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Fix Editor: College protesters ‘not looking to just confine their behavior to campus’

Daniel Payne, an assistant editor at The College Fix, appeared recently on the popular program the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the latest in campus craziness, among a variety of other topics.

Speaking with Federalist Radio Hour host and Federalist publisher Ben Domenech, Payne noted that, regarding the wave of anti-free-speech sentiment currently sweeping over campuses nationwide, we should look to “professors and academics” to act as a check on these kinds of beliefs. “I don’t want to necessarily say conservative [professors],” Payne notes, “because you have liberal professors who are also free-speech champions.

“But then,” Payne adds, “you have the issue of [those professors] possibly leaving that space…and ceding most of our campuses to this kind of hyper-intolerant mindset.”

Regarding the burgeoning movement to divest intolerant and hostile campuses from public taxpayer support, Payne says: “I would imagine that you might see that grow in the coming years. I also think that it will probably lead to a series of really ugly legal fights and court battles. My guess would be that circuit courts and the folks who will be in charge of adjudicating these issues, will probably come down on the side of the schools.”

The anti-free-speech movement on campuses, Payne argues, will very likely spread out to the broader cultural and political realms: “Why shouldn’t it? That’s the ultimate aim,” he says. Of the protestors themselves, he argues: “They’re not looking to just confine this to campus. This is an effort that they would surely like to transfer to broader social media, the conversations we have at the national level, on Capitol Hill. You can’t expect something this volatile and this fervent to stay confined to just a few square miles in these cities.”

Listen to the whole podcast here.

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