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Pro-life Texas student faces down abortion activists with kindness

A pro-life student at Texas A&M shared her advice recently on how to deal with abortion activism and animosity with kindness and perseverance.

Grace Howat (pictured), the leader of the campus pro-life group and a fellow with Texas Right to Life, wrote:

Throughout the year, Pro-Life Aggies continued to fight back against the pro-death culture by fostering conversations about the harmful nature of abortion and giving information on other resources available to women at our “tabling” events in the Aggie Memorial Student Center. At one of our tabling events we even handed out cupcakes to celebrate birthdays and to engage students in conversations about how aborted children are so tragically deprived of ever celebrating their birthdays.

She said a group called “Coat Hangers Against Pro-Life Aggies” formed specifically to “counter our life-saving work with sabotage and abortion propaganda.”

She wrote in her essay for Texas Right to Life:

After gaining a following online, the Coat Hangers Against Pro-Life Aggies group started showing up to our Pro-Life Aggies meetings, planting hangers with messages advocating for abortion. They placed these propaganda hangers all throughout campus. Some had messages saying “Abortion is Healthcare” and “Even Mary’s was Unplanned,” while still others accused the Pro-Life Aggies and Pro-Life values as being “Taliban law” and “against everyone with a uterus.”

Planned Parenthood also bought ads in the student newspaper to encourage students to have abortions. But Howat said her group pushed back with kindness and by helping women and families in need.

“We held several volunteer events throughout the school year from helping Hope Pregnancy Center by painting tables to hosting a Christmas angel tree where students bought a carload of toys and books for mothers on campus,” she wrote.

“Pro-Life Aggies also held our first annual 5k fundraising run since Covid. We raised enough money to give over $10,000 to help pregnant and parenting students!” she wrote.

“We made a real impact through volunteering at our local pregnancy resource center, changing hearts and minds by educating our student body about abortion and Life issues, and supporting mothers and families on campus,” Howat stated.

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IMAGE: Grace Howat/Instagram

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