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Campus radicalism has infected mainstream society: op-ed

The insanity of radical leftism has become a reality within mainstream society, argues Inez Stepman in The Federalist.

Stepman, a senior policy analyst at the Independent Women’s Forum, writes that “conservatives once laughed at radical campus politics” thinking that they would never survive in the real world, but now it’s “becoming increasingly clear is that academic leftism is metastasizing off-campus.”

Pointing to big tech, especially Google, Stepman said that leftism is “spreading into some of the world’s largest corporations as well as institutions of culture, with graduated millennial employees as its carriers.” She adds:

“While the right wrestles with how to deal with big technology companies’ hostility to conservative voices on their platforms, the source of that enmity goes mostly unremarked upon: Google’s highly credentialed workforce has roughly the personal politics of a faculty lounge. Regrettably, universities don’t live up to the Las Vegas adage–what begins on campus definitely does not stay there. It spills over into every aspect of our broader culture, from complaints about actors not precisely matching the intersectionality profile of the characters they portray, to the leftward tilt of America’s corporations.”

According to Stepman, the different factions on the right “should all be able to agree that government shouldn’t throw its weight heavily in favor of the left in the culture wars,” but noted that that is what is happening.

“If the formerly Grand Old Party lacks the spine to cut off the massive flow of subsidies to colleges and universities, they should at minimum require that public universities respect their constitutional obligations under the First Amendment in order to receive their taxpayer largesse,” Stepman wrote.

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