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New Evergreen State professor stands against insanity, urges faculty to ‘walk toward the fire’

It’s not just Bret Weinstein, the Bernie Sanders-voting biology professor, who thinks Evergreen State College has gone off the deep end in its hostility to white people like him existing on campus on certain days.

It’s also another biology professor!

Heterodox Academy published a June 1 email to the Evergreen staff and faculty listserv by Mike Paros, who also teaches veterinary medicine at the taxpayer-funded liberal arts school, because “local newspapers” refused to publish a faculty statement of support for Weinstein.

A 10-year veteran of Evergreen, Paros praises his students – often decorated with “piercings and tattoos” – for their “inquisitive and insightful” questions when they visit farms where he used to practice medicine on livestock:

I believed that I had found the antidote to the ever increasing disease of polarization and identity politics that has been dividing our rural and urban populations.

Evergreen activists and bureaucrats have ruined all that now, Paros says:

This is a story of how a Democrat voting veterinarian working with mostly Republican livestock owners became a “bigoted” professor at a left wing progressive liberal arts college. It is about a collection of professors that are so blinded by their advocacy, that they cannot fathom different viewpoints. It involves a newly appointed President who believes in ideological safe spaces who endorsed a strategic equity plan that will hurt the very students it is trying to help.

He describes a student telling him she was shouted down at a rally “based solely on the amount of pigment in her skin.” Paros says Weinstein had little choice but to take his story to Fox News, “because no other news source would pick up his story”:

Videos don’t lie, Weinstein’s logic prevailed, and cognitive dissonance set in amongst Evergreen faculty.   This was the first time that I found out that those who watch Tucker Carlson are the “alt-right”.  I should probably tell my family.

He urges faculty to speak out like that silenced student, to “walk toward the fire. After all, if this brave student is a bigot, then I guess I am too. They are just words. You will not lose your job, but you might lose your dignity.”

Paros says the faculty email calling for Weinstein’s firing for speaking out publicly, which was signed by nearly a quarter of the faculty (if not more) before it was removed, “will someday be used in psychology textbooks as a case study in group thinking.”

He calls President George Bridges – seen blubbering before student activists who repeatedly interrupt and belittle him and walk him to the restroom like a little boy – “an absolute coward” who has characterized free-speech advocates and campus dissidents as “potentially violent”:

It was a desperate move, using fear tactics to rally the masses and prevent students from thinking clearly.

Then the anonymous threat to Evergreen was called in – relevance to the “Day of Absence” controversy unknown – and the state school got to go back to what it does best: playing the victim and blaming anyone not as militantly woke as them.

Read Paros’s email.

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