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Over 100 colleges to screen film on health risks associated with abortion

More than 100 college and medical school campuses will be viewing the award-winning documentary Hush this Thursday, thanks to Students for Life of America, the country’s largest pro-life youth organization.

Hush details “the well-documented and long-term health risks associated with abortion,” according to a press release.

SLA President Kristan Hawkins says the film’s screening is intended to start “a healthy conversation on women’s reproductive health and providing correct information that women are entitled to have if they are considering abortion.”

From the press release:

Director Punam Kumar Gill, who is pro-choice, went into this project on a mission to investigate the controversy surrounding abortion’s effects on women, and wound up investigating health risks related to her own late-term miscarriage.

“This is not a political film, it’s a women’s health film that is packed with important information about breast cancer, premature birth, miscarriage, pregnancy and abortion, that every audience member will learn something from,” said Joses Martin, Producer of HUSH. “But it does come out with some very controversial findings that refute supposedly conclusive statements made by international health organizations.”

“I think this screening will present a much-needed opportunity to foster discussion about abortion and women’s health, while enabling viewers to recognize that the political rhetoric (on both sides) obscures important information,” said Anya Hong, President of Brown University Students for Life. “Students at Brown are intellectually curious and the film’s slogan of ‘pro-information’ has the potential to appeal to many of the students on campus. Our goal in providing a screening of the movie is to clear the politics surrounding the issue and to allow everyone on our campus to work towards a common goal – providing pro-woman, pro-health, and pro-human resources.”

Visit the film’s website for more information.

A list of colleges participating in the screening is here.

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