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Frat brothers provide thousands of burgers and dogs for Louisiana flood victims

Louisiana State University graduate Christian Walther and two of his Sigma Alpha Epsilon frat brothers recently packed up thousands of hamburgers and hot dogs and headed over to areas crushed by the recent flooding to provide meals for people.

“It’s just our small way of giving back,” Walther told Total Frat Move. “We are doing what we are supposed to be doing — help people out no questions asked. It’s how we were raised.”

Walther is the founder of the Red White and Que barbecue in Baton Rouge. He and his buddies used one of the company’s trucks to haul the goods.

From the report:

Walther described the heartbreaking scene as the Red White and Que truck, painted with fireworks and a big American flag, made its way through his battered community. Boats sitting in muddy front yards. Houses full of water. Entire lives cast onto curbsides. Walther was lucky. His home, built atop a hill, was mostly untouched by the flooding.

They stop at churches and high schools and anywhere else victims are sheltered, feeding between 50 and 500 people at a time. On Wednesday, they served a group of National Guardsmen who had come to provide aid.

They even deliver directly to people’s front doors. Some flood victims are unable to leave their homes, forced to watch over the possessions they moved outside to save from a flooded interior. For them, the Red White and Que food truck is a godsend.

While Baton Rouge still has a long road to recovery, Walther says the community outreach has been incredible. He adds that the community’s positivity in the face of disaster has kept the national media off their backs, which he sees as a good thing.

“It’s pretty cool how galvanizing the floods have been for the community without the national media attention,” he said. “[The media] can be a distraction — they’re looking for something shocking, something to fit their narrative or agenda — but all they found here was good people helping other good people put their lives back together.”

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