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Groups demand University of Chicago pay slavery reparations

A group of community organizers met at the University of Chicago last Tuesday and “urged” the school to “make amends” for its past ties to slavery.

The National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America, or N’COBRA, held a “Rally for Reparations” outside the campus’s main administrative building, followed by a press conference at City Hall where it presented a letter “demanding reparatory justice.”

The Chicago Maroon reports N’COBRA was joined by the Reparations at UChicago Working Group, whose research concluded the university should pay restitution due to its ties to 19th century politician Stephen Douglas.

Douglas’s land grant to the original university was “bankrolled by profits from his slave plantation.”

“The University of Chicago is founded by slaveholders and the labor of enslaved people can actually be traced through the years,” said Guy Emerson Mount, one of researchers. “The labor of enslaved people actually translates into buildings, endowments, and real hard material resources.”

From the article:

Representatives from several student activist groups spoke at the rally. “Reparations is fundamentally a labor issue,” said Jack Dragu, an organizer with the Solidarity Committee for Graduate Students United (GSU). “We are talking about an institution that continues to displace and exploit people and that was founded on free slave labor.”

The RAUC and UChicago for a Community Benefits Agreement (UC for a CBA) both advocated for the installation of a permanent CBA to keep the Hyde Park community involved in changes that happen to the neighborhood as a means of reparations. A CBA is a contract between a real estate developer and community groups that requires the developer to provide certain amenities to the community.

“One of things we’re asking for is a CBA from the University and Obama Foundation as a sort of preemptive reparations that would offset the harm we know is going to come,” Mount said, referring to the University’s involvement with the construction of the Obama Presidential Center in Jackson Park. “A permanent CBA would mean the community shouldn’t have to fight this fight every time something’s getting built.”

“The University has played a role in changing the racial structure of not only Hyde Park but the Woodlawn community,” Howard told The Maroon. “Historically, a lot of black wealth was built in this area, and that’s being totally usurped…. We would like to see things like more affordable housing to prevent that.”

N’COBRA and the Working Group also want the university to establish a “truth and reconciliation committee,” and for the city to “discontinue any current and future contracts” with the school until it agrees to their demands.

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  • T100C1970

    “One of things we’re asking for is a CBA from the University and Obama
    Foundation as a sort of preemptive reparations that would offset the
    harm we know is going to come,”

    It looks to me like the primary complaint is that they know that the Obama Presidential Center is going to ruin the neighborhood — I can’t disagree with that.

    • Buddy

      The old “Jesse Jackson Shakedown!” NFL just threw them a $90 million dollar bone but, they’ll be back.

    • Joe Blow

      ” as a sort of preemptive reparations that would offset the
      harm we know is going to come,” from themselves

  • Joe Blow

    More parasitical behavior from blacks, how stereotypical

  • Carrie Kube

    While slave and indentured labor helped, not every in America was built by it. Free workers did exist and if anything truly built modern America, it was the Industrial Revolution.

  • Tammie

    I agree! Any of those slaves who are alive today are entitled to reparations! Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

  • ObamaIsAMuslim

    Who is gonna pay my family for the lives lost fighting against the south in the civil war? Screw these animals

  • Shears-of-Atropos

    If you were a slave, you can fill out this application indicating your slave name, owner, and dates and places of your slavery. References will be required to verify your claim. Otherwise, get off my campus.

  • lspanker

    I’m willing to consider reparations based on former slavery if it is coupled with taxpayers being compensated for that proportion of the trillions of federal welfare dollars spent on the descendants of those same former slaves since the start of LBJ’s Great Society over a half a century ago. Something tells me that if a true accounting were carried out, the results would not financially favor those demanding reparations…

  • Hughlon Thornbury

    Community organizers. Activists. Protesters. Millionaire sports jocks
    sitting and kneeling, professors teaching hate, college snowflakes
    burning and destroying.
    Rahm, Barry O., the Dem Party, the NOI and
    how many people have died in the city in the last ten years? How many
    people have these crusaders failed so far this year?
    As of Dec 3, 2017;
    Shot & Killed: 586
    Shot & Wounded: 2786
    Total Shot: 3372
    Total Homicides: 635
    Where was Rahm, where was Barry or Kaepernick?
    Where was the NOI? Where was the faculty and snowflakes at the U of C?
    These are Democrats killing Democrats, so who has the bigger
    responsibility on the problem?

  • anthony Ponder

    Let’s have reparations for all the tax money politicians have slung at the blacks to buy votes over that past 75 years.

  • dustyjoe

    All black students at this university must immediately drop out in protest.

    • Mr. Deplorable

      FTFY: All black students at this university must immediately drop DEAD in protest.

    • Joe Blow

      The grade average will rise dramatically

  • Dennis Teel

    I agree!! but only If reparations means buy every black person a little red hat and each one of them stands next to an organ grinder on street corners through out new york

  • LaMan

    “The Ideological Disease known as ‘Cultural Marxism’ Exposed” on YouTube


  • John M

    We have been paying for 50 plus years, it’s called welfare.

  • Joe Blow

    Lets figure what we owe blacks. Then we can deduct the cost of their crimes, welfare parasitism, urban decay, riots, the cost of enduring substandard black employees
    At the end, they will end up paying us.

    • Joe Blow

      Then we will find out that they owe us.

    • david smith

      I have always made the argument that blacks are net detriment to America even when including their slave output.

      • Joe Blow

        No doubt. They seem to take pride in being a detriment as they tell us they built and designed everything as well

      • John Smith ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

        Each pound of cotton they picked cost whites over a million dollars in my estimate.

  • juandeveras

    I suggest they all gather in Lagos, Nigeria and determine first which tribe enslaved which other tribe and sold them to British slave traders: Hausa, Yoruba or Ibo. A decade ago the pre-reparations gang interviewed Japanese-American lawyers whop had obtained ‘reparations’ for Japanese-American sent to camps during WWII.. You can see all the meetings on C-SPAN.

  • obot

    How about 40 acres and a Cadillac in Zimbabwe or Congo? All they have to do is give up their citizenship and passport.

  • TLYG

    There is not a black alive who deserves any recompense for slavery – not one.

    • Rechts

      In fact, we should bill them retroactively for the free boat ride

  • UtIdArWa

    The question that should always be asked about reparations is, HOW MUCH? Name a dollar figure. At what value do you place reparations?

  • Mr. Deplorable

    Everyone knew it was all coming around to this, right?

    • Rechts

      This is just the very beginning, to be sure.

      The more time passes that reveals that blacks just can’t make it in civilized society, the more they will demand for all the stuff dey see on da TV that dey needs to be made whole again.


  • Guest Dude

    600,000 mostly white men fought and died to free you from slavery in this country. At what point does paying back *your* debt enter into the equation.?

  • Rockribbed1

    The only possible reparations that would adequately repay the sins of the past would be for the university to withdraw from it’s occupation of Ill gotten buildings and land. Give it all back to the neighborhood. People of color can live there, rent free.
    Just like in Zimbabwe

  • Rezqewr

    “The Chicago Maroon reports N’COBRA was joined by the
    Reparations at UChicago Working Group, whose research concluded the
    university should pay restitution due to its ties to 19th century
    politician Stephen Douglas.

    Douglas’s land grant to the original university was ‘bankrolled by profits from his slave plantation’.”
    Then why go to school there? If I were an angry negro, the last place I’d want to be is a school that was funded and built with such ill-gotten gains.

    • Barbaree

      I can’t get past that moronic name – N’COBRA!

  • liars

    This is inner city communist black privilege, asking and agitating for free money.

  • paulmason1

    True Solution: Within a couple decades, using Genetic Engineering, it will be possible for parents to choose their infants’ IQ, body build (wrestler or tennis), skin color, etc.

    The True History, is that “slave traders” in Africa generally “bought” their slaves from Black chieftains. And Africa-South-of-Egypt has never amounted to much. The reason is that the average Black African IQ is way below the rest of the world.

    Using Genetic Engineering, this can all change in just a decade or two, as Black parents can pick the IQ of their children.

    It would be GREAT to have a world full of Black Einsteins!

    Best Wishes for All!


  • Disgruntled Vet

    If some how reparations were ordered to be paid out, the average black person would get very little if any of the actual money. Services that the money is to off set will be very limited, and only available to certain members of the community. I will say that the largest part of the money, at least 75% will go to the “Community” organizers and lawyers.
    It all boils down to this statement, everything is free, and pay me to breed.

  • realsickofit

    Free stuff, we want free stuff.

  • Tokaise Blessed Patriot
  • LittleRoot_48

    Add up everything blacks have been given since LBJ shoved the Great Society program down our throats. I’d say we have been paying them plenty of reparations since the mid 60’s. If they get reparations, subtract the amount already paid out to them AND do away with the welfare dole except for the needy elderly and disabled. Blacks need not be included in those 2 categories either if they get “reparations.”

  • AARGH63

    I love (/sarc) anything with “solidarity” in the name.

  • Buddy

    Fine but first, return the Trillions blown on the liberal programs, affirmative action, great society, food stamps, housing, then we can talk “reperations!”

  • Drtender

    Black wealth was created in this Area ? Black misery would be more appropriate

  • Mikal Gastpipe

    Thanks fore my belly laugh of the day! Now, when are blacks going to SUE the DEMOCRAT PARTY for the JIM CROW laws THEY wrote, passed and enforced, with the help of former KKK members?

  • norcal

    This is a hilarious. Morons who don’t know history. How about they sue the Democrat party who was racist against Harry Truman’s policies in ’47 and ’48 and had KKK members …. like Byrd.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Earn your own money losers. Stop trying to steal other people’s.

  • Fart’n feathers

    Apparently, the criminals in Chicago don’t just shoot people. What a scam.

  • John Smith ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

    Black Lives Matter – not empty words and not an effective slogan of propagandists.

    The lives of black citizens of the United States, indeed, are of great importance
    for the country in which they live. It is a fact. And the fact is undeniable,
    since it is official statistics behind it. And this statistics says,
    that, if suddenly the black population, regardless of age and sex,
    tomorrow will leave the country, which it massively hates, then as a result:

    – the US population will decrease by 11.3%;
    – the number of employees will be reduced by 1.4%;
    – The number of prisoners in prisons will be reduced by 48%;
    – the number of gangs and other criminal groups will be reduced by 53%;
    – the country’s average IQ will grow by 7.4%, placing the US on the third place in the world,
    on a par with Japan;
    – The average score of SAT (2016) will rise to 1100 points (now it is equal to 1000);
    – the number of AIDS patients will be reduced by 65%;
    – the number of patients with chlamydia will decrease by 59%;
    – the number of patients with gonorrhea will decrease by 69%;
    – the number of patients with syphilis will decrease by 57%;
    – The average annual income for the country will rise by more than 20,000;
    – the number of people living in poverty will be reduced by 54%;
    – the number of homeless people will be reduced by 65%;
    – the number of Welfare recipients will be reduced by 52%;
    – The Democratic Party of the United States will lose 26% of its voters.

    So, yes, everything is correct. Black Lives Matter!