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The war on men continues on campus

“Nowhere has the feminist goal of domination been more clearly realized than on the college campus,” according to Jennifer Kabbany, editor of The College Fix, in a piece published by The American Spectator in its summer 2023 magazine edition.

Kabbany first lays out the data — women outnumber, and sometimes dominate, men when it comes to categories such as faculty positions, administrators, students and degree-earners.

But it goes deeper than that, she adds:

…men are browbeaten on college campuses with the mantra that masculinity is bad and that men who choose to identify as women are the real heroes.

At freshmen orientations, eighteen-year-olds are often admonished with the debunked claim that one in five female students will be sexually assaulted during her four years on campus; with this claim, young men are cast as the campus’s villains right from the start. Many colleges also host so-called privilege walks in which male students are told to step forward to acknowledge their advantages in life.

Such exercises are merely the first death by a thousand cuts for these young men, as they will spend the next four years under a campus paradigm that essentially blames men for the nation’s ills.

The nebulous term maleness is often used as a curricula cudgel when teaching subjects such as colonialism, capitalism, and systemic and institutional racism. In one example, a class called “Hate Speech” underway this spring at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill teaches that “hatred is sustained through the imposition of racist, sexist, and heterosexist ideologies that privilege Whiteness, maleness, and heterosexuality,” according to its syllabus.

The alleged problem of “toxic masculinity” has also exploded in academia over the last decade, with workshops, courses, and academic papers all focused on reversing the traditional male ideals of stoicism, bravery, and chivalry. Toxic masculinity has been blamed on university campuses for sexual violence, body shaming, a “hyper-masculinized sporting culture,” and acts of domestic terrorism. …

In tandem with the attack against traditional masculinity, college leaders are also propagating the narrative that gender is a matter of personal choice. Consequently, it is unsurprising that a growing number of young men have decided to identify as female. Many college health plans cover hormone therapies and sex-change surgeries to help students along the way. After biological men transition to female, they are heralded on campus as courageous individuals who have embraced their “authentic selves.”

Underscoring all this, fraternities have been vilified, hundreds of young men have been falsely accused of sexual assault and denied due process by campus kangaroo courts, and universities by the hundreds are illegally offering female-only scholarships, fellowships, internships, academic aid and STEM programs.

“[M]odern feminism rejects the Judeo-Christian cultural paradigm of patriarchy, now a dirty word among secular academic progressives who push views of female dominance, female independence, and female authority at any cost,” Kabbany writes.

“The consequences of this obsession are evident in the burgeoning mental health crisis on the college campus, which, at an all-time high under this revenge campaign, sees both women and men flocking to counseling and turning to antidepressants in record numbers.”

Read the full piece at The American Spectator.

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