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Minnesota debuts troubling new anonymous campus rape reporting law

A new Minnesota law will allow college students to anonymously report sexual assault. It promises to be a train wreck for due process and men’s rights, according to an analysis in the Washington Examiner: “Minnesota further erodes due process for accused students.”

That the institution is “not obligated to investigate” these anonymous reports is a good thing, but that won’t last. When a Minnesota school gets investigated by the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights, the fact that it didn’t investigate the informal, anonymous reports may very well be used against it. “Oh, Ashe, you’re just fear-mongering,” one might claim. But one would be wrong.

Michigan State University and the University of Virginia were both found to have violated the anti-sex discrimination law known as Title IX (which has been used to force colleges to adjudicate sexual assault) because they didn’t investigate informal complaints. Even though the accusers in those cases reported to someone (there were no anonymous channels at either school), they didn’t want to move forward with a formal investigation. It’s not a stretch to suspect that OCR would threaten to remove funding from a school if it failed to investigate the anonymous reports.

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