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Concerned mother’s op-ed exposes Virginia Tech’s ‘woke’ freshman orientation

Skipping the Pledge of Allegiance and implying the university is located on land stolen from Native Americans are just two highlights from Virginia Tech University’s recent orientation, according to a new op-ed.

Writing for The Federalist, Penny Nance, president of Concerned Women for America, recounted her recent trip to the historic Virginia school to drop off her son for his freshman year.

Instead of instilling confidence that the university would guide her son on an intellectual journey as an engineering major, she instead saw a parade of administrators introduce themselves with their preferred gender pronouns. After they separated parents and kids, her son was subjected to lessons on gender and sexual fluidity.

From the op-ed:

As a mom, part of me wanted to load my son in the car and head up the road to Liberty University, but since he’s an adult, that wasn’t my choice to make. The other part of me thinks: Why should my son be denied the engineering program he wants and earned? Why should conservative kids be forced to become educational refugees from public institutions that, despite enjoying our tax dollars, don’t welcome us?

Let’s not forget, all Virginians pay taxes and thus have equity and stake in what government institutions teach our children. Alumni are also deeply invested in the reputation and direction of their alma mater. I doubt they approve of what appears to be a new “woke” version of their school. Here’s the problem: Virginia Tech and most other public universities have forgotten they work for us.

… Why should a public institution be allowed to violate teachers’ First Amendment rights by bullying them into using the made-up terms they/them, zie/zim, ey/em (or about 60 more) instead of she/her or he/him? The reordering of centuries of grammar usage is an offensive overcorrection, and it bullies Christians, Muslims, and other students into violating their consciences to appease a small group of nonsensical identity politics warriors.

So upset by what she saw, Nance has launched a campus whistleblower campaign through Concerned Women for America, asking for screen shots and video to [email protected], and noting “campus insanity has gone this far because we were silent. When do we say ‘enough?'”

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