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American University’s sexual consent training turned this woman into a ‘men’s rights activist’

After Sydney Jacobs denounced her alma mater for allegedly telling students that women can revoke consent for sex after the fact, American University denied that its required training says any such thing.

Now Jacobs is doubling down, warning that the “misandry” facilitated by this training “will surely trickle into other aspects of life, like workplace culture and our daily interactions with each other.”

The former student writes in Red Alert Politics that college sexual consent programs “have made me into a men’s rights activist” who sounds the alarm on forms of feminism that spread “an irrational fear of hookup culture, all while vilifying men.”

The training she took – EverFi’s Campus Clarity service, no longer used at American as of this semester – teaches students “there is only one right way to handle” hypothetical sexual situations, Jacobs says:

The program opened my eyes to a whole new world — a world of rescinding your previously given consent and how to take legal action against men.

Taxpayer-funded public universities now use Campus Clarity as the gold standard for sexual-assault prevention and as an influence for positive decision-making on campus. The program’s anti-men undertones only further confirm the fears of men around the nation when it comes to false sexual assault charges. An inherent bias towards men in the arena of sexual assault is now being taught on campus. Eventually the workplace will follow suit.

The program reveals a larger truth that “from a young age, it is ingrained into girls’ minds that men have the natural ability to coerce them and they should always feel victimized”:

This type of teaching, let alone belief, sets the precedent for men to be wrongly accused in the academic system, the workplace, and, ultimately, in the justice system. The notion that a man is inherently in the wrong, by virtue of the fact he is a man, is a huge problem with modern day feminism and today’s culture. …

Teaching women from a young age that it is “normal” or “common sense” to rescind consent will rock the way in which we interact with each other in all mediums.

I am not victim-blaming a woman based on what she wore or how much she drank. I am telling young women to take responsibility for their actions instead of using consent as a tool to change the past.

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