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Surveys find Americans increasingly mistrust college costs, value

Several polls, taken as a whole, have found Americans increasingly mistrust college costs, leadership and value, according to The Hechinger Report.

The surveys, taken by Public Agenda, the Harvard Institute of Politics, the Gallup Purdue Index and UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute, found as a whole “widespread skepticism about how universities and colleges are run, how much they cost, and whether or not they’re worth the money.”

Here’s the details:

69% — People who think some qualified students don’t get to go to college

59% — People who think colleges care mainly about the bottom line

57% — People who think it’s possible to succeed without a college degree

50% — Graduates who aren’t sure their degrees were worth the money

49% — College students who think the country is on the wrong track

46% — People who think college is no longer a good investment

44% — People who think colleges are wasteful and inefficient

34% — Low-income students who say they couldn’t afford their first-choice college

Read the full report.

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