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Antifa subjects Young Americans for Freedom meeting to profanity-laced tirades

A meeting of the Young Americans for Freedom at the University of Missouri-Kansas City was disrupted by the Antifa-affiliated “Progressive Youth Organization” this past week, highlighted (or lowlighted) by the latter’s profanity-laced invective.

“Your shit is a platform for fascists,” one PYO member bellowed, according to The New Guard. “We don’t give a fuck what you’re fine with. We’re gonna meet regardless of what you do, and we will stop you. Your shitty-ass meeting is not gonna fly.”

UMKC YAF treasurer Ryan Nash said the PYO “continued to scream offensive remarks, block the podium and speaker, and make threats of violence against the YAF activists.”

The PYO said it was their “job” to disrupt the meeting — to “stop fascists from fucking meeting on campus [and] gaining ground at universities.”

From the story:

“It was just another attempt by a far-left radical group to try and censor conservatives by trying to shut down our meeting and keeping us from conducting our business,” said Seth Schibler, the chairman of UMKC YAF. “True fascists have come back in the form of leftists who seek to monopolize rights to free speech and establish themselves as the overarching authority on who can say what.”

The UMKC YAF chapter had followed proper university procedure as a registered student organization to reserve the room for their meeting, but when the conservative students asked the disruptors to leave, PYO refused to budge. Administrators eventually were called and they forced the radical leftists to clear the room.

One of the final things said by the Antifa activists was a thinly veiled threat that they’d continue their fascist attempts to trample First Amendment rights on campus and deny conservatives a right to speak or assemble: “I’m fucking here to stop your shit. You’re not going to be able to be here anymore, we’re gonna be here every single fucking time.”

Chairman Schibler proposed a debate to the PYO, but they refused, saying “they do not debate fascists.”

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