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Conservative foundation honors three academics with $250,000 prize

Three of the four recipients of this year’s Bradley Prize, awarded by the conservative Bradley Foundation, are members of the academy.

The $250,000 stipend is given to “individuals of extraordinary talent and dedication who have made contributions in areas consistent with the mission,” the foundation said in press releases announcing the winners.

They are:

Columbia Law School Prof. Philip Hamburger, whose books and papers cover “the First Amendment, constitutional and administrative law, and legal history,” said Richard Graber, president and CEO of the foundation

Former law professor Peter Berkowitz, a political scientist and senior fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, “one of our nation’s leading public intellectuals” who writes on “conservatism, liberal education, national security and the Middle East,” said Graber

George Mason University Economics Prof. Walter Williams, an author and “tireless defender of personal liberty, economic freedom and limited government … even at personal cost,” said Graber

The four recipients will be honored at an April 7 ceremony in Washington, D.C.

The Milwaukee-based foundation was founded by brothers Lynde and Harry Bradley, who made their fortunes as co-founders of the Allen-Bradley Company:

Believing strongly in the dignity and worth of each human being, the Bradley brothers were committed to preserving and defending the institutions of free, representative government and private enterprise that have enabled America and the entire Western world to realize that dignity.  The Bradleys believed that the good society is a free society.

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