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Gen Z writer: Don’t make others ‘pay off your poor financial decisions’

Gen Z does not have a right to a student loan bailout, according to a Gen Z college graduate.

A Gen Z graduate told his peers they do not have a right to a student loan bailout.

USA TODAY Opinion Fellow Dace Potas criticized President Joe Biden’s ongoing student loan bailout plans and his fellow Gen Z’ers.

“Not only are we broadly in favor of other people paying off our debts, a majority of whom do not hold a bachelor’s degree or higher, we don’t even have the decency to be more aware of the issue than generations that are more likely to have already paid off their loans,” he wrote.

“A sobering truth for young Americans needs to be heard, Potas wrote. He is a former College Fix writer and graduated from DePaul University in 2023.

“You do not have the right to demand other people pay off your poor financial decisions,” he wrote on Monday.

He wrote further:

Blanket cancellation does nothing to combat the problem of the student loan crisis. In fact, it would only serve as a further incentive for students to attend colleges they can’t afford, obtaining degrees that give them little chance of allowing them to pay off the debt they accrued in the process.

Gen Z, he said, should be responsible for their decisions. He also said change is needed to stop the federal government’s involvement in loans, which drives the problem.

“Understanding your financial decision in attending college, rather than blaming politicians for not stealing other people’s money to pay your debt, is a much better use of your time and will lead to better results for your future.”

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IMAGES: The College Fix; Photo courtesy of Dace Potas

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