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College student: I went through the ‘nightmare’ of transgender transitioning

News stories and social media feeds are increasingly filled with stories of men and women “transitioning,” taking hormones and undergoing surgery to make their bodies appear to be the opposite sex. But one young college student has been there and back—and she’s sharing with the world the nightmarish, brutal ordeal through which she (and her doctors) put herself.

“Two years ago, I was a healthy, beautiful girl heading toward high school graduation. Before long, I turned into an overweight, pre-diabetic nightmare of a transgender man,” writes Sydney Wright at The Daily Signal.

Wright, a student at Georgia Northwestern Technical College, tells of her frightening journey to transgenderism. As a young woman mostly attracted to other women, Wright says she “didn’t like gays, and didn’t want to be associated with them.” Her father eventually kicked her out of his house when he found out about her same-sex relationships. Shortly thereafter, she discovered the expansive online world of transgender “transition” stories.

“Their stories all seemed to have a happy ending—and it made me rather jealous,” she writes.

Realizing that she could alter herself to look like a man and thus date women while appearing heterosexual, Wright “looked into it for myself.” What she found was a medical industry eager to push her toward male hormones and “transition” with virtually no oversight:

I soon found a therapist who said she would help me, and I told her I wanted to start the hormones on my 19th birthday, which was only five weeks off. She required only a one-hour appointment each week.

That’s hardly enough time to get to know someone. Yet those five hours got me an official letter that unlocked the doors for me to get hormone therapy and become a “man.” It also helped me change my “sex” on my driver’s license from female to male.

I now see a huge problem with how easy this was. If the therapist had gone slower and been more careful, she would have seen that I wasn’t actually trans.

But by this time, I’d seen the promotional videos. I was convinced that my gender is what was “off,” and the therapist guided me along and made me feel like a sex change is what I needed…

My therapist never once tried to sit down with me and figure that out. Instead, she asked me questions like: “When did you start feeling this way?” “Why do you feel you’re this way?”

Not once did she tap the brakes to keep me from gender transition.

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