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Elite professors might prefer teaching Republicans: op-ed

A Free Press writer penned an op-ed Tuesday praising the virtues of Republican students and suggesting that elite college professors should decamp to conservative schools to teach them.

Republicans raise “happy, obedient kids,” reporter Ben Kawaller wrote.

“And as I watch what’s become of our university campuses, where student outrage can curtail curricula, debase administrators, and upend careers, it occurs to me that it would really be something if the best professors at the Stanfords and the MITs of this world left their perches for less cosmopolitan schools,” Kawaller (pictured) wrote. “Why not trade the anxious, rebellious spawn of Democrats for the sunny, docile children of Republicans?”

Kawaller wrote that while shooting interviews in Arkansas, he met young Republican students who showed humility, self-control, and an admirable deference to authority.

“While talking to these kids, I had a real sense that one day they’d be capable of sitting through a biology class or a history lecture without once having the urge to cancel their instructor,” he wrote.

He described liberal students, by contrast, in greater detail:

Vast swaths of the supposedly brightest kids of the nation like to spend their free time braying about the uniquely evil state of Israel or tormenting scientists for doing their jobs or destroying people’s livelihoods in the name of fighting bigotry. Liberal students have been attending colleges for decades without craven administrators allowing them to turn their campuses into hotbeds of intolerance.

What’s enabled this nightmare transformation on college campuses—from what feels like the humanism of my youth to the zealotry of today—is a question other commentators have tackled extensively. All I have to offer is a solution: brain drain.

Professors who wish to live free from cancellation and intimidation and serve teachable students should consider moving to more conservative campuses.

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Editor’s Note: After publication, the writer noted the piece was meant to be humorous.

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