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Notre Dame students praised by fellow journalists for taking on pro-abortion professor

University of Notre Dame students who took on a pro-abortion professor with their reporting won praise from fellow Catholic journalists.

Staff for the conservative campus Irish Rover newspaper “are to be highly commended for their collective good work,” the editorial board of the National Catholic Register wrote on Monday. The editorial follows a victory for the Rover against pro-abortion Notre Dame Professor Tamara Kay, who attempted to sue for defamation.

The National Catholic Register, a prominent Catholic publication, wrote:

This outcome is the gratifying conclusion to the frivolous defamation lawsuit that Tamara Kay filed last May against the intrepid staff of The Irish Rover, a campus newspaper, dedicated to upholding the university’s Catholic identity, that publishes reports about campus activities that conflict with this identity.

Despite being at a Catholic university, Kay (pictured) rarely had her abortion advocacy challenged. That is, until the Rover came along.

The editorial board wrote:

[I]t was the dramatic post-Dobbs escalation of Kay’s abortion activism that led to the Rover’s reporting. This notably included online postings advising residents of Indiana — where a state law banning most abortions was enacted in the immediate wake of the Supreme Court decision — about sites where they could source abortion pills. Further, the professor had posted information on the door of her Notre Dame office that appeared to identify it as a location where students could find help in seeking abortions.

The reporting drew the lawsuit, which the students defeated.

The Register wrote:

This slam-dunk court win is certainly cause for celebration, even if the celebration must be somewhat qualified due to the unfortunate reality that Kay’s pro-abortion views might be more popular on Notre Dame’s campus than the staunchly Catholic views articulated by the student newspaper. Indeed, it’s a sad testimony to the current state of affairs academically that a professor at one of the nation’s leading Catholic universities believes she possesses an unchallengeable right to express her pro-abortion beliefs without rebuke — and that she’s entitled to try to weaponize a secular court against students brave enough to speak up about what she is doing.

“What about their academic freedom, professor Kay? Why isn’t their right to speak every bit as important as your own?”

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