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WATCH: Five years of campus craziness in four jaw-dropping minutes of intensity

Day in and day out, The College Fix reports on the most insane examples of bias, indoctrination and political correctness on college campuses nationwide.

Now one group has merged most of the headlines seen on this news website and others that expose campus craziness, as well as some infamous videos taken on campuses in recent years, and converged them into one powerful short film that shocks the senses with its intensity.

The video, from the Texas Public Policy Foundation, also illustrates how the secular progressives who control higher education — professors, crybullies, social justice warriors and others — are waging a war on our minds, our freedoms, our very right to say what we think.

The video, set to urgent music, juxtaposes scenes from the movie version of George Orwell’s “1984” to illustrate that college campuses today, in many ways, are ground zero for a real-life version of the Ministry of Truth, which in the novel worked to advance propaganda and historical revisionism.

The short film shows how the ongoing campus suppression of free speech and free thinkers on campus — through everything from changing the language to bullying and violence  — is a very real threat.

Watch the video:

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