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Study: Most American employees regret their degrees

College regret is a real phenomenon for two thirds of American employees, according to a new survey from PayScale. Student loan debt is the primary driver of that regret, followed by degree choice.

On Tuesday CBS News reported that employed American college graduates name college debt as the primary reason for their degree regret, with 27 percent of survey respondents blaming finances.

Coming in second was choice of degree, with 12 percent of respondents lamenting their chosen area of study. If the respondent studied a humanities degree, he or she was most likely to regret his or her choice.

There was also a generational gap among college graduates, with older generations less likely to suffer the regret of younger ones.

From the article:

“Broken down by generation, older Americans were more likely to report that they have no regrets about their education. Among baby boomers…51% said they have no college regrets, making them the only demographic with a majority reporting no regrets. In contrast, just 37% of Gen Xers and nearly 29% of millennials reported no regrets.

Millennials, who are most disappointed with their college education, have the highest number of employees regretting their student loans. About 29% of millennials regret their student loans, while only 26% of Gen Xers and just 13% of baby boomers regret the loads they took on for college.”

Read the full report from CBS

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