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Student suspended for debating Islamic extremism with Muslim peer in debate club


Officials allegedly said it could be ‘harassing,’ told him to observe ‘social cues’

A Missouri high school that suspended a student for making critical comments about Islamic extremism says he’s not allowed to appeal the finding of wrongdoing.

Senior Alex Lonsdale, a member of Liberty High’s nationally ranked debate club, says he was just trying to have a friendly debate.

During his free period Oct. 17 at the public school near Kansas City, Lonsdale joined a spontaneous conversation among acquaintances about the nature of Islam.

He told The College Fix in a phone call Monday that he pointed to pro-terrorist sentiment among British Muslims, as indicated in polls by ICM Research for the 2016 Channel 4 documentary “What British Muslims Really Think.” The program was presented by the former chair of Britain’s Equality and Human Rights Commission, Trevor Phillips.

A Muslim sophomore also in the debate club, Faraz Pervaiz, allegedly challenged Lonsdale’s viewpoint on account of his own religious beliefs.

Both students had experience debating policy issues in the club, currently ranked second in the nation by the National Debate & Speech Association, where Liberty competes annually during its national competition.

Lonsdale and a debate partner shared a semifinal placement at the Grain Valley High School New Year Novice Kickoff this year, while Pervaiz and his partner tied for first in policy debate at a high school tournament in December 2016, according to The Kansas City Star.

But the impromptu debate on Islamic extremism, by Lonsdale’s retelling, turned into a raucous imbroglio.

“Why are you making my religion out to be like that?” Lonsdale said Pervaiz asked him. The Muslim student became reticent, apparently no longer wanting to continue debating, before he ended the conversation by leaving, according to Lonsdale.

“I wasn’t saying that ‘you’re a bad kid because you’re Islamic,’” he told The Fix. “I wasn’t being rude. I didn’t personally attack him at all.”

Lonsdale is not the only member of his family to court controversy in an educational setting.

As treasurer of the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at the University of Missouri this spring, his brother Chris was escorted out of a student government meeting for claiming that a candidate ticket tried to rig a disputed election.

‘Emotionally unsafe zone’

Three days after the short-lived debate, Alex Lonsdale was called into a meeting with the principal and vice principal, where he said he was asked to explain the statements that Pervaiz alleged he made.

Pervaiz allegedly “claimed that I said all Muslims are terrorists; all kill…” he told The Fix, trailing off. “I don’t know how you could even get any of that from this.”

School officials told him his behavior could be considered “harassing” or “hounding” and that Lonsdale should be conscious of “social cues,” according to Lonsdale.

He said they accused him of “‘creating an emotionally unsafe zone.’”

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After school officials interviewed three other student witnesses, Lonsdale was assigned to serve an in-school suspension the rest of the day and the following day.

Although the school said Lonsdale was not entitled to an appeal, Assistant Principal Bridget Herrman promised Nov. 20 to give him a letter containing the “necessary information about the suspension,” according to emails provided to The Fix.

The letter the school sent his parents, dated the same day, simply said he was suspended “due to behavior” and had been prescribed “corrective disciplinary action.”

The in-school suspension actually improved Lonsdale’s productivity, he told The Fix: “I got a lot of work done. I got everything done that I needed to do.” Lonsdale was permitted to leave in-school suspension to participate in some of his four Advanced Placement classes.

Though Pervaiz called Lonsdale “retarded” in their disputed interaction, the Muslim student appears to have escaped discipline, according to Lonsdale, adding that he didn’t want to punish Pervaiz’s speech.

Liberty debate coach Tim Baldwin and speech coach Michael Turpin did not immediately respond Wednesday to emailed requests for comment and to help The Fix reach Pervaiz for comment.

Liberty Public Schools spokesperson Dallas Ackerman declined to comment on behalf of Herrman, the assistant principal. It “is not our practice to comment on student discipline matters,” he told The Fix in an email Tuesday.

‘You need to apologize for how you made Faraz feel’

“I don’t know why that kid [Pervaiz] didn’t just walk away if it made him uncomfortable,” Carrie Lonsdale, Alex’s mother, told The Fix in a phone call Tuesday.

A former Army field medic whose youngest son is also at Liberty High, Carrie was baffled when administrators phoned her to accuse her son of being a bigot.

“My kids tell me everything,” said Carrie, who saw no wrong in her son’s actions as he recounted them.

Lonsdale said he has been ostracized by some students at school: Several now believe he is a racist.

A student who witnessed the debate – and gave a statement supporting Pervaiz to school officials – also had cross words with Lonsdale.

Miles slipped Lonsdale a handwritten letter (below) admonishing him for his “1-sided bash” on Islam and claimed he had equated Islam with terrorism.

“You initiated a 35-minute conversation trying to prove that Faraz’s entire religion was about terrorism,” wrote Miles. “You need to apologize for what you did and how you made Faraz feel.”

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According to Carrie, Alex’s only previous scrape with administrators came in October when a student anonymously reported him for bullying. It turned out to be a false report, she said: His teammate on the swim team admitted to making the report in jest.

Lonsdale has been accepted at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, where he applied after his incident with Pervaiz. The conflict gave Lonsdale “no complications” regarding his college prospects, he said.

He plans to study engineering or physics after his Liberty graduation this spring, but until then he hopes to abstain from further spirited debates about religion.

Carrie told The Fix she sees a disconnect between the school’s mission to prepare students for life and the school’s disapproval of uncomfortable topics. School officials say students “need to be responsible, they are young adults,” she said. “And then they treat them like babies.”

Kids “only have one shot” when they go through school, Carrie said: “And if you are screwing with [their] one shot, this is going to screw up the rest of their life because they’ve been through that while they’re [still] young.”

CORRECTION: The original story misstated who was in the meeting with Alex Lonsdale after his conflict with Faraz Pervaiz. It was the principal and vice principal. The article has been amended accordingly.

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About the Author
Kayla Schierbecker is a former student at the University of Missouri. She writes about free speech, campus wars and police accountability for Heat Street and Photography is Not a Crime. In 2015 she recorded a viral video of students and faculty preventing journalists from documenting protests. The video has received nearly three million views on YouTube and launched a national conversation about freedom of speech on campus.

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  • theGOONIES

    Clear evidence you won that debate. Congrats.

    • lspanker

      Just another example of the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the American Left.

      • ConservativeWarrior54

        They’ve been gone in their heads for decades now

        • Rob

          What is America’s most important right? Freedom of speech. Why? We can criticize our government, its policies, its people, and tell the truth about our politicians. For example, Obama is a purple-lipped, sexually-perverted, Muslim-loving demon! There! Feels good! With freedom of speech, politicians like Trump come along and CORRECT all the things people do not like, such as mass immigration and Muslim immigration. Europeans have to be quiet while their continent is transformed into an extension of the Middle East, a crime and rape invasion of 7th century barbarians, and will go to jail if they speak out. In America, we’ll peacefully change course. In Europe, as always, a very bloody civil war is coming.

          • NonHyphenatedAmerican

            Well said. I don’t feel safe there (EU) anymore.

          • Jim1937

            You spotted them several centuries I see.

          • Paul__Revere

            I doubt it, all remanants of a spine has been conditioned out of western europeans. Only eastern europeans have enough people left with sense enough to know what it means to be told to put a knife to your own throat after decades of communism…..they’d rather not return to a corporatized version of the same thing.

          • SkyrimBelongsToTheNords

            You think you have free speech? Try criticizing Jews, the one group nobody is allowed to talk badly about.

          • Dom Sanderson

            Did you hear about the new sports car being developed in Israel? Not only will it stop on a dime, it will pick it up too.

          • doclogic

            We only pick up dollars. We leave the dimes to the stupid goyim who don’t know what a dime is, but love that it’s shiny, round and fun to play with.

          • bunky

            You didn’t realize ten of them make a dollar?

          • doclogic

            It’s worth it to watch 10 chimps having fun playing with them. But you have a point: a dollar is worth nothing without something to back it up. The metal in the dime is probably worth more in actual value than is the dollar. Good catch.

          • BraveNewWhirled

            Not the dime, but the nickel.

          • doclogic

            I’d stick with the dime. From Wikipedia:
            As of 2011, the dime coin cost 5.65 cents to produce, making the dime worth 4.35 cents.

            As of the end of FY 2013, it cost more than nine cents to produce a nickel, making the nickle worth less than zero (about -4 cents). Also according to Wikipedia, the Mint is exploring the possibility of reducing cost by using less expensive metals for the nickel, so all of the above is subject to change.

          • Dom Sanderson

            Come on…that joke was funny.

          • doclogic

            Well….it kinda was, but let’s try one that doesn’t denigrate a religion:
            A lawyer died and went to the afterlife. He immediately started complaining to his angelic guide, “How could this have happened? I was only 40 years old! I was getting rich! I was in perfect health!”
            The angel replied, “Well, you see, we have a new system for lawyers. We don’t go by age, we go by the weekly billable hours they claim. By that system, you are actually 153.”

          • doclogic

            Says the genius who has never watched a television, read a newspaper, peeked into a history book, listened to PBS radio, etc. What’s the matter? Still sad because the Jews killed your god, Eichman?

          • douglasmcb

            What the hell is wrong with you?

          • doclogic

            Old age, kidney trouble, two heart attacks, gout, a stroke, arthritis and more. Thanks for asking; it’s very thoughtful of you. I hope you’re doing better than am I.

          • TxMan

            No kidding, Dam!

          • doclogic

            Are you addressing someone named Dam and admonishing him/her to not engage in levity? Did you really mean to say, “No kidding! Damn!”? Semi-true but possible story: TxMan went into a Dallas bar and said to a young lady, “Hey, Baby. Know what’s really hard right now?” She replied, “Apparently for you, second grade.”

          • heinzy

            …..because the Jews dispensed justice…….

          • SkyrimBelongsToTheNords

            Ever read Zionism VS Bolshevism by Winston Churchill in the Sunday Herald?

          • doclogic

            Generally, Churchill abhorred Socialism and Communism in any form. He was later educated about the mass slaughter of Jews by the Czar and so came to understand the forces that compelled many of them to support any alternative to Czarist rule. A year later, at the first public meeting he attended with his wife
            Clementine, a few weeks after their marriage, he told those gathered to
            open a new wing of the Manchester Jewish Hospital that he was “very glad
            to have the experience of watching the life and work of the Jewish
            community in England; there was a high sense of the corporate
            responsibility in the community; there was a great sense of duty that
            was fostered on every possible occasion by their leaders.”

          • jason callio

            You do realize the article you are posting on is about a student that was suspended for criticizing ISLAM, right?

          • Joe Blow

            Skum like you not only criticize Jews non-stop, but your blame them for even your hemorrhoids. And you are still free.

          • SkyrimBelongsToTheNords

            Thanks for proving my point. You can criticize Muslims, you can criticize Christians, but if you even mention Jews the well trained Shabbos goyim come out of the woodwork to defend their masters.

          • Joe Blow

            WDF are you babbling about? You sound like a retarded SJW. You are free to say any sort of crap about anyone, and people like me are just as free to say you are talking trash. You just want to crap on Jews non-stop w/o anyone disagreeing with you, just like your idol Hitler.

            BTW, this article HAS NOTHING to do about the Jews yet here you are ranting about them. But everyone else has a problem, right?

          • SkyrimBelongsToTheNords

            Nothing to do with the Jews you say? Who do you think started this PC nonsense in the first place? Who do you think runs the SPLC and the ADL? Who do you think started all of the anti-christian, anti-white crap? Who do you think is pushing open boarders in the west? Who do you think owns every left wing media outlet and runs holleywood?

          • doclogic

            From Slate: “Not one of the major television news operations—Fox News,
            CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, CBS News, or NBC News—is currently headed by a
            Jewish executive.”
            From Quora: “Hollywood is owned by multinational corporations. One of
            them, Sony Corporation, is Japanese, chaired by a Welsh-American. Another, Fox
            Corporation, is American from November 2004, originally Australian. Its
            Chairman, Keith Rupert Murdoch, is not Jewish. The second largest shareholder
            is Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud of Saudi Arabia (per Wikipedia).”

          • SkyrimBelongsToTheNords

            NBC is owned by Comcast, Comcast CEO is Brian L. Roberts, Jewish. The CEO of CBS is Leslie Roy Moonves, Jewish. CNN is owned by Turner Broadcasting who’s president is David Levy, Jewish, which is owned by Time Warner, the founder of Time Warner is Steve Ross, Jewish. ABC is owned by Disney, the CEO of Disney is Robert Allen Iger, Jewish. Since you are using Slate as your source for all this, Slate Magazine is owned by Michael Kinsley who is Jewish.

            Everything I have said here can be verified on Wikipedia. You can call me whatever names you wish, but it doesn’t change the fact that I am right when I say the vast majority of Media in the United States is Jewish owned and operated even major online sources like Drudge, Matt Drudge is Jewish, and Breitbart, founded in Israel by Andrew Breitbart, who is Jewish. Jonah Peretti, CEO of Buzzfeed, Jewish. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Jewish, Sergey Brin co-founder of Google, Jewish.

            Then again I’m sure it’s just a (((coincidence))).

          • doclogic

            Some Jews in management, but not in control of day-to-day editorial operations. But using your paradigm, here’s something scary:

            Chicago Tribune: Bruce Dold-Christian
            Chicago Sun Times: Chris Fusco-Christian
            NY Times: Arthur O. Sulzberger, Jr.-Christian
            Washington Post-Fred Ryan-Christian
            LA Times: Ross Levinsohn-Christian (Yeah, surprised me too!)
            PBS: Paula Kerger-Christian
            Google: Sundar Pichai-Christian

            Clearly, a Christian conspiracy to control public thought. We must be afraid…very afraid! Please contact SkyrimBelongsinaNordicMentalCareFacility for foil hat blueprints.

          • SkyrimBelongsToTheNords

            Christians are 70% of the population not 1.7% of the population. Secondly Christians aren’t duel Citizens of a Foreign Nation that receives the majority of Foreign Aid and has all of it’s neighbors being invaded and bombed at our expense. Never mind AIPAC being the largest, most powerful foreign lobby where all presidential candidates must bow and grovel before Israel for approval. You could see how there might be a conflict of interest.

            Cherry picking a few News Papers does not discount the fact that almost all of the major media conglomerates are run by Jews, and that’s not even digging into the rest of the key positions within those organizations.

            I’m not just some tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist. China thinks the same thing:


          • doclogic

            Wow. Please accept my prayers (in Hebrew) for a speedy recovery. In the meantime…

          • I appreciate your mental disease, but you just criticized Jews in a puerile manner

          • JimFogleman

            SkyblowsMohammed: you need to get back to Yemen or Somalia where you belong.

          • SkyrimBelongsToTheNords

            (((Folgleman))) you need to go back to your Precious Israel.

          • doclogic

            Absolute proof that SkyrimBelongsToTheNords (SBTTN) knows absolutely nothing about Judaism. Simple test:
            A wealthy young Jewish man wanted to marry and was interested in three women. He devised a method for selecting the most pious bride. He gave each of the three $ 100,000 and said, “Spend whatever you want on whatever you want and I’ll check back with you in a week to see how you spent the money.” After a week, the women reported thus:
            Woman 1: “I spent all of the money on the finest of women’s clothing and fragrances so that I will always be attractive to you.”
            Woman 2: “I spent all the money of the finest ‘man toys’ for you: fine cigars, the best Scotch, a Rolex, etc. because I love you so much.”
            Woman 3: “I gave all the money to an orphanage so that your family name would forever be linked to kindness to the poor, which is an important Torah concept.”
            Question: The young man picked one of the three. Which woman did the young man pick?

          • JimFogleman

            Skkyblows: I have never been to Israel but I would love to visit. Now shouldn’t you be throwing rocks at someone or starting a fight then hiding behind some women & children.

          • Joe Blow

            Oh give me a break. Trump is no champion of free speech or honesty.

          • TxMan

            Well, he is an improvement over obama!

          • Joe Blow

            I don’t think so any longer

          • BraveNewWhirled

            Trump was an improvement over Obama the moment he made his Inaugural address. Invoking America’s Christian birthright, rebuking the swamp creatures behind him, and promising to bring the power back to We the People. The Mayflower Compact is our original founding document, dedicating this land to “the advancement of the Christian faith”.

          • NCO retired

            Poor Native Americans I guess huh???

          • Ballasster

            …arm or leg?…

          • wlfgng

            Sadly, I’m afraid you are right. That said it is a better course than allowing the globalist agenda in Europe to continue.

        • Rational_Db8
          • johnleehooker

            I refer to it as the “moron machine called public education”.

          • Ezra Pound

            Yep, the jewish frankists influence, the jew promotes communism and pedophilia and open borders but only for white nations

          • Davole

            Go Pound salt with your anti-Jew racist spew!

          • SkyrimBelongsToTheNords

            The greatest power of Jewish influence, is the ability to silence anyone who points out Jewish influence.

          • doclogic

            Says the genius who, in his paranoid wisdom, believes that .02% of the world’s population controls the world.

          • heinzy


          • SkyrimBelongsToTheNords

            Jews make up 2% of the US population. 1/3rd of the Supreme Court is Jewish. 5/6 major media companies in the US are owned by Jews. Every major holleywood studio is owned by Jews. 50% of the top 1% income earners in the US are Jewish. They don’t control the world, they just control America via their massive influence and money disproportionately to their population. Go ahead and prove me wrong.

          • doclogic

            OK, genius. You can read this in the activities room of your rehab facility residence:

            From Slate: “Not one of the major television news operations—Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, CBS News, or NBC News—is currently headed by a Jewish executive.”

            From Wikipedia: “There were about 4 million adherents of Judaism in the U.S. as of 2001, approximately 1.4% of the US population.”

            From Wikipedia: The “top 1% of income earners” number is outdated. It is based on a Pew research poll that considered earners of $ 100,000 to be the “1%”. The top 1% has been nationally revised to $ 462,000. It looks like Hindus, other Asians and Jews will hold the top three spots, meaning that thesegroups tend to work harder and smarter and are better educated. Not exactly stuff to be ashamed of.

            From Wikipedia: 2/3 of Supreme Court Justices are Roman Catholic. So what?

            From Quora: “Hollywood is owned by multinational corporations. One of
            them, Sony Corporation, is Japanese, chaired by a Welsh-American. Another, Fox
            Corporation, is American from November 2004, originally Australian. Its
            Chairman, Keith Rupert Murdoch, is not Jewish. The second largest shareholder
            is Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud of Saudi Arabia (per Wikipedia).”

          • SkyrimBelongsToTheNords

            Fox Is the 1 out of 6 major media outlets that is not run by Jews. The CEO of Sony was Jewish until May 2017. So I guess Jews only run the other 4 now.

          • doclogic

            Wow. Apparently reading is not a priority for schools in the Third Reich. Again:
            From Slate: “Not one of the major television news operations—Fox News,
            CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, CBS News, or NBC News—is currently headed by a
            Jewish executive.”

            By the way, why are anti-Semites so concerned with what Jews earn, run, believe, etc.? Why not simply spend less time on obsessing over Jews and their “power” and more on getting an education, working hard and running your very own stuff. Presto! No more need to worry about Jews! Peace at last! Mazel Tov!

          • doclogic

            Forgive Ezra. He is upset because his father died at Auschwitz. Of course, the cause of death was that he fell off a guard tower, but still…

          • Frankism is an anti-Jewish heresy

          • Rational_Db8

            I’m sorry, sir/ma’am/it, but there is a problem with your platinum issue Race Card®.

            It’s been declined, and is badly overdrawn.

            Perhaps you could actually try to formulate a relevant argument instead.

          • heinzy

            Stuck in 1890?

          • heinzy

            Great posts, thanks.

      • Government school Jihad against open thinking outside of what’s politically approved propaganda.

        And that is exactly what our schools do.

        “Half of writing history is hiding the truth.” – Malcom Reynolds

        • ironbee
          • THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084
          • Tom

            Is that a ANTIFA person in the photo? Oh I’m sorry that is a rifle, if it were it would be a stick to beat the victim.

          • I Flatus

            When the police are standing down they only need sticks. Eventually, the police will openly come out on their side, and they won’t even need sticks.
            The only way they get arrested now is if they mistakenly attack police and get caught.

          • Grintsum

            Or else the antifa idiot would be pointing the exit end of the barrel at his head.

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          • Jack Gamatta


          • Jack Gamatta


          • John Otradovec

            The communist only allow hate speech that will destroy our Republic.

          • Phyllis

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          • Rebecca

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          • Dan Brown

            We need to be using rifles on the Antifa scum.

          • Jack Gamatta

            yeah when does it get legal to shoot moslems in the USA???Us vets are ready to go as soon as we can fight without going to jail for doing the right thing…

          • FoxDI

            Yes, choose ignorance for your children, it will make it cheeper for mine to employ them.

          • jb80538

            You sure your children would even want to hire ignorant liberals? Most are about as close to worthless as a person could be.

          • WagTheDawg

            SOMEBODY has to clean the toilets!

          • KMcStew

            Indoctrinated entitled millennials at the bottom of the ladder don’t realize the lowest job falls to them in the workplace. They expect their supervisor to clean the toilet for THEM.

          • bunky

            Will they clean the toilets if the people using them eat bacon?

          • Theresa

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          • Johnny Average

            they wont lower themselves to that, they will expect illegals to do it for them…they ARE taught hypocrisy!

          • GRP

            That would be a health risk

          • FoxDI

            No, they will hire yokels like you

          • TxMan

            Sure they will buttercup! Lol

          • jb80538

            Yeah right. FOOL

          • lspanker

            I see you had nothing of substance to add to the discussion, troll.

          • Loligag1953

            Their PC “Studies” degrees are totally worthless in the job market. They’d be better served learning how to flip burgers, which would have the added benefit of not taxing their severely stunted thought processes.

          • Pray Hard

            What job market? These people will be political enforcers or the NWO.

          • I Flatus

            Go out into corporate America. Open your eyes, they populate every HR dept, every PR dept, every board room.
            Get a job and you’ll see that they are everywhere.
            Who do you think is responsible for the wall to wall PC tv ads you see everyday?

          • Eatie Gourmet

            it is even worse if you work for a government agency, at any level of gov’t.

          • Loligag1953

            This will change eventually. Everything goes in cycles, and their cycle is at it’s apex. I maintain that a four year, $93,000 degree in Transgender African Dance Theory won’t get you very far in 2020.

          • I Flatus

            Oh? When was the last “cycle” you observed? Nonsense.
            And what would be the cause of any cessation in the liberal march?
            If you think people with nonsense degrees just fade away, you’re just not paying attention.

          • Loligag1953

            You’re the one who isn’t paying attention. Once upon a time there was a large marketplace for people who knew how to shod horses, and make buggy whips.

            And suddenly, there wasn’t.

            The skills (and I use that term very lightly) that these “Studies” students are being taught are not even in great demand today, as the job market for college graduates with such majors is virtually non-existent. The vast majority of them end up as “Life Coaches” or flunkies in the HR department, with little hope of upward mobility.

          • I Flatus

            I think you’ve run out of any argument. In order for your misplaced buggywhip analogy to make any sense, there would have to have been a period when nonsense degrees were somehow valued in a market that has in some way changed.
            I’ll go a step further and posit that you don’t even really understand the old buggywhip story as an exemplar of obsolescence.
            I’d love to know how you could, in any way, know that people with “Studies” degrees end up as life coaches or as flunkies in HR depts.
            And your generalization on “studies” degrees affirms your GED.
            Such spinning tells me you’re in over your head.
            Just an example of degrees out there working in govt and industry:
            International Studies
            Russian Studies
            General Studies
            Social Studies
            Religious Studies
            Environmental Studies
            Entrepreneurial Studies
            Language Studies
            Digital and Computational Studies
            Legal Studies
            Interdisciplinary Studies

          • Loligag1953

            And you’re in the dumper. See ya, you arrogant, ignorant, pompous, self important little troll.

          • pawn2nd

            Love that !

          • Mr.Pogo

            Really? I hope your daughters have their genitals ripped from them and may your grand children grow up despising you.

          • bunky

            The things your children may employ are big blades and suicide vests.

          • BraveNewWhirled

            Our modern government school system is not “education” in the sense we should expect. It could be called indoctrination, mind-control, or brainwashing but not education. With few exceptions, our children are getting a terrible education in the government school system.

          • 52Montoya

            The National Education Association stated as far back as 1937 that the job of the teacher was to help the young student to make the transition to the New World Order. They and their acolytes have done a lot of damage. I’m not sure we can undo it, and if we do, it won’t be done over night.

          • FoxDI

            If you don’t like it leave. There are plenty of private options who will take your money and recapitulate your ideology, please feel free to take advantage of that.

          • Carrie Lonsdale

            We need to get more involved this is exactly what they want us to think it’s not true. Trump was elected the exact same way, noone thought it was possible. We have the power. I am the mother of this student and I made it go National and viral.

          • I Flatus

            If you think these snowflakes are not right at home in corporate America, you’re either unemployed or self employed.

          • Horace Knowlton

            best pic of the day!!! You win.

          • Pray Hard

            If you think this is teachers and teacher unions, you’re only about 5% correct. This is state legislatures and school boards. Where do you think this poison is brewed?

        • Celeste Lovett


      • Deplorable Grumpy

        This is a ‘starter kit’ for the full implementation of Sharia Law.

      • cheeflo

        Which has infected the entire educational establishment, public and private. So much for the free exchange of ideas.

        • TxMan

          Progressives do not want an “exchange” of ideas, they just want everyone to blindly support their insanity!

          • Enigma

            Regardless of your opinion on Trump, I think what you said there is something all of us here agree on 100%. It is a sin in and of itself that the modern left have stolen and raped the entire meaning of “progress” to mean something that’s the complete freaking opposite: regress.

      • And…it shows exactly why the American education rating continues to drop. Not only are we failing to educate on problem solving and analytical approaches, we are totally failing to prepare students for a competitive world where “feeling hurt” doesn’t qualify you for a job or a profession.

        • heinzy

          There will be a lot of ‘hurt feelings ‘

      • moberndorf

        Not to mention rank stupidity.

      • Elisha

        The American Left is intellectually sloppy, vapid, and utterly blasphemous.

    • ConservativeWarrior54

      My son just told me that Christians are now in a silent revolt on campuses all over America. All of this bias against anyone who dares speak up against Islam or leftist ideology is making more and moire of them go conservative. Good! The desired effect I’d say.
      Same with the anti-white BS on campus. There is a video on Whatfinger News on right by one of the owners named Mark Dice, that illustrates the PC insanity disease against White people. A Mayor was so upset that a council mmeber dared to say ‘white privilege’ does not exist, that the snowflake started crying on camera. her very speech patterns and bias against her own race is disgusting, made me want to laugh and infuriated me all at the same time. You have to see that video. On right side at http://www.whatfinger.com
      That is Drudge’s main competitor I think, or at least that is how other people keep describing them.

      • Red-Pilled Conservative

        Cute. Do you also do Insurance Panda posts in your spare time?

        • Rocketman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

          Eff you libtard

        • Mack B

          You Richard head! Still bumming on the election, huh?

      • Rocketman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

        Not a competitor – an adjunct

      • el_segundo

        Maybe it’s time for the revolt to not be so silent anymore. Every parent in this kid’s school who looks into this has to know that he is being punished for expressing the truth, and they all should threaten to pull their kids out of the school if they don’t clear his record and apologize to his family for trying to shame him into submission.

        • model94

          How about “a week without whitey: : a coordinated nationwide vacation.

          • Econ101

            Who will feed the left?

          • GoingTactical

            Let them starve.

          • J. Neville Groff

            The left eats its own eventually.

          • model94


        • AlThompson

          How about a vigilante group just going and beating the s*** out of the principal? That’s the only thing these leftist bastards understand!

        • Dave Goodfellow

          They made it a law you can’t just pull your kids from school it basically lets the state (child services}
          Unless you can fill all the excessive requirements mandated for homeschooling.

      • Azrial Nimrod

        The woman crying was jewish, not white.

        • Tommy Tunez

          Azrial Nimrod – The woman crying is Valerie Johnson mayor of New Brighton Minnesota, who is a escaped inmate from a local mental institution.

        • Herb

          she was a liberal…that overrides and race, color or religion of the diseased party. She is too far gone to be saved

        • Rodolfo666

          LOTS of Jews are White

          • THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084

            That is an insult to jews, and whites

        • Dusty Thompson

          “Jewish” isn’t a race.

          • Azrial Nimrod

            Good goyim. That’s right.

          • Joe Blow

            You must have this confused with the Daily Stormer.

          • Marcus Welby

            Yeah. Then explain why blood tests are needed for immigration to Israel?

          • Constitutional_Originalist

            Well what have we here…another Jew hating simpleton…Perhaps a muslime who picked a name off your local shit-stain muzzie TV network. Well “Marcus Welby” it’s likely Israel requires them for the same reason the USA does. Here’s what’s required by the US Government to immigrate here:

            The applicant must show his/her passport (or other photo
            identification) and appointment letter to the doctor during the medical

            The medical examination will include a medical history review, physical examination, chest X-ray and blood tests for syphilis.

            The physical examination will at least include examination of the
            eyes, ears, nose and throat, extremities, heart, lungs, abdomen, lymph
            nodes, skin and external genitalia.

            In some countries, the panel physician will send the results to the
            U.S. Embassy/Consulate directly. In other countries, the panel physician
            will give the applicant his/her medical exam results in a sealed
            envelope and an x-ray which the applicant must bring to the interview.

            Note: The medical examination is not a complete physical
            examination. Its purpose is to screen for certain medical conditions
            relevant to U.S. immigration law. The panel physician is not required to
            examine you for any conditions except those the U.S. Public Health
            Service specifies for U.S. immigration purposes, nor is the physician
            required to provide you with diagnosis or treatment even though other
            matters related to your health might be discovered. This examination is
            not a substitute for a full physical examination, consultation,
            diagnosis, or treatment by your primary health care provider.

            Assuming you can read English…that should answer the question.

          • Old Timer

            Good information. We used to check for health before admitting people into our country.

            Now, the illegal aliens and refugees from Africa are bring in tuberculosis into all our states and well as returning diseases long gone from our country.

          • TxMan

            Do you seriously not know why??? PS… It’s not a test for “race”! Lol, Wow!

        • Constitutional_Originalist

          Nimrod (in my day the term was a pejorative, but I digress) you do conservatism a disservice but exhibiting such utter ignorance as to conflate race and religion. Someone can become a Jew by converting to their religion. You cannot make yourself white…race being immutable. Don’t hold yourself out as a conservative. REAL conservatives stand for diversity of ideas. We don’t need people missing half their teeth with 5th grade educations (am I being unduly optimistic) spewing tired old screeds. Back to mommy’s basement…time for a grilled cheese?

        • Joe Blow

          Another retarded Jew hater reveals his profound ignorance

        • doclogic

          “Jewish” is a religion and its adherents can be of any race and color.
          “White” is the absence of color; it is neither a color nor is it a race.
          “Caucasian” is a race, not a color or a religion.

          • Azrial Nimrod

            Ah and I see a Jew crawls out from under it’s rock to spread its subversion. I am clearly beyond your Jewish tricks. The woman spreading anti white hate in this video is Jewish. To those reading this response, start looking at the politicians, academics, NGO leaders, and judges promoting anti white agendas. They are all Jewish.

          • doclogic

            Good news! Paranoia is both common and treatable! I am not a politician, academic (other than being a student many decades ago), an NGO leader or a judge. I am a conservative, veteran (13 years service-1967 to 1980), independent business owner. In short, I am just an old guy who dislikes infantile, moronic bigots. But you do have my sympathy re: your obvious and pitiable psychiatric limitations (“They are all Jewish”. Really???)

          • Azrial Nimrod

            Ah, a boomer. I don’t talk to your kind. You grew up in a country that was 90% white, and had no problem with miscegenating, destruction of the nuclear family, the last three decades of fighting Israel’s wars, millions of illegals flooding across our borders, and the now inescapable LGBT degeneracy sweeping the nation. Your generation stands for nothing but weakness and complacency. The sooner your kind die off in your nursing home beds, while Shanaynay and Laquisha laugh at you, the better.

          • doclogic

            LOL! If you’re going to cite statistics to buttress your irrational anti-Semitism, at least try to get them right. From US Census Bureau:

            89.8 1940
            89.5 1950
            88.6 1960
            87.5 1970
            83.0 1980
            80.3 1990 (larger, up-trending percentages of Hispanic and Asians)
            75.1 2000
            72.4 2010

            “LGBT degeneracy”??? Not only bad at math, racist, lazy, anti-Semitic and ageist, but a homophobe besides? Bet you want to throw gay people off of buildings, right? Whatta guy/gal. Great name choice, though.

      • Herb

        stand up and be counted or be left out of the wedding feast


          When we stand up, they will put us down in the Old Yeller sense. Sooner or later, they won’t bother to wait for us to stand up, they’ll just put us down by the tens of millions.

          • J. Neville Groff

            We are FAR from done in by some fecund inbred third world regressive asslifters.

          • THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084

            The third worlders are just the henchmen and cannon fodder. “Our” rulers are the ones who will promulgate our slaughter by every means they can.

      • lspanker

        Funny is I’m probably more of an agnostic/atheist than even most liberals are, yet I don’t have this hysterical hatred of Christians as the left does. I have no problem getting along with 99% of them, nor do I have any urge to scold or demean them. I just see them as people whom I have some disagreements on certain theological views, that’s all.

        • Neptus 9

          Me neither. I’m not religious but I don’t have any anti-Christian bias. I only have an anti-religious fanatic bias.
          I don’t usually tell people I’m not religious because I don’t want anyone to think I’m a liberal.

          • Paul__Revere

            Fanaticism isn’t even the problem, it is much simpler than that.
            Coercion of others is the issue, whether it is religious coercion (which Islam seems to want to be the world champions), political coercion (authoritarianism, aka socialism, aka leftism), sexual coercion (rape), etc etc…is simply immoral.

            People who try to coerce others into submitting to their wills, whatever the flavor, are the problem and the USA was supposed to be the place where humanity could get away from this to the largest extent possible.

          • Neptus 9

            Religion has been particularly effective because their basic assumptions — and assertions — cannot be proven or disproven.

          • Richard

            It is a mistake to talk about “religion” as if it were unique in this respect. There is no field of human endeavour that can get by without some unprovable assumptions. IN fact that is just about the only thing that we CAN be certain about! Even Mathematics has Russell’s paradox and Godel’s theorem.

          • Neptus 9

            People don’t fight over mathematical theorems.
            The fact that the existence of such entities as God can neither be proven nor disproven and are claimed to be the source of morality is the source of hatred and rage.

          • TxMan

            Seriously??? Most Christians do not have “hatred, or rage” issues! You must be referring to the folks on the left who simply show hatred and/or rage towards anyone who disagrees with them!

          • Richard

            “People don’t fight over mathematical theorems.
            The fact that the
            existence of such entities as God can neither be proven nor disproven
            and are claimed to be the source of morality is the source of hatred
            and rage.”

            Changing your argument when your original argument is refuted, nice one!

            Also – in case you didn’t notice- Godel’s theorem feeds directly in to arguments about the existence of God. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G%C3%B6del%27s_ontological_proof

          • Neptus 9

            I didn’t know I’d been refuted. Therefore I hadn’t.
            I don’t know anything about Godel. He’s not the idiot that says a cat in a box where you can’t see or hear it but that might or might not ingest cyanide is in an intermediate state between dead and alive is he? Whether you see it or not it’s one or the other.
            I actually don’t care whether or not God exists since I can’t control His behavior either way.
            But His unprovability is the cause of strife since there can’r be any decisive answer. Nobody actually proved the Classical gods didn’t exist or that the Germanic gods didn’t, either. People were presented with a more satisfying religion (and sometimes persecuted for not accepting it). They outgrew that nonsense.

          • Richard

            “I didn’t know I’d been refuted. Therefore I hadn’t.”

            Now you are venturing into cartoon logic!

            Like the character who runs off a cliff but doesn’t fall until he looks down.

            “I don’t know anything about Godel.”

            He was the one who proved that God does exist and mathematics contains an infinite number of true but unprovable statements.

            “He’s not the idiot that says a cat in a box where you can’t see or hear
            it but that might or might not ingest cyanide is in an intermediate
            state between dead and alive is he?”

            No, that was Schodinger. Calling one of the greatest physicists of all time an “idiot” doesn’t do much for your credibility.

          • Neptus 9

            The cat’s either alive or dead. Claiming it’s “intermediate” is mistaking one’s lack of certainty for a reality about it.

            True but unprovable statements show that we’ve reached the limits of our ability and nothing otherwise about reality.

          • Richard

            You may have reached the limits of your ability.

            You are a naive realist.

            However you are using technology which relies on the possibllity of superpositions of states (as in the cat) in order to work.

          • Neptus 9

            “you can actually tell the difference between a true superposition of states and simply not knowing”

            Of course you can. the first is nonsense and the second is realism.

          • Richard

            Actually the first is the real world as verified by experiment and the second is your pathetic attempt to cling to a naive conception of reality that went out of physics in the 1920s.

          • Neptus 9

            Time will prove me right.

          • Richard

            Impossible – since experiment has already proved you wrong.



          • Common Scents

            Most astute but it strangles all Men, not just US. Islam is effective because it’s hosts are not very bright, uneducated, and therefor easily manipulated and managed. Hate is taught and islam makes it “noble”.

          • 52Montoya

            Odd isn’t it? Christians are taught to love as God is love, but Muslims are taught to hate. Does that mean that their Allah is hate?

          • Common Scents

            Islam is the antithesis to Christianity, by both design, as well as, practicality. People of Faith understand this, yet secular people cannot. Islam is a cancer and unless it is exposed as the evil it inspires, Peace will remain as elusive as a “moderate” muslim.

          • Marcus Welby

            There are quite a few agnostic, atheist, and gay right wingers. Too bad our fellow right wingers sometimes look upon us with suspicion. My extremist bona fides are beyond repute lol.

          • Neptus 9

            It’s really a shame, but we represent new style conservatives. I’m conservative because the American system obviously works and delivers more good to more people than any other, enables social mobility, and corrects wrongs through legal means and less often violently than other countries.

          • TxMan

            Then I stand corrected! I’m glad you are a Conservative, and I have zero problems with gay, atheist, agnostic, or whatever… We can all be conservatives! It just makes sense!

        • Paul__Revere

          Ditto, I cannot claim to be a christian when I do nothing to practice the “faith” as prescribed by any denomination nor do I share many of their beliefs….but I could not care less about what pentecostals do with rattlesnakes in Arizona, have fun, don’t get bit, and if you do I am not footing the doctor bill.

          • K Smith

            Minor correction….The snake handlers are mostly in Alabama and Indiana.
            We used to sell them snakes we caught.

          • MJBinAL

            And there are very few of them

          • Brad Jensen

            Very few of them left, in any case.

          • Paul__Revere

            Interesting to know, thanks! The point was made in jest, while I know some pentecostals do the snake stuff, I have no idea which ones or where or anything else about it.
            Every now and then I pass a pentecostal church and think maybe I should go one sunday and see what they are doing in there, but out of simple respect I don’t presume to treat somebody else’s place of worship as my personal tourism site. Not that they would be angry or even feel disrepected perhaps, they might like outsiders coming in and checking them out for all I know, but it simply isn’t something that seems appropriate to me. I wouldnt waltz into a Hindu temple or islamic mosque or Shinto place either unless it was a place specifically open for those sorts of visits…like the Vatican for instance.

          • RudyRight

            After reading your last two comments, I wish we were neighbors!

          • Ex-Oligarch

            I was raised in a protestant Christian denomination but do not practice the faith. However, I do my best to practice its ethical ideals. Personal moral responsibility is important to me. As time goes on I find that the people I most trust and respect are those who have been trained in and taken Christian ethics to heart, whether or not they currently consider themselves Christians.

          • NoWayJose


          • Common Scents

            Being a Christian only requires Faith in Jesus, not faith in the many religions that follow(ed). You may very well be a Christian, God bless You either way.

          • DD-762

            As a former Roman Catholic, I attended a fundamental Baptist Church for four years (1996-2000). Many of its members hated Catholics almost as much as they hate Muslims.

            Oh yeah, I know longer attend any organized Christian church.

            I still consider myself a Christian. My main tenet is Jesus’ answer to the Pharisees when He was asked what is the greatest Commandment. To paraphrase, He stated ‘love God and love your neighbor’. My decision has certainly kept me out of trouble.

        • Rocketman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

          I went to church regularly as a kid like most. But while I do not claim to be any religion, there are certain tenants/morals the church teaches that I TRY to follow that the left abhors. That is why they are so immoral.

        • Clay99

          Same hear. The only Christians that bug me are the street preachers. I think everyone, including Christians, hates those guys. 99% of Christians are decent people, misled by myths, but still good people.

          • TxMan

            Yeh, most of them are good people. “Misled by myths”, are you stating that as a fact, or as your opinion???

        • Dusty Thompson

          Because you’re not an indoctrinated Marxist.

        • AlThompson

          That’s because you are a sane and reasonable person, not a leftist idealog like the liberal trash we have to deal with day by day! 😎

        • Marcus Welby

          I am sorta agnostic too, but if we are going to have a holy war I will sign up with the Christians. I am already a card carrying member of the baker liberation movement. Being bi that may blow some peeps’ minds, but you don’t have the right to force someone to make you a wedding cake. Gay marriage is pretty gay anyway. Milo is right. It was more fun and everyone was better off back in the closet. But I digress.

        • citizen

          This is an important distinction:
          1. Type 1 atheists. Don’t care what you think. Tolerant, and compatible with western society.
          2. Type 2 atheists. Militant secular humanists on a crusade to stamp out all display or expression of any religious or spiritual ideations, particularly Christian ones. Completely incompatible with the importance western culture places on individual liberty.

          • Paul__Revere

            What you have just illustrated is a symptom of a deeper issue and that is the perpetual juvenilization of society, also referred to as the prolonged adolescence phenomenon.

            A mature adult does not care what your goofy or honorable beliefs are regardless of how different they may be, it is when they are forced to comply with or bankroll your beliefs against their will, that they take an issue and are intolerant of you.

            An immature “adult” feels the irrational need to rebel against christians just as a teenager irrationally feels the need to rebel against their parents. The teen doesnt even necessarily rebel against all adults, just the adults whom are prominent figures in their life (parents, their teachers, etc)….this behavior is very similar to these anti-christian militant atheists who feel an irrational need to antagonize and attack christians. You dont see them outside mosques, or going after rastafarians, or buddhists, much less wiccans, they go after the religious institution that is predominant in their world, in the USA that will almost always be christians.

            Bottom line these are children trapped in adult bodies who were not raised to learn how to be an adult in any semblance of a mature way. This failure in parenting on a societal scale explains a lot of irrational behavior we see today. It all started with the advent of television permitting parents all the way back in the 1950’s and 60’s to stop actually minding their kids and just park them in front of the distraction box. The so-called “greatest generation” is actually the generation whose actions on one hand were of great importance and benefit to America and also poisoned American society for decades and generations to come. Until we ween society off of corporate controlled broadcast media, nothing will ever change. Home schooling is a major step in doing this but clearly requires one parent to stay home….something our betters do not want and you see everything they do works towards making life more and more expensive (therefore forcing both parents to work full-time) whether it is tax policy or devaluing our currency to flooding the labor market with immigrants, legal or illegal, keeping wages stagnant.

            Trump is the resistance.
            I feel lucky to have lived to see this come to pass, however it all turns out in the end.

          • citizen

            That cannot be the vehicle by which all the atheists arrive to their views, but some of them may have. Interesting analysis.

          • Paul__Revere

            Clearly you are right, but you can see the obvious parallels. This immaturity is why there is a large segment of the population who are vulnerable to the notion that if someone isnt an angel then nothing they have done is of value, and if they violate a norm, even if it wasnt a violation of any norm at the time of the “violation” then they must be attacked…..and so you have people defacing Columbus statues who wouldnt even be alive much less walking around in the most prosperous society to live in in the history of the world were it not for Columbus’ courage conviction and actions, despite whatever his flaws.

            Children insist the things they love be perfect, adults accept the bad with the good because we have the ability to understand that perfection is not found within the human domain. So many religious writings are based on this concept across many religions.

          • citizen

            Well said, as always.

      • sunlord666

        If it’s silent , it’s not a revolt .If you don’t speak up , you’re a coward.

      • bobruark

        whatfinger is competing with nobody … they are a cute little website that occasionally has something worth clicking on

      • AlThompson

        What we need is for somebody to take these leftist bastards out! When they start getting their skulls stove in with two by fours, they will quit this crap!👺

      • jakartaman

        I hope like your son the younger generation wakes up to what the left is trying to do.

      • Marcus Welby

        The left is radicalizing me for sure. I hung a wreath on my door for the first time ever. It was doubly satisfying because the wreath is pagan cultural appropriation.

        I can never vote for a democrat again. At least I know which party isn’t against me and that is the party I support.

      • KnightInShiningArmour

        Conservative is the new counter culture.

      • HillaryForLibyanAmbassador2016

        Why not just go to youtube and subscribe to mark dice’s channel?

    • Richard_Reed

      Sue the school, and sue the administrator personally. It is the only way to protect YOUR civil rights, and to get their attention.

      • Plurb

        my son got kicked out of Community College here in Californica, for pretty much the same reasons, what the left doesn’t know or fails to acknowledge is the English version of Korans since 1992 are abridged to not include the last chapters revealing Mohamed’s true life as a pedophile and murderer!

    • Marcus Welby

      Yeah, what a snowflake. Has to whine to the principal.

    • FoxDI

      Yeah, so getting suspended for behavior is not a win.

      • cazbit

        you know? you are so right. I’m sure history is loaded with figures who changed the world by following the rules…. I can’t believe how clever you are. makes me want to listen to that song by the guy who followed all the rules… what’s his name? Can’t think of it … gimme a minute…. nope. damn it!

        • FoxDI

          Yeah, not going to do much world changing if your beliefs and rhetoric are so abhorrent that people ask that you be removed from the conversation.

      • TxMan

        That’s kind of the point buttercup, apparently, in liberal indoctrination/PC control centers, it’s the illogical ones running the asylum! Think it through!

        • FoxDI

          Shouting and insulting your opponent is not debate. This kid was a jerk to his classmates and he was punished. Of course he will never learn anything, because people like you defend him,

    • Phoenix

      …sure is. On the other hand there is no way a rational person can lose a debate against a muslim or against a leftist. They are just so illogical…

    • Bleu Mann

      This kid goes to LIBERTY High School?…..lol, bad joke.

    • Anthony Steiner

      When you win a debate using intelligence and witticism against an intolerant organization like “Liberty High School”, you get suspended. Some of the peers are more advanced (intellectually and educationally) than the teachers and faculty.

  • Islamic goal number 3…eliminate Americans Freedom Of Speech

    • Tyler Smith

      Which is what the Democrat Party and their constituencies are pushing for.

      • POW WOW CHOW

        Like he said…

      • ChicoCDM

        Muslims and “progressives” have the same goals.

        • ConservativeWarrior54

          Paul Joseph Watson has some great videos on this if you ever visit Infowars

        • A Son of Liberty

          And all too often, they use the same tactics, as well.

        • beladnj

          Perfect together until the muzzies are in control then, “Let the beheadings begin!”. Starting with the progs because they are not going to change spots and submit.

        • my2¢

          Because they are both non conducive to our constitution and as such are enemies of the state.

        • Thorn76

          Could not agree with you more. Their mutual goal is the destruction of Western Civilization. That is exactly why “progressives” are willing to overlook Muslim backward views on women and their intolerance towards gays.

        • capt howson

          muslims and progressives, are one in the same, they just dress different..

        • sgreen516

          They have a common enemy for now. If they succeed then they’ll start going after each other.

        • Neptus 9

          But in the final showdown which one will suffer mass beheadings and which will oversee them?

        • Honest John

          One exception thought… BOTH want to end up as The Elite Pigs after the rest of us are “subjugated”. There’s only room in the sty for ONE set of Elite Pigs, so…

        • Marcus Welby

          Until the moozies start tossing [email protected] off buildings and hitting women who dress like slvts

      • Dick

        One day their prince will come and chop off their heads.


      Just like in their countries.

    • ConservativeWarrior54

      They’ve almost succeedd but in this age of Trump they are not only failing but the entire left is crumbling before our eyes.

      • Seth_Rich

        Yes it it…wonderful thing to watch.

    • E Kess

      If it were me, I would have my three attorneys filing civil writs, seeking
      monitary damages for INFRINGEMENT of MY CIVIL and CONSTITUTIONAL

      The only thing such, UN elected, autocratic (alleged
      educators) respect are law suits, personally and against the county /
      school board for their reckless disregard of the constitution.

      I was very successful and teaching my area educators that I was not to be
      bullied…or my rights, and those of my children to be abused and cast

      Surely there are some ESQs in the area to take this civil case pro bono ????

      psuedo educators would have suspended our Continental Congress for the
      debates re independence as an insult to King George.!!! Disgusting
      !!! .

      • Azrial Nimrod

        Tinker v. Des Moines. On February 24, 1969 the Court ruled 7-2 that students do not “shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate.”

        • Seamus Me Boy

          Unless it causes a disruption to the educational process.

          • E Kess

            The hard part is, how do you define disruption, for those who don’t have a common sense grasp of disruption..
            Some snowflake would define disruption as (their hurt feelings)…..

        • E Kess

          Thank you.

        • E Kess

          I am a boomer, but a conservative… note that the ruling was in 1969, during our younger days, during widespread student unrest.. violent protest, anarchy..

          Those same boomer era leftists have infested the education establishment, and are hypocrites…. more dictatorial than the so called establishment that they railed against !!!!!!

  • Barbara Brooks

    Families are going to have to sue to stop this kind of administrative behavior. I’m sure the administration is afraid of students provoking a violent incident or a civil rights lawsuit by Muslim students, but the only way to protect unpopular opinions is to have court protection.

    • lysosome

      Agreed. The only time leftists are disciplined is by taking from them what they love – money.

    • CALIFGUY 53

      Barbara Brooks, while the schools may be afraid of students provoking a violent incident by Muslim students, the sad part is many of the administrators are more afraid of fact and open dialogue and actually want to destroy our system of government through ‘diversity’, ie replacing patriotic Americans with third worlders who do not want to share in our values but take over what Americans have built.

      • larry martin

        They want to maintain order, the first mission of a Gestapo, or KGB working for the head boss.

    • chas

      Wrong, gonna take more than suing.

    • libwithIQ

      What is this crap from the administration labeling the young man a racist? I hate to point this out to these “educators” but a religion isn’t a race. And Islam is a border line religion at best. More of a radical political movement.

  • muskratlove

    If Americans don’t stand up against the Islamic extremists, we will become Sweden or Germany. Political correctness is literally killing Americans.

    • Tyler Smith

      Which is EXACTLY what the Democrat Party is pushing for. If you vote for a Democrat you are voting to destroy America.

    • Thorn76

      Islamic extremists are just opportunistic infection, the real enemy is liberalism which today controls every single institution of our country.

  • Ha Eli

    Amazing how one gets shut down just for stating facts about this religion on pieces.

    • Roberta

      The Saudis have paid good money to infiltrate our schools and unis to promote Islam.

  • Why is it that a good Muslim is one that doesn’t take their religion seriously.

    • Joseph P. Campbell

      That is a conundrum…

    • Jason Blankovich

      Hey. Nice soft touch there. You must have gone to liberals school of how to gently push the argument into another subject while attempting to make your opponent out to be a bigot.

      If I read your comment correctly, what you are saying is that Muslims who don’t fight verbally, and, by extension, physically for their Religion aren’t good Muslims. Unfortunately for the majority of Muslims around the world, there certainly is a violent streak in the Muslim community. Not only that, but poll after poll has revealed that a majority of Muslims believe that Sharia law should be followed even if it violates the laws of the country.

      Islam needs a reformation.

      This is unlikely to happen because of the decentralized nature of the Religion.

      So this begs the question of when do the duly sworn officials of a country step in and reign in the standard practices of a “Religion of Peace?”

      Female genital mutilation.
      Hatred of Jews and Christians.
      Taxing of people who don’t convert to Islam.
      Outlawing the building of houses of worship other than Mosques.

      There is more, but there’s no need to get the ugly, graphic details out right now; you only have to read the news to see those things.

      • DDguest

        I think you missed “Christopher Hitchens” point. He is in agreement with you. Just made the point with subtle irony.

    • libwithIQ

      No sparky. A good Muslim is one that doesn’t use his religion as an excuse to murder those not like them.

      • SteveThomas39

        Same thing.

    • DDguest

      You nailed it. But snowflakes and libs don’t even know what you saying. The more the Quran is memorized, the more the imams’ teaching is absorbed, then the more radical and violent the Muslim becomes. The most religious Muslim is the most oppressively violent one. But liberals keep trying to state and define Islam for the Muslims, instead of just listening to their quoting from the Quran. And the comment from libwithIQ [what an ironic label!!!] perfectly proves my point.

    • OliverBx

      Because ones that take their “religion” seriously kill as ordered by their unholy book.

  • Joseph P. Campbell

    Our public schools are infected with this kind of insanity!
    Muslims need to be banned here just like they are banned in Japan!
    ALL muslims read and follow the perversions in their quran! If they are not actively involved in terrorism they approve with their silence, a wink and a nod. When is the last time that a mosque spoke out against terrorism? There are 87 verses in their quran instructing followers to exterminate ALL infidels!

    Muslims don’t assimilate! They INFECT and metastasize like a perverted cancer in every society that allows them to enter. What they say and how they act depends on their numbers, and they multiply like cockroaches. AS THEIR NUMBERS INCREASE, SO DO THEIR DEMANDS and their ultimate goal is to establish sharia law.
    According to Brigitte Gabriel, there are over 700 muslim ghettos in France alone, where the police are afraid to go…

    ALL of Europe (Hungary and Poland are fighting back) is already doomed to become muslim states due to uncontrolled immigration and muslim birth rates relative to non muslim couples (8.1/1.8), and it is now mathematically IRREVERSIBLE. And, this assumes that they have only one wife…
    Educate yourself about muslims by viewing the following:
    Google: “muslim demographics”
    Google: “The forced collective suicide of European nations”
    Google: “Brigitte Gabriel on radical islam”
    Then, arm yourself, learn how to use your weapon, and ALWAYS carry!

  • Russ

    If you dont agree with liberals, they will punish you until you do.

    • off the reservation

      Reminds me of 1930’s Germany. Punish the Conservatives until they give it. Kill them if they don’t.

      • SkyrimBelongsToTheNords

        The Nazi’s were the conservatives. All of the other political parties were some shade of Marxism or full blown communist.

        • off the reservation

          I’m sorry to inform you, but you are among the brainwashed. Hitler ran against Hindenberg, leader of the Conservative party when Germany was a democracy. After he won, he started killing all in the conservative party until he had no opposition, becoming

          dictator. Even the name NAZI stands for the National Socialist Party. Don’t believe me, look it up yourself just use a library, not a left-wing website if you want accurate information. Now Hitler was a lunatic who wanted a master race and wanted to wipe out the Jews, but he and his party were still left-wing socialist dictatorship.

          • SkyrimBelongsToTheNords

            Ahh sorry I know my history a little better than you. The NDSAP was the largest party in Germany followed by the SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany) and the KPD (Communist Party of Germany), both of which were Marxist parties. The NDSAP was totally Anti-Marxist, nationalist, very socially conservative. The smaller right wing parties such as the DNVP and the Center Party voted for the enabling act, which mad Hitler supreme ruler of Germany, most of the party members defected to the NDSAP shortly after. The communists were simply killed. The NDSAP ran on the platform of dissolving democracy which was seen as a stepping stone to communism, fighting Marxism, and uniting the Capitalists and The workers towards productive enterprise for the good of the Nation instead of endless class warfare that was a breeding ground for communism. Good wages for the workers, Social Security for the poor, economic reforms, public works projects, and ending the exploitation by foreign powers of the German people.

    • That

      Look for a used copy of “The New Thought Police” by Tammy Bruce. It’s been out of print for years, but is one of the most important books ever written about Leftist fascism.

      • Feldwebel Schultz

        Thanks. Just ordered it.

  • Roberta

    Let’s just keep capitulating to muslims until we are part of the Islamic caliphate.

  • Lonsdale SHOULD have been suspended for “torturing” this kid with facts. The little Muslim boy was effectively “WORD-BOARDED” causing him to choke and feel fear. The GOOD NEWS is he won’t suffer from cognitive dissonance because there was nothing going on in his empty head but the droning of Muslim gibberish!

  • Billy Beefcaked

    I find it interesting that you can trash white people trash Christians trash heterosexuality, but if you talk anything negative about Islamic terrorism, Democrats, or stay in opinion that opposes or is opposite of a progressive liberal commie democrat; you are then classified as a racist I hater and a homophobe. And in this case suspended from school because you have an opinion that differs from the progressive ideology that fuels education in America. Freedom of speech is perfectly fine as long as it falls in line with the ideology of the Democrat party.


      They are the new victim Class.

    • Tyler Smith

      Democrats hate America. The Democrat Party was hijacked by the anti-American radical communist party decades ago. Every person that votes for the Democrat Party is voting to destroy their own country. People better wake up.

      • Billy Beefcaked

        It goes back to Barack Obama’s election in 2008. He ran on fundamentally transforming the United States of America. If you have a loved one do you want to radically fundamentally change that person? No of course not. You were only want to fundamentally transform something if you absolutely hated and despised it. That is what Barack Obama and his wife Michelle feel about the United States and why they fundamentally transform America during his eight year reign as Emperor. The Obamas did more harm to our society, our culture, or way of life, and our economy, then any terrorist has ever done ever. It will take 100 years if we even stand a chance of recovering from recovering from the eight years of the Obama’s reign.

  • Michael C. Guinn

    Member of debate team suspended for having a debate. Just wow.😲

  • Voice_of_Reason

    there is no debate. by any objective measure, islam sucks. it stifles free speech. it stifles women. it stifles economies. it stifles innovation. islamic countries, for example, produce very few patents compared to non-islamic countries.

    and American liberals ENABLE it by refusing to acknowledge objective facts.

    there is no “extreme” islam. there is only observant islam, and shirk islam.

    • joesockit

      Exactly, Name one Muslim country that would exist without oil money, that we developed for them by the way. A great example is Afghanistan. Hell on earth, just a collection of fiefdoms because they don’t have oil. All the middle Eastern countries will look like that when the oil runs out or we no longer need it.

  • Does it infringe?

    Diversity can only work if you white Americans keep your mouth shut!

    • ChicoCDM

      “Diversity” means less whites.

      • I Flatus

        How come nobody is trying to diversify the homogeneous nations in Africa, Asia, South America?
        Are white, christian, westerners acting to deprive these regions of this precious “diversity”?

        • SkyrimBelongsToTheNords

          Because those countries aren’t a threat to Jewish domination.

          • I Flatus

            Interesting, I’m gonna ponder that.

  • lysosome

    This is not education.
    It is inculcation.

  • SSMcDonald

    The feckless authorities that have censored this student’s free speech show be sued for everything they have…….and the court should insure the taxpayers don’t foot the bill for the damages.

  • E. Winchester

    Liberals aka islamopologists, hate facts about the religion of terrorism. Bash Christianity all day long, but state unsavory facts about Islam and you are a bigot.

    • Tyler Smith

      Exactly what Democrats do. Everything that has made America great or what America was founded on must be diminished, destroyed, warped and degraded.

  • Bob Alexander

    The irony: “LIBERTY” High School (snicker). But calling someone retarded is OK by the school as long as its a muslim sayin it. Good thing GAY didn’t come up or ol mohammed would have looked for a building to throw him off of.

  • iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Get the fn muslims the hell out of America and back to their shit hole countries.

    • GibsonL5

      I don’t understand why Muslims come to Europe, Canada, or the USA.
      They obviously don’t embrace the West’s values–there are many Muslim
      countries out there to choose from

      • Tyler Smith

        Islam doesn’t assimilate. Islam conquers. They are anti-West and anti-American. Exactly the types of voters the Democrat Party (run by radical communists) want.

      • walterc

        They are taught to spread islam throughout the world until islam is supreme. That is why they come to non-muslim countries, to spread islam. Why is it that none of these “refugees” are being sent to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait etc countries where they would be safe? Why is it that Jordan, Syria Egypt etc won’t let the Paleostinian “refugees” assimilate and become citizens of their countries? When refugees come to America or Europe, they become citizens of America or Europe. When refugees go to an islamic nation, they remane refugees for ever.

      • SkyrimBelongsToTheNords

        Because we give them welfare.

  • adam

    Nothing is less tolerant than a liberal led school system with zero tolerance discipline.

  • John Pepin

    Maybe the kid should have brought a timing mechanism for a bomb to school and passed it off as a science project… then maybe the school would praise him.

  • bpj

    Only 10% of muslims are considered radicalized out of 3 billion. That’s 300 million followers of Muhammad that want to slit your throat and happy to do it.

    • hiram floss

      Google Raheel Raza – a Muslim woman who gives some VERY interesting stats on “the religion of peace”. It may technically be 10% radical BUT almost HALF of the rest – the “moderates” are OK with their behavior.


    Libturd Islamophiles can, of course, never win the debate based on the merits, so they rely on their Totalitarian Big Government and its myriad little apparatchiks like these worthless “school officials” to silence the truth,

    they need to be bulldozed electorally and defanged culturally before they succeed in transforming America into another failed suicidal nation like Sweden or Germany,

  • EmjayTLCDRUSNRet

    Stars and Stripes is reporting:
    “RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, Germany — Capt. Sharior Rahman, an imam at Ramstein Air Base and one of only a handful of Muslim clerics in the Air Force, was convicted by a military judge Tuesday of larceny and conspiracy to commit larceny in a shoplifting incident last year.

    The judge, Col. Mark Milam, ordered the chaplain to forfeit $3,000 of his pay for one month but did not dismiss him from the service.”

    Capt. Rahman, is one of two USAF islamochaplains.
    The enemy is not only at the gates, it is in our ranks.

  • Fire these CANCEROUS administrators Muslims sympathizers

  • PW Shields

    Drain the swamp known as public education.

  • john Diamond

    I hope you had a chance to discuss Taqquiya( lying to non believers) because there is only one religion still being spread by the sword. Bali, Philippines, Kenya, China, Chechnya, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan, France, Australia, Canada, US, Denmark, Russia etc etc etc all have suffered Islamic jihadists attacks in the last decade.

  • lspanker

    Any doubt that the Left in America is secretly sympathetic towards militant Islam? After all, they have similar goals, such as the elimination of freedom of speech…


    SUE these Islamophile Libturd “officials” for a LOT of money,


    Personally, I would sue the school and all involved in the ‘disciplinary’ action on a civil rights violation. Then, I would push to get all those involved fired from their jobs. It is not the schools job to inhibit constitutional rights or to punish those who excercise them.
    This is getting to be nonsense and is an all out attack on our values and principles when one cannot debate openly in a civil manner and is punished for speaking the truth, which the globalists refuse to hear.

  • Colton Lee

    The operative word here is DEBATE, Morons.

    Snowflake Down


    I would like to see ADF sue the school and get an apology.

  • Zexufang

    Must not have read the recent liberal Democrat Party playbook:
    “Everyone I Don’t Like Today is Hitler”

  • UncRemus

    Islam is a Disease of the Soul

    • bacon flavor

      soul, mind, society, earth, universe

  • cleo48

    The US campus on average, has reached the point of a complete rejection of critical thinking. It has forfeited any claim to being a source of learning or enlightenment.

  • john Diamond

    how do leftist feminists reconcile the debasement of women within the Islamic community….and I am not even discussing extremists. Just average Muslims who treat women like chattel or property. We didn’t fight the good fight in America so my daughters are forced to wear a Bur-qua to appease the Acolytes of the church of political correctness.democrats J’accuse

    • lspanker

      Lefty feminists are lunatic narcissists. They regard conservative and Republican males as the worst people in the world because they think the main struggle in civilization doesn’t have anything to do with actually protecting the rights of women, but with their own political agenda…

  • lspanker

    Ann Coulter explains the left’s attitude towards Islam:

    Here the country had finally given liberals a war against fundamentalism and they don’t want to fight it. They would have, except it would put them on the same side as the United States.

  • Thomas Ktwentyone

    An “emotionally unsafe zone”…. I’d say it’s an intellectually unsound zone.
    Since this took place in Missouri, imagine what goes on in Democrat parts of the country.

  • Liberalism_Bites

    It was the freaking Musi who couldn’t handle it and went to the principle…I guess there were no women or kids to hide behind and blow up.

  • Harry Jerome Titshaw Jr

    I’m so sorry he created an emotionally unsafe zone for the poor little Islamic child. Truth itself is an unsafe zone for the intellectually challenged. The Koran itself only offers 3 ways to allow an infidel (that’s everyone not Muslim), Convert, Kill. Enslave or Tax. The Hadith is premised on a concept known as abrogation. The current replaces the former. This allowed Muhammad to do anything he wanted. Obviously not premised on a perfect Creator God. His principals are immutable and unchanging. The former never replaced by the current, but fulfilled.

  • europa3962

    There is no such thing as islamic terrorism… there is only islam

    • bacon flavor

      islam = terrorism

  • bugandco

    The degree that Millennials have been indoctrinated and brainwashed is frightening. They will NOT listen to contrary opinions. The U.S. is in BIG trouble.


    It’s called Islamofascism for a reason…

  • adam smith

    apparently the safe-space muslim student could not refute the argument that islam is a religion of violence and decided to attack the messenger rather than accept reality.

  • Paul Walmsley

    “…he hopes to abstain from further debates about religion.” Exactly what they wanted!

  • motownjohn

    I bet he would have gotten a scholarship had he attacked a Christian principle of some kind.
    A Missouri school too, most of Missouri schools aren’t like that.

  • They suspend the kid for pointing out that Islam is anything but a religion of peace? The proof is irrefutable.

    PC bullshat!

  • IceStar

    So the Muslim looses the debate and goes crying to the principal.

    I am surprised that no one recorded it.

  • Seerightthere!

    Obviously a WIN as far as the debate goes. Now sue that school, not for money but for the termination of the individuals who have abused their position. They obviously cannot be trusted around our Youth.

  • j anderson

    Shame on this “school”.

    • bacon flavor

      we don’t have schools any more where kids are taught useful things like science and math we have indoctrination centers where kids are taught to bow and scrape with political correctness.

      God Bless Trump and America

      • j anderson

        You are 100% right on – our public “schools” are a joke.- too bad it’s not funny.

  • Robert Hinton

    Ironic school name…For to long our people have been silent and let this happen. We let them(communists, pagans, Satanists, socialists, sodomites, ect) get a foot hold instead of doing what is right. Now it’s for the children, or greater good, or co-exist nonsense. Melting pots will always end up a Babel or Sodom and Gamorrah. We let women and children into positions of power and decision making and went along like Adam did with Eve. Isaiah 3:12King James Version (KJV)

    12 As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

  • Contrarians

    “Liberty High School” LOL

  • ChicoCDM

    Muslims are the mercenaries of the left. They both hate Christians, Christian traditions and Christian society.


    Shun all muslims and close all mosques.

    • bacon flavor

      In the countries that have done this there are zero problems with these scum.



  • vcmof3

    But Chris Matthews can call Christians “crazy evangelicals” on national televisions and no one holds him accountable. Sue the heck out of them for violation of free speech. Better yet. Get your kids out of these public school indoctrination centers.

  • Tony Edwards

    Will Torches and pitchforks needed to run these anti-Americans out of town?

  • lspanker

    In other words,it’s not fair to accuse certain people of tending to violence because they might get violent…

  • harleyxx

    When you are losing a debate call the other person a bigot…..Typical Libtard mentality.

  • Michael Lang

    Lawyer time.

  • cynic

    The Muslim Lied and the school supported him. I doubt seriously Lonsdale said, “all” and you would have to be really dense to believe that. This is the school taking the easy way out and no appeal? I hope his mother visits the school board.

    • lspanker

      You didn’t get the message? Liberals missed the episode of Sesame Street where Big Bird and Grover explained the difference between “some”, “none”, and “all”…

    • Julia Tyler

      With a lawyer

  • harleyxx

    I would buy my kid a new car if he showed the courage to denounce radical Islam in a liberal bastion of stupidity, also known as a public school.

  • Scot168

    I missed the part in First Amendment where you have the freedom of speech as long as you don’t hurt someone’s feelings.

  • OpossumSaladSandwich

    The left, I swear to God… If you can scribble “LOL f*&k white people” in crayon, they want to give you a free ride for an ethnic and gender studies degree, but if you suggest “jihad” is anything other than deeply personal transcendental meditation, they want to toss you in a labor camp.

  • sones1

    Scary–the power these people have over free speech at the school level.

    • ac287149

      More than free speech: Lonsdale was criminalized for telling the truth about the poll which was conducted; further, based upon the Muslim’s reaction, was probably exposing the truth of everything that kid hears when he goes home.

  • Deplorable Badger

    With all the problems there are in high school today; drug use, teen pregnancy and violence. This student gets suspended for having a debate. He was outside modern education’s mission which is to turn out adults who are too stupid to think for themselves and have to rely on geniuses such as Obummer and Gore to tell the them what to do. Sounds like this student deserves a better school.

    • Alan

      Well… the purpose of our school system, as designed by 19th century German educators, was to turn out compliant factory workers. Little wonder it’s been easy to adapt to turn out politically-compliant low-information-voters.

      • Deplorable Badger

        Agreed. Sure you are aware that literacy in terms of reading, writing and oration was higher before these reforms were put in place and that the 8th grade competency tests from the period predating this reform for the worse would be very difficult for modern college students to pass.

  • Tennessee Star

    I am curious if the students could have debated the Catholic Church’s problem with Pedophilia, or is it only Islam that is off limits in this school. I actually bet that every liberal position is off limits, you probably can’t talk about how gender dysphoria is a mental disorder either.

    • lspanker

      That’s the only issue that’s more of a hot-button topic with them than Islam…

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    A Friendly Reminder from the Liberty High Office of Peace, Unity and Inclusion:

    Please refrain from wearing winter attire emblazoned with exclusionary divisive culturally insensitive hateful rhetoric like “Merry Christmas.”

  • ac287149

    The Muslim kid proved that he’s trained to turn it all around on people and pretend to be a Snowflake. He probably celebrated the school punishing his classmate for exposing the truth of his “religion”, which is really a political ideology, set of governing laws, and a government in one.

  • E Kess

    I would be unleashing several legal advisors, for infringement of my civil and constitutional rights, also seeking court imposed financial awards. This must stop !!
    The only thing these UN ELECTED, autocratic alleged educators respect is force via court orders and awards for punatative damages..

  • Jake Jones

    Time for an immediate 5 year moratorium on ALL immigration and refugee acceptance.

    • bacon flavor

      Past time for an immediate deportation…

  • luis martinez

    Guess the First Amendment is dead.

  • Jus Wundrin

    The centralized gubment school system is the reason why our society is so F’d up today. The marxist left hijacked that system years ago, and the fruit is multiplying. Wanna do something about it? Get your kids OUT.

  • Mike E. Cooney

    Liberal heathens especially islamist devils are as sensitive as a butter flies wings …until they cut your head off that is.

    • Steve

      If they didn’t seek to ELIMINATE other religions, I wouldn’t care.

  • Steve

    Why oh WHY must we bend over backward for these people???

    • texanpatriot1796

      We don’t. Exercise the second amendment.

  • bacon flavor

    If there were no muslim / islam in this country we wouldn’t have this problem
    deport every single one and any liberal that defends them especially queers and antifa professors
    we would all be better off

  • texanpatriot1796

    Just wait until this kid gets out into the real world where there’s no safe place, coloring books, or play dough.

    • Hopefully he’ll have a fateful run-in with a Gillespie voter, lol.

    • Steve

      Why not? A significant portion of this country ALREADY gives in to these people and freedom of speech.

  • lol, everybody knows there’s no debating allowed in the debate club! It’s 2017 for Dawkin’s sake!

  • John Beckwith

    The USA is being invaded and the Liberal Democrats are their biggest ALLY! This is what the mental disorder known as liberalism does. Liberals DESTROY everything they touch or control. Common Core is obviously part of the plan. Liberals will tell you they are the most tolerant people there are. What they don’t tell you is they are ONLY tolerant of those that agree with them.

  • disqus_dRGrKClqBz

    “Liberty High School” ! You can not make this chit up!!!

  • Hans Landa

    Any debate about Islam always leads to that obvious conclusion. Mohammed was a terrorist, plain and simple. This particular Mohammedan was thrust into the unfortunate reality of trying to defend the indefensible.

  • gio6666

    I wonder if they will have Harassment Studies classes in the future so budding liberals can learn how to shut down free speech using harassment claims?

  • Eric Gonnason

    Carrie Lonsdale, you’re sure raising good sons. – way to go! Islameriqa at usaishistory.com

  • Roger Lepus

    This student should get a lawyer and sue the school. This is fascist suppression of free speech. He would win in a heart beat.

    • Steve

      I think the mere THREAT of a lawsuit would do it.

  • Bradley Zachary

    He used his “Muslim” card vs a race card. All you have to do is accuse, and that’s, that.

  • Alan

    Debates — are NOT emotionally safe zones, pretty much by definition. That’s why they are normally conducted with rules to stay on the issues rather than getting personal. Too bad there’s no recording to be transcribed, of what was originally said in the debate; but with so much experience in debating, I’m guessing that by habit, Alex would have stayed pretty much on-topic of discussing the history, theory, and practice of Islam as observed, and any personal offense Faraz felt was because he identifies with Islam and MADE it personal.

    • Steve

      Religion, particulary Islam, IS personal and cannot be debated by these people….they are right and there IS no argument….

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Over there! In the school library! Someone’s creating a culturally insensitive hostile environment by quietly reading The Holy Bible! Quick, disperse to your assigned safe spaces and shelter in place while I call campus security and the ACLU and scream bloody murder.

    Ha, ha. made ya look.

  • John Sheridan, Deplorable

    Civis Americanus Sum!!!

    You need to control your emotions when you are debating. If you cannot, then don’t debate, especially in a subject matter that is tool of the left.

    It is quite sad, that they are learning the suppression of the freedom of speech…in an American school.

    There should be retribution against those anti-Americans, and their collaborators, for denying us our God-given rights.

    All American Lives Matter!!!

    • jakeflagg

      Muslims, cannot, by their own definition be Americans — or Canandians, or Aussies, or etc and alla dat jazz. There is ONLY Islam, Mohammedism, and the world wide caliphate.

      • John Sheridan, Deplorable

        That goes without saying.

    • bacon flavor

      muzzies are not Americans and never will be.

  • Neal Hyde

    Sorry, Faraz, but if you can’t accept that Islam has a problem with terrorism, you’re part of the problem.

    • Juan Valdez

      Why be sorry? Be infuriated a foreigner has more power than an American!

    • larry martin

      Precisely. Another problem is that those in charge with authority/power have been hijacked and have become part of the problem.

  • jayjay

    In other news a boxer was suspended for punching his opponent in the face.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Next headline:

    Liberty High Choir and Baroque Ensemble expelled for performing Handel’s Messiah without posting “potentially triggering content” warnings outside auditorium.

  • The Masked Avatar

    Muslims: We are rational people and a religion of peace.
    Western Society: Are you sure about that?

  • jakeflagg

    Search for, “Jihad is the way of Islam.” Easy to find, and with various aged Muslims of various sex holding such signs in public. If one adheres to the Koran, one is a terrorist. End of debate.

  • Cody McLuvin

    So the Muslim lied about what the kid actually said to get him in trouble. I guess that’s better than setting off a bomb in the bathroom or at the next pep rally.

  • Juan Valdez

    He should take a suitcase “clock” that looks like a bomb into a mosque and show it off!

    That’ll get him some attention.

    There used to be a time in this country when we had huge balls! Now, we cower at the feet of political correctness.

  • markmesposito

    “Senior Alex Lonsdale, a member of Liberty High’s nationally ranked debate club ….”

    Liberty High? Now there’s an oxymoron.

  • agilecyborg

    Super comfortable bashing ANY religion with a planetary presence and billions of adherents that cannot move their rabid belief system from the 15th century into the civilized and updated 21st.

  • VRok

    “Friendly debate with a muslim”. Now that is funny. Could have been much worse for him – like a pressure cooker filled with nails exploding in his backyard.

  • Mick O’Kelley

    Gee. I wonder why anyone would debate about THAT….

    The belief that sharia should extend to non-Muslims is most widespread in the Middle East and North Africa, where at least four-in-ten Muslims in all countries except Iraq (38%) and Morocco (29%) hold this opinion. Egyptian Muslims (74%) are the most likely to say it should apply to Muslims and non-Muslims alike, while 58% in Jordan hold this view. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/82ee4d9283b60e46b027c9f4e8f573ca3603b550da7a6975ff397f6c7c616a2c.jpg

  • parum imperium

    If you want to know who your masters are, just identify who you aren’t allowed to criticize.

  • steve

    Oh wow the muzzie got his feelings hurt – Maybe running over a few americans with his car will make him feel better

    • bacon flavor

      or maybe deporting him, his family, relatives and supporters back to sandland will make him feel better.
      It would certainly make me feel better.

  • NoOne

    They should hire an attorney, sue the school to clear his record

    • larry martin

      Some college will find that on his record and not admit him.

    • OliverBx

      College? He’ll be treated the same way as he was in High School. College just inreases the left wing propoganda.

  • Beowulfe

    So it’s now a punishable offense to say terrorism is a bad thing. Welcome to Americaistan.

  • larry martin

    When the current status quo is to accept one religion which cannot be criticized or discussed without the commentor being disciplined, we are approaching George Orwell’s vision 60 years ago. It just took two generations, and it will be difficult to change without a major attitude adjustment.

    The latest argument over Jerusalem is a sign of things to come, and obviously many educators will not be any help.

  • Jason Blankovich

    I have two children who are now in their thirties. I managed to live through both of their High School years. Young adults in HS live in a very narrow world and the words and actions that occur there become enlarged in importance to them. Both of my children came home once or twice with some great outrage on their minds. In all cases the “outrage” was some stupid kid saying something rude or a teacher exercising their authority in a way that irritated my children. I can’t remember even one detail of what they were so outraged about.

    Kids who don’t have much else in their lives go overboard on occasion.

    Continue on. Nothing to see here.

    • larry martin

      However, those adults in authority should straighten them out and give some adult advice, but in this case that didn’t happen; in fact they reinforced the absurdity of it all.

  • brew_it

    “unconscious bias”, thats like “pre-crime”, it does not enter reality until it does. Just stupid.

  • Paul Knutson

    I’m with Alex!

  • Feldwebel Schultz

    You will only discuss the facts that we deem acceptable.

  • M T

    Not to worry, American Civil Liberties Union — the nation’s guardians of the First Amendment — will be on the case in no time. The silly bureaucrats at the school will regret their attack on free speech real soon now.

  • Keith H

    The school administration persecuted this kid because he hurt someone’s feelings. The administrators should be fired. “Feelings” are the framework for the arguments of fourth-rate intellects. Adults who value feelings over facts and reason should never be in a position to poison children with their obnoxious stupidity. Unfortunately, education, journalism and politics have become the default occupations for people who are intellectually and emotionally unfit to contribute anything of value to society.

    • larry martin

      Bullseye, bingo, right on, exactomundo.

  • Mick O’Kelley

    So you say one word of truth about the radical Islamic terrorists — you are punished.

    Create Piss Christ — by submerging a crucifix in urine? You’re an artist! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7771cd85e1c6abe801b483a58bfbd012155c9c9b16f1ff401c1b8620552feff4.png

    • btw, the Piss Christ got a government grant.

      • Mick O’Kelley

        Right. No separation of Church and State — as long as you bash Christianity.

        Ovomit’s Easter Message: “you Christians did plenty of bad stuff…get down off your high horses…”

    • OpossumSaladSandwich

      Financed with tax dollars, no less.

      • Mick O’Kelley

        Right. OUR tax dollars. What happened to the separation of Church and State?

        • OpossumSaladSandwich

          All lefty morality is based on identity. They have no other concept of ethics. Gay, brown, whatever – always right. White, Christian, whatever – always wrong. If two minority groups get into it with each other, they’ll bend over backwards to find a white guy to blame. Guaranteed.

          • Mick O’Kelley

            Well said. Ovomit proved every word of it with his Easter address to Christians:

            Lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ . . .
            So this is not unique to one group or one religion. There is a tendency in us, a sinful tendency that can pervert and distort our faith.

  • Jury Nullification Rocks

    A cowardly rat with no shame. But no surprise since this is the same religion that will regularly use women and children to shield them from harm while fighting in the name of their religion.

    Do Islamic terrorists stop driving when they are dressed like women?

    Someone please get me out of this matrix.

  • Chance MacAlister

    High schools are basically day prisons. Just learn as much math as you can and get the he’ll out

  • John

    Who is teaching penmanship these days?

  • DWKeller

    Social Fascism in America destroying the Bill of Rights.

  • tonylion

    The truth is that when he couldn’t get the Roman Empire to destroy Christianity, Satan invented Islam.

    Legend has it that the angel Gabriel appeared to Mohammad and dictated the Koran to him.
    Islam denies Christ’s resurrection and His divinity by denying the Holy Trinity.

    The timing of this happenstance after Constantine brought an end to Roman persecutions of the fledgling Christian church is no coincidence.

    Suffice to say, that was not the “real” Gabriel.

  • Mick O’Kelley

    Support for allowing religious judges to decide domestic and property disputes is particularly widespread throughout Southeast Asia, South Asia and the Middle East-North Africa region. Across these three regions, at least six-in-ten Muslims who support the implementation of sharia as the official law say religious judges should decide family and property matters. This includes more than nine-in-ten in Egypt (95%) and Jordan (93%), and nearly as many in Malaysia (88%) and Pakistan (87%).

  • The Conservative

    I have one question for all Muslims. Does your Holy Book say “convert or die by the sword” or not?

  • AndreaNY

    If the debate had been about Christianity nothing would have been done to Muslim student, absolute garbage how they don’t want the truth exposed

  • Defiant

    LOL! Colleges are loonier than EVER. Best to learn a trade!

  • Mick O’Kelley

    In South Asia, high percentages in all the countries surveyed support making sharia the official law, including nearly universal support among Muslims in Afghanistan (99%). More than eight-in-ten Muslims in Pakistan (84%) and Bangladesh (82%) also hold this view. The percentage of Muslims who say they favor making Islamic law the official law in their country is nearly as high across the Southeast Asian countries surveyed (86% in Malaysia, 77% in Thailand and 72% in Indonesia).

  • DavidPeoria

    The student must have violated “government speak code” 1984

    • Juan Valdez

      Nope, just speaking truth as a white American Christian.

      • Mick O’Kelley

        Ovomit would have thrown him in jail — while fellating Clock Boy:

        Lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ . . .
        So this is not unique to one group or one religion. There is a tendency in us, a sinful tendency that can pervert and distort our faith.

        • larry martin

          Yes, bad things happen. Christianity adjusted, reformed, and no longer follows those old rulings except perhaps somewhere I don’t know about. However, a religion, any religion, which retains such absurdities should be criticized and seek reformation.

          If not, and they still want to take over my country of free people, the can expect some resistance, criticism, and maybe mental violence.

          • Mick O’Kelley

            That is Barack Obama’s take — not mine. And it is stupid. He is talking about things that happened CENTURIES ago — while he did nothing to protect America from Muslim terrorists. HE should have done the Muslim ban. And cracked down on illegal mosques. And checked the Facebook and social media of all Muslims traveling to and from South Asia/Middle East/Horn of Africa.

            Many beautiful American lives would have been saved.

          • larry martin

            Saving American lives was not his thing.

          • Mick O’Kelley


  • Jury Nullification Rocks

    Pervaiz should just build a clock if he wants attention.

  • HUNGRYDOG12000

    This is an infringement of his FREE SPEECH. obviously the other student could not intelligently debate on fact. So when his was losing the debate he cried harassment. As an American of Mexican ancestry people who migrate to the USA must accept our constitutional laws and speak English our official language.

    • jakeflagg

      Hungrydog, unfortunately we do not have an official language, that’s why much govmint notices are in multiple languages. Senator Sessue Hiyakawa from CA tried many years ago to make English the national official language, but . . .

  • jakeflagg

    Muslims never become citizens of their ‘new’ country no matter what they say, if they follow the Koran; they are only there to further Islam and the World Wide Caliphate — a stated goal since the 1920’s.

  • Greg Grimes

    In the eyes of the left, you only have free speech if you agree with them. Everything else is hate, unsafe or harassment. The goal for the left is attach legal backing and consequence, by law, to punish you when you say anything they deem as hate speech. Since they define hate speech as anything that disagrees with them, that means you can’t legally disagree with them or you will be legally punished.

    • Greg Grimes

      Thus, the end of freedom of speech. The beginning of tyranny.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Safe bet: the school changed the second Monday in October to Indigenous Peoples Day years ago.


    Liberal colleges have destroyed the brains of most teachers thereby destroyiing public education today..

    IF you value your kid’s braincells and America’s future HOME SCHOOL.

    WHEN IS LAST TIME YOU SAW A PUBLIC SCHOOL RATED HIGHER THAN 5 OF A POSSIBLE 10, yet they will tell you, with a straight face, what a great school they are. 5 of 10 is average at best.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Safe bet: there are more framed devotional images of Che Guevara and Barack Obama in the classrooms than portraits of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

  • E Kess

    Let’s see if my comment remains posted this time….
    If it were me, I would have my three attorneys filing civil writs, seeking monitary damages for INFRINGEMENT of MY CIVIL and CONSTITUTIONAL rights..
    The only thing such, UN elected, autocratic (alleged educators) respect are law suits, personally and against the county / school board for their reckless disregard of the constitution.
    I was very successful and teaching my area educators that I was not to be bullied…or my rights, and those of my children to be abused and cast aside..

    Surely there are some ESQs in the area to take this civil case pro bono ????
    These psuedo educators would have suspended our Continental Congress for the debates re independence as an insult to King George.!!! Disgusting !!! .

  • Seijinvet

    Sue the school.

  • OBecian

    The name of the school clearly needs to be changed.

  • E Kess

    Let’s see if my comment remains posted this time….

    If it were
    me, I would have my three attorneys filing civil writs, seeking
    monitary damages for INFRINGEMENT of MY CIVIL and CONSTITUTIONAL

    The only thing such, UN elected, autocratic (alleged
    educators) respect are law suits, personally and against the county /
    school board for their reckless disregard of the constitution.

    was very successful and teaching my area educators that I was not to be
    bullied…or my rights, and those of my children to be abused and cast

    Surely there are some ESQs in the area to take this civil case pro bono ????

    psuedo educators would have suspended our Continental Congress for the
    debates re independence as an insult to King George.!!! Disgusting
    !!! .

  • Mick O’Kelley

    What would Ovomit have said?

    Lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ . . .
    So this is not unique to one group or one religion. There is a tendency in us, a sinful tendency that can pervert and distort our faith.

  • Smitty Werben Jaegerman Jansen

    Hey Libs… keep bowing to Mecca, you idiots.

  • Itsjusme

    The new “debate-less Club”?????

  • Jeffjr04

    The first amendment, which most state constitutions use as the basis for their states’ constitutions states that there shall be no acts “…respecting any religion….” that means you can’t use the government to defend any religion just like you can’t use it to attack any. Any time someone attacks government for displaying the Ten Commandments they lock themselves into their position.

  • LudicrousSextus

    Amusing stuff. If ‘modern’ Christianity had 1/100th of the monthly ‘atrocity – body count’ of Islam – every church in the Western world would be bulldozed to the ground in a matter of weeks – with liberal media and politicians fighting over photo-ops and the privilege of driving/fueling the bulldozers, and the liberal press publishing ‘maps to churches still standing’. Schools like the one in this article would be expelling anybody that showed up with a crucifix necklace around their necks.

    *Anywhere* Islam exists – barbarity follows – and it’s indisputable. Ask the 4 year old girl beaten to death by her father for ‘failing to cover her head’. Ask the rape victims stoned to death for ‘immodesty’. Ask the gay guys tossed off buildings…or the women subjected to ‘genital mutilation’ worldwide. Or any number of the *thousands* of civilian victims murdered yearly to the tune of ‘Allah Akbar!!!

    Islamophobia, you say? We could always ask Muzzammil Hassan – the US founder of ‘Islamic-American television created to dispel negative stereotypes’, but he’s currently in a NY State prison for….(wait for it)….beheading his wife.

  • ufosrreal

    Need to change the name of the school to the U of Missouri Cowards!

  • azjazzlady

    This is precisely why we have the Muslim problem in America, Everyone is afraid to ask anyone in the Islamic faith honest questions and call them out on their hypocrisy. Good for this brave young man!

  • RINOSHaveAbusedBase4LastTime

    Liberty school district appears to be a satellite school in training for California’s University at Berkeley!!!

  • Giordano_Bruno

    . . . school will have to be renamed “Not-So-Much Liberty High School.”

  • Proud_2B_an_American

    When they begin loosing the argument, then expect
    comments that you are a racist, bigot, etc. and you
    are creating a ”hostile environment”. It always resorts
    to that and you have indeed won the debate because
    they have become personal in their attack. They are
    no longer civil in the debate, they are ideologues.

  • sierrahotel

    Liberty School= oxymoron

    • LudicrousSextus

      Given the levels of ‘academic achievement’ most high schools are producing currently….fifty bucks says the bulk of their ‘graduates’ can neither define or *spell* oxymoron absent their iPhone…

  • The Mule

    “Liberty” High School… How ironic. Progs need purging from all positions of educational leadership. They’re the front line in the implementation of a totalitarian left wing state.

  • Cornhusker

    Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. Those who can neither do nor teach become school administrators.

  • David Harrison


    • larry martin

      Which direction is the school moving?

  • Bad Wolf

    The administrative officials in charge should be fired. A Muslim student complaining of hurt feelings does not have the right to shut down the free speech rights on a non-Muslim student who apparently trounced him in the argument. Moreover, the observation that Islam is productive of Islamifascists and terrorists is simply a fact evident on a global scale. Point out things which are factually true should never be the source of punishment. The whole episode makes a mockery of the very name of the school since it is all about the suppression of Liberty in the name of political correctness (with cowardly academicians feeling the zeitgeist and engaging in CYA rather than doing their job as educators). Thankfully in the last election the country began its turn away from political correctness – which will go the way of Zoot Suits, the Counterculture, and McCarthyism in the ash heap of history. MAGA

    • larry martin


  • PackRatFan

    I am not surprised that Muslims don’t want to hear any facts that may be detrimental to the image they try to portray while so many continue terrorist acts around the world. The question to ask is why liberals who in general are anti-religion seem to have no problem defending Muslims yet are so quick to attack Christians! I suspect the Democratic Party and Muslims have similar objectives which only begs more questions. I don’t trust liberals for a variety of reasons and this is just one more to add to the list!

    • larry martin

      Their internal mindset is solidly encased inside their mental lockbox, and it can accept anything that goes along with it. That current mindset, established years ago, is essentially anti Christianity, not anti religion, and anything that goes in that trend, is acceptable. That includes accepting Islam because it is diametrically opposed to Christianity. One they achieve 6% of a population, it becomes very obvious, such as much of Europe.

  • Jeffjr04

    So the administration admitted they punished him over social cues? What about the social cues that the left has been disregarding for decades?


    This must end. I hate Islam and I have a right to criticize it. Atheists criticize Christians all day long and no one says a thing. The left created a group called ACLU based on insulting and degrading Christians.

  • johan longan

    How long it takes from you morons to realize that islam is NOT a religion, it’s a EVIL CULT, a theocracy, a totalitarian expansionist seditious militaristic savage political system and Anti-Civilization movement masquerading as a religion which imposes itself by force.

  • Trond (Deplorable) Larsen

    Quote:creating an emotionally unsafe zone.

  • Joe

    The school administrators should be fired. There is no question that the Muslim world has an large segment of kooks in it. If you bring in more Muslims you bring in more of the kooks. They then recruit and spread their crazy ideas. The Muslim community can’t do anything about it apparently, or they don’t want to.

  • sierrahotel

    Kate Steinle murdered by illegal immigrant = acquittal by California jurors.
    Vandal attacks mosque and leaves bacon there = 15 years of hard time.

    We as a country are in deep dodo

  • Mick O’Kelley

    Saying Islam is a religion of peace is like saying — all illegals come here ONLY to work…..

    41-year-old illegal alien convict, Jean Jacques, stabs and kills 25-year-old woman, Casey Chadwick.
    The Sanctuary city of San Francisco protected the previously convicted illegal alien gang member charged in the murder of Michael Bologna, 20, his brother Matthew, 16, and his father Anthony, 48
    Illegal alien stabs to death 24 year old college student Lauren Bump
    Illegal alien charged with murder for vicious stabbing death of Kathleen Byham in a Wal-Mart parking lot
    Twice deported illegal alien charged with murder of Sheriff’s Deputy Josie Fox, 37
    Mary Nagle – was raped and murdered by illegal alien who then uses her cell phone to brag about crime to her friends and family
    Illegal Alien Kidnaps, Rapes, and Buries Alive an 8 Year Old Girl
    Illegal Alien Abducts, Rapes, and Murders 10-Year Old Girl
    Illegal Alien Kidnaps, Molests, Strangles, and Kills Esmerelda Nava, just 4 years old.
    Mary Sadler, 74, is sexually assaulted and beaten to death by illegal alien
    Twice deported illegal alien charged with raping Chandler, AZ girl, 14
    Illegal Alien Charged With Raping 6 Year Old Girl
    Drunk Illegal Alien Sexually Assaults and Murders 23 Year Old College Girl, Danielle Gorectke
    Two illegal aliens charged with kidnap, rape, torture, and attempted murder.
    Illegal alien rapes and brutally kills Natasha Ramen, 20
    Illegal couple runs over, kills, 2 girls, 2013 Oregon
    Anna Dieter-Eckerdt, 6, was pronounced dead at the scene Sunday night in Forest Grove. The Multnomah County Medical Examiner said early Tuesday morning that 11-year-old Abigail Robinson died overnight.
    Two illegal aliens charged with kidnap, rape, torture, and attempted murder.
    Illegal alien rapes and brutally kills Natasha Ramen, 20
    Two Illegal Aliens Brutally Rape NJ Woman
    Illegal alien runs a red light and kills Pamila Yoder, a mother of three, who was headed home for her own birthday celebration
    Carina Saunders, 19, tortured then beheaded in Oklahoma
    Two Illegal Aliens Kidnap, Rape, Beat, and Leave for Dead an 18 Year Old Woman
    6 Year Old Girl Raped by Illegal Alien
    Illegal alien pleads guilty to attempted rape, sex abuse charges and murder of 15 year old Dani Countryman
    Illegal alien charged with brutal rape, attempted murder in Newport News
    21-year-old homecoming queen, Jennifer Lee Hampton, was raped and strangled to death in motel room by an illegal alien working at the motel.
    Illegal alien convicted of murdering Gloria Marie Applegate in alley after attempted rape
    Illegal Alien Kidnaps and Sexually Assaults Girl, 6
    Previously deported illegal alien rapes 12 year old girl
    Illegal alien from Guatemala was arrested after he was caught raping a 2-year-old girl in her home and stabbing the girls father who came to her rescue
    Sean Marti, 24, and 5-month-old Sage Sea Marti were killed by drunk driving, illegal alien
    Drunk Driving Illegal Alien Slams into Car – Kills 3, Seriously Injures 1
    Twice Deported Illegal Alien Executes LA Cop David March
    Drunk Driving Illegal Alien Kills Bicyclist, Brandon Haley, in Hit and Run Accident
    Illegal Alien Arrested for Raping and Killing Woman, 74, After Being Convicted of Raping girl, 10
    Drunk Driving Illegal Alien Runs Over Angel Avendano, 4, At Bus Stop
    Previously Deported, Drunk Driving Illegal Alien with 4 Prior DUIs Kills Amy Kortlang, 22, in Hit-and-Run Accident
    Drunk Driving Illegal Alien Who Had Been Deported 14 Times Kills Famous Mandolin Maker Charlie Derrington
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    Drunk Driving Illegal Alien with 5 Prior DUIs Kills Mt Juliet, TN Couple.
    UNC Student Min Chang Killed by Drunk Driving Illegal Alien with 3 prior DWIs and Who Had Been Deported 17 times!
    Illegal Alien Brutally Rapes and Murders Britney Binger, 16
    Illegal Alien with Long Criminal History Kills Motorcyclist Justin Goodman in Hit-and-Run Accident
    Drunk Driving Illegal Alien with 3 Prior DUIs Kills Maria Ortiz, 49, and her Pregnant Daughter, Vanessa, 18
    Twice Deported Drunk Driving Illegal Alien with Two Prior DUIs Kills 8-month Pregnant Woman Leanna Newman
    An intoxicated illegal alien was charged with vehicular homicide in the deaths of Cheryl Ceran, 47, and two of her young children Ian, 15, and Julianna, 7. Three other family members were seriously injured.
    Drunk Driving Illegal Alien Kills Marine Brian Matthews, 21, on Leave from Iraq and His Date Jennifer Bower, 24, on Thanksgiving.
    Illegal Alien with 5 Deportations and 4 Prior Felonies Arrested for Murder
    Illegal Alien Janitor Rapes 14 Year-Old Girl at School
    Drunk Driving Illegal Alien Kills Meghan Hughes, 22, Ben Leonard, 16, and Jennifer Carter, 18 in North Carolina
    Drunk Driving Illegal Alien Crashes Into Family Car, Killing Antione Bumvu, 43, and Eddy Bumvu, 2, and Seriously Injuring 2 more.
    Drunk Driving Illegal Alien Crashed Into Parked Car Killing Crystal Cargua and Sylvester McLean.
    Illegal Alien Gang Lines Up Four Youths and Shoots Them – 3 Die, 1 Survives
    Illegal alien runs over off duty police officer, Vincent D’Anna, drags him to death as he tries to flee the scene
    Twice deported illegal alien charged with raping Chandler, AZ girl, 12, and suspected of numerous other assaults
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    Twice deported illegal alien sexually assaults woman
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    Illegal Alien Runs into 5 Highway Construction Workers Killing James Cronin and Martin Ruffin
    Family of 3 Burned to Death When Their Car Is Hit by Drunk Driving Illegal Alien
    Illegal Immigrant Charged With Raping Elderly Woman, 83
    Officer Nick Erfle killed in shoot out with illegal alien
    Illegal Alien Arrested in California I-5 Freeway Rape
    Illegal Alien Hit and Run Driver Kills Wheelchair Bound Mother Mary Denise Richey, 40
    Bible Store owners killed by suspected illegal alien who cut their throats
    Illegal alien convicted of vehicular homicide after running stop light and killing two women and a three year old child

  • Mick O’Kelley

    Next debate topic. Discuss the pros and cons of this point…

    Islam regards all unbelievers (Kaffirs, Kuffar, Kufrs, Kafirs) as ritually unclean subhumans to be killed, subjugated, enslaved, exploited, or parasitized. Kafirs are described by the Arabic word ‘najis’ – literally ‘filth’. That’s why Muslim hatred of Kafirs is intrinsic to their religion. A Kafir doesn’t need to do anything to offend a Muslim; his very existence is already enough of an affront. Every Muslim believes a kafir should know his place.

  • Reg Dunlop

    Deport All Liberals and save the USA 🇺🇸

    • Jack_Kennedy

      Eliminate All liberals and save the World………….

  • Pascal Lambert

    Another example of the fascism of the left. Stand up, dont give in and the truth shall set us free.

  • Vallum Hadriani

    The kid is basically correct. Islam is the biggest piece of sht religion on the planet and anyone who practices it is a backwards terrorist-loving enabler and not fit to live in modern civilized society.

  • Azrial Nimrod

    This student can sue the school for violating his first amendment rights. Schools absolutely cannot police speech. This has been settled law for 50 years.

  • PersephoneRises

    Alternate headline: Student punished for “hate speech” as school bows to shariah.

  • Juan Doroteo Carrio

    The decay of the American educational system is going as planned.

  • Hay NonnyMoose

    The problem is that the white kid didn’t start out “If it please the Crown, may I speak?”

  • Joe

    It appears that promoting homosexual, Lesbo’s, sex changers, and all other sorts of perverts is A-OK with today’s school administrators. I mean what is WRONG with these people? But promoting or espousing the ONLY decent values of Christ is WRONG? That’s insanity and brainwashing.

    • Mick O’Kelley

      Heather has two mommies. And Muhammed can give them an old fashion’ a-rapin’ any time he wants.

      New US bylaw under Sharia Law.

    • LudicrousSextus

      It’s also rather odd neither ‘educators’ or media has seen fit to mention the 135% increase in child HIV which has occurred since US schools began indoctrinating kids with the ‘Gay is Normal and Healthy!’ propaganda installed by Kevin Jennings (ludicrously named Obama’s ‘safe schools czar’).

  • Mick O’Kelley

    Next topic — Is Islam truly a Religion of Pieces? Please discuss… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/df53d03d2be4531ee5af9dc6786bbed07d0632742ebf380ad3d139cd9f1e7838.jpg

  • Ken Martin

    Liberals and progressives are cowards.

    • Jack_Kennedy


  • The BANNED tonymarini

    And the winner of this public school “debate” is…drum roll please…HOME SCHOOLING!

  • Adam Wood

    What’s next? Can I debate a homeless person about the drug problem in homeless communities???

    • LudicrousSextus

      Only if you get your Hepatitis vaccine first…

  • ericd

    The Koran teaches that if in the name of Allah a Muslim can lie, cheat, steal and murder…

  • dan from ohio

    As the saying goes THE TRUTH HURTS….

  • bourgeoist

    whoooww… did you look at the photo of the author? Sort of that Rosie O’Donnell smile. Aaahhh!! 🙂

  • Mick O’Kelley

    Look — who can’t use more Muslims and Sharia Law? Acid attacks are a great way to keep your biotches in line… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/af25f64c8fc769aee9c36efcd6815a9b537c2e77ce1b46b664f604fea2936343.png

  • John King

    Sue the Liberty school board for arbitrary and capricious behavior. And, ask for punitive damages into the bargain. These political correctness bigots won’t pay any attention to anything less.

  • alex knight

    I guess the muslim wins debates because if anyone disagrees with him they are automatically labeled a Nazi and hunted down by the fascist left.

  • Lemmings Hotline

    violation of his constitutional rights to freely express himself. And yes, he should have recorded himself.

    • LudicrousSextus

      Keep in mind – we now live in a nation where schools can ‘ban American flag themed clothing’ on the basis of ‘it ticks off the Mexicans’ – and unbelievably – SCOTUS ruled in favor of the ban.

  • DT

    Feelings. Especially feelings of specialty groups such a Muslims, are more important than truth or American values.

    • UMadeUrChoice

      I know of one or two other groups that always claim oppression.
      Yo could say it’s been adopted by the former, successfully.
      “”To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

  • rightyb

    let me know what lawyer i can send money to to sue this school.

    and i want names

    if you dont think CAIR is already at this kids home you dont know how this works

  • cali_gula

    in today’s world dominated by liberal leftist free speech suppression, if you observe and try to discuss reality, and don’t act like a castrated eunuch, you’re likely to be punished.

    liberals have effectively destroyed free speech and debate of real world issues.

  • ijams sum

    Faced with truth it is very tough to take and to stay in denial is much easier , they must excuse terrorist actions by Muslims or else there attacked by there own faith !

  • I Flatus

    One BIG misconception that often comes up during discussions on this subject, is that these newly minted, PC-obsessed students will upon graduation, find themselves ill prepared or disoriented in the “real world”…
    Nothing could be further from the truth. These same disciples of controlled speech, and political compliance will be readily welcomed into the corporate world where they will populate the HR, PR, advertising, and really any other influential positions.
    The transition from the madness we see on college campuses to the corporate world is seamless.
    The idea that these snowflakes are rejected by the corporate world is pure wishful thinking. Quite the opposite, the business world has embraced this leftist madness as an effective means of controlling employees, customers, and even competitors to some extent.
    For those of you who do not work in the corporate environment, you need only to watch how national product advertisements unfailingly adhere to progressive and politically correct imagery.

    • LudicrousSextus

      Buddy of mine works for a large corporation – has been the head of IT tech there for almost 20 years.

      He’s retiring this year – and has been told he must undergo ‘diversity training’ *before* he can retire and collect his pension…

      Too funny. Or not.

      • UMadeUrChoice

        Kinda funny to me, but not really.
        My wife is a very pale, but not white Persian woman. She was once called a “white girl” by an angry POC on the subway, and her response was “Do I look white to you?”
        She will never have to take a diversity class, but she confuses them too much to figure it out.
        Iran = Aryan

    • UMadeUrChoice

      You are 100% correct. My wife works for a very large advertising firm.
      When we discuss projects and ideas, I’m blown away by the sheer idiocy on display with the pitches and end results.
      It usually starts with me saying, “How was this approved?” followed by several better ideas that the wife takes back to the office.
      I was once told by a very kind Nuclear submarine pilot of 19 years old that “the people don’t want to know who is in charge of these things”.
      The same goes for the corporate environment. The CEO’s purposefully hire those that will never become a threat to their position.

      • I Flatus

        I agree with you with the exception of the notion that “CEOs” hire snowflakes because they think they will be somehow compliant. Nothing could be further from the truth.

        • UMadeUrChoice

          It’s not further from the truth.
          I may have generalized a bit, for emphasis, but I’m not incorrect.
          Replacements are groomed, so yes, they are hired, but you better be wearing the same frat ring.

          • I Flatus

            Off subject. Not talking about school loyalty…Geezus.
            You’re in waaay over your head.

          • UMadeUrChoice

            I usually am, that’s where we learn the most.
            You can have your truth, I have what I’ve learned.
            You will never see me work for a corporation, and I’ve been fired too many times from jobs for breaking the 1st of the 48 Laws of Power. Never outshine your boss.
            I know enough to know I’m not wrong, but perhaps you know something else that I don’t.
            I’d count on it.

  • rightyb

    dont let CAIR do what they do here

  • CassioSCCP


  • Ant

    When muslims don’t want to confront terrorism being generated by their “religion”, it shows me they approve of it. Their “hurt feelings” are simply a way of shaming others into not seeing the obvious and being able to discuss it openly.

  • Mick O’Kelley

    Next topic — Beheadings. Problem — or just Muslims being Muslims? Discuss… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/215df1fe9b6d303d524257534701b102abaac68871876c1aab351012ea1d1123.jpg

  • UMadeUrChoice

    So, He WON the debate.

  • Mick O’Kelley

    We allow them to plot our murder in their mosques — and do nothing.

    True of false? Discuss…

    A British imam who told children that martyrdom was better than academic success has been jailed for six-and-a-half years for supporting Islamic State.
    Kamran Hussain, 40, was secretly recorded by an undercover officer giving a series of radical sermons over a period of four months last year.
    After he was arrested, the defendant argued that the ability to discuss “difficult concepts in a challenging world” was an essential part of religion and claimed he was exercising his right to freedom of speech.

  • cali_gula

    you may only discuss gov’t approved topics of conversation.

  • Fallujah Dan

    Wear your suspension like a badge of honor.

    • LudicrousSextus

      I’d *have* to show up w/ a T-shirt with Suspended By Allah when I walked back in…

  • cali_gula

    you have the right to free speech, as long as you don’t actually try it.

    -The Clash

  • LudicrousSextus

    And amusingly (or not), this kid’s story will get more media coverage than the actual US female genital mutilation story did last spring…

  • capt howson

    The school administration should be terminated for honoring diversity…which is, hunting down and eliminating the last white person standing……..they appear to be self loathing white people

  • Kimbell

    Question:…..Is Kayla Schierbecker a Tranny?????

    • Ni Hao ho ho ho, butches

      Does it matter?

      • Mick O’Kelley

        Kinda. “Fab” Brad Manning was in a position of authority. And he/she/it/WTF BLEW it…

        • Ni Hao ho ho ho, butches

          I’m not following your “logic.”

          Plus Bradley/Chelsea did not have a position of authority. It was a position of responsibility, but not authority.

          • Mick O’Kelley

            Word games? THAT is what all this boils down to?

            How many of your 20,000 posts support Trannies and terrorism? I’d guess — 20,000.

          • Ni Hao ho ho ho, butches

            That’s not a word game. You used the wrong word. You then tried to conflate with gender. I’m just trying to follow your “logic”, sports fan.

          • Mick O’Kelley

            Yawn. No. I did not. You just think you are smarter than everyone. And you’re not. You want a 12-inch black d I l d o in your rear. Got it. Leave the rest of us alone. Transgendered people cannot be trusted with authority or responsibility. They should be in a museum.

            Duties, Responsibilities and Authority explained
            As a noncommissioned officer, you have duties, responsibilities and authority

            As a noncommissioned officer, you must know what authority you have and where it comes from. You are also expected to use good judgment when exercising your authority.
            Authority is defined as the right to direct soldiers to do certain things. Authority is the legitimate power of leaders to direct soldiers or to take action within the scope of their position. Military authority begins with the Constitution, which divides it between Congress and the President. The President, as commander in chief, commands the armed forces, including the Army. The authority from the Commander-in-Chief extends through the chain of command, with the assistance of the NCO support channel, to the squad, section or team leader who then directs and supervises the actions of individual soldiers. When you say, “PFC Lee, you and PFC Johnson start filling sandbags; SPC Garcia and SPC Smith will provide security from that hill,” you are turning into action the orders of the entire chain of command.

          • Ni Hao ho ho ho, butches

            You’re a special kind of touched. I almost feel bad for anyone who has to interact with you in person.

            I wonder you’re even commenting on this article if it was written by a transgender author. Since they lack responsibility, why even believe this article, let alone the motives of the author. To the museum!

          • Mick O’Kelley

            You are babbling…

      • Kimbell

        Not Necessarily, But the Face could use some work or maybe put an Out of Focus Photo in the By-Line……anything would help…..

        • Ni Hao ho ho ho, butches

          Well, not the best of lookers. But, I once scared a kid with my face and it wasn’t even halloween.

          • Kimbell

            You Too???

          • Ni Hao ho ho ho, butches

            Sadly. At least we have great personalities???? Oh boy, i’m screwed.

  • Richrad

    Welcome to the free world Muslims, where we abolish our freedoms so you feel accepted.

  • anotherjewishrapist

    We need to root the communists out of government, media, and the schools.

    They are enemies.

    • LudicrousSextus

      Good luck w/ the schools – given public sector teacher’s unions are the Democrat’s primary cash machine.

  • Jay111

    That kid needs an ACLU lawyer…

    • LudicrousSextus

      The ACLU is only interested in politically correct cases these days. My old man founded a few chapters a half century ago – pretty sure he wouldn’t have bothered given what they’ve become.

  • TheBerean

    Muslim? Which tribe? Shiite or Sunni?

  • Mick O’Kelley

    Beheading. Problem — or just Muslims being Muslims?


  • Tommy Tunez

    Message to Pervaiz – cry all you want but the cult of Islam has led to more human death and carnage than any other religion.

    Carrie Lonsdale – you should hire a good lawyer and sue the school administration until all of the administrators of your son’s school can’t even apply for a job at Micky D’s.

  • anotherjewishrapist

    It’s clear The Left has made an alliance with moslems.

    They have a shared objective……the destruction of The West.

    • Mick O’Kelley

      Well said. It’s truly puzzling. Why don’t Libs understand — that under Sharia Law — they go right up the chimney after the beheadings.

      It is suicide by Muslim. Suicide is a mental disorder. Therefore, Liberalism is a mental disorder.

      A British court sentenced radical preacher Anjem Choudary on Tuesday to five years and six months in prison for inspiring support for the Islamic State militant group (ISIS).
      The court, Britain’s Old Bailey, found the 49-year-old preacher guilty of inviting individuals to support ISIS,

  • TED from Boston

    Liberty HS, the name is obviously an OxyMoron, based on this ruling.
    The accused should ask to SEE THE TAPE of the conversation, and barring that, it’s he said vs she said. What happened to Due Process? The Principal should be dismissed.

  • Paul Inouye

    Not allowed to appeal? Who runs that school, the Obama Administration???

    • LudicrousSextus

      That’s about the size of it. Much as the Obama admin forbid colleges from offering due process to those accused of rape – essentially telling colleges they could act as ‘law enforcement’.

      As if.

  • Mick O’Kelley

    Can this be part of the debate — or no?

    A British court sentenced radical preacher Anjem Choudary on Tuesday to five years and six months in prison for inspiring support for the Islamic State militant group (ISIS).
    The court, Britain’s Old Bailey, found the 49-year-old preacher guilty of inviting individuals to support ISIS,

    • LudicrousSextus

      But we live in a nation where if a Muslim attends a mosque calling for ‘killing gays’ – and then goes out and slaughters a night club full of ’em…

      Media and government try and downplay it. Where if a *Baptist* minister told parishoners to ‘go kill gays’ and one *did* – every church in the Western world would be bulldozed in a month.

      • Mick O’Kelley

        Well said.

  • Jim Higgins

    Sucking up to Evil Muslims. Islam Delenda Est

  • Snailmailtrucker

    I don’t even know these people and already I LOVE this Lonsdale Family !

  • California70

    These schools are teaching pure Marxism under the guise of Political Correctness! What drivel! When are peope going to wake the hell-up, and realize their children are being indoctrinated into Communism?

    • Nathan Bedford Forrest

      Everybody who’s going to wake up, already has. They are the people who send their kids to private schools.

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    Trump could do the country a valuable service by eliminating the Department of Education. Even for Jimmy Carter, this was one of his stupidist acts.

  • Deplorable!!!

    Snowflakes, snowflakes everywhere, and not a one can think.

  • All that jazz remastered!

    Snowflakes whining because they can’t stand without being babied… and the stupid Liberal lunatics who have taken over the education system are trying to shush strong people to coddle the whining little snowflakes…

    The education system as we know it should be deconstructed .. charter schools, private schools, we have poured resources into building our education system and it is failing, and those who run it are irresponsible left wing idealogues who only warp the minds of the vulnerable, and try to muzzle the strong and intelligent….

  • LDTX

    What is going on??? This is not the America I grew up in! The left has lost their minds and are out of control!!!

  • “Soft Jihad” <–Look it up
  • ToddWB

    Who do those twerps think they are!! Using rational thought.. NOT ALLOWED.. years of indoctrination towards making college kids stupid is .. that’s the product of universities.. indoctrinated stupidity.

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    Public Schools are voluntary intellectual suicide.

  • LudicrousSextus

    Here’s a thought – the kid should go back to school wearing a shirt with US government statistics printed on it.

    Along the lines of…Half Million US Women at Risk of Female Genital Mutilation – Center for Disease Control

    Let ’em suspend the government and see where that goes…

  • Dean Winchester

    I know why liberals fear global warming – all of them (snowflakes) will melt. Same thing happens in the face of logic and facts

  • Snailmailtrucker

    When the know they have lost the Debate….YOU’RE A RACIST/BIGOT !

  • ed stevens

    Not being there, it’s a bit difficult to gauge this however, the one thing I am 100% certain of is that the principal’s office is without question “an emotionally unsafe zone” and most likely a mentally unstable one too.

  • cali_gula

    whites living RIGHT NOW are blamed for transgressions committed by white people HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO, even though those living today had nothing to do with it.

    whites living today are berated every single day for things that have happened in the past. and we take it. and we shake our heads and chuckle. because we know we had nothing to do with it.

    but you can’t explain that to a lefty liberal. they are just too stupid to debate. it’s just not worth the time and effort when you’re speaking to a brick wall.

    but say one little thing about the reality of violence or terrorism or anything else currently being committed by anyone of color RIGHT NOW, and you are punished for speaking the TRUTH.

    • LudicrousSextus

      What’s flat out unbelievable – are the US colleges allowing ‘No Whites Allowed’ events on campus.

      If that were reversed to ‘No Blacks Allowed’ – the National Guard would be called out.

      • cali_gula

        nothing surprises me anymore in the warped minds of liberals. they are truly enemies of freedom and humanity.

      • Mick O’Kelley

        Starts way before that. Black Only Proms are all the rage in High Schools.

  • Herb

    Clearly Muslims cant handle civilized society so they should be sent back to the desert to live in tents with their camels.
    the liberal assclown that suspended the kid should be disposed of, there is no fixing his disease so its best to eradicate before he spreads it further

  • Mick O’Kelley

    Is Obama a Muslim? Sharia Law says if your father is Muslim — YOU are Muslim. Discuss…


    • “Soft Jihad” <–Look it up

      “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam”
      “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer”

      • Mick O’Kelley

        Good ones. Even more recent…

        NEW DELHI: India should nourish and cultivate its Muslim population which is successful and integrated and considers itself Indian unlike in some other countries, former US President Barack Obama said here on Friday while also observing that PM Narendra Modi recognises the importance of Indian unity.

        Not one WORD about the horrific Mumbai terror attacks…

  • Habilus

    The people who have lived continuously as a nation in Palestine for over 3000 years are Israeli. Why are they not considered Palestinian?

  • KingOfAllAnimals

    First of all Political Correctness brought this on. Secondly more and more we keep hearing of these outrages against students daring to ask the “controversial” questions we are taught to do in College. To add vitriol to this when there is disciplinary action and no “right to appeal” any decisions CLEARLY shows that there are people abusing their station in power and education.

    I am so glad to have gotten through college before all this stupidity began to really take hold. I had to get past a “Rape Crusader” of a teacher who never liked what I had to say and I had no clue at that time I actually was crossing paths with a Social Justice Warrior. I passed her class but only because my GPA was way to high for her to do otherwise. Oh how I used to do open battle with her in her own class about hypocrisy and double standards. Now i can see things have progressed down a toilet hole and things are not about to clear up until someone in Congress gets a dose of “WAKE UP” and finally begins to clean our education of these politically charged educators turning college into socialist indoctrination centers.
    It is SAD to think that Washington DC is not the only swamp in need of draining. Pick a college, or university and taker a deep breath and see if you don’t gag on the stink of Prog Liberalism.

  • maddaddyssa

    Though they’re completely different entities, Islam shares some important commonalities with Scientology They cannot tolerate criticism or ridicule. Scientology reacts with threats of litigation, Islam reacts with violence. They cannot tolerate apostacy. Scientology reacts with harassment and character assassination, as ex-Scieno Leah Remini learned the hard way, Islam again reacts with violence as untold millions learned the hard way. And they need to disguise themselves as religions in order to conceal their true agendas. Scientology, in the guise of a religion, is an elaborate scam devised by L Ron Hubbard, a 4th-rate sci-fi writer and low level con artist whose primary objective was to separate the rich and famous from as much of their $$$ as possible. Islam, in the guise of a religion, is an intolerant, absolutist, tyrannical, racist, misogynist theological/political/social order devised by mohammed, a hashish abusing child molester whose primary objective was to rule the world by any means necessary .

  • janger

    Further proof that you just aren’t allowed to argue with Towel Heads…

    • cali_gula

      they kill people for drawing pictures, for god’s sakes. there’s no rationalizing with people like that.

  • ImaHippyBurning

    Liberal/Progressives do NOT debate – They demand it is their way or else you are a Racist, Homophobe, Bigot Blah, Blah, Blah or like in this case a never ending part of their VICTIMIZATION Model that can then be used as a Political Weapon against those of opposing viewpoints!!!

  • DevilDog

    It’s about time to blow the muzzy’s back to the 7th Century anyway… Deus vult.

  • Archer

    This kid needs to sue the hell out of that school. They just exposed themselves as communist bs artist that refuse to allow someone to speak out on current issues. No not every Muslim is bad but the bad ones make the rest look bad. Also why are more and more converting away from Islam if it’s so great? Why are women being beaten and abused if a veil slips just a little bit? Why do they claim to be leaving a bad place yet yell at the locals and tell them “this is our country now, you get out”? Why can’t they assimilate to their host countries ways of life? Why are there no go zones all over Europe where not seven police are allowed? Why is the media constantly lying about what’s really going on?
    So many questions so few honest answers.

  • Shadrach/Hananiah

    How can darkness debate light? How can lies debate truth? The moderator is of the dark as well.

  • G Bailey

    Muslims had better get used to their religion being discussed by Americans. Or they can leave.

    They hate the fact that Americans have the right to freedom of expression.

  • KingOfAllAnimals

    BTW, anyone notice author of this piece is either the ugliest woman I have ever seen or this is a man with gender confusion issues!

    If my observation offends you well… good for you, your offended. Is there anything else I can offend you over today?

    • cali_gula

      i thought it was a head shot from the Rocky Horror Picture Show

      • KingOfAllAnimals

        PRICELESS! That observation made me LOL. Dr. Frank-en-furter is in the Haus!

    • Tony Holmquist

      There is plenty to find when searching about the former Mark Schierbecker…
      “Kayla Schierbecker, a transgender autistic woman and college undergraduate, […] explained that aspects of her personality made it more difficult for her to be accepted as a woman. This, she believes, was due in part to the way her autism presented itself.”

      • Eponymous1


  • dick_dick

    I’ve seen this kind of activity in the Boy Scouts, on college campuses, in political meetings, board meetings and even on street corners. Express an opinion that goes against any leftist ideology and pay a price. It’s an intimidation game, and being pro Islamic is a stance that can change in a heart beat once a Muslim is no longer useful.

    • cali_gula

      leave the boy scouts. join Trail life with your boys instead

      –Trail Life USA is a Christian Outdoor Adventure, Character, and Leadership Program for boys and young men. —

      • dick_dick

        I’m Catholic, and would consider such a move. I’m extremely disappointed in the directon the boy scouts are taking. Should committed Christians pull out, the scouts would lose 3/4 of their membership.

        • cali_gula

          the scouts deserve to lose their members, as they have lost their way.

          • dick_dick

            I’m staying for now, hoping to influence the direction of the organization. But my patience is thin.

          • cali_gula

            that’s admirable, and i wish you the best. hopefully the rot isn’t too deep to mend.

          • Eponymous1

            It was all about money, and Rex Tillerson was a big part of it. They indebted the Scouts by purchasing a huge tract of land in PA, making the organization dependent on big corporate donors, who then insisted the Scouts redefine what it means to be men for the boys.

        • Eponymous1

          We left the boy scouts when they decided teaching boys that “morally straight” included doing with other boys and allowing men who like boys to be leaders.

        • pannw

          You might look into the Troops of St. George. It is a Catholic alternative to Boy Scouts started by Taylor Marshall, a convert to Catholicism and a father of 8. “I wanted to establish a thoroughly Catholic organization for boys,” Marshall explained to the Register, “one that taught virtue, honor and brotherhood, but in a way that incorporated the example of Catholic
          vocations: married fathers and Catholic priests and deacons.”

  • “Soft Jihad” <–Look it up
    • Mick O’Kelley

      A radical muslim beheads you.

      A moderate muslim holds you down.

      A progressive muslim finances the whole operation.

      • akjim99

        And progressive Americans excuse the act.

  • Mel_Anosis

    More evidence the educational system in the USA has been hijacked by the fascist left.

  • joesockit

    The truth is always the best defense. If the kid had the statistics then he is in the right. Islam is a violent religion. Look at the koran, it’s right there in black and white. You see time after time that Muslims don’t argue that fact, they just cry discrimination because they know liberals will rush to defend them. When you point out Sharia Law and the “kill the infidels” part in the Koran they walk away. You won the debate kid, now sue the school for discrimination.

  • DrChimRichaldsOBGYN

    Poor stupid offended muslims.

    I’ll consider islam equal to christianity once it can be criticized without this kind of reaction.

  • Him Bike

    Thank God I’m a high school drop out

    • cali_gula


      • Him Bike

        IM serious as a heart attack.
        Schools edu. Have lost their minds.

        • cali_gula

          oh, i agree. the comment was just funny. reminded me of Airplane.

          “i picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue.” 😉

  • Boodrow Malone

    It is great to see that not all young people are buying the leftist propaganda in American schools and are willing to expose the threat of islam.

  • Harcourt Mudd

    When someone gets pissed off about what you’re telling them it means they find your point valid and have no rebuttal.

  • K Meyerkorth

    Religion and politics need to be separated in any discussion. Politics can be debated, but religion can only be argued.

    • Him Bike

      Islam is not religion.
      It’s ideology

      • cali_gula

        it’s a death worship cult

      • Tony Holmquist

        Yep. And islam isn’t a RACE, either. From the article: “Lonsdale said he has been ostracized by some students at school: Several now believe he is a racist.”

        • Him Bike

          If you’re white you’re guilty

  • Stacy

    Oh hell no!! I would be up at that school so fast…..Suspend my kid for that? Heads would roll.

  • Will

    Millennials and free speech…………non-existent.

  • Oboy_must_go

    Sounds like a violation of his freedom of speech.

  • the_logician

    A school defending Islam in a debate runs afoul of the separation of church and state.

  • sgreen516

    I hope he sues them. That’s how they learn.

  • Miles Tugo

    Lonsdale needs to get the heck out of Missouri and move to a state where they’ll appreciate his talent and intelligence, like Texas.

    • Wrabble

      We can’t all move to Texas! Some of us are stuck behind enemy lines. And I bet there are some lib-whacko schools in Texas too!

  • hoepper

    Education was once designed to prepare children and young adults for the challenges of real life. Now they seem to keep them in the womb of rainbows and prancing unicorns as long as possible, so they will have no choice but to become compliant wage slaves once released, since they haven’t learned how to fight.
    I am grateful to have grown up in the times of schoolyard fights, strict elimination based upon achievement and ability, and a healthy ignorance about “hurt feelings”. Life can be lived a lot better with that kind of preparation.

  • rusty

    The muslim bunch are some sick puppies. Don’t want them around me and don’t want anymore brought into my country.

  • JWood_the_other

    That’s so funny! The Muslim loses the debate so he goes to plan B and tries to destroy his adversary. It’s just like how they do it in the real world. Maybe it’s in their genes.

  • XDS45

    The truth hurts and when it does cry bullying

  • Him Bike

    Trump should invite kid to WH.
    Obama sure would

    • cali_gula

      barack invited Clock Boy to the WH for crying out loud!!! the kid brought a fake bomb to school!!! barack is a terrorist sympathizer.

      • Him Bike

        And the media adored him for it

  • Lord Beasley

    Libs took their ball and went home cuz they lost.

  • I work for God. You?

    I’m only prejudice against those that are prejudice.

  • O_Henry

    I am pleased the youth in the schools of the USA are having such experiences early in life. It will serve to guide them the rest of their days and no one can accuse them of prejudice or bigotry because they have had a personal experience on which to base their judgment. This applies to all sorts of experiences including Islam, socialism, Christianity and politically correct, self-appointed social justice warriors.

  • PostAntebellum

    How dare you bring up the global problem of Muslim terrorism! Truth and common sense has no place in any liberal run school setting. If liberals can’t hide their heads in the sand at school…where the hell can they hide their heads? Besides deep up their derrières I mean…lol

  • Oboy_must_go

    Good thing he wasn’t debating immigration policy with an illegal.

  • GMan90210

    Democrats still bewildered on reasons why Trump won? Read this article.

  • Griefner

    And this all happened at “Liberty” High School……. now that’s pretty sad.

  • Richard Right

    Lonsdale. Congratulations on your experience. You now know at least one Muslim who openly lied to your superiors to get you in trouble. A valuable experience.

  • Ronald Roman

    Gubmint Skool, yes?

  • Just_A_Thought_79

    It is what Muslim adults do now, use the authorities and media to bash someone into silence through threats, actions, and coercion. They don’t want their obvious biases pointed out, they don’t want the history of violence that Islam has brought out, they don’t want to discuss how every Muslim majority country is awash in sexual violence against women, frequent killings of homosexuals, the violation of basic human rights for women, and treating women like 2nd class citizens.

    Instead they just bleat how that isn’t Islam. What a crock of shit.

  • Waya Hedia

    Sue them. Now.

    • daz2002

      I agree , sue the living shit out of them and bring this to light in a court of law. See them scurry.

  • Neptus 9

    Liberal crawling to those who want to destroy them…

  • kiwifruit

    My goodness, Muslims are just coddled and protected in every way. Why are we so easily being parted from our God given rights to avoid “offending” this particular group? Their scam is to have everyone trembling in fear of being called racist or whatever. We don’t do this with Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, Sikhs, Christians, pagans, or even atheists. What makes Muslims so special? The beauty of this country is the laws apply equally to everyone, whatever your color, religion, sexual orientation, etc .

  • 1mikejanz1

    In todays academic areas, you can not only no speak the truth but you can’t even talk about w you see right before your eyes!

  • johncapp

    So let’s high light the trampling of free speech with a refusal to allow any type of appeal. Fascistic indeed…

  • cali_gula

    when do we get our list of government approved topics of conversation?

    i can’t wait!

  • John1838

    He said they accused him of “‘creating an emotionally unsafe zone.’”

    That’s bureaucratic doublespeak for ya. This incident appears to have led to nothing more than one student having hurt feelings. There does not seem to be even a suggestion that Lonsdale threatened Pervaiz physically. Nor does it appear that Pervaiz because suicidal or retaliatory over the incident. In other words, the emotionally unsafe zone was between his ears. Suspending a student over a “raucous imbroglio” of words shows once again that feelings trump learning in today’s public education system.

  • daz2002

    Liberals will never ‘ man up ‘ when they get destroyed by the truth all they do is cry cry cry. Always offended and never ashamed. The truth cannot be an ‘ism or a ‘phobe or racist , the truth is fact.

  • nearboston

    There is no such thing as a moderate muslim only varying degrees of fanatic support for the worldwide caliphate.

  • Rogue Cheddar

    Islam is incompatible with Judeo-Christian ethics and Western civilization in general, prove me wrong.

    • cali_gula

      forget western civilization, it seems incompatible with humanity as a whole. 99% of conflicts in the world are caused by islam.

      • CharlieFromPA

        And, if you ask the Dem Lib Progs, Donald Trump.

        • cali_gula

          haha, i don’t ask them anything. i already know their whiny crybaby answers.

  • WarPigg

    Wow! This is my home town. It doesn’t surprise me though…a lot of the residents of Liberty, Mo. are what we call “Libertyites” The typical suburban SJWs with a Beemer, two spoiled obnoxious kids and a crippling mortgage on a McMansion they neither need or can afford.

    • Merry Misanthrope

      And a permanent look of superiority on their smug faces.

  • CharlieFromPA

    It seems clear that there is only one acceptable opinion to be had, and that Alex didn’t have it, so he had to endure the weight of his school and district administration on his shoulders. As presented in the article, he did so with grace. He won the debate, because his opponents had to play dirty.

  • nearboston

    From its very beginning islam has embraced terror and violence as a means to their ultimate goal a worldwide caliphate.
    Disagree and eventually they will kill you.

  • daz2002

    I do notice the rise of unemployment with the rise of the left , anyone else notice this ?

  • jamesxxx

    Somehow we are led to believe we should be tolerant of Islamics.
    They all believe in the Koran and it speaks of killing infidels, jews, homosexuals and women in some cases. Even if only few percent carry out actions mentioned in Koran it is thousands available.
    See below one such excerpt from Koran:
    (Sura 47: 4; Rodwell Translation) When ye encounter the infidels, strike off their heads till ye have made a great slaughter among them, and f the rest make fast the fetters. And afterwards let there either be free dismissals or ransomings, till the war hath laid down its burdens. Thus do. Were such the pleasure of God, he could himself take vengeance upon them: but He would rather prove the one of you by the other. And whoso fight for the cause of God, their works he will not suffer to miscarry;

  • Oboy_must_go

    I wonder how many teachers in that school voted for Hillary.

    • 2old2care

      All of them, left wing totalitarians are incapable of free thinking.

  • Tony Holmquist
    • jkjcks

      12 years old and even more relevant.

  • Chris

    What’s to debate Islam is not a religion it’s a death cult that is not a peaceful religion it kills anyone that isn’t a member,

  • Red47 pffft

    Some animals are more equal than others.

  • 2old2care

    The defense of a 12th century death cult created by a murderous pedophile is indefensible.

  • Pro_sanity

    This BS is all coming to a head soon … mark my words.

  • daz2002


  • mr incredible

    Good for you Alex…I predict you’ll have a great future.

  • CharlieFromPA

    Liberty High School making America Great Again! Go Blue Jays! MAGA!
    Except, maybe, that part about suspending Alex.
    And what’s that about not letting him appeal his suspension? UnAmerican!

  • old409

    The Truth will no longer set you free. Today, the Truth will get you suspended or worse. In some foreign countries the Truth will get you killed. How long until that happens here in the U.S. ? Given their own way, the Liberal/Progressive /Democrats will destroy our country. They are off and running.

    • daz2002

      The truth stands the test of time , he is right and they are wrong hence they hide behind liberal rules and not law.

  • cyberdove

    Apparently THAT is “settled” science too.

  • Fed Up

    “…he’s not allowed to appeal the finding of wrongdoing.”

    Sure he is and thanks to the New Media Age he has now appealed his case to the highest land in our court- the court of public opinion.

    And it’s my guess that at this very moment the little commissars of education are running for their proverbial lives from the s**t-storm raining down on their heads.

    And rightly so.

    • jkjcks

      I’m afraid you give too much credit to the citizens of Liberty, MO.
      I suspect apathy, stupidity, and politics have and will allow this story to be repeated in other venues all over the West.

      • Fed Up

        True enough there will ALWAYS be those willing to try to take our liberty but at least the little tyrants get what’s coming to them. At least these miscreants will think twice before trying it again.

  • Paul__Revere

    The truth hurts…look at the middle east and what you see is nothing less than the result of a 1000 year long ethnic-cleansing process. The only blemish, in their perspective, is Israel…..and you see the hatred that one little speck of land creates in the islamic ethnic cleansing movement.

  • Dennis Opihory

    sue them

  • Max42

    The Muslim premise is simple, and entirely wrong. The Muslim premise is that any violence committed in the name of Islam is the behavior of false Muslims, and therefore can not, in any manner, be attributable to Islam. With this premise, they nullify free speech, and this incident clearly exemplifies that’s it’s working in the US.

    • Arsene Lupin

      You’re right. And from the news today there sure are a lot of “fake” Muslims upset about Trump’s Jerusalem decision. The real Muslims are simply taking it in stride because real Muslims are 100% peaceful. it’s my understanding they don’t even have police in Islamic countries because all real Muslims are peaceful.

      • jkjcks


  • HappyJack1

    Sorry, but these snowflakes need to learn how to handle a conversation before they claim to be debaters, like the perv Pervaiz. And what’s with that letter? This was written by a moron called Miles? He prints like a 6 year old rather than using handwriting and his spelling is atrocious. This school is a place where only socialism seems acceptable.

  • SoylentGreenTea

    Yes, debating with the snowflakes, especially minority snowflakes can be hazardous to your everything.

    • Damien Ruffin

      Way to group all minorities together little dick racist! Swidt?

      • SoylentGreenTea

        If I grouped all the minorities into one group then they would be the majority.

      • SoylentGreenTea

        Butt hurt much snowflake?

      • SoylentGreenTea

        Now I know what SWIDT means…. I learned something today.

      • jkjcks

        Actually Soylent specifically qualified his “minority” reference with the identifier “snowflakes”.
        Truth is, it has been demonstrated that snowflakes go out of their way to be offended and it can be “hazardous to your everything” if you make it known that you don’t agree with one or more of them. It’s further true that the risk is magnified if you happen to offend one or more snowflakes that happen to be members of a minority group.
        Racist? Maybe, but not in this post. Soylent’s post was simply factual.

  • Scott Spivey

    The religion of butthurtness… Facts are hated things by the “Religion of Peace”… IMO, majority of them are Terror lovers, or complicit by their inaction… Good for you, young man, for pointing that out…

  • Damien Ruffin

    Islam is OF THE DEVIL and has nothing to do with “God”. You know who else thought that? MOHAMMED! Read Salmon Rushdie’s book the “Satanic Verses”, it shows that Mohammed believed the “angel” he was getting his filth from was actually a DEMON and in the only time in recorded history where a Muslim listens to his WIFE, he allowed her to convince him that it was “allah”. Wrongo bongo baby!

  • 0¿o

    If that hand writing is indicative of the schools other teachings, it is a wonder any of those kids know anything.

  • ExSF

    A radical Muslim wants to cut your head off. A moderate Muslim wants the radical Muslim to cut your head off.

    • jkjcks


  • MacDaddio

    If this Lonsdale kid had written a note like the one he received from the “witness” and friend of the Muslim kid, he would have been suspended for threats and harassment .. read the p.s. that the kid wrote. But since it’s threatening a conservative kid, well, we’ll just let that slip by. Truly starting to hate liberals more every passing day.

  • SoylentGreenTea

    Has anyone looked at the picture of the author? I think thats Bill from Silence of the Lambs!

  • Matthew

    [email protected]#k the kid who got his feelings hurt…..when your religion does nothing to stop or polices its own i have no sympathy for you….

  • daz2002

    American values have been under attack for many many years and the education system allows this , Americans wake up. The truth is all you need and the law can never take that away.

    • jkjcks

      Do you really believe that last sentence?

  • enzomedici

    Time to fire the principal and clean the leftists out of that high school.

  • cali_gula

    when i was in school, if the muslim kid and his friends sent me a letter like the one above after a debate in debate class, my reaction would have been a good ole fashioned beat down. no more debate.

  • Dlitowit

    The remedy for speech that you don’t like is MORE speech, not LESS. You have to reply. If the kid cited the British survey – which I saw myself and it was shocking – then the other kid should have responded by criticizing the survey itself (for example, saying that it was not representative, not scientific, could not be replicated, etc). How can the Muslim kid – ON A DEBATE TEAM – go immediately into victim mode instead of debate mode? The Kid who got punished sounds like a very bright young man with a good future, and a reasonable mother who sees the absurdity in all of this nonsense.

    • jkjcks

      I would not be surprised to learn that the idea was suggested to him by a teacher, counselor, or even a principal at the school, would you?

  • FuriousYT

    So creating an emotionally unsafe zone is now a punishable offense in schools? What is debate if it is not intended to challenge one’s assumptions, making you uncomfortable and thereby forcing you to rationally defend your opinions?

    What brings this episode to the level of absurd comedy is knowing just how “emotionally unsafe” Faraz would be feeling living in any Muslim country where his particular sect may be viewed as the minority (i.e., sunni vs. shia), or simply living at all in Muslim countries like Syria, Yemen, etc.

    No doubt Faraz’s parents moved to the US precisely to escape this very real emotional and physical terror, where now their children are quick to assess the white guilt that plagues the West and don’t hesitate to exploit this pathology to shut down criticism and free speech- the very same free speech that doesn’t exist in any Muslim countries.

  • K Smith

    Lucky he’s going to a college where they deal in actual facts ‘n’ stuff, as opposed to traumatized snowflake feelings.

  • DWarren

    The draconian reaction of the radical, alt-Left, anti-American, socialist, Progressive Democrat, political operatives masquerading as school administrators and faculty members is a fresh illustration of the alt-Left’s psychotic break with objective reality because of its utter and total dependency on post-modern deconstructionist anti-intellectualism. The rich hypocritical irony of the alt-Left’s Western Civilization hating U.S. loathing bigotry seeking to elevate their subjectively self-identified delusion of the oppressed by oppressing their subjectively self-identified delusion of the oppressor is crystal clear to sane persons but the alt-Left is utterly mind blind to it. This injustice is why every sane person should categorically oppose the continuing financing with tax money radical, alt-Left, anti-American, socialist, Progressive Democrat indoctrination centers posing as educational institutions. The injustice they have done to this young man and to the nation is inexcusable and immoral.

  • daz2002

    Who can’t wait for liberals to sign up to the military and fight liberal left wars , i know it’s going to be lots of fun watching these shit heads die for the left.

  • WhyDoesMURDOCHBlacklistSavage

    The 5th Pillar of Islam in full effect, people.

    • FuriousYT

      Saudis and their money fully corrupting our culture, and doing it with the profits from the oil we buy from them.

  • JDStill

    The School administrators are moral and physical cowards, afraid of offending certain groups but more importantly afraid of the truth.

    • daz2002

      Nailed it.

    • jkjcks

      Exactly! It is truth that is under attack.

      • GlomOnToMe

        “The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.”

        ― Augustine of Hippo

  • Tony Smith

    World-given authority is the weapon of choice when their “reasoning” cannot possibly win the point. The administrators need to be sued, hounded, publicly shamed, and run-out of town, back to San Francisco, where they belong.

    • daz2002

      That is the left.

  • jkjcks

    Give us our country back.
    I am fed up with the PC culture that is preventing the free exchange of ideas. This is how thinking and free people can determine which “ideas” are winners and which are losers.
    The citizenry should be inundating the School Board with complaints and the Administration should be corrected. Refusal of the School Board should result in recalls.

    • daz2002

      The free exchange of ideas helps move forward and discover new things. It seems the left is trying as hard as it can to hold us back from exploring not just this issue but everything else brought before us.

      • jkjcks

        They would regress us right back to the Dark Ages if they had their way.

  • Volarekathy99

    It just figures… Even in a debate club, you cannot say anything critical of Islam, but you can criticize Christianity all you want. Even if one shows others some of the murderous verses of the Koran, that is not acceptable, but Christians are called intolerant when it is really the other way around.

  • Incurablewound

    Brainwash education!
    islam is a stain!

  • GlomOnToMe

    This kid will get a full-ride scholarship to some libertarian-leaning school like Hillsdale. He’ll be fine, and good for him.

  • Spock

    Finish the debate on the floor of a courtroom where this kid’s lawyer can win him a free education at a Conservative school, and a new home, care of his successful civil rights lawsuit.

  • SuckMyWake

    You have to wonder why someone would be willing to muzzle 90% and coddle 10%. This school is not doing Pervaiz any favors. Thick skin is in short supply recently, and the backlash on this social engineering is going to be horrendous.

  • Wake up!

    Islam is an ideology and as such deserves to be scrutinized as they all do. It should not have special status where no criticism is allowed. Alex is now being attacked and made to feel unsafe at his school for apparently being a conservative….also another group of ideas…weird how none of those kids doing that to him are facing suspension…

    • jkjcks

      “…weird how none of those kids doing that to him are facing suspension…”
      No fallout mentioned upon the Administrators that are punishing Alex either.
      Liberty, MO must be apathetic and cowardly, like most American cities.

  • Harry Callahan

    “Liberty High”

    –That’s rich!

  • Jedd McHead

    It would have pleased his teacher if he’d knelt and let his opponent slit his throat — THAT would have been acceptable.

  • Randy Johnston

    You have violated an educational safe zone. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200. And please, no more thinking for yourself – let us do it.

  • Barrysullivan1

    Filing a lawsuit will get the administration to see the light very quickly.

  • Tom OConnor

    True Islamophobia, If it really exists, is the fear of criticizing Islam. Fear of standing up to Muslim bullies. Commonly found among gutless administrators

  • Harrycanary

    Another example of indoctrination instead of education.

  • GregoryH

    Another Winston Smith oppressed by Ingsoc.

  • “Soft Jihad” <–Look it up
  • “Soft Jihad” <–Look it up
  • Dirk Voorhees

    Telling the truth is now racist. BS

  • Fred Doe

    The only way leftist / Muslims can win a fact and truth based debate, is to prevent their opponents from speaking.

  • mirted

    “Victory of the Fascist Left” over “Education”. Why there is any respect left for “Educators” if this trend continues, is only due to personal knowledge of the good ones, most of whom are paycheck dependent on conformance.

  • Deplorable Grumpy

    Sharia is a hugely POWER tool now used by the Marxist Left to promote their protected speech agenda.
    Only through the power of Hear No Evil, can the left, “la la la, I can’t hear you” continue it’s destructive path to Sharia-tization of this country.

    Shame on this college for Compelling the termination of Free Speech and Free Thought and the dissemination of Ideas.

  • JuniataKid

    Islam can’t stomach scrutiny because it can’t survive it.

  • Frank Rizzo

    Liberty High School 200 W Blue Jay Dr, Liberty, MO 64068; Principal [email protected]; Assistant Principal [email protected]

  • booboo

    And we are told that the left is tolerant. Hell no they arent. They do not want healthy debate, they want total control and indoctrination. Nothing more will be excepted other than total, leftist assimilation

  • Bavak

    Same as the BLM protests at Mizzou. Just because you make whitey shut up doesn’t mean you won the argument. Whatever happened to telling someone who is spouting things you don’t like to shut up and walking away? Minority status is not a license to use the “man” to do your debating for you. Send the Muslim a pussyhat.

  • Frank Rizzo

    Liberty High School 200 W Blue Jay Dr, Liberty, MO 64068;

    Principal: [email protected];

    Assistant Principal: [email protected]

    • daz2002

      April , looks like we have another left leaning sell out.

  • tall, blond, and very hot

    Freedom of speech for me, but not for thee.

  • Merry Misanthrope

    Say Islam is a religion of peace or I will KILL you!

  • Romeo

    Kayla Schierbecker….. “she”??

  • Martin

    Libtard leftists are insane. Worse than insane, they are authoritarian maniacs who cannot abide any different point of view. They hate fellow Americans worse than they hate our enemies. They are a cancer on the body politic.

  • ltcajh


  • Braveheart8850

    What is the problem with this? The school is just trying to implement sharia law. Are you not aware that it should be the law of the land, and in fact will be in time? How dare a white Christian kid even be allowed on campus. I hope the superior Muslim kid gets invited to Obama’s house to be recognized as the hero he is. His family needs to get a good Jewish lawyer and sue the kids family for all they have and then sue any college that wants to accept him. Of course the school district needs to be sued as well for causing this brave Islamic freedom fighter to feel unsafe. Ali Ali Income Free!!!

  • barry ocarter ll

    Put a chill on the discussion by disciplining someone for speech that offended another student. What will these snowflakes do when there is no weak kneed administrator to call timeout? Blow up the place?

  • JR

    Bring a Law suit against them this is against free speech must be stopped and not allowed.
    Those that suspended the student must be fired they obviously don’t know this is America.

    • Afterheart

      Marxist US school teaches still think they won the Cold War.

  • Rene Anderson

    I hope the author of this article is fired for relating a story about a school suspending a student for saying something unflattering about Muslims. One must never criticize another culture, especially Muslims. Are we in Sweden

    • Afterheart

      Pick your muslim pandering country of choice.

  • dieter

    Using truth and facts ist verbotten in Leftist Govt School debate club.

  • The Grinder! ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰ

    Muslim Ban ON!

    Thanks Trump!!!

  • booboo

    These parents are pansies, unless their account is not accurate. After getting the facts, I would have notified the media, notified my lawyer, have a letter to cease and desist actions until the court hearing, then notify the educational agency. Then watch the back tracking and butt kissing. How do I know this will works, I did this very thing.

  • King Slacker Mac

    Islam is just a convenient vehicle for furthering efforts to stifle any
    criticism of government. Make no mistake this is an attack on Liberty
    on every front to further government control. It is ironic that this
    was able to happen at a school that calls itself “Liberty”. Leftists do
    not care that Islam treats women horribly. Leftists do not care that
    there are Islam extremists. Leftists do not care about women or Islam.
    They only wish for totalitarian government control. They cloak this in
    “social justice” and the trojan horse of “defending” Islam.

  • Curmudgeon

    The school handled this correctly. Islam should not be subjected to reckless free speech, unlike Christianity. I, for one, welcome our new Islamic invaders. Praise be to Allah.

    • lolgfy

      In the coming New Islamic World Order, the liberals will be the first to be murdered. I’m stocking up on popcorn!

      • Curmudgeon

        it had better be halal popcorn!

  • IToldYouSo

    Is Islam really a religion or is it a political ideology used to gain political power over the citizens by a group of unelected Imams, Ayatollahs, and other unelected Islamic clerics? Has Islam demonstrated in countries where there are Muslim majorities that Islam is a Religion of Peace, that promotes democracy, acceptance, and multiculturalism, or has it shown itself to be a tyrannical dictatorship? Some people cannot see what is right in front of their eyes because they cannot handle the truth or do not want to face the reality.

    • Blah Blah Blah

      All Religions end up as politics because the corrupt are drawn to any type of power.

      Then they recruit.

      Truth is the enemy of such leaders, and sheep like to led because it is easy.

      It is that simple.

  • Pole_cat

    College enrolment has cratered because mom and dad are fed up with paying for all that Ubiquitous Leftist Indoctrination. The Leftist can read the writing on the wall. You are now seeing two desperate Leftist movements afoot -Universal FREE college and High School/Grade School will now be the MAIN focus for future Leftist Indoctrination.

  • model94

    He’s lucky the passive Muslim didn’t stab him.

  • Bitty Danger

    “‘creating an emotionally unsafe zone.’”

    yep, melted some snowflakes

  • Huskie_Jon

    So you can accuse someone of being retarded, thus making fun of retarded people, but you may not criticize Islam or its strong correlation with terrorism.

  • Blah Blah Blah

    A critical mass will eventually be reached, and that will he that.

    Darwin applies to cultures too, and nature is rather disdainful of truly free-thinking as a societal bedrock.

    Perhaps people will wake up and see that pre-reformational religious cultures are not best, and perhaps people will act on this.

    If not, nature is quite happy to assist that suicide.

  • BambiHunter

    An “Emotionally Unsafe zone” … you have got to be kidding. We have got to get liberals out of the schools administration

  • Dolleen Drumroll

    The school officials should be taken out to the quad and caned for suppression of speech. The parents need to fire the district super.

  • Fluoric

    Kick the social Marxists out of Education. It’s really that simple. Parents, do you part and give the schools hard times when they push identity politics. Newspapers won’t be sympathetic.

  • mackadoo

    And these school administrators will be left in place to continue pushing their anti-American, pro Muslim agenda.

    • Blah Blah Blah

      And if they let this stand, they deserve it.

      We live in a country where standing against power is often just a mere inconvenience to the complainer. Yet people take it.

      Keep that up, and the eventual fix becomes ugly.

      This is why we have the bloodless bullet called a vote: To prevent violence.

  • Curmudgeon

    Going forward, school sponsored debates will place both teams on the same, politically correct side of an issue. It’s the only way to maintain an emotionally safe zone.

  • Curmudgeon

    In the school’s defense, they were simply covering their own ___. This muslim kid would have roped in the ACLU and their team of shakedown artists to extract tens of thousands from the school board.

  • acronymous

    Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of public opinion. You do not have the right to remain silent. Failure to applaud the approved opinion of the day is hate-speech through silence.

  • dswenk

    Its getting closer and closer that givernment is going to start punishing people who use their 1st Amendment right in ways the government doiesnt like. There is a push to crimiinalize any thought of verbiage that doesnt meet the leftist agenda. You can demonize Christinaity or caucasians all you want but anyting else will hold criminal penalties.

  • theAdorableDeplorable

    Every time a liberal loses an argument, they call the victor a “racist”.

    Apparently, a “racist” is anyone smarter than a liberal.

  • dudefromdixie

    I believe the white kid 100%.

  • lrs24

    I love how liberals immediately look for government or administrators to shut down debate they don’t like. And government usually obliges. Shows how deep, the deep state is. It’s pretty clear government employees are overwhelmingly liberal in nature. Public schools, definitely are, even in areas considered republican strongholds.

  • Gary surdyke

    Wanna bet if he had argued that Christianity was a religion that was the root of most wars he would not have been disciplined.

    • lrs24

      Not at all, administrators would be all smiles.

  • silver fox

    SHUT IT DOWN along with the rest of the schools that practice social manipulation through intimidation.

    • silver fox

      …. I have four aliases on disqus… I wonder if these a- rab vermin have four aliases too.
      Silver Fox
      Max Dugan

  • Chainsaw McGerk

    Sue Liberty High School and its administrators…sue them or they win. “Liberty” High School….wow.

  • therealmadmarv

    The truth hurts! This kid should not have been suspended, he should have been given the debate trophy!

  • Jason

    Do they apologize to Christians when students and even school faculty make disparaging remarks about them?

  • RedWhiteBlueHAT

    Their is no debate! Satanic islam has no defense in a debate. islam is a known death cult in existence for approximately 1400 years. They have expanded their false religeon through terrorism, slavery, murder, theft and Conquest! Shall be eradicated throughout Humanity!

  • SomewhereSomehowSometime



    Say Goodbye to Freedom of Speech .This is how it started back in 1932 Germany. Text Book start of Communism …..

  • Bug eater 357

    How dare he point out the truth

    • rickmcinnis

      How dare he have his own point of view! He must learn to think like we want him to think.

      2 plus 2 equals five and don’t you forget it you little POS!

  • jimmyk520000

    Hitler and Stalin had nothing on the leadership at the school.

  • Keith Owen

    More political correctness crap from the libturd left. Bet they wouldn’t have said a word if he was arguing against Christianity or Judaism.

  • rickmcinnis

    Sounds like little Miles knows the program well.

    On his way to being a dutiful bureaucrat where he can bully all of those he perceived as bullying him in high school.

  • AtTheTable

    One only has too look at today’s events in the West Bank and other Muslim regions to know the truth of what the student who had the courage to debate Islamic extremism had to say. If it made the Muslim student feel ‘bad’, then perhaps that student should be focusing on the actions of fellow travellers.

  • sunlord666

    So the wimpy muslim student ran to report the other student .Wow

  • Clay99

    So it begins. Get ready. In Europe people are being put in jail for criticizing Islam. However, there are no jail terms for criticizing Christianity. It’s coming here, slowly, but wait ten years….this is just the beginning. These evil leftists want to break down our resolve and our culture, and they don’t care who gets hurt in the process.
    They are smart, however, because they are slowly becoming the gate keepers of education, which we need in order to be a part of the economy. Don’t let them intimidate you. They are maggots, worms, cockroaches, and nothing more. Don’t be sucked into their nice smiles and charming words. They are liars.

  • Joe Boltonn

    He should stand his ground and not apologize, where there is clearly a double standard. If you don’t protect free speech in a school debate, where are you going to defend it?

  • John Woodhar

    should have argued that america is to blame for all the world’s woes. scholarship at harvard.

  • MO Guy

    Disgraceful actions by the school. All Muslims SHOULD feel bad about what Islamic extremists do in the name of their so-called religion.

  • Krejoe

    Trump stoped the Muslim onslaught by moving the US embacy in Israel. It is
    about time, don’t you agree.

  • Dusty Thompson

    College campuses seem like places where extremely fragile ideas are protected from reality.

    If anyone ever wants to truly know the “root cause” of why the worldwide ctrl-left act the way they do then you really need to watch Yuri Bezmenov American Hero explain it all, in simple understandable terms. In 1984 no less. This is a WOW video for anyone that wants to know the truth. Of course no college in America would show it.


    WHY ARE THERE MUSLIMS IN MISSOURI??? Seeing this little tête-à-tête, Ethnic European Christians should realize exactly why there are Muslims in Missouri – to drive out all of the ethnic Europeans.

    We need a Christian Homeland, free from this promulgated terrorism that seeks to disenfranchise all of us and reduces us to landless serfs on the road to our mass graves. Wake up already.

  • fusilier

    You know who is in power by what topics can not be discussed in public.

  • Russ in OR

    To the left, 1984 is an instruction manual, not a warning.

  • solstar

    Here is a debate topic:

    EVERYTHING and the ONLY thing one needs to know about the Muslim religion/culture in two sentences:
    “In every country where Muslims are in the MINORITY they are concerned with the democratic ‘rule of law’ and minority rights. 
In every country where Muslims are in the MAJORITY there is no democratic ‘rule of law’ nor minority rights.”
    I challenge ANYONE to show a country where this is not true….ANYONE !

  • fusilier
  • bcbigdaddy

    Libs are so obtuse

    • Dusty Thompson

      Dangerous to themselves and the rest of us.

  • Celeste Lovett

    NOT SURPRISING…Too bad the debate topic wasn`t about Christianity because there would be zero repercussion, rather heroic front page accolades would have been Paraded endlessly. To continually defend the Religion of Violence and Culture of Death & Oppression has become some deluded obsession completely devoid of Common Sense. Wake Up America…stop allowing your enemies to program your beliefs by doing your own research and avoiding exposure to the tactics employed daily via MSM (CNN, ABC, CBS, NYT, WAPO) in America`s Government Directed Propaganda Media. See article: “”Obama Signs Executive Order Approving Behavioral Propaganda Experiments on American Public” September 1 6, 2015.

  • gardenstateed

    Thou shalt not introduce ideas contrary to thoust indoctrination.

  • bigjohn767

    Islam’s goal, per the Koran, is to covert the entire world to Islam. They can do this through violence according to their Holy book. Their god, Allah, is NOT the Christian God. In fact, I see Allah as being Satan and Mohammed as nothing more than a pedophile who boasted about doing miracles. Miracles that, unlike Jesus, no one witnessed. Islam came into being around 600AD and commenced in attempting to take over the world. In 1000AD the Crusades began in order to stop Saladin and his minions from killing and raping millions of Christians. This is the religion of “peace”…HAH!

  • Jim Sweet
  • Honest John

    Guess we no longer have the freedom to challenge the opinions and practices of our Progressive Taliban. Goodbye 1st Amendment!

  • Cindy Jones

    Screw Muslims and their feelings.

  • Chris

    So, people (especially students) can no longer debate and talk about things that are actually going on in the world? I would SUE this school… Muslim/Islam is NOT a protected class; they are a cult! The majority of them support extremism but most will not publicly acknowledge it. They have a strict code and are not even supposed to have friends with infidels (or those outside of their religion/cult). It is what it is… We either deny it and live with the consequences or deal with it head on. If Muslim’s were so concerned about what other people think about their religion, then why are they not cleaning it up themselves????

  • Timothy Evans

    When Muslim terrorists are holding the faculty at that school hostage and killing them systematically, ignore your lying eyes. It isn’t actually happening.

  • OldUSCGRD2

    Senior Alex Lonsdale went against Liberal dogma and “attacked” a protected class. It doesn’t matter if you’re right or not, the Liberals will punish you. As a matter if fact, they’ll punish you even more if you are right — just to send a message to everyone else.

  • so ho

    Schools are now worse than East Germany, with constant surveillance and neighbors dobbing neighbors for imagined threats. The school budget is now weighed down by the demands of policing political correctness, even though people came here for a good education. Basics like writing, math and debating are no longer taught , it is just 100% babysitting .

  • 2ndprotectsall

    Enrolling your kid in the public school system is child abuse.

    • Tom

      Agreed. Home schooling and online schooling are the only options. Sending your child to one of these indoctrination camps is horrible.

      • 2ndprotectsall

        Private schools are a third option.

  • Clyde Fromfelter

    What ever happened to freedom of speech. Liberals are all for freedom of speech as long as it is speech they want to hear or see. If it’s not, it labeled hate speech and the person labeled as “hateful” or “bigoted”.

    Wonder how that conversation would have carried out if it was a muslim criticizing israel or the christian faith.

    Think we all know what side the school would have taken.

    The leftist “PC” thought police at work

  • Stebo

    What ironbee said. Seriously, wtf is this country coming to…? I won’t say what I think should happen to the school and to the idiots who are behind the decision because I might get arrested by the thought police. Free speech is dying, wake up before it is too late people.

  • Tom

    You know what they say: political correctness is a war on noticing the obvious.

  • B-Real

    Even atheists who are intellectually honest can admit that Islam is a death cult and a steaming pile of human suffering is it’s only reward.

  • Seeker of Truth

    Did Clinton “apologize” for her lies and the hurting of millions of voters “feelings”? Did Trump? Did anybody? Has BLM apologized for their remarks? ANTIFA? ANY of them? No? Then this child does not owe anyone an apology either.

  • RB

    So if a person stands up against the murdering Muslims they get punished?

    All anyone needs do is to look at the nightly news to see how Muslims behave.

    Are large groups of Catholics cutting off heads and blowing people up? How about Protestants? Jews? Hindi? Any of the many other religions?

    Nope, just Muslims.

  • aldol11

    the only way idiots win any argument

  • Bureau of Censorship

    How many times does this need to be said? ISLAM. IS NOT. A RACE! You can be anti-Islam without being racist.

  • DirtyDeplorableDanMcGukin

    Find a good lawyer Alex, and your college days will be paid for

  • Glenn_in_IL


    Not hardly. That is a (seriously confused) dude.

  • LOL, even in debate class, liberals will not allow honest dialogue

  • Silence DoGood

    Bravo kid. Keep up the critical thinking and living in reality. You’ll live longer while not submitting.

  • 1942Larry

    A debate club that doesn’t allow debate. Amazing!

  • capoprimo

    How pathetic to hear of the shut-down of the Freedom of Speech in our schools. School Administrators should be re-examined and re-evaluated as should every school’s allegiance to our great Constitution or loose all Federal funding!

    • Hodar

      I would suggest suing the Principle – PERSONALLY – for violating his civil rights.
      Perhaps if the Principle lost his home, retirement and had his wages garnished; a lesson would be taught that even an “educator” can understand.

  • gator-1

    The more we endeavor to be Politically Correct, the more Morally Corrupt we become!

  • johnleehooker

    lib in a debate: but…but…but…oh shut up. micro aggression…micro aggression…anti muslim trigger words

  • Hodar

    Voltaire: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”
    Voltaire is absolutely correct.

  • JohnnyClams

    Political correctness is intellectual terrorism.

  • LEO

    Since 9/11 and the eight years of Obama’s failed presidency, this country has bent over backwards to appease Muslims. If we continue along this path it won’t be long before we begin to resemble our friends over in Europe. The only country who seems to have figured it out is Poland. German Chancellor Merkel was criticized not too long ago by Poland Minister, Mariusz Blaszczak, about her open-door immigration policy, which has caused serious damage to Europe. Opinion polls show that about three-quarters of Poles are against accepting refugees from Africa and the Middle East. It seems they are trying to prevent their country from turning into another Brussels.

  • madad

    What? This was a debate and Lonsdale obviously won. Pervais started lying (which is what muslims do, taqiyya) so the school defended him? Islam is a cult of murder, deception, anti-gay, rape, female genital mutilation women’s oppression. It’s proven over and over. There’s no such thing as moderate muslims. Way to go Liberty High…

  • wharbylgarbylll

    Kid needs to print this story and post it all over the school. If the left wing nutjobs that promote this crap are persecuting you, you must be doing something right kid. Good job! I hope this muslime kid reads all of these comments, because Islam was started by a pedophile warlord. Look it up, its a fact.

  • Mike Gilmer

    He needs to get a good conservative lawyer and sue their donkeys off. He will win. He should also sue his Islamist classmate for libel.

  • cyclodoc

    A friend of the poor 2nd year kid wrote a note criticizing the senior.
    Who can believe the friend was impartial. The incident sounds like a set up by the Muslim kid and pals.

  • Zero Nada

    RId the world of Scuzzlimz & Neeguz

  • Teresa Davis

    Typical..What a bunch of crap. Our debate club could debate anything in a panel setting, under rules of decorum and respect..even in an ad hoc debate, on campus, anywhere..So..now what..no offending Muslims with stated facts by media and news agencies..also quoting and reporting on studies by government and educational institutions about Muslim Extremist Killings, Activity, and the internal agreement within the various reported groups? Parents..pull your kids OUT of that school..the bias is not towards education, it’s towards western persecution, enabling non integrative attitudes in an open society, and promoting victimhood of innocent students instead of upholding the rules for standard, public debate on campus. NOTHING that student did violated the terms not spirit of debate. Shame on you. And to the offended student? Deal with it. It’s called debate. If you don’t want an open fairly presented, fact driven, standard debate, and are unable to refute the facts, with facts, in defense, in debate format, may I suggest strongly you reflect on investigative fact finding and counter point discourse..This is the school district circling the legal wagons against hate speech accusations..Perhaps it is actually YOU, the school admin, who are creating the hateful, and fear ridden educational environment with your own fear based intellectual dishonesty? Seriously parents, think about what had happened here..act as a group and send a message..this will not be tolerated..because with this precedent set..ALL of your children will have to walk on ice around every single Muslim in every single class..the cafeteria ..and sport field..or risk suspension due to behavioural issues. It will be one sided too..Your child will be the proverbial scapegoat in ALL things Muslim offense related ..Fight back..

  • lajaw

    All Muslims desire to live under Sharia law. Muslim terrorists are not
    hijacking Islamic Sharia law when they engage in jihad. They are
    executing it. Nor are they twisting the foundational principles of Islam as
    codified in each and every authoritative Islamic source. They are
    exemplifying it.

  • Dammit

    I’ve got a social cue for Pervaiz – GFY!

  • Fleendar the magnificent

    See. Thats what liberalism does. It denies you your freedom of speech unless it agrees with their views.

  • jnsesq

    The Left protecting its useful bureaucrat idiots.

  • Machismo

    “A Missouri high school that suspended a student for making critical comments about Islamic extremism says he’s not allowed to appeal the finding of wrongdoing.” See what happens when you debate in a Liberal forum? They discriminate against your religion if you are a Christian and believe differently than a Muslim! And this is in the Bible belt! I think free speech and fairness no longer exists……until we change it. Where are you Christian sheep?

  • Lovethepolice

    Fuck the muslims!

    • Curmudgeon

      and risk contracting goat herpes? No thanks.

  • Mark

    Pervaiz, a member in good standing of the snowflake club….

    • john gregson

      Pervaiz or perverse?

  • John Smith

    There are unspoken rules. You can criticize Christianity and tell all the lies you want about it but you cannot tell the documented truth about Islam.

  • High Plains Drifter

    And some people wonder why millennials favor socialism over capitalism and hold America’s traditional role in the world and past culture in contempt. Our schools have become leftist indoctrination factories.

  • Billygoat

    Debating with Muslims is a waste of time, the Last Crusade is way past due.

    • Jim1937

      Better to just shoot them before they blow themselves up.

  • Fool_Killer

    “Senior Alex Lonsdale, a member of Liberty High’s nationally ranked debate club”

    A nationally ranked debater would back his assertions with factual references,
    which is what makes his actions qualify as terroristic threatening.

    Nothing is more threatening to liberals nor terrorizes them more than facts…

  • Jim1937

    Didn’t this kid know in a school these days it is required to kiss rag head asses?

  • Bill Surina

    When will non Muslims begin to realize that the establishment is rigged in favor of anything Muslim. If my children were not already grown and settled I would encourage them to become Muslims for official records. Muslims can do not wrong in this country and most other free societies. No matter that they cheer anytime a terrorist attack kills people and that the extreme elements are devout terrorist.

  • SkiBum

    The death of free speech. And truth. Thank you liberals.

  • seaarrow

    Educators were turned into indoctrinators. And they are working hard at it.

  • Beedogz

    Liberal fascists are ending freedom of expression in the USA.

  • deerhound

    Since when does a debate need to be PC?

  • Paladin 911

    The school officials are cowards kneeling before radical Islam. The kid expelled chooses to remain standing for the truth, a revolutionary act.

  • johnps30

    Muslim cries to teachers when losing debate; school suspends student challenging sharia. Administrators fold and cave to fear of #CAIR bullies. Shameful. It’s almost like administrators are faking reality BECAUSE THEY ARE SCARED. Terrible example to model.

  • Hal Walter

    Typical of public education, no longer about education, only about feels. Can’t even define what the objectionable action by the student was, have to make up new terms like “social cues.” Guess the principal’s college education did not include how to communicate in English.

  • rychastings

    the leftist kangaroo courts at work

  • Xanadu2

    Muzzies are the worst form of Snowflakes. Like your average leftist progressive, they cannot entertain and opinions or ideas that conflict with their own, but the Muzzie will then resort murdering the poor infidel, while the lib/prog might just put on a black hoodie and beat the offender with his “say no to hate” sign….

  • Nabi Rasch

    Universities are morphing into intellectually challenged asylums for (sometimes ironically well meaning or merely PC scared) sociopaths.

  • denrep

    More proof that colleges have also become government schools with government employees, under government indoctrination rather than education and exchange of ideas. Does this school also have chain link, barb wire and armed security to attend? If so, similar to jail or prisons and controlling speech would be natural.

  • Fred Nik

    Fire the principal. Clearly, a dangerous ideologue.

  • Tracksuit Al

    Truth hurts.

    That’s why liberals favor speech controls.

  • trudat

    Sorry to say but its clear the Left is in bed with the Islamic radical state.

  • Beaver Eater

    The leftist infiltration of our education system is on full display. We are experiencing death by a thousand paper cuts.

  • Tommysmallss

    Triggering people into a tantrum in a civil debate is what I live for. It’s clear this kid won, and the other kids didn’t like it. Kids are so weak today.

  • Will Coats

    That’s ok. When my 5 sons graduated from high school, they all were in the top 6 in their graduating class, but had so many suspensions for piercing the lie with the truth that administrators were glad they left. Nothing like a 16 year old young man standing like a man to these pathetically weak limp d*cks. All 5 went on to excel in college, graduate school, and now very successful business owners & VPs & CFO for large corporations. Public school admins are life failures to begin with. They can’t get a job anywhere else. We laughed at them then and they just get dumber as the years go by.


    It looks like the American has to apologize for his patriotic stance in America but the one that has a fake religion based on slavery, terror, and anti anything that has freedom attached to it get the pass. Hopefully these bias against America teachers will get weeded out by the parents of the American First students.

  • Elena

    Life is unfair. Get used to it, Faraz.

    Each of us is responsible for our own feelings. You cannot impose a bad or good feeling on me. The same applies for both debaters.

    Perhaps if Faraz knew more abt his religion’s beginnings and ongoing history, he might understand that over 60 percent of the Koran is about fighting offensive jihad.

  • babydriver

    And people STILL send their kids to public school.
    Idiocy reigns.

  • Paul Rodgers

    Time to hire an attorney and contest something that may stay in your school records……

  • Winter Tomato

    It’ll take a couple of generations to turn around the idiocy that is the mindset of school functionaries and the indoctrinated young folks we now have. Conservatism, and its corollary, realism, wax and wane through time.

  • Don Woodsmall

    When the “Perfect Man” to 1.6 billion Muslims, Peace be upon him, beheaded 600 Jews in one weekend and otherwise tortured and killed unbelievers, and when Allah demands that the central command of Islam is to make jihad on all non-muslims until all of the world is governed by Sharia under an Islamic caliphate, I would say Islam has some problems. And yes, I agree all Muslims are not terrorists, but while individual Muslims may be virtuous. the ideology of Islam is false, violent, evil and contrary to western principles.

    • Him Bike

      Islam in man is like rabies in a dog.
      Winston Churchill

    • weezy haven

      Mo was a jew who sought to be a prophet but was refused, he was married to two jewesses Safiyeh and Kadijah. The quran steals the pagan arab sand people fertility god allah (who has three daughters) and rewrites it into a monotheistic version which is strikingly identical to the talmud, written BY jews.

  • Kilroy

    This is an example of how stupid all our schools have become. No teaching anymore.

  • weezy haven

    Quran: “Slay the infidel/kaffir/nonmoslem wherever you find them.”
    Talmud: Extermination of the gentiles is the sacrifice of the jews.”

  • jabusse

    jackass educators. Are they looking for a promotion to the univ of Missouri? Turn off the administration’s salary now.

  • Actions like these are proof that America has an epidemic problem of bad parenting and liberal education in my view!!

  • FoxDI

    It wasn’t the subject it was the presentation, how is that hard to understand. I also love how the mother tried to blame the other kid. “If he did not like my son’s abuse, he should have walked away.” Whinney whites at their best.

  • I Celebrate Caliber Diversity

    “Liberty” high school, where you’re not at liberty to speak

  • Andrew

    I consider this a clear violation of free speech with tort where there has been damage done. I think this is a great case for a lawsuit against the school. It’s cut and dry.

  • John

    Useless, worthless Islam. Useless worthless Muslims. They can all piss off… so, so sick of Muslims…

  • jabusse

    f-ing thin skinned arabs.

  • iceman91321 .

    When someone points out that your religion is a violent, garbage ideology it hurts. Or that you belong to a cult of blood sacrifice that follows a book that tells you to drink blood and eat flesh. Or your “Savior” was created by the adulterous rape of a teenage virgin . That could hurt, right?

    • Nobody N Particular

      I’m assuming you reference to the Lord’s Supper, sorry but he was describing the pains of the flesh he was about to endure was for them, and that they should do this in memory of his sacrifice. As for “raping a virgin”, God did not use sexual intercourse, used the Holy Spirit (or Breath of God) to bring life to her ovum; at least read the Bible before putting forth lies.

      • iceman91321 .

        Thanks for the lesson in Christian apologetics. I’ve painfully read that ridiculous book and I accurately repeated it’s claims. No one likes credulous buffoons doing mental gymnastics to make that stupidity seem spiritual.

  • cestusdei

    Sue the school. The 1st amendment doesn’t stop at the school door. This is why people despise Islam.

  • Nobody N Particular

    Islam is a lie, it is not a religion, but a cult which doesn’t worship God, but his “prophet”. Muhammad was a pedophile, murderer, thief, and liar. Any who serve Islam serves wickedness, and is a despoiler of nations.

    • Ezra Pound

      and changed allah’s own words to fit his indulgences, they guy was a phony as a 3 dollar bill

  • Jon


    Sounds like he isn’t responding well to the “corrective disciplinary action.” Time to go ahead and finish the job by hooking his brain up to electrodes and eliminating his wrong opinions, in the name of the Prophet Mohammed, Peace be upon him

  • Leland Williams Jr,

    Intolerance…libtard virtue

  • weezy haven

    Quran commands killing off entirety of nonmoslems; that’s not extremism, that’s their one and only main doctrine.

    • Funkenstein✓Funk.ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ™


  • Ezra Pound

    Islam is incompatible in the US completely 100%.. They need to be kicked out, but they aren’t any better than the subversive parasite jew. Hopefully they both kill each other off sooner than later

  • cazbit

    I would turn that stupid note in and say the threat in the post-script makes me feel emotionally un-safe.
    turn the tables on these [email protected]#holes..

    BTW the MONSTER adams apple on AUGH-thor Kayla Schier-Pecker tells me “She” is actually a HE. [email protected]#$ing weirdos… tell you what man, you want to paint yourself up and make a mockery of women? you are no different than a white perosn painting their face black and making a mockery of Africans in my book.

    P.S. If you rebuke me in anyway, I will report you to the ASPCA because I identify as a field mouse, I’m fragile and my emotional safe space is feeling threatened already.. you all are in big trouble.

  • Ezra Pound

    “The homogenity of European nations is fundamentally against the interests of the Jewish people. We are at a critical turning point in history. The West is becoming more and more racially diverse, and soon the White Race will be forced into submission. The future of the west is that of an ethnically diverse melting pot, where the evil divisions of race and white supremacy no longer reign. This is all thanks to the tremendous power of our social movements and institutions. This great change will be catalyzed by Moslem settlement. From the land of Israel, Jews will forever be a light unto the new monoracial world as guarenteed by G-d.”

    ~ Rabbi Aharon Haviv, at the World Jewish Congress Summit, 2011 ~

    • weezy haven

      jews wrote the quran, moslems are their dumb barbarian proxy armies against their real target, gentiles/goyim/amalekites/amalek= White people

      • Ezra Pound


        • weezy haven

          Yep, jews even steal our LABELS
          Whites are “of Shem” Shemites, not jews
          Whites are of Jacob Israelites, not jews

      • cazbit

        here we go…. world doesn’t have enough problems… out come the Jew haters. you guys are like Don Fanucci from GF 2. just driving along with our [email protected]#$ and here you come… “EH PAISAN! LET ME WET MY BEAK! EEEHHHHH!!!!!” what a Fanuc.

        • weezy haven

          I don’t hate jews, but their talmud commands “EXTERMINATION of the gentiles…” redundantly, so discretion, self defense against them is required.

          • cazbit

            WELL GO TO [email protected]#$ING ISRAEL AND START SOME [email protected]#$. THE [email protected]#$ ARE YOU DOING HERE?

          • weezy haven

            The jews horrifically abuse Christians in Israel, why would I want to go there?

          • cazbit

            to fight the evil jews man! what other reason!? got to get on that [email protected]#$ dude! They’ll kill us all! you are no different than the idiots running around chanting “no trump, no KKK no racist USA” chasing boogeymen.
            “Jews run hollywood” DON’T BUY THEIR [email protected]#$
            ‘Jews run the banks” PULL YOUR [email protected]#$ING MONEY OUT

            QUIT YOUR [email protected]#$ING WHINING. This is the 21st century and 21st century warfare is economic. talk with your money or STFU.

            STOP playing the victim role acting like you can’t do anything. [email protected]#$

          • Ezra Pound

            are you jewish? you sound like a hasbara troll!

        • cazbit

          now I’m going to get a clever snarky response. WTF ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT THEN?

        • Ezra Pound

          We wouldn’t have so many problems if we got rid of the jew parasites !

          all these wars in the ME are for “the greater project for israel”

          USS Liberty?
          Levon Affair?

          Just read the talmud, the most bigoted racists book imaginable

    • weezy haven

      Note: G-d does not equal God, G-d is LUCIFER for the jews.

      • Funkenstein✓Funk.ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ™


        • weezy haven

          Funk are you surgically pretransition or did you get the full slice?

  • weezy haven

    Of the 12 forms of jihad, which means CONQUEST, required of ALL moslems to achieve heaven, most in the West are familiar with blow-em-up/shoot-em-up/beheadings, but that’s only one form. Other forms include financial, educational, media and more, and even migration and reproducing in the enemy’s lands.

  • disqus_X4zDidVpdI

    Idiot administrators are the same in every school every where.

  • Monte

    College is teaching people to be silenced. This is the continued destruction of the US by liberals. All they care about is getting more power which is why they switched on major positions such as gay marriage and metal disorders such as people who pretend to be another sex.

  • weezy haven

    We don’t hate jews/moslems who are hellbent to genocide us (right there written down redundantly in their quran/talmud). We just don’t want them around us because obviously they’re dangerous. Only someone hellbent to genocide us would argue with that.

    • J. Neville Groff

      You mean a libtard.

      • weezy haven

        euphemism for same parties

  • J. Neville Groff

    Gee, could it have something to do with the 109 times the koran says to slaughter unbelievers wherever and whenever you find them?

  • Maury

    Didn’t realize that Missouri would sacrifice its children to a false god. Homeschool or be part of the Dumbing Down of American children. We will be conquered without firing a single shot.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    A little background music, please. If you don’t have Deutschland, Deutschland über alles, the Soviet Internationale will do.

  • JSpicoli

    Can’t wait until the gloves are off.

    Bring it lefties and ladies.

    • cazbit

      or dudes in make up… I miss the 80’s when androgyny was fun.. .not anymore! NO FUN FOR ANYONE!

  • cazbit

    I see this article was written by Buffalo Bill, looks so happy! Should check out Nick Rhodes circa 1986… MUCH BETTER.

  • Draw

    Just when you think that government school employees can’t get any more vacuous along comes an aspiring “I’m the better moron” wannabe intent on proving their uselessness. Well played you idiot, well played.

  • George

    What a great kid ; what a great mother! What a pathetic display by “academic” administrators whose mission is to educate, not indoctrinate ,their students . God help America in 10- 20 years when we have a national majority of anti- American idiots, morons and fools.

    • cazbit

      You know how much of an influence my high school years have on my adult life? ZERO. they are a bunch of control freak weirdos.


    The Communist Rules for Revolution lists ten steps. The very first one is:

    Corrupt the young, get them away from religion, get them interested in sex. Make them superficial, destroy their ruggedness.

    This closely resembles the Democratic steps, and has been carried out, for decades, in our schools!

    Alex Lonsdale will be heard from in coming years, that is inevitable! He has very high value!!

  • Futch

    The letter from this Miles character is typical leftist spew. Sounds like a real pansy. Probably hoping his muslim friend will bang him in the butt.

  • Senor C O Jones

    Sue the school . Call in the ACLJ

  • BelieveInAmerica

    Sounds like this kid is brilliant if he’s a debate champ and taking AP classes. This is how liberals deal with people they can’t debate; they silence them. Sharia law is all about oppression, and terrorism. Islam still practices stoning and slavery today.

  • Gary Lubenow

    Liberty @ its nadir

  • Moon Conspiracy

    The left won’t be satisfied until sharia law is ingrained in society. One day terrorism will become common in America and will be due to progressives

  • The Good Bad n UgLy

    Faraz Pervaiz loses the debate, has a hissy fit, then walks out. I guess the liberal loons want to get rid of debating too because some frail, insecure snowflake may get his wee little feelings hurt.

  • warpsix

    Yes the religion of hate can’t handle the truth. Sharia law is against the Constitution therefore get the phuck out

  • Phil McDonald

    Debating Islam is not safe. Islam permits its follower to murder you for questioning or debating it. There is no debate in Islam, only subjection.

  • cabrerski

    The one who made his retorts personal was not suspended. The National Debate and Speech governing body should suspend this high school until its administration is fired.

  • pgaudet

    More “Terrorism” from the Indoctrination Centers Called…”The Public School System.” Drop out and finish your Diploma being “Home Schooled.” There are MILLIONS of Americans who support Mr. Lonsdale and the day is coming when a STORM will Hit these Muslim Apologists. Islam is an Ideology of HATE!

  • Nita Shafer

    What utter HORSESHIT

  • KnS

    Under the same logic to the suspension, this college now needs to also ban and punish anyone from discussing issues like slaves owned by whites, WWII interment of the Japaneses in US or any race and religion related massacres throughout histories.

    So what else can be discussed other than the weather? Wait, this can be problematic with opposing camps of the climate change issue. Well, then why go to this school?

  • oldpoliscimajor

    Tell a conservative the truth, he’s able to handle it.

    Tell a leftist the truth, you are a racist bigot, and go to jail.

  • Juan Lago

    Islam is incompatible with civilization.

  • jb80538

    What about the Penn State student that recently said that “Not enough of you MFers died on 9/11”?

    • Beaverhat

      He received an award for courage!

      • jb80538

        A muslim student that said that got an award for courage?
        Coming from a liberal school, I’m not surprised.

  • Nita Shafer

    Now you should understand why we need Private School Tax Credits.

  • Steve O

    If a school principal is not fired, then the School Board needs to go. It’s up to voters in that school district to decide if this is what they want from the educators of their kids.

  • MetaCynic

    Another of the too numerous to list reasons why brainwashing government schools are the greatest of all threats to our liberty and why it should be regarded as child endangerment for parents to send their children to these schools.

  • DanInOsprey

    Typical lefty fascist BS – don’t like the way the debate arguments are going – SHUT IT DOWN and punish the truth-teller.

  • general

    This is getting old, freedom of speech as long as it follows the concept of debate, shows facts, and all sides are allowed to descent or agree is what liberty is all about.
    We must clean up the communist school system and go back to the ways we were taught. There was a time when this nation was no 1 in education and countries followed this. Today we are 75 in the world and with the communist education in primary and secondary education is destroying this nation.
    Our founders were college ready by 12 today try to find one…

    • Beaverhat

      Don’t forget who created the current school system! Jimmy Carter! That should tell you everything you need to know.

      • general

        True and he was a so called Christian what a joke, Every servant must read THE NORTHWEST ORDNANCE, it explains all to be a state, how to set up schools, and it is law. This is nothing of what we see going on today, We must teach all the laws of the land and as John Adams said; any law that does not follow the Constitution is null and void. 1776.. This was long before the crap we hear today… passed off as law when it isn`t…

  • Beaverhat

    What amazes me is the call this place “Liberty High School”, they ought to call it “Feeling U”!

    • Clive_G

      FU came to my mind…what a bunch of morons.

  • epw32

    This is complete F-ing B.S. We live in a country of free speech.

  • weezy haven

    Taboo #1 Quran: “Slay the infidel/kaffir/nonmoslem wherever you find them.”
    Taboo #2 Talmud: “Extermination of the gentiles/goyim/amalek/amalekites/Whites is the sacrifice of the jews.”

  • general

    We must get rid of the NEA, give back all the peoples money, and bring back schools to the county and the people who pay taxes and get rid of this crap they call education. Go back to the ways that worked…. and kick out all unions, and the rubber rooms where so called teachers are put for 8 hrs. to do nothing while we pay their wages then go home, so so sick…

  • weezy haven

    A hijab is a military jihad uniform of conquest of the kaffir.

  • dillonmech1

    The truth will not be tolerated by liberals

  • weezy haven

    Migration/reproduction/demographic replacement displacement is one of the twelve forms of conquest jihad.

  • Jay

    No comedian is clever enough to make up this comedy routine.

  • Beaverhat

    But wait, isn’t the school being a bully by suspending the student? What about the suspended students feelings? He may be scared for life!

  • weezy haven

    1965 Open Immigration Act (illegal) by jewish Senator Jacob Javitz and an entire crew of jews brought these moslems here. The demographic genocide of gentiles is commanded in their talmud.

  • Just Common Sense

    If the left can’t win in a fair fight, and they can’t, they always resort to playing dirty.

  • Guest

    ‘You need to apologize for how you made Faraz feel’.. The school is encouraging their students to be weak and spineless SNOWFLAKES! It was far better when parents taught children the old wise words…”Sticks and stones will brake my bones but words will never hurt me.” If you teach people to become disabled by conversation and debate, then they will be totally unable to handle things when the argument becomes physical. In the end, we must all learn to stand up for ourselves or become the doormats for others.

  • C. D. Carney

    The little offended coward in the debate club couldn’t handle hearing any insult and he shouldn’t have gotten in the debate club in the first place. He should have had the courage to say “excuse me, you have the right to talk about whatever you want but I sense there might be something here that could be construed as offensive and since it’s a class that we can’t leave, please change the subject, I’d be appreciative.” He’d have been a bigger man for doing it. Instead he was a little coward who couldn’t handle the heat and when he lost his cool and the debate he went behind the man’s back to put politically correct pressure on the school officials who can’t be seen as anything but perfectly PC.

  • john moore

    A real school would have called both students in and arranged a public debate within the school.
    Give each time to prepare and then air the views in public to avoid the “he said, she said” factor.

  • Sam Fry


  • sirgareth

    “Keep your damn mouth shut, you aren’t entitled to your point of view anywhere on the campus of ‘Liberty’ High School ”

    If this is not a walking advertisement for student education vouchers what is?

    Why would any sane parent turn the education of their kids over to the leftist radicals running the government’s propaganda centers laughingly called schools?

  • WagTheDawg

    ALL non-Islamic members should quit the club and boycott it actively off campus. Let it become an Islamic-only club. And let those club boycotters choose their colleges and universities well so they can have REAL freedom of speech in the future.

  • Shagnasty1

    Truth hurts, doesn’t it. And as typical of somebody with no argument for his position Faraz Pervaiz resorted to calling Alex Lonsdale names including retarded. Of course the cowardly school officials denied the truth of the argument and suspended the Christian.

  • gerald brennan

    If he quoted from what’s actually in the Koran he might have been straight-up expelled!

    • akramden

      Expelled? What if he would have displayed a conversation poster? Probably have his throat cut.

  • general

    All this leftist crap is blowing up in their faces, the lies, arsos, riots, excuses, and WHAT HAPPENED TO NOV,4 WHEN THEY SAID EVERY DAY TO BE ON THE STREETS AND CAUSE THE GOVERNMENT TO ( TAKE PRESIDENT TRUMP OUT OF OFFICE BY FORCE ) AND STOP ALL COMMERCE etc., I do not see the cities collapsing, so what happened?????? We must clean all this up by all methods, our children’s future depends on this..

  • dukestreet

    Congratulations for not allowing him to get away without defending his position. The fact that he complained about you only shows that his position is unsupportable. Remember that the school officials punished you for debaty him, it failed to punish him for calling you stupid. A much worse offense, as far as anyone capable of thought would say.

  • rejecttyranny

    Easy way to solve the nonsens. Pull your kid out of the indoctrination camps and home-school.

  • Gerald Jensen

    Libs are really tolerant–as long as you swallow and abide by their politically correct bullshit. Islam is a cult of conquest masquerading as a legitimate religion. Read the Koran! It makes the bloodiest episodes in the Old Testament look tame by comparison. It spews vicious hatred of Jews, Christians, and anyone who doesn’t fawn at the feet of their filthy ultra-violent pedophile “prophet.”

    • akramden

      Exactly – Know your enemy.

  • DJD

    Actual intellectual debate! that gotta be stopped. Real debate is when the two sides see who can make the best argument for the progressive point of view.

  • akramden

    You lost me at “A friendly debate with a Muslim”. How naive can you possibly be? You’re an infidel for God’s sake. Lest you forget. Lest we ALL forget.

  • Eric Meckes

    The ONLY problem with having an honest debate these days is that Liberals won’t allow one. It’s either their way or the highway. That’s exactly why we will end up in another civil war in America. Liberalism is a brain disorder, think about it, Liberals say they want freedom of speech but only if It’s their own side or their own speech, Liberals say they defend gays, yet they love Islam which believes gays should all be thrown off of buildings and murdered, Liberals say they stand up for Women’s equality, yet they support Islam which believes Women are 2nd class citizens who shouldn’t even be allowed to pray with Men, they believe Men have the right to beat their Women if the Woman doesn’t feel like having sex. None of it makes any sense, That’s why Liberalism is OBVIOUSLY a brain dysfunction. MAGA

  • calimani

    More PC liberal dingbat traitors crying rather than debating. Typical.

  • dexter

    That PS in Miles’ letter to Lonsdale sounds like a threat…..

  • Joey Smith

    Oh, I’m remembering how much I hated high school. You just shut up and conformed, or you got this.

    • akramden

      Some of us actually remember both HS AND College being muuuuuuch different. You know. The days before the walking cell phone zombies controlled the earth.

  • origwwotp

    Lot of work to fix the schools’ definition of fair, balanced, and neutral. It seems we’ve totally failed at teaching hand writing, the most basic skill of all. The handwriting analysts’ take on that note would be most interesting.

  • Xanadu2

    Muzzies are the worst form of Snowflakes. Like your average leftist progressive, they cannot entertain and opinions or ideas that conflict with their own, a few like this kid will just lie, and cry victimization but too many of the Muzzies will then resort to murdering the poor infidel, while the lib/prog might just put on a black hoodie and beat the offender with his “say no to hate” sign……

  • Alana Forsyth

    The headline perhaps intentionally implies that the conversation took place IN the debate club. It did not. Very sloppy and unprofessional headline writing.

  • HiOnLiberalTears

    . Our natural human instincts that sense danger are meant to protect us. We are supposed to sense danger and tell others so they can protect themselves too. Now, we have Leftist political correctness infecting our schools which suppresses free speech AND thereby stifles our young student’s ability to warn others of impending danger. I know with my flock of chickens that they warn each other of dangers like hawks flying overhead in a similar way. The ones who heed the warnings hide, they are the ones who live. The ones who don’t hear or ignore the warnings get eaten by the hawk.

  • m a

    This is a school, you can’t explore topics here and stay informed!

  • Paul__Revere

    Islam is an ideology, it only happens to have a religious component which serves to mandate it. It is no less an inhumane scourge of an ideology than communism/marxism, and should be treated accordingly.

    At the risk of appearing to employ moral equivalency, christianity used to be at the same place in its “evolutionary arc” many centuries ago. That is the entire reason why many people regard islamic societies and dictates as “backward”, because it is a reference to how “our” world (meaning “us christians” used to be) before we evolved out of it. The renaissance played a major role in this cultural and social evolution.

    When the Ottoman Empire (the largest and most powerful islamic society in history) crumbled after WW1, Attaturk, envisoned the moment as the opportunity that would propel Islam through this very same evolution, where you could be religious and yet not need to kill or oppress everyone else not like you. He also realized that the ideology simply entrapped society into a very low place in terms of economic and social evolution. If you are not free to entertain wild and outlandish ideals and such thinking is outside your cultural norms, then how are you going to invent the internet? Envision space travel? Develop revolutionary medical techniques? His motivations were not necessarily altruistic, they were actually more like a bitter pill islam needed to swallow in order to become a dominant society again…..Turkey was formed, and a relatively secular (for muslims, again everything is relative) society was created.

    Attaturk is now regarded as an enemy of Islam as a revival of sorts began sometime back in the 60’s or 70’s which sought to re-establish islam’s primacy as it was during islam’s golden era, which coincided with the “dark ages” in europe, there was no correlation….don’t mis-read me. Such a revival is typically considered “fascism” if white people do it, but leftists subject people “of color” to the soft bigotry of low expectations, so they classify it as a “revival” when people with brown skin do it…..The revival would be through re-dedication to religious devotion and following the letter of the sharia law, not via Attaturks vision of evolutionary change that plots a new course for islamic supremacy.

    One a sidenote, this is the total opposite course of action Japan took when they were faced with the fact that the west had the upper hand on them and they could not force us out of their sphere. There was a bitter conflict over how to reassert Japanese primacy in japanese society which questioned the entire Shogunate/Emperor system and whether Japan should impose traditional Japanese way of life or die trying, yet ultimately it was decided that Japan would choose to adopt western ways and learn everything they could about our technology and tactics, for the sole purpose of turning that knowledge they gained against the west, namely America, and re-asserting their dominance in their sphere…..and it almost worked had they not overreached too fast.

    …and so here we are we are in the midst of a world where the most populous “religion” is rejecting the evolutionary path that western societies took, and not only reject it, but consider it dangerous and they believe it is their mandate to stamp it out or at a minimum subjugate it to islamic rule/control. The middle east used to be a very diverse area, literally the crossroads of humanity. Look at it now. Most areas are 99% islamic. If that isnt ethnic cleansing, I dont know what is. They never had their renaissance, those in power managed to stamp it out.

    Don’t believe me? Go to Jerusalem. Why is there an ARMENIAN quarter accompanying the jewish and muslim quarters of the Old City? Armenia resides on the OTHER side of Turkey next to Iran, why do Armenians have a section of the Old City? Because Armenians are basically the christians of that area referred to as Palestine (not a country, just a region, much like Patagonia, or “the South”) and they were driven out to where they reside today, slaughtered, or forced to convert to islam, yet their legacy remains in the Old City section of Jerusalem.

    You would never find any of this out based on how our media crafts their bogus narratives and our corrupted public education system fails to do anything but indoctrinate leftism….but the truth is out there. You just have to tune out the lies and be inquisitive in nature.

  • E Lar

    Liberalism is a mental disorder

  • steve sun

    Typical example of how schools no longer allow free speech unless it’s politically correct. Check out the author. LOL.

  • Domenic

    The issue is about Truth.
    It is true that psychopathic islam has been a scourge on humanity for 1400 years.
    It is true that islam is intolerant and hateful and oppressive and totalitarian.
    It is true that islamic ideology fosters and creates psychopathic murderous behavior by its adherents.
    A lot of other crap is also true about islam, which everybody is aware of.
    islamic ideology creates psychopathic intolerant murderers.
    It is also true that psychopathic islam is delusional and barbaric and encourages violence against others.

  • keepitreal904

    That kid that wrote that note needs to go back to elementary school and learn handwriting. I guess it’s ok for him to make threats such as “don’t mess with my friends…EVER”.

  • hotcocco

    Why must one always be made to cower to those of the Muslim faith ??? When will the “Authorities” ever take a Jews or Christians point of view ??? Being so PC is only going to get someone hurt or even killed.

    • Corpseman57

      It’s a plan being enforced by the UN. Thank you hillary and obama

  • Johnathan Stiner

    What’s up with the author of this article? Dude looks like a lady. Lets start a Go Fund Me page so this dude can finish his sex change. He/She NEEDS it.

  • Ron Mexico

    When I think of Islam I think of oppression, obedience and terrorism!

  • Michael K

    Here’s what I don’t get. Now I’m no fan of Scientology, I think it is a cult, but there are whole countries that refuse to let them practice and here there are shows dedicated to discrediting it. All well and good, but as far as I know they haven’t blown anyone up or beheaded them, or burned them alive.
    Islam is a death cult and has brainwashed 1.6 billion people. Not only should we be critical of them but they represent a clear and present danger. They should not be treated as a normal religion because they are hostile to civilized society.

    • Jason

      The U.S. Constitution does not protect ANY violent religion. (Cannibalism, human sacrifice, Islam)

  • WalterBannon

    Assistant Principal Bridget Herrman is a douche who should be fired.


  • Domenic

    islam …. a scourge on humanity and Freedom for 1400 years.

  • John Strat

    Pure Facism by the school. Get a lawyer pro-bono and sue for violation of First Amendment Right.

  • Corpseman57

    Hillary helped the UN stifle free speech of Americans. Muslims are criticism free.

  • MacCane

    Btw you don’t have just one shot. Many success stories came after failures. You pick yourself up and try again until you succeed. Such foolishness spewing from schools today.

  • Jason

    It is worse than you think…. YOUR TAX DOLLARS are being used to brainwash and INDOCTRINATE your children !

  • Charlie Alvarez

    We should NOT debate with Muslims…we should DEPORT them!!

    • Zero Nada

      Or kill them.

  • ComeyTheClown

    Free speech can cross a line. If it devolves into a racist screed or profanity, or simply hurling insults. But if it is just an exchange of views, no matter how disagreeable, it should be considered within bounds.

    • mwernimont

      islam is not a race…..listen to this muslim https://youtu.be/KXGE2eBUdlQ

      • ComeyTheClown

        I agree that Islam is not a race. That doesn’t mean a speaker can’t use racist language. And I’m not accusing him of doing that. But somebody is. My point is, open debate should be free and protected. His apparently was not.

  • FarNorthSolitude

    Criticism by self or others is a foundational element of western civilization and is the basis for much of our progress. It is critical to advancement both in sciences, business, and to psychological development. Evidenced based debate that avoids ad hominem attacks and various other debate fallacies helps with critical thinking and logic skills. The school clearly isn’t supporting it’s educational and civilizational goals. This is a missed learning opportunity for Pervaiz on not using personal attacks in debates, the value of criticism in western civilization, and the school devalued Lonsdale’s western cultural values. If multiculturalism is the goal then accepting western cultural values that have been in place since the Greeks should be also accepted.

  • mwernimont

    to learn who rules over you, find out who you’re not allowed to criticize

  • Jason

    Maybe they can start a discussion between the Muslim students and the homosexual students.

    • HitleryForDictator2016

      Just don’t hold the discussion on the roof of the school, you know where the homosexual students will end up.

  • Justanaveragejoeinsc

    Fascism is alive at levels of our education system.

  • HitleryForDictator2016

    Don’t apologize, ever. What this muslim did after being beaten in a debate proves all the stereotypes he accused you of using (which you didn’t actually use) to be true. He went for draconian, heavy handed, totalitarian authority to shut down your speech the same way muslims use violence to silence infidels. You win and he proves himself to be the same as all the other terrorists of his ‘religion’.

  • Richard Austin

    I’m almost certain if Lonsdale bashed the Constitution, America, and/or Christianity, he wouldn’t have a worry in the world and no consequences would follow.

  • age

    By hiding the Truth, we are Surprised by the Future.

  • mwernimont

    Islam is the aggressor, antagonist, bully
    What does Islam teach its followers? (muslims)
    Islam teaches some really nasty, nasty stuff
    Here’s a way for readers to see how “peaceful” Islam is from the comfort of their own home and learn it’s sinister truth
    The way to use that website http://www.Quran.com is to search for the verse you want, here’s a couple examples of verses I recommend, just copy each set of verse numbers below into the “search” bar at http://www.Quran.com
    8:39 “fight til all religion is for allah” IE. until all people are Muslim
    9:5 “when sacred months have passed, then kill the polytheists” Islam considers Christianity polytheists
    4:89 “if they turn away (from Islam) kill them”
    2:191 “and kill them wherever you overtake them, such is recompense of disbelievers (non-Muslims)”
    8:67 “it is not for a prophet to have captives of war (slaves) until he inflicts a slaughter upon the land”
    47:4 “when you meet disbeliever (non-Muslim) strike neck” see 8:39 above Islam is at war with all
    5:51. “take no Jew or Christian as an ally”
    8:12 “cast TERROR into hearts of disbelievers, so strike their necks & strike every fingertip”
    8:60 “prepare whatever steeds of war you are able that you may TERRIFY enemies of allah” non-Muslims
    47:35 “do not seek peace while you are superior”

    • Paul__Revere

      Islam does not consider christians polytheists. Islam refers to christians as “the people of the book”. It is written in arabic across the outer surfaces of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and in various other
      islamic writings. Polytheists are to be killed, monotheists are to be subjugated and killed if they will not submit.

      In their view, Islam is the 3rd and final version of the word of god that they are given to set right the other two groups who were given it, and strayed from the path (first the jews were given the word, and then they strayed, then jesus got the word and christians strayed, now muslims have been given the “3rd strike warning” if you will, and intend to get it right). For that reason jews and christians, are considered lost and can live in islamic society as long as they submit to islamic supremacy. This social arrangement is well documented, for example there are forms of taxes on being non-muslim in muslim society, and various other institutions that the are well established that amount to what most people would consider “apartheid” to use the scary bad word that everyone seems to share a common subtext for. Israel was under islamic rule under the Ottomans for centuries, it wasnt necessarily pleasant but Jews lived there. POLYTHEISTS however are on the chopping block. The reason Israelis are marked for death now is because they do not submit to islamic supremacy. The mere existence of a Jewish state in what was once Islamic territory is a rebuttal of Islamic supremacy which cannot be permitted.

      Monotheists = believe in one god
      polytheists = believe in many gods

      This is why India has such major problems with islam and China wants no part of letting them in. Luckily for both, there is some serious terrain separating them from the islamic world.

    • mwernimont

      Paul, islam does consider islam a religion of polytheism due to Trinity

  • oldvlc

    This is how radicals get in a position to destroy us. Thanks brain dead liberals.

  • Shrinkthegovt

    Devout Muslims must follow their holy Quran. Read it. It is from hell.

  • InvalidBeard

    Sweet threat by “Miles”

  • The Un-PC Truth

    Sue the hell out of them.

  • ViciousCircles
  • drew

    Straight from the horses mouth:

    Sahih Bukhari (52:220) – Allah’s Apostle said… ‘I have been made victorious with terror’

  • 52Montoya

    Apparently raping non-Muslim or Christian women and raping little boys is not considered to be a criminal act in the Muslim culture. Is it possible that Allah is not the Muslim god, but rather sex is their god?

  • Leftists seem to believe that Salafi Islam isn’t Islam and denouncing Slafists is anti-Muslim. Rational thought is hard for them

  • Thedead Whitemale

    When weak-minded bullies can’t make a rational case for their point of view, they get someone in power to make sure the other side is not allowed to speak.

  • asclepiuskay

    This violation of that students civil rights needs to be brought to the courts. This type of behavior has happened in the past and we shall overcome.

  • Juan.Alojonueve

    Jewish administrators punish Christian student. #hitlersidnothingwrong

  • wlfgng

    All the more reason that the public schools can kiss my ass. A complete crock of BS, especially given the fact that student in question was correct. The problem is the “religion” itself. Time and history supports that sentiment and without question solidly proves it. To those who want to continue hiding their head in the sand; We will not shut up, we will not scale back the rhetoric and we will not stop…EVER.

  • John Locke

    If Pervaiz later puts on a suicide vest and kills a bunch of innocent women and children in the name of the religion of peace, can there be any doubt Lonsdale will be blamed?

  • Crusty

    Sounds like the non-free speech climate around Muslims and Islam is getting as bad as England’s. We HAVE a first amendment, and this kid should have invoked it – as well as highlighted the fact that the Muslim kid was lying and trying to slander him (a standard tactic listed among Islam’s deceptive practices of Taqquiya, Kitman, Towriya, and Moruna).

  • AnonymousPatriot

    “he hurt my feewings!” waaahhhhh. lets all feel sorry for the little goatfucker. maybe the white kid should have called him a goatfucker instead of “offending” him with facts about the muslim religion. THEN maybe the school MIGHT have had a decent reason to suspend him. bullshit.

  • Louis Emery

    Sounds like the Muslim student has done away with his competition, though I realize that both students are part of the same club.

  • dehypnotized

    Thank goodness universities today protect students from diversity of opinion and feelings.

  • Pray Hard

    The only thing these leftist institutions are going to understand is either violence or lawsuits that destroy them. Can’t appeal, my ass.

  • akprb

    As Stefan Molyneux would say, “not an argument.” 😉

    The suspended kid had one, the other did not.

  • OneVoice

    Wow – so Blasphemy is really in place in America. Soon, you will be condemned to death just for talking about Islam…. Careful what you wish for.

  • Tom

    Our institutions of lower learning are showing the cowardice they have become known for. They have show the schools to be hotbeds of absurdly ignorant bigotry that seems to be oblivious to them. It would be laughable if it weren’t so frightening in its ability to crush free speech. It reminds me of Communist China’s re-education camps. The difference is that they make you comply by harming the school record of the dissenters instead of withholding food and beatings. Never the less it is effective.

  • perpetual victimhoods….

    Give us the child for eight years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.

    ~Vladimir Lenin

  • Frank Anderson

    Until free speech is outlawed, Lon has the right to his own thoughts. Punishing students is pro Islamic Liberal!

  • Promptjock

    Poor Muslim Snowflakes – can’t handle the idea of THINKING about “what they believe” and using FACTS/DATA to justify their viewpoint. One sees the same “wahh! wahhh!!” behavior with Liberals who cannot debate the MERITS of their ideology, so they get all emotional and “Snowflakey” and demanding of their “safe zones”.

    Pathetic….really pathetic!

  • Miguel Stevenson

    Emotional Comfort Zone??? bahahahahaha!

  • Jack Gil

    BTW, this is a great example of why President Trump was elected. Thank you for ensuring he will be a two-term POTUS.

  • perpetual victimhoods….
  • CrystalClearTruth

    hey, morons, islam (moslem) is not a race. You can’t be racist for pointing out how ludicrous that religion is.

  • Dennis Nix

    Freedom of speech is dying in this country. It’s being killed by political correctness, which is the antithesis of free speech. It is absolutely astonishing to see so many Americans throwing such hard-won freedoms in the trash. Every guiding principal we have cherished for over 200 years is under attack. The ideals for which hundreds of thousands of brave men and women have shed their blood are being systematically undermined in every way possible.

    I deeply fear for the future of our sons and daughters.

  • Pauly Bagadonuts

    Can’t wait until those snowflakes get into the real world, and their feelings get hurt.
    And no wonder so many millenials are in love with socialism. Strange how they know nothing about Venezuela.

  • corybantic

    The school should sponsor a debate between the students.

  • Ralph Kern

    As Mr . Obama said at the U. N. “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”.

    • Jab a Aacced

      You are the problem

      • Ralph Kern

        Sorry , my sarcasm font was turned off. I forgot that you can’t read my soft southern drawl delivering facetious remarks.

    • Jab a Aacced

      Calling terrorists violent is hardly slandering a religion or its prophet.

      • Infidel007

        The prophet of their religion was hardly saintly which is part of the problem. The profit muhammad was a mass murdering bandit who was a sexual deviant who raped and pillaged his way across Arabia. If one was to emulate the profit in today’s world they would be considered a terrorist and worse a Chester since muhammad was the most famous pedophile ever.

      • Ralph Kern


    • Infidel007

      The prophet of islam was a mass murdering pedophile and this is a simply describing his deeds and exploits so I guess all the head banging at the madrassa Biggus Dickus I mean Obama attended in his youth rattled his brain.

      • Ralph Kern


      • alter

        Pedophile isn’t a strong enough word. He was a child rapist.

        • Infidel007

          We will never know. Did 6 year old Aisha give consent for old Mo to thigh her until she was 9 then have sex with her, or did she protest? All I know is Ol’ Mo would make Jared from Subway, Michael Jackson, and R Kelly, and Sandusky blush in shame. I just don’t understand why we can’t have a rational debate about it on a supposed free and open society. Facts are the facts.

          • alter

            6 years old is not old enough to give consent, nor is 9, you sick bastard.

          • Infidel007

            I’m being sarcastic, obviously my razor sharp wit and and sarcasm is lost on you. I’m in 100% agreement with you on this issue though. Ol’ Mo was one sick dude.

          • alter

            I’ve seen the faces of women whose father threw acid on them when they refused their forced marriage. A 6 year old just does what they’re told. Islam is a sick and disgusting. Its hard to find humor in the religion of child rape and the treating of women as man’s property, and I’m sick of stories like the above that side with child rapists and suspend a kid for doing what he was supposed to do in a debate club.

          • Infidel007

            Welcome to the new and enlightened Western civilization, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. I try to be an optimist, but the way things are going I see a very dystopian future ahead unless things change drastically sadly. I’m as confused by the left’s defense of islam and other things as you are given the facts. Being but a humble peasant I’m along for the ride whether I agree or not unfortunately.

  • Jab a Aacced

    Freedom of speech is dying. Every institution I was taught to trust has proved to be morally bankrupt. I truly weep for the future.

  • Noah_Vaile

    We don’t want to restrict and/or punish his speech.
    We want to restrict and punish him!

  • John Locke

    The muslim student is probably operating a sleeper cell for ISIS

  • Brian Patronie

    Kayla used to be Karlos, right?

    • Yahchonan

      this person does look a little on the masculine side.

      • Brian Patronie

        Understatement of the hour…

  • Webb Trollstien

    It’s a crime for whites people to speak freely. Yet illegal Mexicans can kill American women and get away with it.

  • Yahchonan

    Lonsdale should have had some koran verses for the moslem to respond. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. We should know a false religion and there are plenty of resources out there.

  • David Bobe

    “The tolerant have become intolerants” S. Ray

  • EricBenndorf

    Islam is a societal plague.

  • Rick Morrow

    It’s not radical Islam. It’s Islam that is RADICAL Islam is the most evil religion in the world. The most murderous religion in the world. Terrorists attacks go on daily worldwide. Yet, the low life Liberals continue to stick their heads in the sand like an ostrich and pretend that the Muslims are good people????? How insane.

  • Callawyn

    Nothing Liberals support can withstand open debate.

    So, they silence speech by claiming to be “offended” and punish anyone that dares speak the Truth.

  • Infidel

    The problem with islam is they deify a mass murdering pedophile sexual deviant warlord who pillaged and murdered his way across Arabia and claim he is the perfect man all good muslims should emulate. Why does the P.C brigade overlook this and try to silence any dissenting voices simply speaking the truth I’ll never understand.
    Then again western civilization has jumped the shark long ago so nothing we do surprises me much anymore.

  • Hadassah Weinstein

    Kid should sue for violating his Free Speech. Expressing an opinion isn’t harassment.

  • tickyul

    I am an Adult-Brony and a huge support of Jihadists…….please expel the Heretic!!

  • Curtis Reed

    and this is why there will never be peace with the Muslims. Because there is no reasoning with them, only submission–which is what Islam literally means!

  • Mace Dindu

    Whites are still held accountable for things that happened centuries ago, but yet it’s wrong to ask Muslims about the things their co-ethnics and Co-religionists are doing now?

  • Mace Dindu

    Jews use Muslims as ethnic and cultural shock troops against the goyim in this country, while doing their damndest to keep them out of their little ethnostate in the Middle East.

  • JonInVa

    Pandering cowards. Sue the school.

  • JonInVa

    Pandering cowards. Sue the school.

  • JonInVa

    Pandering cowards. Sue the school.

  • Mace Dindu

    Lol at Miles, who is no doubt receiving #sobrave accolades for handing off a passive aggressive note rather than just airing his grievances like a man.

  • Mace Dindu

    The school doesn’t want another “clock boy” lawsuit. Kowtowing to minorities never works. They only demand more and more.

  • The left are so mentally ill

  • ijiwarusensei

    Liberty High? Gotta love the irony of the school name.

    • alter

      They are in the process of renaming it to “Sharia-High”, in honor of the brave muslim who lost the debate.

  • FiscalCon

    Mind boggling irony. They were students at…Liberty High.

  • Yogi Barra

    Gosh, What snowflakes. Islam is a religion of terror. That is just a fact. The only non warring place in the Middle East is Israel. The largest Muslim country in the world Indonesia flat out persecutes Christians. Personnel experience. I hope all Muslims feel so uncomfortable that they just leave. We will fact have the horror of wide spread terrorism if they remain. Sunni, Shiite, Sufis, Bahis and Druze will all be fighting each other and various coalitions will want to kill Christians and just American citizens. Get a passport and travel a little, not behind the leader with the little red flag.

  • eagle59


  • Grintsum

    It sounds like the muslim lost the debate, so he whines to the liberal school administrators who predictably insinuate anyone not kowtowing to islam is a racist. I wonder how sympathetic and accomodating these Liberty High liberals would be if someday a person belonging to Pervaiz’s religion insists they kneel for their beheading?

  • Sgtsnuffy


  • dondoc

    In Islamic countries you cannot debate or contradict Islamists or Muslims. Soon, if this keeps up, you will not be able to do that either in US Public schools and universities. Shameful.

  • redinca

    In front of the authorities he should’eve asked the muslime what his precious koran tells him to do to infidels and then claim proudly that he is a proud infidel!!!

  • Russell Benigno

    The school should be shut down for taking away his 1st Admen Right to speak.

  • geo2209

    This school needs its funding cut and/or the teachers fired if they won’t resign.

  • alter

    I hope the people who did this to the kid all drop dead. Disgusting and perverted pigs, allowing the debate but then suspending him for taking part. Any religion that worships a child rapist should be debated. Anyone who defends people who worship child rapists should lose their jobs and get the crap kicked out of them.

  • Attila

    An indictment of the US public school system and the leftist PC minders who control it.

  • blackballs

    Much triggering ensued.

  • ironage

    Liberalism = Dhimmitude

  • Conservative Not Republican

    From the article:

    “…Carrie was baffled when administrators phoned her to accuse her son of being a bigot.”


    Funny thing about that word “bigot”….one can not use it in an accusatory manner, without first displaying and confirming their own bigotry towards the very person whom they are accusing of being a bigot.

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    Newsflash Cupcakes…Senior Alex Lonsdale is spot on in his assessment of Islam, but probably did NOT take it far enough.

    Islam is an Evil Ideology, masquerading as a religion, when it is nothing more than a violent form of government out to establish a world-wide Islamic Caliphate under Sharia Law!

    Muslims the world over read from the SAME Koran, so forget all about this so-called ‘Moderate & radical’ farce. ALL Muslims believe in the same thing…conquering the Infidel through violent means, raping our women & children, & beheading US if WE do NOT submit to Islam!

    Congress & OUR President should declare war against Islam immediately, repatriating ALL Muslims, regardless if they were born here, back to their ancestral Islamic Homelands!

  • Stuck_in_Ca√→

    F Faraz and his whittle fewings.

  • douglas gray

    If you wish to see what mainstream Islam is like in the Middle East, look no further than the case of Ahmad-al- Shamri in Saudi Arabia. He was arrested, tried, convicted, imprisoned, and sentenced to death. His only crime? Renouncing Islam for atheism on social media. Two appeals were made, both were denied. This is not ISIS, it is the official criminal/judicial system of Saudi Arabia. There is no difference between Saudi Arabia sentencing someone to death for being an atheist, and the Nazi’s sentencing a person to death for being a Jew. A poll taken in Muslim Countries shows that 60% of the people agree this, i.e. they feel a person should be put to death for leaving Islam.

  • Francisco

    seems like home school and private education is the only real choice to make, local governments need to be pushed to make school vouchers the norm

  • kettlecorn

    These phuq’ing libtards think that by sucking Muzzi pee pee, that they won’t have their heads cut off when the barbarians take over. Useless phuq’ing idiots.

  • Ben

    Kayla looks to me like a painted men.

    • צדקיה עמיחי

      You’re correct. If you go to “Kayla’s” page and look at the profile photos, you’ll see a good before & after.

  • Howard Loomis

    Free Speech terrifies Democrats

  • Nonconformant

    time for a different school that allows the TRUTH

  • Howard Loomis
  • צדקיה עמיחי

    Perhaps Lonsdale quoted verses of the Quran to Pervaiz? That’s enough to make anyone uncomfortable. I would’ve run too, I guess.

  • Johnny Average

    Wow! Im speechless! HOMESCHOOL!!!!!!!!!
    America is doomed.

  • ShockTheVote

    Only one solution to out of control Government steps on your rights: Lawyer Up

    • Mo Dog

      You’ll never win. Courts give a lot of leeway to schools on discipline.

  • Mo Dog

    Wait! I was searching around Patch and Facebook. This kid was more of bully than the article let’s on. First, he didn’t join the conversation, he belligerently just started going into it with the other kids. He has personally harassed Asian, non-Muslims, as well. Further, he was in trouble earlier for bullying the swim teammate, the kid didn’t say it was a lie, rather he just let it go. PS: My name means Mohammed the Dog, just to piss off muzzies. My religion’s people particularly dislike all desert cults.

    In school suspension is also a joke. They don’t even inform the colleges, they gave him a slap on the wrist.

    As one of a handful of conservatives in my HS and then college, I have sympathy for the kid, but his pattern of behavior is off-putting.

    • Roberta

      Which kid are you talking about?

      • Mo Dog

        The kid who was suspended in school. He is not villian from karate kid or something, just a kid who’s a bit too aggressive socially maybe with some bullying others in his recent past.

      • Mo Dog

        All second hand searches. too old

    • postmerrick

      Your bowing to the oppressors is off putting. Mo Dog is a domestic enemy of the Constitution. The First Amendment’s purpose is to protect speech others dislike. There’s room to doubt libel of the conservative. Most Dog is a pedophile. There. Let’s apply your guilt by allegation to you, you spineless politically correct cowardly traitor.

      • Mo Dog

        OK, Mr. kneepads. I know your a half wit hymiee but we have a written Constitution, not whatever redneck meth fueled fantasy world you live in. The courts have given schools great leeway in discipline. And this a non-story. Free speech almost doesn’t exist in the Army, are they also pedophile traitors? I know your a Don Henley style rapist, so the answer is hard. Are you allowed to spot nonsense in a Post Office, to the point customers feel ill. That’s a reaction to your breath usually, you know homo ass and jizz your favorite foods. If a white guy goes and shots a black seven year old, it is not politically correct to demand justice? I know for you not raping a seven year old is hard, especially when she’s your sister.

        PS: he is going to try to get me kicked out. But here are some nuggets from PostMerrick.

        1. Discussion on Breitbart News Network
        Former EU President Martin Schulz Demands ‘United States of Europe’ by 2025
        postmerrick @ Scorpio
        6 hours ago
        The answer is Jews: the parasites of the world. Jews demand Israel be a Jewish-only ethnic cleansing Apartheid state, while seeking to flood the Christian West with non-Western, non-Christians.

        2. Discussion on Breitbart News Network
        Matthews: ‘The Worst You Can Say About Democrats Is They’re Too Pure’
        7 hours ago
        This irish catholic filth whose family showed up after the hard work was done is the perfect example of why non-WASP immigration has been so destructive to this once clean country.

        3. Discussion on Breitbart News Network 1541 comments
        National Reciprocity for Concealed Carry Passes House, Heads to Senate
        a day ago
        Put National Guard units in blue states on notice that they will be federalized and ordered to arrest the domestic enemy traitors of the Constitution Democrats infesting police departments, state, and local governments – virtually the entire northeast corridor. Arrest virtually half of the ATF, FBI, and other federal law enforcement agencies. Every Democrat essentially.

        Ok, HumanCumDumpster you hate everyone, because of your small tool, but you have no respect for the Constitution. You spit on it constantly. All his posts are anti-jew anti-catholic anti-anything screeds. The thing you are going to try to report me still, because you are a coward. I kicked off from Brietbart and Wonkette, you guys are two idiotic sides of the same debauched coin. Crybabies and Real Cuck Snowflakes.

  • Spaldowski

    Students, choose your Institutes of higher learning carefully. Beware of their mores.

  • Mac-101

    Every Person who believes in Freedom MUST read the Koran, Hadiths and Sira and the Reliance of a Traveler!

    • postmerrick

      You should not have omitted the Jewish Talmud. Muslims are in the West because of Jews.

      • Mac-101

        It is strange that the Elites are flooding Western Nations with Muslims. THEY must be of Satan and are using them to control/destroy civilization as we know it!

      • Davole

        Jews live rent free in your mind!

  • Mo Dog

    Literally, every horrible thing in the Quran can also be found in the Talmud. Sorry. I dislike all three desert cults.

    • Satan created Yahweh to make the lesson stick.

    • Jake Lakota

      Yeah, that love your neighbor crap is so last century. You know best!

      • Mo Dog

        That’s would be in the bible, and it’s not really in the bible either.

    • postmerrick

      You’re correct about the Jewish Talmud. Jews are at the root of unlimited immigration into the Christian West.

  • Johnny Average

    ‘Oh, little snowflakes, when did you all become grandmothers and society matrons, clutching your pearls in horror at someone who has an opinion about something, a way of expressing themselves, that’s not the mirror image of yours?’

  • Jon

    I think most people are afraid of Islam. I am.

    Because terrorism is not the best way to make friends and influence people.

    I think an individual Muslim can be as godly and kind as any human can possibly be.

  • Johannes W. Odijk

    Never question a cult, bad for your health. /s


    An American High School oppresses freedom of speech and panders to a violent theocracy. The parents should raise hell over that.

  • no quarter

    You are brainwashed by pagan female psychologists who have monopolized your national broadcast networks.

    There is exactly nothing negative about Islam, and you are abhorred by God for rejecting the religion he has ordained for you. You will behold the Fire.

    Exercise caution when coming the word Islamic with any word other than the word Monotheism. The pagan female psychologists that rule and depopulate you may think that conjoining words is a feat of creativity and useful, but the immutable Arabic language and Islamic concepts are defended by force. Your use of language is a crime. Don’t set foot out of your own borders if you want to remain alive.

    • SFC MAC

      You are incoherent and retarded.

      • Roberta

        I get what he or she is trying to say.

        • SFC MAC

          You must be suffering from the same affliction, in that case.

    • Jake Lakota

      Come into my house and spew your BS. My AR and Pitbull are waiting, and she HATES Muslims. And likes bacon. Now tell the principal…

  • Jjj1965

    Got Muslims?

  • gary lacey

    Missouri, ignorant stupid morons in Missouri, oh no, say it ain’t so. Well, I know for a fact these Missouri inbreds exist, most are known as country bumpkins, hoosiers and red necks, as dumb as a box of rocks.
    Yes, I have been run into by one of these ding-a-lings, run into, literally rear-ended and you guessed it, the accident was my fault….I had stopped?

  • Jon

    Has America forgotten that it was Muslims that carried out 9/11 in NY? The Quran their holy book encourages acts of violence, mistreatment of women, euthanize gay people, and many other horrific acts. Islam cannot co-exist with western values.

    • Roberta

      Islam can’t even co-exist with itself.

  • sleeperd

    “…and claimed he had equated Islam with terrorism.”

    Any official attempt to claim there is no connection between “Islam” and terrorist attacks reeks of a cowardly and politically correct attempt at thought control in the face of irrefutable facts… and is a blatant attempt to brainwash students.



    “In 2012, Clinton gave $45 million to these rebels:”


    “A woman and her three daughters have been stabbed in a French resort for being ‘scantily dressed’.

    An eight-year-old girl was left fighting for her life after the attack in the
    Garde-Colombe in the Hautes-Alpes region of Southern France. ”


    “EXCLUSIVE: France ‘Suppressed Reports of Gruesome Torture’ at Bataclan

    “According to this testimony, Wahabist killers apparently gouged out eyes, castrated victims, and shoved their testicles in their mouths. They may also have disemboweled some poor souls. Women were stabbed in the genitals – and the torture was, victims told police, filmed for Daesh or Islamic State propaganda.”



  • wmartin46

    Islam has probably killed/enslaved/forced-conversion of 200M to 400M people over the past 1600 years. No other “religion” has been so toxic on human life. Communism has killed about 100M people during the 20th Century, which probably makes it more toxic as a poltical system. Doubt that the Principal could pass a history test on the horrific rise of Islam over the ages.

    Another example of why it doesn’t pay to discuss religion with people who are more-or-less uneducated.

  • JackisBack

    Amerimuslimica is f’ng doomed with communist educators taking the side of intolerant muslim students.

  • Progressive mentation in all its forms – Snowflake life, free money, immunity to law, perversity of love, denial of objective knowledge, hatred of America – marks the downward spiral to Hell of civilization. Vlad Tepes barred Turkish Muslims from physically and genetically sacking Europe (re Greece, were they did). History teaches us in every case that acting is not enough. We must sustain.

    The US will attack, attack, attack by transporting our 30 million illegals into Israel. They will then sneak into Arabia totally undetected, like Guatemala emptying into San Diego. One week later,

    Stateless international Muslim terrorist One, “Mas Allah! Our tank is up on blocks, its radio is stolen, there is graffiti sprayed all over the walls, wherever I step I crunch crack vials, and all my daughters are pregnant”

    Stateless international Muslim terrorist Two, “Mas Allah! But the garden is so pretty.”

    Either “Kayla Schierbecker” has frank and beans twixt its pins or there is a waxing studio that isn’t making an effort. My sister still wins the ugly race, even walking backwards. They thought her training bras died of malnutrition, or maybe poisoning. Turns out it was suicide.

  • Oybama

    Replace Islamic with Communist, do these politically correct rules still apply? Islam is not only a religion, it defines a legal system and a political system and it is much more like Communism than it is like Christianity.

    • postmerrick

      Jews invented and imposed Communism. Jews advocated for unlimited non-white immigration as soon as they got off the boat. Jews seek to destroy every civilization unfortunate enough to give Jews sanctuary from the last civilization that evicted them. America is learning this lesson.

      • Oybama

        Jews created civilization and expand it in all directions. Jew hatred is nothing new, it goes back thousands of years. But don’t worry, your daughter will probably marry one.

      • Davole

        Your immature anti-Jew tirade is duly noted!

  • Missy51

    Like the Salem witch hunts.

  • cindy_in_tx

    What’s up with kids today? In my day we would have just been annoyed, but we wouldn’t have gone running off to tell the principal. What a baby.

    We had a word for people like that, narc (or worse words too).

    • oney

      Not really he did everything that he has been taught to do. Can’t win, call names and run to the state to shut them up. It is happening everywhere here and if it were not for the Constitution I deem that in a short time it would be illegal to say terrorist.

  • Generalissimo X

    another whiney weak cowardly muzzie who cant handle the truth about his vile religion. my feelings get hurt when you come and murder the people who take you in. f muzzies and their cuck enablers.

  • postmerrick

    Principal Bridget Herrman and the unassimilated immigrants are domestic enemies of the Constitution. So is the entirety of the school board. This must be litigated.

  • timothius

    This is BS plain an simple. The victims of this new generation are both the kids and their parents. The parents should be shot! The children might possibly be saved. The parents that raised these people are sick depraved idiots. That’s the way I see it!

  • postmerrick

    Search YouTube for “Barbara Spectre Sweden.” See Kevin MacDonald’s book Culture of Critique’s section on Jewish origination of making white Christians into minorities in every white Christian country. Israel, of course, has to be a Jewish-only ethnic cleansing Apartheid state.

  • Are Tee

    Oh lordy, if I was a young man again and in so called college, what fun I’d have with these pussies. You’d be snorting aspirin or you would fight me.

  • rick
  • Rick Reynolds

    The hurt feelings of people who belong to a cult of rape, pedophilia, misogyny, terrorism, matters more to these Lefty morons than the fact that Islam is the most violent murderous ideology in human history.

    I was recently temp. banned from a gaming server for defending Trump’s decision to ban Muslims from entering the US. An ISIS supporting muslim lunatic cried wolf, claimed Islam was about ‘love’ and the scumbag moderator took her side and banned me….he was white-knighting as well.

    I’d like nothing more than to see Leftists who defend Muslims to get owned by them first…then we can work on defeating Islam.

  • Alf

    Islam can not be criticized in these PC times. God help us all!

  • Yarbles

    Stick to your pistolas, mi amigo.

    This Globalist sponsored crap will end and you have your integrity intact. NEVER compromise on the facts.

  • Jack B Nimble

    The fact is Muslims don’t police their own because they really don’t see a problem with it… as far as I’m concerned they’re are societal bottom feeders and should be treated as such.

  • JoesyWales

    What a laugh. Political Correctness while all the politicians are accused of sexual harassment and pedophilia.

  • Kurt Goss

    Public schools are child abuse.

  • Clyde_Frog

    Whenever the left can’t win an argument they silence it or deflect.

  • Jack Gamatta


    A little history of
    our friends in the religion of peace. They have been murdering non-muslims and the wrong brand muslims almost 1400 years to date.
    Their goal is to make islam the only religion on the planet. Why are we
    inviting conquerors disguised as refugees into our countries?ANYONE EVER
    HEAR OF THE TROJAN HORSE???… since 622AD (to
    present)when muslims started trying to conquer and kill all nonmoslems to make islam the only religion on earth, they have
    murdered approx. 270,000,000 innocents., More recently the jihadists have
    conducted, large and small, 30,000 attacks since 9/11.

    A very short
    history lesson:

    In 732 AD the
    Muslim Army which was moving on Paris was defeated and

    Turned back at
    Tours, France, by Charles Martell.

    …in 1571 AD the
    Muslim Army/ Navy was defeated by the Italians and

    Austrians as they
    tried to cross the Mediterranean to attack southern Europe

    in the Battle of

    …in 1683 AD the
    Turkish Muslim Army, attacking Eastern Europe, was finally

    Defeated in the
    Battle of Vienna by German and Polish Christian Armies.

    In 1783 AD when the
    British Colonies that would become the United States of

    America gained
    independence from Great Britain, 5 Muslim countries of North

    Africa declared war
    on our newly independent nation, hijacking and

    kidnapping merchant
    sailors and selling them for ransom, or into slavery.

    When the United
    States of America was established, we were forced to pay

    extortion fees
    amounting to 20 – 25% of our federal budget to those Muslim

    countries to keep
    them from their hijacking and kidnapping. It took two

    Washington and Adams, to build a sufficient Navy so that

    Jefferson, in 1805, could send the Navy and Marines to conquer

    Tripoli and end the
    piracy. Islam has been at war with the USA since our


    If these battles
    had not been won, we might be speaking Arabic and

    Christianity could
    be non – existent; Judaism certainly would be… And let

    us not forget that
    Hitler was an admirer of Islam and that the Mufti of

    Jerusalem was
    Hitler’s guest in Berlin and raised Bosnian Muslim SS

    Divisions: the 13th
    and 21st Waffen SS Divisions who killed Jews, Russians,

    Gypsies, and any
    other “subhumans.”

    This crap has been
    going on for 1,400 years, and half of the

    politicians don’t
    even know it..!


    A lot of Americans
    have become so insulated from reality that they imagine

    that America can
    suffer defeat without any inconvenience to themselves.

    Pause a moment,
    reflect back. These events are actual events from history.

    They happened!!

    Do you remember? I
    remember All of These

    1. In 1968, Bobby
    Kennedy was shot and killed by a Muslim male.

    2. In 1972 at the
    Munich Olympics, athletes were kidnapped and massacred by

    Muslim males.

    3. In 1972 a Pan Am
    747 was hijacked and eventually diverted to Cairo where

    a fuse was lit on
    final approach, it was blown up shortly after landing by

    Muslim males.

    4. In 1973 a Pan Am
    707 was destroyed in Rome, with 33 people killed, when

    it was attacked
    with grenades by Muslim males.

    5. In 1979, the US
    embassy in Iran was taken over by Muslim males.

    6. During the
    1980’s some Americans were kidnapped in Lebanon by

    Muslim males.

    7. In 1983, the US
    Marine barracks in Beirut was blown up by Muslim males.

    8. In 1985, the
    cruise ship Achille Lauro was hijacked and a 70-year-old

    American passenger
    was murdered and thrown overboard in his wheelchair by

    Muslim males.

    9. In 1985, TWA
    flight 847 was hijacked at Athens, and a US Navy diver

    trying to rescue
    passengers was murdered by Muslim males.

    10. In 1988, Pan Am
    Flight 103 was bombed by Muslim males.

    11. In 1993, the
    World Trade Center was bombed the first time by Muslim


    12. In 1998, the US
    embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed by Muslim


    13. On 9/11/01,
    four airliners were hijacked; two were used as missiles to

    take down the World
    Trade Centers, and of the remaining two, one crashed into

    the US Pentagon,
    and the other was diverted and crashed by the passengers.

    Thousands of people
    were killed by Muslim males.

    14. In 2002, the
    United States fought a war in Afghanistan against Muslim


    15. In 2002,
    reporter Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and beheaded by—you

    guessed it—a
    Muslim male.

    16. In 2013, Boston
    Marathon Bombing 4 Innocent people including a child

    killed, 264 injured
    by Muslim males.

    17. In 2014,
    thousands of Christian men, women, and children were

    defiled, and beheaded by Muslim males.

    No, I don’t see a
    pattern here to justify profiling, do you? So, to

    ensure we Americans
    never offend anyone, particularly fanatics intent on

    killing us, airport
    security screeners will no longer be allowed to profile

    certain people.

    Absolutely No
    Profiling! Instead, they must conduct random searches of

    80-year-old women,
    little kids, airline pilots with proper identification,

    secret service agents who
    are members of the President’s security detail.

  • Theresa

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  • illuxion

    Of course social discourse isn’t allowed, it would only prove the wolf in sheep’s clothing. They will continue to play victim until their numbers are high enough to start enforcing their way, then it’s over.

  • Anthony Steiner

    Many high schools like “Liberty High School” are placing intolerance ahead of intelligence and education.

  • Anthony Steiner

    I was quite fortunate enough to graduate during a time when indoctrination from organizations such as “Liberty High School” was not around. Today, I have two PhDs (Philosophy and Theology) from Yale University, and I also possess a verified I.Q. of 164.

    This highly intelligent young man for whom won his argument will go on to great things, but I feel very sorry for the coddled, intolerant staff and foreign students who most certainly face failure once they arrive into the real world.

    Inside of a school curriculum like “Liberty High School”, they will be fine. Alas once they hit the reality of the real world, it shall not bend for them, and they will fail miserably and it’s the fault of these imbecilic faculty members and “so called” instructors/teachers.

  • Troushers

    You made the little Islamist upset when you noted that even moderate Muslims have extreme views incompatible with the societies they claim to admire

  • Mo Dog

    Wait! I was searching around Patch and Facebook. This kid was more of bully than the article let’s on. First, he didn’t join the conversation, he belligerently just started going into it with the other kids. He has personally harassed Asian, non-Muslims, as well. Further, he was in trouble earlier for bullying the swim teammate, the kid didn’t say it was a lie, rather he just let it go. PS: My name means Mohammed the Dog, just to piss off muzzies. My religion’s people particularly dislike all desert cults.
    In school suspension is also a joke. They don’t even inform the colleges, they gave him a slap on the wrist.
    As one of a handful of conservatives in my HS and then college, I have sympathy for the kid, but his pattern of behavior is off-putting.

  • Mo Dog

    Discussion on
    Breitbart News Network
    Matthews: ‘The Worst You Can Say About Democrats Is They’re Too Pure’
    7 hours ago
    This irish catholic filth whose family showed up after the hard work was done is the perfect example of why non-WASP immigration has been so destructive to this once clean country.

  • mark

    They imposed sharia law on its students then.. sharia law makes it illegal to criticise islam

  • Citizen Quasar

    So I suppose debating whether God exists, whether faith trumps reason, is strictly verboten. We can’t upset the Christians.

  • ChaosOverkill

    They are incapable of self-governing or being challenged on their cult

  • Michaela Dransfield

    Remember the Nazies hit the universities first. When they came for the students’ Free Speech, we did nothing. Then they came for… us. By then there was no-one left to fight.

  • DontMessWithAmerica


  • general

    We would never be allowed to write this dribble and were taught writing in primary school, what a mess.

    AN INFORMED, EDUCATED, EMPOWERED, PUBLIC CAN NOT BE TAKEN OVER, Our founders stated this in volumes.
    Any parent allowing children in this destruction of education system is child abuse, and if they stay in will be the destruction of our nation. Think about it when you see the training papers and lack of homework…

  • Mike Bizzaro

    The “koran” itself … PROVES … “allah” does not exist.
    Why does the “all powerful”, “all knowing”, “creator of the universe” “allah” keep changing his mind in the “koran” ???
    http://www.Gods-Christian-Dogma.com > Section 113

  • PlushGrizzly

    Kayla is a lipstick wearing HE, not a she.

  • general

    From the 20`s our leaders sent college teachers to communist countries learning Marxist ideology then brought back to teach this to students who have and are teaching our children from then through today.
    This government has been in treason from long before then through today.
    Is this what you want your children to keep learning, this is why we see the riots, arson, etc., going on today..
    If we continue this our nation will be destroyed by design..

  • Ancient Mariner

    Did this guy claim a falsehood about the Muslim religion? If not, this whole suspension is like totalitarianism we’ve always read about in school when many of us were there years ago. How did this turnaround occur? Who is in charge that allows harassment of legitimate debate? The whole thing reeks of local censorship with no basis.

  • general

    If we want destruction of education to cease we best take over the education system returned to local level and clean out all the communist who are teaching our children.
    Research our founders writings about this and all the other treason we see going on daily and clean this up.

  • Elisha

    Our secondary schools are now little more than day care centers and sources of indoctrination. And then, the institutions of higher education have become mere extensions of high school. Yukk.

  • Trappist Westvleteren 12 xii

    As a parent I would be at that school, the school board demanding a redaction and reversal of the punishment of my child for doing absolutely nothing wrong, and demand an apology to my child as well, or I would file a civil rights, discrimination and harassment suit against the lot of them. Heck, I’d do both!

  • DavidM

    Some animals are more equal than others.

    To hell with political correctness. Sue the school system.

  • Steve Gregg

    You should wear that suspension like a badge of honor.

  • Gringao

    The first rule of Dhimmi Club is…you don’t talk about Dhimmi Club.

  • Dan Brown

    These libs and their foreign savages have to be destroyed.

  • david smith

    “Several now believe he is a racist.”

    “Muslim” isn’t a race moron children

  • Bill Jarett

    State promoted mental illness.

  • Paul Ryan is Fuc­king Terrible

    Run for the School Board and go after them, mom.

  • LowellST13

    Sad that there is no room for Conservative or even truthful speak when dealing with the LEFTISTS. Indoctrination of the younger minds is alive and well in the Department of Education Nation wide. GLAD I have a mind to think with instead of a mind that soaks up indoctrination like a sponge. PARENTS rear your kids and learn what is happening

  • Michaela Dransfield

    I suspect that the pressure for these types of cases is coming from the litigation insurance companies. The only way I can see to turn the tide is if people such as Alex and the families who are affected, push back legally. It cannot be right that students such as Alex are persecuted in this way. Where was the organisation’s duty of care to Alex?
    I cannot express a legal opinion and give legal advice to Alex but I would strongly encourage him to seek legal advice as to whether his civil rights have been violated and whether he has an actionable case at Torts.

    Once organisations realise that persecuting students is not an easy out, we will start to see some change.

  • Marcus Clintonius Arbiter

    First came the “hate speech” laws — applauded by practically all politicians and media elites. Next comes the criminalization of speech that specifically criticizes Islam or anything regarding LGBTQRSUVW… rights.

    How sad what happens when an entire generation is raised without being inculcated into the great legacies of western civilization –specifically, freedom of speech.

    The Left has gone from excepting speech that contradicts their worldview from 1st amendment protections to actually equating such speech as equivalent to committing “violence”.

    If this cancer isn’t stopped soon there may be no turning back. In England and Canada you can now be jailed for questioning that Islam is a “religion of peace.”

    How sad.

  • The more that people are not allowed to discuss Islam in schools, universities, and elsewhere, the more that people will realize that there’s something very wrong with Islam. It’s already backfiring.

    In Europe, where laws against discussing or admitting the negative aspects of Islam have been in place longer, the left wing-globalist leadership is being threatened by a strong movement from the right. (Thank goodness)

    You can’t force people to remain silent when there is a violent cult of 1.6 BILLION, which has spread like cancer due to the invitation of leftist-globalists, and whose cult dictates violence of every form and destruction of Western freedoms.

  • ianhatch07

    America has been called a nation of laws, freedom of speech is constitutionaly protected, so the person or people who denied this right must be sued.

  • Gillettestevens

    The Left doesn’t like facts, because they often don’t support their feelings. The truth only matters if no one’s feelings are hurt. He was suspended for making someone uncomfortable with his observations and opinions. What does the school intend to do when these students work in the world, and encounter people who don’t agree with them?

  • Freedom of speech means some will be offended. Muslims should not control free speech.

  • flagmantexasmarine

    Poor little muslem baby let’s git him a blanket & a teddy bear
    Or he could just go to a muslem country

  • Marty123




  • Andrew Briseno

    I thought the school must be in The Peoples’ Republic of KALIFORNIA….. I could hardly believe that school administrators in Missouri are so utterly STUPID! They need to be FIRED. NO EXCUSES! Why on God’s green Earth do people in Missouri actually use their tax dollars to employ people as school administrators who appear hell bent to SILENCE HONEST DEBATE by members of a debate club? What is wrong with these imbeciles in the School District? Fire them. let them get gainful employment; like MOWING LAWNS and not poisoning the minds of our youth.

  • Phyllis

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  • Ngata Tan

    Death of what makes America great – free speech

  • general

    Remember we the people who vote allowing these animals as our so called servants making illegal laws, siding with the enemy, activist judges, dims, RINO`s, communist`s, on all sides.
    Our founders would never put up with this treason, destroying the nation, allowing all these criminal activities.
    Once this nation was no 1 in education no more continuing this destructive behavior allows these animals to destroy us from within.
    Learn history and follow what real liberty is, clean up or fall to these animals.

  • The best schools now are home schools. Liberal education isn’t education at all….it’s indoctrination.

  • Rebecca

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  • Pat Orsban

    A fine example of the barking insanity of the left. The good news, this next generation is refusing to believe the horsecrap that falls out of the liberals mouths.

  • creativeusernamehere

    From what is described, the muslim student didn’t handle this debate very well.

  • Carrie Lonsdale

    I am the mother of Alex and we need an overhaul of our school system. The Admin has become lost in the education of our young. One teacher told my son in class,”Obamacare is a law it can’t be repealed.” Why, first of all is ignrance so blatant? And secondly, why are our students having to listen to the lies of non truths. We have to stand up because the union is letting teachers do and say whatever they want without reprimand.

  • Carrie Lonsdale

    I love the RACE card because the left has no clue what it even means. FYI TO ALL, MUSLIM IS NOT A RACE. Islamic terrorism is NOT a religion. Islam is an ideology of which Muslims observe and have instated in their governing to follow what it teaches. And immigrants(like my husband) are immigrants when they don’t originate from this country. They come here from another country, whether or not they are white in color they are STILL IMMIGRANTS. To the students at LIBERTY HIGH SCHOOL. Please educate yourselves!!!!!!!

  • Carrie Lonsdale

    What was not stated in the article is that the ADMIN DID NOT care if my son broke down in tears when they interrogated him. They did NOT call me so I could be there. This is a violation of his freedom of speech because when authority is present kids feel they have no choice to say how they feel. i am working to help get this changed. Censorship is not allowed, least of all in schools.

  • IndependentAnalysis

    Ah, the power of incompetent School Administrators.

    The little Muslim twerp couldn’t win a debate about his religion against the upper class-man, so
    he goes and cries discrimination or religious persecution making it an “unsafe” environment at school.

    So they suspend the other kid. And the “Gov’t administrators” are so powerful he can’t appeal their
    incompetence. WTF is America becoming?


    Then, they use an image of “The Little Burka Bitch” with her thumbs down to represent the Muslim
    insensitivity and travesty of the situation.

    The article is about a Muslim boy, not girl. How about a twerpy little Muslim kid facing off against
    the other male student like in a conversational debate for an appropriate photo. Or how about a photo of a 14 year-old religious ISIS fighter carrying an AK-47 or strapped to a suicide vest killing every other person around them in the name of their whacky cause as a better representation of Muslim religious repressions.

    Although it gets better if you follow the rabbit hole on the articles author…

    It was hard to tell, but something appeared odd with Kayla Schierbecker…Being of curious mind today I happened to click to find out more.

    If you click on the link to her website, what will one find??? Come on, take a Guess!!! You find the website for Kayla, is for sale and registered to the formally known as: markschierbecker.com


    Kayla is really a DUDE, that likes to wear gaudy red lipstick.

    What about full disclosure: My name is Mark “Kayla” Schierbecker. I was born a man, still have
    testicles confirming I am a man, but prefer to be the effeminate alter ego known as Kayla Schierbecker because it makes me feel better.


    Is anything real in the story or the world of higher education or the media?