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Fighting back: Yale grad skips reunion to protest campus insanity

Are you fed up with campus insanity? One way to fight back is to withhold donations to schools that promote it. Alexander Zubatov is also taking another approach. He’s not attending his college’s 20th reunion.

Zubatov, a graduate of Yale University, won’t be returning to the Ivy League campus this weekend. The attorney says he’s foregoing the festivities, writing in The Federalist, because “the goings-on at Yale — unfortunately reflective of what is happening at many universities — have disgusted and alienated me to the point where, unless major changes occur, that institution isn’t getting a dime of my money or a moment of my time.”

He points out there’s no shortage of such “goings-on” at his alma mater. He mentions the time when a student accosted a college master when he attempted to have discourse with students. He lists “the spate of whitewashings and re-namings” and refers to Yale President Peter Salovey as “spineless.” He also brings up the recent uproar over a professor’s controversial Yelp reviews.

Zubatov is fed up with it all. He’s taking his stand against it this weekend:

It is time to show the oleaginous technocrats running the roost that the special snowflakes on campus are not the only ones capable of protesting. Concerned alumni of Yale and the other education institutions bending over backwards to upend themselves and abdicate their educational missions for the sake of pleasing students need to stop giving, stop visiting, and start speaking up. If there are calls for resignations to be made, the resignation of “Spineless” Salovey should be at the top of our list.

So, no, I won’t be attending my 20th Yale reunion. For me, it is a matter of integrity, both my own and Yale’s. The bottom-line reason is simple: college reunions are an expression of fondness and loyalty. But Yale’s conduct keeps forcing this question upon me: why should I feel loyalty to an institution that feels no loyalty to itself?

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