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Cal State-Fullerton group wants investigation of ‘hate speech’ Cinco de Mayo parody

California State-Fullerton’s Students for Quality Education were miffed — miffed, I tell you — that a parody Instagram account was set up that mocked the group, and which advertised a satirical Cinco de Mayo fundraiser.

The SQE members were so miffed, in fact, that they had an “emergency resolution” drafted and brought before Academic Senate which denounced the parody’s “hate speech.”

This “hate speech” included (gasp!) making fun of the SQE — “Students for Quesadillas and Enchiladas — and noting “Just say ‘I love the Hispanics’ and 10 percent of your purchase will go toward Real SQE club events,” according to a report in the Daily Titan.

The resolution, written by SQE faculty advisor and Senate member Jon Bruschke, says “The flyer is clearly designed for the racial mockery of Latinx students and groups,” and it calls for an investigation because the lampoon “conflicts with campus policies of civility and diversity.”

The race to see who could express more indignation was on:

“Whoever wrote that post was trying to say something offensive and intimidating, and it seems to me that the Senate used its voice to express its objection to that content to counter hateful speech with taking the statement that ‘we find this to be uncivil and contrary to our campus values,’” Bruschke said. …

“It’s still vital to recognize how disgustingly racist and dehumanizing this post is. It not only mocks and exploits Chicanx folx and their history/culture, it also minimizes their identities to just food, making it something to capitalize off of, as if the community does not face that enough on Cinco de Mayo and everyday in our society,” stated part of the @csuf_sqe_official caption.

(For the uninitiated, “Chincanx folx” translates to the standard English “Chicano folks.”)

SQE pointed the finger at the College Republicans and Young Americans for Liberty … but they weren’t putting up with it.

The YAL’s Aaron Van Meter Jones said “[SQE’s] Liz Sanchex [sic] is free to make any allegations she wants. I don’t have time for this. This seems to be a beef between two groups, neither of which have any official connection to this campus. I am not sure how my officially sanctioned club YAL has anything to do with this.”

College Republicans President Chris Boyle said while it is “typical behavior” of SQE to accuse the CRs of racism, he did admit to knowing those behind the joke account — they’re members of his organization.

“I know the members who are doing it. I am not going to tell them to stop. It is not my place to censor my member’s speech,” he said. “They are not doing anything that is abusive or hateful or anything like that. It is a parody account.”

“I think parody is a time-honored means of both comedy and political commentary,” Boyle added, comparing the Instagram account to the mocking of Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live.”

Naturally, Sanchez wasn’t buying that.

“It is not okay to push someone who has never had full rights or full equity, communities that have been constantly marginalized,” she said. “It is not okay to make fun of them and to push them back into the dark.”

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