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New college graduates can’t distinguish between ‘barbaric tyrant and adolescent businessman’


American University is getting unflattering attention because some of its students had trouble saying whether the just-deceased Fidel Castro or Donald Trump was worse when interviewed.

That cringeworthy Campus Reform video made its way to Dennis Prager’s radio show last week, and it made an impact on listener Howard Sachs, who gave American a piece of his mind in a letter to the editor of The Eagle.

Described as an “interested reader, parent, husband, businessman and very proud American” with no ties to the university, Sachs said that “every parent writing these tuition checks every year should be outraged” at what students are learning:

We now have millions of young American men and women spending four years, most, quite wasted, coming out not able to tell the difference between a barbaric tyrant and a basically decent but foul-mouthed, crude, adolescent American businessman. We parents and professors hand these poor young men and women almost worthless degrees leaving them clueless about the beauty of American values, American history and American greatness. In the end it all leaves them terribly weakened morally, spiritually and civically.

Barely a handful of our young students can string an intelligent sentence together about the important core American values from our Enlightenment and Judeo-Christian traditions. … Most have never even opened up a Bible, considered the most important book in America by most of our founders. Most have never set eyes on a paragraph from Locke, Montesquieu, Madison, Adam Smith, our constitution or the Federalist Papers.

What can students say after “four years and $200,000” in tuition payments, he asks?

They can sadly, very sadly indeed, tell us … about the cosmically immoral leftist lies of how evil is America, our Constitution, and our history. … They can immorally and regressively tell us how a human is to be judged by his skin color, class, or the genitalia between his or her or zhe’s legs- not on his character or behavior.

Sachs has been singing the praises of Prager’s video-learning website PragerU for a while, as evidenced by his post on the Harvard Republican Club’s Facebook page a year ago. He described himself as a physician in Washington, D.C., and has apparently met Prager.

Sachs later told The College Fix in an email he grew up as a Jewish Democrat and discovered Prager’s show 10 years ago. He credits the Jewish radio host with making him a “passionate constitutional conservative”:

One of the only things I can think of doing is trying to get the word out to our young people. Its hard because beyond your own kids you don’t have a lot of opportunities. Hence, one of the things I do is read college newspapers a lot.

Read the letter.

UPDATE: Sachs told The Fix more about himself and his motivations. The post has been amended accordingly.

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