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Higher education is churning out ‘woke and broke graduates’: op-ed

A new column in National Review highlights how “Universities Breed Anger, Ignorance, and Ingratitude,” arguing institutions of higher education are churning out “woke and broke graduates.”

Victor Davis Hanson’s column argues that “even before a student enrolls” they have become part of a “pernicious cycle.”

“A typical college-admission application is loaded with questions to the high-school applicant about gender, equality, and bias rather than about math, language, or science achievements,” Hanson wrote. “How have you suffered rather than what you know and wish to learn seems more important for admission.”

The Hoover Institute scholar goes on to say the “therapeutic mindset preps the student to consider himself a victim of cosmic forces, past and present, despite belonging to the richest, most leisured, and most technologically advanced generation in history.”

From the column:

Once admitted, students take classes from faculty who, polls reveal, are roughly 90 percent liberal. According to one recent survey, Democrat professors on average outnumber Republican faculty by a 12-to-1 ratio on the nation’s supposedly diverse campuses. But such political asymmetries are magnified by a certain progressive messianic self-righteousness that turns the lectern into the pulpit, the captive class into a congregation. The rare conservative professor is more resigned to the tragedy of the universe and, in live-and-let-live fashion, vacates the campus arena to the left-wing gladiators who wish to slay any perceived heterodoxy.

…. Colleges are turning out woke and broke graduates. They are not up to ensuring the country that they will pass on to the next generation an America that’s as prosperous, secure, and ethical as what they inherited and have so often faulted.

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