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Opposition to CRT is ‘a battle for national survival’: legal scholar
William Jacobson

“The fight against Critical Race Theory is nothing less than a battle for national survival,” a Cornell Law School professor argued at a recent event.

The Carolina Journal reported on William Jacobson’s talk in a June 28 article.

“[CRT] is setting people against each other based on race and based on skin color,”  Jacobson said in a speech to a gathering sponsored by the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal, a conservative nonprofit that advocates for higher education reform.

“It’s setting students against each other, students against teachers. It’s setting students against their country,” he said.

“Jacobson emphasized that CRT often goes by other names, including anti-racism; diversity, equity, and inclusion; or social, emotional learning,” the Carolina Journal reported. “The common thread, he said, is an obsessive focus on race.”

The law professor “shared his experience at Harvard Law School in the early 1980s when the push to begin identifying people ‘by ethnic and racial groups as opposed to individual’ began to take shape,” the Carolina Journal reported.

“The more politically moderate students graduated and went into business law, Jacobson noted, while the more radical students who studied critical legal theory went into academia,” the paper reported.

To end critical race theory, expose and defund it, Jacobson said

Jacobson concluded his talk with several recommendations to stop the spread of critical race theory through institutions.

“When people find out about it, there is pushback,” he said, and encouraged activists to expose CRT in the schools.

Jacobson also recommended enlisting alumni and donors to pressure higher education institutions.

However, “the pressure should not be to fire somebody or ban something,” he said. “The pressure should be to open up the campus.”

He also advocated cutting funds for CRT and funding campus alternatives.

“Use your donation to try and improve the campus rather than just throw it in there and hope it’s put to good use,” he said.

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IMAGE: Legal Insurrection/YouTube

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