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Opinion: Trump’s win could be a good thing

University of Georgia student Rachel Grace discusses the possible positives of Donald Trump’s election in the school’s student paper, The Red & Black.

“A controversial outcome, partially due to Trump’s lack of experience and qualifications,” she writes. “But I suppose that is why the country is drawn to him, no? He is an outsider—a businessman, not a career politician; he plans to ‘shake-up’ the political system and change the game.”

Grace says that the president-elect’s political “clean slate” could be a plus for him:

[Trump’s] decisions will also likely be shaped by a team of advisers. Trump does currently take counsel with Jeff Sessions of Alabama.

Trump’s temperament and insensitive attitude have also been brought up by Clinton supporters as potential issues. For a majority of the country, however, this is his largest appeal. Liberals have often been accused by conservatives, and even independents, of being hyper-sensitive; the Democratic party’s extreme sensitivity and inclusive values have good intentions, but have also have undermined the party and closed of the potential for discussion on certain issues. An example of this is gender equality in the Middle East due to the malpractice of Islam to justify the oppression of women. Many political figures with liberal values will refuse to acknowledge this issue and its relation to the religion, as it is a “cultural function,” but as esteemed activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali puts it, “there is a huge difference between being tolerant and tolerating intolerance,” and political correctness feeds into that.

Donald Trump’s idea of lessened political correctness is more along the lines of, “I want to say whatever I want about women and racial minorities without being penalized for it,” but his victory does bring up the issue of hyper-liberalism’s desire to needlessly protect every remotely marginalized group at all times — a noble cause, but one that many fear will raise generations of citizens who pick and choose what they want to hear.

Electing Trump as president will open a lot of doors for other non-career politicians to hold positions in office. This could potentially break up the deeply rooted and corrupt political system, and offer some fresh perspective on how to fix it.

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