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Biden Title IX changes could end women’s sports: female athlete

A high school female athlete who is part of a legal challenge to stop proposed changes to Title IX federal law recently questioned if women’s sports will survive the new regulations pushed by President Joe Biden.

High school basketball player Amelia Ford recently detailed her concerns in an opinion piece for Fox News.

She wrote:

For practice, I shoot hoops with my brother outside, but even with my recent growth spurt, I can’t keep up with him. He’s faster and stronger and can jump higher, move around me quicker, and shoot better than I can. I’m good for a 14-year-old girl, but anyone can see the physical advantage he has over me when it comes to playing sports.

That’s why I was so surprised—and outraged—to hear that officials are allowing and even encouraging boys to play on girls’ sports teams. It’s so obviously wrong and unfair to force girls to compete against boys, yet it’s happening to track and field athletes in Connecticut and Idaho, swimmers in Pennsylvania, volleyball players in North Carolina, and to girls across the country.

“And I can’t help but wonder: Do I have a future playing sports as a girl?” Ford asked.

Ford (pictured) explained why she joined the Alliance Defending Freedom lawsuit.

“I jumped at the chance to add my name to the growing list of female athletes taking a stand to protect the sports we love. It’s my dream to play at the collegiate level and earn an athletic scholarship,” she wrote. “But what will the landscape of girls’ sports look like in a few years when I’m applying for college? Will I be able to get an athletic scholarship, or will a boy get it because he has a better record than I have?”

“We have to fight for justice together,” she wrote. “It will take all of us standing up for girls. If we fight hard enough, what’s right and true will be recognized in state and federal laws and help female athletes across the country.”

Read the essay.

IMAGE: Alliance Defending Freedom

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