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Hatred of western culture unites the left with pro-Palestinians: op-ed

‘Their chants reduce to a single creed: Hate those who have something you don’t’

Independent journalist Abigail Shrier said she is not as puzzled as some by the support Hamas terrorists are receiving from leftist organizations and student groups.

In a column at Commentary this week, Shrier argued it isn’t women’s rights, environmental problems, racial issues – or even Marxism that unites the unlikely pairing. It’s something much more simple: hatred.

“That is what unites this motley crew of mutually exclusive values,” wrote Shrier, known for her investigative reporting on children with gender dysphoria.

“When they cry for genocide of the Jews across America’s campuses—’Intifada Revolution,’ or ‘Glory to Our Martyrs,’ as one George Washington University student group did—they simply want to inflict fear and instill chaos in a peaceable civilization they despise,” she wrote.

Shrier noted how some university gender studies departments have joined “the struggle for Palestinian liberation,” while ignoring how terrorists who attacked Israel on Oct. 7 raped women and would deny them basic human rights if they took over the country.

Groups like Queers for Palestine, Gays 4 Gaza and LionLez, a queer nonbinary student group at Columbia University, support the pro-Palestinian movement, too, even though the Muslims who run it “would happily jail, repress, or massacre them,” she wrote.

Others have written about the left’s pro-Palestinian support as well. Conservative writers James Lindsay and Christopher Rufo linked it to the oppressor-oppressed views of Marxism and their desires to destroy western culture.

Shrier agreed with their argument but took it one step deeper, saying the root of their unity is “hatred, envy, and resentment.” She continued:

The great 20th-century economic journalist Henry Hazlitt once noted that Marxism itself ultimately reduces to highly concentrated envy: “The whole gospel of Karl Marx can be summed up in a single sentence: Hate the man who is better off than you are.” Universities may add intellectual arabesque to the expression of this hate. But in the end, when these groups bang their bongo drums, their chants reduce to a single creed: Hate those who have something you don’t.

This explains how LGBTQ groups, environmentalists, and women’s rights advocates can abandon the values that they espouse so readily to support a group that opposes what they stand for, she wrote.

“You don’t glue yourself to the Mona Lisa, as eco-warriors have done, or vandalize the Wellington Arch in central London because you love the earth that much,” Shrier wrote. “You do it because you despise the civilization that cradles such treasures.”

Read her full column here.

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