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California grants state financial aid for illegal immigrants

Illegal immigrants may now receive California state financial aid after Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law the second part of the California DREAM Act.

The new law provides financial aid in the form of community college district fee waivers, institutional aid from the University of California and California State systems, and access to Cal Grants (which students do not need to pay back) for eligible undocumented residents. The law gives California illegal immigrants the most access to higher ed financing in the country.

A State Senate report estimated the annual cost of the bill to be around $40 million. (The fiscal impact for the 2013-14 school year would be $13 million in Cal Grants, $7.5 to $15 million in fee waivers, and $11.4 to $12.2 million in institutional aid.)

Brown has overseen cumulative cuts of approximately $1.4 billion to the California higher education and community college systems.

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