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Hillary’s ‘free college’ plan actually wealth distribution scheme

The Federalist spells out how Hillary Clinton’s “free college” proposal for most middle- and low-income families is actually a massive wealth distribution scheme. Short on details and long on smoke and mirrors, the plan is actually unnecessary as only 20 percent of jobs require college degrees and one-third of students already graduate debt-free.

Let’s be clear right across the bat. Neither Sanders, Hillary, nor any other person can make any education institution “tuition-free.” When they say “free,” they mean “we’re going to force people who aren’t participating in some endeavor to pay the expenses of people who choose to.” A, that’s deceptive language. B, this arrangement is deeply unfair. …

The end game with Hillary’s proposal, as it is with the Left’s entire array of proposals, is to remake society. Telling false stories about insurmountable college costs and dividing society into various factions the government helps plunder each other is a means to that end.

Read the full article: “Hillary’s Bernie-Inspired Plan Will Make College Woes Worse.”

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