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The REAL definitions of diversity, tolerance and inclusivity

Liberals’ control of language helps them rule the campus

It’s been said that he who controls the language controls the debate — and the masses. That’s what’s going on on campuses right now.

Those who seek to fundamentally transform America — “to undermine a society, an entire civilization” — pervert its language to that end, notes Jennifer Hartline on The Stream.

They “intentionally corrupting a language so that words are perverted to take on a nonsensical and destructive meaning contrary to their actual meaning and then requiring everyone to speak the nonsense under threat of severe penalty,” she writes.

Bias response teams, anyone?

Although she addresses the issue from a general standpoint in her column, titled “A Few Words I Hope We Stop Speaking in 2017,” most of the words on her list are sacrosanct tenets on the modern college campus. Here she gives their real definitions:

Diversity: This new modern doctrine says that nothing can simply be as it naturally would be. It must be forcibly made “diverse” or else it is bigoted and exclusive …

Inclusive/Inclusivity: This is modern code for “no one can form any group, organization, business, club, church, or any other gathering of two or more people unless said gathering is open to every human on the planet for any reason that human may desire to participate.” Any stated mission or purpose that by necessity excludes certain human persons for any reason is detestable. Nothing is more evil than hurting someone’s feelings by excluding them. …

Tolerance: Ah, tolerance. That most revered of modern “virtues.” Except it isn’t a virtue. Patience, kindness, chastity, purity, generosity, justice, mercy — these are virtues. Tolerance as preached today only means that one must silently abide anything and everything that someone else may say, do, or demand, since to object is to be intolerant (with one very important exception, which we’ll get to shortly). …

Identify and “trans”: The most nonsensical of all, this newspeak demands that we all throw objective truth out the window and our common sense along with it. The almighty Feeling rules with absolute power. A person may “identify” as absolutely anything or anyone they choose, and the rest of us must nod and smile in agreement.

Read the full column.

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