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These five wrongheaded messages embraced on campus are ruining millennials

Syndicated columnist David Limbaugh recently weighed in on the troubling trends seen on college campuses today, most notably white privilege, trigger warnings, microaggressions and safe spaces.

He then asks what these trends say about the “state of race relations in this country — at least on college campuses — and the messages we are sending to young people.” The message isn’t pretty.

Limbaugh details five wrongheaded things colleges students learn today that are ruining them:

—They are too fragile to deal with perceived, let alone actual, adversity.

—If a charge of racism is leveled against a “non-minority,” it must be presumed valid, and the accused won’t even be allowed, in some cases, to explain or deny it.

—Any perceived slight must be addressed, and all demands must be satisfied, no matter how unreasonable.

—We must be forever obsessed with race, gender and sexual preferences.

—Rudeness and disrespect will not be punished but will be rewarded.

The atmosphere on many college campuses on these issues is toxic. Those engaging in the indoctrination don’t appear to seek improvement in race relations and don’t appear to seek resolution.

Is it not obvious that a flagrant contradiction underlies these complaints? Those crying “racism” and “sexism” demand that they be treated equally and nondiscriminatorily, yet virtually every demand they make screams just the opposite. How can we be colorblind and color-obsessed at the same time?

Many people don’t have the courage to address these issues, because they fear the mob would descend on them if they dared to challenge its claims. Yes, but if we keep pretending that the mob’s claims are true and rolling over, things will only get worse. When can it possibly end?

We at The College Fix have asked that question for five consecutive years now, Mr. Limbaugh. And, unfortunately, the answer is it doesn’t end, and it keeps getting worse.

Read Limbaugh’s full column.

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