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Leftist college officials encourage violence against conservatives: clinical psychologist

A clinical psychologist recently explained why leftist students feel emboldened to commit violence and lash out at conservatives on campus.

Dathan Paterno, a clinical psychologist, spoke to Students for Life of America about the problem of leftist students getting angry at the sight of baby models, used to demonstrate fetal development.

He stated:

Because most universities kowtow to liberal and left-wing groups, left-leaning university students feel emboldened to do and say more extreme things.

They know they will have the full support of school administrators, since most of them are virulently pro-abortion. Universities have basically communicated the following: ‘You can speak or behave in any way you like, as long as it reflects a liberal cause or principle. We’ve got your back.’

Paterno told Students for Life that social media can create an echo system where “left-wing” views are constantly reinforced.

“Young people are more attuned to and therefore susceptible to social media,” Paterno stated. “Rather than listen to what a small group of family and friends say about a topic, today’s young people get their cues from Instagram influencers and other extremely left-wing media.”

Pro-choice students will sometimes steal the baby models or other displays to get a “viral reaction,” according to Students for Life executive Michele Hendrickson.

“Dr. Paterno stated that extreme language encourages extreme thought and behavior, often with the goal of increased visibility on social media,” the pro-life organization reported. “The more extreme the behavior, he noted the more likely a video will go viral.”

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