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Move over boomers, millennials have to ‘transform’ America

If 2016 turned out to be “unpredictable,” 2017 should be the year of “opportunity.”

So says the President and Executive Director at Young Americans for Liberty Cliff Maloney, Jr.who points out that mistrust of just about every major institution — Congress, the two main political parties, the media — is at an incredibly high point, and we now must look to the “county’s entrepreneurs and youth for innovative ideas.

“Regardless of one’s satisfaction with the outcome of the election, we have work to do. If America wants real solutions, we can’t look to the same people that created this mess in the first place. Our parents’ generation is leaving us with nearly $20 trillion in debt.”

What matters is that we push a positive narrative based on human respect that creates opportunity for all.

1. A sober foreign policy of non-intervention

2. Real criminal justice reform/ending the failed war on drugs

3. Protection of free speech

4. Auditing the Federal Reserve

5. Ending unconstitutional NSA spying

6. Reducing the national debt

7. Lowering taxes so all American’s can keep more of the money they work hard to earn

The aforementioned issues are millennial issues. These exact issues are barely touched by establishment politicians – and it’s not going unnoticed. Young people want a fair shot, and that means getting the government out of the way.

Read the full article at The Hill.

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