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Cornell legal scholar: No right to ‘damage’ kids through trans surgeries
William Jacobson

Parents do not have a right to assist their kids in obtaining transgender drugs and surgeries, according to a Cornell University law professor.

Professor William Jacobson made the comments to 1819 News in response to a federal judge allowing Alabama to continue to ban chemical and surgical procedures on kids who struggle with gender dysphoria. The law remains pending in the federal court system.

“Basically, Alabama, I think very wisely, has said that for children that you cannot give those life-altering, irreversible in most cases and very damaging medications to children for the purpose of dealing with gender identity issues,” Professor Jacobson (pictured) told the Alabama right-leaning news site.

“Jacobson likened doctors giving the drugs to confused minors as a form of ‘child abuse’ and said the state has every right to prohibit the practice,” 1819 News reported.

“You may have a constitutional right to raise your child in a particular religion, but you don’t have the constitutional right to do physical damage to your child,” Jacobson said.

He continued:

And that shouldn’t be controversial because every state — and I assume Alabama has it too — has child protective services, has a whole infrastructure to protect children from physical abuse by adults, even particularly their parents. So why would this be an exception to that policy? There’s no basis for that.

He said “the organized medical community has been completely corrupted” which poses problems for the courts.

“Now that those groups are taken over by activists, the other activists then cite these groups as authorities,” he said. “It’s a complete self-fulfilling prophecy.”

He also challenge the claim that kids with gender dysphoria will commit suicide if they are not allowed to take drugs or have surgeries.

Jacobson “pointed to Scandinavia, which saw no change in child and teen suicide rates after banning transgender treatments.”

The law professor warned that medical professionals who resist transgenderism will be threatened with loss of license.

“They’re going to start revoking licenses for any doctor who doesn’t do these treatments, and they’re going to say you are committing malpractice by not prescribing these drugs,” he said. “That’s where we’re heading, and we’re heading there very fast.”

Read the full interview.

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IMAGE: Legal Insurrection/YouTube

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