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Campus pro-abortion display: Baby-shaped cookies with heads broken off

‘The pro-abortion folks were eating the baby cookies or breaking the heads off and laughing …’

Several social media posts detail an apparent pro-abortion rally at the University of North Georgia held last week at which cookies in the shape of babies were reportedly eaten and had their heads broken off.

Pictures of the baby-shaped cookies posted online had signs underneath stating: “Abortion should remain legal because … my vagina is too pretty to let a fetus crawl out” and “Abortion should remain legal because … A women controls her own body.”

A third photo showed a cookie with its head broken off with a sign underneath stating: “Abortion should be legal because … It’s constitutionally protected.”

The details emerged in part thanks to popular conservative blogger Matt Walsh, who received a tip from a campus source and sounded the alarm on Facebook this week. His campus source said some of the cookies were eaten.

“Yes, those are cookies in the shape of babies. Carly tells me the pro-abortion folks were eating the baby cookies or breaking the heads off and laughing,” Walsh wrote.

“This is dark and disturbed in ways that can’t be fully described. I’ve been saying this about the pro-abortion movement for a long time. As much as you might want to give ‘pro-choicers’ the benefit of the doubt, the fact remains that they are advocating for the murder of human children. That is an insidious, terrible, deeply evil thing. And they are carrying it around with them in their hearts and in their souls,” Walsh continued.

GeorgiaRightToLife1A request for comment from the university’s campus media affairs office on Wednesday by The College Fix was not immediately returned.

The Georgia Right to Life Facebook page, meanwhile, offered more details.

“We caught wind that a pro-abortion rally was going to be on University of North Georgia’s Dahlonega campus today, so we brought our Pillars display to join Students for Life UNG and the Dahlonega Care Center to share the message of life as a counter to the industry of death,” they posted on Facebook. “As you can see, their tables feature baby shaped cookies that they’ve broken the heads off of in a sick display of solidarity with dismembering innocent babies. Pray for us today.”

A few hours later they added on Facebook: “Pro-abortion activists: 4 white guys with baby shaped cookies and protest signs. Pro-life activists: 8 girls with free education materials and praying with students who are grieving after abortion. The contrast is so distinct it’s almost funny.”

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