices: It was Africans themselves, like the most morally despicable sexual predators or those who today engage in human trafficking who enslaved their own people and turned them into chattle.

            I’m also fairly certain that you are utterly ignorant of the fact that between the 16th-19th centuries the slavery of humans was taking place around the same time in the Mediterranean. It is estimated that up to 1.25 million (white) Europeans were enslaved by the so-called Barbary corsairs, and their lives were just as pitiful as their African counterparts. They have come to be known as the white slaves of Barbary.

            The residents of coastal settlements in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, England, Ireland, and even as far away as the Netherlands and Iceland were captured, enslaved,

            Men were usually assigned to hard manual labour, such as working in quarries or heavy construction, while women were used for housework or in sexual servitude. At night the slaves were put into prisons called ‘bagnios’ that were often hot and overcrowded. However, by far the worst fate for a Barbary slave was being assigned to man the oars of galleys. Rowers were shackled where they sat, and never allowed to leave. Sleeping, eating, defecation and urination took place at the seat. Overseers would crack the whip over the bare backs of any slaves considered not to be working hard enough.

            How is it that Europe welcomes Muslims into their country and citizens of Europe never speak of the more than 1,000,000 of their descendants who were brutalized and often slaughtered by the Barbary pirates, who were Muslim?

            Why is that hate-filled people lie you have so much hate for whites but who has so little to say of the estimated 500,000 Ugandans Ida Amin killed–not centuries ago, but less than 50 years ago?

            The answer is simple: As a black, I presume, you cannot emotionally endure the fact that Africans have turned on their own and if not for the greed and lust for power of tribal leaders four hundred years ago who enslaved their own to the highest bidder, and had they used their influence to protect those who they ruled, slavery might not have taken root either in Europe or America.

          • JustSomeGuy

            Don’t forget slavery as widely practiced in the Roman Empire. Virtually all of their slaves were Eurasian whites. At this point, it’s doubtful there are any American whites of European origin who DON’T have at least some ancestral forebears who were slaves.
            Get over it, ‘Y’all’. It’s nobody’s fault that you’re an underperforming loser, except yourself.

          • Sniffachoo

            Yes, weez wa all totin’ dat barge and liftin’ dat bale. Now, we rappin dat tune and dribblin’ dat ball. Hallelujah!

          • Lunatic Fringe

            Don’t feed a troll. It’s using multi-syllabic words.

          • DanInOsprey

            Correct. I very much doubt Y’all is a real person – more likely a bot. And if a real person, he’s a racist moron.

          • J. D. S.

            I don’t know who created the N word but it’s no different than Whitey or cracker. It was black muslims that kidnapped the African blacks and they were sent to many countries around the world, not just America. Slavery is still active today in Africa because of muslims. What have you done about it? Any time there are discrepancies in the law or penal system, they are dealt with I hope. Without knowing a prisoners prior history, your statement has no merit. Since you are dishonest and racist, no you’re not my equal.

          • Jimbo Lero

            You mean Democrats?

          • TheJman

            And who keeps using and protecting the word Nigger? You are. Did you know that a large portion of slave owners were also black? Why to you only proclaim hate for the white slave owners?? Racist perhaps? Most blacks who get “double the sentence” get it because they have a record of other crimes a mile long. And you claim you aren’t equal? How about free government money, affirmative action, and other race based programs that allow blacks to move up into colleges and jobs they don’t deserve but get because they are black. You have successful black people in all aspects of this county (including President) so stop with the victim rant.

          • Concerned

            It is sad that so many white people were racist, but you can’t forget that black Africans sold their own people into slavery. God said we are all of one blood. We are all made in God’s image, and we will all be accountable on the day of judgment. But there is hope. John 3:16

          • Jim Southerland

            In 1861, one in five slave owners was a freed slave or american indian.

          • Schoendog

            Hey D-bag….it was your bloods that caught the slaves and traded them to the whites…..go smoke another pipe dumbass.

          • Deploracles the Infidel

            Tough shit. You’ll always NOT be White.
            I, on the other hand, revel in my Whiteness and do not marvel at cannibals complaining how great I am.

          • Mensa Graham

            Edit and correction: cannibals should be animals.

          • Maud St James

            Please don’t insult animals like that. Those creatures are so much lower than animals could ever be.

          • jimhalfwit

            An appropriate term is barbarian.

          • Mensa Graham

            Every slave was bought from blacks. Keep that in mind when you are bitching about what happened in the past.

          • Laura

            To correct you..the word “nigger” is a slang of “niger”. A word that meant dark skinned peoples. Niger, negro, mean dark skinned peoples in other languages. These words were not insults. They were factual descriptions of skin color. Try to educate yourself regarding slavery. When referencing American slavery, note that slave traders never entered the interior of Africa due to fear of being slaughtered by African tribes. It was other Africans who were paid by the slavers to be traitors of their own country men who took captive their fellow Africans to sell off to the slave traders. Learn your history.
            Slavery was never an American invention. Our Rebulic fought in part because of slavery. It also had to do with State rights. Our country, this great America, decided no, States do not have the right to hold men, women, children against their will. Learn your history. BLM is the lie that continuously whispers in your ear. Beware of the lies.

          • Mike0oSS

            Never met a slave in my life Hey Ho….have you?

          • JustSomeGuy

            Two of my forebears died fighting on the side of the North, against the slave states of the South. Several others served. You’re welcome. The other half of my family arrived forty years after slavery was outlawed.

            BTW: A good way to not suffer from disproportionate sentencing is not to commit a crime. It’s worked for my family, for at least 100 years.

          • Hal Walter

            My Great grandfather fought for the union as part of the Kansas anti slavery cause. I often wonder what he would think if he could see how it all turned out. But then I served to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and that has not turned out well either.

          • Hal Walter

            Aww, another product of the public education system. OK, please ask one of your arab friends to tell you what blacks are called. Caucasians did not invent the word. Also, look up how many people were brought into America-the number is 380,000. NOT MILLIONS. Millions went to SOUTH America, not the US. Then do some research on crime stats because you and I both know a black is FAR better off in American courts than in Africa or the Mid East. Etc etc etc.

          • oldfatguy

            If you truly believe that you will be sentenced more harshly than white people for any violent crime you commit, then I would advise you to not commit that crime. It’s kept a lot of white people out of prison, and it CAN work for you.

          • Mark_in_TX

            I want to meet these Black slaves you speak of…. *crickets*

          • Jim Southerland

            I have never owned a slave and none of those ghetto cretins ever picked a boll of cotton

          • Michael J. Friedman

            Actually that word originated in England during the 1500s.

          • Formally

            We invented the word Nigger, but it was blacks who gave its current meaning as a useless race of people. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/45a2bdcb1f7483f3f11513e5385e69f9bd258f10ff1526c18149c9b6f45fc314.png

          • Spoda Be

            Form: Holllllllllly cow. That pic says it all.

          • TJeff101

            lol…..It must be hard carrying a chip that big on your shoulders. Broad brushing typical BLM memes as fact doesn’t make it fact. If your fellow countrymen are that terrible why stay…..the truth is all the racist BS the Left spouts…..ie whiteness, white privilege, micro aggressions, white supremacy, white nationalism is nothing more than an excuse to deflect blame for every failure on personal level….community level ….taking responsiblity for your actions is harder than carrying that chip. The racist hate speech so casually thrown around by the Left is another opportunity to stick your head in the sand and ignore the social pathologies in the “black community”….just check out the inner city of any metropolitan area or do You avoid that part of the city too? It is another opportunity to ignore the failure and damage of Leftist “social” policy on the lives of many black Americans….but hey…too many people on the Left profit from that damage to ever change those policies. If you want to see a significant part of the problem….look in the mirror.

          • tomenokr

            Cry me a river, princess. Thats 150 years in the past. Tiday it’s blacks who abandon their own families, use the n-word and color violent crimes in droves.

            Own it, loser.

          • Jim Southerland

            Why did your chiefs sell you to arab slave traders who sold them to yankee slave ship captians? Nice white people are waiting for you to prove that you are an equal. So far you have fallen short.

          • tomenokr

            Too much truth will make pie-face sad.

          • Sniffachoo

            The truth was so powerful it put John Conyers in the hospital!

          • 1DUKEZ

            Question: If this country of whites is so bad, Why are so many Blacks trying to get into it. Then again, how many blacks are trying to immigrate to Zimbabwe?

          • Pax Romana

            Yeah, the same white people that invented just about every modern convenience you now enjoy. The same white people that accomplished the greatest advancements in the history of civilization from the sciences, Medicine, Technology, Engineering and Architecture. The same white people that harnessed electricity and brought light to the world.

            The same white people who built this nation, founded it, named it, explored it, populated it, designed it, fought for it, died defending it, farmed its soil, financed its industry, invented, designed and built its machines and factories, and supplied the hard manual workforce for it’s construction, all of whom were overwhelmingly White Europeans, who’s ancestors came from countries like Ireland, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, France, Russia, Spain and Poland. And to a lesser extent China and Asia. Blacks were an extreme minority for most of this countries history, especially during the Industrial Age, and their contributions in building it were minor in comparison, and in no way important enough to brush away all the vast majorities’ contributions and arrogantly claim the majority credit.

            Native-Americans enslaved and brutalized each other for thousands of years. They were in a near constant state of tribal warfare; killing and butchering others tribes with impunity to obtain new lands and hunting territory. Despite the liberal PC history of the ‘Noble Indian’, thrown off his tribal land by the evil ”White eyes”, a land that they “occupied since time began”(PC-BS). Most tribes ended up on the lands that they lived, by either violently forcing out another tribe, or by being violently forced out themselves.

            However there is no doubt that it was Western Civilization and the Abolitionist Movement in Europe and America, spurred on by a White Western Christian philosophy within white contemporary social politics, of the basic rights of Man (i.e. life, liberty, and self determination), that was the first catalyst to end slavery in most of the world, with full emancipation here in America, at the cost of over 600,000 mostly white men and boys, buried in the ground. Such was the cost of black freedom. The butcher’s bill paid in my ancestor’s blood.

            As Dinesh D’Souza writes: “There is nothing particularly western about either slavery or colonialism,”….”Every known civilization has had slavery. The Chinese had it; the Indians had it; the Greeks and Romans, of course, had it. Slavery was common all over Africa. American Indians had slaves long before Columbus put one foot on this continent.”

            He continued, “If you want to know what is exclusively and uniquely western, it is not slavery, but emancipation. Never in the history of the world, outside the West, has a group of people, who are eligible not to be slaves but to be slave owners, mobilized against slavery.”

            “White privilege didn’t give us any advantage over others, white achievement did! And that’s the part that drives them to madness.”

          • libertyanyday

            No need to explain white mens place in world history………….we get shVt done .!!

          • ExposeThem511

            You are referring to the Edomite Canaanite jews. They were the slave traders and still underlie the chaos today. Jews are not white. They are multi-blood mongrels and usurpers.

          • American Tax Payer

            Slavery came from a FREED BLACK MAN – https://www.encyclopediavirginia.org/Court_Ruling_on_Anthony_Johnson_and_His_Servant_1655 here and there were THOUSANDS of BLACK SLAVE MASTERS and man oh man were they ever vicious too https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/907908d57f533e64b45cba648a366e3f39387589835bdbcfbf288e39eb7f8aaf.jpg . Blacks Slave Masters were so vicious that they actually had to bar blacks from owning whites anymore.

            White Slave Masters treated their slaves well like these here –

          • Eamon Walsh

            Or maybe they’re getting double sentences because of prior offenses?

          • American Tax Payer

            Prove that Americans FORCED YOU Blackies to have broods of welfare dependents out of wedlock.

            Blacks are extremely violent and they inflict extremely serious damage to their victims and that’s why they get longer sentences. It’s meant to keep the Public safe for as long as possible.

            You are not considered an Equal because you are not an Equal hence Your Affirmative Action, Black Congressional Caucus, Racist College Demands that are always met and all the faked hate crimes you blackies get away with and all the REAL Hate Crimes Against Americans you Blackies get away with.

          • libertyanyday

            It is undisputed, who built AMERICA, the white male. There is no discussion or arguing the point.. WHITE MEN have been keeping this country running…………period.

          • American Tax Payer

            You got that right!

            I’m convinced that the reason non-whites are so desperate to destroy everything Western and genocide The White Race is because we are a constant reminder to them of their own ineptness. If we’re not around and everything gets turned into a third word cesspool, they will finally feel smart and no White People will be around to prove otherwise.

          • Bob LeGlob

            Yes. All of us. Down to the man, are racist, white supremacist. Tell you what, when MY slaves get uppity, they are met with harsh, swift justice. you would never last on my plantation. Funny thing though. I work with two black women who make MORE money than me. How can this be, since racism is so institutionalized? I guess I’m going to have to consult with my KKK brothers concerning this egregious situation.

          • Gwen Cooper

            You seem bitter. Consider moving to a country not full of white people?

          • IllKeepMine

            If not for slavery, where would you be today? Think about it. If this country is that bad for you, then get a DNA test and book a one way flight to the predominate country of the test results.

          • libertyanyday

            Lincoln wanted all the blacks rounded up and literally shipped out in 1860. Shut up . assimilate, get of the govt dole and be productive……….or get outl.

          • F. Brooks

            How about the white people that fought for your freedom and lost their lives?
            How about the white people in the workplace that consider black people or all people an equal?
            How about the white people that say, hey black folks get a hold of your inner city communities many or most are not living civilly which is the ultimate goal of a society, but no leader has emerged?
            How about all the people that say, there is a lot of fatherless family work on that aspect?

            You see, white people don’t have affirmative action to fall back on, or a college fund, they don’t have a month, day, or week of the year dedicated to them, but still have to plug away.

            One thing is certain, there will never be a time when you don’t complain about the white person, but maybe you give a pass to the latino or Asian.

            No society can root out every evil, we all should be trying to do the best we can.

            Yeah, you are welcome.

          • IllKeepMine

            Have you gotten the jest of the replies yet ? No one cares about your self-victimization. No one cares about your group politics. Everyone know how much you hate whites. The blinders are off of us anyway but not for you. You continue to vote for liberals. The same liberals that created the Great Society that successfully decimated the black family and continues to keep you in the ghetto. Read some Walter E. Williams for more information on that if you dare. The NEA (a liberal organization) has screwed you over when comes to education. You won’t even think about education vouchers and the right to attend that best school for you. Yes, blacks have been screwed over, by white and black liberals. But, keep the blinders on and continue the whine about your situation. We no longer care about you until you begin to care about yourself and start to make good decisions. It has always fascinated me how blacks continuously vote for the Democratic party expecting things to change. Face it, they have chained you to their plantation. Change your attitude and break those chains. When you have, educate yourself, get a great job or start a company, make a ton of money and come buy the house right next to me. I will be glad to call you neighbor.

          • Forest Miller

            Yeah, those nice white people.

          • Puntcunch

            Bullsh*t. If I get caught with some pot, I’m going to get the same sentence as anyone else. If I’m a career criminal with 19 felonies and I was busted while on parole, they might throw the book at me. It just so happens my evil white a$$ has no felonies. And as far as slavery: quit whining, you pansy. Slavery was around for thousands of years before a bunch of white dudes killed each other over it and blacks didnt have the exclusive rights to being a slave. You huge, huge crybaby.

          • patheticlibs

            Sad pathetic negro racist! How did white people make you knock up 15 women and leave them to be cared for by whitey? How did white people make you commit 80% of violent crime and yet you are 13% of the population? Clean up your own ferel stench and take the blame for your own pathetic ness! Or go live in Africa where life SUCKs!! Every where blacks rule, Chicago, Detroit, Zimbabwe, life sucks! Ain’t whiteys fault fool!

          • Ruth Gauthier

            Negr0 is the spanish word for black. It was the spanish who changed it to represent Africans. Over the years it became the hate filled word it is today. Also today this is going on You wold think we would have learned by now. I do believe there is a special place in hell for these people.

          • SamuelThomas

            Prior Crimes Matter.

          • Sniffachoo

            The hub of the modern day slave trade thrives and remains in Central Africa. The word nigger was spoken long before the slaves came to America. Remember, before arriving here the black slaves were sold throughout Europe, the islands of the Carribean and Meso America.

          • Sniffachoo

            Your facts are wrong. You’ve been spending too much time listening to the Black Studies professors at Berkeley and the Justice Bros. Courtroom sentences are not handed out by skin color. Many judges in my city are black…what do they do?

          • 3rdGenNW

            First two sentences true but taken out of the context of the period. Rest of it is a distortion / fabrication / conflation of reality. Once we accept the reality for where things really are and dispense with victimhood, blacks will kick some serious butt in the economy. If we don’t, we might move an inch in the next 30 years.

          • John

            Feel you were done an injustice because your ancestors were brought here?

            Feel free to leave, we’ll take up a collection for your one-way airfare back home.

          • JimmyH

            yes Hey Y’all, the same white people who lost 630 thousand UNION soldiers, died under a 35-star American flag to pull your little brown asses out of slavery. I know because MY ancestors were the ones killing them.

          • DanInOsprey

            Sorry, Y’all. Your crime and sentencing data is totally false. The opposite is actually true.
            You also seem to know nothing about the actual history of slavery in world history. Please get some actual facts.

          • rdlynn

            Every race has been enslaved. They were more Black slaves owned by Blacks in Africa than ever came to the Americas.

          • diogenes1

            To be consistent, you should also make an equally sweeping and moronic statement that ALL Muslims are extremists. Just sayin’

          • Karenmarie Patrick

            Nearly half a million Union soldiers died to emancipate the slaves. Sentencing disparity would not be an issue no crime was committed.

          • Stop2think

            yes, the same white people who bought slaves from willing black and brown slave masters in Africa and later died by the hundreds of thousands to free them here. You’re welcome

          • anony

            If you constantly feel uncomfortable around Whites, move to an all black country.

          • Steve Phdconservative McGarret

            No, I mean the vast majority of Whites who are not as you so conveniently describe to mask your own shortcomings.

          • BDnSC

            You fool. It was their fellow Black tribesmen that sold them off to the Whites in the first place!
            Typical libtard….you don;t even know your history!

          • Seawolf

            It was the dems under LBJ that set up this “great society” and broke up black families. It was the Repubs who freed the slaves, sent federal troops to Little Rock so that blacks could go to schools and passed the civil rights laws with NO democrats voting for them remember? Blacks are the only group that eschews education, calls their successful members Toms and “sellouts”, kids that want to study get beat up by their peers for “acting white”. It is not whites that play “knock out games”, riot at the drop of a hat, block freeways and call for the murder of police officers IS it. Maybe the problem is too many simply cannot compete, the dems seem to think so, they subside this ignorance and sloth for votes and with OUR money. WEB Debois spoke of the “talented ten percent”, the rest he dismissed and that’s what we see today. Ten percent of the 13% population are successful, the rest are the same albatross around the necks of the rest of us as they always have been. Iook in the mirror.

          • Right-Wing Revolution

            If you believe that Whites are evil then……..STOP THE HATE! SEPARATE!
            Get your own land, your own country, go back to Africa.
            Only then will you believe that your future is in your control, right?

          • Dogbert1

            What you sayin’ Willis?

          • Rick Shonsite

            95% of the violent crime.

          • Will-o

            Harsh buds.

          • Disagree. America will be “ground zero” for a complete makeover after the U.N. destroys the mainstream churches. A weakened America will be ripe for an attempted Islamic Fundamentalist takeover, which will be thwarted by a swing to a militarized, Neo-Nazi type America. This leads America directly to the wrong side at Armageddon.

            Just my personal 2 cents worth of speculation.

          • alex carter

            Rob I believe you mean someone like this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Martel

          • Amused

            by Rudyard Kipling

            It was not part of their blood,
            It came to them very late,
            With long arrears to make good,
            When the Saxon began to hate.

            They were not easily moved,
            They were icy — willing to wait
            Till every count should be proved,
            Ere the Saxon began to hate.

            Their voices were even and low.
            Their eyes were level and straight.
            There was neither sign nor show
            When the Saxon began to hate.

            It was not preached to the crowd.
            It was not taught by the state.
            No man spoke it aloud
            When the Saxon began to hate.

            It was not suddently bred.
            It will not swiftly abate.
            Through the chilled years ahead,
            When Time shall count from the date
            That the Saxon began to hate.

          • Seminumerical

            Kipling actually wrote “when the english began to hate”. I don’t know who substituted Saxon for English. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7d823b17fd48f5e3f7033ef995e00bb0ad870b2b7d4415347539d49eab2bc1e7.jpg

          • libertyanyday

            who is the intended audience………..intellectually castrated metro sexuals?? White men need to put an end to this unfettered , unchallenged battering of our masculinity by the ‘ wanna be’s ‘. No more apologies, the children need a parent

          • Right-Wing Revolution

            Let the beatings continue until morality improves!

          • Kayla

            Thank you!! Amen!

          • p3orion

            “…deport our 20 million illegal aliens…”

            Thank you for not repeating the ridiculous “11 million illegals” figure that’s been used since GW Bush’s first term. Does anyone seriously think that there has been no increase in 15+ years, especially with obama welcoming as many unaccompanied (unvetted, uneducated, unvaccinated, un…) minors as he could shovel over the border?

          • Joel A. Edge

            Good point. I’ve often thought the white race, who are guilty of creating such mass crazy as the Nazis, Communist party, etc, sometimes reach that point. By way of suppressed rage, overwork, neglect of the people they elect to office or whatever, the point is reached. Is that a dragon’s tail that you want to pull on? I’m actually surprised there hasn’t been a larger push-back. I fear it’s coming.

          • Billy Carnes

            Hahahah ….

          • Fritz_Von_Dago

            If you cant DO, you teach!

          • Ren Dudas

            Talk about slavery!! Yes, this is a link that is from TODAY.. I guess the poor little black girl who thinks Africa is the greatest country hasn’t heard anything about what her country is doing These days!!

          • Sniffachoo

            They tell the college kids that those hard working men and women who built America with their bare hands were oppressors of the poor, slave drivers, and indian killers. So, the college kids (not understanding Civics, American History, or Econ 101) believe that THEY are the the children of these angry, white, monsters, who took advantage of the poor and weak children of the world. Few Americans engage in physical labor for a living, so the chairbound intellectuals who have never met the realities of relying on their arms and backs for a paycheck feel endowed with the wizdom needed to rule the world.

          • acronymous

            Adjuncts are indeed weak. But this makes it dangerous to them to go about casting shame and blame on the strong.

            That this sort of attack can safely be directed against its target group is good evidence that the target group is not in fact strong.

          • ChezC3

            Slave morality also confuses one into thinking that cleverness is equivalent to intelligence. It isn’t.

          • Abe

            Disparaging whites as bogeymen is meant to keep minorities from adopting successful (historical) aspects of American culture. Stressing multiculturalism and diversity are also meant to inoculate newcomers against adopting our historically successful emphasis on individual character and merit. The truth is that anyone can make something of themselves regardless of their background or heritage.
            They want to destroy the idea of the American dream, and tell minorities that the fix is in without having to actually prove it. They are handicapping these kids and reinforcing racism by telling them they can’t make it because they aren’t enough.

          • FattyWink

            Amen. It’s all about control and keeping minorities and now new and/or existing legal or illegal immigrants in stagnation and dependent on the idea of state dependency/entitlement because of (insert oppression of chose here). It’s diabolically brilliant in that it creates/fosters an eternal voting base that you literally never have to do anything for (because if you better there situation they may vote otherwise) other than blame the other guy for all their problems. You didn’t have to do anything for them, zero results other than token gestures and hollow promises and they’ll keep voting for you. And it’s expanded beyond race to include anyone who is a minority of anything in life; sexual preference, religion etc. and all those who rationally support their inclusion, but irrationally support the people who use identity politics to exploit them and ironically do nothing for them.

          • theminx

            Hear! Hear!

          • Mensa Graham

            Why don’t we work to get rid of tenure? Sort of like when Reagan fired all the traffic controllers?

          • bobdog19006

            Funny thing is, any suggestion that this entire racist narrative is complete crap would immediately start a nationwide riot.

            Can you imagine the uproar if somebody scheduled a symposium listed all the ways “blackness” damages this country?

            We do have a problem with racism in this country, but it ain’t “whitey” doing it. It ain’t whitey that makes black kids get involved with guns, gangs, unspeakable violence and illiteracy.

            Turns out Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” ain’t that great after all. Spare me the lecture about “racism”.

        • eightrock

          I know Its hysterical.

        • e boc

          Yup,aND there the ones,distorting,an entire generation

        • zoomie

          I am thoroughly white in my unknowing ignorance … how can these people who have skin tone darker than I stand living around people like me ?

          They should all move to Cuber, free education, free medical, free rent, free food. And no one has to work.

          Besides the weather is better.

          • RIP_UP_LIB_FLESH

            yes 99% literacy rate there but no free press or food

          • parum imperium

            When your free healthcare is so good that Michael Moore makes a bunch of money by making a movie about it, who cares about food or being free??

          • RIP_UP_LIB_FLESH

            good? hahaha you see a fcking PHARMACIST for a diagnosis! u dont know shtt about social health care! lolol no modern treatments no tests, no modern meds..hahahaha! yeah socialism is GREAT!

          • Edward

            Parum was being sarcastic. lol

        • JapaneseRamenNoodle

          Why don’t the students or their parents SUE the universities that push this garbage categorized as “academic studies?”

          • Deplorably Optimistic.

            Because the judges all agree with them these days 🙁

          • Immortan Joe Biden

            Instead, the White students should have an event showing why blackness is a problem in our society. I bet they could list 100 ways or more.

          • FattyWink

            But wait, that would be racist

        • Wyatt Mann

          Many of those college professors aren’t exactly White. E.g. Noel Ignatiev is not White. He pretends to be White so people won’t notice his Tribe undermining America.

          • Surak

            The tribe of 0bama, Hillary, Podesta, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Gore, Clinton, Carter, Kennedy. That tribe really bothers me!

          • Wyatt Mann

            All of those guys are just puppets for the globalists. The puppetmasters prefer that their slaves don’t see them or know who they are.

          • Surak

            Stupid goyim. You’re smarter than them, of course. That’s why you never took the Tribe’s polio vaccine, or use the Tribe’s operating system on your computer, etc. LOL What a pathetic loser you are. Blocked.

          • Wyatt Mann

            Surak, you clearly didn’t look into the story of the Polio vaccine. Most of the work on the development of various types of Polio vaccines was done, as usual, by Christian Gentiles, although Salk definitely contributed. The problem was that his vaccine was rather unsafe–see the Cutter Laboratories incident, which is why the Salk vaccine was quickly supplanted by the Sabin vaccine (which was, to be fair, also developed by a Jewish man, albeit one more conscientious than Salk).

            Anyways, White Christian scientists have made most of the advances in history, and they no doubt could have finalized the dead-virus Polio vaccine themselves, seeing as how they invented numerous other vaccines, including early Polio vaccines.

            And WTF is with the operating system thing? Microsoft and Linux are mostly the product of White Christians, and the worst IT companies (i.e. the ones that spy on us the most), Google and Facebook, are owned by non-Christian Tribe members.

        • Arkancided
          • RIP_UP_LIB_FLESH

            ur pic shows who u r…sht fur branz

          • William Hofmeister

            Sorry, I thought that was Obama.

          • dillonmech1

            no obamma is shit lips

          • Formally

            You know that x-ray you are using is an African skull…right.

        • Rational_Db8
        • Ren Dudas

          Old fat dude, I’m sure that black girl that claims africa is the best hasn’t read this article

          • oldfatguy

            Bet she missed this delightful African farming video…

          • oldfatguy

            Guess she’ll want to see this beautiful farming video…

        • gotham1883

          Communists should not be teaching our children.

        • seamaestro


        • Sniffachoo

          Yes, that is the demographic…

        • Tom Menino

          I am ashamed that white people created electric power, the polio vaccine, the automobile, indoor plumbing, pasteurization, the semiconductor, modern agriculture techniques that feed millions, and the social environment where even wrongheaded events like the one profiled in this article are allowed to take place without incident…. how dare they? Whitee sucks for sure.

      • MERIDUS

        You need to get your azz to the beach and get a tan your too white for these morons, after all skin color defines who you are.

        • TxMan

          Sad but true!

          • therealmadmarv

            No, its not true.

          • Feed Up with BS

            It is if you listen to the college wussbags, whites are bad and all others are good. Now get your honky azz to work and pay them taxes. Honkies be the new slaves thanks to the Libturds, slaves to paying the welfare for those that don’t want to work.

          • William Hofmeister

            End welfare period. That’s change we all can get behind.

          • therealmadmarv

            wait until welfare reform. the rhetoric is going to go through the roof. But this time the left has been exposed and they spent their wad covering for Hillary…they got nothing.

        • Skeptic Republican

          What not the content of my character like MLK said?

      • Mark Mills

        I am white as well. I do not believe my skin color makes me superior to anyone.
        However, I rest well at night knowing I am far superior to these college morons and their “white guilt” professor.

        • therealmadmarv

          Im white, and they can all kiss my brown butthole!

          • Corpseman57


          • Chester White

            You should try anal bleaching. Very big in California.

      • Jedd McHead

        I agree with all of that but will never hesitate to say America is the greatest country ever conceived (and IS exceptional) and that Western civilization is FAR superior to all other civilizations/cultures. We rock!

      • MafiaGovernment

        I believe I am superiour because I am.


        I dont givafcc what rainbow shade u r go get a fcn job, obey the law and be responsible!

        • William Hofmeister

          You know when you add all the colors of the rainbow you get white. You’d think those rainbow morons would have realized that by now.

          • RIP_UP_LIB_FLESH

            fagzzz and she nazis are only interested in vengeance

      • rs1123

        You are white. You are not allowed to have pride. This nation and civilization were built by blacks and we just moved in and took it over. (sarcasm)

      • BikerBen

        I don’t know whether or not I’m superior to other races at Cal State San Marcos. Let’s find out who’s paying full tuition and who;s being “subsidized” by the earnings of American taxpayers. I have a feeling that maybe I am superior.

      • Formally

        I can prove in less than 5 minutes that whites are superior. Why is it that we have to deny facts?

      • ExposeThem511

        Yahweh will be disappointed in you. Wake up. This is our judgment for tolerating the strangers.

      • F. Brooks

        Skeptic Republican, you probably are superior to most that attended that “forum”.

      • harriet

        well, look at what people have contributed to the advancement of human kind and contrast what all the other color people have contributed…

        this sickening, corrupt attempt to diminish ‘white’ people is born of envy and resentment…

        fkem..see what the ‘colored’ will do without cars, phones, and toilets

      • libertyanyday

        its time to stop apologizing, white men are the most industrious, righteous , motivated, self starters to ever walk the planet…..all others are in envy, white men arent attacking any other race…………….why? Because we get stuff done and dont aspire to be less…….like so many others will always be.

    • Dan Brown

      Whites built civilization as we know it and the person of color losers can’t handle the truth. Their greed and jealousy derange them.

      • GordonTrenchard

        I would not call the Greeks and Romans, white per se.

        • John Johnson

          How are the Greeks and Romans doing now? How are nations on the African Continent doing? The cradle of civilization is still in the dark ages.

          • GordonTrenchard

            That is irrelevant from a historical perspective. The Greeks were controlled by the Muslim Ottomans for a long time. Both they and Italy have hardcore leftist influences like Communist parties and such. I think they are in bad shape now because they have leftist polices.

          • Dan Thomas

            Hate to break it to you, but the Ottomans were not muslimes. Islam did not come about until the 600s AD.

          • thehotfinger

            The Ottoman’s absolutely were Muslims. The Ottoman empire dates back to the late 1300’s.

          • GordonTrenchard

            Yeah, he has no idea what he is talking about.

          • GordonTrenchard

            Bad history here. Ottomans were a muslim empire that lasted until the early 1900s.

          • William Hofmeister

            Greeks went downhill after about 350 BC. I don’t think Muslims had much to do with that. Rome fell in 400’s and we had a 1000 year “dark ages” period of zero growth in the arts and sciences. Europe may have fought the Muslims during the Crusades but I don’t think they had much to do with the Greek or Roman empires.

          • GordonTrenchard

            and so what? the reviewer was asking about their current problems and I told him.

          • Chester White

            You can thank religion for the 1000 years of darkness, and I fear another 1000 years are right around the corner.

          • William Hofmeister

            There’s a difference in being on top and staying on top. All civilizations have their downfall. Its part of the cycle.

        • oldfatguy

          Nor the Chinese or Japanese…

          • GordonTrenchard

            True. I would agree they were different shades of “white” but not all of them were blond haired and blue eyed. St. Augustine, anyone.

          • Nomoremaos

            Hmm – I am not blond and blue eyed – but white. How to justify this? Pretty funny argument.

          • GordonTrenchard

            It’s a matter of degree I suppose, meaning what do you call white? I would say Romans from the Levant would not be considered “white”. Romans from North Africa would not be considered “white” on a general level. The Roman empire was multi-racial and multi-ethnic.

          • Zed none

            Then you should meet some people from the mountains of the Levant whose ancestors were there before the Romans came.

          • GordonTrenchard


          • Dan Thomas

            Soooo, it is only blonde haired/blue eyed people that are white? How do you explain the Irish? Red hair/green eyes

          • GordonTrenchard

            No, not saying that. Just that there were different skins types of people within their empires due to the extent of their empires from the middle east to the north of europe.

          • Herb

            The fact is white is a myth….the only rule white people are albino

          • GordonTrenchard

            and even they are not totally white………

          • William Hofmeister

            If you look in the mirror in the morning and you work for a living, pay your taxes, love your country, and stay out of jail, you are probably white. There are a few others but that group seems to be dwindling.

          • Um, Brown/Brown here, but still white.

            Well, pinkish, except for my left arm; it gets more Sun from driving so it’s darker.

          • GordonTrenchard

            Thanks for letting me know.

          • No problem.

        • jenkem5

          Well, , that makes you a moron.

          • GordonTrenchard

            Well you lose an argument when you resort to name-calling right off the bat. I have a Masters degree in history.

          • Dan Thomas


          • GordonTrenchard

            Thank you and you are welcome.

          • B-Real

            Oooh, a master’s degree in history….

          • GordonTrenchard

            Yeah, man.

        • Leftthecoast4Texas

          Try studying the history of Western Civilization. The Greeks and Romans were European, from whence our traditions and civilization evolved. Got it?

          • GordonTrenchard

            Yes, European but not necessarily white. You are confusing Western Civ with “whiteness” which is a mistake. Don’t forget much of Western Civilization and what we would call Western Civ was part of North Africa and the Levant. These people would not necessarily be called white. But hey if you want to say whiteness is essential to Western Civ go right ahead.

          • ScoobyDieu

            This is a cool article I just found recently:
            More than Myth: Ancient DNA Reveals Roots of 1st Greek Civilizations

          • GordonTrenchard

            Thanks. It would appear there were non-European origins of some of the ancient Greeks.

          • Nomoremaos

            What necessarily are they then? Please…

          • GordonTrenchard

            I would say most of them are “white” but that is subjective. Don’t forget lots of different races and areas formed the empire so not all of them were white. One of the positive things about the Roman empire was that slaves could be relatively easily freed and rise to high levels in the empire. Not all the people in the empires were white is my point.

          • NONPCBS

            Granted, but the vast majority were

          • GordonTrenchard

            I do not dispute that.

          • Herb

            Greeks are white people

          • GordonTrenchard

            Except for the ones that aren’t.

        • Nomoremaos

          So- what per say would you call them?

          • GordonTrenchard

            I would say most of them were “white” but that is a subjective term. My comment was meaning to say more completely that both empires were populated with all sorts of ethnicities and races particularly the Roman empire. Not all people in the empire were white.

        • Dan Thomas

          Greeks are white and the Romans were also white.

          • GordonTrenchard

            Well, but not all of them is my point especially given the parts of their empire that intermixed with the the original “white” parts.

          • emkcams

            Good luck defining “white”. Particularly 2000 years ago.

          • GordonTrenchard

            Excellent point.

          • William Hofmeister

            The “whites” that the leftists hate so much are the descendants of the “white” Europeans that settled this country. Our “whiteness” traces to Northern European ancestors.

        • Boc

          It’s called Caucasian, “whites” belong to this category as well as Greeks and Romans….per se.

          • GordonTrenchard

            Well yes, but not all of the people in the empire and that made the thing work were Caucasian, far from it.

          • Seamus Me Boy

            As do people from India. However, there are countless “whites” who do not trace their origins to the Caucus mountain region.

        • mahone

          If you are no genetically linked to the sub-Saharan gene pool, you are white.

          • GordonTrenchard

            So what were the Romans that comprimised the Levant?

        • Azrial Nimrod

          Greeks and Romans were and are white. The only person who would make a comment like is is someone subversive. Can’t have white people working in common interests, can we. Let me guess, you are jewish?

          • GordonTrenchard

            I am not subversive. Not all Romans and Greeks then were and are “white” is my point. Not Jewish.

        • Herb

          Sure they are.

          • GordonTrenchard

            Not all of them now or historically.

        • William Hofmeister

          Yeah, they were.

          • GordonTrenchard

            not all of them though. they had vast empires across the meditteranean and beyond. non-white people lived there.

    • jenkem5

      White males are responsible for the internet, cars, airplanes, modern medicine, electricity and pretty much every modern convince that you filth utilize daily. STFU and understand what”your people” have contributed to society, absolutely nothing….

      • GordonTrenchard

        Whiteness is not responsible for Western Civilization. That is where the white supremacists are absolutely wrong. I think what they mean to say is that Western culture is responsible, which would be more correct.

        • Gary Hanson

          Wrong. People descended from European ancestry have higher IQs.African IQs border on “retarded”. They will never be able to build a functioning society within the next 20,000 years without Europeans help.

          • GordonTrenchard

            Well, for a long time northern blacks in the US had higher IQs than southern whites. I do not follow or believe your argument.

          • Gary Hanson

            Its a scientific fact. And if you dont believe that, use your eyes. Anyone with TRUE judgement can see it.

          • GordonTrenchard

            I’d like to see proof of your claim. I have TRUE judgement and do not see it. Prove it.

          • Gary Hanson

            Example A: Europe, USA, Canada, Australia

            Example B: Pretty much everywhere else……

          • GordonTrenchard

            That is not evidence or proof. Not even making an effort…..that is probably a pattern for you.

          • Gary Hanson

            Some people just dont want to accept the Truth…

          • GordonTrenchard

            My guess is you have no proof so you make the inane statement that you did. Thanks for wasting everyone’s time reading your drivel.

          • Gary Hanson

            I also know that Albert Einstein was smarter than Mike Tyson. But I cant prove it. So….thats just drivel, right?

          • GordonTrenchard

            Apples and oranges comparison. Thanks for playing.

          • Gary Hanson

            Should I start going thru all the major inventions, and exponential steps forward Europeans have made compared to the rest of the World. Even though Europeans are outnumbered 4 to 1 in the World Population? Nah…..you wouldnt want to go there.

          • GordonTrenchard

            I agree with that but you are saying whiteness created that. Western culture did. Not all of the people that contributed were white in the strict sense.

          • Gary Hanson

            You can say that. But its obvious what it was. May not be nice to say. But different lines of people have different skills. Just the way the World evolved.

          • GordonTrenchard

            Lines of people? I am not saying that; it’s a historical fact. You can deny it that is fine. I guess what you are incoherently saying is the amount of melanin or lack there of determines how successful a civilization is.

          • Gary Hanson

            You have it backwards. Its not skin color that makes people smarter. Its just that the majority of people from Europe are smarter and able to work together better than the same majority elsewhere. It is what it is. Whats next? Are you going to tell me an elephant can fly just because he wants to?

          • GordonTrenchard

            I am arguing that it is not skin color if you are able to comprehend what I have written. White people are not smarter. Western civilization has a fairly continuous CULTURE of success. It is not much more than that. It has nothing to do with race.

          • Gary Hanson

            They are smarter. End of story.

          • GordonTrenchard

            Whites are smarter than everyone else? How do explain Asian American test scores being higher than whites. You are Venturi g into racist territory.

          • Gary Hanson

            Asians are smarter than Whites too.

          • GordonTrenchard

            Well, Asians in America are generally smarter than “whites” here who are generally smarter than hispanics who are generally smarter than blacks. Of course there are disparities such as what I noted of blacks in northeastern states performing better on intelligence tests than southern whites.

          • Gary Hanson

            By the way. Racism isnt some bad thing. It denotes differences that ARE REAL. Just because you say one is better than another, doesnt mean its some hate crime. Its just stating facts.

          • GordonTrenchard

            I am not saying one is better than the other. I have been stating facts, all along. Something you seem averse to.

          • Gary Hanson

            You dont have any facts. What FACTS did you have?

        • Brian

          Gordon, how are “whiteness” and “Western Civilization” separable? Western Civilization was and is a product of Europe, the only geographic region of the globe that was originally inhabited by Caucasians only. You might say that “whiteness is not responsible for Western Civilization” but the latter would never have evolved without the former. Do you dispute that?

          • GordonTrenchard

            Well I am saying that cumulative of Western cultural, technological, social history, etc. is responsible for what we know of as Western Civilization. Yes, those people were primarily white but some of them were of course not white. Western Civilization is not great because of the melanin or lack thereof in a group’s skin.

          • Chester White

            Agreed. The issue has nothing to do with skin color. IQ is not genetically liked to melanin concentration. It is all culture and history is very clear that some cultures are more successful than others. Many black immigrants embrace Western culture and are very successful in America. They do well here because they are motivated. Our government destroyed our indigenous black culture with the Great Society. American blacks are angry and envious. This is being stoked by cynical politicians who only seek power.

          • emkcams

            Algebra is an Arab word and added considerably to civilization. So the Arab world was part was part of Europe? That’s a new one.

          • anony

            Culture flows from the genes.

      • Mike Warren

        …except a compelling reason for White Folks to give back the hate to those who are inspired to relish their identity politic mantra…

      • skookus_supremus

        not true…they gave us AIDS

      • emkcams

        You left out industrialized death camps.

    • Archduke Ferdinand

      You must be too white to realize what a privilege that is and how racist you are.


        no mthrfkkr Im sick of paying for ur free shtt…you’re the spawn of EVIL MURDERING SPANISH conquistadors!

    • Arkancided

      My white privilege didn’t help me when I was living out of a Buick eating 4 for $1.00 honey buns, crapping in plastic bags.

    • dillonmech1

      RIGHT ON rip up libz

    • dewde

      White power!!!

    • restorefredom

      I lived in Vista, ca and have seen the transition of illegal immigrants that wanted to assimilate and what we have now. Never thought I was entitled to sh…t but all these so called minorities certainly do. I move away from there in ’91 because their were immigrant camps with hundreds of mexicans in them the local clinic was packed with them getting free medical attention while I paid thru the roof for my family and they wanted to send my kids to the barrio school, when there was a new school 1/2 mi away, and have them speak Spanish 1/2 of the day. We called Vista Tijuana Norte way back then!!

      • Joe Strange

        All of the white ‘liberals’ who had a fear of dark-skinned people and didn’t want to learn Spanish in order to live in their life-long neighborhood moved elsewhere…like to Sedona, Arizona. Once there, they continue to spout their Berzerkely Liberal philosophy, while preparing to move again once the Border Criminals become too numerous.
        When you visit a public park in Sedona and see the “Loitering Prohibited” signs, you realize that the CaliFornicators are spreading their social disease further and further eastward.
        News Flash: The *reason* I go to a public park is to ‘loiter’…

    • Ed_Stark

      Yup, they are so effing oppressed they are going to college subsidized by my tax dollars after 18 years of being an unproductive member of the state with nothing but potential. Then it comes time for them to exercise this potential and join society and contribute, and instead they take the Marxist route.

      This will not end well, and it will be THEM starting the fighting.

    • Eddie Meeks

      Right on… Damn well said.

    • lspanker

      My “white privilege” was having parents that decided to get married before having kids, who taught me right from wrong, emphasized hard work and getting a useful education, had books in our house and encouraged all us kids to read, and believed in teaching me something about how the world worked so I wasn’t a complete ignoramus when I finally turned 18…

      • Che

        In other words, you were given every opportunity other white affluent families give their kids. You beat the odds!

      • Spoda Be

        Right on.

    • Bob USAF(ret)

      That’s it in a nutshell, hit the nail on the head!

    • J West Hardin

      Right on…let me name 100 ways blackness oppresses the people of Africa……1000 ways Islam oppressed a billion people under its boot heel. Note to snowflakes…..being free to comment on these pages is only because ‘whiteness’ exists to control the monsters on the fringes of our fragile democracy.

    • cooldela1966

      Which African country became a superpower?

      Where would they be without white folk?

    • DanJR

      So what about the Black Congressman Conyers who told his sexual assault victims he was “untouchable” bc of his civil rights status? Sounds like Black Privilege to me!

    • Ken Martin

      Very well said.

    • Tross

      1000 ups

    • J2

      Whites are the new Jews to the communist Left. Every time I see an article about the Left’s campaign against “whiteness”, I mentally replace “white” with “Jew”. The arguments presented by the Left all have an eerie echo of what was being expounded against Jews in 1930’s Germany. It is no less odious, and no less racist.

      • Spoda Be


  • Fish4food

    Problems you create for yourself are not my problems.

  • Johnny Thorne

    Hahaha……without whites all blacks would still be living in grass huts and living an average of 30 years.

    • Dan Brown


  • GAS33

    Eff ALL hateful, bigoted liberals. They hate whites, Christians and America itself. Go to Venezuela, Cuba, Vietnam or China where you get NO platform to espouse your hateful rhetoric, and no affirmative action either.

  • Stone Wallz

    Diversity = Kill Whitey

    Defeat diversity before it defeats you.

  • docscience

    No longer education, but political indoctrination.

    • TxMan

      Spot On!

    • OtisGumbo

      It’s worse than political indoctrination. In traditional political indoctrination, you get information that may be valid, but it’s so-called “cherry picked” facts only from one side. These are just uneducated children making assertions on poster board. That’s what college has devolved into. “Make something up and write it on poster board,” here’s your grade.

  • BisforBirthCertificate

    Is it OK to be white, rich, male, hetrosexual? I don’t know anyymore because it appears that being any of those things makes you scourge of America.

    • TxMan

      Don’t worry, we’ll be just fine!

    • Bob Tom

      It’s ok till you get on some bitches radar who wants to slander you for their own agenda.

  • mnemonicmike

    It must kill these people to come from cultures like Africa where no alphabet was ever devised and where mud huts was the height of technology. They’re not oppressed … they’re babied. Anyone with sense would have sent these complaining whiners back home a long time ago.

  • Sam Howe

    The advances in medicine and food production by White people have saved countless thousands of “people of color” you can’t even calculate it! Bow down Blacks and thank God you are in a country governed primarily by white people!

  • Silence DoGood

    Africa is not a country you low IQ moron. If blacks and browns hate whites so much why don’t they go to Africa or brown countries? Why the OBSESSION with being in white countries? Perhaps the freebies and affirmative action programs for the people who cannot keep up? Programs instituted because whites are made to feel sorry for them and they need lotsa pats on the head that we don’t get? Epic joke. The blacks of my era were not whiners or entitled. They had the same goals and aspirations and drive. Sadly today they are focused on holding another race responsible for their own epic failures. This dumb cow needs to start with a geography lesson.

    • Lightrider65

      And the black families back then(before welfare/f/stamps) were for the most part intact! The nucleus remained stable. But that’s ok. They are only killing themselves today and are way too stupid to see that train coming! WOOOOOOO WOOOOOOOO!!!


      Wondering how they might feel about white people with ancestry from Johannesburg referring to themselves as being African-American?

      • TxMan

        Now that a good, and legitimate question! I’d like to hear the answer to that as well! Lol

      • BG60093

        White African-Americans have regularly been turned away from African-American events.

      • Bob Tom

        Who gives a $hit?

    • K Smith

      Don’t be so critical!
      Everybody knows that you can go to Africa and live a paradisical existence in Utopia!

    • It’s called “Social Revenge”. In return for Europeans colonizing the world for the past 400 years, Pres. Obama wants America to become a *colony for the rest of the world*.

  • jim

    I’m white, proud and loving every minute of it…..no guilt here…. snowflakies cry away.

  • Doug Dobney

    Very interesting article.

  • Nathan Swigg

    no doubt some left wing student will misinterpret this sign and tear it down

  • Rick Joseph

    The WAR on white America continues. The entire “white privilege”, “whitey is the root of all my problems” fantasy is a worn out cliche, much as the race card has become. It’s no wonder graduates of these cesspools can’t find work today, they emerge from the fecal matter without marketable skill and only an indoctrination in hate and grievance.

  • Just to be “fair” and “equal”, let’s see a “Celebrate Whiteness” forum or even a weeklong festival!

    How about the 14 ways that elitist leftie know-it-alls oppress America?

    Perhaps there should be a forum on the “14 ways that colleges rip off society” — you know, such things as:
    1. Raise tuition to match (or exceed) whatever federal grants or loans rise to.
    2. Spends tens of millions of dollars on athletics, but put millions of students in debt to fund these escapades.
    3. Import underpaid, overworked foreign grad students so they won’t have to pay Americans for research jobs.
    4. Require the universities to take ownership of some researchers’ discoveries, so they can profit (and then fire the researcher who did the actual work).
    5. Charge tuition to “pay for quality professors” but have underpaid grad students do the actual teaching.
    6. Require the FAFSA so they know just how tight to squeeze each family with loans and work-study.
    7. Build up huge tax-free endowments in the stock market, but claim to be “barely surviving year-to-year”.
    8. Pay researchers and part-time profs pitiful wages, but soak the taxpayer for $10 million coaching salaries.
    9. Accept tax-free benefits from wealthy donors, name buildings for them, then re-name them again and again as the donors die off.
    10. Require students to work as part of their “scholarship packages”, so they don’t have to hire full-time adults at reasonable wages.
    11. Hire cronies with insider knowledge of job openings, instead of opening the jobs to anyone.
    12. Create professorships and staff positions for cronies and relatives, at taxpayer expense.
    13. Raise tuition at rates far exceeding inflation.
    14. Build on-campus housing, charge heavy rent, and require on-campus living for part of the “full undergrad experience”.

    Well, if I didn’t know better, I’d say this sounds a lot like the “Corporate America” that the leftie colleges always complain about!!!

    • Sheila Carrigan

      Hear hear!!


      15. Eliminate Liberal Arts degrees from state-funded institutions.

    • Alana

      Fantastic post.

  • George Trump

    This is one of our problems in America! all of these idiotic liberal professors spewing this anti white racist crap!
    Can’t wait for the tide to turn!


    • TxMan

      … and the ride Will indeed turn!

  • Lorenzo A Vina

    It’s very telling that only the self-loathing white liberals, lazy blacks and illegal browns have a problem with ‘whiteness’. The browns illegally cross the border to take advantage of ‘whiteness’ and blacks are welcome to return to the ‘greatest country in the world’, Africa. Self-loathing whites are stuck with jobs in government, media and acanemia.

    • oldfatguy

      The kids going to college are going to learn. The people placed in teaching positions are presented as experts in their fields. The kids have no real-world experience at that point in their lives, and therefore no real frame of reference except that offered by the “professor”. Don’t blame the kids–blame the lying professors.

      • Lorenzo A Vina

        …and the professors’ entire adult life experience has been on a cloistered inbred leftist campuss(sic). They cannot get a prof job unless they toe the far left PC line. Any deviation from the fantasy land dogma is grounds for dismissal. The students don’t have a chance at realistic education, not to mention the extreme dumbing down of curriculums to accommodate unqualified minorities.

        • Crocodile9

          The coconuts are running the acanemic asylum and have been for decades. The feminazi-spawned campus insanity is euphemistically referred to as ‘Political Correctness’ which is doing a fairly good job of unravelling Western Civilization. Resist.

    • Zed none

      “acanemia”? God, I hope that was deliberate. Anyway, I’m stealing it.

  • Frank_H

    What a crock of $hit!

  • Dan Brown

    All of these colleges that promote this racist bullsh!t should be deprived of public funding including access to student loans.

    • Sailordude

      They mostly all do this now. It’s sanctioned with our government’s approval.

  • dudefromdixie

    The more minorities we allow in this country the worse it’s going to get. A white uprising is on the horizon.

  • dudefromdixie

    This anti-white trend is not going to end well for either whites or minorities. News flash: Whites in America own 200+million guns and 200B+ bullets.

  • djbaluta

    Building up one race at the expense of another race is the definition of racism!
    This is not higher education but lower education.
    Personal responsibility is what freedom and democracy are all about!
    As a healthy, mature adult any American that isn’t working and/or going to school to advance yourself and career, you are the problem!

  • Irondoor

    Africa is not a “country”. But, I suppose this is the current evolved study of geography, a continent and the countries within said continent. Please name one “successful” country in Africa and how it got to be that way.

    • dudefromdixie

      South Africa before Apartheid.

      • Bruiser in Houston

        Rhodesia before Zimbabwe.

    • Brian

      The only way anyone in the Third World has been able to enjoy the advancements of the developed world has been through colonialism. Without European colonialism, all of the world’s black and brown people would still be living exactly as their ancestors had 400 years ago. Denying it makes you an idiot. “Whiteness” isn’t a problem; it’s something to be celebrated.

  • This college program sounds more like victimization training.

    • TxMan

      Indoctrination in to the victimization club! Just sayin”

    • BG60093

      It is the new version of Acorn.

  • helopilot

    Maybe we need some colleges to have courses on Black Perpetual Welfare Dependency or How Affirmative Action on colleges is biased against others who have higher placement scores.

  • Rick Darick

    africa is “the greatest country in the world” — this from a college-educated individual who’s not bright enough to distinguish a continent from a country. and, if africa is so splendid, why is she still here?

  • Sheila Carrigan

    Race race race…. STOP checking the race box on forms. When we all refuse to even consider race it will be fixed. I am really looking forward to MLK Jr’s dream coming true. When all is based on the content of character and not the color of skin. Today’s situation would be as wrong to him as the previous situation IMO.

    • GordonTrenchard

      I agree. I have checked the “other” box starting a few years ago. Technically, I (and most of us) are mixed race. Unlike Fauxcahontas, I am 1/8th Native American.

      My guts tells me though that if everyone checked “other” then they would start making it illegal to check the wrong box. Maybe that is a little too conspiratorial but govco does crazier things.

  • GordonTrenchard

    It would seem to me we can flush the whole UofC system down the toilet and be none the worse for it. On this point I would love to see California seceed from the union. That is after they pay the US the hundreds of billions of dollars it would owe the nation.

    • Brian

      Totally agree. Without the rampant lunacy and idiocy of California, this would be a far better country. Plus, if they seceded, maybe the rest of the commie simpletons polluting this country could be lured there. B-bye!

  • dudefromdixie

    If you want a lesson on the success of white privilege, go study the current economic and social situation in South Africa after white rule was abolished. Blacks are demanding that white property be confiscated without compensation. GDP is 25% of other industrialized nations, crime is out of control, poverty is rampant and the government is completely corrupt. That is what “black” privilege gets you.

    • Brian

      Sure. Look what black rule has done for Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. Look what it’s done for Haiti. Look what it’s done for America’s inner cities. Anyone who thinks that future results are going to vary greatly from those of the past is either stupid, delusional or both.

  • Bruiser in Houston

    This professor needs to be fired, and then sued.

  • Bruce Goodmansen

    Tell me of a country you would wish to live in where the culture and government isn’t dominated by white men and women. Name just one.

    • NickGranite


    • John Johnson

      I will take it one step farther. Lets look at South Africa. A once thriving country. Now, not so much. What happened?

      • TxMan

        Excellent point!

  • BigRedOneVet

    White people should declare a ‘Week Without White People’ and maybe these numbskulls will get a clue. White people are being set up for a non violent genocide. When I was born in 1946, white people were 89.7% of the country, today we are less than 62%. People of color are being imported to diminish our numbers, influence and traditions. We are barraged daily by the media in print and film with subliminal images of mixed race couples and children. The message is white is out, brown and black is in. Remember your grade school lesson in dominate colors . . . when white is gone, it is gone forever and the world will enter a “new dark age”. The white elites think that when everyone looks the same there will be no conflict. The haven’t been right about anything and this will be no different.

    • Fidelis ad urnam

      So true.

    • Brian

      Sadly, you are 100% correct. In a short 70 years, we have managed to lay the groundwork for the eventual subjugation of the white race in America. The consequences will be the same as they’ve been everywhere else in the world where black and brown majorities rule; abject failure.

  • Lightrider65

    Without the white man and woman, you losers would have N-O-T-H-I-N-G!!

  • Bruiser in Houston

    I’ve told “immigrants” who trash the USA, “GO FIX YOUR COUNTRY’S PROBLEMS FIRST.”

  • Douglas Weiss

    the lib tard left is killing off our children’s personalities and growth potential with this whiteness bad brown/black good; maleness bad femininity good; Christianity/Judaism bad islam good. If it doesn’t stop we will end up a country of wimps and fairies that will be an easy mark for the islamists to destroy. Wake up parents and start boycotting public schools

  • donfitness

    I identify as black. There.. problem solved. Now, where all the white women be at?

    • Bruiser in Houston

      “Why Rhett, didn’t I tell you to wash up aftuh weekly cross burnin’s?”

      “See, it’s comin’ off.”

      “And for my next impression, Jesse Owens!”

  • GoingTactical

    Black Libyans are cooking and eating black sub-saharans. And there are FOUR MILLION black slaves in africa being raped, tortured and murdered. Yet to these mental defectives, “Whiteness” is the problem.

    What a culture…


  • VanceJ

    If it was not for so called whiteness, you idiots would still be chuckin spears.!!!

  • 1Mojo_Risin9

    Freedom and security, something freakin’ black thugs don’t offer! 300+ years in America and assimilation is still stuck on visions of Zimbabwe, machetes, flaming necklaces, street corner drug deals, rampant incarceration, and that’s my fault!

  • NickGranite

    How do you oppress your own society? We created it emanating from the beginning of Western Civilization millennia ago. Just be happy we brought you along for the ride you ungrateful baztards.

  • Snapperman

    No mention of POC dragging civilization down, huh? From starving Venezuelans to grass-eating North Koreans to Muslims pushing gays off rooftops and Libyans burning people alive….I’d say whites are the only peoples who have produced a decent society.

  • James

    Something tells me that Haley has not really thought this entire thing through…

  • Knowledge Battle

    Maybe separate politically systems and different countries is the answer?

  • JimmieMee

    this is ignorance at its glory….this is the sort of ignorance that brings the end to civilizations….name one other country where people of color, any color including white,…..have done half as well…and these fools would put an end to it all

  • Schultzie

    Stop with this whiteness crap. I know many hardworking poor white people. I am one of them.

  • Jason

    Maybe they can have a event highlighting ‘blackness’ and it’s effects on civil society. They can look at cities like Chicago, Detroit or Baltimore.

    • Brian

      Organize that event and watch the fireworks ensue. You’ll have Antifa and BLM clubbing your attendees, all while being egged on by the MSM.

  • JJ_Chester

    As evidenced by the recent list of music award nominees, the music indusrty is dominated by Blacks. There is no other arm of popular culture in America that portrays Blacks, particularly Black women, in such demeaning and degrading terms (whore, bitch, etc.).

    What would Prof. Moon say about that? I suppose that she would see it is a reaction to “whiteness.”

  • Mr Cat

    Africa the greatest country on earth? Lol, she needs to retake geography.

    • Buster

      and Economics, and History, and Logic. but that’s what they are teaching now, so retaking would only warp their minds further

    • She doesn’t need any history in order to lead an assault.

      • Brian

        I’ll bet she’s already experienced in that.

  • randyo99

    Just why cannot one be proud of the race, creed, color they already are? It’s not like anyone can change any of that.

  • Sue

    White envy is not pretty.

    • Bob Tom

      White envy. What an awesome meme in themaking!

      • Brian

        I am willing to have my culture “appropriated” if it would mean having these black and brown students learn to work, take personal responsibility for themselves and their families, obey the law, stop blaming other cultures for the failure of their own and pay their own way through life.

  • Original Prankster

    Not like CSU San Marcos is a real school…

  • Muhammed Atta

    Uh, Africa is not a country.


    Maybe someone should inform the “professor” that 72% of the US population is white while less than 13% is black…. It’s illogical for the 13% to expect 50% representation in everything – although they do represent 80% of the griping, complaining and false allegations in this country.

    • Bob Tom

      Don’t for get they are majority of the prison population too.

      • Brian

        Gee, I wonder why that is? And why no one ever holds forums on “blackness” and how it generates rampant criminality.

    • Skeptic Republican

      Math, what’s that? Sarc.

  • Alf

    Whites pay the majority of taxes in this country.

    So lets stop paying our taxes and watch what happens.

    • ONLY the military should be paid during a tax “sit-in”.

    • Brian

      Wow, if you ever wanted to see the “S” hit the fan, that would be it!!

  • Roger Edward Harris

    Libtards think so strange. If a kid takes their book home from school and studies, he is a racist because the other fellow doesn’t. It you manage you money and live within your means, you are a racist because the other fellow doesn’t. It is not our fault the others do not stand up and take responsibility. I blame the parents and teachers at school with their victim entitlement teaching and failure to instill a since of responsibility in children.

    • Buster

      LBJ swore he’d have ‘most of those n-words voting Democrat’ and they accomplished it through the welfare system

    • TxMan

      This is the actual goal of our progressive run, public education system! They are little more than indoctrination centers today! Fact!

  • randyo99

    So, moonbeam IS real. Who knew.

  • Bad Seed

    A shining example of what an exercise in futility looks like.

  • Alan

    And then there’s academic privilege, which preferentially oppresses white males 14 ways (or more)…

    • Buster

      but that’s ok because they don’t care about individuals – just whining groups

  • 1dougster

    Haley Toy; loose the conservative viewpoint or risk being stuck at some backwater publication. Just saying….

    • Buster

      No, I’d say the opposite, the former mainstream press is going to become the
      backwater media. nobody believes them, and only lefties trust them…

  • toddm123

    I love my “whiteness”. So much, I’m asking for second helping!

  • Mr Adman

    If this is true why are so many people of color are trying to get here? No one immigrates to Africa they are trying to escape it! Same goes for the ME and central America.

  • Max42

    Blacks, correctly, refused to accept institutionalized – written into the law – racism and openly expressed denigration of people simply because of their race. Well, guess what? Whites are not going to accept either of them either. Affirmative Action is institutionalized racism, and “white privilege” is an open expression of denigration of people simply because of race. We are going to fight back, so get ready.


      I guess you didn’t hear but supposedly blacks can’t be racists.

      • Max42

        Oh, I heard it…..it has the same credibility as any one of the many lies propagated by the Obama administration.

  • Walter Matt Marvin

    Yes I have the “privilege ” of blamed for everything other races don’t like. It’s all my fault. Hypersensitive people too lazy to do more than complain are blaming all of their failures on the ghost of “privilege” when they are free to make a difference instead of being crybabies.


    “People of Color”….
    I thought white IS a color.

  • Alana

    I could easily come up with 14 ways non-whiteness oppresses society if I were so inclined, which I’m not.

  • Michael Sarvis

    Its amazing to me all of this crap! I am a middle aged white guy that has seen this country turned UPSIDE DOWN to change to be more accommodating to those “persons of color” throughout the years- from BET, to the Miss Black America Pageant, to Affirmative Action, desegregation of our schools, to black music taking over the airwaves, black dominated movies, to racial quotas. I have seen all of these things appear throughout my life in America in an attempt to “make things right” or atone for our previous generations sins. Well, you know- enuff is enuff!
    Now it’s rewrite history, destroy Confederate monuments, forget George Washington & Jefferson….they both did something we find abhorrent 200+ years later- so by our modern standards that just wont do! When does it end? I’m so sorry, I never made war against the black people, I never owned a slave. I am quite tired of being labeled “privileged” simply for being white. There is no such thing- it’s a liberal media lie made up to support these radial people that actually do believe this nonsense.
    I am white & proud that I am white.

    • Spoda Be

      Yep. And back in the 60’s they marched, chanted, wailed and cried “We JUST want equality!”.

  • You can keep your Doctor

    Africa is “the greatest country in the world”? That says it all right there…maybe its time you head on over, trust me – you’re not gonna think its so great when you get there!!!

  • mike wesley

    Living at home I woke up many winter mornings with ice on the inside of the window and ice in my hair. We ate beans and cornbread at least 3 days a week. I paid my way through college by 10 hour nights cleaning out cement mixers with an air hammer. I actually was told I did not qualify for a scholarship because I was white. I have never felt in any way privileged.
    I was alive in the 50s and 60s. Minorities did suffer but this bunch knows nothing of that. I feel nothing for them.

  • T.W.

    There are many more ways that non-whites ruin this country….

  • GibsonL5

    Please move somewhere else then, so tired of this c**p!

  • T.W.

    Get over it…

  • Leftthecoast4Texas

    “One of the performers, a female African American student, called Africa “the greatest country in the world, where we all once originated.”
    Oh brother. Need it even be stated that Africa is a continent of many nations and ethnicities–many warring–. It is not a country. This cretin is in college? We taxpayers should demand a refund from the Educational Establishment for failure to meet its contractual obligations of educating the young.

    • GibsonL5

      she doesn’t even know Africa is a continent with many countries?
      oh my, this country is farther gone than I thought..

  • MaroonVee

    The Democrat version of the Special Victims Olympics. Learn to hate because of someone’s skin color. Not the MLK dream , now is it.

  • Al Terego

    Universities and colleges have been the only “oppression” for quite some time.

    Anyone who goes into debt to be indoctrinated by these institutions of lower learning deserve the unmarketable degrees and bankruptcy they WILL get.

    But hey, this generation is going to be the most “degreed” welfare recipients in history. 🙂

  • You have to admire the hypocrisy here. If “whiteness” is so bad, why do blacks (and others) culturally appropriate white characteristics, like straight long hair or hair dyed another color other than black? Amazing whiners.

  • Dennis

    All white people should join the kkk.

  • Tommy

    That is a lot of black racist crap.
    I’m white and I’m proud. Take that and stuff it you angry, black, racist know-nothings. Most white people have grown sick and tired of your manufactured anti white crap.
    The USA is the only country in the world that fought a war to end slavery. Calling America racist is sacrilege.

  • borgcube

    Cal State San Marcos hosts the awesome annual Stone Brewery festival. It does have some legitimate activity taking place there.

  • TxMan

    How about the countless ways that “whiteness” has advanced our society, and made life better for Everyone?

  • Gerald James

    I live in an International City where black immigrants come here and at first, they live in a very low rent neighborhood or perhaps,in the same Public Housing as the Recipient Class which is “born” in Public Housing. These immigrants will find whatever job they can find and in many cases, they work two or more jobs. Their children grow up speaking English but without all the profanity which is so often heard from the “Recipient Class” kids. Their children study hard and will win spelling bees and math and science contest. Yet, they might be Black. My point is, if a black person wants to prosper, it’s not related to their skin color, it’s related to discipline and determination and the understanding that tomorrow’s prosperity is earned by how we act today. But that’s not all!… Concerning money, these immigrants will dress modestly and live a frugal lifestyle which includes cooking their meals at home and rarely eat out. Their frugalness is rewarded when they become a homeowner. My closing point is that although we can say a black immigrant is a member of the black race, it doesn’t mean they are oppressed. If you don’t believe me, come to Houston and visit a Pharmacy or the Medical Center where you will see many examples of the aforementioned immigrant class. It’s about Ethics, and Personal Responsibility and the willingness to stay the course.

  • Jay Cunnington

    Whites are 77% of the American population. Group norm theory in sociology would say that sets the “norm” for the group. That’s not to say everyone has to act alike. That is to say that you are expected to at least attempt to succeed at life, get a job, pay taxes, and the like. If you don’t have those as a side-effect of life targets, you’re a waste of air as far as I’m concerned. Maybe that’s a bit brutal, but since we’re in a polar society, I see two kinds of people – habitual contributors and habitual takers. It’s the habitual takers I have a problem with, and that includes socialists and communists.

  • akramden

    Can you friggin believe people actually pay to be “educated” in that manner? Those people just need an excuse to be petty, socially obsolete and downright childishly immature. Give’em their participation trophy already and be done with them.

  • KCEddie

    They should return all the White Money ?

  • PaoloRM

    Like it or not, without the influence of the white man and much of the technology developed by them, the vast majority of the planet would still be cave men, scraping for an existence. Are whites perfect, NO, nothing is perfect but the facts speak for themselves. So GET to WORK creating something of VALUE and SHUT UP.

  • old guy

    Since “white” is the absence of all color, that automatically makes us racist. Now I get it. : P

    • Buster

      Black is the absence of all color.. not white

  • Laurence Gordon

    Maybe all y’all with your confederate flag logos need to be educated more better. Tim Wise can help you out.

    • ScoobyDieu

      Tim Wise

  • matt

    anti-white. the new racism.
    at a college near you, and it’s socially acceptable!

  • Chuck

    14 ways to get your ass whipped if you spout that rubbish in the real world.

  • 7cedars

    Uh-huh…so when is California going to extract itself from the union? WAITING…with baited breath!

    • american

      As soon as China has gotten complete control of it’s government.

  • KCEddie

    That will go over anywhere ? Other than the USA ? You are all in for a rude awakening !

  • PaoloRM

    Black Crimes Matter.

  • It’s ok to be racist towards white people forum.

  • Damon

    What really concerns me is that someone taking a senior-level course at Cal State San Marcos still thinks Africa is a country. I understand that our public education system could let someone that uninformed graduate high school, but surely that kind of student should have long since been weeded-out of any 4-year college program prior to taking 400-level coursework. THAT’s the ignorance that scares me. We have publicly-funded institutions turning out college graduates that don’t know the difference between a country and a continent.

    • Brian

      Have you ever watched Jesse Watters or Jimmy Kimmel ask questions of these people on the streets? The stupidity of a large segment of our population is absolutely scandalous.

  • american

    I’m a white man, and very glad for it. I don’t have to be black and suffer the legitimate fear stigma due to the disproportionate percentage of crimes committed by black brats raised by the Democrat welfare plantation in the inner cities.

  • RHG

    Don’t see any of them packing their bags to get away from evil whitey, in fact what I see is more non-whites from other countries demanding to be allowed into “racist America”.

  • dave10000

    Easily triggered liberal prgressives need their echo chambers so they can continue to feel superior when in reality they are what they claim to hate…racists.

  • The_Usual_Suspect61

    Isn’t this just racism, plain and simple racism?

    • Brian

      Of course it is. And, of course, the left is harboring the fantasy that black and brown people cannot be racist.

  • DevilDog

    The war is coming white people, are you ready?

  • James Hughes

    I enjoyed the article, wish I had time to attend the forum in person; highlighting all the reasons I have to love being White. Sorry for those who are not so blessed.

  • Will

    Can you believe that parents actually shell out money to send their kids to these universities? I can’t.

  • Go Trump MAGA

    If they don’t like America they should move back to their motherland

  • Rich

    I would encourage those oppressed to cast off the oppressor by doing without things white. Rather than go cold turkey, start with one item at a time on a scheduled basis. A good beginning would the cellular telephone. Or go in the other direction by dropping out and having original thoughts.

    • babebig00

      I say start with toilet papaer

  • Liberty First

    Honky privileged professors of whiteness…INSANE!

  • babebig00

    The entire Cal State “univershitty” system is loaded with hate filled feminist..lesbian and anti White anti Male despicable creatures

  • Mr_Details

    A fine example of a form of institutional racism!

  • Cancerous colleges are VILE

  • Call it “The Forum on What To Think.” Oh, wait. Too honest.

  • carlos danger

    at left media and H’wood were all so special because they don’t have any whiteness. I thought laws were passed to make sure housing was available to all and to be color blind…..but who cares about facts….like Africa is a country, because *** lives matter

  • babebig00

    Just try to take away the White mans McNuggets from the coloreds and see how fast they change their minds about the evil “Whiteman”

  • zanzara2041

    “Liberals have a nasty habit of demanding equality for minorities, which they already have, while subsequently treating them with special privilege. Thusly, liberals are showcasing the belief that minorities are not equal to the white majority and are not actually endowed with the ability to do for themselves as the white majority. In reality, the left is perpetuating the idea that minorities are inferior races that are not as capable and resourceful as whites, and that they must be dependent upon the white majority. This is nothing short of a racist mindset.”


  • Freedom

    E=Mc2. Now this should be taught in school.

    Not the garbage of radical racist professors.

  • Guy Fawkes

    You can pretty much sum up the IQ of the entire event with “Africa is the greatest ‘COUNTRY’ in the world”. They’ve never read anything they weren’t given, never had a thought they weren’t taught and never have worked a single day in their lives. What a WONDERFUL time to be alive! (smh)

  • DJ

    It’s amazing to me how easily manipulated this generation has become. Gives you real insight into how Nazi Germany happened. They think “they’re onto something” when in reality, they are being conditioned based on their own bigotry and envy. It’s even sadder to see white people lend any credibility to this brainwashing….as if they are helping anyone. They are digging their own graves.

    • Brian

      Liberal white enablers who play into this sheer idiocy and who help to spread it are deeply embarrassing to the rest of us.

  • George6112

    This is just another class to encourage world socialism via revolution of the mindless. What they don’t know is they’re working hard to bring on a non-white world government but it’ll end up being run by Asians and not by the blacks people of central Africa. The lazy people, the stupid, the people who add nothing to a final product will always be discriminated against as they’re the parasites of humankind. Every country has their parasitic peoples and liberals worldwide dream of a world socialism as the time the world will rid itself of these parasites and not be called racist for doing so. Of course the world needs workers but robots can do many of those jobs. The world needs thinkers and robots will be able to do many of those jobs too. What robots can’t do, so far anyways, is dream of what could be and that’s the purview of mankind. The world will need those who can dream, people who can make those dreams a reality, and workers who don’t mind not thinking or complaining while they work (think post office job without the complaints).

  • Carl

    Better hope you get some fake social service job cuz that shit don’t fly in the real world.

  • Tom

    I stopped for fuel today. when I attempted to pay the attendant, she said “You’re white. You don’t have to pay today.” and she made the minority guy behind me pay.. Yippeee!!! (please note the sarcasm)

  • Nemesis

    Our president is in the thankless process of draining the swamp. But in view of the mixed-multitude population that has diluted the quality of the body politic, I’m looking forward to getting out my implements and weeding the garden. It’s gonna happen. You heard it first right here.

  • Brian Rolfs

    If Africa is a country, are Egypt and Somalia states or commonwealths ?

  • cleo48

    I don’t know where this is coming from or why it has become so virulent. In 1956 when I attended parochial school for the first time we were taught by the sisters that everyone was created equal and that there was no such thing as racial superiority. I’ve never questioned or quarreled with any of those concepts. When one talks about “whiteness,” I’ve always assumed that was a cultural reference. White folks don’t get up each morning and begin the first thing by contemplating how they can torment some person of color that day. We mostly pray we can just pay all the bills this month, like the rest of American humanity.

  • rex bannister

    If America has such horrible oppression and injustice, why do so many people want to come here to live?

    • Brian

      Apparently, living off of the work of other people constitutes “horrible oppression” and “injustice”.

  • Leonid Drayeniv

    If ‘whiteness’ is bad then let’s do away with Affirmative Action and racial quotas which were white liberal concepts from the get go.

  • Terenc Blakely

    The first steps in any genocide is to demonize and dehumanize the target group.

  • Jason Unwin

    What these people don’t realize is they are sowing the seeds for a racial civil war. When Whites are seen as the “other”, around 2050 whites will be a “minority”, this will be the political justification for discrimination and oppression of Whites. Whites will then be put in a position to either accept their position in the new America or they can decide to resist. Look at history. Rwanda and the Former Yugoslavia come immediately to mind.

    • cleo48

      If the Constitution remains intact, I don’t see it becoming as bad as all that. But Alvin Toffler did predict cultural enclaves developing and things like gated communities. We are already seeing this and it’s growing as a means of both security and comfort. Not just for whites, but Jews, Christians and Islam. I firmly believe it’s a solution. As for employment, it will be as it always has been: If you have talent to sell or are a good performer, you will have a job.

      • Great writer. Future Shock was how I approached the Enpterprise IT field, until we whites were bum rushed out of the profession after W and 9/11, run by the sauds.

  • Large Basket

    privileges are earned not rights. I make sure I and the people I know do not break laws and are respectful. If I ever see a group of white kids flash mobbing a 7-11 and ransacking everything I will turn in as many as I can to the police not turn a blind eye. I expect my people to not have fatherless families or multiple baby mamas. I expect them to stay in school, get an education and learn a skill, including English. I expect my people to be respectful and say yes sir and yeas mama. I expect my people not to play the knock out game. I encourage my people to excel even if everyone around says it is impossible. I expect my people to be judged by their character not the color of their skin and do the same to others. Doing these steps helps earn privileges like paying high taxes to help those on welfare, being picked last for college entrance only if you have high GPA and test scores, and all of the other wonders of civilization that seem the slip through people’s fingers due to self imposed limits or belonging to a party that practices the art of discrimination through soft bigotry of telling people they are not good enough based on their skin color

    • Brian

      Fantastic post!

  • Paul Fistinyourface

    They’ll be discussing this in between making drinks at Starbucks in a few years.

    • ScoobyDieu

      Keep them away from my food please.

      • Don’t need any Jesse Jackson spittle.

  • GeorgeHanshaw1

    Well obviously it is degrading for everyone on an EBT welfare card. Every time they use it they know the white community is supporting them because they can’t hack it themselves.

  • Goodgold

    Who ever heard of that outstanding school Cal State San Marcus! Hahahaha

  • fedupwithobama

    Who knew Africa was a country?

  • John Jones
  • Lord Beasley


  • Darryl Graham

    Does professor Moon think once these students turn and use violence against white people that she will not be immune to it because she is white ,self hating white but white none the less.

  • Doug Day

    PoC’s are just pissed that all across this great, big, beautiful globe there is not one majority black or brown society that is as thriving, successful, and innovative as America…not one.

  • John Jones
  • humura

    This is simply anti-white racism supported by government institutions. There would be no America as we know it without whites. White creativity, ability, work-ethic, literacy, guns, made America great. The recent invaders hate Western values and seek to destroy Western civilization. The pro-crime Democrats, in alliance with the Social Justice Warriors (ideological descendants of Mao’s Red Guard) seek to prevent free speech, freedom of assembly, and permit only the pc lies on campus, in the media, and in the culture. When will Trump stop all this hate speech on campus and close such racist forums?

  • John Jones
  • Homer Luther

    everybody is African-something

  • Nomoremaos

    The most uneducated and unmotivated are drawn to groups that blame others for their own short comings. You’ve seen this throughout history and you’ll continue to see it. Pretty pathetic.

  • franc182

    Close all California State funded universities. Send the little disenchanted
    white haters to labor camps. California
    educational institutions are a danger to our national health. Imprison their communist radical teachers and their administrators.
    We have a state full of potential Bill Ayers’s and Bernadette Dohrn’s. Remove
    them from the political fabric.

  • fedupwithobama

    Dreama Moon? Really?

    Her name says it all. Would love to know what her parents were smoking/inhaling when she was born.

  • Noreaster20

    These liberals (including universities) just don’t get it, they are the one’s who got Trump elected in the first place by trashing White America (aka silent majority), which was proven on elections day. Straight white males are now the most discriminated people in America. What ever happened to the days when we could agree to disagree ??!!

  • John Steele

    I’m PROUD to be white.. Get over it, Can you imagine telling a black guy to drop his blackness.. Before he kills you, he’s beat the daylites out of yu.. This is in your face black racism. I pay my taxes, work 12 hrs a day, raise my kids not to be gang bangers and respect the consitution and thell them to be a useful memeber of society.. These turds know nothing about what America is about.. Just more black racists sponsored by the communists that run the UC college system.

  • fedupwithobama

    Anyone here think we would be better off with only 49 states?

    • Critical Thinker

      Bye, bye Commiefornia!

  • beccababy73

    I could dictate 20 to 30 ways people who use their race and gender to downtalk others has effected my life, to a point that everyday of my life has had at least one or two people remind me how “Worthless” I am, how ugly I am, or that I don’t mean crap to anyone.
    It sucks to live a life where you are bombarded daily by negativity from the world because you are a certain color, gender, religious, political class, Rich or poor.

    NO ONE is better then anyone else, and I mean no one. If you think you are better then others, then you should find a big rock in the middle of nowhere and crawl under it.

  • therealmadmarv

    This white privilege crap is an attempt to set the table for racial genocide. Fortunately my white privilege comes with my right to bear arms and if anybody would like to come take my white privilege from me I would recommend getting your Affairs in order.

  • Bob Tom

    It’s called survival of the fittest. Caucasian folks typically work for a better future while other simply demand handouts and cry foul.

    As Fidelis ad uranam stated in this thread
    “but can you deny that whites have created far more advanced civilizations and accomplished far more than any other people? Certainly one can not deny that. It’s not opinions. It is simply fact. And it isn’t racist to acknowledge it. Just reality.”

  • Absolutely stunning that this type of racist thought is being promulgated at a university. And people wonder why we spend all this money on universities and yet still have to import so many of our engineers, scientists, computer programmers, doctors, nurses.

  • garyfouse

    Dreama Moon??!! You’re making this up, right?

    • rnagel

      My sister in law has a hot friend named Dreama Lovely. More common than one would think.

  • Paul Miller

    And the white alumni keeping donating to this institution to keep this crap alive.

  • boca_grande

    Africa Greatest nation??? Maybe this black woman should learn that Africa is a continent. But with her logic and racist attitude she would say that is a White construct. “Whiteness” is a racist construct in it’s self. It can only be though out and defined by someone who has intellectually removed themselves from society and in order to look at it “objectively”. Many blacks wanted to be treated equal in education, but have separated themselves on the campus’. In Government they have organized themselves in “Black Caucuses”. Each of these actions merely define them as different and not the same. It isn’t “whiteness” it is American Culture and many of these blacks keep themselves out of it. Many blacks celibate their blackness with traditions that whiles are not allowed to embrace. You can not make one out of two. Look withing your selves to find the answer. Italians came here with a culture of their own and have accepted the greater culture as theirs without ridiculing the larger culture. Just look at the names of actors and politicians and neighbors if you don’t think the system is working.

  • Caddolakeguy

    This apparently white professor is suffering from a severe case of self loathing. He/she/it is in serious need of mental health treatment. The unfortunate part is that he/she/it is infecting a whole generation of undergraduates.

  • Nemesis

    Try to remember: Money and Power rest exclusively with white people (think Donald J. Trump). The unwashed proletariat’s last, however futile, resort lies in its numbers (think the French Revolution). The difference being that white people, confronted with potential loss of money and/or power, will cheerfully meet the rabble at the gates with something remarkably more powerful than pitchforks and cudgels (think remember your place, boy!).

  • The Saint

    Liberals are becoming more ignorant every day. I believe they must be suffering from reverse evolution. Seriously!

  • A storm’s coming….

  • rnagel

    So problems which seem to all be created by liberals in the media, entertainment, etc. are to be solved by giving more power to liberals. Only in America.

  • Barge445

    How jealous the mentally inferior are against the greatest race on Earth.
    Without White the World would be as primitive as the Sub Saharan Negroids who have added nothing of benefit man kind.

  • Peter

    I have a longer list on 3rd world illegals and refugee muslims who are poisonous to civilized countries. If you have a problem with whites, then stop using our inventions which would include all electronics, technology, biology and advancements in medicine. Let’s not forget music and art. Leave the white invention which is the U.S.A.

  • Collections Dept.

    It’s OKAY to be white. And male. And proud. And a MAGA Trump supporter. And it’s tuition free.

  • David Wilson

    Every one of these things they say is due to “whiteness” – with the exception of racism in the military, which I don’t have any knowledge of having (regrettably) not served, are explainable with factors that have nothing to do with racism.

    Mental health: research is driven by demand and money. There are more (many more) white Americans than any other group in America. Much of the money devoted to research of particular mental health issues is raised by non-profits, and thus the problems that afflict more people in society will garner more money. It’s natural. You could take every black American and put them in their own country to designate where every penny of research goes and you still won’t change the basic calculus of this.

    Media coverage biased against people of color: yes and no. “People of color” get very favorable coverage in the media, even sometimes when the subject person or people don’t deserve it – but the media doesn’t cover “people of color” as often because they don’t live in the elite suburbs that the upper middle class/rich white liberal media people live in. But the bias against minorities in the media is actually the same as the bias against political conservatives (a subset of Americans that is even larger than any minority group, and may number as much as 60% of the population based on some studies) – it’s simply not in the worldview of the sheltered media elites.

    Hollywood stereotyping: same problem as above, but perhaps to an even greater degree. Hollywood types like to surround themselves only with people who think and act just like themselves, with the same lack of morals. just keep in mind again that these are all rich white liberals, the same people African Americans vote for more monolithically than almost any other demographic in these United States. And yes, let me say I’m sick of seeing films with a “token black guy” who ends up dead by the end of the film. It’s happening less often, but one thing isn’t: very rarely do you see a black character portrayed by actors like Laurence Fishburne who are well spoken and come across as well educated and respectable (the Sidney Poitier image). More often the characters are written and cast to sound like someone just dragged them off the street to take the role after completing their latest drug deal. Not only is it a poor stereotype, it sets a low bar if someone happens to be choosing a black role model. Being educated and well spoken is not “being white” and it’s about time Hollywood stops reinforcing that notion by pandering to the lower end. Then again, for that matter, I wish they’d stop pandering to all dumb Americans, regardless of skin color, with completely mindless, formulaic, adrenaline-driven movies like the Fast and Furious films – personally I can’t even watch these movies, but they seem to encourage stupidity.

    Real Estate practices favor whites: what do you mean, the fact banks mostly lend money only to people with jobs and the expected ability to repay them? I hope you understand we tried things the other way, and it came back to bite us all on the ass in 2008. It’s the height of absolute ridiculousness to expect banks to lend money based on skin color rather than the ability to pay back the loan. If you want to charge that’s racism, then you’re an f*ing idiot who’s not even worth talking to. As for the relative lack of jobs for blacks, it has to do with the 1) poor education levels among blacks, for which you can thank the Democrats who run the cities where the bulk of your demographic lives, 2) high crime rates which make businesses hesitant to locate near black neighborhoods, and 3) a general lack of respect for authority that makes it difficult for many black MEN to take orders from a manager or supervisor and thus to hold a job for long. All three of these things can be attributed to a very ironic thing: after fighting and suffering for decades for an end to segregation and finally winning, blacks in America proceeded to segregate themselves because they only wanted to live in neighborhoods with people who look like themselves (this, as if I need to spell it out, but for liberals you usually have to, is a generalization describing concentrated populations of African Americans in certain urban neighborhoods or certain suburbs). Instead of integrating into the population where we could move beyond skin color, they concentrated in certain areas, allowed themselves to be played as political pawns and led about by the nose for their local Democrat Party politicians, and suffered the consequences thereof as Democrats have absolutely NO motivation to cure the societal problems that cause blacks to support them with 90% of their votes. Why solve a problem that keeps you in office as long as it continues?

    You want an end to “whiteness”? Simple: stop making everything about race. Integrate into “white” neighborhoods, educate your kids, tell them to speak properly, behave properly, teach them morals, teach them to work hard, teach them that as long as they work for it nothing is truly beyond their ability to achieve in a capitalist America, and raise them to be productive members of society. There’s hundreds of thousands of black Americans already enjoying most of the benefits of “whiteness” in this country. If we can get rid of the “race card” and reduce skin color to something no different from hair or eye color then we can get rid of the last vestige of “whiteness” which is having people think you’re different because of your skin color, which means a virtual end to all racism. Racism exists because of a constant focus on it. But we’re all humans, that’s the only race in the eyes of God and should be the only race in the eyes of man. Once blacks are fully integrated, they’ll have an equal voice because people listen to their neighbors – you can push for more African history in the classrooms inasmuch as it pertains to America (there’s already some as part of the study of ancient history in high school, but it could be integrated more into American history the same way a very limited amount of European history is – but again, there’s not a whole hell of a lot of European history taught in American history classes, you actually get more Native American history than anything else prior to the pilgrims landing – our students typically don’t even get taught much about Roanoke or Jamestown, the first two colonies the English founded, and nothing about earlier Danish colonization in Canada). You can form organizations focused on your health issues and your neighbors will contribute because you’re one of them. You’ll get more representatives in Congress because you’ll run on issues that affect a majority of people, not just the select few that you choose to represent (women also have this issue, too often running on the fact they’re a woman and not remembering they’ll be representing everyone in their district).

    Ending whiteness doesn’t depend at all on actions by whites or by minorities agreeing to eliminate them or relegate them to second class status (which is what seems to be happening on college campuses right now). The ball, simply put, is in your court, and what you choose to do with it determines the outcome.

  • GlobalistSaboteur

    “Africa is the greatest country in the world” All these people that are pro Africa and anti white should move there and start a new utopian civilization. Everyone would be much happier.

    • Sam American

      i thought africa was a continent – made up of lots of stone age tribes – but to her is a single unified country?

  • Gary Hanson

    Then go move to a NON-WHITE Country and quit your Bitchin for Gods Sake!

  • teabagger_1

    This is one of many reasons graduates from “progressive” universities are so stupid.

    • West_Coast

      They know they will never get painted in a bad light no matter what they do. They get a fawning press that if they could get away with it, would gladly join them. The American University system is the modern day mosque of our time.

  • West_Coast

    White Privilege is a secular version of Original Sin, except you can’t work it off and there is no Salvation. Only eternal shame.

    People of Color and leftists believe this and want to destroy white people anyway they can.

  • John Bball

    Ummmmm. saying “Country of Africa” as a college student tells me you failed 2nd grade Geography class.
    I assure you, there is ZERO tolerance of racism in the US military. In fact for decades it has been the exact opposite….affirmative action is strong in the military.

  • migtex1234

    Lol, professors, as a rule, are idealist without common sense & void of logic/
    Recommend parents look carefully at a college & what it represents. Millions of stupid courses.
    Have been brainwashing for 30 plus years.

  • LA Dawgman

    Sleazebags, dumbfucks, lazytards and nobodies – pointing fingers and blaming others for their lack of accountability, since time began! Do society a favor and sterilize yourselves!!!!

  • Flexa

    One of the performers, a female African American student, called Africa “the greatest country in the world, where we all once originated.” Now there’s a real genius. And to think all this time white geography teachers taught us that Africa was a continent. Ohhh but the guilt in thinking otherwise.

    • Mike0oSS

      I saw that and thought the same thing Flexa

  • garylee123

    Let’s just put it where it belongs…….if you don’t like being an AMERICAN…..get the hell out!!!

    • Brian

      I’ll chip in for the tickets out. One way, of course.

  • Mike0oSS

    This endless argument over race reminds me of a dog chasing it’s tail…..there is no other way to explain how it all looks.

  • Schlomo Goldstein

    I wonder if any of those kids have ever met a real, honest to god. racist? I wonder how they would react.

    • Critical Thinker

      Sure. They can just look in the mirror.

    • Mike0oSS

      Well I have met some and they aren’t exactly concerned with anyone’s “feelings” from the get go.

  • Critical Thinker

    Real liberalism is dead.

  • Beaver Eater

    So, when does the show start?

  • munched55✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

    Are POC smart enough to rebel against their WHITE Marxist professors? Don’t hold your breath.

  • West_Coast

    Cultural Marxists claim a mandate from the “Right Side of History” to eliminate all the compromises. Catholic nuns must pay for abortions and birth control, Christian bakers and florists must participate in gay weddings, every white person must confess their racism, and every left-wing extremist must get their way.

  • Septua Jes


  • Paulie Walnuts ✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ

    “called Africa ‘the greatest country in the world, where we all once originated’…”

    No. And no.

  • Robert Treet Paine

    Don’t say it too loud, but Africa is not a country. It’s a continent.

  • trajan2448

    No wonder an American BA is seen as worthless by international corporations who actually hire people to do real jobs.

  • Old Sod

    It’s OK to be White.

  • West_Coast

    It’s fact that Barack Hussein Obama was trained early in his youth to hate this country with a vengeance. He was raised and influenced by card-carrying members of CPUSA, attracted and participated in radical left-wing groups, and his actions as a community organizer, senator, and now former president, reflect exact, carbon copies of CPUSA, Marxist, and socialist ideologies, like Racism, Inc.

    He accelerated this mess to eventually bankrupt this nation and to keep radical leftists in power…FOREVER.

  • e boc

    My white privlege,has got me in low income housing,and working my tail off,for the past 35yrs. These kids,need to join the real world,and these professors teaching them,this crap ought to be dealt with,there the ones making top dollar,making up this crap…

  • Low-Rents

    Oh, fer feke’s seke… I just lost 5 IQ Points just having read this. This is all the evidence you need to prove what a complete waste of time a BA Degree from a State university is. Wherever this “White Privilege” is, please show me where to find it; I want some. I have obviously been doing it all wrong all this time… Working hard; Paying Taxes…

  • Pro_sanity

    How far we gonna go with all this? Although this is extreme mental illness, I still laugh out loud. Very comical, keep it coming!

  • Yip Yap

    Until blacks start owning up to their own self-inflicted failures, they will never get ahead.

    • West_Coast

      They have cleverly created their own, justifiable, not fault of their own, brand of racism.

  • Samson

    When are they going to do the 14 ways blackness destroys society?

    Drug Use
    No Respect for Authority
    No Education
    Welfare Leaches
    Lack of Morals
    Living beyond your means to show off
    Lying and being untruthful
    Being Ignorant and Rude
    No dignity
    No self respect
    Targeting whites especially gullible women so they can rob them, rape them, kill them, or get them hooked on drugs.

  • Stu Peters

    If there are problems for those who are black and feel threatened by whiteness I suggest that they take a trip to anywhere in Sub Saharan Africa where blackness rules all.

    • Pro_sanity

      First stop, Johannesburg for the white genocide front, center … and ignored by the MSM – look into it, you’ll be shocked beyond words.

      • Yip Yap

        ‘Hero'[sic] Nelson Mandela singing, “Kill the whites”…

      • Stu Peters

        Ah, but the nice mister JZ is the man there.

  • West_Coast

    “Take what you are guilty of and accuse your opponents of it”.
    ~Joseph Goebbels

    The left has mastered this.

    • Brian

      They are consumed with Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. Trump is the first Republican to fight their nonsense effectively and they DESPISE him for it. Alinsky was supposed to be their route to one-party rule.

  • Lincoln Stern

    Thanks ever so much for the laughter on an otherwise uneventful day!

  • Yip Yap

    Back in the early 1960s I used to argue with my father whenever he called certain blacks, ‘Niggers’. Not all, but certain ones. Later in life, I began to understand the difference…like whites and ‘white trash’.

    All of us, including blacks, have been conditioned to expect the worst from many blacks, because we get the worst.

  • SteveinAZ

    These anti-white forums are funded by the KKK and the black speakers at these events are “House%$##ers” doing the Klan’s bidding. It’s all a scam to swell the ranks of the KKK. It may well work, if this $hit keeps up.

  • Lincoln Stern

    Right, white, and damn proud to be an American.

  • demmi

    Meanwhile students in China, India, Russia, Israel, and Japan are studying math, hard sciences, and IT.

    • SteveinAZ


  • psychenudity

    College campus SJWs so 2014 ….boring ……. laughable , sad , pathetic children , thumb sucking , PAJAMA BOYS & GIRLS, cry babies , triggered toddlers , safe space occupiers , oxygen wasting thieves , ……… the whole “white priveledge ” “movt.” is losing it’s entertainment value … time to get a new cause ……. mommy & daddy aren’t happy you’re wasting their hard earned money on degree in Afro American studies (& you’re WHITE) … while you waste all your time at the student union cafeteria

  • Sam American

    why colleges beg and compete to provide free or greatly reduced education to a bunch of anti-authority, anti-university, anti-education professional victims is a complete mystery to me

    i believe it shows how poor colleges are as stewards of donor dollar – time to turn off the faucets of giving. both of my school are >$850K per student in endowment and continue to beg

  • Empirefalls

    ‘One of the performers, a female African American student, called Africa
    “the greatest country in the world, where we all once originated.”’ As a teacher, this always irks me, since Africa is a CONTINENT containing 53 self-governing countries with thousands of ethnic groups, many black, others white, etc., all separate, all distinct. But I stopped calling out students long ago about this after accusations of racism (I am ‘unfortunately’ white, male, AND hetero), when I realized that there is little to nothing that can be done about wilful ignorance (in the same vein, a student once refused to accept that Hawai’i was a US state, and I could only argue her to the point that she begrudgingly admitted that I was entitled to the ‘belief.’ Hell is teaching other Americans…

    • greggreen29

      Demoting Africa to a continent?! How racist of you! /s

  • West_Coast

    The double standard that privileges the ugly racism of black nationalists doesn’t just protect them, but also covers up their racist alliances with Nazis, Neo-Nazis and white supremacists. It is impossible to end racism as long as special exemptions are made for certain forms of racism.

    The solidarity of racists against a color blind society is the cause of Charlottesville and the rise of racism. Black Lives Matter and the Klu Klux Klan feed off each other in the same way that Malcolm X and the Klan and the American Nazi Party did. The left’s support for black racism keeps white racism alive.

  • sinkorswim

    Booker T. Washington (1865–1915) warned of such people within the black community in his 1911 book My Larger Education. He described them as “problem profiteers”:

    “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs – partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.” (p. 118)

  • Jeff Hamilton

    Dreama Moon. Now that’s a handle. Ha!

  • David Kachel

    “a female African American student, called Africa “the greatest country in the world”
    HOW(?) in God’s name does someone THIS stupid, get into college??!!!
    Oh, yeah, I forgot. She got in via affirmative action. Otherwise known as black privilege.

    • Geno

      What is the capital of Africa?

      • Brian

        That’s easy! It’s “A”!

  • Carol Hadenough

    If all of the “students of color” could spend a week as a white person, they’d find out in short order, that our lives are NO PICNIC. We suffer all the same things THEY do, just in reverse.

    • David Kachel

      You mean like how we have to work for a living and they just show up for their handouts?

      • Kill_n_Grill

        Those dependent folks come in all colors.
        The fight is with our education system that promotes this entitled attitude.

      • Carol Hadenough

        Yes, and sometimes WE have to stand in line for handouts, too.

    • greggreen29

      Just have them spend a week in real Africa, not tourist Africa. 7 days of hauling water from the stream to the village twice a day. Or the chaos of corrupt African cites. They’d realize life in the US is a picnic.

      • Carol Hadenough

        You are SO right, greggreen29…!!!

  • kthomp1123

    The internet is going to be the end of this country, and I have a feeling, most civilizations.
    Pre-internet these people were so isolated and had no voice, so the middle always ruled and we did just fine. This was stuff whispered about and scoffed at – now, it’s being used to drive ad revenue. Now, with the internet, they have a voice larger than their actual number and powerful people who cozy up to their cause. Compound this with the fact that the internet truly became what it is in the mid-2000’s with mobile devices, and you had a president like Obama who inflamed it – perfect storm.
    Truly sad.

    • Kill_n_Grill

      These people have and had the mainstream media and our university campuses to promote their hogwash.
      The internet is a blessing, for it finally allows a voice to everyone.

  • Papi97w

    Scholar? This idiot is an entitled parasite.

  • Robert Walling

    I guess I could cry and moan about reverse racism, abject hatred because of my color, diminished opportunities … etc, but I’m too busy enjoying the fruits of my effort.

    • Kill_n_Grill


    • Robert Stout

      I can’t see how white privilege exists when I apply for a job with the same credentials as a minority, I’m not getting it because the EEOC might get mad.

  • Sailordude

    They should have an event that highlights ways ‘blackness’ oppresses society, equal time!

  • Factcheckor1

    This a comedy show in Liberia…..

  • greggreen29

    Africa “the greatest country in the world…”

    The ancient wonders of the he world, two in Africa, none in sub Saharan Africa.
    Modern wonders of the world, none in Africa.

  • DWKeller

    Stop sending your kids to these schools. No scholarships period. No Fed. money.

  • planetcrap

    My pigment does everything for me, except give me a tan……..

  • voteRush2012

    ““On a daily basis I am seen as a threat, but you get a pass because you’re white.” No not because we’re white, but rather because we don’t comprise 13% of the population, and commit more than 40 percent of the violent crime!

    Even 8 horrid years of Barack INSEIN ALINSKY Obama can’t change the stats!

  • Sailordude

    Are Jews white? Do you think they consider themselves “white” when they read about this story? If Jews are white, this event is anti-Semitic!

  • bobCope

    Exactly why Trump was elected.

  • Green Eagle

    No pre-contact Black society ever created a written language, or weaved cloth, or forged steel, or invented the wheel, or plow, or devised a calendar, or code of laws, or system of measurement, or math, or built a multi-story structure, or sewer, or drilled a well, or irrigated, or created any agriculture, or built a road, or sea-worthy vessel. They never domesticated animals, or exploited underground natural resources, or produced anything that could be considered a mechanical device.

  • Edward Durbin

    Hmm, maybe I should write an article “15 ways to kiss my ass?”

  • Sara Lee

    Well ok….so I suggest any large Financial Business/Corporation not make any ‘Donations’ for Scholarships or Internships or for anything to do with Education at Cal State San Marcos. Because those companies could be labeled as a ‘Whiteness” company…..So maybe large Financial Companies owned by BLM could take their place.

  • Liberty_fights

    I would prefer to consider all equal (and I think most people share that thought), but I have reached my limit with the ‘some are more equal than other BS’ flowing from rabid radical leftist groups.

  • Brian

    It gets clearer every day; the real racists in this country are mostly colored liberals. Yeah, I substituted “colored” for “people of color”; so what? If anyone can explain why one is “racist” and “offensive” and the other isn’t without making themselves sound like a blithering idiot, have at it.

  • West_Coast

    Here is a top ten list of everything you are entitled to and what the world owes you

    • Wrabble

      Completely agree w/ 1-3 and 5-10 but not so sure about #4.

      • West_Coast


    • Jus’Talkin’BoutM’Shaf’!

      Pretty complete. Well done.

    • I call plagiarism! Those are ten of the chapter titles for my new book, “All the Jobs that Americans Just Won’t Do”.

  • Kasperlos

    Day after day the insanity grows. The relentless march of the 21st century Maoist Red Guards waving their mind controlling red books at the naive and gullible students. Indoctrination, lies, deceit, manipulation is the curriculum being dished out to America’s compliant young. The new world order is under construction. A horror world in which the masses are nothing but clones, zombies, bots and cult followers to the likes of Soros, Zuckerberg and the entire lot of globalist elites. The faculty in academia are but the instruments for shaping the young minds. We are in deep deep trouble if there is not soon an uprising against the Marxist cultural mind manipulators. FIGHT BACK STUDENTS. PULL THE PLUG ON THE FALSE GODS IN ACADEMIA!!

    • Brian

      When the 2020 election comes around, if the Marxists and anarchists act up like they did after the 2016 election, it’s going to be time to put a bunch of them down to demonstrate that we have no intention of surrendering our country to their foolishness. You gotta do what you gotta do!

  • johnthekiwi

    Being proud of your color is like being proud of the sun coming up. You had absolutely no choice in the matter. Being ashamed of the actions of those with the same melanin content as you that allows them to be identified as a bloc on the other hand is a totally different thing. Africa is a hell hole and always has been. Read ‘Guns, Germs and Steel’ and you will see why Caucasians have outpaced all other groups that are classified by hue.

  • disqus_VuylvlbZ5g

    if you wanna fell like your standing at the bottom looking up go stand in a toilet,bottom feeder

  • Sleepytime

    ‘One of the performers, a female African American student, called Africa “the greatest country in the world, where we all once originated.” ‘

    Who is gonna tell this ignorant clown of a college student that Africa is a continent, not a country?

    • mkegino

      She red dat in da Constellation!

  • Farth

    These students, that made anti-white posters, must be out of their minds. If not for the largesse of the White Population they would not have such a fine College to attend. End them back to their homelands and let’s not waste another dime on them and their racist views. Our Society can easily carry on with out their divisive ways.

  • Wrabble

    How to greatly reduce your chances of living in poverty:

    1) Stay in school and get at least a high school diploma. The dropout rate in some inner cities is about 50%. The lack of a high school diploma virtually ensures a life of poverty;

    2) Avoid drugs and alcohol;

    3) Avoid gangs and criminal activity;

    4) Don’t have a child until you are financially secure and in a committed relationship.

    5) Don’t waste money on nonessentials.

    6) Speak standard English.

    7) Maintain decent personal hygiene and wear clean clothes in public.

    Yeah, I know, that’s racist, but if you’ve followed the above seven ideas the odds are that you won’t have to be trying to make a living working in fast food.

    • Brian

      What? You mean people shouldn’t be trying to raise families of four or five kids on fast food jobs? Isn’t it the responsibility of McDonald’s and Burger King to make sure that single mothers of four or five get paid enough to live exactly like Silicon Valley executives? Just elect enough Democrats to pass a $25/hour minimum wage and everyone will live like kings, right? Right??

      • Wrabble

        Great ideas! Maybe if we had a min & max wage of $50 everyone would be rich!

    • StoicAbSpartan

      You don’t seem to understand. 1) Whites put way too much emphasis on education. If whites would just drop out at the same rate as minorities then the problem would be fixed. We are Americans. We shouldn’t be required to get educated to provide our own needs if we choose not to. It is the GOVERNMENT’S job to provide for the citizens’ needs. 2) The emphasis on being clean and sober is a whiteness problem. When all in society drink and use at the same rates and starting at the same age then we will be on the way to equality. 3) Gangs are NOT the problem. Unaffiliated whites are. 4) It is the GOVERNMENT’S job to provide for all children no matter the ability of the parent’s to pay. Financially security and childbearing should not be linked. 5) Minorities don’t waste money on non-essentials. Big homes in the ‘burbs are non-essential. Big cars are non-essential. Comfortable safe neighborhoods are non-essential. Food security is soooo white. 6) No American speaks standard English. Why should minorities be required to speak the same non-standard English spoken by whites. Whites should be taught ghetto and be required to use it outside of their homes. This will add to our equality 7) Minorities are hygienic or at least as hygienic as whites. And what is wrong with fast food. Fast food means we don’t have to shop, cook meals or clean up the kitchen which many are unable to do because of so much obesity. Fast food is part of the solution not part of the problem.

      So Whites are the problem. We will achieve equality when we are all living like Cubans or Venezuelans. And that is inside of the White community to fix.

      • Wrabble

        Good analysis!

      • You just saved an entire generation of post-millennials about $250K worth of college tuition with that summary of modern “higher education”.

    • Spoda Be

      #7a: With your pants ~above~ yo blak a s s rather than beneath it!

  • West_Coast

    The Democrat party is the world’s most successful hate group. It attracts poor people who hate rich people, black people who hate white people, feminists who hate men, environmentalists who hate your SUV, and a sea full of entitled college kids who hate their parents.

    However, the real secret of the party’s success is that it attracts the support of journalists who HATE Republicans, and who therefore work tirelessly to convince the rest of us that we should vote for Democrats.

  • Unlike the University of Connecticut where Black and liberal racial activists and fascists rioted when a speaker was set to give a talk titled “it’s ok to be white” note that no white people or conservatives showed up at this hot mess to riot and assault those who participated. Once again, free speech is only for the left!

  • Civil Opinion

    So much hypocrisy…isn’t it always a common complain that the media refers to white shooters as crazy? But this girl thinks we just call black people crazy? People live in bubbles and they only see what they want to see, including the hate. I have no idea what “whiteness” is. It’s as stupid as “blackness.” Keep labeling and splitting us into groups, because THAT’S how you bring people together…:eyeroll:

  • Jay

    Haley Toy might want to reflect on her racism. All these attacks on ‘white’ is nothing more than racism. If there was a Blackness Forum or a Black Privilege Forum about how blackness in America oppresses people of color and society there would be howls of racism from every corner. Articles like this don’t bring us together. They are divisive. And for what purpose?

  • europa3962

    Insane. Cultural marxism will result in civil war. There are over 300 million guns in this country. About 250 million are in the hands of rural conservatives. Do the math.

  • Vo_Reason

    White privilege varies inversely with the percentage of non-whites willing to work for a living and obey the law.

  • Ken S.

    I wonder what these snowflakes will do with a Bachelor’s Degree in White Hate? Doesn’t look like much of a career path IMO.

  • West_Coast

    If you walk today through Oakland, Detroit, inner city Chicago, even inner city Dallas. What do you see? You see the same thing. Ram-shackled dwellings, the family structure all broken down, illegitimacy is a normal condition of life. People get a meager living. They get free healthcare and they might get food stamps, but no hope, no opportunity. Even though America has spent trillions of dollars on the inner cities, they’re pretty much the same as they were in 1965.

    THAT is the legacy of the left. This clown is the legacy of that generational thought process.

  • God Bless America

    Translation: “We’re jealous”


  • dieter

    When do the seminars on Black Violence Against Whites crank up?

  • West_Coast

    White privilege = being held responsible for the acts of your ancestors by folks who accept no responsibility for the acts of theirs.

  • Jim Wimmer

    Africa is not a country, it’s a continent. The poem’s author should have been corrected on her mistake.

  • Midnight_Dreary

    Everyone on the face of this Earth wants to migrate to countries founded by Europeans; by patriarchal colonialism. In the United States, all people of all Races have better health, and are more wealthy than those of their former Homeland. You would think that these people would be grateful, instead of whining. If you think you have better ideas about Society, simply return to your Homeland and make that a first world country like the United States.

  • rickmcinnis

    This article works much better when you read it out loud sounding like Buckwheat.

  • Hamish Morgenstern

    I think they ought to have a ‘promote blackness forum,” and use Detroit, MI, Chester, PA, Pine Bluff, AR, East St. Louis, IL, Chicago (southside), IL, Baltimore, MD, Ferguson, MO, etc. as examples of a “black” paradise.

  • B-Real

    Pretty sure that black folks create their own negative stereotypes……

  • helopilot

    Isn’t this university publicly funded? how about some of you California folks filing a suite against the University for racial issues over the use of public funds to incite racism.

  • Dr.Tickles

    I would claim this to be racist…..but that offend a liberal racist.

  • brianOO7

    I thought official racism was illegal. But of course, that’s only if and when it comes from conservatives.

  • A Charles Martel fan

    White privilege is BS . I tried it the other day at church’s chicken . There was a line of “poc” was in front of me and when I went to the front of the line and proclaimed ” white privilege ” – they chased me out of the store!

  • agreatsign

    The things that pass for knowledge…..

  • Press Release

    It’s just so sad. Another generation of People of Color who will grow up to be poor, angry and bitter and will never amount to anything in life. What a waste.

  • Will Maryland

    Colleges and universities need sensitivity training in the worst way: Studies in Academic Goofiness need to be incorporated into a Racial Syllabus. There also needs to be a chapter on what happens when you’re employed by a company who exists to provide a profit for stockholders…as in where to find a safe space when your job performance doesn’t even register on the Success Meter. Other chapters should include recommendations on how to eat and live when you cannot pull your share of responsibility.

  • Br 74

    I am white and nobody ever gave me anything!!! I work 12 – 14 hours a day to take care of my family. Plus I also OBEY THE LAW!!!!!

  • skookus_supremus

    in response to this article, I’m going to knock my wife up this evening and produce another glorious white child

  • Shubal

    You have to be a goddamn fool to send your kids to some leftarded organization and waste your childs future on learning how to hate white people.

  • skookus_supremus

    These clowns don’t want equality. They want reparations. Even if we were to pool every dollar in existence and split it up evenly among everyone on the planet, at the end of the day, whites would (again) have all of the money and these educated “people of color” would have brand new Air Jordans, gold chains, scratch-off lottery tickets, 25″ wheels on $800 cars and cartons of Newports.

  • jack smith

    Racists are desperate for racism, so they promote it and invoke it every chance they get…luckily, we can all “self-identify” as people of color, and luxuriate in all the social specialness it has to offer.

  • Rogue Cheddar

    I’m not racist, I believe in equal opportunity for all, as in, you all can have the opportunity to kiss my old wrinkly white arse. What utter balderdash, folderal, and codswallop!

  • Resistance if Futile

    Education fail. Africa is not a country it is a continent.

  • middleclasstaxpayer

    Insane liberals with too much free time on their hands.

  • Josh

    One of the snowflakes said ” Africa is the best country in the world ” . Little does she know that Africa is a ‘ continent ‘ .

  • abos

    they really need to start loading the ships, before it gets any worse. I mean if whiteness is so bad for people of color, just leave already. You have a bigger continent that your heritage came from, have a go at it, you identify what you are by referring to yourself with a hyphen.
    Just adios already drop the American from your identity and go to where there is no whiteness.
    What, living in a grass or mud hut, doing your wash in a river if there is one near not appealing? Hunting wild game to eat not as fun as hunting welfare, food, housing, or cutting in the IQ line to go to college for free when you didnt deserve being there in the first place.
    Racist, ungrateful ignorant lot you are.

    • Brian

      Seriously, if whites are the problem, then go build your own society where there are no white people!! The vast majority of the world’s landmass fits that description. Good luck to you!

  • Gayle Jackson

    The greatest privilege I have as a white male is not being fed the lie that my race and gender keep me from accomplishing my goals.

  • RagsOnYouSchwags

    lol, “Africa is the greatest country in the world”…pretty much sums up the level of intellectual ability at cal state – san marcos. hilariously pathetic.

  • SpringerRider

    a female African American student, called Africa “the greatest country in the world, where we all once originated.”

    Sorry, but Africa is not a country. It is a continent.

    • Wrabble

      Maybe she is incontinent?

  • FriendlyNeighborhoodEconomist

    Worldwide, whites are a clear minority. To say that whites oppress the rest of the world is pure fantasy. Emperically , it appears that people of color have a hard time creating viable, fair and just societies. They need to look inward and face the truth and stop blaming the white race for their misery.

  • Uncle_Meat

    So these people aren’t racist? Talk down about Black people and you are going to hear about it. You must be a moron to support illogical double standards.

  • Yip Yap
  • kiwifruit

    This obsession has become a mental illness. They are stuck thinking they are being screwed over every second of the day and nothing will convince them otherwise. Maybe they should try to visit the “country” of Africa like Richard Pryor did years ago, and he came back schooled and thrilled to be an american. You really have to feel sorry for the ignorance and bitterness of college students who have no idea how good they really have it just living in the USA.

  • Tomas Vallidulur

    Seriously? A very entitled black female college grad I know, who comes from money, told me white people deserve to be robbed since they owe black people. I was scared by her and that logic coming from a middle class well educated person.

    • Brian

      I would have told her that any person of any color who thought it a good idea to rob other people because they “deserved it”, deserved to be shot in the commission of a felony. I don’t owe any black people anything.

      • Spoda Be

        Owww! Right on.

  • Nathan

    One of the performers, a female African American student, called Africa “the greatest country in the world, where we all once originated.”
    Continent sweetie……..Africa is a continent.

    • abos

      Hope she reads the comments and learns the worlds geography and land masses.

      then she may know all about the continance ***

    • Brian

      I wonder if anyone in attendance had the spine to correct this poor, mal-educated child. Probably not. I’ll bet they all sat there mumbling, “Right on, sister”, “Dass, right”, and “You know it, say it, girlfriend”. “Whiteness” is not your problem, kids, believe me.

  • douglas gray

    I am curious as to how much students study black on black oppression. For example, Rwanda. If they see the history of a group of blacks hacking to death nearly a million other blacks, their perspective might be a little different

  • Herb

    If that woman thinks that Africa is, “the greatest country in the world”, then what is she doing here?

  • Ken Chapel

    so, blacks…draw up your own We Be The Peeps emancipation docs…..shop at only black owned stores….have your own holidays to go with your own black caucus and black this and black that…..you are re segregating yourselves….oh, by the way…let’s have Congress cancel the nearly $trillion/year blacks get in entitlements…..let’s have a clean break and let your light shine, shine, shine!

    • abos

      who you callin shine?

  • Very Fake News

    Do these nitwits understand that they are still having slave sales in Africa today?

  • Mark Lindsey

    Jealousy of being inferior to the western whites. Natural selection. Instead of working hard to be better, the liberal indoctrination is about blaming others (lack of personal responsibility) for your own weaknesses. Grow up. You will ALWAYS be beaten by white know-how, and guts.

  • OtisGumbo

    So everything I have is because of my skin color, and everything you DON’T have is because of your skin color? OK, I’ll play, but explain Asians to me, then. The Leftist neocommunists lump them in as being “of color,” yet they are more successful than Whites! There can be no exceptions, either there’s Asian Priveledge, or Whites and Asians study and work more. You pick.

  • barbara

    Somehow Soros money is connected to this. The only hate I see isn’t coming from white people.

  • Very Fake News

    One of the performers, a female African American student, called Africa “the greatest country in the world, where we all once originated.”

    Where is the “country” of Africa located exactly?

    • glamdeluxe

      Mental Giants indeed.

    • abos

      west side chicago

  • Aleric

    OF COURSE its a college in Kalifornia, now cut all Federal Funding to them since its filled with White Money.

  • LMJ313

    To all my brothers and sisters of all colors and stripes: Nobody calls the Chinese oppressive for being Asian in an Asian country. Nobody calls black people in Africa oppressive for being black in a black country. Yet we’re all supposed to act like white people are oppressive for having the gall to be white in a country founded by whites and whose culture has propelled America to be the most wealthy and innovative country on the planet. I would advise all white people to know that none of those other races are oppressive for living their lives, and neither are you.

  • glamdeluxe

    Please democrats. Make this the most important issue on your platform . PLEASE!

  • Native New Yorker

    California is the Poster Child for the mentally deranged, hateful sociopaths!

  • rejecttyranny

    Loving my white “Privilege” and work it to the MAX every day! The west is the best!!!!

  • StoicAbSpartan

    I agree that all Whites are racists. Particularly the 2 million who went off to war to free the Black slaves during the Civil War. Those who came back wounded were very racist. And the most racist of all were the close to half a million who died. They were acting racist when they joined up and the were still racist when the died. No lose there as they were mostly racist, misogynist, homophobic, straight, white males.

    • Rezqewr

      “. . .as they were mostly racist, misogynist, homophobic, straight, white males.”

      With chiggers™.

      • StoicAbSpartan

        If were just the chiggers . . .
        And almost no one knows what you are talking about as today they are just a nuisance to people who experience the great out of doors in the South.

        • Rezqewr

          Considering that I live in no. San Diego county, about 10 miles from the CSUSB campus re-education and indoctrination centre. . .

  • Jeff Smith

    Once we get past the young intellectual thinking that Africa is the greatest “country” in the world, let’s ponder and try to come up with a country not run by people of European origin that ANYONE is trying to get into. Many thousands of folks from the “country” of Europe voting with their feet and LEAVING.

  • Marcus Landon

    This is POLITICAL INDOCTRINATION “(brainwashing”) pure and simple. Such blatantly racist (and phony) nonsense, has nothing to do with actual learning and everything to do with the false relativism of cultural marxism.

    There is no such thing as white privilege — its a fictional construct, like the Emperor’s New Clothes

  • OtisGumbo

    A country called Africa? What a college!

  • Bootsie

    They should have a workshop on “14 Ways Universities Perpetuate and Condone Racism Against White People”

  • Very Fake News

    Dreama Moon – Professor at Cal State San Marcos

    She even looks like a moonbat.

    How come she doesn’t give up her position to a women of color?

    Oh, that’s right, she is a typical liberal hypocrite.


    • Rezqewr

      The ironic thing is that CSUSM is located in no. San Diego county, which happens to run fairly conservative.
      (I live about 15 minutes from the school.)

  • Croaker

    Liberal/progressive aka “democrat” party leaders are all about groupsIDENTITY POLITICS. They need victims, snowflakes the chronically offended and useful idiots! liberal/progressives knowingly and activily support ANYTHING that will turn out more and more people to fill the ranks of those GROUPS!

    People who think and reason independently and want to be able to run their own lives would never SUPPORT democrats or this agenda that is designed to keep people in their place ISOLATED from OTHER GROUPS and ALWAYS needing Government support for LIFE.

    All done so PROGRESSIVES can control them and get their votes because if you don’t vote PROGRESSIVE some mythical boogie man aka SCAPEGOAT aka “WHITE MALE” will oppress them.


  • shenandoahbad

    The country of Africa. Sheesh.

  • Supreme White Man

    Being white means you take showers and talk in complete sentences.

    Yes we are supremacist and racist and have white privilege but that’s because we earned it by inventing everything.

    Everybody else dose nothing but fling poo like chimps.

  • TheRealBillybob

    …”a female African American student, called Africa “the greatest country in the world, where we all once originated.”

    Black America’s Best and brightest never fail to give credence to the postulation that Blacks are genetically inferior and are developmentally disabled because they demonstrate an average 15 IQ point difficiency compared to Whites and even a greater measure of deficiency compared to Asians!

    Thanks low-IQ Blackl person!

    • ThomasCollins1

      And she’s not an African American, she’s a black American. I’ve known many black Americans, and a few African Americans, and although my experiences with black Americans have been mixed, I’ve never had a problem with an African American, never. It’s a cultural distrust, not a racial one.

  • mr macc

    Funny – the latest racist article in Texas came when a moron called WHITE DNA the problems of the world.
    The college President condemned the racist and the editor of the paper.


  • Very Fake News

    With a name like ‘Dreama Moon’ you just know she comes from a long line of moonbats and sufferers of white-guilt and self-hate.

    There is no way this loon has less than 3 cats.

    • Al Kida

      Reality Winner’s cousin!

  • Wasp73

    Just for the record Africa is a continent, not a country. And this is what a college education gets you these days.

  • Croaker

    Don’t change anything about the democrat party. Keep Pelosi and Schumer in charge and have obamas and the clintons fundraising!
    Oh please please please!
    Run on identity politics and income inequality again for the 100th time!
    And don’t forget the war on women routine!
    Oh please please please!

    MAGA REDUX 2020

  • Al Kida

    Note to the geniuses they are cranking out of the pathetic education system (indoctrination camps) AFRICA IS NOT A COUNTRY

  • Brian Patronie

    My white privilege means I get nothing for free…

  • ThomasCollins1

    “Realize we are all pawns in this chess game.”

    And that the white pieces move first.

    The masochism of the homosexuals is now infecting the normal population

  • Frankie

    Whiteness forums ain’t nothing but another word for Hatemongering.
    satan would be so proud of you hatemongers and all your kind too

  • Wrabble

    Hopefully someone will post that “Africa is a continent, not a country” soon because that’s been posted only 63 times so far.

    • ThomasCollins1

      Or that descendants of slaves are black Americans, not African Americans. THe African Americans I’ve met I’ve never had a problem with. I only wish I could say the same about black Americans, but the media wants to keep it a racial thing, and not a cultural thing.

  • Defiant

    What a SAD joke colleges have become…

  • Northwest_Raised

    Do these skoolgrrrls want Separate But Equal again? Because that’s what their disdain is going to lead to.

    • MerryMerryMillicent


  • johnleehooker

    “14 ways ‘whiteness’ oppresses society”

    Ok, fine. We want all our medical, scientific, manufacturing, infrastructure, aviation, etc “whitesht” back

  • shoshonite

    Be Careful….the article is click bait…they are chumming the water. When you rise to the bait you expose yourself. That’s the plan. It’s how lefty’s smoke out the opposition and go after them one. Check out your opponents and their weapons before going “banzai”.

  • pmarie2003 .

    …called Africa “the greatest country in the world,…. Yep, I’m going to listen to and adult, university student, who doesn’t know that Africa is a continent. I think that was taught in about the third grade, back in my day.

  • Joe Brown

    My “privilege” has been to study/work hard, volunteer, be active in community organizations and striving to provide for my family (hopefully better than my parents did). What color am I? Does it matter?

  • bik

    The STUPID is strong with these snowflakes. Black “university” students who think Africa is a country have shown why they aren’t making any progress. What an embarrassment.

  • The Left hates morals

    Leave!!! Try Africa!!

  • The Left hates morals

    I am the best I can, because I do the best I can. If people think I have white privilege they need to get working on themselves!!! I don’t look for help. I work for what I have!!

  • ChezC3

    I’m fed….WPWW mofos

  • Guest

    So I have all those benefits? Cool…

  • christopher

    i am personally proud of being a white male.. dang tooting we conquered America…. imagine if white people had not!.. most of those same complainers would still be running barefoot in Africa with their flabby breast slapping them in the face with a bone in their nose running away from elephants. if she loves Africa so much. there is airport in every state. take a plane ride back…that is the great thing about a free country, made free by white people…you can leave at any time!

    • Skeptic Republican

      National Geographic has a lot of flabby breasts, just like podestas pizza party

  • ICTDigger

    To all the anti-white fools: Privilege is earned. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  • alter

    How to be racist against whites.

  • MCLowe

    Keep it up, people. You’re only hurting yourselves. Meanwhile, I got your white privilege RIGHT HERE! BITE ME, LIBS!

  • mkegino

    Who will feed these self-entitled idiots?

  • Brian

    If these childish offense-mongers think that “whiteness” is a problem NOW, just keep on pushing this insane, asinine narrative that the majority of this country, who built it and made it great and make it possible for all of us to enjoy it, are what’s wrong with it. You’ll have a real problem with “whiteness” when white people have finally had enough of being vilified and demonized for feeding your children.

  • PT Parks

    If Africa is “the greatest country in the world”, then please explain why Africa today is such a 3rd world backwater cesspool. Tin-Horn dictators, famine, disease, wars, genocide and corruption is all I ever see. BTW, genius African-American female student, Africa is a continent, not a country.

    • Skeptic Republican

      South Africa used to be prosperous, then whitey was kicked out and we see the result.

  • Eastman

    Another data point on the bell curve.

  • OtisGumbo

    San Marcos CA, whatever so-called college, they need a mandatory remedial African continent geography class, mandatory for all non-White students. Why not Whites, too? Because Whites know that Africa is not a country. It’s written on the fold-out portion of our White Privilege Card, along with: *Right to tighten, left to loosen. *Obey all commands given by any and all law enforcement officers. *Hard work pays off. *People who look down on success are not your friends. *Nothing worth having comes easily. *Government money can’t buy a daddy, and social diseases aren’t the newest app rage- wrap that thing up!…

  • Geoff Snyder

    Who’s white, who’s not, who cares. What a waste of time. Grow up.

    Why don’t you try contributing something worthwhile to society regardless of your skin color.

    • OtisGumbo

      You’re making sense. That’s not the agenda of this professor, or her college. Their agenda is to get money (reparations) from Whites. Not over slavery, that’s gone too long to stand up… thus the argument that skin color is priveledge, regardless of all other factors.

  • BigIronRam

    Being smarter, wealthier and better looking does that…

  • emkcams

    This certainly isn’t scholarship, in any context.

  • Leretseh

    This is always being the coming from, being stirred up by, African Americans….It’s always THIS racial group … They invented ‘white privilege’ to attempt to explain away all their abundant failures under the forced integration system (1964 to present))… It’s never going to stop with this racial group… and liberal whites love to provoke them, knowing how receptive blacks are to anything….anything that suggests they are victims in America. I fear blacks are stirring themselves into such frenzy with this outrageously false, stupid, contention of ‘white privilege’…violence will become the norm.

  • Kevin Jolley

    ROFL! keep it up! Keep alienating ppl to the point ur radioactive. It makes Trumps second term victory even easier!

  • Luv2GoFly

    So, she claims Africa is the greatest country in the world…and yet she chooses to live here in America.

    Yep, good old Africa – where you have folks still living in mud huts and hunting with spears.

    I just love how these idiots are always castigating white people, but yet they can’t even recognize that the world’s most prosperous nations are white, and all the third world cesspools are brown and black dominated countries. Heck, look right here in the US – which cities are the cesspools of crime and poverty? Places like Baltimore, St. Louis, Chicago, etc. Anyone want to guess what the common denominator of those areas are?

  • Tom Hughes

    I love this site. These stories highlight some of the challenges that non-insane kids have to confront at our Universities. I feel their pain in every one of these otherwise hilarious tales of progressiveism in rum amuck.


  • Cactusjuice

    How do I determine my whiteness. Will ancestry.com give me a percentage? Is there a skin color test? Would the test be pass/fail? Maybe it is like great art, you just know it when you see it.

    • OtisGumbo

      Good questions on the color test… everyone on the local TV news in my area (a major market) who passes as a person “of color”, as the currently approved wording goes, is lighter than a manilla piece of paper, beige at the darkest.

  • Bruce in AZ

    Obvious question. If Africa is so goo, why not go there.

    • thorverine1

      quiet racist, you’re making too much sense.

    • numag

      They’re afraid of the lions and hyenas.

  • realheadline

    Overtly trained bigots paid for with YOUR tax money — every bit as disgusting as the Klan, and every bit as dangerous as the NAZIs.

  • MerryMerryMillicent

    How do these people even get the grades/test scores to enter college? I can’t imagine “Africa is a country” translating to great SAT scores…

    • thorverine1

      Because the SAT is racist… obviously. /sar

    • OtisGumbo

      Honestly? Racial quotas on admissions that translate into different requirements for different races. Whites have to get higher scores/GPA/class standing to get into college. Race supposedly cannot be the ONLY factor in admission, because that would be racist, somehow, vs. when they say that it is “A” factor allowed for consideration, it’s magically not racism, anymore. Whereas I don’t see how Johnny White Boy’s skin color requiring him to have better SATs is NOT racist.

      • MerryMerryMillicent

        We are all equal. But non-whites are more equal than whites. Got it.

  • “One of the performers, a female African American student, called Africa
    “the greatest country in the world, where we all once originated.”

    #1 Africa is not, nor ever has been, a country. It is a continent.
    #2 Africa has throughout its history been a backwards place.
    #3 Even now witch doctor practices and the degenerate and inhuman practices such as cannibalism of albinos are still fairly rampant
    #4 A very large piece of the continent is dominated by the oppressive political/societal/religious system known as Islam
    #5 Most of the worst diseases known to man originates from the African jungle

    Africa sucks. Build a wall around it and don’t let them out, and send anyone who thinks Africa is great there post haste!

    • numag

      Oh, these racist pro-Africa “African Americans” would NEVER live there.

  • Corpseman57

    They have no trouble taking white people taxes.

    Whites don’t need Affirmative Action. Stupid, lazy pukes do.

  • Brian

    If the entire white population of North America and Europe were to swap places with the black and brown population of Africa, so that all of Africa was white and all of Europe and North America was black and brown, what do you think would happen to North America, Europe and Africa? The answer is written all over world history and denying it is being imbecilic.

  • That

    Because pretty much all of academia really is that STUPID. BTW – if anyone is wondering, political correctness is the ridiculous notion that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

  • numag

    And I can name 50 ways leftist ideology destroys society.

    • Schlomo Goldstein

      And I bet you could name another 150 after that. I know I could :^)

      • numag

        Yes, probably, if I put my mind to it.

  • numag

    Democrat voters. Every one of them.

  • M S

    “University event highlights 14 ways ‘whiteness’ oppresses society”

    Only 14? Come on, guys, we need to step it up.

  • M S

    Looking forward to a full military draft to empty out these indoctrination centers.

  • The Realist



    Let’s hear about white contributions made to “all human-kind” on earth: Electricity, Internet, Computers, all Electronics, Vaccines, Medical Advances, Autos, Airplanes, Space Flight, and that is just a small smattering! Refute and find fault at your leisure!!

  • chip rock

    “Africa is the greatest country”

    Guess who failed geography?

    • CLAYCE

      Great Post!

  • OtisGumbo

    Every year, due 100% (every time) to eating “bush meat”, which is monkey and bat meat, there are outbreaks of Ebola in Africa. All you have to do is stop eating bats and monkeys, 100%, that’s ALL you have to do! How many centuries before that idea can be communicated to the so-called cradle of civilization? And, by the way, there are older modern humans remains turning up in Europe, more human than the Lucy bones, but the so-called scientists are brushing them off because it doesn’t fit their preferred narrative.

  • Strangerinastrangeland

    Having lived in Africa (3 of my children were born there), and having lived in the USA, I know which I prefer. If I were a “person of color” in the USA, treated SO unfair, I would sure look for a better country to live in. When will they be leaving America?

  • Silence of the Clams

    So anyone of Irish, English, Swedish, Ukranian, Polish, Australian, French, Dutch, Greek, Australian, Norwegian, Czech, Danish descent is automatically racist, privileged and is ruining our country? I’m going to go out on a limb and say this ‘poorfessor’ has never watched WorldStar.

  • Jedd McHead

    At some point people have to OWN their actions (and their mistakes) and quit trying to blame someone else (white people, society, God, etc.) for their own lack of initiative, intelligence or talent. There’s an old saying that goes like this: “You can’t build yourself up by tearing other people down” and, sadly, this wisdom is completely lost on the thin-skinned, self-imposed “victims” of today’s culture.

  • Simone Gemma

    As long as the hate is against Caucasians, it’s not deemed racist. Sick agenda once again from the loon left.

  • Thomas Roberts

    I think people with blonde hair have no reason to live. Lets all just join the KKK and be done with it.

  • Mr. Shallow Fellow

    It’s just that these milquetoast wussy millennials are oh-so gullible.

  • Mike N

    I commend Prof Dreama Moon for educating young liberals about the vacuousness of liberal thought. Tip for investors, go long on Mental Health Facilities(Insane Asylums).

  • Being that this college touts anti racism and sexism, when are they going to do a study on the ill effects of blackness, yellowness, and redness. Did I miss anyone? I like to be all inclusive.

  • kirok2002

    These nitwits keep pushing and they’re going to get a whole lot of angry Whiteness as White people rise up and start kicking some ass with the ownership of most of the guns in this country.

  • Deadmau5 Patton

    Another genocidal anti-white event organized by our greatest allies, the jewish community.

    • OtisGumbo

      Go away.

  • MafiaGovernment

    ‘The Nation of Africa’ ….

  • RPVG

    Geez! Y’can’t make this stuff up!

  • umusbkiding2

    Solve whiteness.
    Close the college.

  • vt1506

    OMG….Professor Drema Moon! That is a throw back name. Sounds like one of Charles Manson’s love children.

  • Feed Up with BS

    If they want to be color blind why don’t they stop preaching hate? Why is it if they want to have equality they want to denigrate whites?
    So I will continue to work so I can support those that hate me so they don’t have to work to pay their bills. They can’t have a job, it would cut into the time they have to scream their hatred towards whites while we are at work and block the roads during rush hour when we either try to get there or get home.

  • mychildsfuture

    If going to school, working 8 hour days and forty hour weeks to support your wife and family is considered “privileged,” you can count me in. But if you blame your laziness, criminality and resulting poor economic standing on me, you can kiss my white as*.

  • tweed54

    I believe most people don’t care about someones race, religion or political beliefs. The real question is can you love your neighbor as well as yourself? Practice makes perfect or at least a more mature way.

    • OtisGumbo

      What are you basing this belief on?

  • JustSomeGuy

    The overwhelming oppression by white devils in the United States is why tens of thousands of people of color are renouncing their citizenship, in order to move to Africa, Central America and the Middle East.

    Or, not. Get back to us when that happens.
    Until then, would you bleating liberal race-baiters care to ST*U? Thanks.

  • TomLa

    Envy plain and simple.

  • MafiaGovernment

    The problem is, and it has been addressed, and ignored, by Nobel prize winning scientists, is no one really understands just WTF is wrong with black people. But, there are some ‘things’ that certainly suggest a reason and it is totally unacceptable to discuss so…

  • I Celebrate Caliber Diversity

    All the problems people describe as racism are the effects of disparity in IQ among different demographic groups.

  • Reggie_Essent

    My white privilege was stolen by a greasy ethnic.

  • Ken

    Anti-white racism like this program is still racism. By the way, every human is a POC, Person of Color. You cannot define words to your own liking and expect everyone to buy into the concept.

  • Jack Martin

    In the many years I have attended hundreds of college and pro sporting events, I’ve seen thousands, probably tens of thousands, of people in the stands wearing the team jersey of their favorite player. Among the fans, it is very common to see whites wearing the jersey of a black athlete. I myself have a Michigan Wolverines jersey bearing Charles Woodson’s name and number from the 1997 team.
    I have never, to this day, seen a black fan wearing the jersey of a white athlete.
    Equality goes both ways, and it starts in the heart.

  • Deplorable Member Berry

    For a real kick, where did “University” originate?

    • OtisGumbo

      I member it’s Latin, member?

  • GD in VA

    I’m not sure I can take someone who believes Africa is a country all that seriously. Clearly they need to spend their time learning something useful instead of this junk.

  • boboadobo

    These people are truly members of a liberal zombie cult. This is beyind acceptable(at least in a sane tolerant world)

  • DNC Corruption Queen

    Just when you think it can’t get any more ridiculous. And has anyone else noticed that it’s almost always, ALWAYS a white guilt libtard who organizes this type of sheer stupidity? SJW’s are today’s Nazis.

    • OtisGumbo

      Good point. It’s always some oddly shaped woman named Juniper Berry Patchouli Hairpit, who is White, leading these groups. I guess it’s like a catalyst for allowing such idiocy to be taken seriously? Without the White person who’s just a crazy attention whor*e, everyone would see that it’s just crazy talk. But throw in the token White Leftist broad espousing hatred of Whites, and somehow it magically becomes academic.

  • gcreno

    Black violence and crime and gansta culture is oppressing culture.

  • Herb

    These people are fn crazy.

  • dd121

    I’m white and everything I have, which is a lot, I earned. I didn’t take anything from anybody. I didn’t have anything to do with the liberal fantasy of oppressing anybody. I was silently held back by Affirmative Action, which robs whites to give to undeserving blacks. I overcame that.

  • flahorsedentist

    You gotta be kidding me. “Professor Dreama Moons” brainchild of dubious use.

    • Checkssc

      Based on her photo, she looks awful white to me.

  • Speakup

    Can you imagine what would happen if anyone dared to propose anything like a people of color forum?
    Listing the harm people of color do to society?
    The sickness isn’t the lack of reciprocity, its the lack of extreme outrage at the proposal of This hate for whites forum.

    • Cajun Pepe

      Damn straight

  • outdoor750

    two words….trade school.

  • Braveheart8850

    Way iz duh kuntry Africuh?

  • miker5

    The corollary is of course that “blackness” would somehow enhance society, but I guess one would have to look to Africa for proof of that.

    • Braveheart8850

      How about Chicago…..Detroit….or Baltimore.

  • Ryan Lucas

    Maybe it’s time White people stopped paying to fund these so called public universities. You wouldn’t make a black man pay for the KKK would you?

  • Chip

    I wonder why the entrance exams have been made easier to accommodate minorities. Even the tests to become Chief of the Fire Departments or Police Departments and then they look over good scores but a minority barely passing score is selected .

    • Merry Misanthrope

      If you watch daytime court TV, 9 times out of 10 the minority litigants who claim to be college students can’t even speak the English language. Ghetto grammar and thug life on parade, in Judy Judy’s courtroom.

  • Bill E. BOBB

    Yet these poor, oppressed third-world peoples choose to live here in our country and take full advantage of the society and civilization us meany white folks have built here and in Europe. The ironic thing is, these poor oppressed third world people, the ones who would not spend a day living in their beloved homelands that they fled want to remake America in the image of their Cesspool homelands

  • kettlecorn

    CAL State should fire every single whiteazzed liberal professors and hire howling ape like creatures, and Muslim barbarians as their faculty, and let’s see how that works out.

  • Bill E. BOBB

    I’m sorry but I’ve been asleep for the last 50 years, just when did being average constitute being privileged?

  • Chris

    The only way to solve the problem of “whiteness” is to break up the country into separate ethno states. Let whites have our own country.

    • OtisGumbo

      Ah, but you see, when those countries excelled, there would be some kind of unfairness declared.

    • Bill E. BOBB

      But black folks have a whole continent to themselves, why should we give up what our forefathers have created?

  • Chiron

    Do a forum on the 600 black on black murders in Chicago this year.

  • Voose Lagina

    I hate to say it but white people are the most productive and organizational people that have ever graced this earth. Not to mention stepping up to defend in every war. You keep pushing this rascist garbage and you wont like the outcome.

    • Funkenstein✓Funk.ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ™


  • Artemesia

    “Africa is the greatest country in the world”?? Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought Africa was a continent.

  • Herring

    “Whiteness” didn’t do anything. People should stop looking for excuses for their own lack of achievement.

    • Funkenstein✓Funk.ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ™


  • Chainsaw McGerk

    Who turned Detroit into a lawless urban prairie?

    • Bill E. BOBB

      And it wasn’t that long ago that Detroit was called the Paris of the west, then came The Great Migration after World War II from the south….

  • carleyrow

    If I had known they were gonna be this much trouble I would’ve picked my own damn cotton.

    • Bill E. BOBB

      I’ve read that slavery delayed the Industrial Revolution by 50 years…… Oh what might have been were it not for slavery!!!


    annual forum has taken place as a part of Professor Dreama Moon’s “Communication of Whiteness” course—article

    Moon’s forum is fighting nature itself; pure crystalline water falls from the sky as White snow. Is Mother Nature herself a racist Prof. Moon?

  • Arkancided

    Ms Toy, you would be lest served by enlisting in the Coast Guard, or moving on from that university. Do it before you get sucked into the vortex of PC. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8686bfa2f6fbd302f58fe13a326f896749d44a10e3013924b79dc543ca70c2cc.jpg

  • Jenny Hope

    Pure racism. Calexit now!

  • Scott Hubinger

    Yes whites are horrible…Please stay far far away from us, thank you.

  • Erik11235813

    They should just appropriate the culture instead.

  • Chainsaw McGerk

    “… a female African American student called Africa ‘the greatest COUNTRY in the world’.”
    And, when she finds out that she is an illiterate, unemployable boob with zero private sector prospects, she will again blame white racism and pursue a doctorate in “ethnic studies”.

  • Topazinator

    Pay attention, people, this is a top tier school. NOT.

  • cerebuscop

    As for the young lady who stated,”Africa, the greatest country in the world, where we all once originated.”… Anybody else interested in a Kickstarter campaign to buy her a one-way ticket to the African country of her choice? It would, I believe, be a “PRIVILEGE” to be involved in such a noble venture!

  • Tom O

    I guess the easy way around this is to go to Brown University, declare myself to be African American and then transfer Cal State San Marcos. No more whiteness and no need to check privilege.

    • 3rd Adam

      Or native american, that worked for our fine senator with Injun name, Split Tail

  • dewde

    I thank the good Lord every day for my white privilege and my monthly White Person’s (secret hush, hush) stipend check to enable my further oppression of dark people. Ands thanks for not making me work for a living and allowing me to live of the largess of the likes of Jesse Hi-Jackson and Al Sharpie. I didn’t need to work so hard for that degree after all.

  • dewde

    I am now a black female, tranny dwarf, Muslim. Tomorrow who knows who/what I’ll identify as. Whatever gets me attention, sympathy and lots of Obama goodies.

  • Ted

    If you want to really make yourself crazy, watch Judge Judy. Granted it’s not a representative sample of any race, and all the derelicts may be idiots, but they’re all geniuses when it comes to knowing the tricks to get free money from the taxpayers and using the legal system when their initial attempts at extraction meet resistance.

  • LibertyForU

    So called ‘white privilege’ is absolute nonsense.

  • 3rd Adam

    Haley Tool is comfortable writing this anti-white hatred propaganda (disguised as journalism) because, according to her pic, she ain’t white. She’s a racist pig. She will choke on her own vomit, on all this garbage she pukes.

  • An_Angry_American

    To Cal State San Marcos:

  • JP Duncan

    We should have grown pot instead of cotton. At least the labor would have been voluntary…..

  • 3rd Adam

    What they haven’t figured out is that we whitish are getting a secret check from the white central underground government. They are paying us to keep the brown people down.

  • 3rd Adam

    Speak directly to Haley, she will love our posts.

  • Grab_a_root

    Wait. What? Ignorant fachers are taking out long-term debt to attend this school? Get outta here. Really? Well, fach me to tears. I thought you were making this up.

  • David Hedricks

    When white people are proud and vocal, we’re racist. When blacks (or any other minority) are proud and vocal, they’re overcoming oppression. Double standard? I think yes.

  • Grab_a_root

    How will these negroes react when they get away from the snowflakes and realize that whitey could give a merde less about them? Successful? Good. Unsuccessful? Who cares?

  • change it to “Blackness” and every one would be losing their minds…

  • Wintermute

    Sounds like she’s jealous.

  • BORG110101001

    What kind of iQ does it take to feel oppressed by white people yet choose to live in a country with a white super-majority population and not know how easy it is to leave? Are they dullards or racist frauds?

  • Jenny T

    Africa is a continent and not a country.

  • Keith Owen

    More crap from the land of those who can’t deal with real life and higher indoctrination. They can go pound sand.

  • Major MAGA

    Are my work boots, work gloves, callused hands, and taxes taken from my paycheck a sign of “white privilege?

  • fredbailey

    You forgot one…FUCK you…signed an old white guy

  • fusilier

    “Professor Moon, who is white, stood by and watched with a smile………”

  • Voice_of_Reason

    and today in Libya some non-white people sold some black Africans into slavery…sure, Africa is the “greatest country” (sic) if you still like slavery in the 21st century.

  • Stingray_3440

    I would agree but I’m too busy working my arse off and taxed hammered so their feed bags get filled.

  • Big Whiskey

    1. By writing, passing by plebiscite, and then enacting a Constitution; a formal plan of government.
    2. By writing and enacting a Bill of Rights.
    3. By fighting a titanic civil war to abolish slavery less than a century after the nation’s founding.
    4. By spending trillions of dollars to safeguard and guarantee equal rights of minorities under the law.
    5. By ending and then dismantling segregation.
    6. By offering economic incentives, scholarships and set-asides to increase the number of minorities in education and the professions.
    7. By defeating the Empire of Japan and Nazi Germany to liberate untold millions of oppressed Europeans and Asians.
    8. By repelling the North Korean invasion of South Korea, thereby saving millions of South Koreans from oppression, degradation and starvation.
    9. By sending regular army units into Democratic strongholds to ensure blacks were admitted to southern universities.
    10. By making scientific breakthroughs and advancements available to all.
    11. By paying unwed mothers so they may keep their children.
    12. By spending untold sums of our nation’s treasure to house, clothe, feed, immunize, care for and educate millions of black Americans.
    13. By affirmative action programs that demand a set number of minorities in the armed forces, civil service, police and fire departments; as well as in the private sector.
    14. By begging black Americans to stop having litters and instead have families. To value education, hard work and to respect our laws, way of life and constitutional freedoms.

    • Spoda Be

      Especially #14

  • CharlieFromPA

    Let’s get right down to it. At what age do children become aware of their whiteness? What has science shown us to be true about a child’s first inklings of whiteness and non-whiteness? This is where the attention must be focused. Like a laser beam. No longer can we afford to have white babies growing up thinking and knowing that they are white. (Don’t mind me. Just practicing up for the get-together with the Left side of my family. When I talk like them, it confuses them, and it’s really funny.)

  • TribeFan42

    OK, let’s forget about whiteness for a minute. If Blacks acted more like Asians, almost all of their problems would evaporate.

  • Jeff Charles

    If they believe we are so evil then why don’t they just separate from us? The reason they don’t Is this letter:

    What happens if all the white people suddenly disappear?

    Day 1, Morning: The bIacks wake up, but sense that something is wrong. There is no radio and no T.V. Electrical power is partially gone. Venturing out into the world, they notice almost no traffic, no police, no airplanes… almost total silence. Realizing this, they immediately begin to loot. Gun stores & liquor stores are among the first to be emptied out. It’s a free for all. Windows are broken, cars are stolen from garages & parking lots. By the afternoon, most valuables in stores & private homes have been stolen.

    By the end of the First Week: Electrical power is all but gone. Phone service is sporadic. Working bIacks are beginning to understand the nightmare. But no one listens to them; they are “Uncle Tom’s”, who have always appreciated life in America. Black gangs are beginning to rob, rape and murder at an even higher rate than before. There is no government, no order. There is nothing to stop them. It is a great big party … For now.

    By the end of the First Month: Looting & anarchy continue. Law abiding blacks have to defend their houses from looters. War begins among black gangs as they battle for territory & vanishing resources. There is no longer any electricity, and most fresh food has spoiled. Fires are widespread from looting, and very few know how to put them out. There is no more tap water.

    By The End Of The Third Month: Canned food can still be found but fresh water, milk, bread & produce are non-existent. Gasoline becomes scarce. No television or radio. Garbage & sanitation services are gone, & diseases begin to rise. Rats multiply. Some hospitals are still running but with almost no trained staff. A few law-abiding blacks try to restore order & resort to a shoot on sight policy.

    By The End Of The First Year: Starvation is rampant. Food becomes the most valuable thing in the “New Black America.” Trees are cut down for firewood. Many die from cold. Most infants do not survive, as medical care becomes non-existent. A few blacks hoard all the food for themselves by the use of force (just like Africa today.) There is no light at night, except from wood fires. Blacks begin to reorganize by tribes. Gangs rule the city. Travel is almost impossible, except on horseback, & gangs frequently murder travelers. Youth engage in dueling, to prove their manhood. Nomads now roam from destroyed town-to-town looking for food. All farm animals have been slaughtered.

    By The End Of Five Years: Nearly 2/3rds of the blacks are dead. The life span is down to about 35 years, as it is in many black countries in Africa today. The U.S. has become Africa, only worse, for there are no white men to organize aid and feed them.

  • Warp Speed

    These racists who call themselves professors are delusional and dangerous,

  • FriendOfJohnnyM

    Guess what, Liberal a-holes?
    Your pathetic shenanigans are making MILLIONS of White folks turn “racist” against you.

    Just like Obama’s attempted gun ban, (which resulted in the highest gun & ammo sales in HISTORY) everything Liberals do backfires 100% in their faces.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Then the scene faded from color to black and white while the camera swung 180 degrees, stopping on a medium shot of a short man with black hair in a perfectly tailored Kuppenheimer suit. A lit Chesterfield smoldered in his right hand as he addressed the camera in deep sonorous tones that belied his lack of height:

    “Submitted for your approval, an excursion to a world where students have been reduced to the role of guinea pigs in bizarre social engineering experiments and indoctrination programs the likes of which have not been seen since the darkest days of the Third Reich and the Soviet Union, and conducted by faculty and administrators barely capable of basic pet care. The school bell’s ringing and it’s time to proceed to your assigned lecture hall because classes are about to begin at the University of The Twilight Zone.”

  • TribeFan42

    If only Democrat Blacks acted more like Republican Blacks…or Black immigrants from Africa, most of their problems would evaporate.

  • Blaine McAvoy

    I am NOT going to participate in self-loathing over my race nor will I accept responsibility for anything others may have done or failed to do that happen to be the same race as me. Professor Dreamer Moon would better serve students by helping them discover their potential rather that reinforcing their perceptions of why others are to blame for their lack of success. Instead, she is crippling them, handicapping them for life.

  • DD-762

    As a 72 year old white male, I have no right to criticize the Whitness Forum. Why? Because I haven’t a clue as to what it’s like to walk in the shoes of a Black person. What I do know is the way Black people were treated in the 1950’s and 1960’s and beyond. Unless one has witnessed the blatant decrimination perpertrated upon people of color, especially African-Americans, you have not idea what it was like for these folks.

    Maybe it’s time for us whites to move to the back of the bus.

    • The Un-PC Truth

      If you cannot criticize them due to your not being of the same race, then on what basis can they criticize you? If you’re honest about it, you can only conclude that they can’t.

    • Reggie_Essent

      Anyone who uses the phrase “people of color” is an utter douchebag who gets no respect from me.

      Go off your 72-year-old self, pvssy.

      • DD-762

        I don’t want or need your respect, punk.

        BTW, you spelled ‘pussy’ wrong. Now get out of you mother’s basement and buy a dictionary.

        • Reggie_Essent

          I’m not that far behind you, you crusty old coot, and I have nothing to apologize for to anyone of any color. You can be contrite to your Maoist betters if you want, but that just makes you a coward in my book.

          • DD-762

            You know nothing about me, white trash. I grew up in Baltimore. I worked with blacks and whites in a very hazardous occupation. Every a$$hole I ever worked with happened to be a white pig like yourself. I never had any problems with my black coworkers.

            It was belligerents like you who created all the problems then and now.

            Why don’t you get some of those redneck tattoos removed and become part of the civilized society.

          • DD-762

            You know nothing about me, white trash. I grew up in Baltimore. I worked with blacks and whites in a very hazardous occupation. Every a$$hole I ever worked with happened to be a white pig like yourself. I never had any problems with my black coworkers.
            It was belligerents like you who created all the problems then and now.
            Why don’t you get some of those redneck tattoos removed and become part of the civilized society.
            “Maoist betters”??? WTH! Learn how to use spell check, draft dodger.

          • Reggie_Essent

            Clearly you are an ignorant dumbass if the meaning of the word “Maoist” eludes your feeble mental grasp. I don’t give the slightest puddle of monkey piss where you grew up or what kind of low-brow manual labor you performed because you were too stupid and skill-less to get a better job.

            What you’re doing, old man, is called “Virtue Signaling.” Cultural Marxism (Maoism) works by brow-beating sheep such as yourself into mouthing the approved axioms of your political masters — which you performed quite well with your “time for whites to sit in the back of the bus” comment.

            Deck yourself in shame and grovel, that’s what’s expected of you.

          • DD-762

            End of conversation, monomaniac. Now move to the back of the bus where you belong.

          • Reggie_Essent

            HA Ha HA! I win!

            Google “PWNT” you stupid old fart,

          • DD-762


            I’ll see you in the back of the bus.

          • Reggie_Essent

            I already saved you a seat. Beer and sandwiches on me.

  • The Un-PC Truth

    Glad to see an Asian author of this article. Asians and Europeans have similar political interests in a society where achievement is, or at least should be, based on merit.

  • Cipher’s Solution

    Well now, I was born a poor black child, and self-identified as a white dude. Consequentially, today, I have developed an uncontrollable compulsion to endlessly drink a strawberry-watermelon and lemonade mix of Crystal Light, in glaringly, harshly, and ironically brutal defiance of my chosen ethnicity. I am a tortured soul, and sometimes quietly weep into my tumblers of Crystal Light, while softly mouthing the words “Why me, O’ Lord, why me?”


  • Steven Soleri

    The final word on this is: If not for western culture, humans would still be scratching in the dirt for food, the ox and cart would be the main means of transportation, the majority of humans would be a slave in some manner, the lifespan would convert back to 27 years, there would be no end to tribal wars and most would be starving at the expense of the well fed.

    So if you are white be proud of your culture. If you are of another ethnic background be proud as well as most have contributed in some way to this thing called humanity. No one culture has anything to be ashamed of except those that will denigrate others

    • Joe Adragna

      Blah, blah, blah. What have n3groes contributed, besides crime?

      • Steven Soleri

        Oh I don’t know. I served with at least one in the military and if not for that one person, I know of two that would not be alive today. If you want to blame someone for the tragic state of the black culture, blame the liberals, they were doing just fine with jobs and family until the likes of Johnson decided to make everything “right”.

  • Monty Simmons

    One of the performers, a female African American student, called Africa “the greatest country in the world, where we all once originated.”

    LOL. An IQ lower than a rock. What should we expect from such ignorant people?

  • Oscar Banduzzy

    When exactly did Africa become a country? I think the poor dear missed some critical time in the classroom.

  • Joe Adragna

    Racism sanctioned by the San Marcos indoctrination center.

  • Paul Marado

    I’ll never apologize for being a go getter (white). I’m sorry, but there’s to much money laying around and someone has to take it.

    • Joe Adragna

      Well, Obama was taking it from you, still is with the ACA. And redistributing it.

  • Michael K

    These kind of antics are more likely to make more whites racist than were before by the simple fact that when attacked people automatically go on the defensive. This is just a way to demean white people. This will not have the desired affect. I get more angry every time this white privilege thing come up. I’m white and I worked hard to get everything I have. If blacks aren’t able to better themselves it falls at the feet of the destruction of the black family because of drugs and immorality and welfare. Kids joining gangs for support and becoming criminals.
    This leads to more crime, more police interaction, lack of respect for law or even life increasing the chance of violence from police, more in prison etc. This all inhibits them from advancing in society. Not to mention the lack of religious upbringing leading to more immorality. There was a time in history when blacks were some of the most spiritual people in society. Many of the hymns were from black churches.
    It isn’t due to whites persecuting them though there are exceptions. Not nowadays.

    • Joe Adragna

      You’re an idiot. “Most spiritual”? Give me a break. Based on what evidence?

      • Michael K

        As African Americans embraced Christianity beginning in the 18th century, especially after 1770, they gathered in independent church communities and created larger denominational structures such as the African Methodist Episcopal Church, the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, and the National Baptist Convention. These churches and denominations became significant arenas for spiritual support, educational opportunity, economic development, and political activism. Black religious institutions served as contexts in which African Americans made meaning of the experience of enslavement, interpreted their relationship to Africa, and charted a vision for a collective future. The early 20th century saw the emergence of new religious opportunities as increasing numbers of African Americans turned to Holiness and Pentecostal churches, drawn by the focus on baptism in the Holy Spirit and enthusiastic worship that sometimes involved speaking in tongues. The Great Migration of southern blacks to southern and northern cities fostered the development of a variety of religious options outside of Christianity.


  • John

    Just excuses for the whinny little bitches who cant go out and make it. They need a scapegoat. I WISH I had all of the advantages in the job market that people of color do.

  • Fort Steve

    I stopped reading at Dreama Moon.

  • William Hofmeister

    Not White privilege, white exceptionalism. If you are enjoying the benefits of civilization thank a white person. If you are squatting in front of a hut getting your science and medicine from bird entrails, thank someone else.

  • Voice_of_Reason

    The murder rate in Baltimore is about 8 times the national average…and it’s almost entirely black-on-black. There are 13 public schools in Baltimore in which not a single student is reading at grade level.

    Seems that perhaps blackness is oppressing people of color, not whiteness.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    And it’s all happening in a country where in many states you can be legally denied employment if your answers to the “diversity” and “work opportunity” questionnaires reveal you’re a white male American citizen over the age of 50 who never abused illicit drugs and who doesn’t have a felony criminal record.

  • Hank Hilltopper

    When these people do what I had to do to get where I am, I may lend a sympathetic ear.

  • Jason Roamer

    sore losers

  • Clevelander

    Other bad things Whiteness has brought:

    And whites continue their power by learning these white things, such as science, and math, and reading and writing, and logic, and then engaging in such white traits (along with Asians, who must also be white) hard work and personal responsibility.

  • parum imperium

    Funny stuff. While they are busy crying about how oppressed they are in CA, in CT a talk about it being OK to b White turned into a violent mob. Who’s actually being oppressed and who’s actually being the oppressors?

  • rbblum

    The real question / concern should be whether the social justice community will tear the constitutional republic apart; resulting in the further fundamental transformation to become a 3rd world, banana republic.

  • Bill Stevens

    Another insult by the socialists and communists to all of the health and mental health providers that take care of everyone regardless of skin color and ability to pay! These animals will stop at nothing to enslave us all.

  • Kalbo369

    White privilege is evolution. Asian people have it too.

  • asdfg

    Please – protest Whiteness. Forfeit everything we’ve invented:

    white people invented:
    – that computer you’re typing on
    – the software that drives it
    – the internet & nearly all web applications
    – recorded music
    – motion pictures
    – tv
    – radio
    – camera
    – telephone
    – light bulb
    – the automobile
    – rocketry
    – satellites
    – spacecraft
    – airplanes
    – skyscrapers
    – telescope
    – printing press
    – eyeglasses
    – contact lenses
    – microwave oven
    – metallurgy (most discoveries)
    – materials science (plastics, compounds, & most other synthetics)
    – 95% of medical advancements
    – 95% of life saving pharmaceutical drugs
    – modern food preservatives
    – most scientific breakthroughs over the past 1000 years
    – the bulk of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology
    – astronomy (most discoveries and mapping techniques)
    – sea navigation (most advancements)
    – discovery of DNA
    – microscope
    – laser technology and it’s myriad of uses
    – harnessing electricity
    – nuclear energy
    – wireless technology
    – air conditioning devices
    – refrigeration
    – modern agricultural techniques
    – modern democracy

  • Eric Thomas

    “student, called Africa “the greatest country in the world”
    Ha ha. Must be a Geography Major.

  • bobj

    That’s why ‘white’ Caucasian oppression elected a black man as president of the United States in 2008.
    Keep the Negro down!
    That’s why ‘whitey’ is against the Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.
    And it’s why the White Caucasians are against Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson and other Negro’s from having positions of prestige and power in our White is Right Nation.

    I’m tired of this race baiting left wing socialist Bullshi[t].

    If the Snowflakes believe this crappe they are more than welcome to move to either Cuba, Venezuela or Communist China.
    All three are socialist paradises!

    No one is forcing them to stay here in the US where they feel unwanted.

  • YesMeansNOMeansYES

    complete morons, I would never send my kid to college these days…

  • Teller

    1. Leave Sophia Vergara alone.
    2. (see #1)

  • 908MadMan

    You dumb bunnies at Cal State San Marcos would be speaking Japanese and worshiping the emperor if it wasn’t for white men and women.

  • Warbo

    I don’t know of any city, county, state, or school district dominated by non-whites that hasn’t ended up in a ruinous state.

  • Steve

    How do people come up with these demented thoughts. I know a lot of people of all races and we are all pretty much concerned with the same things; having a safe place to live, seeing a better world for our children, having a chance to get through our lives without the government tripping us up and hanging around with the people we love. All this divisive stuff does not make the world better.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE


    Your competitors who hire solely on ability and attain real meaningful diversity will thank you.

    • rs1123

      LOL, we are so much stronger because of diversity as we endlessly battle each other over who’s not getting the fair deal.

  • JimFogleman

    Why not have the Prof & her friends conduct the class in the inner city late on a Friday or Saturday night.

  • 908MadMan

    I love this winning thing. It’s so much better then the losing thing we had to endure for the past eight years. God bless President Trump.

  • buddyhinton

    Democrats want racism, they need it for their identity politics. When the can’t find it they’ll create it.

    • taurusjwb


      • buddyhinton

        Marxists have taken over the Democrat party.

  • taurusjwb


  • Dickie Doolittle

    Thats ok we are busy stocking up on body armor and rounds so we can be the dominating oppressors when the chimps, and other riff raff come to tear our cities down.

  • rambo jones

    Was anyone surprised that this university is in CA? Nope? me either.

  • nolie

    There is a clear need for a sanity test for college professors. Many of them seem to be completely, flaming nuts.

  • #SoManyIdiots

    I hope 50 – 70 years from now when these idiots live in the Islamic States of America they remember how they sanctimoniously denigrated and renounced western civilization. I hope they reflect on how they willfully and ignorantly destroyed a 500 year old culture that delivered the greatest human advancement in world history for the fantasy of a socialist utopia only to be out-maneuvered by their regressive theocratic Islamist “allies.”

    In the resulting fascist theocracy with the alphabet soup of sexual and gender orientations returned to the closet or the executioner, with women relegated to breeding and sevantry, and all other infidels taxed or enslaved today’s SJWs will well deserve the rewards of destroying a civilization becasue of it’s “whiteness.”

  • rs1123

    Now we’ve changed it all over from ‘racism’ to ‘white supremacy’, because that leaves everyone out of any possible connection. Oh, it’s all the WHITE supremacy. Well guess what, it’s not supremacy, it’s just our culture – but it may very well look supreme to others.

  • ConstantReader

    The fact that one of the participating geniuses thinks Africa is ‘the greatest country in the world,’ says it all. Really, honey? Time to put down your fist and your handwritten BLM signs — and time to get out a map of Africa, a recent history of the continent detailing the wars, the genocides, the dictatorships, the slavery, the oppressions of and violence against women and Christians and homosexuals, the killings of ‘witches’ and people with albinism, and get a freakin’ reality check.

    • #SoManyIdiots

      Better yet, why not make a list of all the artistic, intellectual, medical and scientific advancements the African culture has given the world.

      • ConstantReader

        That would be the shortest syllabus on campus.

  • RightStuff

    White privilege defined in the United States today:​

    The “privilege ” of being rejected to school admissions with SAT and
    ACT scores that automatically admit blacks. 

    – The “privilege ” of being
    excluded from a plethora of scholarships to which only blacks are
    allowed to apply.

- The “privilege ” of being excluded from internships
    reserved for blacks only. 
- The “privilege ” of being denied contracts
    for which they had the lowest bid, because they are non-black. 

    – The
    “privilege ” of being denied jobs that require qualification exams even
    though they scored higher than blacks who got the jobs, due to “test

    – The “privilege ” of being attacked and beaten or killed by
    racist black mobs because of your skin color as happened during the LA
    Riots, Liberty City Riots, Crown Heights Riots, Seattle Riots,
    Cincinnati Riots, the recent Milwaukee Riots…

- The “privilege ” that,
    on average over the past half century, ONE MILLION non-blacks experience
    as victims of inter-racial violence at the hands of blacks EACH YEAR,
    TWELVE TIMES the reverse.

- The “privilege ” that 20,000 non-black
    women have of being targeted and raped by black men each year on average
    over the past half-century (8000 gang raped) the reverse nearly

- The “privilege ” of being ethnically cleansed out of
    your neighborhood, losing your life savings tied up in your house, in
    the face of your neighborhood becoming predominately black and the
    accompanying racial harassment and racial violence and crime, that,
    sadly inevitably results.

- The “privilege ” of your children also
    being driven out of the public schools your tax dollars fund due to
    black racial harassment and violence.
    – The “privilege ” of
    being denied plum jobs and promotions because they are non-black.
- The
    “privilege ” of being attacked and beaten by black mobs because you are
    non-black even when there isn’t a riot like happens during the thousands
    of incidents of the “Knock-out Game” (which Colin Flaherty has done a
    yeoman’s job documenting e.g. “White Girl Bleed A Lot”, “Don’t Make the
    Black Kids Angry”). 

    – The “privilege ” of opportunistic random
    assassinations of non-blacks by racist blacks (like white Australian
    college baseball player, Christopher Lane, shot dead by racist blacks
    for “fun” in Duncan OK. ).
- The “privilege ” of the protection of
    “Civil Rights” laws not applying for non-black victims of black racists
    (as documented by former DOJ insider J. Christian Adams “Injustice:
    Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department”). 

    – The
    “privilege ” of being racially railroaded in the “legal” system that
    caters to the plethora of racist lynch mobs (#BlackLynchMobs, the NAACP,
    Al Sharpton’s rent-a-mobs, …) as occurred to the Duke Lacrosse Boys,
    Darren Wilson, “white-Hispanic” George Zimmerman, “white-Asian” NYPD
    Officer Peter Liang… . 
- The “privilege ” of visceral hate propaganda
    being directed against you, often at your taxpayer expense, in public
    schools, universities, and conventions like the annual “White Privilege”
    hate fest, all of which just eggs on more of the racial hostility and
    violence that you as a non-black have the “privilege” of experiencing!

    The “privilege ” of being slaughtered by blacks because you are
    non-black, as during the Zebra killings, the Yahweh Ben Yahweh killings,
    the Colin Ferguson Long Island commuter train massacre, the Omar
    Thornton massacre of whites in Hartford, Conn, the recent massacre of
    white police officers in Dallas by a black supremacist, …

  • DireMouse

    The faculty at Cal State San Marcos are racist swine. CalExit Now! Get the racist vermin out of our country.

  • MK Smith

    Dreama Moon needs a boot up it’s ass.

  • Tex Taylor

    Reads like how to become a unemployed barista with $200K of student debt seminar. These “people of color” racialists are so hapless, it’s hard for me to keep my white privilege oppressed.

    Sorry I couldn’t make it so I could point fingers and laugh.

  • oofduh

    It’s these morons who are oppressing nonwhite people by reinforcing hatred and recentment. That stuff eats a person‘s heart out. The only oppression these days are their creepy value systems.

  • vinceglortho

    Please realize this for what it is. It’s a continuation of the Frankfurt Institute from the 1950’s. It is post-modern cultural neo-marxism. The basic tenants of their ideology are rooted in the books Das Kapital and Rules for Radicals. Their hate will not ever be satiated by capitulation to their “white supremacy” argument. White people are only to be re-educated or exterminated. It’s definitely OK to be white!!!!!

  • Shut Up Megs


  • anony

    “Since the dawn of history the negro has owned the continent of Africa –

    rich beyond the dream of poet’s fancy, crunching acres of diamonds

    beneath his bare black feet. Yet he never picked one up from the dust

    until a white man showed to him its glittering light. His land swarmed

    with powerful and docile animals, yet he never dreamed a harness, cart,

    or sled. A hunter by necessity, he never made an axe, spear, or

    arrowhead worth preserving beyond the moment of its use. He lived as an

    ox, content to graze for an hour. In a land of stone and timber he never

    sawed a foot of lumber, carved a block, or built a house save of broken

    sticks and mud. With league on league of ocean strand and miles of

    inland seas, for four thousand years he watched their surface ripple

    under the wind, heard the thunder of the surf on his beach, the howl of

    the storm over his head, gazed on the dim blue horizon calling him to

    worlds that lie beyond, and yet he never dreamed a sail.”— Charles


  • wynola.weaver

    280 million mad as hell, armed to the teeth, NON-BLACK patriots will ensure that the negro terrorists and their liberal/socialist allies will NEVER accomplish the destruction of the greatest nation in Earth’s history.

  • Vernon Germano

    Trump is president and and the world just laughs at your silly Africa is a country bull. Good thing everybody thinks these people are a joke.

  • TribeFan42

    Why don’t all Blacks just self-identify as White? Problem solved.

    • ConstantReader

      Somewhere, a sociology professor’s head just exploded…

  • Mightyhunterhaha

    Just proves that Universities don’t always higher the brightest people.

  • I’m for freedom

    sounds like someone trying to make a buck off of race baiting….

  • doc holiday

    Now tell me AGAIN that people of color aren’t RACIST???

  • Biff_Maliboo

    ‘White liberals, in their hunger for humiliation, will take as revealed truth anything an Angry Black Man says.’
    -S.I. Hayakawa

  • taxpayer22

    Affirmative action is Racist. and their diplomas are only participation trophies.

    • TribeFan42

      Hey. Stop that. Obama earned his Nobel Peace Prize.

      • taxpayer22

        You can’t say the Nobel Peace Laureate did not think outside the box with our Tax Dollars, whether it’s giving Fast & Furious guns to the Sinaloa Drug Cartel in Mexico or arming “Moderate” Head Chopping Islamists to kill the Kafir and overthrow the secular government of Syria – for a Pipeline – using our Cash to create Chaos.

  • taxpayer22

    Affirmative action always sacrifices excellence.

    Harvard University and other Ivy League institutions are using racial quotas that shut out high-scoring Asians.

    • Bill E. BOBB

      During Obama’s era at Harvard Law School, blacks comprised upwards of 14% of the law school class, compared to less than 1% for a nationwide average. What does that tell you?

  • Country_Dog

    I think they are jealous.

  • TribeFan42

    The writer may have a point. From here on out, all Whites should self-identify as Blacks. Poof. No more White Privilege!

  • anyonebutme2a .

    Anyone offended by these DIM’s don’t pay for you kids to go a college in Mexicornia

  • Phil Garcia

    Actually recent scientific evidence says the human race originated in Asia.

  • doggystyle

    ” 14 ways ‘whiteness’ oppresses society ” . All Modern Society you enjoy was created by Whites. Even Universities, the computer you are typing on. The language you are using. ECT. Take a look at Societies without Whites. 3rd world hell holes. Or Communist hell holes. We are not racist, but we are very tired of you and people like you. Your the ones who are Racist. We are aware of you and we are working to destroy you.

    • Bill E. BOBB

      Seems like black folks are guilty of massive cultural appropriation…

  • Twilightstar

    So tired of hearing this garbage. Worked very very hard and put up with a lot to get where I am. I don’t owe anyone anything. Here’s a tip: Get a job, be clean and polite, show up on time, do the work, save your money, say what you mean and mean what you say, learn a trade, get educated (not the time wasting, so called “knowledge” this article is about ) stay very far from drugs and too much alcohol, make something of yourself and no matter what color you are you will be successful.

  • Monty Mondegreen

    Ok. So let’s also have university events about how Blackness, and Jewishness, destroy culture and nations. (because goose, gander, ‘n’ stuff).
    “No. That’s hate speech,” they respond.
    If so, then this is all simply

  • Sam Adams

    Stop making babies and abandoning them
    Stop having babies by three or four different men
    START marrying the woman who bears your children
    START attending PTA meetings FOR your children
    START attending church with your children
    STOP whining about whitey…….we are not the problem

    • TribeFan42

      Sorry, but if Democrats did that, they’d be denigrated for acting White. So let’s fix that problem. If Democrat Blacks acted more like Asians, most of their problems would go away.

  • Sam

    These colleges sure don’t mind stealing all the greeness they can get from those of successful whiteness.

  • Monty Mondegreen

    It’s OK to be White!

  • Sam Adams

    I left the Democratic Party to these lunatics a LONG time ago.
    Blaming everyone else for their own destructive behavior.
    Oh yea, the unions and trial lawyers had something to do with my decision too

  • TribeFan42

    The Democratic Party of JFK is dead. All that’s left are communists, America-hating anti-free speech fascists, violent authoritarians and the painfully ignorant.

    This “White Privilege” nonsense is crap. Democrats would have us believe that today, cops are patrolling the neighborhood arbitrarily shooting a Black grandpa while he’s sitting on the porch eating an ice cream cone.

    Democrats simply couldn’t let go of Jim Crow’s “separate but equal” theme when it was ruled unconstitutional. As such, they introduced the hyphen into America’s racial vocab. I’m an American, but not an African-American. Thanks to Democrats, we remain separate but equal.

  • Sam Adams

    Government subsidized radical racism brought to you by a far left lunatic that I doubt could handle a job at McDonalds

  • Rudman

    So. What is their solution to eliminate “whiteness” ? Just like in South Africa – eliminate the white man. Talk about racism. Real racism comes from those who raise up this red herring….the black lives matter community.

  • Europa

    “Hollywood Stereotyping” is one of the worst. Through the 60’s America was shown as an all white nation. It fooled my family into coming here from Ceylon.

    • Bill E. BOBB

      Today’s version of Hollywood stereotyping has all blacks as wonderful intelligent hard-working people, and white folks as being idiots and dupes

    • Justmom

      not really, in the 60s, American TV shows like Julia, The Mod Squad and I Spy had black actors in lead roles.

  • James Holder

    Whites are not angry with any group and this lack of white hate obstructs the progressive’s agenda. The agenda is to get class warfare started. Whites like to help other groups. Class warfare is not going to start Mr. Progressive. Please forget your agenda.

  • ConstantReader

    Remember kids, ‘diversity’ means ‘no white people.’ No one ever complains there are not enough whites in a minority neighborhood — and if any do move in, it’s evil evil ‘gentrification.’ But a majority white area (or workplace, or club, or college, etc) is considered inherently racist and/or ‘lacking diversity.’

  • Bill E. BOBB

    “On a daily basis I am seen as a threat, but you get a pass because you’re white.”
    America’s Next poet laureate!
    I guess she doesn’t read the papers much… I wonder who she thinks is killing all the poor black folk in Chicago

  • Chester White

    Africa is a country? Not learning much in college, are you dear?

  • Rob

    “a female African American student, called Africa “the greatest country in the world”, For Gods sake , Africa is not a country , it”s a continent.

    • Bill E. BOBB

      It beez ah pome, means don’t have make sense Ana sheeit

  • Wait until islam gets here. They will be crying for white people back.

  • t1234

    Funny how that the only societies where the world is clamoring to get into are majority white. Yeah, whites must be bad for society.

  • Rob Genaa

    A much more destructive form of discrimination is height discrimination. Google “height discrimination” and learn just how pernicious and prevalent it really is. Even short people engage in it. Lets have a heightness forum.

  • TribeFan42

    Trump and Republicans are all about unity. That’s why they’d prefer we all call ourselves Americans.

    Democrats are all about division. They need it. That’s why we have Americans vs African-Americans vs Hispanic Americans vs Asian Americans vs Everything-Other-Than-Americans. It’s pretty disgusting when you think of it.

  • wynola.weaver

    Ever notice that on Home Security Systems commercials that the actors portraying the burglars are ALWAYS WHITE?
    What’s up wid dat???

    • Chester White


  • ruu

    straight up racism. nothing more. they turn into what they claim to despise.

  • david smith

    “One of the performers, a female African American student, called Africa “the greatest country in the world”

    Yeah, where there has been slavery for over 3000 years and there still is today. Plus, that is where your African ancestors came from that were sold into slavery by other black Africans.

    • anony

      if this female african american student believes what she writes/says, then why hasn’t she returned to her homeland??

    • Kalbo369

      Bet she can’t even name a country on the African continent.

      Bet my white privilege is showing in knowing the difference between a country and a continent…

  • Chickie Galore

    It’s OK to be white. Are they jealous? There are more programs for non-whites for homes, college tuition, loans, yadah yadah yadah. What are they crying about? Get on board and do your best and stop looking for us white-ies to give you a hand out. What? You think there are no poor white people that are underprivileged? There are plenty of people of color who do great things everyday without this nonsense. No wonder you will never get any where.

  • Rob Genaa

    Asian countries for Asians.

    Black countries for Blacks.

    But White countries are for everybody.

    “Anti-racist” is code for Anti-White.

  • anony

    These college “professors” are obviously trying to normalize insanity.

  • potusYUGE

    Then go back to Africa!!!

  • Seewhatyadid

    Time for Whites to start fighting back.


    These far left educated idiots and progressive stooges will set race relations back for decades and decades, if they haven’t already.

  • Chickie Galore

    P.S. Have you noticed that the hard working Asian community is never whining?

  • Jose Whales

    These people are only interested spreading hate and making excuses for laziness and failure

  • #SoManyIdiots

    Yes the oppression of whiteness, how we have suffered under it for hundreds of years. White oppression that has brought all this vast destruction to the world:

    Printing Press: Johannes Gutenberg
    Polio Vaccine: Jonas Salk
    Electricity : Thomas Edison
    Moving Pictures: Thomas Edison
    Telegraph: Guglielmo Marconi
    Steam Engine: James Watt
    Automobiles : Gottleib Daimler
    Aerodynamics: The Wright Brothers
    Telephone: Culmination of work done by many white individuals
    Computing: Charles Babage
    Vaccination: Louis Pasteur
    Penicillin: Alexandar Fleming
    Nuclear Fission: Otto Hahn and Fritz Stassmann
    Radio Waves: Heinrich Hertz
    Semiconductors: John Bardeen, Walter Brattain and William Shockley
    The Internet: Lawrence Roberts (Not Al Gore)
    X-rays: Conrad Rontgen
    DNA Double Helix: Friedrich Miescher
    Insulin: Frederick Banting
    Anesthetic: Karl Koller
    Gravity Discovery: Issac Newton

    If only we’ve been without White Oppression for the last few hundred years it would indeed be a very different world.

    • TexasRules1

      We crackers should just take all our awful inventions and contributions to civilization and go home.

  • jackcandobutwont

    The govt and race baitors have done a superb job dividing us into races, creeds, religions, etc. Stop believing theit BS!!

  • RightWay2Truth

    The left focuses on race and skin color the real issues are culture and values. People who are from third world countries may take several generations or more to survive and thrive in the first world. American culture is on a downward spiral and there seems to be few signs things are going to change until it gets much worse. As long is the priority for young women is work and not raising a family then the U.S. will have to continue get its next generations from the third world. Europe is just an example of where we’re headed.

    • Europa

      We simply isolate ourselves from the general population, preserve and promote our cultures and faiths and make a lot of money. We do not need to adopt

  • Stebo

    This absurdist, counterproductive and mentally defective ideology needs to be stopped. I HATE these liberal white apologists who continue to pollute the minds of impressionable college age kids and actually propagate racism instead of mitigating it.

  • Super Genius

    These schools show their contempt for whites, but they sure will take their green. Hmm…what could be done to hit them where it hurts? I wonder how they’d like an applicant pool restricted to “people of color”?

  • Kalbo369

    We wuz kangzzz

  • Europa

    Most Asians come from highly developed cultures and faiths that in so many ways are more advanced than the West. We intend to preserve and promote those qualities. We do not come to adopt American culture as much as make money.

    • TexasRules1

      I wonder if Asia or Africa, if never exposed to whitey and left completely alone, if they would have electricity, cars, trains, planes, nuclear energy, computers the internet, TV, radio, etc.

      • Europa

        “Left completely alone..” works both ways.
        Asia gave all the major faiths including Christianity and Judaism out of which so much of the West owes.
        Asia also gave the basics which technology was built. From Hindu numerals, placement of the zero, paper money, printing press, and so much more.

  • Joe Met

    “a female African American student, called Africa “the greatest country in the world, where we all once originated.” ………….As we all know, except for stupid people, Africa is a continent, not a country. HAHAHA… Do us all a favor, if you relate to Africa then by all means please move there.

    • TexasRules1

      And Africa is a hellhole. I wonder what country within the country of Africa this young lady would want to live.

      • Joe Met

        Gee, I wonder if the ‘country of Africa’ has welfare? If not, how are they going to survive?

  • pashawn

    “whiteness” is the reason this country exist. what civilization has blackness ever created

    • Europa

      Whiteness is weak. It takes so much of the worst aspects of black culture
      Christianity is weak as it gives into Communist and left wing ideology so easily and by doing that is a cultural threat to the world. Only solution is to import faiths and cultures more resistant to the rot of communism or the worst aspects of black culture.

    • West_Coast

      White privilege = being held responsible for the acts of your ancestors by folks who accept no responsibility for the acts of theirs.

      • Europa

        White Privilege also includes the choice not to take any blame

        • West_Coast


          The double standard that privileges the ugly racism of black nationalists doesn’t just protect them, but also covers up their racist alliances with Nazis, Neo-Nazis and white supremacists. It is impossible to end racism as long as special exemptions are made for certain forms of racism.

          The solidarity of racists against a color blind society is the cause of Charlottesville and the rise of racism. Black Lives Matter and the Klu Klux Klan feed off each other in the same way that Malcolm X and the Klan and the American Nazi Party did. The left’s support for black racism keeps white racism alive.

          • Europa

            How does one live in a “color blind” society?
            black nationalists aligned with Neo Nazis? I do not think so.
            I just commented that privilege gives choices.

          • West_Coast

            A “color blind society”is a useless phrase made up by ignorant, white leftists to cover up their own racism. Cultural Marxists claim a mandate from the “Right Side of History” to eliminate all the compromises. Catholic nuns must pay for abortions and birth control, Christian bakers and florists must participate in gay weddings, every white person must confess their racism, and every left-wing extremist must get their way.

            The KKK and Black Nationalists feed at the same racist buffet called “hate” and “superiority”.

          • Europa

            I got it and agree about Cultural marxism

  • TexasRules1

    If there is such a thing as white privilege, I posit the notion white privilege is not only earned but well deserved. When one takes a look at the contributions of Western culture (crackers & honkies) and compare them to those from other cultures/races, it’s petty pathetic. So shut up!

  • Earnest Evanston

    Today we just marked off Cal State as a place our kids will go. Boycott Cal State!!!!

    • lord rustin

      That’s the type of attitude that lets one left wing quack take over a school.

      Most of the students don’t support this garbage. It’s actually located in one of the most conservative areas of the country.


    Eye agrees wit dis sotories. Da whites bee da devil takem all da lands and stuffs. Whys cant de make retrapbutions..

  • WM

    I earned my white “privileged” by learning to speak properly, working hard, not using drugs, not being a deadbeat dad, paying outrageous taxes, wearing my pants where they are supposed to be, and living within the law. I’m proud of my whiteness!!!!!

  • derik

    i hate to sound racist, but show me one minority’s country of origin that is as advanced as america…there isnt one whites have built the best and coolest inventions of the last 200 years..

    • TexasRules1

      2500 years, don’t forget the Greeks and Romans

      • Europa

        Ceylon has an unbroken Chronicled history of herself that is 2500 years old
        No ancient nation has achieved this except China.

      • Europa

        Ceylon gave the Buddhist world her written Bible. A feat equal to Rome giving Europe the Catholic bible
        The Buddhist Tipitaka is 22 thousand pages. The Bible is 1800 pages.
        Ceylon canonized Pali the classical language of Buddhism, in the same manner Latin became the language of Christianity

      • Europa

        Ceylon built the first human hospitals in world history at Mihintale. There were 9 specialized hospitals in the city of Anuradhapura

  • paul

    If you’re an “African American”, you need to live there….only AMERICANS live here…See I’ve solved your problem snowflake…

    • Europa

      no you have not.

  • Rick Shonsite

    The blatant racism against so-called “white” people is more evidence of what we all know to be true:

    Liberals hate America.

  • Doctor Who?

    Grandma says being white is OK

  • LRob

    The entire enterprise is a racist act, and should have been shut down by the university. There are so many ways that America would be better off if the black community would understand just how much it sets all of us back. Sure there are a lot of great black people, and they contribute immensely to America, but there are far too many who think everything is owed to them, and their grievances are all with white people. They need to buy a mirror. If they would get off their collective asses every morning and say to themselves ‘I am going to be the best person I can be, today, and I’m going to do whatever I can to better myself, my family and my community,’ they wouldn’t have time for the complete gibberish proposed by this forum.

  • art laramee

    What I read is a bunch of accusations. Accusations are not proof of guilt, but if you are already predisposed to believe the accusations, then they are sufficient. I call that being biased or bigoted…

  • Bei Dawei

    Something has to be done about leftist privilege.

  • Tom R

    Whites are acceptably being racially attacked. How ironic these f,ing hypocrites are.

  • lord rustin

    Ironically, this college is located in one of the whitest areas of California.

  • Allie in Ga

    Whatever happened to not offending people or marginalizing them? I guess it’s okay to do that to the “right” people.

    • Europa

      Marginalizing happens naturally. For example I was part of the majority in Ceylon but became marginalized in America.

    • Europa

      In Ceylon I was among the majority to qualify for the highest office. not in America.

  • JeffC

    Maybe there should be a forum on 14 ways diversity hurts us.

  • Jimmy__Russell
  • Bob Johnson

    White privilege doesn’t give me advantages over others, my White achievement does and that’s what drives liberals crazy!

  • Dis

    The 1st amendment is going to be the death of America. It needs to be restricted immediately before our population is so brainwashed and misinformed they are going to tear this country apart. Articles like this should be illegal and the author imprisoned or banished from the country for life. The founding fathers underestimated the potential for corruption on such a mass scale.

  • Vikkor

    Their ancestors should have fought harder or ran faster.

  • lord rustin

    The class only had 13 students enrolled in last year, students don’t want this class.

    The administration is pushing it

  • espy

    I am proud of my heritage. I am descended from people who traveled halfway across the world, who have served honorably in the military’s of whatever nation they were in service to, and were proud of their own heritage. When we start saying people can’t be proud of their ancestors based on the color of their skin or that they themselves have to be ashamed because of the color of their skin we are right back in the worst parts of racism. No one has a right to say that my skin color defines me nor that I somehow get privilege because of it. I have worked for everything I have today. It was not handed to me nor was it handed to my family. To say otherwise dishonors me and my family.

    Ms. Moon should be ashamed of herself. She is setting herself up to be the anti-Martin Luther King, where instead of viewing people not by the color of their skin, but the content of their character; character does not matter and skin color is the only deciding factor.

  • The BANNED tonymarini

    “One of the performers, a female African American student, called Africa “the greatest country in the world, where we all once originated.” Her poem went on: “On a daily basis I am seen as a threat, but you get a pass because you’re white.”“

    I thought this was a COLLEGE campus?? The above statement regarding Africa informs us of the ignorance and blind rage and hatred that the name-callers possess…at the 2nd grade level, it appears. They don’t hate the “whiteness” of whites…they are projecting their self-loathing and ignorance onto the rest of us. If these overly-vocal fools paid more attention in school and also studied hard…they might make something useful out of themselves instead of useful idiots for the liberals who benefit from racial derision and division.

  • Bill E. BOBB

    A recent study explained that incompetent people are too stupid to realize they are incompetent, so they just cruise along thinking they are on top of things. I think this idea goes a long way to explaining why third world people think that whites are privileged and oppressing them, that this is the only possible explanation for their failure as a people. They just don’t realize or accept the reality that they are poor quality people

  • Oak66

    This is classic new leftist Nazi Racism. I went down over ten comments and not one called this professor out for being the hate filled, bigoted, intolerant racist and these moronic attendees are also racists…What is wrong with conservatives…Are you all so stupid you can’t even see ANTI WHITE RACISM AND BLACK RACISM WHEN THEY IMMERSE YOU IN IT? Are you such cowards that you see it but are scared sh–less to call it out? All the comments are defensive and derisive…but NONE are on the offense…It is the left that is racist…so attack don’t whine and talk about how idiotic they are…call THEIR RACISM OUT. IMAGINE IF A UNIVERSITY WAS TEACHING COURSES ON THE DANGERS OF ‘BLACKNESS’…HOW WOULD THE LEFT RESPOND?

  • Chicago Lampoon

    Why is this not legally actionable as creating a hostile campus environment, antithetical to people of a particular race? It would be in any work environment.

  • Oak66

    All of leftism is racist to the bone….it is the only large scale movement to want to build a whole society based on race…racist grievance, racist hierarchy, racist privileges ..e.g. affirmative action, quotas, lowering of standards per race, and a racist caste system…I don’t even think the old Nazis at the rally advocate anything that extreme. Whites are now the scum…especially white males…demonized as the cause of all societies problems…whereas the old Nazis chose the Jews for this role…The new Nazis are NOT White Supremacists….after that played out the same Democrat racists re-engineered their racism into White Subjugationism. Whites are the new Jews…who must be oppressed to make room for the preferred races…just like the old Nazis had to oppress, remove , get rid of the Jews to make room for the preferred race. The essence of socialistic Nazism was it’s obsession with race…just as the new Nazi socialists are obsessed with race. The left now actually teaches courses …demonizing whites…just like the old Nazis taught courses demonizing Jews.

  • BA DeMonte

    It’s time to shut down these institutions that promote hate and racism.

    • Jimmy__Russell

      Starve them of Federal funding because not all the students and faculty enjoy their Constitutional rights on campus.
      If they can make it without Uncle Sugar, more power to ’em.

  • BillClitone

    University highlights 14 ways it is out of touch with reality.

    it’s ok to be white.

  • Travvy

    If they’re really against everything WHITE?

    Let them throw out their Smart Phones and their Cars, and never use Social Media, again. As all of those were invented by WHITES.

    They need to stop using Medicines that WHITES invented.

    They need to only visit Doctors who aren’t WHITE.

    I could do this for the rest of my life.

  • loveamerica24

    “One of the performers, a female African American student, called Africa “the greatest country in the world, where we all once originated.”

    Didn’t realize Africa was a country. Good job Professor!

    • Travvy

      She must have a Professor who’s not WHITE.

  • West_Coast

    I’d like to know where they think they’d be better off? Historically, they don’t have a great track record of being peaceful or prosperous anywhere else in the world. They’re still slave owners back in their homeland, and they’re as corrupt in power as any white man they point the finger at.

    They get a free pass whenever they show their true colors by all the major news outlets, and those that are in positions of power in this country.

  • Observer_wi

    It’s almost like they are saying whites and blacks should be separated in society, but still stay equal. “Separate but equal”, that will move us forward.

    • Jimmy__Russell

      It’s what everybody wants, moreover, it’s not wrong.

      • Observer_wi

        It’s only the undoing of what Baby Boomers think is the most important Supreme Court case in U.S. history, Brown v. the Board of Education.

  • Observer_wi

    I thought Africa was a continent that contained 54 countries.

  • #SoManyIdiots

    If whiteness is so oppressive, why is it responsible for every significant advancement in medicine and science of the last 500 years? Why is it the oppressive White Western civilization produced the greatest freedom, wealth, health, comfort, and life expectancy in the history of the world?

    I’d like to see these idiots who find whiteness so oppressive give up every single convenience and advancement produced by Oppressive Whites: No cell phone, no internet, no electricity, no trains, planes, or automobiles.

    If you SJWs want to make a real statement about how oppressive “whiteness” is how bout you relinquish all the Whiteness innovations & inventions that make your privileged life so comfortable.

    • Jimmy__Russell

      Our Leftist friends tell us race is just a social-construct, that it’s an illusion.
      In the next breath they invent muh white race and call it out saying only whites can be racist and all whites are racist.

  • Denisescapedca

    Super proud of my whiteness. Whites are the most generous and tolerant. I carry a lot of others in all the generous taxes I pay year in and year out and continue to excel and be highly productive in spite of this. I even support those not law abiding like myself. I rise above the government mandated institutional discrimination I face as a White, Male, Heterosexual, Christian. I never complain. To be White is to know I am treated unfairly by my own government, the media, and culture at large…yet I take great pride in that I always rise above my disadvantages to excel and rise above many others in spite of this. And again, I never complain.

  • TheMadKing

    I’ll bet that if you swapped the term African-American for Aryan and the terms white and whiteness for Jew and Jewry, this “seminar” would strongly resemble the vague generalities and hateful screeds that you would read in Julius Streicher’s anti-semitic Der Sturmer in Nazi Germany. Racism and race hatred is what it is, no matter the color of the haters and hated. I would quote the eminent Winston Churchill and MLK here, repsectively: 1. How can a man choose how he is born? 2. Judge by content of character, not skin color. Obviously the correct lessons to learn from history are not being taught in this college, although plenty of the incorrect ones are glaringly obvious for all to see.

  • Paul Bunce

    Let’s see. Just for one example, slavery is still popular in Africa and the middle east. And don’t forget that the slaves shipped to the U.S. were most often captured and sold from Africa by other blacks. Transported to the U.S. by New England and English based ships, the same areas which are so self righteous now about being culturally sensitive and racially neutral.

    One more time: If the U.S. is so bad, then why not move to some other paradise such as Nigeria?

    • West_Coast

      I’d like to ask Ms. Moon if she can name another country in the history of the world who’s sacrificed more lives to defeat slavery, than the country where she gets to enjoy criticizing.

  • katzkiner
  • Krejoe

    So very tired of 50 years of affirmative action for ungrateful stupids. Want to make
    America better, eliminate affirmative action then decriminalize prostitution. If a
    lady wants to say yes, why not!

  • Lin H.

    “Whites” have tried their best to create a racially blind society. If these lovely POC snowflakes now wish to hyper-racialize every aspect of existence, they might not enjoy the result. Racial consciousness is, after all, a multi-edged sword.

    • ChicoCDM

      The “progressives” are making the case for segregation every day because they currently profit from it. For everything redistributed the “progressives” take a cut.

  • mcian

    If Africa is so great.. Move there.

    • Jimmy__Russell

      Only to help the Boers

  • ChicoCDM

    Virtually no whitness in subsahara Africa. They should consider relocating.

  • wynola.weaver

    A high school student was found to have a pistol in his backpack at lunchtime today. His picture was broadcast on the news three hours later. He was not described as a ‘youth’ or a ‘teen’ but it was obvious what color he is. Accurate news coverage in this case is part of his ‘white privilege’.

  • Wayne Langman

    First of all Africa is not a country and if you really believe it is you have no business in college because your elementary school failed you. It is a continent made up of many countries. Second of all if this land is so bad feel free to leave. You are not a slave and are free to pack up and go.
    Lastly I am deeply offended with you blanket effort to slander me just because I am white. My family did not come to the US until 1883 well after your Civil War and has never owned anything close to a slave.
    The best part of this article is that you all live in California which God willing will soon leave the union on its own accords.
    If it doesn’t break off and sink first.

    • wynola.weaver

      ……waiting on god to flush.

    • ChicoCDM

      My family migrated here from Central America to live like and be like the European settlers that founded this country. If the US is supposedly a country of immigrants why are we still responsible for slavery? Most slaves went to South America and the Caribbean, relatively few ended up in the US. The entire “white privilege” thing is a charade to smear good people. The US is not a racist country. As a mixed race latino the ONLY racism I EVER experienced in the US came from blacks.

  • John Tess

    White privilege means working 50 hours a week and being taxed to pay for those who sit on their asses, collecting welfare.

  • FattyWink

    Funny they go after media, because 15 years ago the types of people pushing this divisive and dishonest propaganda would be considered fringe kooks. Today they are legitimized and deemed credible experts by the media (out of both fear of not offending or the backlash of not supporting and being labeled a racist etc., OR out of an agenda or narrative they’re pushing).

  • Observer_wi

    These people are bemoaning the simple fact that’s it’s a majority white country.

  • William Blizzard

    One of the performers, a female African American student, called Africa
    “the greatest country in the world, where we all once originated.”
    ….. Uh, maybe it’s my privilege talking here, but last time I looked at a map, Africa was identified as a continent, not a country. How much are they paying for that fine college education?

    • Jimmy__Russell

      Colleges have to pretend not to notice what everyone else sees as realities, the deficiencies.
      These colleges are putting the taxpayers on the hook for hundreds of billions because the graduates of the meme-schools will be largely unemployable toxic cancer to anyone with a working brain.

    • FlyntLoc

      “How much are they paying for that fine college education?”

      In many cases, we are paying for it.

    • Africa identifies as a country; possibly also as a latrine. an abattoir, a slum, and a graveyard.

  • Zipp1

    “Professor” title used loosely, Dreama Moon has demonstrated and is perpetuating the epitome of racism.

  • Mark Merritt

    Lots of comments… Tough to read them all… So, if this has already appeared, please accept my apologies… Not intended to plagiarize…

    That said, am I the only one reading this thread who would like the first college educated African-American poet in the article above to describe the location of the borders of Africa, “the greatest COUNTRY in the world” where we all originated?

  • Tootrue4you

    Shut these indoctrination centers down.

  • wynola.weaver

    The only ‘free sh*t’ this ungrateful ‘student’ will get in the ‘country’ of Africa is goods that were sent their by non-black entities.

  • Jimmy Chonga

    Let’s just call April 15th White Privilege Day – since that is the one day of the year we give up our income to support all those that find us repulsive.

    • Jimmy__Russell

      This guy gets it

    • Europa

      Does that mean us higher earning Asians do not have to pay taxes on that day?

  • Observer_wi

    I’m living outside the U.S. now and married to a non-white woman. And I can tell you many American white people (Christians included) are arrogant jerks. Any many seem to hold prejudice against non-whites. Sorry, but that’s a fact I learned from my own parents and adult brothers (and their wives).

    So much so I jokingly tell my (mixed race) son not to trust blond hair / blue eyed people (but he knows I’m joking).

    • FattyWink

      That’s too bad that the experiences you had with a few gave you a blanket impression of an entire race, why does that sound so familiar? Oh yeah, that’s racism. I tell my mixed kids that all this identity politics bs is just that, and they’re smart enough to know it and recognize that the great “oppressions” they’re being sold on tv and social media every day doesn’t align with the reality they experience when they step outside the door every day. They don’t fear anyone because of their race, or their race, get it?

    • Europa

      “American white people (Christians) are arrogant jerks”

    • Rich54

      Please tell us what black and Hispanic counties are better than arrogant white ones? NONE.

      • Europa

        That should not be the case for Blacks after the end of the civil war in 1865. They should be equal to whites in wealth and power.

        • Rich54

          Yet their IQ is inferior to whites. Dumbest people on earth.

          • Europa

            Too many are too mixed to make that judgment.

          • Europa

            For example is Obama stupid because of his black roots or white roots?

  • Give back all your integrated circuits, Nappy.

    • Observer_wi

      Pretty sure Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans put your devices containing those together, man (and have been doing so since the early 80’s).

      • Intel is East Indian. Silicon Valley started with virulent racist William Shockley. It was wildly successful with exponential achievement and growth. Historic White paternalistic oppressors of Peoples of Colour do that.

        • Europa

          So is the E-mail. Created by an Indian.

      • FattyWink

        You know the US has always been the leader in tech, right? When I was a kid the impression pushed on me was that all the tech came out of Japan, then I grew up, learned some history and realized that was an 1980s stereotype. Not saying any race is incapable of being as smart as any other, but sounds like you’re saying the brains came out of China, Japan and Korea, not the dumb caucasian Americans like Jobs, Wozniak, Gates etc.

  • Lets all go to Saudi Arabia

    This is never said but the best friend the Black Man has is the White Man.

    • Jimmy__Russell

      Not the white “liberal”.

    • Europa

      True. The worst curse Africa had was black on black slavery for thousands of years. Slavery at this level done for so long destroys any chance for that region to make massive advances

  • Rocky

    It has to be the fluoridated water.

  • Hawkdriver1961

    This is Marxism 101. A white Marxist teacher pulling the strings of the poor downtrodden minorities she has manipulated and brainwashed into thinking whites are the devil. This is pure evil.

    • Jimmy__Russell

      To be fair, all the white kids are also taught that they’re the devil.
      By white teachers at taxpayer expense.

  • Freedomfighter

    This is an embarrassment to my country.

  • VillageViking

    One of the performers, a female African American student, called Africa “the greatest country in the world, where we all once originated.”
    –What in the hell are you still doing in the USA?

    • Jojo DeMarco

      Africa is a country? Who knew!

    • FlyntLoc

      Not sure, but family lore has it that I originated in the back seat of a ’49 Kaiser.

  • Let’s be quantitative here. All the Manhattan Project’s Jews are replaced with Blacks. In what millennium is the first US atomic bomb demonstrated? (Hint – more than four digits.)

    • Jimmy__Russell

      So in how many hundreds of thousands of years would it take for blacks with contact with no one but themselves to dream up the wheel, or a sail?
      There is evidence blacks mastered control of fire and mud-huts and lip-plates tho

      • I’ve worked in Washington. Do you know what ASAP means there? “Never.”

        Homespun blowing in the breeze is not the same as Kelvin-Helmholtz instability at an implosion interface. Did sub-Sahran Africa invent the lathe? If you have a lathe (and a chuck key) you have the world.

        • Jimmy__Russell

          It’s entirely possible that Chimpanzees are more intellectually advanced than African hominids.

  • Viva Christo Rey!

    So the University doesn’t like white. Ok. Let the eat brown s#^+

  • FlyntLoc

    I have no guilt about being white. I am where I am through my own efforts. I didn’t receive any help. Maybe I could have gone further if I had tried harder, and maybe had I not tried as much as I did, I wouldn’t be this far.

  • Zardoz Wiz

    paying taxes thats pretty white. doing 2 or 3 jobs also white. voting every election mighty white. raising a family damn white. paying a mortgage super white. helping a friend out more than once, nice white. all of this also a privilege.

  • Jojo DeMarco

    I thank the good Lord every day he made me white.

  • VillageViking

    Looks like this school caters to bed wetting, thumb sucking snowflakes…I pity them!

    • FlyntLoc

      What is a college degree with no skills actually worth?

      • Jojo DeMarco

        You mean there’s no future in a Sub-Saharan African Women’s Studies degree? Get out!

      • Jimmy__Russell

        $125K in debt, upon graduation.

        • Mar51

          Not to these students.

          California State University San Marcos tuition is $5,472 per year for in-state residents.
          This is 20% cheaper than the national average public four year tuition of $6,841.
          The cost is 75% cheaper than the average California tuition of $21,759 for 4 year colleges.

          And by the way, for some reason…ILLEGALS QUALIFY FOR IN-STATE TUITION.

          • Jimmy__Russell

            Gotcha, I was thinking of the Ivy League schools teaching stuff even more cancerous than in CA-San Marcos, but at a much fancier price-tag.

          • Mar51

            Sadly, these college educations are not even worth the $5,000 a year.


            A new comment was posted on TheCollegeFix.com

            Gotcha, I was thinking of the Ivy League schools teaching stuff even more cancerous than in CA-San Marcos, but at a much fancier price-tag. 7:26 p.m., Thursday Nov. 30 | Other comments by Jimmy__Russell

            Reply to Jimmy__Russell

            Jimmy__Russell’s comment is in reply to Mar51:

            Not to these students.
            California State University San Marcos tuition is $5,472 per year for in-state residents. This is 20% cheaper than the national …
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        • FlyntLoc

          If you think Africa is a country, my bet is they are not paying their own way through college.

  • Jojo DeMarco

    One of the performers, a female African American student, called Africa “the greatest country in the world”

    LOL pretty much sums up their stupidity….Africa is a country. Lowest. Common. Denominator.

    • Rich54

      Got to love all of those successful black and Hispanic majority countries. Oops, there are none.

  • Europa

    Americans think race is such a big deal. it is not. Blacks do not threaten whites since culturally black Americans share the same European roots as Whites
    Whites should fear the advanced cultures and faiths of Asia that could easily replace the European aspect of America.

  • Jimmy Chonga

    I guess things for minorities would be so much better in places where the minority is the majority, like Haiti, South Africa, Venezuela, Brazil, and Cuba. LOL. I think Ocomas brother said it best about the conditions in Kenya “It was so much better when the white people were in charge”.

    • Europa

      The plague of liberalism born in the White world is the main reason for shabbiness from Haiti to Cuba to California. The rot consuming Europe is a product of Europe aka Cultural Marxism to liberalism and Socialism

  • Mar51

    Our tax dollars are being spent on this!

  • myskiknee

    White liberals encourage the DIVIDED-ness of America by promoting this crap.

    • Jimmy__Russell

      Leftists are trying to meme and force a bloody racial conflict where it isn’t even necessary.
      Normal people hate Leftists far more than a MS13 guy or a Crip or a Blood.

    • Europa

      If white liberals promote this “crap” that is destroying America shouldn’t that be a white issue?’
      How come whites are willing to accept the good things they do but not the bad?

      • myskiknee

        The problem you’re missing is that the minorities in these classes are being incited, and it’s just so that the liberal teacher can feel warm and fuzzy about knowing that in the eyes of these minorities, he’s not a white supremacist. The rest of society pays the price.

      • OtisGumbo

        I, as a White guy, don’t care what stupid White people do. I don’t know them personally, so why do I gotta be associated with them? Same goes with slavery- wasn’t me. I wasn’t even ALIVE yet. I’m not racist, and I am barely even lower middle class. Now if you are going to list off all the horrible things Whites have done, and say I am responsible for those things somehow, then sure, I’m gonna list off the good things White people have left us with.

  • Mar51

    Southern California…..what else can you expect?

  • Jojo DeMarco

    So you’re saying taking down those Confederate statues didn’t solve the problem? Damn!

  • Mar51

    #15 Privilege for being white…..paying the taxes for this stupidity.

    • 1crazymf

      #16 privilege for being white.. paying full tuition

  • douglas gray

    Did the student touting Africa as such a great place study the genocide in Rwanda? Tens of thousands of blacks slaughtered other blacks, many of them children and babies even, to the tune of about 900,000 in the space of about three months. I am just wondering how much these kids really know. You have huge numbers of black militias in African raping teenage girls with impunity. I’ll take white oppression any day.

  • 1crazymf

    If I we’re black I probably would have gotten that scholarship…….

  • Jojo DeMarco

    Wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if the chubby Rocket Man nuked Calimexico off the map.

  • danshays

    Why don’t all of these over privileged ass hats give up every possession they own that was made and/or invented by the evil Mr. Whitey?

    • Deplorable Vulgarian Guppy2

      You really want to see them walking around in loin skins?

  • Europa

    The same cultural Marxist liberal policies destroying the Western world have played havoc in the non Western world
    the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism is a white product as in Frankfurt Germany.

  • November

    I’m triggered by this anti-white racist hate speech.

  • Roger Edward Harris

    Liberalism is oppressing and brain washing the weak minded with their never ending blaming and whining

  • 1crazymf

    They won’t rest until they’ve subdue all the white males.

  • Fritz_Von_Dago

    Black is beautiful, and Brown is grand, but they still know who built this country into the shinning beacon on the hill. They also know that if it wasn’t for those beacon builders, they would never have a place in the world to mouth their stupid. Thats what really galls these stinking parasites!

  • Europa

    Some of the toxic ideologies from the White world:
    Communism, Collectivism, Liberalism, Socialism, Atheism, Marxism,

    • Agincourt

      (((white world)))

      Don’t forget this toxic ideology

    • 1crazymf

      And what wonderful ideologies have been bestowed upon us from the colored world?

      • Europa

        Colored world ideologies:
        Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism, Islam,Christianity, ,Judaism, Active Non Violence, Yoga, TM, Zen, Dharma, Kama Sutra, Dharma Shastra, Kalama Sutta, (how to think), and so much more

      • Europa

        Outside of Africa South Asia are the darkest people on the planet:

        Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Active Non Violence, Yoga, TM, Zen, Dharma, Kama Sutra, Dharma Shastra, Kalama Sutta, (how to think), and so much more

        • 1crazymf

          Ancient south Asians are not referred to as “people of color” you know the context of this discussion and trying to bring in the origins of early religious sects does nothing for the aurgument. Is of color any pigmentation that is darker than what shade exactly?

      • Europa

        Thinkers from men of color
        Buddha, Valmiki, Panini, Mahavira, Bramagupta, Aryabhata, kalidasa, Kautilya, Shankara, Guru Nanak, Bodidharma,

    • OtisGumbo


      • Europa

        True but I was only listing the toxic ideologies.

  • Chris .

    And again, we see who the real RACISTS are…the Left.

  • Turd Ferguson

    What about colonel Harland Sanders?

  • dd121

    How do liberal whites answer this nonsense. Do they happily join to cheer on our proposed genocide or put up some kind of resistance.

  • Jojo DeMarco

    One of the performers, a female African American student, called Africa “the greatest country in the world”

    The country of Africa. This is what $30k a year gets you at Cal State San Marcos bahahahaha

  • Bo

    How in Heaven’s sake can California taxpayers pay such a racist loon? Oh, that’s right … it’s California.

  • Strichtplatte

    You idiot jew tricked majorities will dread the day the last White Man is pushed out the door of your kindergarten. 850 million White Humans on a world flooded with billions of wortthless subhuman jew slave trash.

  • John Jones

    State sponsored racism alive and well in California universities. Imagine a forum at this college about blackness costing taxpayer money.

  • dd121

    Blacks weren’t even smart enough to invent the wheel. We Whites took us to the moon. Don’t piss us off.

    • Europa

      Calm down the men who went to the moon may not like your ignorant company. Whites have classes too

  • Jojo DeMarco

    TLDR: Blacks are angry and jealous they’re not white.

    • Europa

      Do you blame them? They are “white” in the inside (as in Europeanized) but are seen for their skin color

  • Europa

    Toxic ideologies from the West:
    Communism, Collectivism, Socialism, Liberalism, Marxism, Cultural Marxism, Atheism and no Islam was not this destructive

  • mnc77024

    I’m always glad to oppress. Who the fuck are these turds?

  • Europa

    The Concept of God is strongest in Asia, weakest in Europe.

  • Mark

    The real advantage that white people have? We don’t waste time throwing pitty parties for ourselves and blaming other people for our stations in life. We understand that our life situations are a result of decisions that we make and personal ambition.

    • Europa

      Would not explain the high rate of Suicide to patients needing Psychotropic meds.

  • lulu

    Did no one notice the young poet thinks Africa is a country?

    • Jimmy__Russell

      Everyone did

    • Jojo DeMarco

      I bet she can name all of the real housewives of Atlanta. Geography…not so much.

  • Captain Reynault

    Well, that’s more tax dollars down the drain.

  • robway56 .

    Ok, but let’s discuss the 10,000 ways non-whites bring down society.

    • Jimmy__Russell

      Let’s not and just deport them, or at least carve out our own space.
      It’s what everybody wants and it accords with human nature.
      The government forcing this racial shit on everyone needs to be put down so we can have Constitutional principles again.

    • Europa

      Easy. 10 thousand liberals, Communists, Atheists, Cultural Marxists … well so far I have 40 thousand whites destroying societies.

  • Rowwdy Colt

    “Africa is the greatest COUNTRY in the world”? She obviously isn’t majoring in geography. It is no surprise more and more people are becoming more prejudice with this type of crap being taught. The blacks are doing it to themselves.

  • Mikey

    How come there are no White tribes living in the jungle in loincloths?

    • Rowwdy Colt

      They are more civilized.

    • Europa

      They wiped out the Jungles including the European lion

  • PaulGauguin

    With the modern leftist it is about a consequence -free life. If you believe as they do, you’re actions and failures are the direct result of powers beyond your control. They can’t describe those powers specifically, but they can give them names. White privilege is one of them. This does two things, it builds resentment that the so-called elite can use for political power and it stifles the effort of the individual, who is in the end, the vehicle for their own better life. It is insidious, it is immoral – it is modern progressive-leftist thought.

  • Mike S

    Without white people, Indian would still be raiding other Indian villages to rape, murder, and enslave their subdued enemies. Without white people, grass and animal skins would be the main source of clothing across most of Africa. Without white people who invented electricity, the world would be an even more dark and dangerous place. So much of what leftist think they know, just isn’t so. So sad there heart are so hate filled. I guess haters gotta hate.

  • spambox

    I enjoy watching all you pathetic misguided white snowflakes spending the best years of your lives perfecting your self-hatred, Good luck with that – losers.

    • cecil91

      A pathetic and ignorant comment.

    • Jimmy__Russell

      says the guy using inventions white people made into reality

  • Direwolf

    “The Whiteness Forum”? How about “The Fourteen Poster Boards of Black Butt-hurt.” It must be such a rewarding existence being chronically aggrieved every waking moment, blaming all your troubles and short-comings on “whitey.” Sheesh.

  • cecil91

    Bottom line: If you don’t measure up then nature played a role in it.

  • Unmutual One

    These ignorant totalitarian monsters will be in charge someday soon, if we don’t do something.

    • Europa

      Oh yes Totalitarianism includes Communism to Marxism

    • Jimmy__Russell

      They’re in charge right now; not only that, but that which is taught in the university today is the government policy of the future.

      • Unmutual One

        Unless we stop this from happening.

        • Jimmy__Russell

          The universities are censorious hotbeds eating themselves alive, just about removed from civil society.
          Everything that can be done to tip them over should be done; the “it’s Okay to be white” campaign was a nice start, tons of Leftist assmad.
          Do everything legal and possible to draw attention to their hypocrisy and lies until they get sucked under by their own bloat and weight.
          The next 10-15 years should tell as this new crop of SJWs tries to navigate having a job and having to be worth employing, outside government.

  • motownjohn

    It’s his job to keep the dark skinned people angry. Almost all professors work in some way to help promote the demise of normal white people.
    Progressivism, homosexuality, white privilege, climate change, social justice. They have a very full plate.
    Am I ashamed of my whiteness? Why should I be?

  • WestSide87

    I notice they don’t have a problem being connected by hand to IPhones and Samsungs….all created by whitey.

  • Madrigalian

    White is the new Jew. Scape goat for everyone else’s problems.

    • Europa

      “White is the new Jew”
      Dream on. They own you.

  • willbepresident4food

    We should have picked our own cotton.

    • Europa

      So true

    • Jimmy__Russell

      No matter how many times it’s been posted, it’s never wrong.

  • craig

    30% of the students at CSU San Marcos are White; 64% of the Faculty are White – what price to pay if those 30% of the students left this school – and the 64% of the Faculty did the same. Do you think San Marcos would still be having classes the next day?

  • Thom McNabb

    Hmmm…what is the problem here? The issues are at least arguable, plausible and in some cases obvious. Does anyone doubt that real estate sales have some biases?

    My personal take is that these all could be open for question — mental health services favor whites, media coverage is biased against people of color (ummm, yes among many other biases), Hollywood stereotyping (ummm, yes), racism in the military, and real estate practices that favor whites (shocking!).

    In our quest to be “Great Again” we need to be human. I can totally see how these are viable questions. Who is threatened by raising legitimate issues. Free speech and debate are the basis of our society.

    Interesting quote – “The event is racist in itself,” she said in an interview with The College Fix, pointing out that if the forum was dedicated to any other race in the same way it was dedicated to whiteness there would have been a huge outrage.

    The event may or may not be racist. Potential outrage might be racist if it happened, that is not evidence that this event was racist. The account said this person with the MAGA hat was treated fairly, even though there was a likely difference of opinions.

    Sounds like people exploring issues…a healthy endeavor.

  • flash287

    Thang God for making whites. Without whites there would be no cars, steam engines, electricity, printing press and most of the worlds inventions. Florida Would be Barren Of People If Not For Air Condioning Invented by Whites as well as the steam engine invented by James watt. And white Henry Fords farm tractor that at the time allows the plain states to grow enough wheat to become the breadbasket of the world. And don’t forget white John d Rockefeller who saved the world’s whales by ending whale oil used in oil lamps.

  • Toxophilite

    Yep, whites are SO evil. Just Google inventions and discoveries throughout history. You’ll find French, German, Jewish, Polish, Dutch, English, Asian, and many other “white” race’s scientists that have led us to today.

    Now show me all the discoveries from Africa, Haiti, or any other Sub-Saharan country.

    • JB Say

      Don’t support Google. Actually Google “American inventors” and you’ll understand what I mean.

  • TBarber2628

    Did anyone bother to tell that genius that Africa is not a country? She’s a college student????

    • Jimmy__Russell

      Just tell them what they want to hear.

    • Europa

      Maybe she should be a 11 million square mile nation governed from outside

    • Joe in OH

      It’s a country if she says it’s a country! She’s a college student and there are no hard and fast facts. She FEELs it’s a country so it is.

    • Barky

      She probably thinks that bush meat is below George Herbert Walkers’ belt

  • Joe in OH

    What has the white race ever contributed to the culture and comforts we enjoy today? Yeah, there was . . . and yeah, I’ll give you that and OK, yeah, there was that and that and that and that and. . . well we ALL get the picture don’t we? Where would the world be without us?

    • Europa

      Europe did not evolve in isolation

    • Europa

      The materialism of the Western world can be traced to Queen Elizabeth the 1st and her signature on the Royal Charter of the British East India company on 1600

    • Barky

      In the stone age.

  • Gnafron

    California could save money and have better quality education by toughening up high school requirements and eliminating the post graduate high schools called the Cal State University system.

    • Joe in OH

      Four semesters of remedial reading and math. Two semesters of Antifa and two of writing essays to rewrite history according to progressive utopian fantasy.

  • Snufy

    Academia is doing all they can to brainwash young people. Something needs to be done about all the liberalism. Cut off the money. Money appears to be the main god of this world.

  • Gary Mathis

    Proudly white.

  • Barky

    Yeah….I’m white and I built your entire freaking infrastructure and will continue to do so whether you participate or not….Does anyone know that white Aryan/Persians built all the large megalithic pyramids in Mexico as well as Mexico City set in the middle of a lake…They had potable water and waste systems for every resident…Today these infrastructures are occupied by others..just like what is happening in South Africa…The whites built it and left it for the others…


    This is just RACISM for and by damaged snowflakes, bitter millenials and sick ilk that preaches this hate and racism to them all. You don’t BLAME or HATE or LABEL ANYONE because of the RACE or color they were born into. All these people can ROT. History will CRAP on them.

  • Concerned

    These people are absolutely racist. Red and yellow, black, or white they are precious in his site. Jesus loves all the children in the world.

    • Barky

      Jesus loves them, but they still want the keys to the car.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Then the scene faded from color to black and white while the camera swung 180 degrees, stopping on a medium shot of a short man with black hair in a perfectly tailored Kuppenheimer suit. A lit Chesterfield smoldered in his right hand as he addressed the camera in deep sonorous tones that belied his lack of height:

    “Submitted for your approval, an excursion to a world where students have been reduced to the role of guinea pigs in bizarre indoctrination programs the likes of which have not been seen since the darkest days of the Third Reich and the Soviet Union, and conducted by faculty and administrators barely capable of basic pet care. The school bell’s ringing and it’s time to proceed to your assigned lecture hall because classes are about to begin at the University of The Twilight Zone.”

  • Hoi Polloi

    Black student thinks Africa is “the greatest country in the world, where we all once originated.” Thinks Africa is one country, such genius. Maybe she will someday visit all 57 US states. But then the event is sponsored by Professor Dreama Moon, in California. Support an end to inequality, … and eliminate all affirmative action programs.

    • Hal Walter

      Yup, college and does not know the difference between continent and country. But then has never actually BEEN to Africa so does not realize it is not the modern, civilized, non racist, progressive place she imagines. Wonder if she identifies as Hutu or Tutsi?

    • MerlynnSage1

      She also didn’t learn about Graecopithecus and how they now thin that mankind started in Europe. Graeco for Greece.

  • Europa

    Well these are two famous classical Hindu Dancers. One is Padmini Devi and the other is Vijayanti Mala. Both are Tamil Indians. Both entered the Indian cinema and changed Indian dance choreography.

    Bharatanatyam is a classical dance that is over 2 thousand years old Around the time of Christ the “Natya Shastra” (Treaties on Dance) was written. Bharatanatyam conforms to this treaties. Rome witnessed this incredibly complex dance.

    Ballerina’s like Isadora Duncan took from this dance to Ballet. All the dances from Sri Lanka to South East Asia come from this dance to another called “Odissi”. Only Ballet and Bharatanatyam are codified classical dances.

    There is a lot of facial expressions and the style maybe alien, weird or odd to you. That is how foreign Asia is and her capacity to change the west

    Watch out for the high shrill voice. The Utube of this dance in an old Tamil movie should come as a culture shock.

  • Hal Walter

    Ya know, if everyone else recognizes whites as superior, maybe whites ought to stop denying it and just own up to it. Seems white people are the only ones who don’t believe they are superior. Sumthin to think about/S

    • American Tax Payer

      Well, going by Civilizations, The West is The Best so…

      • Hal Walter

        Well let’s see, the only one to wipe out small pox, polio, and most child hood killing diseases, the only one to identify the causes of disease, the only one to form real governments instead of tribal alliances, the only one to move away from blaming everything on a god and realizing science requires thought and rationality to solve problems. The only one to develop and promote learning, reading and understanding for the masses, not just the select few. And on and on and on. But nah, whites can’t be superior, nah. Given another two, three hundred thousand years I am sure other cultures, races and sects would have eventually came up with it all by themselves.

        • American Tax Payer

          Everything people use came from White People but let’s be Honest here, most of it came from White Men.

          Electricity was discovered and harnessed by White Men, Phones, Computers, Internet, Planes Trains and Automobiles and my personal fave, Toilets and Indoor Plumbing to name but just a tiny fraction of what White Men has given to this massively overpopulated and ungrateful non-white world.

          White People have EVERY RIGHT to be in Charge of EVERYTHING in The West because it Belongs to the White Race.

  • MerlynnSage1

    This whole thing seems very racist to me. Ironically posting a sign that says, “it’s OK to be white”, is seen as bad and something like this is seen to be OK. History will look back and see how wrong this was, that is if anyone worth anything is alive.

  • Mensa Graham

    Sick puppies

  • Joe in OH

    Anyone who forgoes college to invest his or her time learning a trade will prosper far better over a lifetime. Math, hands on work, common sense and REQUIRED logical thinking will go a long way toward getting somewhere in life while the liberal arts graduates are spending their 20s and 30 and 40s in retail trying to pay off their college loans.

    • Jimmy__Russell

      Prospective college students and their folks would do well to look at a few of Coach Red Pill’s videos.

    • James

      I did not go to college, After 5 years in the Navy I taught myself electronics, computers design and built a few of my own. I also learned to program computers. Now I’m retired, living in a 23 room house that’s paid for and driving a Cadillac. Could not afford college but public libraries are free.

      Can you say “autodidactic”? Look it up. Anyone with an ounce of brains can do the same, and should.

  • Europa

    Then here is Padmini Devi in Color in a 1960’s Tamil (not Hindi) movie in another version of Bharatanatyam best seen through the movie lence

  • James

    I’ve seen higher quality presentations from elementry school students.

    These are college students? Really?

  • Ren Dudas

    Just to show everyone how ignorant and delusional colleges have become I’m posting a link, it’s a link showing how her GREAT COUNTRY of AFRICA treats fellow blacks.

    • Mensa Graham

      Here is another link from a university. Read it! http://www1.udel.edu/educ/g

      You will find why Africa is the cesspool that it is.

  • American Tax Payer

    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late,
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy — willing to wait
    ‘Til every count should be proved,
    Ere the Saxon began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low.
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not preached to the crowd.
    It was not taught by the state.
    No man spoke it aloud
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not suddenly bred.
    It will not swiftly abate.
    Through the chilled years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the Saxon began to hate.

    Rudyard Kipling

    “This destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken, and its mantle of
    strength descends upon those in its service.” – Francis Parker Yockey, IMPERIUM

    • Jimmy__Russell
      • American Tax Payer


        • Jimmy__Russell

          Even Mossad would laugh, but then they would kick your ass.

          • American Tax Payer

            Not mine. I’m not the one who posted it remember?

    • YarplyTwelve

      Take up the White Man’s burden–Send forth the best ye breed–Go bind your sons to exile
      To serve your captives’ need;To wait in heavy harness,On fluttered folk and wild–Your new-caught, sullen peoples,Half-devil and half-child. Take up the White Man’s burden–In patience to abide,To veil the threat of terror and check the show of pride; By open speech and simple, an hundred times made plain, to seek another’s profit, and work another’s gain. Take up the White Man’s burden–The savage wars of peace–Fill full the mouth of Famine and bid the sickness cease; And when your goal is nearest, the end for others sought, watch sloth and heathen folly bring all your hopes to nought.
      Take up the White Man’s burden–No tawdry rule of kings,But toil of serf and sweeper–The tale of common things.The ports ye shall not enter,The roads ye shall not tread,Go mark them with your living,
      And mark them with your dead.Take up the White Man’s burden–And reap his old reward: The blame of those ye better, The hate of those ye guard–The cry of hosts ye humour, (Ah, slowly!) toward the light:–
      “Why brought he us from bondage, Our loved Egyptian night?”
      Take up the White Man’s burden–Ye dare not stoop to less–Nor call too loud on Freedom, To cloak your weariness;By all ye cry or whisper,By all ye leave or do,The silent, sullen peoples, shall weigh your gods and you. Take up the White Man’s burden–Have done with childish days–The lightly proffered laurel,The easy, ungrudged praise. Comes now, to search your manhood, Through all the thankless years, Cold, edged with dear-bought wisdom, The judgment of your peers!

      Rudyard Kipling

      • American Tax Payer

        That’s been done to death and we all got in return for it is a bunch of welfare leeching extremely hateful and violently vicious non-whites here who attack Americans every single day.

        • YarplyTwelve

          the point is the same guy wrote both poems and how accurate it is in what it says.

          • American Tax Payer

            I knew that but I was just tellin’ ya that it’s been done to death ’cause it has. I mean, look at us. White People are LESS THAN 10% of the Population now so it’s high time for the non-whites to be decent human beings and go home because White People have a lot of healing to do and besides, for all the blood, sweat, money and tears it cost us to help non-whites, ain’t none of it made a damn bit of difference.

  • Europa

    Padmini Devi in yet another Bharatanatyam dance in a Tamil Hindu Temple in competition with music.

  • TheJman

    If we are all to get along then why is this bimbo segregating whites and claiming our lifestyle is a problem to everyone else? Isn’t that the pure definition of racism? I can’t believe these racists are allowed to brainwash our kids!

  • YarplyTwelve

    they fail to say that whiteness built the society they enjoy today. Let me say it this way. If all white people in this country stopped working for a week it would cripple this country, if the others did it? would they even be missed?

  • cecil91

    This is the land of opportunity where anyone can apply themselves and make a good life. There are lots of black millionaires, so get to work.

  • Mike Porro

    The White world population is between 5-9%. So this diversity stuff is code name for white genocide.

  • Christopher

    Some black chick, who’s probably on a full paid scholarship that wasn’t earned by anything but her color, says that Africa is the greatest country in the world? This fk’ing dummy doesn’t even know that Africa is NOT a country? It’s a continent. Why doesn’t she and her ilk hop on an airliner tomorrow morning and go move back to that greatest “country” in the world. I’m sure there will be enough white people who are willing to foot the bill to see you all go back