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Vandalized College Republicans sign at Berkeley replaced by PragerU

A couple of days after a vandal destroyed a College Republicans sign at UC Berkeley, PragerU stepped up and provided a replacement.

In a video of the sign destruction, the vandal can be heard asking if the sign’s remains “should be considered ‘compost or regular trash.'”

The new sign is courtesy of PragerFORCE, “the international student ambassador program of PragerU”:

Local PragerFORCE students attending UC Berkeley were dismayed at the news of the vandalism, and alerted PragerFORCE.

With help from PragerFORCE’s parent organization, PragerU, the vandalized sign was quickly replaced. Berkeley College Republicans president Jose Diaz said he is grateful for PragerFORCE’s assistance: “Unfortunately, this week we had two of our club’s billboard signs destroyed by intolerant leftists here at UC Berkeley. Nonetheless, we are thankful for the generosity and support of PragerU in replacing these signs for us.”

The College Republicans’ new and larger sign, donated by PragerU, measures 6 feet by 4 feet — nearly twice the size of the vandalized original.

Devon Mirsky, PragerFORCE’s National Director, believes the vandalism is indicative of the left’s broader opposition to free speech on campus.

“The fact that the very existence of the Berkeley College Republicans draws this kind of reaction shows the very problem that the schools and media have incited.Having things like this happen aren’t even unusual anymore and that’s incredibly sad to say. In defiance of the actions done by the intolerant left on campus, we at PragerU decided to donate a new sign to the Berkeley College Republicans.

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